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With Muslim immigration comes terrorism.

The Death of Europe in 29 Pictures

Scenes from the “refugee” crisis.


Exempting “bona fide” family relations is not good policy.

Bridge has never been closed before.

At least 5 different attacks have been thwarted in the last few weeks.

A favorite place of refuge for black killers.

“Ohio Man” = “Abdirahman Sheik Mohamud” from Somalia.

It was broadcast in honor of Ramadan.

More thorough vetting of “refugees” could save many lives.

The West Will Never Be Broken, Real Clear Politics

President Trump’s full speech from yesterday’s event in Poland.

Police say investigation may go on for months.

“The fundamental question of our time is whether the West has the will to survive.”

Even the most cursory look at the news shows as much.

His brother got the same sentence for planning a beheading last year.

That’s a tenfold increase since 2010.

And Britain is doing the same.

White wife now confirms he lied.

“Knife control” will surely halt Muslim terrorism.

Interior Minister: “The terrorist threat to France shows no sign of abating. The hardest is predicting when and where terrorists will attack.”

Suspect had a Canadian passport.

“Instead of bombs and guns, they use bricks and bike locks to intimidate and harass and suppress civil liberties.”

He yelled “Allahu Akbar” before detonating.

This wouldn’t have happened if our immigration laws were enforced.

HuffPo contributor: “For violent resistance to work it’d need to be organized.”

It’s “the new normal.”

Dressing elite soldiers as bums will help “minimize the effect of another attack.”

“If Muslims want to send their kids to Islamic schools, let them do so in Bangladesh or Qatar, not here.”

There was violence and arrests.

Former NYPD Commissioner says it’s just a matter of time.

Weepy investigation in Der Spiegel concedes the truth.

All We Need is Love … and Deportations

Ann Coulter goes full Katie McHugh.


May is saying “Too much is too much.”

Surprising good sense from National Review.

One of the terrorists gained legal residency by marrying his now grieving, white, ex-wife.

The Forever War?

Straight talk about Islam and the West from Pat Buchanan.


He was badly cut up but will survive.

Attacked a cop with a hammer before being shot.

“I was uncomfortable with the situation, and I wanted them to resolve it.”

He had also been in a documentary literally called, “The Jihadist Next Door,”

Muslim mayor decides Trump is the real enemy.

Douglas Murray notes that countries without Muslims don’t get Muslim terrorism.

What we know so far.

City is “America’s Muslim capital.”

Europe’s Next Big War, Frontpage Mag

Today’s immigration policies guarantee it.

More clear thinking from Douglas Murray.

Another Syrian.

A 600-year-old warning could have been written yesterday.

Manchester Massacre was Murder-by-Muslim Immigrant

The immigration policies of the West guarantee more.


They need to stop worrying about “Islamophobia” and start worrying about terrorism.

Rome Burns—Nero Worries About Pyrophobia

This isn’t a game.