Posted on November 3, 2022

Measured IQ in Sub-Saharan Africa

Noah Carl, Substack, November 2, 2022

There is an ongoing debate about the average IQ in Sub-Saharan Africa. Some researchers, notably Richard Lynn, claim that it is around 70. Others claim that it is around 80. And still others just want the entire question to go away.

Although it should be obvious, it bears repeating that when we talk about the average IQ in Sub-Saharan Africa (or anywhere else), we’re talking about the average measured IQ; not the average genotypic IQ. All serious hereditarians believe the latter is higher than the former. Lynn, for example, has argued the average genotypic IQ in Sub-Saharan Africa is around 80.

Ironically, it is most often environmentalists who conflate claims about measured IQ with claims about genotypic IQ, even though they’re the ones who insist that environmental factors are all-important. You’d have thought distinguishing between the two concepts would come naturally to them, but apparently it doesn’t.

So what is the average IQ Sub-Saharan Africa?


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