Posted on June 19, 2022

Asian and White Men More Likely to Be Described as “Genius” in Performance Reviews

Emily Peck, Axios, June 17, 2022

The tenor of your performance review might depend on your race and gender.

Driving the news: Men tend to get reviews that focus on the substance of their work; while women are 22% more likely to get feedback on their personality, according to a new analysis of performance reviews from 253 companies.

  • White and Asian men are far more likely to be described as “brilliant” or “genius” than any other group.

Why it matters: On an individual level, quality feedback about someone’s actual work helps them advance in their careers. Bigger picture: the differences in the way people are reviewed reveal biases about gender and race.

  • “Individual bias runs deep,” says Kieran Snyder, the CEO of Textio, a software firm that did the analysis.