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The committee wants to know what DHS and the FBI are doing to combat it.

When science contradicts liberal dogma, the scientists must be punished.

Officials set targets based on how the groups are performing now.

Study claims whites experience 17 percent less air pollution than they produce.

A “demographic optimist” makes the case.

Among the Living Again, AR Classic Article

RIP to Guillaume Faye, who first introduced himself to American Renaissance readers at our 2006 conference.

“Object detection” is harder when the objects are dark.

Black girls make up 40 percent of the total arrests of girls at school.

“The question of how to fix broken schools is a great unknown in education.”

Drowning, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

11- to 12-year-old blacks 10 times more likely to drown in a swimming pool than whites of same age.

The Heritability of Self-Control: A Meta-Analysis, Neuroscience & Biobehavioral Reviews

The overall heritability of self-discipline is 60 percent.

Bill Clinton’s Legacy, AR Classic Article

William Clinton’s initiative on race and the response from American Renaissance.

Some of the offending gene variants are unique to the Japanese.

It failed to guess the sex of dark-skinned women 31 percent of the time.

Jews’ higher intelligence is at least partly explained by genes.

Nice white people continue to live segregated lives and reproduce racist outcomes.

Francis Crick Was a Race Realist, Too

Yet another Nobel Laureate who saw the truth.


How Illusions are Maintained, AR Classic Article

The Washington Post shamelessly distorts scientific findings.

Six Women Brawl at Mississippi Grocery Store, Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Women left the store littered with cantaloupes, syrup, and hair extensions.

The key is to get more non-white teachers.

“If we only study Alzheimer’s in Caucasians, we’ll only learn about Alzheimer’s in Caucasians.”

Finding may help explain why blonde hair is so rare.

White men shoot themselves; black men shoot each other.

Vietnamese teenager: “We must mass protest right now, and band together and hurt any African youths in our way,”

Much of formal math is “metaphysical junk” and must be replaced with indigenous ways of teaching.

They commit 4.3 times the number of sex crimes; 3.5 times the number of violent crimes.

He was admired by journalists, but not by scientists.

Ghanaian says British army should have known Africans can’t stand the cold.

Obama policy had pedictable results.

Sisterhood may not be so powerful after all.

It’s “sexual ostracism”!

In Lincoln, non-whites are 33 percent of students but 70 percent of those referred to police.

Greater African ancestry is associated with asthma symptoms in certain cases.

Muslim Mayor of London says too many blacks on the gangs list.

The bill applies only to federal prisoners.

Eighty-two percent of career firefighters are white.

No greater example of the “soft inertia of white supremacy” exists than when a white man “decides to die.”

“Several Asian speakers highlighted the outsized toll the new plan would exact on their community.”

Homes in black neighborhood are $48,000 cheaper due to white “racism.”

Reparations for Orcs!

Isolation is a major cause.

Minority professors tend to get “significantly lower” scores than white men.

Some blame European women.

Indian police chief: “Do you realize that this picture has potential of causing communal riots?”

Mexicans don’t want to be invaded either.

The women were treated differently because they acted differently.

Mexicans do not assimilate the way European immigrants did.

Race unspecified in story, but video tells all.

A former Vancouverite returns to ask, “What became of my people?”

Wealthy, white neighborhood wants to separate from the black-governed city, which they say is poorly run.