Posted on December 31, 2023

A Gamer Finds the Truth in Unexpected Places

Anonymous American, American Renaissance, December 31, 2023

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This is part of our continuing series of accounts by readers of how they shed the illusions of liberalism and became race realists.

About ten years ago, the gaming world exploded over a controversy known as Gamergate. In short, five journalists were caught in a sexual scandal involving a female game developer for whom they were all providing positive press coverage. Once the scandal leaked, the gaming community was furious about collusion; but Marxist agitators were trying to deflect that it was simply “misogyny” and caused a brief culture war.

Reddit, surprisingly for the time, had established a forum where people could highlight the Leftist hypocrisy over the matter and provide well-sourced, archived articles pertaining to the facts surrounding the controversy. One user, in response to the comment “if they’ll lie about video games, imagine what else they are lying about,” mentioned another subreddit (r/Coontown or r/GreatApes; I can’t remember now which came first before it was banned). I took this as an opportunity to see what “truly unhinged racism” looked like, and I thought I would simply laugh at these folks for their blind beliefs!

After lurking on the subreddit for a few weeks, I finally had my prayers answered: someone had posted some “racist science”! I couldn’t wait to see what these “ignoramuses” were using to justify their beliefs. I come from a STEM background, so I can recognize a proper analytical approach when I see it. Except, when I read the articles, they were all methodologically sound; they were great and thorough, in fact. I was given extreme pause on the subject of race and IQ, which I had previously disregarded due to years of media propaganda and institutional brainwashing. In hindsight, it makes more sense that a model of Lamarckian intelligence wouldn’t displace a genetic, Darwinist one. 

I then began discovering new resources that discussed racial IQ in greater detail and scope. That’s how I came across American Renaissance. The difficulty in finding most of these sources in an increasingly manipulated landscape was evidence enough to me that concerted effort was being made to censor the truth. And why censor it? It’s the truth, after all. Except it goes against a larger narrative that serves a global, special interest that does not seem to have the global white population’s interests at heart. Elimination of whites only serves the global special interest by removing a population from the world that can see their agenda — and thus, are ever so slightly beyond their control and are capable of disrupting their plans for global enslavement.

If you have a story about how you became racially aware, or about your firsthand experience with race, we’d like to hear it. If it is well written and compelling, we will publish it. Please feel free to use a pen name and send it to us here.