Posted on September 1, 2023

Cash For Not Having Children

Jared Taylor, American Renaissance, September 1, 2023

Is this ‘The Great Replacement’ or something else?

This video is available on Rumble, BitChute, and Odysee.

A friend sent me a link to a mystifying website. It’s, and the home page tells the story: “Positively Impacting the World Through Reproductive Health. ChildFree by Choice (CBC) connects Candidates seeking vasectomies and tubal ligations with Donors & Physicians.”

Apparently, you can “positively impact the world,” by getting sterilized. It sure sounds like goofy, white liberals who think the best thing they can do for the planet is get snipped.

Behind the text is a changing series of short videos of attractive couples who, we assume, are dying to save the whales by not having children.

This is just what we need, isn’t it? But there are some black couples on the home page, too.

They’re also wholesome and up-scale, but I just don’t see many blacks going under the knife to save the planet.

This could be just the veneer of “diversity” those liberals need to be sterilized.

I poked around. Here is the next screen.

In the left half, it looks like donors are asked to give money to the website. ChildFree by Choice then gives money to “candidates” for sterilization and to doctors to do the operations.

I clicked on the “Candidates” box over on the right and found that “the decision to be ChildFree is a selfless one — one that benefits our society and an increasingly overpopulated planet.”

Another page asks, “Why Choose a ChildFree Life?” and gives selfish and also chic answers: Personal choice, happily single, help prevent climate change, minimize unnecessary stress on one’s body, help prevent overpopulation.

Yuppies and polar bears: an irresistible match. Silly white girls will leap onto the operating table. Other reasons, down below, include “prioritize personal well-being, health, and happiness,” and “conserve our planet’s precious natural resources.”

What’s more, “Candidates receive a direct monetary payment of roughly $1,000 as an honorarium for their choice and sacrifice.”

Moon-calf whites can stop global warming and pick up extra cash. So, who pays? It looks like you do, dear viewer. You can donate anonymously if you wish.

You can chip in for your favorite candidate or you can donate to the CBC’s general fund. It’s crowdfunding for people who don’t want children.

CBC is also signing up doctors to do the surgery, and they can register here.

As noted, this does not appear to be pro bono. All patients are “self-pay and fully funded. No insurances to deal with.”

Doctors love that.

Up to this point, it sounds like a pitch to eco-nuts.

However, when I looked to see who has signed up to be snipped it’s not what I expected. When you “Browse Candidates,” these are the first six who show up.

Here are more.

They do not look to me like people who think very hard about polar bears or overpopulation, but maybe I’m wrong. Tilly, in the upper right is who I thought would be the typical candidate.

When you click on her, she says that in addition to wanting to save the planet, she’d rather have pets than babies, and doesn’t want to bring children into “an increasingly divisive world.”

What about Peaches?

All we know about her is that she is 34 years old and has made a “personal choice not to have children.”

I think some potential donors are going to take a look at 25-year-old Willow of Houston, Texas, or at 34-year-old Myhim, who doesn’t’ say where he’s from, or 35-year-old Jgriggs, also from Houston, and say to themselves, “Hmm. I think the polar bears would be better off not sharing the planet with the children of these people.”

And if Jgriggs wants to stay “happily single,” why not chip in a few bucks to keep her happy?

And if she wants to minimize unnecessary stress on her body, well, I’m almost inclined to make a contribution so JGriggs can keep her girlish figure.


Why so many black candidates? According to this 2013 article in the American Journal of Public Health, “70% of all pregnancies among Black women and 57% among Hispanic women were unintended, compared with 42% among White women.”

The Guttmacher Institute says that although abortion rates are falling, in 2014, blacks – the orange line at the top, were 2.7 times more likely than whites – the bottom green line – to get an abortion.

Guttmacher also says that in 2020 there were close to a million abortions in the United States.

Surely, some of the people who have them would love a permanent solution, but don’t have the money. Why not put them together with people who can help?

I can’t tell whether there’s more – or less – to this website than meets the eye, but I can’t wait for Huffpost or The Atlantic to find it. I’d love to see what they make of Myhim and Willow.