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How will students choose to socially construct their race?

MIT researcher: “You can’t have ethical AI that’s not inclusive.”

The local NAACP is helping the school district figure out how to improve.

“White people shouldn’t even have passports.”

Saving the Negro Family, AR Classic Article

Patrick Moynihan and the black family breakup.

White male suicide rate is 10 times as high as that for black and Hispanic women.

Robert Putnam claims there is value in racial diversity, but has no data to support his claims.

Whites do better with post-stroke care than Asians who receive the same care.

It’s “bad science” to ignore the racial differences.

What Is Race Realism?

The fate of the West depends on it.


Africans can stay in Africa.

Chinese children’s books emphasize the value of persistence and hard work.

“Accent-signalling” in children’s programs affects how they will “engage” with diversity, and it must stop.

Genetics of the Human Face: Identification of Large-Effect Single Gene Variants, Proceedings of the National Academy of the Sciences\

Study used the differences between white and Asian faces to chart genetic variation.

The usual explanations.

A review of Arthur R. Jensen’s “The g Factor.”

Blacks account for 40 percent of the country’s abortions.

The likelihood of mixed-race mating differs considerably by race.

Death rate for black women from uterine cancer is 92 percent higher than for white women.

Responsibility for black poverty and crime does not lie with black families.

Correct lesson: Fewer blacks means less crime.

The explanation, of course, is poverty and flaws in the education system.

Discrimination causes babies to be born without lungs.

Whites feel they “don’t belong” in California.

Black Failure, White Folly, AR Classic Article

Paved With Good Intentions: A powerful book about race relations that attacks liberal myths head-on.

Is ‘Racism’ Killing Black People?

What else could it be?


There are too many non-whites in low-paying jobs, and not enough in higher-paying jobs.

When non-whites don’t pass remedial classes it’s a “civil rights issue.”

Black rates are keeping up with white rates.

“Race is the single most important determinant of a Mexican citizen’s economic and educational attainment.”

Report: Black families are much more wholesome than the media would have you think.

“Real reform” means money, not the quality of education kids receive.

Median net worth of Boston blacks is $8.

Why Race Matters, AR Classic Article

A philosopher’s elegant and compelling dissection of the race problem.

Black mothers in the U.S. die at three-to-four times the rate of white mothers because of discrimination.

“We’ve always known that race matters.”

For blacks, it’s the whites and the police who are the enemy.

Enjoyment of the great outdoors is a manifestation of white privilege.

Casey draws on Michael Hart to argue that you can’t have a multicultural democracy.

You can’t fix things by ignoring facts.

Some of today’s most destructive ideas were first popularized by a socialist from Sweden.

The association was not evident among whites.

In Praise of Arthur Jensen, AR Classic Article

Arthur Jensen died five years ago today. His ideas are still as important as ever.

Whites and blacks seem to respond differently to high levels of exercise.

Let’s Break a Taboo, Part 2

Will there be progress for our species?


How Africans may differ from Westerners.

The Race-IQ Non-Controversy, AR Classic Article

J. Philippe Rushton died five years ago today. This classic shows what a loss his passing was.

Over 90 per cent of blacks believe whites have advantages not available to blacks.

Another pattern with predictive capability.

Things Biracial People Are Too Polite to Say: A Letter to White Nationalists

A biracial race-realist wants an end to hypodescent.