Posted on March 31, 2022

Data Shows Major Reading Gap between Black and White Florida Students

Kalyn Womack, The Root, March 29, 2022

Data from Florida’s Department of Education found that Black Florida students fall lower in reading levels compared to white students, reported News4Jax. The data shows a gap of 29 percent between the two groups statewide, however, the gap is even larger in local districts.

Per the Florida Department of Education website, white students report 63 percent success and Black students 34 percent in the measuring of English Language Arts Achievement statewide. In counties such as Duval, Alachua and St. Johns, the gap is reported to be even wider.

Local Jacksonville news reported Alachua County Public Schools had the highest outstanding disparity between Black student and white student reading levels. Black students were reported at 25 percent achievement and white students at 72 percent.

From News4Jax:

An Alachua County Public Schools spokeswoman told me the gap is so wide because the white students are reading at a level above the state average while Black students are reading below the state average.