Posted on November 24, 2023

How to Build the Multi-Culti Utopia

Jared Taylor, American Renaissance, November 24, 2023

A simple solution everyone should love.

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Judd Blevins is a city commissioner in Enid, Oklahoma, which means he sits on the city council.

From his bio on the city council page, he sounds like the perfect man for the job. He’s a fifth-generation Oklahoman, born in Enid. He has a degree in criminal justice. He enlisted in the Marine Corps and was deployed to Iraq. In 2018, he came back to his hometown to take over his father’s roofing business.

In February last year, Mr. Blevins defeated an incumbent, 422 votes to 386. But now, there is a “Group trying to recall Enid City Commissioner accused of hate group ties.”

Oh, dear, what might these be? Mr. Blevins is said to have been a member of Identity Evropa, which later became the American Identity Movement, and to have attended the Unite the Right Rally in Charlottesville in 2017.

Credit Image: © Jeff Malet/Newscom via ZUMA Press

Credit Image: © Albin Lohr-Jones/Pacific Press via ZUMA Wire

He has never been accused of violence or law-breaking of any kind.

A group calling itself the Enid Social Justice Committee has decided that “Enid has a Nazi problem,” and has started a recall campaign based on an article written about Mr. Blevins.

The recall campaign had some amusing moments when activists showed up at city hall to denounce Mr. Blevins’s supposed ties to New Century Foundation, of which I am president.

There was nothing funny, though, about this. In a statement released to the press on Nov. 19, Mr. Blevins said he had taken his truck in for servicing because it was not driving right, and a mechanic found the brake lines had been cut.

Police are investigating.

I know nothing about Mr. Blevins’ character or his politics. But if someone cut his brake lines, that’s attempted murder. Also, it fits the definition of domestic terrorism: an act “dangerous to human life,” intended to influence the policy of a government by intimidation or coercion.

This was intended to influence the policy of the city government of Enid.

A “white racist,” however defined, may be the most hated category of human being in the United States today. Mr. Blevins could be an adulterer, a tax cheat, even a convicted murderer so long as he did his time and was released, and not face this kind of opposition. Maybe a child rapist would get the same treatment, but Mr. Blevins has broken no laws. If he was at Charlottesville, he was exercising his right to free speech.

Let us not spend much time on the double standard, but if someone cut the brake lines of a flamboyant, self-styled “queer” official or a BIPOC the FBI and the media would be all over it. Joe Biden would denounce it. So far as I can tell, the Enid News and Eagle is the only paper covering the story.

No one cares if someone tries to kill an elected official if he’s a “racist” white man.

So, this is just another version — this time, played out in a town of 51,000 people — of the official United States government position that “white supremacy is ‘most lethal threat’ to the US.”

Any organization that opposes “diversity and equity,” as Identity Evropa did, anyone who fights the removal of Confederate monuments, which was the purpose of the Charlottesville rally, is a lethal threat.

Of course, most of the people the media call “white supremacists” just want to be left alone with their own people. Thirty years ago, Wilmot Robertson wrote a book called The Ethnostate.

Already in 1993, he was arguing that it was too late to save the whole country, but maybe part of it could be kept for Europeans. This would mean gathering whites together through voluntary separation.

What I don’t understand is why white so-called “progressives” and non-whites oppose that. If “white supremacy” is a mortal threat and “racists” are the worst thing about America, why not encourage those awful people to live away from everyone else?

I’m serious. It’s not as though what the Left calls “racists” will ever disappear. Sixty years after the victories of the Civil Rights movement, racism is still such a scourge that just this week we learn that “Pentagon asks for $114M to spend on diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility in 2024.”

Accessibility? Unless the army starts recruiting one-legged soldiers, that money is for fighting the “racism” that still poisons the services despite decades spent trying to stamp it out.

Now, I know that there is supposed to be some mysterious force called “institutional racism” that can torment BIPOCs even without identifiable racists. I can’t offer a cure for that. But, just imagine: If only America could get rid of people like me, who think diversity is a curse and who openly prefer the culture and people of Europe. Wouldn’t that usher in the DEI paradise?

There are millions of people like me. Most of them are in the closet. But in or out, we are surely a terrible obstacle to multi-culti utopia. Shouldn’t’ Joe and Kamala leap at the chance to rid the country of open scoffers?

Here’s my modest proposal. Do a fully anonymous poll and ask how many white Americans would like to live in a white ethnostate in, say, the Pacific Northwest. If 30 percent of white people — that’s 18 percent of the population — said yes, we’d set aside 18 percent of the county, and all those haters and bigots and xenophobes would go there and be gone for good! The rest of the country could finally reach its full potential as another rainbow nation — just like South Africa — and those 60 million bigots would suffer forever the unspeakable horrors of white homogeneity.

Credit Image: © Xinhua via ZUMA Wire

Serve ’em right.

America would be free of “hate.” Who could object?

The people who make a nice living fighting bigotry would be out of a job, but that’s a small price to pay for having no bigotry left to fight!

Come on, lefties, let’s make a deal.

You know what the real problem is? You know why lefty whites wouldn’t let us go? Because they’d want to come, too. [Here’s a map of the Los Angeles area from a website called Mapping Segregation.

Click here for a larger version.

Every colored dot is 500 people of a particular race: Black, Hispanic, Asian, white, or other. The green dots are white people. Kind of clustered together, aren’t they? I know they’d never admit it, but it’s almost as if they liked living around white people. You can mouse around the map and look at individual census tracts. I highlighted one over on the left, tract number 800325 near Thousand Oaks. It’s 86 percent white. But you can look in the denser parts. Tracts in Hermosa beach are 86 percent, 84 percent, 85 percent white. San Clemente is even whiter. How can they stand living with no black people and only a few Asians and Mexicans? It must be grim.

You know that Hillary Clinton hates racism with all her heart and all her soul and all her mind. She lives in a place called Chappaqua, so it must be a riot of diversity, right? Holy smoke! Look over on the left. It’s 82 percent white and has no black people. Not one. Zero.

(I actually checked the census figures.) Has Hillary been out burning crosses, or what? The next most populous group are Asians, who were honorary white people in South Africa, so they don’t count. You know, I think Hillary might want to live in the white ethnostate, too.

I don’t know him, but Enid city councilman Judd Blevins might be one of those awful people who wants to live with white folks — and I guess that’s why someone wanted to kill him. But I don’t understand. Bill and Hillary clearly like living with white folks, but the black author Toni Morrison loved Bill so much she called him “the first black president.”

These are strange times.

Separation would be the perfect solution. I can see the headlines now: “America finally fulfills the promise of the Founders.” It would be so easy. Joe. Kamala. You can reach me through the Contact Us tab at I’ll be waiting to hear from you.