The Cowardice of “Conservatives”

Jared Taylor, American Renaissance, May 10, 2013

Heritage Foundation forces out Jason Richwine.

In yet another act of cowardice, a “conservative” institution has fired someone from saying something that is not only true, but that everyone knows to be true. This time the Heritage Foundation joined the ranks of the lickspittles by forcing out a senior researcher, Jason Richwine. Mr. Richwine, who co-authored the Heritage’s recently released report on the costs of amnesty, had written his Harvard PhD thesis on the implications of racial differences in IQ for immigration policy—and racial differences in IQ have such obvious policy implications that a “think tank” dare not think about them.

There is no need to repeat the things that have been said by Mr. Richwine’s attackers. They are just as gloatingly idiotic as you would imagine. It is far more important to point out that Mr. Richwine had important defenders—but Heritage still folded. And what makes its behavior particularly revolting is that the people who run it knew about Mr. Richwine’s dissertation ever since they hired him two years ago. It is hard to imagine more craven behavior.

Jason Richwine

Jason Richwine

Charles Murray got it right: “Thank God I was working for Chris DeMuth and AEI, not Jim DeMint and Heritage, when The Bell Curve was published. Integrity. Loyalty. Balls”—none of which are to be found at Heritage.

Michele Malkin noted that “if it is now inherently racist to study racial and ethnic differences among demographic groups, then it’s time to shut down every social sciences department in the country.”

Rush Limbaugh wrote: “We must have honest discussions about race. We must have honest discussions about immigration. Well, here is one. Here’s an honest discussion, a doctoral dissertation, and it is under attack because it is honest.” He added, “What is happening to Jason Richwine is inexcusable.”

Ann Coulter called the assault on Mr. Richwine “liberal attacks on science.”

Even David Weigel, hardly a friend of the right, was unhappy: “A liberal squeals ‘racism,’ and they hear the political correctness cops (most often, the Southern Poverty Law Center) reporting a thinkcrime.”

What are the eunuchs who run Heritage waiting for? Nancy Pelosi to tell them it’s OK to hire people who write about IQ?

I have a simple question for people who call themselves “conservative:” When are you going to stop letting the Left tell you what you cannot think? In other words, when are you going to be men instead of lapdogs?

Because you are lapdogs, Jason Richwine joins a distinguished group of men fired by “conservatives:” Joe Sobran, Sam Francis, Scott McConnell, John Derbyshire, Robert Weissberg, Kevin Lamb, Frank Borzellieri, Leif Parsell, and no doubt others who have slipped my mind. John O’Sullivan, Peter Brimelow, James Watson, and Patrick Buchanan have also gotten some form of the ax for excessive truth-telling.

Our country is run by the equivalent of the most primitive tribes of Papua New Guinea and Africa. They believe that if something bad happens it’s because some enemy cast a wicked spell. Here’s the American equivalent: Blacks commit a lot of crime and Hispanics do badly in school? Vicious white people cast spells to make it happen. Can’t find actual, individual vicious white people hexing blacks or Hispanics? Invent a new kind of collective spell called “institutional racism,” so you can blame all white people. And when you find someone who doesn’t believe in spells but talks about race and IQ, crucify him!

In Africa and Papua New Guinea they regularly roast witches. In America we don’t roast our witches. Instead, we call them “racists” and make them unemployable. Jason Richwine is a young man with a wife and two small children.He is a professional thinker, perfectly cut out for a job at a think tank or a university. Who will hire him now that he has been branded with the scarlet “R” for “racist”? And how bitter must it be when people you have known and worked with, people whose trust and respect you thought you had earned, toss you in the gutter at the slightest sign of opposition?

When it comes to race and IQ, the record of history, the results of a thousand studies—intelligence testing, cross-racial adoption, brain-size differences—along with what anyone with vision in even just one eye sees around him every day are apparently not enough. But some day, not far off, the evidence for race differences in IQ will be blindingly, deafeningly, stunningly obvious. The genes that contribute to IQ will be found, and someone—probably in China—will report that they are not distributed equally in every group.

Until then, is our country fated to stagger on under an illusion that makes it impossible to formulate policy on everything from education to immigration to welfare? We could avoid that fate if “conservatives” were not gutless weaklings.

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Jared Taylor
Jared Taylor is the editor of American Renaissance and the author of White Identity: Racial Consciousness in the 21st Century.
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  • DailyKenn

    If we can’t conserve Western culture, what is worth conserving?

    • jambi19

      It’s finished.

      • Room101

        It’s not so much ‘finished’ as it is obsolete.
        What follows is anyone’s guess.

        • EggsBenediction

          we must return to our roots – to the classics – to greece and rome

        • White Mom in WDC

          Western Civilization is not obsolete

          • Morris LeChat

            the Heritage Foundation is though. We just found out that it is a total waste of time and money. It should be ignored from now on.

        • Erasmus

          To assert that Western culture is obsolete is to assert that the inherent dignity of the individual, his striving for higher intellectual achievement and recognition of personal courage are obsolete.

          To assert that Western culture is obsolete is to assert that ignorance is as good as knowledge and that it really is better to go along to get along than to be the 1 person standing alone and for the truth against 1,000.

          To assert that Western culture is obsolete is to assert that truth is not discoverable and that we are but slaves to the whims of nature and society’s trends.

        • BeautifulAmerica

          Not a guess if you study history.

      • White Mom in WDC

        No it’s not. The key component if Western Civilization is to reinvent itself in the face of attempted destruction. Screw the Conservative Party. We don’t need them.

      • Morris LeChat

        ni, just “the Heritage Foundation” is finished.

        • eunometic

          Conservatives that don’t “conserve” have been infiltrated, co-opted and corrupted.

          The source of the infiltration are the usual “big business” and its treasonous rent seeking from imported cheap, alien labour. Neoconservatives who have their origin, quite literally, as Trotskyite, leftist Zionists and who hitched themselves to an new horse or useful idiot Christians that now believe in Marx rather than Christ.

      • Dave4088

        Perhaps, but only because the cowardly and witless progeny of its original creators refuse to defend it.

    • Concerned Citizen

      Conservatives cannot be trusted. We must rely on nationalists.

      • SoCal LoCal

        We must become pan-nationalist. We must learn to see through the eyes of our foes. Liberals, Muslims and sundry non-whites, all identify whites as the enemy. They then target us for violence or attempt to silence us.

        We must relearn how to hate, without shame, those who hate us. We must give them cause to cease seeing us as prey, and begin seeing us as predators–as a race to be feared.

        • bigone4u

          Hate can be a positve emotion, moving people to action. So, I agree that we must relearn how to hate.

          • Relearning how to hate will not solve the problem though it will make us feel better. Mouse over my avatar, visit the site, click on What If? and check out Nation of Alaska.

          • Pan Europa

            Yes, but how do we avoid the matter of history? White people we`re placed in those camps. If hate can be a unifying force for racial survival, couldn`t it be just as destructive as well?

          • HamletsGhost

            Which camps are you talking about?

        • RisingReich

          Finally – now we are getting somewhere. Accept your hate for what it is – JUSTIFIED.

          • Sherman_McCoy

            For my co-religionists, remember that God hates evil, Christ Himself exhibited righteous anger when he cleared the moneychangers out of the temple. We SHOULD hate what is being done to us, and not be afraid to defend ourselves in righteous rage.

          • dogbone

            “Christ Himself exhibited righteous anger when he cleared the moneychangers out of the temple.”

            The U.S. military is the one protecting the moneychangers.

          • gemjunior

            They sure are, because so many of their members are over here like an impenetrable armored tank protecting their homeland by deceiving everyone in this country in every way and agitating all over the place. They’ve been successful everywhere in the world. It floors me how such a small group has seized control over almost all governments. I think there are only a few (3 or something) who are free of the Rothschilds central bank’s iron grip.

        • phil white

          Ecclesiastes 3:8

        • HamletsGhost

          FWIW, hatred is mentioned in the Bible, with positive associations. Remember Ecclesiastes, “a time for love, a time for hate”.

          Funny how our PC christians forget half of the message.

        • eunometic

          Can I add that not all non Whites want to destroy Whites. I certainly do not want to destroy other races however I will fight for mine. We must also cultivate goodwill from others towards us. Pro white is a universally righteous, reasonable, just and fair cause other races can accept as fair. There are one or two parasitic “cancerous” ones which have elements we do need to seal off.

      • MikeS

        Also not to be trusted are Whites whose allegiance is to an idea rather than to their fellow Whites. Also, ALL non-Whites cannot be trusted, regardless of what they say or do. The stakes are too high and our resources too limited to be distracted by those who aren’t willing to get their hands dirty.

        • Rhialto

          While certain groups must not be treated as comrades, making alliances to achieve specific goals is another matter.

          For instance, I have cooperated with black gals when they were opposed to white feminists: I don’t miss an opportunity to promote contention among my enemies.

          • Freya

            Oh and this gives you bragging rights? I as a formerly feminist-aligned white woman would NEVER have sold out my white brothers, EVER. Hatred of whites, both female and male, is what drove me out, although feminist extremism kind of did beforehand. What I have suffered from blacks because of white men like you. You don’t begin to know.

            Et tu, brute?

          • Sloppo

            “I as a formerly feminist-aligned white woman would NEVER have sold out my white brothers, EVER.”

            It seems to me that white women who align with feminism have sold out their white brothers. I respect you for changing your direction away from feminism though. What do you think caused you to align with feminism in the first place? I’m curious to know your answer because it happens to so many people.

          • Luca

            I agree. “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.” These femi-nazis are no longer White, they have sold out to the elite Neo-Marxists. They have abandoned their Whiteness to become useful idiots.

            this is what they do to us, “divide and conquer.” Give it back to ’em.

          • Freya

            Funny, part of my feminism was having a 140 IQ and a strong athletic body. Posts like these just reveal what our achilles’ heel is; pro-whites think like arabs yet fail to glimpse themselves in the mirror. I’d say any authentic pro-white should recognize that people like you need to be turned on. Your hatred of white women is our enemy.

          • Luca

            Correction dear, White LIBERAL women, who are far too numerous and naive. And I am not sure how your “feminism” athletic body or IQ have anything to do with this conversation. But thanks for advertising.

            Our Achilles heel are White Liberals, elites, leftists, Neo-Marxists, tribalists and their useful idiots who betray and work against those people and principles that created this great country. They want to turn us into France because they think it is intelligent, progressive and hip. And because it is self-serving to their cause.

            Femi-Nazis fall under that catergory, not because they are women or White but because they are traitors. With your high IQ I would have thought that didn’t need explaining.

          • Freya

            ‘Dear,’ weakling upper middle class white males found my abilities threatening, and not due to any advertising; I never paid to have my name in the papers, nor paid any attention to the phenomenon after the age of six. Maybe I did steal a soccer ball from some boy in fourth grade. Sue me, and the male teachers, coaches and my ex-Marine father who thought physical strength was a better alternative to me sitting around and getting fat. Same goes for high SAT’s; I never told anyone that I got the highest in my school (a teacher told me; I did no research) but classmates sure made it their business to notice what was happening on my desk during tests.. And being a female these talents did not go unpunished, hence my resultant lack of humility. One came before the other. Feminism purported to redress these punishments.

            Anti-white agents are our enemies. Add to your list White Republicans, crony capitalists, and White misogynists, who settle on the cheapest price for an innocent white quicker than an African chieftain could even begin to fathom the concept of such race treachery.

          • I learned in federal prison that intelligence isn’t all there is, Freya. Judge Miller said at sentencing that he hoped I would help people, so I did. My file says I taught a guy to read. I didn’t quite do that; I brought him from a “Tip & Mitten” reading level to “Aviation Week & Space Technology”. He’s out and on paper, so I can’t write to him, though I know he now lives with his mother in San Antonio, Texas.

            Perhaps even I will eventually be forgiven and be allowed to go shooting on Sundays, but I won’t hold my breath.

          • RisingReich

            Full of yourself?
            Someday the time for honoring yourself will be over.

          • Freya

            No, white males who physically attacked me for rejecting them were ‘full’ of themselves. I agree fully with the notion that “someday the time for honoring yourself will be over.”

          • Yet there are nations with virtually no white males in them at all.

          • White Mom in WDC

            You fed into the divide and conquer techniques of the Left. Are there dumb white women who voted for Obama , of course. Recognize that when you hate on white women you hate on yourself.

          • Luca

            Did I say White women or femi-nazis? Do you not know that I am speaking of radical feminists and not about feminism? What gives?

          • White Mom in WDC

            Okay… Thank you for the clarification

          • Freya

            To clarity, italian males’ contribution on the topic of women’s role in *European* civilization ranks right under the Neanderthal’s. Seriously.

          • KingKenton

            For instance, I have cooperated with black women when they were opposed to white feminists: I don’t miss an opportunity to promote contention among my enemies.

            Agreed, this is a type of “revolutionary” thinking / approach that can have a positive impact. And we need more of it. Another such tactic would be to write to colleges and professional teams complaining about the lack of “diversity” in their cheer-leading teams. Why so many blonde White women? Ask them if black women are just as capable of leading cheers as white women? They will say yes. Then shame them for their lack of diversity, white-privilege, and latent racism.

            I think you can probably see this is going. I would rather see black / minority women rooting on a mostly black team than white women. Ultimately, I would like to see White men more represented in these programs, but until they are, let’s have more diversity in the cheer-leading ranks, please.

          • Freya

            So I take it the hispanic, black women were right when they’ve menaced me that white men will support their attacks against me, for being a white woman.

            I have far more faith in white men than to think that weaklings such as yourself, and Luca, speak for the majority.

            More pro-whites would do better if they realized the middle class, including significant elements of the upper middle class, whites are repulsed by this sort of white-woman-hating, which stems from the exploitations of the class system.

            At some point people here on AmRen need to face the fact that ‘race realism’ has made zero inroads in all its years of ‘advocacy.’ Zero. Your message, your values, your worldview is not only obsolete, it is delusional. Content yourselves to belonging to this malcontented, grandiose and prelapsarian club of cyber cranks. Because that’s all you’ll ever be. But hey, you did it ‘your way,’ and with quite a flourish.

          • KingKenton

            Feminism has viciously attacked traditional White values, ethics, and morals from it’s inception. Behind the facade of “women’s empowerment” lies the goal of the destruction of Christian / Western institutions and racial solidarity. Perhaps now that you have been turned on by your “sisters” in arms you will understand this.

            Ephesians 5:22


            Madeline Dahlgren wrote in Thoughts on female suffrage and in vindication of woman’s true rights (1871):

            It is our fathers, brothers, husbands and sons who represent us at the ballot-box. Our fathers and husbands love us. Our sons are what we make them. We are content that they represent us in the corn-field, the battle-field and the ballot-box, and we them in the school-room, at the fireside, and at the cradle; believing our representation, even at the ballot-box, to be thus more full and impartial that it could possibly be were all women allowed to vote.

            And she made this perfect prediction:

            We hold that the new status will prove to be the worst kind of communism. The relations between the sexes, so carefully guarded by religion and by parents, by law and by society, will become common and therefore corrupt. The family, the foundation of the State, will disappear. The mothers, sisters and daughters of our glorious past will exist no more and the female gender will vanish into epicene.

          • Freya

            So, women shouldn’t vote…what I see is that you’re nuts.
            White feminists didn’t sell out their white brothers; a very small group of elites have divided us, aided and abetted, if not led, by another small but determined group

          • RisingReich

            What I see is you are completely self-delusional. OKA – nuts also.

            You seem to take much pleasure calling people women haters on here.

            Take a look in the mirror. You hate men who aren’t feminized because you can’t rule over them.

          • Freya

            White men seem to take much pleasure in scapegoating some imaginary cabal of ‘lesbian feminazis’ that simply does not exist. I’ve never seen such a gathering of paranoid men in my life.

            If you think women exercising their right to vote is an expression of them ‘trying to rule over you’ then I can’t really argue with such irrationality. But I do appreciate that you’re making my point for me: pro-whites who think white women en masse are going to cede their basic rights and freedoms to a handful of ‘race realist’ men, or women for that matter, in the name of ‘white liberation’ should go look in the mirror and realize you are the reason whites have been disenfranchised as a whole.

          • RisingReich

            Where did I say anything about feminazis or voting rights or stripping women of any “freedoms”?

            Yeah – I’m the far out one. /sarc

          • There was once an excellent poster here who believed women shouldn’t be allowed to vote. Her name was Margaret.

          • Sloppo

            “At some point people here on AmRen need to face the fact that ‘race realism’ has made zero inroads in all its years of ‘advocacy.’ Zero. Your message, your values, your worldview is not only obsolete, it is delusional. Content yourselves to belonging to this malcontented, grandiose and prelapsarian club of cyber cranks. Because that’s all you’ll ever be. But hey, you did it ‘your way,’ and with quite a flourish.”

            I agree with race realism because it is the truth. If you think the truth is delusional, then your mental condition is unfortunate.

          • Freya

            The problem with your truth is that the majority of whites don’t care about it. They’ll take the side of their working class peers every time in a conflict between class privilege and white solidarity. IQ does have some correlation, generally, with class status and so mostly median IQ types tend to feel some friction if not resentment of snotty wealthy smart people.

            What the majority of whites need to be exposed to is the truth of how extreme the government’s discrimination and oppression of them is because they’re white. They need to have access to what is going down and what the mechanics of it are. They need to realize that opportunity in Amerika isn’t equal. We also have to bring to them the truth of how hateful and corrupt and depraved the cult of diversity is, here particularly along the front of black on white violence.

            I’m a realist about ‘race’ in America as I see that the policies and indeed overall stance of the federal government is an all out war on white people – especially middle and lower working class whites. I’m not interested in pyrrhic victories. I just want the most basic rights that any citizen deserves. For centuries my people have fought and died to build this country. I’m not backing down, but I’m also not going to tell my brethren that their 115, 120, 123, et al IQ makes them inferior or less deserving of a decent life than me. For a brief period we still have a white majority in America and we can seize our future from the forces who seek to subjugate us if we learn to come together as a whole instead of fixating on who’s the effing smartest. We are a people, not a Mensa club. We’ll survive, hopefully triumph, or face virtual enslavement or extinction together in the end.

          • Sloppo

            Race realism isn’t “my” truth. It is THE truth about race. I agree with you 100% that most whites who don’t care about it generally just don’t understand enough about it and their present situation. What i like about this site is that they allow the subject of race to be discussed in polite and truthful terms. I certainly don’t agree with everything I read here, but there is a kind of intellectual honesty here about the subject of race that is censored in most other places. If you think that kind of discussion is “obsolete or delusional” I believe you’re entitled to your opinion. For me, I just want the truth.

          • Freya

            Do you want freedom? My reference to ‘obsolete and delusional’ was more a reaction to the stance on gender on here, and to an extent on class issues.

          • Sloppo

            There is certainly more than one expressed opinion about gender here so I’m not sure what you’re driving at. I believe most of us are “anti-feminist”, but I’m pretty sure that most of as are not “anti-female”. I see feminism as a powerful anti-family influence and the family unit is essential for the continued existence of our people.

          • Gabriel

            The reason most whites don’t care about “race realism” is that since the country was founded we have been the huge majority and such a concept had nothing to do with our lives. As immigration of non-whites begins to make us a minority in our own country, I guarantee that “race awareness” and “race-realism” will become much more popular among whites. There will always be white useful idiots, but most of us will begin to see the threat when we become out-numbered. (I only hope it doesn’t take that long.)

          • But we don’t hate women. My mother is a woman. My wife is a woman. My daughter will someday be a woman. I certainly don’t hate women.

          • White Mom in WDC

            So where do see white women’ s place in White Nationalism? You are alienating people who could help your cause

          • KingKenton

            I think we desperately need brave women who can speak out for our cause. White women are very vulnerable to the message of diversity and “anti-racism”. I believe a White woman would be a more effective advocate for White Nationalism when reaching out to other White women. I have posted here before that we need some female versions of Jared Taylor who are in the public eye and very visible. To Jared Taylor… make this happen!!. Having said that I am very anti-feminist and I am very traditionalist in my views of the relationships between men and women and in society.

          • Freya

            There was no ‘traditional relationships or roles between men and women;’ this canard needs to be exposed. Pre-industrialism, both men and women worked in the home…on the farm, around it, etc. After industrialization, most of both sexes worked outside of it. Where on earth do Amreners get this sense of historical revisionism?

          • Realist

            Then why did the feminist movement increase female employment? In reality, I think that it is more likely that women sometimes worked jobs and sometimes didn’t but there were always roles which were/are more distinctly female than male. After all there were female rulers but to rule is a more violent, and intellectual thing and therefore more male and this is why there have always been more male rulers.

            Again this is not to say that females are all “x” but it is to say that they have average differences which are derived from their womanliness.

          • White Mom in WDC

            I agree with you. Although many women work outside the home, I think it is important that the white nationalist movement work towards illuminating how vital it is that white educated women spend time with their kids to transmit our culture to our kids. Also, revitalizing the idea that motherhood is work, valued priceless work that was derided by the forces that be in order to pull apart the white family.

          • Freya

            I don’t see why white men need to spend less time with their kids than white women.

          • White Mom in WDC

            Never said that. I have to say though that in order for our white race to thrive, we need more white women having more kids. Alot of people out there have made motherhood and having children a sort of second class undertaking. I think it would serve the white nationalist movement well if we made motherhood look more positive and in fact enriching to educated women. Men can help here.

          • Freya

            Agreed on more white kids. I just don’t fault women for the low birth rate anymore than men, nor believe in any cult of motherhood which diminishes in any way the equally active role I believe fathers should play in raising children. Frankly, a lot of men on here show the signs of over-mothering and under-fathering, in my apparently not so humble opinion.

          • White Mom in WDC

            I don’t know the men here personally but I have to say that whites have got to unify even in helping out OTHER white families. White society has lost a sense of community. Everyone is out for themselves. Parents fighting with other sets of parents over each others kids at little league games etc. Whites have to bring back the idea that we are all in it together

          • RisingReich

            The birth rate is low because with more and more women displaying your attitude towards men – marriage and kids is a huge gamble. End up divorcing us and robbing us of our kids and homes because of some perceived minor injustice – like working long hours to provide for you so you can then turn around and accuse us of being absent fathers.

          • Freya

            The notion that women have the right to vote is man-hating? To sit in a class in highschool, college, or in a position in a job without being assaulted?
            I’m not the one who won’t find a middle ground between the sexes on here. Men’s intransigence to co-exist in peace with women, with neither sex somehow ‘dominating,’ is holding whites back. I’ve fought with anti-white forces over white men’s – yes, men’s specifically – rights; when have you ever defended white women from diversity violence and hatred?
            There’s a reason diversity focuses so much of their rage on white women and this thread exposes the fault lines in this movement pretty dramatically.

          • Gabriel

            From one feminist woman to another, you certainly are defensive. Nobody here is faulting women for anything. Nobody here is blaming women for anything. You seem to see insults and slights and condescension and dismissal where none is intended.

            There is a role for men in society. And women do not need to do it to be “equal”. There is a role for women in society and men do not need to do it to be “sensitive”.

            But neither sex is REQUIRED to fulfill the role most associated with their sex. Everyone is free to seek happiness in whatever way seems best to them, and for that perhaps it’s fair to say we can thank the Original Feminists.

            However, most mothers I know who work would rather not. They do because they must. That is the sort of society we have created.

            Most men I know who would be protectors and masculine, bold and adventurous pretend not to want that because society has told them since they were boys that such behavior is socially unacceptable, uncivilized, violent, dangerous, sexist!

            We have feminized our men, and created angry harridans…or harried, over-worked, sad mothers who spend too much time away from their beloved children.

            That is what Feminazism and Radical Liberalism have wrought. And we are ALL victims of it. We are not creating enough children to replace us, and those we have are being raised in government schools that teach them than White Men are bad and that White institutions, White civilizations and White morals are evil, exploitative, arrogant, destructive of peaceful, lovely, indigenous peoples…you know…like the Aztecs who tore out the hearts of their living enemies..

            (…or the land/animal/nature loving Indians who stampeded whole herds of buffalo over cliffs to get a few hides and some meat…and who completely polluted camping grounds they lived in…and then moved on…)

            We have all but destroyed the White Family…and still you don’t see that this is a bad thing…but can only rail against imagined slights to women who have been horribly displaced and torn from the hearts of their families where, by and large, they would mostly prefer to be.

            The Feminazi false ideal of perfect equality has created unhappy, unfulfilled people of both sexes, and put our Race, and to some extent, civilization itself, in jeopardy.

            This is NOT. ABOUT. YOU.

            Calm down and try to hear what people are saying without assuming they are attacking you. Your vaunted 140 IQ is not showing. Mine happens to be 150. So trust me…since you put so much stock in IQ as to mention it…I’m smarter than you. Listen and learn.

          • Since I am almost unemployable, I spend every day with my daughter, who can now recover a flame-out inverted flat spin.

          • Gabriel

            The problem as I see it is that the word “feminist” means different things to different people. To us Original Feminists, it merely means equal rights for women. Easy Peasy. Obviously admirable. To some people, though, it means Feminazis…a very different species…who have earned the hatred and disgust of reasonable people…including Original Feminists.

            Man/boy-hating, poison-tongued Feminazis have indeed joined the ranks of those who despise the White race because to them the history of the White race is the history of White Men of Power, and there is nothing that these Marxist harridans hate more. They have been seduced by their own vitriol into such blind hatred that they are willfully ignorant of the consequences to themselves and their progeny (assuming they have any) once their goal of the destruction of White Male Power is complete.

            They, like most Marxist/Utopian/Liberals are completely out of touch with reality, and will be completely surprised by the dystopia they are helping to bring down onto their own heads.

            (It shouldn’t matter…but here are my bona fides: I am a woman, and an Original Feminist…which a lot of experience with the “other kind”.)

          • White Mom in WDC

            White women are not your enemies, the white elite are your enemies. Most white women in the US are hard workingmiddle class women who are in jobs such as nursing and teaching and human service fields. They deal with diversity everyday and get lucked in the teeth as well. The first people to start a labor movement were poor white women factory workers in the NE via the Bread and Roses campaigns. Why? They wanted to be be able to spend time with their families. The US is stuck in a plantation mentality with regards to its view of white women. Mistress of the house while the white man [email protected] the black maids. So the white woman is damned if she works or she is damned if she is the lady of the house. What are we to do if we have no loyalty from white guys?

          • You seem to have a very low opinion of white men. I am mostly white and “passing”, but have never cheated on my wife or any of my girlfriends. I never even thought about it. Perhaps this was lack of opportunity, because I’m certainly not ugly on the outside.

          • Freya

            Where has she expressed such a low opinion of white men? You’re the one who promotes taking the vote from white women. All WhiteMom is promoting is solidarity between the sexes. Since you chose to marry an asian woman this is another case where your input is irrelevant.

          • I didn’t; one of the old posters here named Margaret did. Are you crazy or something?

          • Freya

            But you state above you deeply respected her views, yes? Has it occurred to you that your preference for asian women stems from their comparative submissiveness? I for one am proud of the fierce independence, the rugged individualism, of the european people, men and women. Our challenge is to recognize that we face a united enemy. We must stop mistaking the government’s hatred for whites as some paean to ‘equality of opportunity for all.’ They mean to subjugate us and our ability to thwart their efforts pivots on our willingness to stand together.

          • I liked Margaret’s writing for other reasons. As for Sayaka, I didn’t see you here when I returned home from federal prison in Texas in 2003. Oriental women are not “submissive”. Perhaps the Chinese gals are, but northeastern Japanese ladies are certainly not.

          • Freya

            You and most paranoid men on here posit some apocryphal cabal of ‘lesbian feminists’ as our united enemy. The one I refer to is made up of various elements all wrapped up into a federal government. You also have this sick tendency to try to call anyone who defies an enemy as a hater. One does not have to ‘hate’ jews to defy their racist imperialism. You seem incapable of any kind of emotionally balanced stance towards any challenge.

          • whitegirl88

            I have to step in and say something that has irritated me for years. As a young white woman, who is looking for a white man to partner with and raise children so our people don’t die out in the next two hundred years, I have found that the majority of white men in my state are committing miscegenation with Mongoloid females. How DARE you whine about the plight of white people when you are breeding abominations and choosing another race over your own to support and protect. I am sick of hearing these race traitors moaning about the state of things, when they are the ones leading us to extinction. Absolutely revolting.

      • Michael Mason

        We ARE nationalists.

    • george00

      The white race.

    • John

      Excellent points, DailyKenn. The tenets of multiculturalism and diversity are not only incompatible with the core principles of conservatism, but are actually the antithesis of conservatism. That is precisely why this whole idea of voting for the lesser of two evils (e.g., Republicans v. Democrats) over the decades, has finally ruined the nation. The Republican Party is not a conservative party. It bears repeating… The Republican Party is NOT a conservative party. Every conservative White man, woman, and child alive must understand that, but they don’t and won’t, which is why the fate of the nation was sealed long ago. Millions of our own people are that stupid and gullible. Many of them would literally rather die than be called a racist, and some have actually opted to die, as we have repeatedly read. That’s how the far their conditioning has gone. Their disturbing motto is “Beat me, rape me, kill me, but PLEASE don’t call me a racist! Anything but that!” How sick and disturbing are those thought processes? It’s beyond my comprehension, but it’s a reality for many.

      Multiculturalism, non-White immigration, gun control in any form, taxes, more government, affirmative action, diversity, miscegenation, amnesty for illegals, homosexuality (gay marriage), and a soft stance on crime are NOT conservative principles. Virtually all Republicans in power over the last few decades have increasingly supported these issues to the detriment of the nation.

      What will it take to make the millions of Whites who vote for Blacks and Browns to stop hating themselves and realize that the White race builds the very best communities and countries on Earth with the very best qualities of life? Celebrating Blacks and Browns living among Whites is like celebrating a stray dog crashing a birthday party and defecating in the punch bowl. Would anyone care to “drink up”? Indeed, what sane White person would want to live in the squalor and savagery of a Black or Brown country?

      The first step toward the goal of having Whites-only communities, stores, schools, and other facilities is to reaffirm the First Amendment and the right to freely associate with whomever we choose, based on our personal standards, not the government’s. The government has absolutely no constitutional right to impose diversity, desegregation, etc. Of course, no Republican will stand up to their diversity gods who hold the purse strings. The Republicans are owned, and there isn’t a hair of difference between today’s Republican Party and the despicable Democratic Party (a.k.a. Marxist Party).

      We need other options, my friends.

      • DailyKenn

        You make some intriguing observations.

        When the term “liberal’ was hijacked by the socialists, true liberals took to calling themselves “classical liberals” or “libertarians.”

        It’s time to coin a new term:”classical conservative” or “conservatarian” to apply to those who truly desire to conserve Western culture and one of the stars in its crown, The U.S. Constitution.

        Then, again, maybe Gottfried’s “paleoconservative” will suffice.

        • Realist

          I prefer the term National Socialist (you’ll be tarred with it anyways) but that’s just me.

      • Luca

        I’ll tell you what it will take. Rooting out the Liberals from Hollywood, the media, academia and politics. The dilemma is the “How” and not the “What”.

        I gave you a thumbs up for seeing the problem, too many here blame Race and Diversity. While those are real problems,if true conservatives were in charge (e.g. Joe Arpaio) those problems would be under control.

    • me

      Everything you see around you IS Western culture, even though the powers that be try to pretend otherwise….The house or apartment you live in, the furniture, the tv, computer, books, microwave, stove, refrigerator, toilet, sink, medicines in your medicine cabinet, the car you drive, the clothes you wear, the library in your town, the super market, your telephone, the movies and movie theatres, the concert halls, the museums, the art galleries, the roads, the schools, etc. etc. Anything worth a damn IS Western culture. All invented by Whites.

      • jambi19

        Modern civilization = white culture.

    • Dogbone

      “If we can’t conserve Western culture, what is worth conserving?”

      According to many republicans (neocons), Israel is the only thing worth conserving.

  • George White

    Poor guy. Very sad. So unfair.

  • storibund

    Limbaugh’s honesty on this is quite interesting, as they’re a sponsor of his show.

    • Sherman_McCoy

      Surprised me, too, but pleasantly.

  • Room101

    In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.
    If someone calls you a “bigot”, well, the planes making direct-hits on the target are also getting hit by the most flak guns.

  • cloudswrest

    Regrettably, Richwine DID grovel and apologize. When will they ever learn?

    • Never, ever apologize. Counterattack instead.

      • Room101

        Exactly correct, especially in today’s day and age.
        All the so-called ‘thought leaders’ are just whiners and wanna-be pussies.

      • Exactly.
        “They” will never ever give back anything they have taken from you.

      • Nathanwartooth

        Exactly. He should have said

        “I have nothing to be sorry for or apologize for. If anyone would like to try to debate my work, my 100+ page dissertation is on the internet. Thanks.”

        • David Ashton

          A good example of what should always be said.

          “Never apologize, be ruder next time.”

      • When people become entangled in approval politics and have more of a vested interest in appearance and conformity than they do absolute truth, they say things they might not mean, and they apologize for things they did mean. Does a normal person ever entertain the thought of apologizing for the man or woman he or she decided to marry? The mere mention of doing something like that sounds alien and insulting to sane people. Those would be fightin’ words if you pushed someone into that corner.

        Once you have made the leap from political cultism and hollow platitudes and mantras to a truth-based ideology, you can’t go back without destroying the very fabric of what you know and believe to be true. It’s your own personal event horizon.

      • sbuffalonative

        Had they simply stood their ground, in a couple days this would have been a non-issue. They just handed the left another victory.

      • sbuffalonative

        You make a comment, stand by it.
        Another unnecessary, senseless, self-inflicted wound.

        • Freya

          People need to understand that to do stand one’s ground is to risk not just loss of livelihood, but worse. I know of defiant, unrepentant whites who have been imprisoned for such stands, especially women as we are often the most vulnerable. We as pro-whites need less talk on here, more action, and more support for those who stand their ground.

          • I have mixed feelings about what I did, but I will have my gun rights back and all of my money before I will say I am sorry. The loss of my career is nothing. I loved my work, but hated my bosses, who lied like other people breathe.

          • cloudswrest

            Did apologizing help in this case? No.

    • storibund

      …making it that much harder for another truth-teller to stand their ground in the future.

      Thanks for nothing, schmuck.

  • LHathaway

    “some day, not far off, the evidence for race differences in IQ will be blindingly, deafeningly, stunningly obvious”

    That’s the day leftists and the establishment decide that group rights and entitlements don’t matter, we must now treat everyone as an individual. That way, even if it’s proven some groups, on average, are less intelligent than others, they can still be not racist – the only thing that likely matters to them. In this case, they join some of the lowest of the low whites, who, coincidentally, find it very important not to appear ‘racist’, too.

    • Eagle_Eyed

      The same left that believes people are idiotic for denying anthropogenic global warming will deny solid empirical data regarding racial differences. “Science” is just a tool for the left. They don’t care about truth.

      • LHathaway

        That’s certainly the truth!

    • HamletsGhost

      The evidence for race differences in IQ has been blindingly obvious for over a century. It was accepted wisdom by the man in the street, and written about by Harvard scholars.

      The complete turn-around had nothing to do with evidence. What happened was a full court press by the lying tribe to take over academia, media and government to enforce a Stalinesque thought prison against even thinking the most obvious truths. Kim Il Sung would be jaw-dropped with envy.

      • LHathaway

        no doubt Kim II Sung would be in awe. However, your apparent slavery to the idea that whites have the highest IQ is just as dogmatic, and quite possibly wrong.

        • HamletsGhost

          Where did I ever indicate that whites have the highest IQ, never mind being “enslaved” to the idea?

  • Ray Hawkins

    Yep. A person’s job is the key. That’s the answer to Jared Taylor’s $64 question. Every manager, every engineer, scientist, teacher, professor … everyone, knows they have to keep their mouth shut or they risk losing their job. It’s the economy stupid!

  • Dr. Richwine got the highest kind of degree from the world’s most prestigious university (“-“), and one of his three Ph.D. advisers, who signed off on the thesis, is a self-styled liberal. Yet that wasn’t enough to satisfy Our Cultural Taliban.

    I hope Jim DeMint is happy with that $1 million a year salary (aka thirty pieces of silver), because he had to trade his soul to get it.

    • sbuffalonative

      What’s so utterly senseless about this is that had Heritage stood it’s ground, in a couple days, this criticism would have been non-news.
      By giving in, they have essentially said, ‘our research is based on racist attitudes and is therefore invalid’.

      • As you know, this Richwine nontroversy is sort of deja vu for me. Your suggestion that Heritage should have stood its ground, held firm and ignored the noise and the row is right on, and it would have blown over in a few days. That and its membership would have gone way up.

        Why do I agree with you and think that? In the postmortem of the campaign, I now realize that’s what we should have done — Ignored it, act like it didn’t even happen, press on with the kind of issues and campaigning that we otherwise would have, let everyone else talk it out, and by the end of the week, it would have gone away. I even remember telling people after the Fateful Sunday that it was a non-story and would dissipate by the end of that week, but by our not ignoring it and trying to backpedal and apologize, we only added fuel to the fire. And therefore, it didn’t go away.

        By firing Richwine, (quit schmidt), Heritage just added fuel to the fire, and worse than that, they showed weakness and timidity in front of the dogs.

  • Luca

    The low IQ “minorities” are protected form anyone telling the truth. Just as the high IQ Ashkenazi are protected from obvious truths. Mention blacks and correlations between low IQ, crime, promiscuity, STD’s, scholastic performance and viola! the PC police are out in force to label you a racist. Likewise, mention the correlation between Jews and socialism, liberalism, banking, Hollywood, pornography, media propaganda, politics, etc. and again, here come the PC police to label you an anti-semite.

    Makes you wonder about the relationship between these two groups who deny the truth doesn’t it? Why are these two truths supressed?

    • JohnEngelman

      Hugh Hefner and Helen Gurley Brown did more to advance the sexual revolution while making a fortune than all the Jews in the world.

      • george00

        Do you think Hugh Hefner and Helen Gurley Brown have promoted interracial sex and vilified anyone who speaks out against it as much as Hollywood, pornography and media propaganda? Come on, let’s go.

    • Tucker

      You forgot to mention the correlation between the tribe and totalitarian, mass murdering Communism – which is what the left, here in America, want to resurrect right here in our nation.

      I suggest that everyone in the AmRen community spend some time on the web, and do a little research into a very frightening shared ethnicity and make note of the preponderance of this gang at all levels of the growing Police State that seems to get bigger, more frightening and more tyrannical with each passing day.

  • Greg Thomas

    Jim DeMint is another sell out. The la raza racists call the shots in Washington.

  • WR_the_realist

    Unfortunately this sorry incident shows why I and so many other people have to post anonymously. I greatly admire those who can stand up and publicly tell the truth, but most of us can’t afford to lose our jobs. We see over and over again what happens to those who do tell the truth. It is no better than in the Soviet Union, where everybody knew they were living under a lie but few were in a position to say so publicly.

    • So the only thing really stopping you from being a vocal and even visibly vociferous proponent of race-based Nationalism is adequate sustenance?

      • White Mom in WDC

        Exactly. Look, in order for our movement to take hold, we must do two things 1) stop being fearful …. Remember we are American Citizens!; and 2) advance out movement by talking about white values as sometimes the talk of high IQ will alienate other working class whites

        • CarlGustavM

          One plan to make this subject less taboo, would be to swarm different websites and their comment sections. Provide people with information, statistics and links. Many won’t accept your arguments, but they will have to think about them and some will even begin to agree with you. I’ve had this happen to me on Huffpo, when a person went to google the information I provided him/her and then came back saying he/she had no idea of all the scientific evidence.

    • jackryanvb


      We need secret societies where we can read Shakespeare, Mark Twain, celebrate Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter.

      We live under an increasingly intolerant dictatorship where hard core porn is defended on “free speech” , but racial realism is a thought crime.

    • DaveMed

      There’s always something that can be done. In my class, we have mandatory small group discussions every so often. At one point, someone brought up how James Watson is a “racist” for having suggested that blacks and whites are “genetically different.”

      So I remarked, “Well, they are.”

      Whereupon there began a brief discussion about genetic differences with medical applications. I am sure that such small steps have the potential of advancing our case in not insignificant ways. Bigger steps are better, but not every venue is appropriate for breaking out the “big guns.” 😉

      • jambi19

        Tell your colleagues to take residency/rotations in EM. God was that an eyeopener in race realism.

  • AugustusAlexander

    LOL whites will pay the majority of the taxes for public schooling and then have to dish out more to pay for their kids to go to private school…..

  • Pan Europa

    We could support eachother as we tell these truths in our lives. It`s apparent the “Conservatives” are going the way of those similar politicians during the collapse of South Africa ( i.e. the GOP`s frantic plans to amnesty illegal immigrants ), and they lack the courage to rattle the system as they distant themselves from the good doctor`s heresy.

    • White Mom in WDC

      It’s not about courage! They simply do not care about us. Screw them. It’s about cheap labor and their preserving of power

  • KenelmDigby

    Basically, any race-realist who wishes to publicly speak out either needs academic tenure or independent means. The plain truth is that as long as a race-realist needs to depend on others for his daily bread, he is compromised and insecure.

    • Freya

      I think the consequences are actually graver than people think on this. It’s not just loss of employment. I also can tell you that those who stand on the principle of equal rights for whites will be tarred and feathered the soonest. The sleeping giant, aka the white middle and working class, doesn’t invest much in IQ but puts enormous stake in equality of opportunity, something they and their kids have less and less of with each passing day.

  • KenelmDigby

    The lefites aren’t even *interested* in a free and fair debate.
    They don’t want discussion and the free exchange of ideas, facts and concepts – they don’t even pretend to be unequivocal and reasonable.
    All they want is intolerance, bullying and dictatorship. In many ways they are even worse than the Taliban. At least the Taliban are not sanctimonious hypocrites.

  • lily-white

    yep…now it ‘s time for the thought police at Yahoo Views and the Washington Compost to expose his “close ties” with a “Nationalist” web site that posts “numerous racial slurs as well as discussions of whether immigration is destroying the European Union and whether secession would solve immigration problems.”… ohhh the shame….

    • robinbishop34

      From the article…“The website has published several controversial pieces about nationalism and race since Spencer founded it 3 years ago. Spencer is now the chairman of the Montana-based National Policy Institute, an organization that describes itself as a think tank for “White Americans.””

      I wonder who gets to decide what is controversial, and what is constructive? The word ‘controversial’ seems to effortlessly anesthetize the masses.

      • Nathanwartooth

        They would never use a word like controversial to describe one of their pet projects like climate change. But bring up things established in fact like IQ and race and suddenly it becomes this topic that apparently no one can agree upon.

        • Eagle_Eyed

          Yes. The wildly unpopular Obamacare bill was “historic” but any movement or action on the right is “controversial.”

  • heretic

    Even if, as Jared Taylor says, evidence for race differences in IQ becomes obvious in the future it still probably won’t change anything. It won’t necessarily make whites change their minds about immigration. There is something wrong with white people. You can’t reason with them on certain topics. They believe it is immoral to act in white group interests and IQ tests won’t change their minds.

    How come Japan and Israel can preserve their racial majorities? Because they are not insane. White people are insane. Their moral views on race are fixed and these people cannot be reasoned with on moral or intellectual grounds. That’s why I think whites, at least in America, are destined for continued perpetual decline in terms of demographics. Sorry to sound so defeatist.

    • Tucker

      I blame this suicidal mental sickness on ‘Christianity’. That religion is equivalent to a gulp of deadly poison, which I believe was deliberately poured into our drinking cup by our most deadly enemy.

      • Eagle_Eyed

        Frankly this view shouldn’t be tolerated amongst Western traditionalists. Remember Christianity is what conquered pagan Europe and drove back the Muslim barbaric. It is the post-Christian white man who is to blame. He has retained an effeminate view of Christian tolerance and peacemaking but holds nothing as sacred and won’t defend his heritage against those who undermine it.

        • KingKenton

          It is the post-Christian white man who is to blame.

          Yep…The people I hear shouting loudest for diversity and multiculturalism are Christ hating, liberal, communist, anti-fascist, feminist, pro-homosexual, open borders, anti-gun, anti-free speech, anti-traditionalist’s.

        • AnalogMan

          Frankly this view shouldn’t be tolerated…

          Did you see what you wrote there?

          What are you going to do instead? Get him fired?

          • Tucker

            Isn’t it interesting how the attitude of ‘totalitarianism’ and a total disregard for the differing opinions of others is a characteristic that is often shared by both hard core, non-religious liberals on the extreme fringes of the left – and also by millions of these Christians, who claim to be conservative?

            I think that curious little similarity carries a very important message buried within it. The message is that liberalism and Christianity are in many ways, two peas in the same pod. Both ideologies are consumed with this obnoxious attitude of self-righteousness, as well as having zero tolerance for any expression of opinion that they disagree with.

            Oh, and it should be noted that in each camp, it matters not a whit if you have the truth and the easily verifiable facts on your side that can be used to prove your point. Both liberals and Christians simply want to shut you up and neither care to address your facts and points.

            Oh, and by the way. Regarding my earlier comment about Hitler’s naivete at Dunkirk? That battle occurred on June 3-4, 1940. As a gesture of British gratitude for the German sparing of the lives of their army, on February 13, 1945, the civilian refugee filled city of Dresden was deliberately fire bombed when over 700,000 phosphorus bombs were dropped on 1.2 million German people.

            Dresden had zero military significance. This is an illustration of both German civility (Dunkirk) and British ruthlessness and pure evil vindictiveness.

          • Nietzsche was on the money when he characterized liberalism as Christianity without the Resurrection.

          • HamletsGhost

            Eagle-eyed is a Jew.

          • David Ashton

            Is this a refutation of his post?

          • HamletsGhost

            It’s a warning of where his totalitarian impulses come from.

          • I’ve been called Jewish, but I’m not. What you’re really saying is that you want to identify certain people as your permanent racial enemies, and you call them “Jews”.

          • Freya

            You do the same to blacks but cal them pejorative vulgar names.

          • Yes, but these are actually black and the moderator or moderators will not allow me to describe them in the manner I prefer. Since I am disallowed the dreaded “n-word”, I describe them for what they are in slightly more polite terms.

            I am not your racial enemy. I am Scottish, Irish, Welsh, German, Cherokee and Tuscarora. No “Jews” there. I am 47, tall and slender, with brown hair and grey eyes. I pass for white, except I have to shave only twice a week.

          • HamletsGhost

            No, that’s not what I’m really saying.

            Jews represent a real race of people, and there is no need to put them in ironic quotes. Unlike Orcs or Leprechauns, they really exist.

            The nature of Judaism requires a simmering antagonism towards the host culture. This antagonism takes many forms, most recently in Marxism and its recent mutation, cultural Marxism.

            It appears you put the cart before the horse.

          • Jews aren’t what you describe. My old gun show partner was Jewish, and was obsessively honest. He certainly didn’t believe in hurting folks. He also thought my interest in the Japanese gal who later became my wife was hideous.

          • HamletsGhost

            You miss the point. It doesn’t matter that you’ve had Jewish friends that you liked. What matters is general direction of the tribe.

            I’ve never met a Japanese who wasn’t quiet, polite, smart, and industrious. I suppose, by your logic, that proves that they never bombed Pearl Harbor.

            If you had lived 1,000 years ago, I suppose you would have insisted that the earth is flat, since everywhere you go, the land looks flat around you.

      • sbuffalonative

        Christianity was one of the great forces that united the European people. Before whites got involved with non-whites, it served us well. That it has been corrupted and co-opted by our enemies to us against us is a different matter.

        The threat today is Universalism, a corrupted offshoot of Christianity.

      • OBSERVER

        I totally agree.

        Christianity is Anti-White to the core. I know. I’ve read the entire bible while most believers haven’t.

        I like the sex parts. Really kinky stuff by the way. Incest everywhere.

        • NormanF

          You lower the level of discourse by stating such rubbish. Please give us examples of your profound knowledge of Christianity. Which teachings have ruined us? Come on, lay it out here for all to see. I am thinking it will take all of a nanosecond to correct your misreadings of scripture.

      • jackryanvb

        This race denying, universalist, everybody must be equal cult can corrupt any church, any religion, any political party, any economic system, any think tank. It’s not just Christianity. It is true that the founder of Judeo Christianity St. Paul, the former ethno centric Pharisee Saul of Tarsus preached race denying non sense “that there weren’t any Greeks or Jews” just those who have accepted Jesus Christ. I look at St. Paul as the first “Neo Conservative” who supposedly “saw the light” on the Road to Damascus. The supposedly reformed Liberals/Marxists at Commentary Magazine supposedly also “saw” the light and embraced American Conservatism and were welcomed in to National Review and most all the other Conservative think tanks. Where upon they purged everyone who dared say, write or think anything remotely pro White and pushed through the cursed Neo Con 3 programs for our destruction:

        1 Invade the world for Israel
        2 invite the world – open borders immigration to the USA/ the West
        3 in hoc to the world to pay for 1 and 2

        • NormanF

          Oh really. So Paul engaged in a deliberate lie that even a child could see was false? That there are no differences between Greeks and Jews and that Paul was referring to race? That your point? That Paul was so stupid he wouldn’t recognise racial differences between a Chinaman and a Scot? Or that these obvious racial differences do not matter? That your idea? So Christianity brought on or encourages the Equality Cult?

          From a biblical perspective, the Creator established the different races among people. If the Creator wishes to reconcile fallen man to Himself does this somehow negate the deliberately created racial differences among people? Are the people now to defy the Creator by tearing down the walls of racial distinctness that He Himself established?

          No. You have misread the scriptures. Context is everything.

          It is good to treat your fellow man with kindness. No one should be mistreated because of their race. Maybe this is the Christian teaching you have a problem with? Or is it those pesky ten commandments you have a problem with?

          Lets cut to the chase here. All religions up to the time that Paul made the “Neither Greek nor Jew” statement practised that one had to earn his way to salvation by works of the flesh alone. Paul was describing how Christianity differs. NOT that there were now no racial differences among people but rather their relationship with the Creator did not depend on their external conditions. Paul is describing the Creator’s view of us, from the Creator’s perspective.

          All those who are one with Jesus Christ are one with each other in that all believers share the same privilege and position. Within the body of Christ all have the same relationship with the Creator. All are of equal value to the Creator in a spiritual sense.

          We know and Paul knew that people are not equal physically, mentally or economically in this life, but their relationship with the Creator, based on Christianity, is not dependent on those things. Period.

          If anyone tries to read more into it than that then they err. The scripture nowhere instructs men to miscegenate and otherwise destroy themselves racially! Each kind should be in their own countries among their own people. There is no hate in this at all. Missionaries were sent out to educate people not destroy racial boundaries.

          • David Ashton

            Paul did not deny the reality of male and female differences if men and women both became Christians.

        • HamletsGhost

          Bingo! I’ve always considered Saul of Tarsus to be the first neo-con. He went from actively murdering Christians to becoming the LEADER in practically one leap, who then writes the rule book for the new Church.

          Some things never change, unless we notice them.

          • David Ashton

            Your “first neo-con” wrote I Thessalonians 2.14-16.
            According to one prominent Jewish NT “scholar”, the late Hyam Maccoby, Paul was really a Gentile called Solon, and virtually the first nazi.
            Poor old Saul of Tarsus, no-one loves him (least of all the gays).

      • KingKenton

        That religion is equivalent to a gulp of deadly poison, which I believe was deliberately poured into our drinking cup by our most deadly enemy.

        And who was the deadly enemy that poured the poison, Robert E. Lee and the Confederacy? Deo Vindice, anyone…

        … [General] Jackson neither apologized for nor spoke in favor of the practice of slavery. He probably opposed the institution. Yet in his mind the Creator had sanctioned slavery, and man had no moral right to challenge its existence. The good Christian slaveholder was one who treated his servants fairly and humanely at all times.

        CSA Vice President, Alexander Stephens:

        With us, all of the white race, however high or low, rich or poor, are equal in the eye of the law. Not so with the negro. Subordination is his place. He, by nature, or by the curse against Canaan, is fitted for that condition which he occupies in our system… It is, indeed, in conformity with the ordinance of the Creator. It is not for us to inquire into the wisdom of his ordinances, or to question them. For his own purposes, he has made one race to differ from another, as he has made “one star to differ from another star in glory.”

        CSA President, Jefferson Davis:

        Slavery was established by decree of Almighty God… it is sanctioned in the Bible, in both Testaments, from Genesis to Revelation… it has existed in all ages, has been found among the people of the highest civilization, and in nations of the highest proficiency in the arts.

        • Tucker

          I used to be a typical White Southern guy who worshiped Robert E. Lee. This lasted until I read the book Killer Angels and after that, I was 100 percent convinced that it was the Christ insanity of Robert E. Lee that prevented him from recognizing just how EVIL the enemy the South was fighting truly was, and when you are doing battle with an enemy who has no honor, no scruples, no sense of right or wrong, no compassion or who is willing to break any rule, violate any code of decency, willing to lie and cheat and play as dirty and be as ruthless as possible in order to crush their opponent – the LAST thing in this world we need leading our people is a clean shaven, spotless uniformed and perfectly shined pair of boots wearing leader who is incapable of resorting to the kind of tactics that are necessary totally EXTERMINATE this kind of enemy.

          To defeat this kind of evil, as Josey Wales once said, you have to get mad dog mean. And, I do mean RUTHLESS mean, pal. You clearly are not up to this task, just as Robert E. Lee wasn’t up to that task – and today we are paying the price for his timidity.

          Christians are NOT the sort of fighters I want anywhere near my foxhole, because they are mostly hymn singing wimps and they will get you killed.

          • Jackryanvb

            Read up on the French Algerian race war of the 1950s. The Whites did get down and dirty, use torture, counter terrorism against the Arab terrorists.

            The movie the Battle of Algiers and the Book battle of the Casbah are very good.

          • TeutonicKnight67

            I worked with a French veteran of the Algerian War. He had great stories, almost as good as the Nam stories I have heard from my vet friends. One of my favorites was how he and his buddies would go around town looking for fights. The would rip the veils from the arab women’s faces and ask “What are you hiding??” If any muzzie dared to defend her “honor” he was beaten to a pulp.
            They also would go to nightclubs and beat the daylights out of any arab seen dancing or socializing with a white woman. Then they would heap insults on the woman if she was a willing participant. Great stuff!

          • David Ashton

            Look where it got them in the end.

          • KingKenton

            Right, Jackson and Lee were wimps, and your are John Rambo. Lee didn’t surrender for any reason other than he didn’t want to needlessly sacrifice his men. Not because of cowardice, you idiot. You’re too stupid to recognize the larger point that was being made in my post. We don’t need low-life idiots like you in our cause. You’re a liability. Get lost.

            I normally go out of my way to be civil here on Amren, but everyone has their limits.

          • The war was lost, and Marse Robert was one of the best, except he should never have gone north. An agricultural nation of 20 million, half of whom were slaves can not beat an industrial nation of 40 million.

            Lee should have been more careful with his men.

          • TeutonicKnight67

            So the Christians who sang “The Battle Hymn of The Republic” were wimps? Was that before or after they defeated their Southern Christian brethren? How about Charles Martel? Charlemagne? Jan Sobieski? Vlad Tepes? Heroic Men of the West have defended us from the Saracens for centuries, fully immersed in the Faith and firm in their convictions.

            The Christians you abhor so much are not of this ilk. They practice a watered-down, libtarded, pale imitation of the Faith. These are the same wimps who wouldn’t mind their daughter miscegenating with a black or latino as long as he were “Christian”

            By lumping all of Christendom into this cesspool you are rejecting two millennia of White European history in which the Christian faith played a huge role in the defense of our culture and civilization.

            You must realize that the tentacles of Cultural Marxism have reached deep into every segment of our culture; most dangerously in the religious and educational fields.

          • Tucker

            If you can come up with a believable and effective method to rid modern Christianity of every vestige of this virulently anti-White, White genocide promoting Cultural Marxism, then do us all a favor and post the recipe that can accomplish this task, pal.

            Incidentally, the sand is running out of the White racial hour glass and that means that you and the other bible thumpers do not have much time to get this task done.

            Which brings up the possibility that you and your pals are actually trying to convince Whites to cling to this corrupted religion for a few decades longer as a means of preventing them from shifting their main focus to adopting tactics and the sort of ruthless, no-nonsense mindset that will guarantee our survival.

            I stand by my assertion that the pacifism and turn the other cheek and love your enemies baloney that forms the foundation for this religion is our enemy’s most effective weapon and every bit of the success they’ve had so far can be traced directly to this suicidal ideology.

          • KingKenton

            If you can come up with a believable and effective method to rid modern Christianity of every vestige of this virulently anti-White, White genocide promoting Cultural Marxism, then do us all a favor and post the recipe that can accomplish this task, pal.

            It would be the same strategy that is needed to root out the “virulently anti-White, White genocide promoting Cultural Marxism” (your words), that has so infected and is promoted by secular / humanistic / atheistic institutions. Multiculturalism was a child of the secular (non-religious) left, not Christianity. Unfortunately it has found it’s way into most all faucets and levels of society both Christian and non-Christian.

            Christians are not pacifists, at least I am not, nor are those Christians I know, neither I doubt are the Christians that post here on Amren. The New Testament does not advocate pacifism despite what you may want to believe about “turning the other cheek”.

            I disagree than an enemy has to be sadistic and kill to the last man in order to win a War. Would you have advocated that every German soldier be killed to the last man? Women too? Would you do that to your own White people whom you claim to have so much concern and love for?

            We are in this together. The battle now is preservation of the White people and ultimately homelands for ourselves. This we must work for together whether we be Christian or non-Christian.

          • NormanF

            Well said, Sir. I have to be honest here. I regard Tucker as much an enemy to racial preservation as any other anti-Christ.

          • David Ashton

            Defenders of western civilization, its whole heritage, and the primary race that created it, should make their case on its own merits, without being too deeply sidetracked into frequently ill-informed disputes about Christianity and/or Judaism. Christians, Jews and atheists who support, or who do not oppose our major effort, should be left alone if not welcomed, because unity is a priority.

          • Freya

            It is antithetical to Judaism to support the rights of gentiles.

          • DaveMed

            This is incorrect.

          • David Ashton

            I understand what you are saying, and have just been reading what the “Jew” Gilad Atzmon says on a similar theme. However, not all Jews are religious at all, and there are some people of Jewish or part-Jewish background, of different and even contrary outlook, whose expression of current interests happens to coincide with our own, and judicious (no pun intended) alliance with those of them is quite reasonable. There is no need, moral justification or rational basis in adopting a “neo-nazi” demonization of each and every Jew as a collective biological enemy of incorrigible criminals and/or perpetual parasites; and no political sense in it either.

          • Freya

            Then it seems to depend on how one defines ‘jew.’ My definition consists of people actively promoting or purveying Judaism. I am not a DNA fetishist and further, do not recognize the label ‘neo-nazi.’ The only Nazis I recognize are those who followed the party platform of Strasser, not that of Hitler, who led a dictatorship, not a party..

          • David Ashton

            And that depends on how one defines “Judaism”.

            Gregor Strasser was no “philo-Semite”.

          • Luca

            Non-religious Jews are still Jews. It is a culture as much as it is a religion. And that religion/culture dictates that Jews prosper and generally at the expense of non-Jews. There is no morality in their money making endeavors. Being a Jew, religious or not, comes in handy when doing business. This tribal, clique-ish, clannish behavior is found in many different religions, ethnicities, etc., but Jews take it to its ultimate level.

          • DaveMed

            Again, incorrect. When discussing “Jews”, one must draw a dichotomy between those who practice the faith, and those who merely identify as such because they happen to have Jewish ancestors and are just trying to be more “exotic” and multicultural. The latter are, as all who try to get a slice of the oppressed minorities pie, the parasites of Western culture.

          • Christian Realist

            Thanks for clarifying my beliefs for me, pal. I am a Christian and you’re saying I am the problem. Right.

          • NormanF

            He is speaking from a completely carnal perspective and is clueless on spiritual matters. These people are strict materialists — if you can’t measure it — it doesn’t exist. Disregard that a thought is not measurable, those don’t exist either. They constantly confuse “turn the other cheek,” ignore history, and otherwise display their ignorance for all to see. Forget the fact that some of the most briliant minds to exist on this planet were Christians. No, they are all idiots who can see no further than the end of their noses.

            Let us listen to Atheists tell us what we believe and how we are wrong.

          • ms_anthro

            Your use of the word “virulently” gives you away, Tucker. Your ancient hatred of Christianity dovetails nicely with the modern tribal attacks on traditional Western civilization. I wonder if you’re intentionally ahistorical and anti-White or if you’re just a willing but unwitting tool of Babylon?

            If it’s the latter, you might find the writings of Elizabeth Dilling instructive. Our enemies dwell in high places.

          • TeutonicKnight67

            “you and the other bible thumpers”

            I quoted no biblical passages whatsoever. In fact, I cited specific historical figures who defended the West from the filthy barbaric mohammedans bent on the destruction of Europa .

            ‘then do us all a favor and post the recipe that can accomplish this task, pal.”

            Your passive-aggressive use of the word “pal” is symbolic of the divisiveness present in Pro-White circles. If you choose to be an Atheist, Odinist, Druid, Pagan, B’Hai or whatever..then more power to you.

            It seems to me however that people of your line of thinking (i.e. you and your “pals”) are as self-hating and culture denying as wannabe whites who act black. You seem to see nothing good, nothing heroic, nothing worth preserving from our glorious past. You cast aspersions on your fellow whites and take them to task for “clinging to our corrupted religion” despite the fact that Christianity has been a great common cultural touchstone for whites. I thought I made that clear. And I see nothing wrong with rallying behind our Glorious Past as we forge into a New Dawn.

            In no way does the “turn the other cheek” admonition apply to war. This is a distortion. It was a specific reference to disputes among “brothers”. In other words, in spite of your obvious antipathy to people like myself and my “pals” I hold no grudge and bear no ill will to you. I simply wish we could unite without the distraction of sectarianism and look at the big picture. “Cujus Regio Egis Religio” if you will. My conflict is with non-whites, period. You seem to want to lump all White Christians in with the Culture Destroyers and Mexi-Bantu savages. Just because a person practices Christianity does not automatically make them racially suicidal.

          • I disagree. Robert E. Lee was a brilliant general, and Christians can be great in war.

            For our purposes, the real problem with Christianity is its tendency to embrace colored refugees and to think in universalist moral terms rather than in racial terms.

          • Tucker

            Lee was a brilliant military general, and probably was the cream of the crop of generals on both sides of the conflict. But, Lee was a gentleman and he was consumed with the idea that he and his armies should conduct war in a fashion that was guided by a sense of decency and fair play and, to use modern language – he wanted to be as good a sportsman as possible. Anyone who’s studied Lee could never, in a million years, imagine him doing what Tecumseh Sherman did to innocent women, children and old people during his demonically evil ‘march to the sea’ ,

            Which is my point. Lee naively assumed that the enemy he was fighting would conduct themselves with the same grace and honor and integrity as he, himself, demonstrated on the battlefield. Even Hitler suffered from this sickness, and proved it by having the British army surrounded at Dunkirk and instead of slaughtering them, let them go free.

            So, I will repeat again – I do not want any leader who has this kind of naivete and almost childlike level of comprehension as to the depth of evil that our enemy is capable of using against us in this all-important battle. This is a recipe for defeat and this time, it will be the final defeat for White European people.

          • I don’t disagree about the value of ruthlessness in war (so long as the ruthless deed is purposeful, and not just capricious cruelty.)
            At what exact moment in the civil war should Lee have been more ruthless? I have not read the book you mention as an authority, so I won’t argue.

          • Tucker

            I am 100 percent in agreement with your condemnation of cruelty.

            The sickening attempts by Alan Dershowitz and the Bush-Cheney neo-cons to justify the use of sadistic torture on unarmed, defenseless captives still causes nausea to rise in my throat every time I think about it. Treatment of prisoners, during time of war, I believe is the true measurement of whether or not you are a civilized man worthy of respect or a sadistic monster, which should give you some insight into my attitude towards Bush and Cheney and their gang of neo-cons.

            As for Lee, I think he made his greatest and most fatal mistake when he attempted to go into the North and have his forces drawn into enemy territory. Granted, his belief was that – if he could encircle Washington D.C., he might be able to force the war to end sooner. That was clearly an attempt at a Hail Mary, a gamble – and it did not work out the way Lee had hoped it might.

            His decision to surrender at Appomattox was where even he later admitted was a mistake, after he had experienced the aftermath and vindictiveness that the North proceeded to inflict on the Confederate states. Once again, Lee was naive because he failed to comprehend and accurately measure the depth of evil of the enemy he had fought and then surrendered to.

            The South should have resorted to guerrilla warfare and kept this going for as long as it was necessary to bankrupt the North.

          • TeutonicKnight67

            How interesting for you to use the term “Hail Mary”..

          • Five different times, Lee and the AoNV had a clear and easy opportunity to do to Washington D.C. what Sherman did to Atlanta.

          • TeutonicKnight67

            At one time, we whites did indeed treat each other gallantly in war. I don’t think these courtesies need be extended to non-whites in war however since they have NEVER treated us in a like manner. Oh and FYI – the “evil and demonic” William Tecumseh Sherman was a devout Christian.

          • Smitty

            checkmate !!

          • Hitler’s tanks were worn out before Dunkirk and needed refitting. I’d have ordered infantry in, to complete a classic Kesselshacht finish, but I wasn’t there.

          • Smitty

            nice try but no cigar–no matter how ruthless Lee could have been it wouldn’t of made one iota of difference to the outcome of the civil war,and that includes the assumption that he could get his men to be as ruthless as he might have been…

          • TeutonicKnight67

            That is a Modernist phenomenon, a fairly recent development historically speaking. An obvious symptom of the infection of Cultural Marxism.

          • Smitty

            You need to differentiate between Christianity and so-called or mis-leaders of Christianity who are nothing more but burping frogs making loud annoying noise while defending true evil and poisoning their flock of sheep with lies.These mis-leaders worship Satan,not God…

          • Yes. Almost 10 years ago, the feds wandered around my neighborhood warning everyone I was home. They even approached my mother who was sitting on the patio with me.

            “Oh, you’re the mom”, my P.O. said. Not, “Oh, you’re his mother and I’m glad Michael has re-established family connections.”

            I tolerated her precisely because my P.O. was a very pretty woman.

          • Realist

            Yeah, but now you are getting into some very controversial territory for anyone with any beliefs.

            The question is “are you willing to do anything -even betray your own beliefs, people, summon the evil forces of the underworld, etc. to win and survive?”. That is the question, and I think most people, Christian or not, would say that it is better to die and keep honor than to win and lose honor. If one’s enemy is guaranteed to win because he is dishonorable then all the worse for him.

      • Talltrees

        I will admit what is being taught in churches is not Christianity. Turn the other cheek does not mean subjecting oneself to harm. The Bible does not tell Christians not to fight. In fact, it says God will help with the fight.

        It says all evil is Satan’s doing and Christians must fight Satan. For you Christians here, Satan is the cause of all of this. If you don’t speak up and fight it, Satan will win. That is a “No, No!”

        • I disagree. My “soul” or spirit or whatever you want to call it is utterly my own. I was never baptised, and I would refuse it were it offered to me. If I am an evolved animal who has not been “saved” by Jesus, then what I do on my own is what counts.

          • Talltrees

            Am I correct you’d call yourself an athiest?
            If so, that’s fine. I was speaking to Christians – “for you Christians, here.”
            I’m curious, though, who or what gave you a soul?

          • I am not an atheist. I do not regard God as beyond your reach, though permanently past your understanding, and I am sure it would be nice for you. I suspect I am an animal, not unlike your cat or dog.

            I don’t have a soul. You probably do, but I feel nothing but pity for your spiritual slavery. I try being nice, and I am scrupulously honest, but I don’t have one.

            You may see us on the streets somedays.

            I believe in fanatical love, breathtakingly pure, but not for Jesus or God.

      • Winston Merryweather

        And you would be wrong and expose yourself as a simpleton. Someone with no knowledge of historical Christianity and the profound impact it had on the formation of Western civilization.

        It is precisely non-Christians who started this cultural rot by breaking down traditional Christian morals and beliefs. Today, through decades of subversion, various false “leaders” of the faith who see Christianity as a mere money-making business proposition have departed from the faith and are indistinguishable in many ways from the Christ-haters running the show. This applies to amnesty, homosexuality, miscegenation, and etc.

        • Tucker

          So, can you explain to us why, if Christianity is such a wonderful thing, it was so relatively weak and easily corrupted by the forces of evil that you and I both agree exist?

          Who, besides perhaps Texe Marrs over at Power of Prophecy, continues risk their necks and reputations by identifying the #1 enemy and by openly exposing the incredible evil that they are involved in?

          • Winston Merryweather

            We are now living in a post-Christian era. The mistake you are making is claiming that traditional Christianity as practised for thousands of years is equivalent to what is found today — the relentlessly attacked, battered, and ostracized shell of the religion that brought whites through hell and high water in the past.

            You are stating that the precepts of Christianity itself is the root cause of the Equality Cult with no qualification. If whites would simply throw off the shackles of their religious beliefs and become atheists then all would change. You are mistaken. It is the non-Christians who brought on the current state of affairs.

            You are not a Christian and I do not personally know any Christian who believes what you say he believes. Just misquoted scripture, taken out of context, is what you are doing.

          • TeutonicKnight67

            Thank you brother. I have been trying unsuccessfully to express this very sentiment. Your reply is succint and direct. I couldn’t agree more.

          • KingKenton

            Who, besides perhaps Texe Marrs over at Power of Prophecy, continues risk their necks and reputations…

            Pat Buchanan???

            You might check out Michael Hoffman at He is Catholic. Here is a clip from his DVD, ‘A Study of Judaism’. See also, his 1,100 page work, ‘Judaism Discovered’. I don’t consider him an explicit racialist but he does good work in exposing the Judaics.


            Christian White Nationalism:


            N.B. To anyone who is annoyed by the big image below, I didn’t place it there. Apparently, the forum software does.

      • David Ashton

        I know what you are getting at, but it doesn’t quite fit all the 1st/2nd century historical facts.

        However, the “gospel” of love, tolerance, non-resistance to evil, and turning the other cheek, is balanced by a strict Pauline moralism; and the former can certainly be exploited by modern secularists, socialists and multi-racialists opposed to the support that Christians have given to western civilization, its family values, good order, and distinction from alien cultures.

      • Realist

        Which christianity are you talking about?

    • MekongDelta69

      One correction, if I might:
      It won’t necessarily make whites change their minds about immigration. There is something wrong with white people….White people are insane.

      “It won’t necessarily make LEFTIST whites change their minds about immigration. There is something wrong with LEFTIST white people….LEFTIST White people are insane.”

      • Tucker

        I have a personal White male for a friend and he is a lifelong Republican, and also a miscegenator – and he and I have had numerous arguments about the catastrophically negative impact of third world immigration and in every case, he stands up for his non-white, third world wife and refuses to accept that I have been 100 percent correct in my opposition to third world immigration for the last 30 years we’ve known each other.

        So, he’s not a leftist per se, but he is most definitely suffering from the same kind of racially suicidal insanity as are White liberals.

        • TeutonicKnight67

          Of course! He made his bed, now he has to lay in it. He has no choice but to defend his poor mate selection.

    • Freya

      TBH, I will come out and say I really don’t care about IQ, even as I’ve tested very high on tests for it. I just don’t care. The white middle class knows that a higher IQ tends to correlate with a higher class status and they don’t like snooty ‘smart’ whites claiming high IQ is some touchstone for our racial solidarity. Class will always cut against any other axis of identity. We pro-whites would be in a totally different position if more understood this.

    • Winston Merryweather

      Although I understand your point and used to believe the same thing, I now see something different. I thought about my own transformation from being a blind crowd follower accepting the standard, media-approved, academically enforced, orthodoxy on the equality of all people, racism, and the like. So what changed me? How did I go from that to race realist?

      Answer: Education

      As I started out to prove that the only real differences between people were culturally derived, I stumbled upon some truths I could not refute. For instance, where does culture itself come from and why are human cultures so different? I found that culture is racially derived. Culture is a product of race. From there I went on to discover many truths about racial differences among various peoples. I learned that there was no way Congolese Africans could have written the Constitution of the United States, discovered and harnessed the power of electricity, invented the combustible engine, or anything of the sort.

      My brain had been washed. I had accepted without bothering to question the misinformation put out by the media and academics. I had no ready access to alternative information.

      The main problem we have today is that whites are uneducated in these matters. Attempts to educate them with the truth are quickly and relentlessly squashed as in the case here with Dr Richwine.

      We must continue to find ways to educate whites. We desperately need white-oriented means of mass communication and education. I see this as the main problem not that whites are somehow genetically predisposed toward self destruction.

    • Dom

      Jews in the West are insane. Jews in Israel aren’t. Circumstances shape people and nations. You lived too long in peace and prosperity so foolish ideas prospered. In my country souch nonsense as “diversity is strenght” aren’t accepted by general public. But we had war 15 years ago because of this diversity. We lived for 45 years in broterhood and unity and on year 46 we had butchery along ethnic lines. Whites aren’t stupid. You just lived for too long in protected environment so you could indulge yourselfs in fantasies that don’t exist in a real world. You’ ve lived under a glass bell but that is changing. And you will too. Don’t worry about it.

    • gabriel

      It’s not as crazy as it sounds. Majorities don’t have racial cohesion. That is the province of the “minority”. When you are a member of the majority race, racial “loyalty” does not arise. Since the founding, America has been hugely white. And thus is was never an issue. It was up to whites to “tolerate” minority races, and that is appropriate. However, when races approach parity in numbers, racial identity becomes much more of an issue.

      My interest in racial politics is, frankly a result of seeing that whites in America, and our vastly superior culture, is under attack from within…by people of other and, in my opinion, inferior cultures. I see that my race…my people…are under attack, and our future and culture is at stake.

      I think it will take some time for that realization to dawn on many of us. Give them time. Unfortunately, I think it will get worse before it gets better.

  • Dirk

    @Kenelmdigby: Of course liberals won’t debate with you – would you engage in a discussion which you will surely lose? Liberalism can only survive by erecting taboos.

    • Nathanwartooth

      Because they don’t need to. All they have to do is say that you are racist and that is that.

      There are also tons of memes like “There are IQ differences but they are 100% environmental” to go around.

      • Freya

        Nathan, that’s not what they do. They claim the White Privilege Denier was ultimately dishonest, or crazy, and thereby insinuate they have some character defect akin to being racist all the while denying the original issue had anything to do with ‘race.’ This is because they cannot convince the white middle class that blacks and diversity aren’t just as capable of ‘racism’ as whites theoretically are. Race realism has failed to translate its message into any real change for whites because the majority don’t buy into it.

  • Fredrik_H

    Well, that was a given, wasn’t it?

  • William Allingham

    I think that lefties are engaging in something really stupid, they are devaluating the importance of authority, of nationality, of data, religion…

    When we become totally dispossessed, people will start to stick to the most basic instincts like race. When everything else has been profaned we will not have much restrains to start distinguishing based on differences which require no science or religion to be noticed (race). Their same weapons in the long run will have a contrary effect of what they want today.

    Liberals are playing with fire and at the end they will get burned

  • JohnEngelman

    The Heritage Foundation exists in order to advocate policies that make the rich richer and more powerful. One of these policies is to flood the United States with cheap labor.

    It is reassuring that many conservatives have stepped forward to defend Jason Richwine. With the publicity he is getting from this he will probably get a better job with an organization that is not afraid of telling the truth.

    Unfortunately, many people will be intimidated by this.

    • Nathanwartooth

      How does showing the cost of amnesty, a huge blow to immigration, help in their cause of flooding the US with cheap labor? I’m not really following.

      Besides passing things I hear on talk radio I really don’t know much about them. But them releasing this study seems to me like they don’t like the idea of amnesty.

      • JohnEngelman

        My point is that what Jason Richwine’s PhD thesis interfered with the main goal of the Heritage Foundation.

        • White Mom in WDC

          Right on. We are in an era of what I call ‘the new slavery’. Groups such as the Heritage Foundation have one goal only, to protect the interests of the elite who have garnered their positions of power and prestige by inheritance and knowing the right people. They do not want anyone, especially middle class whites threatening their power. They wish America to be a fiefdom again and us all serfs and indentured servants who are not to question authority

          • William Allingham

            thats what i call “the narcicisstic elite” a group of super rich psychopaths whos only alliance is with money, they dont care about culture, truth, beauty or the long term survival of any species (including humans) they only care about maintaining a power position.

            we are just cattle for them and they dont mind mixing us with lower quality cattle (people of other races) if it means more profit.

            the narcicisstic elite is international and a good example of how they operate is that mexican government is controlled by super-rich mexicans (regardless of being a poor country mexico has the most millionares per capita) who promote immigration to the USA and are allied with the narcicisstic elite of the USA.

            in fact mexican government in 2005 started to freely provide low iQ mexicans with “comics” telling them how to illegally enter to the USA and how to live there illegally without being expelled.

            they are cahoots!, mexican government and the government of the USA.

            so our enemy is not a single race or nationality but an international class of rich psychopaths.

            in fact by boycotting mexican government (by rejecting any product from mexico) we would be tackling half of the immigration problem, and we will be also making good favor to those mexicans whose lives are miserable regardless of the success or failure of mexican government.

          • White Mom in WDC

            Right on. It is class warfare and it is international. The white merchant class is a threat to the elite which is why whites across the glove must unify. We must think if ways to bring in S. Africans and middle class Europeans to the States

        • Martel

          His thesis didn’t interfere with their goal, there was no conspiracy, they simply buckled after the media was unleashed. You really think they didn’t notice Richwine’s thesis supposedly “interfering with their shady objectives’ while working with the guy?

          All of the co-authors surely knew about his views.

          • JohnEngelman

            Rich people benefit when people who are not rich think they will become rich before they die. Those who emphasize the importance of IQ demonstrate why this is not true.

          • Nathanwartooth

            Hardly anyone thinks they will become rich.

            More people support taxing people making over 250,000 a year than support taxing lottery winners.

            Because people see the slim chance of winning the lottery as a better chance of becoming rich than ever making 250,000 a year.

          • Martel

            There is no conspiracy or hidden agenda on the part of Heritage, they crumbled like every politician and every group of white men who are not openly linked to Amren. They are cowards, nothing more, stop making this about some silly notion of class warfare.

          • This is why I refuse to work to make other people rich. BTDT, and hated it.

      • Fredric Schmit

        “How does showing the cost of amnesty, a huge blow to immigration, help in their cause of flooding the US with cheap labor?”

        The Republican Party is worried that if they don’t assimilate the Latinos into their culture, that they will never win another presidential race — that would be FAR more devastating for the rich than giving out amnesty.

        The reason why Heritage released this is only because it suggests that the cost may be greater than they previously thought.

        I don’t think you understand that the lifeblood of the rich is the Republican Party. If they can’t be in Congress, then the rich are screwed. Not if they go through a little costly amnesty to appease a part of the electorate.

        (But of course we all know they are screwed either way because wealth in America is very racial and non-whites despise the rich and view them as racial enemies on top of class enemies.)

      • NM156

        GOP Inc. is at odds with its base.

        • White Mom in WDC

          The GOP doesn’t care about whites period. It is simple shipping in ‘new slave’ voters

          • The__Bobster

            No, they think they are shipping in cheap labor. The votes will go to the other side.

    • Luca

      Your theory while wrong is also irrelevant and nonsensical. Democrats want low IQ voters to further their socialist agenda, that is undeniable. Therefore, because the Democrats are actively recruiting these hordes, and if your your theory were correct, why on earth would the GOP need policies to recruit them when the Dems are already doing the job for them? That’s like living on a small island on a large lake and saying the first thing you need to do is to drill a well.

      You like cutting and pasting so much, show us your source that says this is the policy of the Heritage Foundation. Otherwise, go to the back room of your synagogue and drool over girly pictures of Asian women.

      • JohnEngelman

        Virtually every policy advocated by the Hermitage Foundation would increase the wealth, power, or both of the upper classes.

        • Luca

          “Virtually every policy advocated by the Hermitage Foundation would increase the wealth, power, or both of the upper classes.” – JE. (I know you meant “Heritage”)

          If you were right, and these policies increase wealth, what mechanism exists in the universe that would prohibit others from increasing their wealth? I have done it from scratch, why can’t others? Ever hear of a “Rags to Riches Story?”

          Since you are at a loss to post a source, let me. The following are the core principles that they have policies on: 1. First Principles. 2. Education. 3. Enterprise and Free Markets, 4. Family and Religion, 5. Protect America 6. American Leadership 7. Energy & Environment 8. Entitlements, Taxes and Spending., 9. Health Care 10. Rule of Law.

          Clearly a reasonable person can look at these principles and see they are not geared towards the “Rich”. As we all know, or should know, what makes America unique and strong economically is for us to have a large middle class. No political organization should strive to have a large upper class or a large lower class, either extremes would spell complete disaster. On the other hand, the Democratic party is producing a large lower class, either by design or by accident or both. The one thing Communists like about hordes of peasants, lower class, poverty stricken voters is that they are easy to entice with gifts of other people’s money. When you and your family are starving you really pay attention to the guy handing out the free food.

          People who are independent, self sufficient and successful are not impressed with strangers handing out free candy and they are smart enough to know that “As ye reap. so shall ye sow”. There is no free lunch.

          In America we have the freedom and opportunity to be successful or failures. Failure has a price and is not our design that we want people to succeed at the expense of others. When will the failures take responsibility for their own actions and stop blaming people who are successful?

          When it comes to race, you are a Realist, but when it comes to politics, or economics it looks like you may be a closet Communist or else you just like to piss and moan for attention..

          Here’s the source, read it.:

          • JohnEngelman

            Most Americans have benefited when the top tax rate was much higher than it is now. During the Roosevelt administration there were steady increases in the top tax rate and declines in the unemployment rate.



            From the administrations of Harry Truman to that of Jimmy Carter the top tax rate fluctuated from 70 to 91 percent. The national debt as a percentage of gross domestic product (GDP) was paid down.

            President Clinton raised the top tax rate, and left office with a growing budget surplus and a national debt that was declining absolutely.


            From the administrations of Harry Truman to that of Jimmy Carter there was nearly always more job creation per year under Democratic presidents.


          • Nathanwartooth

            Correlation doesn’t always mean causation and as your hero Obama points out constantly, previous presidents have an impact on future ones.

            How in the world would raising tax rates on the rich create jobs? Besides do nothing government jobs.

            Clinton was in a sweet spot for jobs. It was when information jobs were exploding and manufacturing was slowly leaving. Now that manufacturing has all but left, information jobs are slowing way down and we are importing immigrants to take what little jobs there are the jobs numbers look horrible.

            So explain how right now if Obama raised the tax rates on the rich to let’s say 75%, how would that create jobs?

          • JohnEngelman

            How in the world would raising tax rates on the rich create jobs? Besides do nothing government jobs.

            – Nathanwartooth


            The Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) was a public work relief program that operated from 1933 to 1942 in the United States for unemployed, unmarried men from relief families, ages 18–25…

            During the time of the CCC, volunteers planted nearly 3 billion trees to help reforest America, constructed more than 800 parks nationwide and upgraded most state parks, updated forest fire fighting methods, and built a network of service buildings and public roadways in remote areas.[5]…

            A Gallup poll of 18 April 1936 asked “Are you in favor of the CCC camps?”; 82% of respondents said yes, including 92% of Democrats and 67% of Republicans.[31]

            The CCC was an example of a government work program that produced do something jobs. When people were hired by the CCC they were able to buy more. This encouraged employers in the private sector to hire more to produce and sell what was produced.

            During the Roosevelt administration there was a steady increase in the top tax rate and a steady reduction in the unemployment rate.



            The Great Depression was ended by high government spending and high government employment paid for by high taxes on the rich.

          • Nathanwartooth

            There is no way in the world that could be implemented today.

            Imagine for just a moment that the government said that people on welfare could make double what they are making now but they had to put in 40 hours a week planting trees.

            The cries of racism and slavery would be endless.

            But really what you are saying is that higher taxes are great -if- the government spends the money wisely to give people jobs.

            If there was suddenly a huge tax increase, seeing what the government has done the last 2 decades, would probably just expand welfare, medicare/medicaid and defense.

          • Bossman

            And then came WWII which called for more massive government spending and after that the U.S. Dollar became supreme.

          • Luca

            Better yet, if raising tax rates on the rich is such a marvelous idea, why not raise them to 100%. That sounds like a stellar plan and is basically a Communist tax plan. Engelman is a closet Communist whether he knows it or not. He’s here to rile people on political and economic issues. Don’t waste your time. You’ll be talking about apples and he’ll pull up statistics on the orange harvest in Bolivia or some other obscure BS.

          • Nathanwartooth

            If not communist then heavily leaning towards socialist.

          • Luca

            Oh, I’m sorry I didn’t know we were talking about historical tax rates under Democratic administrations. However, I must admit you display a new kind of ignorance and arrogance to talk about Jimmy Carter and healthy economies in the same sentence.

            Typical Liberal tactic John, change the subject to suck me into another conversation.

            You never answered my questions, second paragraph above.

            I’ve told you before, in previous decades there were so many tax deductions and loopholes no one effectively paid those rates, and when the rates drop, actual revenue collected by the IRS increases.

            I will no longer waste my time debating your economic and political issues because you change the subject whenever I refute, disagree or blow your issues out of the water. You simply scour Google for some related subtopic and pretend you are actually answering me.

          • JohnEngelman

            Under Jimmy Carter there were an average of 2,600,000 jobs created per year. Under Ronald Reagan that declined to 2,000,000 jobs created per year. Don’t argue with me about that. Argue with The Wall Street Journal.


            The highest unemployment under Carter was 7.8 percent. The highest under Reagan was 10.8 percent.


            Jimmy Carter paid down the national debt as a percentage of gross domestic product. Reagan nearly tripled it.


            During the Carter administration income tax receipts increased an average of $21,610.75 million a year. Under Ronald Reagan that declined to an average of $14,408 million a year.


            This is non inflation adjusted dollars, so the real decline was greater.

          • QuinnTheEskimo9

            President Carter? Figures you’d praise the worse president ever.

            Anyone here want to return to the Carter era of long lines outside gas stations, interest rates of 20 percent and 65 degree temps inside your home in the winter?

            In Cater’s one term, we saw double digit inflation, double digit unemployment, a military depleted and with low morale, long gas lines, hostages in Iran for over a year, a disastrous military rescue operation….to name a few.

            Cater’s misery index (inflation + unemployment) scores a 16.27, Bush II’s, is 7.96, half of Carter’s.

            Cater’s greatest achievement was leaving office.

          • JohnEngelman

            The inflation of 1979 and 1980 was caused by the Iranian Revolution, which raised the price of petroleum. That in turn was caused by President Eisenhower’s decision in 1953 to have the CIA help British MI6 overthrow the democratically elected government of Iran and install Mohammad Rezā Shāh Pahlavī as absolute dictator. Then the CIA helped the Shah create Savak, which was his secret police.

            The Shah was never a popular dictator. The people of Iran knew that the United States was responsible for putting him in power and keeping him there. When the Shah was overthrown the people of Iran punished the United States by raising the price of oil.

            The inflation of 1979 and 1980, and the decline in inflation after 1982, was caused by fluctuations in the price of petroleum that neither Jimmy Carter nor Ronald Reagan had much control over.


          • Bossman

            Thanks for the very interesting information.

          • Oil prices rose in 1973, and the Shah was overthrown in 1979.

            Nice try, John.

          • JohnEngelman

            From 1978 to 1979 the nominal price of oil increased from $14.95 to $25.10 a barrel.


          • So even you are admitting this came before the Shah’s overthrow.

          • JohnEngelman

            I am confident the prices were recorded at the end of the year. In 1980 there was an additional rise to $37.42.


            Republicans would rater blame Keynesian economic policies for the stagflation that began with the OPEC Oil Embargo, and which was exacerbated by Iranian Revolution of 1979 because they never liked Keynesianism, because they do not want to admit that foreigners they dislike have considerable control over the U.S. economy, and because they do not want to admit that America’s dependence on automobile transportation is a national problem.

          • QuinnTheEskimo9

            It’s a form of deflection, Luca. He has no sources or arguments to prop up his wild economic fallacies so he diverts attention to other issues while pretending to refute the original argument.

            It’s a common tactic in debate when one is losing, to try to redirect attention to another subject where one thinks he can look better against the debater

            John Engelman does this a lot because he has no points except silly fallacies. Good job ferreting it out.

          • Luca

            From now on, ignore him. It’s exactly what he doesn’t want. He only wants negative attention, as that’s all he’s capable of. So deny him that luxury.

          • QuinnTheEskimo9

            Yes, you’re right, but don’t forget to vote down and flag as inappropriate.

            Do you think he’s a moderator? His posts are never taken down but mine are frequently.

          • Unperson

            His posts are sometimes taken down. I have seen other commenters replying to a post by him that has been removed.

            I have no info on who, or how many, people this site has as moderators; but I feel confident in declaring that JE is not one of them. I’m sure whoever they may be, AR mods must be vetted to ensure that they are more “on the same page” with AR beliefs than JE is. He “gets” some of AR’s stances and positions, but is clearly at-odds with others (e.g. he has stated that he voted for Obama… twice.) I can’t see Jared Taylor approving a moderator who’s only on-board with (at most) half the issues most important to AR.

          • Luca

            He gets a lot of thumbs down but still stays posted. I have been moderated whenever I speak a harsh truth about Zionists..

          • The__Bobster

            As I recall, only about 80 people in the whole country paid 91%.

          • JohnEngelman

            The rich still paid more. A high top tax rate gave the government considerable power over their economic behavior.

          • There were far many more legal loopholes in the 91% era than there are today. Those 80 people must have been the 80 dumbest rich people in America at the time not to have wiggled through the loopholes; either that or they had the blind bad luck of not being able to exploit them.

    • The__Bobster

      To the shame of Harvard University, and in particular of Professors Borjas, Zeckhauser, and Jencks—the three who signed off on Jason Richwine’s thesis—it looks as though these things aren’t going to happen, and therefore . . . Well, you know.

      On external evidence, I’d deduce that all three of these professors have tenure. So what are they scared of?

      We are always told that the argument for professorial tenure is that it allows academics to take politically unpopular positions without fear for their jobs. Well, so much for that! To be silent in defense of scholarship for fear of losing your job is understandable, even if ignoble. We all have hostages to fortune. To be silent when the cost to you of speaking out is essentially zero, is contemptible.

    • Morris LeChat

      you exist to bore people with the obvious

    • Morris LeChat

      and you exist to bore people with observing the obvious and stroking yourself for being a genius for do so.

    • David Ashton

      On your own arguments the “rich” and therefore “powerful” owe their position justifiably to their possession of higher IQ than that of the influx of “cheap laborers”. On “Heritage Foundation” policies and funds consult the Wikipedia entry on “Neoconservatism and Paleoconservatism”.

  • tremendouscoast

    This shows the utter moral bankruptcy of Conservatism Inc. Do they really think that this latest human sacrifice will satisfy the cultural left? Have you ever noticed that the left NEVER throw their own under the bus, no matter how egregious the situation.

    • White Mom in WDC

      They are not about satisfying the Left. They are about keeping their positions of power so will sacrifice anyone, even their own. It is a tactic that will bite them in the butt

    • Jane Johnson

      NPR did fire Juan Williams for saying that muslim garb at airports made him nervous, then they fired the woman who fired HIM.

    • robinbishop34

      They think they can advance right wing issues by squaring them with left wing values.

  • Mike

    Who castrated Jim DeMint? I will keep this sorry episode in mind the next time I receive another fund-raising e-mail from Heritage.

    • Jackryanvb

      We wrote about the shocking racial treason in South Carolina over at Occidental Dissent:

      The main problem is that South Carolina Conservatives got rich and want social acceptance by the wealthy, Lib Min “powers that be” in Washington DC and the NorthEast. They push some race denying, pro Black, open border immigration version of Conservatism.

      Don’t use reason with these traitors, just punish them. Get to know some Latrino gang bangers like ones who took out the grandson of Malcolm X this week. These filthy rich South Carolina “Conservatives” like DeMint need to experience multi culturalism in their personal lives.

  • bigone4u

    The indecency showed by libtards in attacking a Harvard doctoral paper which I am sure they did not read shows their intolerance and hate for the truth. Their personal smearing of a thinker goes beyond indecent into the realm of obscene. Rachel Maddow and the rest of the libtards in this morality play will burn in hell if there is justice.

  • NM156

    Not much difference between standardized tests and IQ tests. Let’s recommend ending all standardized tests and let leftists and advocates struggle with college admissions and public school funding for minorities based solely on academic achievement.

  • Dave4088

    It’s permissible to talk about race, but only if politically correct conclusions are reached. Richwine could have noted the lesser i.q. of Latino immigrants without consequence, but only if he attributed this to white racism, the public schools and lack of government spending.

    Jim Demint was being touted by some Southerners as one of the finest U.S. Senators and opponent of Cultural Marxism. Despite his Southern pedigree it looks like he’s no less the anti-racist and cultural Marxist than those “Northern liberals”. He also “retired” so his Senate seat could be filled by a black man.

    • KittyAmerica

      DeMint wrote a book a few years ago called “Why We Whisper.” About PC Speech codes and all that.

  • white libertarian

    It’s all about the money. Sure, they knew his thesis when they hired him. But after they saw the backlash, they figured they’d cut the young pup lose. I’m sure they talked about this eventuality before it was published. They stand to lose plenty of potential donations and and power if they get associated with this. Then again, it may be a calculated ploy to “raise awareness” in the general public, but I doubt it.

  • Cannot Tell

    “But some day, not far off, the evidence for race differences in IQ will
    be blindingly, deafeningly, stunningly obvious. The genes that
    contribute to IQ will be found, and someone—probably in China—will
    report that they are not distributed equally in every group.”

    Since finding out that the Beijing Genomics Institute is studying the hereditary basis for high IQ I’ve thought that hereditarianism would be irrefutable as soon as they publish their data. But then I spoke to Nicholas Wade, the NY Times journalist and author of Before the Dawn, and he said he didn’t think the revelation that some high IQ genes are more common in certain races than others would have much social relevance. If I understood him correctly, he said it’s possible that different sets of genes cause high IQs in different races. Do you think this is what liberals will argue when high IQ genes are found? Do you think this argument will have a lot of weight?

    • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

      “I spoke to Nicholas Wade, the NY Times journalist and author of Before the Dawn, and he said he didn’t think the revelation that some high IQ genes are more common in certain races than others would have much social relevance.”

      That’s like saying the huge gap in tests scores — now widely attributed to institutional racism/environment — have little “social relevance” and that the billions upon billions spent in a vain attempt to close the gaps do not matter. I suspect you’ve misunderstood Wade. America is obsessed with social effects of different frequencies of IQ-related genes in major population groups (races).

  • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

    “Blacks commit a lot of crime and Hispanics do badly in school? Vicious white people cast spells to make it happen. Can’t find actual, individual vicious white people hexing blacks or Hispanics? Invent a new kind of collective spell called “institutional racism,” so you can blame all white people.”

    Even the most facile liberal mind will find it hard to attribute an already substantial white-Hispanic cognitive gap among two and three-year-olds to “institutional racism.”

    Latino toddlers (2 or 3 years olds) “trail their white counterparts by up to six months in understanding words, speaking in more complex sentences and performing such simple tasks as assembling puzzles” (“Studies Find Latino Toddlers Lag White Children in Cognitive Skills,” Carla Rivera, Los Angeles Times, October 20, 2009).

    Expose liberals often enough to such facts and some, at least, will let go of egalitarian fantasies.

    • guest

      those with intellectual integrity — that’s a pretty small subset

    • QuinnTheEskimo9

      No they won’t let go of egalitarian fantasias. They’ll destroy you first to keep the fantasy going, just as they destroyed Jason Richwine and the others Mr. Taylor mentions above.

      Fat chance THEY believe the egalitarian garbage, they only demand that YOU believe it while they hold themselves apart. They well know people aren’t equal in intelligence, composure or behavior.

      It is a part of the hostile elites’ War on Whites.

      • JohnEngelman

        If they really believed that the races are comparable in average innate qualities, and that apparent dissimilarities are due to “white racism” they would not respond so angrily when that belief is disputed.

        People only become angry when beliefs they hope are true but fear are not are discredited.

    • JohnEngelman

      My experience with partisans and ideologues of any political persuasion is that they are immune to facts and logical persuasion. They respond not with conversion, but anger.

      Most people allow their likes and dislikes to influence their judgment of what is true and false. I do too, but I try not to. I have lived long enough to learn that much that I wish was true is not, and visa versa.

  • perfect world

    the creator(subjective term) knew all this when he flooded the failed original single human race and created the 3 new races using the 3 brothers and their wives and separated them on 3 continents of europe asia and africa by remote geographical distance. he never meant for them to mix up but to stay apart as self contained with equal male and female for procreation in purity of race and mind otherwise he would never have separated them so far apart and gave them all distinctive identifiable traits. but we know evil seeks to deceive and destroy the perfection of good thus 500 yrs ago the discovery of the west fell for the deception of african slavery to the west. in other words you already had the asian migrants and newcomer europeans so all you needed was the mistake of africans to put all the 3 races back together into the original failed wicked single human race.
    who can argue with that the new world order and 3 races staying separate and pure was not the perfect world? thats all out the window now due to evil pc liberalism and europeans not being wise as serpents as they were warned to be.

  • The answer to Republican cowardice:

    • lily-white


  • sbuffalonative

    This is why the left keeps winning and gaining ground. Any criticism from the so-called “progressive” left and conservatives crumble.
    What is the worst that could happen? The left would just keep criticizing Heritage and Mr. Ricewine. That’s it.
    By giving in, they have just undermined and undercut their report. They have essentially said, ‘Our research was based on racist attitudes and is therefore invalid’.
    They just gave the left ammunition to dismiss the fruits of their labor.

    • storibund

      Yes. Heritage has effectively betrayed *everyone* on the right, not just race realists

  • Nick Folkes

    Great article. Richwine is a fearless messenger of truth for stating reality. In usual fascist leftist fashion a witch hunt occurred and truth was sacrificed on the altar of lies and hatred.

  • Ralph

    I received a fund raising letter from Heritage that has been sitting on my table, and I was going to send them a donation. However, it is now clear that they do not represent my interests, so I just notifed them that they’ll never get any donations from me again.

  • Jane Johnson

    Who will hire him, indeed. Come on Mr. Taylor, surely you can use a man of such talent and likemindedness in your organization. We here will enjoy hearing anything that this young man has to say.

  • KingKenton

    Of course it didn’t help that he has Eddie Munster hair…

    • One of my best friends from my undergrad days had a very pronounced widow’s peak. He finished dying of cancer a few years ago. “Eddie Munster” hair is cool.

      • KingKenton

        It was just a small joke, no offense intended. I’m sure we all have a friend with a widow’s peak. A little levity can be a good thing in times of darkness. Enjoy your afternoon, and sorry you lost your friend.

        • IstvanIN

          We should not make fun of these young people trying to help us. People make fun of guys like Mathew Heimbach just because he is chubby and doesn’t dress as well as he might. These young people are our chance and we shouldn’t mock them.

          • KingKenton

            I wasn’t making fun of him, and I doubt he is so overly sensitive that he might not get a laugh out of it himself.

            I am glad that you brought Mr. Heimbach up though. He is to be commended along with the other individuals who stood down those nasty Communists in the streets during the May Day parade. He was actually mixing it up in hand-to-hand. Big applause for Mr. Heimbach!!

          • QuinnTheEskimo9

            I’m with you. People here need to lighten up.

  • Thank you Mr Taylor for this important

    Re the comments, my 2 cents on some of them
    appear here:

  • MekongDelta69

    I was going to leave several comments under all the rest of the articles (on AmRen) about Jason Richwine, but you more than accurately summed up a lot of what I was going to say – and no doubt, most of the rest of us.

    The only thing I would add, is that I wished AmRen had enough money in the coffers to hire him. He’s already been fired and ostracized from the public realm, so in the words of our ‘esteemed'[sic] former Secretary of State, “What difference would it make?” (to him).

    It’s a very sad state of cultural affairs that an entire population has succumbed to and shriveled up from the left’s fifty year assault on anyone who speaks honestly and factually about race, IQ, demographics, etc.

    This almost never happened in the America in which I grew up. It was almost the opposite (with exceptions, of course). Now, everything which everybody knows and says in private can never be uttered in public, or you will be burned at the stake.

    I never thought I’d live to see the day when the country I used to know has almost vanished. The only difference between us and the third world is we have 237 years of historical foundation underneath us (which is – and has been – dismantled, pillar by pillar). When the last pillar falls, we WILL become a third world nation – with nukes (if our black muslim marxist dictator doesn’t unilaterally disarm us first).

    • JohnEngelman

      The modern civil rights movement began with the Supreme Court Brown v. Board of Education decision in 1954. Back then integrationists confidently predicted that when blacks were no longer discriminated against they would prove that they are as capable and decent as whites. When this did not happen integrationists began to suppress the public expressions of opinions they could no longer refute.

      The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was not followed by declines in black illegitimacy and crime, and by improvements in black academic performance. It was followed by five years of black ghetto riots and more enduring increases in black social pathology. The gap in intellectual performance is as wide as it has ever been, despite expensive efforts to narrow it, such as No Child Left Behind.

      When I explain those simple truths to liberals they respond with insults because they cannot respond with facts and logic.

      Liberals claim to believe in free expression. Nevertheless, when their cherished dogmas are exposed to be illusions they become screaming masses of hatred and anger.

    • Bossman

      A Third World nation with nukes? So who then will be the First World? I believe that America will continue to be a giant pussy that everybody wants to visit for a long time. There is no other country or groups of countries that can replace the USA in the foreseeable future.

  • Joe Mack

    I’m going to call the ‘Heritage’ foundation.

    I’m going to call many times and talk to many people there and let them know what I think.

    • Talltrees

      Please do. I did. Hope everyone here does.

  • Jackryanvb

    The Atlantic Magazine has a story on this incident and the comments section is solidly on our side.

  • Major domo

    “…someday…the genes that contribute to IQ will be found, and someone—probably in China—will report that they are not distributed equally in every group.” Yes, and on that unhappy day the ever-meddling Left will demand that, from now on, all intelligence linked genes shall be distributed equally in the name of fairness and equality.

    • Bossman

      Someday stupid people will be able to attach a computer to their brains. Will that help them to get laid? Is happiness and success only about intelligence?

  • DiversityIsDeath

    Traditional color blind conservatism is too weak and outmoded an ideology to effectively address the issues facing the White race in 21st century. Conservatism will continue to betray us. The only thing that will save racially aware, self-sufficient, hard working White Americans who are fed up is an aggressive, unapologetic, explicitly race-based agenda that promotes OUR interests and OUR agenda. If blacks and hispanics and jews and asians and muslims can form race based groups then so can White people. That’s what equality MEANS. Racially aware Whites have to stick together and defend those few of us who have the guts to say publicly what most of us won’t. We need more White Separatism, more White Nationalism, more of these things on the political landscape.

    • Charles Edward Lincoln III

      I don’t like your “name”: Diversity is not Death—WE here are the true advocates of diversity on this forum and in similar groups—Diversity is the wellspring of life and evolution, or the myriad beauty of God’s world springing from His divine imagination—however you want to see it. Separatists by definition would be preserving all the beauty of racial and cultural variety, and perhaps giving the world room for more.

      Genocide reduces diversity, miscegenation reduces diversity, forced acculturation reduces diversity.

      Artificial genetic hybridization and homogenization are DEATH.

      • Diversity’s value is relative to the condition and the terms one is discussing. If the status quo is the homogonized dystopia of globialism, then you’re right, diversity can be good. But if the center is a white nation, then adding racial diversity is bad, for within the white race by itself, there is already contained the highest capacity for diversity of thought and character.

  • Paleoconn

    Conservatism Inc. is a pu$$y movement. Liberals are doing what they do best, stifle dissent.

    So-called conservatives are cowards. And hypocrites. At least with the left, their evil is nakedly obvious. They don’t try to be something they are not.

    Conservatives pretend they are fighting for a good cause, then they eat their own.

    • Jackryanvb

      More like prostitutes.

    • Bossman

      Conservatism was never about paranoia and xenophobia.

      • Paleoconn

        You’re a troll, but keep trying to equate a desire to preserve one’s country and one’s own kind with xenophobia. You haven’t used the dreaded r-word yet, what’s wrong? These words mean nothing to us, fella. Go back to HuffPo.

  • potato78

    The conservatives are not of the cowardice.
    That is survivable skill you have to have.
    Illegals will be counted in our future.
    Votes/Money talks.

  • Talltrees

    I hope everyone here complained on Heritage’s website. And….to your Senators and Representatives. We must stop this. Tell them you won’t vote for them or the next Republican candidate for president.

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      Anyone who has a membership, cancel NOW.

      Heritage is primarily funded through donations from private individuals and charitable foundations.

      Tell Heritage you will no longer donate to their site.

      Peter Brimelow writes:

      The Heritage Foundation, with a reported budget of well over $80 million in 2010, was simply not subject to the boycotts, faculty hiss fits etc. that enforce totalitarian Political Correctness in the corporate and academic world. It could afford to stand its ground.

      Heritage deserves to be boycotted, shunned and maligned.


  • We are the same people aboard the Titanic who said the ship isn’t going to sink, despite already tilted at a 45 degree angle.

  • numberonedon

    Post articles from Amren on Reddit. If half of the posters here posted one article a day on Reddit we would make headway. Reddit is the front page of the internet, smart, white, skeptical audience. Post there, not here. This is the chorus. Be Evangelists for the movement.

    • Also Twitter. You’ll notice the Twitter share button at the bottom of each article and before the comments begin, under “Share This.” Everyone that follows you on Twitter will see your Tweets of AR stories, and many will be re-tweeted and re-tweeted some more.

    • Jackryanvb

      Can you give us a short lesson in how to set up and use Reddit?

  • mrcan

    if you can’t attack the point attack the person. the founding principles of Canada are…peace, order and good government. how can we have peace with venomously angry minorities being encouraged by the liberal elites. we can’t …that’s the point. for some reason that I have not been able to fathom …the modern liberal elites….. both left and right… want to eradicate peace, order and good government, which is essentially western society. lets be honest…the minorities…don’t have the brain power, ability or organisation to mount and effective challenge to the west. the agenda and it is and agenda is 100% driven by the elites… What is their end game? Is it to usher in the Anti-Christ?

    • IstvanIN

      Eventually the minorities will be Canada’s majority and instead of kingdom you’ll be a caliphate.

      • Charles Edward Lincoln III

        From what I hear, Canada is already close to a “California” population mix—except dominated by Asian rather than Latin American immigrants. Vancouver used to be so beautiful and clean and British even as late as the early 1990s until it became a “Little Hong Kong.” Actually, on the whole, NOT so little…

        • Bossman

          Maybe money talks. Those Chinese can afford to live there. White people and black people don’t have the same collective mindset as East Asians. Jews are the only white people who really help each other.

          • Charles Edward Lincoln III

            I have seen some mutually supportive behavior among Greeks, Poles, Serbs, and Russians, at least in recent immigrant populations and large urban populations in the US and England. I had a Polish professor in Law School (Wiktor Osiatynski) who explained that Eastern European Populations (I guess that would include the majority of the Ashkenazic Jews) have a psychology of “group altruism” based on kinship.

            This is a natural socio-biological tendency that somehow Anglo-American Individualism in particular has quashed in the extreme, with France, Germany, and up to a point the Italo-Spanish speaking world following suit.

            Individualism in Western Europe v. Kin-Based Collectivist Altruism in Eastern Europe was Osiatynski’s explanation for why Communism took root in Eastern Europe first, but could never exist except within the confines of patriotic sacrifice for “nation” as the extended concept of family.

            And this, of course, leads us to the ironic conclusion that socialism can only exist when bolstered by nationalism (as in “National Socialism”) unless the government acquires overwhelming technological and physical force coupled with skilled techniques of mind manipulation, which would be what is developing under Obama here in the USA.

            I don’t know. I love the individual freedom which is inherent in the Western European Psyche, or which USED to be inherent in the Western European psyche, but I agree that the survival of the Chinese, Jews, and Japanese as coherent and cohesive socio-cultural groups are modes of operation which we white anglos SHOULD emulate…


          • Bossman

            Thanks for your interesting ideas.

          • QuinnTheEskimo9

            Whenever we try to organize, we are called Nazis, racist and haters and any efforts met with immediate protest and screams of White supremacism. The AR conference was canceled for two years in a row because of death threats against the employees of the hotels Jared Taylor booked for the conference. The late Sam Francis lost his position at the Washington Times after attending an AR conference. The SPLC has flown into Long Beach to try to get Professor MacDonald fired from his position. He says only tenure saved him. Professor Rushton was attacked physically and received death threats after his findings about IQ differences were published.

            Jared Taylor listed those who have lost their careers from trying to speak the truth about IQ and White advocacy. Forces used against any mention of White advocacy or telling the truth about IQ are swift and powerful. It’s easy to say we Whites need to stand up for ourselves but if one does, he risks his career, reputation and any future prospects he might have. Jason Richwine is merely the latest example.

            We face a cold-blooded, ruthless enemy who doesn’t believe in fair play or justice. This enemy’s goal is the eradication of the White race from ALL White homelands lest we threaten his position of power, new world order and dominance. Hispanics and blacks are the useful enemies, doing the bidding of their masters who promise to redistribute and wrest White wealth and land from us to give to them.

            If this were tried on Jews, Mexicans or blacks, there would be absolute, national outrage and hell to pay.

            Flooding of White homelands with diseased, uneducated, unintelligent 3rd World backwash? Well, that’s OK and if any White objects, tell him you’ll get him fired.

          • Bossman

            Jews take care of each other but they do not preach hatred for other races at least not publicly.

  • Charles Edward Lincoln III

    The comparisons between accusations of racism and witchcraft ring way too true for comfort. Speech or other actions that break society’s express taboos does have a magic effect on people: it makes them feel free and competent. When (about 1819) the Hawaiian King first sat down to dinner with his wife and other women, in violation of the most sacred of all Polynesian taboos, and ate forbidden foods in front of all his subjects, all of a sudden, Hawaii became part of the modern world and grew and prospered as an independent kingdom (modeling its laws on those of England, although trading with every nation from the United States to Japan and China) during the 19th century.

    Whether one believes that we are here by Special Divine Creation or Evolution, it is clear that the races are different and that this is part of the natural order of the world.

    Trying to alter the natural order of the world by force whether through genetic modification of crops or forced integration of the races is leading us down several paths to several simultaneously disastrous “punctuations” which might just put a period to human history.

    As I have said over and over again, we need MORE racial and cultural, intellectual, and behavioral diversity in the world, not less, and this requires us to not merely allow but encourage people to live alone and in isolation from one another. The technology of travel and the internet is a countervailing force, but this is why we need to use all media to urge people to enjoy the freedom to develop separate and distinct ways of life and gene pools.

    Truly fostering and fighting to preserve diversity will only enrich the world, but by definition, homogenization makes us all alike, and that makes us poorer, inevitably bringing all down to the level of the lowest common denominator, instead of inspiring all to compete and excel in competition with each other.

    • QuinnTheEskimo9

      It is White nations and ONLY White nations that are being forced to become multi-cultural and diverse. No one is in Japan, with its ageing, dying population demanding and insisting that they import Africans or Mexicans to boost their economy or prop up their social security or pension system or do the work the Japanese won’t. The Japanese want to keep themselves Japanese that’s great and fine, but if we Whites demand the same thing we are denounced and called racisssst and Nazis. When African races are threatened by other Africans it is called “genocide” and merits worldwide attention. When Whites are killed off as in SA, the Western press yawns.

      This is a War against the White Race and ONLY the White race to displace Whites in ALL White homelands, even lands like England where Whites have lived for over 10,000 years. We Whites are a global minority and are losing our homelands. After that WHAT THEN?

      • Charles Edward Lincoln III

        My point is that we need to reserve and define our own sanctuaries and space. One way of doing that is to bargain and make deals, either before or after armed conflict: for example, there is a widespread notion among the leftists that we owe “reparations” for slavery. I would say there are several ways we can argue that from our point of view.

        One of the richest nations in the world, and the richest nation in Africa today, is South Africa. Due to DeKlerk’s “treachery” or compromise or whatever you want to call it, the white people of South Africa are now really and truly, “an endangered species.” So why not make a deal where all remaining white owned real estate (including the gold and diamond mines) will be given to the Blacks of America in exchange for the free immigration of the South African whites to the USA and the emigration of the U.S. blacks to South Africa. That offer is worth a Lot of money folks….

        IF the U.S. had a White-friendly government again, we could even guarantee and enforce such a bargain. If we cannot work out a deal with South Africa’s populations, I would suggest that we offer the blacks one “high value” state in exchange for complete segregation.

        I would suggest Florida, or possibly Georgia and Florida together (or divide Georgia and Alabama in half and let the blacks have the southern halves together with Florida). In terms of the relationship between climate and ethnicity, this makes sense. Given the events of the past 70 years, we have given up too much power to ever hope to “get it all back”.

        The world will never again be as it was in 1948 (even in England, even if the BNP eventually wins power). We have to offer to give up something big. I suggest we give up South Africa and or Florida in exchange for a restoration of segregation and safety for the White Population.

        In other words: if we support the maintenance of diversity in the races and populations of the world by fair bargaining, I think we have a chance. If we dream of turning back the clock to 1948, we are just wasting our time.

        We (as a people) have given away more power than we can ever get back. Since we think we are intellectually and culturally superior, let’s use our intellectual and cultural superiority to think of creative and fair ways to save ourselves by negotiating good bargains while we still have some chips.

  • Candid

    Those people sneaking over the USA border and not ‘hispanics’, they are indios,
    tribal peoples, peasants, campesinos, not eruo meztizos, none go beyond 5th grade,
    one have immunizations, they are infections, and will parasitize the American tax payer.
    The rich don’t care, because the fix is in, for their vigorish.

    • StillModerated

      For more about this phenomenon, visit your local traffic court and see how the ‘hispanics’ don’t understand the Spanish interpreter.

    • Bossman

      OK. Candid, I agree with you. Those people crossing the southern border without inspection are mostly humble Indians, not Mestizos. Mestizos are white-looking and attractive people. But those humble Indians are performing a much needed job in the agricultural industry. Without their service, food would be much more expensive. Indians also carry the idea within themselves that America is their continent and they should be free to roam across it. They are doing the same thing in Latin America. I’m not afraid of Indians; they are the first Americans who have been mixing with white people ever since Columbus landed in the Americas.

      • QuinnTheEskimo9

        Why do you support the genocide of White children?

        Are you an anti-White, non-White or self-hating White?

        When did you first start to hate the White race?

        • Bossman

          What does recognizing reality have to do with “hating the White race”? I’m describing reality as it now exists. Who is talking about the “genocide of white children”?

          • QuinnTheEskimo9

            Bossman: Stop with the childish replies. I have seen you make no points in any of your posts only conjecture, opinion and insults.

            If you wish to debate, then I am all ready for that but you must stop with the silly, childish posts.

  • Viking_61

    Wait until the media fires the wrong person. Up until now, they have fired unknown lackeys.

  • phil white

    “Even David Weigel, hardly a friend of the right, was unhappy: “A liberal squeals ‘racism,’ and they hear the political correctness cops (most often, the Southern Poverty Law Center) reporting a thinkcrime.”

    According to the prosecutor, it was the SPLC web site that instigated the shooting by Floyd Corkins at the Family Research Counsel last August.
    It’s time SPLC got a taste of their own medicine, a law suite.
    2:13-cv-14126-KMM, is now in Federal court for the Southern district of Florida.
    You can track it on Public Access to Court Electronic Records (PACER)

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    ‘conservative’ institution has fired someone from saying something that is not only true, but that everyone knows to be true.

    Oh, really?

    Don’t make me say it…


  • Talk about cowardice. … Why is nothing said about the eternal parasite, and what they have done to us, Guess they pay the bills, eh…………………..

  • Jackryanvb

    The key player here is Heritage Foundation Pres. Jim Demint, former US Senator from South Carolina, once the strongest White Southern State. He ‘s pulling down over $ 1 million a year as Heritage Foundation Pres.

    Rich Conservatives in South Carolina led by Jim Demint are extremely defensive about the state’s Confederate past. So now South Carolina doesn’t have a straight, Southern White male in the offices of Governor, both US Senate seats. S. Carolina has an Indian Sihk woman governor, she appointed an affirmative action Black to replace Demint. Then there is Lindsey “queer as a $3 bill” Graham the US Senator who combines all the worst programs of the Neo Conservative cult. Graham is on some mission to replace the White American population of his state when he pounds tables and calls immigration patriots “bigots”. Somehow Christian Zionists in South Carolina go for this act.

    Back to Jim DeMint President of Heritage Foundation. He likes his $1 million a year job, likes being accepted in Washington DC high society, where charges of “RACISM” can kill careers, DeMint might have to get a real job outside the Beltway.

    So, I am initiating a campaign to push Jim DeMint to renounce any hint of RACISM, Islamaphobia, or homophobia at Heritage Foundation

    Jim Demint will publicly lick the boots of Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton and Robert Mugabe.

    Apologize to the leaders of Saudi Arabia and Al Qaeda – agree to give Spain, France and Sicily back to the Muslim Moors, admit that 9-11-01 was “our fault” or some weird “Inside job” (talk to Ron Paul’s CT supporters on that)

    Finally, Jim DeMint will perform public homosexual sex with Lindsey Graham.

    That should be enough to keep his $1 million a year Heritage Foundation job….but, it’s never enough – more boots to lick, more degrading acts of prostitution.

  • The point of the multiculturalist campaign is not so much to render Jason Richwine unemployable, but, more to the point, any individual or institution who thinks and publishes like him. It’s quite appalling. And as someone who himself worked at The Heritage Foundation back in the Nineties, I can’t say I didn’t see this coming.

    Many of the people posting here might not know this, but Sam Francis — America’s ultimate race realist — actually was employed by Heritage as a policy analyst during the late 70s-early 80s before he went to work for newly-elected Senator John East of North Carolina. If Sam worked at Heritage today, given the political climate, he wouldn’t last a week. I ask of The Heritage Foundation: Whose heritage is it defending?

  • guest

    While otherwise an excellent article, the first sentence needs fixing:

    “…saying something that is not only true, but that everyone knows to be true.”

    While surely many are just posturing, many more do in fact believe that Mr. Richwine’s views are false. (Yes, vast numbers of people are that oblivious, unobservant, gullible, or just plain stupid.)

  • Epiminondas

    I’m ashamed I ever thought Jim DeMint an honorable man. He is obviously a sycophant.

  • QuinnTheEskimo9

    But some day, not far off, the evidence for race differences in IQ will be blindingly, deafeningly, stunningly obvious.

    The evidence is already there.

    That’s why the lefties, instead of debate, must twist evidence and destroy anyone personally who goes against the equality mandate. Lefty-ism IS a religion, any questioning of its dogma is heresy and those who commit heresy must be silenced.

  • Publius

    Right, as always, Jared.
    It’s sad, of course, but we have to stop kidding ourselves: the “Conservative Movement ” is as dead as a doornail!

    Ever since CPAC invited “conservatives” Mitt Romney and John McCain as headliners, it should have been obvious.
    !No Mas!

    • Bossman

      Was the “Conservative Movement” ever about paranoia and xenophobia? I always thought conservatism was about low income tax, free trade, limited government, personal liberty and a strong military. When did it become all about paranoia, xenophobia and racism?

      • robinbishop34

        To quote a regular commenter on this site, “Xenophobia is just a nasty word for common sense.”

        What you aren’t understanding is that the ‘conservative movement’ does not espouse these natural, adaptive virtues. It’s quite the opposite in fact. You’re fashionable concern for the wretched and reflexive assumption that the ‘right’ is racist is simply an attempt to acquire an acceptable 21st Century pop culture identity.

        If you’re a white male, these unchallenged assumptions are more likely than not to yield some undesirable consequences sooner than later (ironically, for both for guys like you AND the republican party).

      • Charles Edward Lincoln III

        For me, “conservatism” has always meant “preservation of what exists” in preference to the new. A Conservative would always embrace change only cautiously, if at all. A Conservative would look at the history of race-mixing and foreign entanglements and say “thanks but no thanks.” If you say “Xenophobia” is a bad thing, prove to me that “Xenophilia” is a good thing? If “Paranoia” is a bad thing, show me where to draw the line between prudent caution and paranoia, because what I might call mere “conservative prudence” you may well call “paranoia.”

        Honestly, I look around the world today and see what people and countries are doing to each other and I think, “you’d really have to be crazy NOT to be paranoid these days.”

        And so far as “racism” goes: is love of one’s family a bad thing? I cannot imagine anyone (except the most vicious of all Manifesto-believing Communist-Marxists) that love for one’s own family is a bad thing.

        To me, “race” and “nation” (for the same Latin root as “nascere” = to be born) are just concepts of extended family. I come from an Anglo-German Family myself with a few “wild card” cousins out there, and then some ancestors about 5-8 generations ago we’re not so sure about, but I love my extended family and I’m not ashamed to admit it.

  • Sick of it

    To go along with your witch analogy, various practitioners of witchcraft are actually considered members of an acceptable alternative religion which, in my opinion, is so much bullshit. Welcome to modern/primitive America!

  • Bobby

    How many times does it need saying to conservatives that are all gung ho about the GOP? The longer the GOP gets support from decent, hardworking Americans who simply want a safe nation to live in and raise their kids in, the longer will tht dream have to wait. Conservatives cannot expect a political entity like the GOP, to make any kind of fight needed to stop the leftist lunacy that has taken hold of this nation. Forget it. People like Lindsay Graham, John McCain, Jeff Flake,etc. are doing what is in THEIR best interests, Republican peons be damned. Yet, I just read an article that said Graham, who has gone over to the leftists side on immigration and amnesty, has a better chance of getting re-elected for a third term, than he did last time. If this is true, all one can say about South Carolinians is STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES. AMEN.

  • Michael Mason

    Would the GOP just die already?? It’s current course is an embarrasment to us all. It is ideologically un-equipped to combat the Left. Only Nationalism can truly stand up to Cultural Marxism, and it is the only hope for white people in this country who care about a future for their children and grandchildren.

  • David Ashton

    Perhaps Jared Taylor and colleagues should comb through as many previous AmRen posts as possible, collecting and evaluating every constructive suggestion as where we all go from here, and pitfalls to avoid, and when time permits, put any conclusions back to us.

  • Whirlwinder

    Scratch your fundraising, Heritage. If you cannot stand for the truth, then watch the big bucks go to others that stand on truth.

  • Michael Mason

    Without European or East Asian peoples, humanity in general would be a headless chicken.

    • Nathanwartooth


      I believe that this might be part of the reason why we haven’t found intelligent life in the universe yet. Intelligent life with an IQ of 100+ might be extremely rare. Even rarer might be 100+ IQ groups that have survived and thrived as long we have.

    • Bossman

      Civilization began in the Middle East and moved westward and some of it moved east also. It all has to do with geography and climate and time.

      • Dr. Möbias

        Brainwashed by Jared Diamond, I see.

        The factually challenged Jared Diamond, despite winning a Pulitzer Prize, is an anti-white author who claims Papua New Guineans are the smartest people on Earth.

        “Jared Diamond’s Factual Collapse:

        You need to educate yourself about IQ differences between races, why and how they happened, something Diamond absolutely refuses to acknowledge.

        Read this, by the late Professor Rushton: “Winters are Good for your Genes”:

        Here’s an excerpt for the uninitiated:

        As early humans migrated out of Africa they encountered the cognitively demanding problem of having to survive cold winters where there were no plant foods and they had to hunt, sometimes big game. They also had to solve the problem of keeping warm. This required greater intelligence than was needed in tropical and semi-tropical equatorial Africa where plant foods are plentiful throughout the year. Lynn shows that race differences in brain size and intelligence are both closely associated with low winter temperatures in the regions they inhabit. He gives a figure of 1,282 cc for the average brain size of sub-Saharan Africans, as compared with 1,367 cc for Europeans and 1,416 cc for East Asians.

        Mother nature doesn’t play nice or fair with IQ, in fact, she is a cruel, cold-hearted **** despite what Diamond says.

        • Bossman

          I said it had to do with geography and climate. You seems to be agreeing with me on that.

          • Morris LeChat

            You do not seem to understand Jared Diamonds Theory. His theory is that the people who just “lucked” into being in the right latitude and the right geography developed civilization. This is NOT the same thing as saying that some peoples lived in climates and geographies where survival required more intelligence. Jarred Diamond does not conceded that Europeans achieved because of a superior intelligence. He does not take into account of the many instances in European history where resources became short and new ones were only found because of the intelligence of the people. Europeans made sea worthy vessels. It is because they did this that they were able to discover the AMericas. It was that discovery that led to the introduction of the Potato to European agriculture. That one little change caused a huge population boom in Europe that helped fuel the industrial revolution. The Americas had the potato, but no industrial revolution. The European male is a very inventive creature, always innovating, developing, changing things for the better. Another example is the Kakeloven, or masonry stove. Europe was depleting it’s forests and was facing a fuel shortage when it was using regular fireplaces to heat buildings. A much more efficient method of using wood to heat was developed. A country called haiti, populated by blacks, denuded all of it’s forests for use as firewood. The less intelligent races of this world routinely suffer resource crises.Their response is to engage in butchery and brutality, fighting for the small resources left, destroying any small developments in the process. The white man has been different, He thinks of ways to develop new resources and to conserve resources. HE sees shortages BEFORE they become acute. ONe could say that the system of capitalism is a perfect way of doing this where an item in short supply becomes much more expensive and an incentive exists to find substitutes. Tribal societies and Eastern oligarchies did not allow for the emergence of anything close to real capitalism. Human rulers and bureaucrats always corrupted the system. NO Jarred Diamond is a fool, it is sheer intelligence of the white man that has made the difference.

      • David Ashton

        And genetics.

    • Dr. Möbias

      Without European peoples, humanity in general would be a headless chicken.

  • josh316

    Vdare or Amren need to hire Richwine. Someone send him a line.

  • Maribel Guardia

    Alas Mr Taylor your putting the term conservative in quotation marks isn’t helping your cause; a few handshakes and chuckles from patrons, but that’s it. In the sphere of Roman Catholicism, however, there is a ‘counter culture’, I cannot bring myself to say the term Movement as it is possible we only number 1-5 million on this pretty rock, called sedevacantism. A Bishop by the name of Daniel Dolan reminds his audience in the parish newsletter to refrain from lashing out at the Vatican II religion. Instead, it is advised, to live out the faith as best we can under the circumstances. So, Mr Taylor, you and yours aught to do the exact opposite: crack, vituperatively, the skulls of the race-is-a-social-construct crowd. I’m still waiting, eagerly, for your White Identity book to be up on Amazon for 0.01$, over in the used section. $20 is outrageous; the same goes for Mr Duke’s work. Currently I’m waiting for my Mein Kampf, Murphy translation, to arrive; I sure hope it does not contain ADL bandaids, like the Mannheim version. I’m ashamed to admit that I spent $19 on that Mein Kampf book; it better be worth it.

  • rebelcelt

    Diversity- the ideology of everyone being the same.

  • Hal K

    The Washington Examiner has posted an article “A talk with Jason Richwine: ‘I do not apologize for any of my work'”. People might want to go there to comment in support of the racial realist side of the story.

  • I’m guessing this won’t fly here, but I’ll give it a shot anyway:

    • Nathanwartooth

      I think that is great personally.

    • Ralph

      Looks good to me, except some might not understand “sackless.”

      It’s always good when our side makes fun of the cowards. Many times this works better than reasoned arguments. Hell, it works better most times. Keep up the good work.

  • the meaning of is

    thomas “all men are created equal” jefferson was supposedly a conservative too … this was the worse of all a trillions over … it would be better to worship a lowlife peasant uneducated unfit for western society socialist fascist scumbag lying murderer like lincoln than jefferson …

    • This was the same Jefferson that wholeheartedly believed that freed black people and White people were not compatible in a single nation. Everyone loves to take the “equal” statement out of the context of the era. It was a statement that alluded to the mind and body of man not being controlled or constricted by an orthodoxy or mob of elites who put themselves above MAN’s Rights. These rights were granted to them by their Creator. Not A Creator… Not The Creator… but Their Creator.

      Jefferson wasn’t given carte blanche to write anything he wanted, and then whatever he wrote would then be printed and made for all to see. The other Founders sliced and diced his originally written words until they came to somewhat of a consensus of wording they could all agree on.

      • Ella

        What concerns me is many funds go toward educating minorities (illegals also) in public schools to supposedly increase their academic performance and overall IQ.
        It won’t work mainly because of earlier impoverished environment in home
        country or US ghetto, exposure to infectious diseases and/or poor nutrition during
        pregnancy/childhood. So the Libs keep dumping endless resources playing a
        “catch-up game” in the name of equality. It takes generations to increase overall, group IQs. But we’re not equal due to
        differing environments and genetic make-up. I hope Richwine can find some work because he has been branded.

        • Ella

          Text posted oddly……appeared fine in viewing window. Oh well.

      • Bossman

        Yes, that is true and in the original documents he referred to the enslaved Blacks as men who had been unjustly enslaved. He blamed the British King for that.

  • Ralph

    DeMint is a cowardly pansy weak seed White.

    Off Topic: Speaker Boehner’s daughter just married a Black. Boehner is another weak seed and now his daughter has just destroyed his genetic line. Boehner is a dead ender and his genes will now go extinct, forever.

    • jimj

      I don’t blame Boehners daughter because a strong white father would never cry publicly.

      • Martel

        Real men are not afraid to cry. I cry over literally everything, when there is something sad on the news, or when my boss wants me to do something I don’t like.

        I’m a real man, not a knuckle dragging caveman thank you.

        Feminism, shrinking the balls of White society since the sixties.

    • David Ashton

      You cannot lock up your daughters any more in the west.
      That is a South Asian custom!

  • smells_just_like

    Why didn’t JT investigate exactly who gave the order to get rid of Richwine?

  • Paleoconn

    Conservatism Inc. is not on our side.

  • eunometic

    Some advice on creed to fellow pro Whites.
    1 never leave a wounded man behind, not Richwine, not anyone.
    2 donate to the cause regularly, use automatic repayments if you are too busy.

  • theorist

    Conservatives are cowards because Conservatism was created to split the right. Read Murray Rothbard’s (he’s jewish but nonetheless correct I think) Betrayal of the American Right.

  • Realist

    Conservatism is weak because conservatism was designed to split the right. See the Jew Murray Rothbard’s book “Betrayal of the American Right”.

  • MBlanc46

    There are few conservatives anymore. A great many people who self-describe as conservatives are free-market radicals who want to replace rule by elected government (as corrupt and incompetent as that can be) with rule by transnational corporations that have no loyalties to anyone or anything except profit. Most other so-called conservatives are Christian dogmatists who want to use state power to force everyone to live by their principles. There are very few who want to conserve the principles of our forefathers and foremothers.

  • When Jim Demint was a liberal..Maybe he still is?