Posted on March 29, 2023

Asylum Seeker Arrested in Fatal Stabbing of Two in Shia Muslim Centre

Chris Tomlinson, Breitbart, March 29, 2023

An Afghan asylum seeker has been arrested for the fatal stabbing of two women in a Shia Muslim centre in Portugal in what investigators say may be a terrorist attack.

The fatal stabbing of two women took place at an Ismaili Muslim centre in the Portuguese capital of Lisbon on Tuesday and saw several people attacked, allegedly by an Afghan asylum seeker who was later taken to a local hospital by police after being shot for refusing to end the attack when ordered.


The suspect in the case has been identified as an Afghan asylum seeker who was known as a regular visitor to the Ismaili centre. The man is said to have three young children and that his wife died at a Greek migrant camp, the BBC reports. Some outlets have named the suspect as 39-year-old Abdul Bashir.


So far, the exact motive for the attack remains unclear but the Portuguese counterterrorism unit of the Judiciary Police has been handed the case, indicating that authorities may believe the attack was a terrorist event.