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Students pressured the university to remove the distinction.

Is the mainstream reckoning with the truth about race and IQ?

Polygenic scores might prove differences in IQ are due to genes, and some people don’t want to know.

Affirmative-action programs set blacks up to fail.

Researchers offer the clues to their own enigma.

Black boys raised in wealthy homes fare much worse than their parents.

The Global Bell Curve, AR Classic Article

Uncommon sense on wealth and poverty.

Blacks at top law schools have worse qualifications than whites at mid-range schools.

Researchers “were also able to predict intelligence in another group using only their DNA.”

Blacks and Hispanics are 67 percent of NYC’s school population, but only 10 percent get spots in specialized high schools.

The campaign to strip Richard Lynn of his “professor emeritus” title.

A possible cause is unspecified “recent social and cultural changes.”

An Asian student’s science project reflects “an undercurrent of racism at the school.”

The causes are environmental; the solution is spending more money.

Israeli Journalist and Politician Interviews Jared Taylor

Former Knesset member thinks race realism should be censored.


What Is Race Realism?

The fate of the West depends on it.


Egalitarians refuse even to consider the evidence on race and IQ.

A review of Arthur R. Jensen’s “The g Factor.”

It may be possible to measure intelligence using brain scans rather than IQ tests.

Authors say it’s because improvement in the quality of schooling has stopped.

The explanation, of course, is poverty and flaws in the education system.

Is Romania Part of the West?

A warning against romanticizing the East.


It far exceeds other factors.

Trump is suspending a rule that assumes blacks are more likely to have “special education needs” than others.

Why Race Matters, AR Classic Article

A philosopher’s elegant and compelling dissection of the race problem.

The solution: more computer science, algebra classes, and expanded pre-school.

“The field of genomics is growing by leaps and bounds.”

If it weren’t for overachieving Asians and whites and “unconscious stereotypes,” there would be no gap.

Its lies laid bare in Steven Farron’s “The Affirmative Action Hoax.”

You can’t fix things by ignoring facts.

And 90 percent cannot read at their grade level.

Some of today’s most destructive ideas were first popularized by a socialist from Sweden.

Breakthroughs in Intelligence

A distinguished scientist cuts through the egalitarian fog.

Reviewed by Jared Taylor

Authors prefer class-based affirmative action.

In Praise of Arthur Jensen, AR Classic Article

Arthur Jensen died five years ago today. His ideas are still as important as ever.

Their mothers often think the children are normal.

How Africans may differ from Westerners.

National IQ linked to well-being and economic success.

California retroactively issues HS diplomas to 40,000 students who failed exit exam.

Blacks and Hispanics underrepresented at top Buffalo school.

“Stereotypes” are to blame.

Low academic achievement among black men transcends borders.

The Race-IQ Non-Controversy, AR Classic Article

J. Philippe Rushton died five years ago today. This classic shows what a loss his passing was.

And, of course, the usual stupid hand-wringing.

Things Biracial People Are Too Polite to Say: A Letter to White Nationalists

A biracial race-realist wants an end to hypodescent.


In light of this, liberals have a new euphemism: “underserved learners.”

Black students display their ignorance.

Evidence for genetic contributions to intelligence keep coming.

Satirizing YouTube Censorship

Maybe humor will shame the commissars.


Assault on The Bell Curve, AR Classic Article

The view that genes don’t matter.