Posted on April 25, 2023

Deplatforming and Democracy: The Regime Consolidates Its Media

Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, April 25, 2023

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Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-Mass) is glowing.

She should be. Just a few days after she demanded Tucker Carlson be taken off the air, she got her wish. Senator Charles Schumer made the same demand just last month. The hosts and audience of The View celebrated Mr. Carlson’s downfall. Celebrities, who are mouthpieces for power, did the same. Crowds in New York City followed suit. Fox News staffers celebrated. The Anti-Defamation League, which has repeatedly tried to get Mr. Carlson fired, said it was about time.

It’s not clear what pushed Mr. Carlson off the air when repeated boycotts have failed. However, there’s some reason to believe the Civil Rights regime has won again. A woman, Abby Grossberg, said Mr. Carlson and his staff fostered a hostile work environment. They promoted a “sexist” worldview with no regard for “mental health,” which allegedly kept her from doing her job.

Miss Grossberg may be sincere, though that speaks worse of her than if she just made it all up. She worked with Mr. Carlson only since last September. One might argue Fox just shouldn’t have hired her. Of course, that could have violated other “Civil Rights” mandates.

It would be awfully convenient for someone to blame a hostile environment for arguably dropping the ball on election fraud claims. Or maybe she turned the tables on a network that wanted to use her as a scapegoat after the company lost about $800 million over election fraud claims.

Coverage of the claims may contributed to Mr. Carlson’s firing, but other hosts survived. The Grossberg suit may have been the final excuse for Fox bosses, who may have wanted Mr. Carlson gone for some time.

Both Miss Grossberg and Fox executives may have had selfish reasons. It can be profitable to betray colleagues and get a more prestigious job in the “mainstream.” David French moved from National Review to the New York Times. Alyssa Farah Griffin left Mike Pence’s staff and is now a star on The View. Joe Walsh went from threatening violence to ensure Donald Trump’s power to a frequent talk show guest bemoaning his past racism. Turncoats can get a career boost and respect from prestigious institutions.

Fox News executives may also be breathing a sigh of relief. In a “marketplace of ideas,” one might think that the person with the top-rated political commentary show would be rewarded, but NGOs and ethnic lobby groups that represent everyone except non-Jewish whites pressure advertisers to drop hosts. They dropped Tucker Carlson after he dared to criticize Black Lives Matter. For some time, Mr. Carlson has drawn no prominent advertisers except for My Pillow. The rest were marginal companies few have heard of. Now that he’s gone, Fox will probably make more money. Ratings do not matter as much as the goodwill of powerful racial groups and corporations.

Mr. Carlson is not a white advocate. Earlier this month, he unleashed a blistering, vulgar critique of white identity.

So, the United States is becoming non-white, everyone’s excited about it, or whether you’re not excited about it doesn’t matter. Whites are going to be in the minority, soon. So what that means is, you’re going to get, at some point, probably in my lifetime, people standing up and saying: “I represent white people! I’m the candidate of the white voter!” And I just want to say on the record that I’m going to tell that person to fuck off, because nobody speaks for me. I’m an adult man, and nobody speaks for me because he shares the same skin color as me. Like, I just reject that entire idea. . . . I’m going to be like, “I don’t even know you, dude! I don’t even know you! I refuse to allow you to purport to speak for me, because we look the same!” Period.

Mr. Carlson may say he doesn’t know us, but his opponents know him, perhaps better than he knows himself. In a multiracial society, groups that do not organize collectively are trampled. Mr. Carlson has spoken in the past about the costs of an atomized society of alienated individuals with no community, traditions, or family. However, it seems that in the end he falls back on the American conservative illusion of free individuals harboring their own views. Perhaps now he has learned that the free individual has little power. If Mr. Carlson will not let white advocates speak for him, who will?

Nonetheless, Tucker Carlson was unquestionably the most prominent figure who talked about the Great Replacement, anti-white discrimination, and the evils of the American elite. He talked about issues and brought on guests that no other host would touch. He may not have been pro-white, but he wasn’t anti-white — which is what takes to stay on the air.

Mr. Carlson apparently didn’t know he was about to be fired. It’s therefore ironic that his last speech was about the perfidy of America’s ruling class, which he said was “evil” and no longer concerned with the common good.

Mr. Carlson still has support. For example, the Heritage Foundation tweeted out his last speech, though it’s worth remembering the Heritage Foundation wasn’t so bold with the “truth” about Jason Richwine.

Therefore, many on Twitter are excitably claiming that Tucker Carlson is about to become far more powerful. He could start his own show or podcast and have a direct connection with his passionate audience. In 2015, this would be likely. In 2023, less so. Mr. Carlson would need support from lawyers to defend against lawfare, and any platform would face repeated demands to take him off the air or face advertising boycotts. It remains to be seen if Mr. Carlson’s supporters will stand by him.

The Left projects when it accuses conservative media of “inciting violence.” If people really do just follow media signals, it follows that the mainstream’s incitement against white America is responsible for the increasing crime against whites by blacks. However, conservatives will not hold the media accountable. For their part, leftists have repudiated the America social norm of free speech and are happy to censor opponents. Normal Americans are celebrating a television host being taken off the air, something that would have seemed bizarre even just a few years ago.

The most important thing a regime can do — perhaps the only thing that matters in the end — is consolidate media power. That is what the American regime is doing as it increasingly becomes a closed system. The “free market” didn’t doom Mr. Carlson. Mr. Carlson may eke out a presence somewhere on the margins, as does previous Fox News star Bill O’Reilly. However, his access to a broad conservative audience has been cut off.

Deplatforming has transformed the political and social environment. Leaving aside Tucker Carlson, it is sobering to consider what pro-white YouTube could have been. The American conservative movement and then-President Trump should have opposed deplatforming when they still had power. Now, it’s doubtful it can be reversed. Many conservatives benefit from censorship because it removes competition and leaves them as the sole opposition. Most are probably happy to be rid of Tucker Carlson. Whatever he may have said about white identity, his departure is a tactical defeat.

Strategically, it may lead to victory. White America, besieged by changing demographics, openly repressed by discriminatory laws, and insulted by a hostile culture, needs champions. The conservative movement refuses to produce one. Even halfway advocates like Tucker Carlson can’t survive in the mainstream. One can either sell out or defend white people as white people. That’s an opportunity for us, but also a challenge. Now, more than ever, we must be bold. The crisis will only intensify, and Mr. Carlson will not be the last victim.