Posted on October 20, 2023

Democrats: Hamas Is Just as Bad as White People

Scott Greer, Highly Respected, October 18, 2023

Democratic leaders want their base to absolutely hate Hamas following its attack against Israel. They’ve settled on a way to do this: argue the Palestinian jihadis are just like the white people who marched in Charlottesville and stormed the Capitol on January 6.

President Biden tied Hamas to the alt-right at a Human Rights Campaign event last week.

“Hate just hides under the rocks until there’s a little oxygen blowing under like happened, what happened in Charlottesville. Just a little bit. And it comes roaring out again,” he stammered. “Folks, we have to reject hate in every form because history has taught us again and again anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, homophobia, transphobia. They’re all connected. Hate toward one group left unanswered opens the door for more hate toward more groups more often readily! But here’s the way history shows The antidote to hate is love! The answer to twisted, dehumanizing ideology is solidarity and standing up for everyone in humanity!”

Sen. Cory Booker kept insisting to MSNBC viewers last week that Hamas were just like Hitler and the Nazis. He asserted that he himself has been a victim of a Hamas-like event… on January 6. “When you’re black in America, you understand the vulnerability within your own country you love. I saw it as an adult on January 6,” he claimed. He also said Hamas wields the same hate that killed black parishioners at a Charleston church in 2015. Booker, like Biden, connected the conflict to standing up to protected classes in America.

Both of these addresses were delivered to left-wing audiences. Biden and Booker knew what notes to hit to persuade the crowd to stand with Israel. To achieve that purpose, Democrats have to connect foreign enemies to their domestic enemies. The average liberal hates the white Trump supporter far more than the Muslim terrorist. A liberal leader must claim that the white racist and jihadi are the same thing–no matter how ridiculous that is–to make his audience care.

There is a similarity to the American Right tying Hamas to Black Lives Matter. The difference is that BLM endorsed Hamas (unlike MAGA) and conservatives deploy this rhetorical weapon to tarnish BLM. Democrats bring up the MAGA/alt-right line to tarnish Hamas. Conservatives assume their audience already hates Hamas, liberals assume their audience already hates white conservatives.

The two tendencies are not quite the same, but they are part of a trend where all foreign affairs are seen through the prism of domestic politics.

The Ukraine War perfectly illustrates this. Liberals portrayed Russia as the great white supremacist state that oppressed gays and other minorities. They touted Ukraine as a multicultural nation fighting for the values of democracy, diversity and equality. Russia is ultra MAGA, Ukraine is a spunky human rights activist. In contrast, left-wing critics of the war would paint Russia as an anti-colonialist power fighting against Ukrainian neo-Nazis. Various parts of the Right also tried to frame the war in domestic terms. Supporters of Ukraine would insist Putin’s Russia is the second coming of the Soviet Union and Ukrainians are brave freedom fighters. Right wing critics of Ukraine saw Russia as the ultimate BASED country fighting against Ukraine’s libtard government.

It’s not unusual to see the world through the lens of domestic politics. It does present a convenient way to explain foreign conflicts and who Americans should support. But it often leads to a distorted picture of the actual conflict.

When the Left needs to convince its audience to take a side in a foreign conflict, it presents the hated target as the white American side. While Biden and establishment Democrats say Hamas is alt-right, the pro-Palestinian Left says Israelis are the real white supremacists. The dueling contentions each share the belief that conservative white Americans are the real enemy. Whichever foreign actor is more like this white foe is the one to oppose.

It’s ridiculous that American politicians will compare terrorist attacks that killed hundreds to relatively peaceful demonstrations in America–all to make their listeners see the terror attacks as worse. Charlottesville only killed one person. The only people who died on J6 were Trump supporters. Yet, both of these events stand as 9/11-like in the liberal imagination. And it’s just because each involved rowdy white people, a far greater horror than brown jihadis.

The comments from Biden and Booker prove that anti-white racism is the core value of the modern Left. Every issue they champion is animated by this. The only way liberals can see Hamas as a threat is if they imagine them marching with tiki torches, chanting “you will not replace us.” The ultimate enemy remains unchanged by events in the Middle East. It’s still the white folks who would cast their ballot for Donald Trump.