Posted on May 12, 2023

I’ll Be Back Soon

Jared Taylor, American Renaissance, May 12, 2023

Off to Europe to give some talks.

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If all goes well, by the time you see this, I’ll be in Estonia. That’s the northernmost of the Baltic republics, a small nation of only 1.4 million people.

However, like other Eastern European nations, it isn’t committing suicide. Its leaders don’t believe in open borders. They think Estonia has the right to remain – would you believe it? – Estonian. Every year, people celebrate freedom from the Soviet Union with a torchlight parade through the capital, Tallinn. Thousands of men, women and children, wind through the streets. [23:57 – 24:10] What they are saying, “Estii Est,” means “For Estonia.” Once they get to a huge square in the center of town, they sing patriotic songs. [3:39 – 3:48]

In 2017, I took part in the parade. It was one of the most inspiring experiences in my life, marching with happy, proud Europeans, sure of who they are, confident about the future.

On this trip I will speak at a conference, where committed Europeans will talk about the future of the West. It will be a great honor to represent the American branch of what I call the world brotherhood of Europeans.

I’ll spend a little over a week on the continent, and plan to give talks in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Switzerland as well. I will record conversations with thoughtful people for podcasts. And maybe I will have a video’s worth of things to say when I get back.

That is, if they let me into Europe. The last time I tried to visit, in 2019, I was turned back. I flew into Zurich, Switzerland, to catch a flight to Stockholm, but the Swiss told me that Poland had banned me from Europe for three years. The Poles never gave a reason, but it must have been because I gave talks to Polish nationalist groups in 2018.

At Zurich airport, I spent the night in bunk 18, in a pen where the authorities keep undesirables overnight before they give them the boot.

My three-year banishment is up, but guess where I am changing planes for my flight to Estonia? Zurich. I’m pretty sure the Swiss can count to three.

But because of this trip, I will miss an AmRen video or two. I know many of you like to get one every week. You will be pleased to know that Gregory Hood should be at this desk and ensure an uninterrupted flow of AmRen. As you know, he is our star writer and is as good a speaker as he is a writer.

You’ll be sorry I came back.

And I’m almost sorry to be going. So much is happening. Just a few days ago, Elon Musk retweeted statistics that show that in 2018, blacks attacked whites nearly 550,000 times, while whites attacked blacks only about 60,000 times. Mr. Musk didn’t do the calculation, but this means any given black was 42 times more likely to attack a white than the other way around.

Of course, as indicated by the image of the TV camera, the media care only about the rare acts of white-on-black violence. Down at the bottom, Mr. Musk wanted to know, “Why would the media misrepresent the real situation to such an extreme degree?” Why indeed? I’m glad the richest man in the world wants to know.

And then, there’s the little case of Carlton Gilford, and if you recognize that name, you are obviously a white supremacist. He is the black man who walked into a public library in Tulsa, Oklahoma, sauntered over to a white man sitting at a desk, and killed him with a shot to back of the head.

Later, he went to a convenience store and shot another white man in the back of the head. The white man went down and, Mr. Gilford shot him again, to make sure he was dead. The Tulsa police say it’s a hate crime.

The killings were on April 18th, getting on to three weeks ago. The New York Post is the only big site to mention them, and didn’t get around to it until May 6 – 18 days later.

By the time I’m back from Europe, the whole thing will be forgotten – what’s a few dead white men? – so I better mention it while I can.

And then there’s Mauricio Garcia, who has got the media drooling. He went on a rampage with an AR-15, and now “Officials Probe Texas Mall Shooter’s Possible Link to White Supremacy.”

There is no bigger story in America than that!

Of course, if I miss a few headlines, there’ll always be more. That’s the beauty of the business I’m in: There’s always something to talk about. A lot to talk about.

Wish me bon voyage, and I’ll be back soon.