Posted on May 5, 2023

How to Solve All Our Problems

Jared Taylor, American Renaissance, May 5, 2023

All it takes is enough people who care.

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We live in disturbing times. Dylan Mulvaney [0:00 – 0:03 1:18 – 1:31] Twerking on cars [0:00 – 0:13] Middle schooler attack [0:03 – 0:21] Immigration [2:05 – 2:13] Navy representative [0:00 – 0:23] Smash and grab [[0:20 – 0:31]] Interracial ad [0:26 – 0:39]

Let me add a different dimension. As the Wall Street Journal put it, “America Pulls Back From Values That Once Defined It.” The paper reported how attitudes have changed in just 25 years.

As you can see, in 1998 patriotism was “very important” to 70 percent of Americans. By 2019 the figure was just over 60 percent, and then it crashed to 38 percent this year.

In 1998, nearly 60 percent of Americans said “having children” was very important. Now, it’s not even half that number. The importance of religion is also declining. The only thing in this survey that Americans valued more than they used to is money.

This is historical data from Pew Research on the percentage of Americans who “trust the government to do what is right just about always or most of the time. In the early 1960s that figure was 75 percent.

There was a rise in the 1980s under Ronald Reagan and a spasm across the 50 percent mark after the 9-11 attacks, and then it’s been down. Not even 25 percent of Americans trust the feds.

Maybe it has something to do with the way our rulers spend money they don’t have. Here is total federal debt as a percentage of gross domestic product. It’s now 120 percent of the entire annual production of the country.

And here is a graph of how much the federal government pays in interest each quarter. Last quarter: $213 billion. That’s $213 billion out of your pocked that bought nothing.

 Thomas Jefferson thought it was immoral to saddle future generations with today’s debt, and that’s exactly what we are doing.

Maybe that helps explain why Americans are so pessimistic about the future.

Look at the bottom bar. Seventy-eight percent of Americans think their children’s generation will be worse off than their own. Just 20 years ago, only 42 percent thought that.

One last point: When New York City built a subway, starting in the early 1900s, it put restrooms in the stations. Now, they are locked up.

If they weren’t, people would be living in them – raping and murdering in them. Something must have changed.

How would our rulers explain all of this – or any of it? I can hear them now. “These are complex, multifaceted phenomena, but drawing on the immense strength of our wonderful diversity, we are building a new, compassionate America in which all are valued.

They would never say: “This country is dying,” but that’s what’s happening.

All these things have something in common: Pathological individualism. An inability – or a refusal – to think beyond narrow, personal interests.

Obviously, smash-and-grab attacks or jumping on people’s cars is viciously anti-social, even psychopathic, but blacks have been headed that way for decades. It means something else when the nation as a whole stops wanting to have children and becomes much less patriotic in just one generation.

A society needs children just to keep going.

And a nation won’t survive without some level of loyalty from citizens. The obligation goes both ways: Government has to at least seem to care about people. It’s hard to respect a government that saddles every baby with more than $93,000 of public debt the moment he’s born. When government is full greedy, narcissistic people, why should citizens be any different?

In 1961, President John Kennedy said in his inaugural address: “Fellow Americans: Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country.”

Can you imagine Joe Biden saying that? People would burst out laughing.

That was a different America.

Has even one social trend improved since then? Can you think of even one? I can, actually. Per capita cigarette consumption is about one quarter what it was in 1960.

Anything else?

So, how do you fix an entire country? How do you give people loyalties beyond themselves? How do you cure pathological individualism?

First, recognize that racial diversity is a plague. People don’t trust people who are unlike themselves. Robert Putnam of Harvard is famous for quantifying just how much diversity kills trust.

Diversity can reach a point that folks don’t even trust people of their own race.

It was a terrible mistake to abandon the original idea of the United States as a land for white people.

In 1960, whites were nearly 90 percent of the population. It was a high-trust society. No one would have imagined the scenes you saw at the beginning of this video. Now, whites are down to 60 percent. One hundred thirty million non-whites live here. It would be impossible to persuade them to leave.

Therefore, the only cure for diversity is disengagement. If Americans had permanent communities of people like themselves, they would have at least local loyalties and attachments.

They would know that their children would grow up and live among people like them, whom they could trust. Large-scale separation wouldn’t be easy, but it’s the only cure for diversity.

Of course, people separate all the time. It’s instinctive. Look at neighborhoods, clubs, backyard barbecues.

When they have a choice, people want homogeneity. Our country must recognize that this is natural, normal, and healthy. Instead, the government is constantly pushing people together. That won’t change until white people, who are still the majority, make it change. White people have to understand that race is central to the identities of non-whites. It must be central to our identity, too.

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Racial loyalty cures pathological individualism. Racially conscious whites love their European heritage, both biological and cultural. They know that only whites can carry that heritage forward.

Credit: isogood, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

That requires new generations of white families and white children. It means teaching children to respect the past and build the future. It means living for something greater than yourself.

That changes everything.

Healthy societies are built around families. They understand that men and women are different. They recognize that children need a father and a mother who stay together. The entire structure of society – courtship patterns, sexual morality, the nature of work, marriage laws, the tax system – everything is set up to support families.

No society that values families glorifies homosexuals.

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People whose reproductive energy is directed towards their own sex are biological dead ends. They are not role models. Most probably didn’t choose to be that way, any more than deaf people choose to be deaf. We don’t persecute deaf people, but we don’t line the streets to cheer on a “deaf pride” parade, either. No healthy society promotes sex-changes. That’s another dead end. [0:47 – 1:16]

When men and women are loyal to their people and the society they are building, they work to improve society but also the people themselves.

Today, the United States promotes all the wrong things. That’s because it is officially committed to equality.

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Equality is impossible, and trying to make people equal inevitably means dragging down the best and encouraging the worst.

The American compulsion for equality started with race, the idea that blacks and white are equal and interchangeable.

This is obviously not true, and every effort to make them equal failed. Despite that failure, the compulsion for equality spread. All cultures are equal, no religion is better than another. Even the sexes are equal and interchangeable. Now, we are supposed to believe that it is healthy and beautiful to be fat, and that it is wrong to admire beauty and be repelled by ugliness. [Lizzo on stage] All differences are so unimportant and superficial that I can announce that today I’m a woman, and insist on being treated as one.

A society obsessed with equality is obsessed with failure. Not to punish or improve people who are failures, but to punish society for supposedly making them fail. No person – unless he is a white man – is ever responsible for failure. Every loser, deviant and criminal is a victim of the white man, and the more ways you can claim to be a victim – non-white, queer, transexual, immigrant, non-English-speaker – the more valuable you are and the more demands you can make.

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Therefore, the greatest virtue today is compassion for all these so-called victims. Of course, this is a phony virtue because it comes with no personal cost.

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All you need to do is make a fuss over failures and promote ways to take money away from successful people and give it to failures.

Imagine a society that honors courage, integrity, honesty, faithfulness in marriage, loyalty to principles, duty to family and nation.

When do you ever hear anyone praise these things?

A nation of racially conscious whites who cared about the future of their people would value real virtue. It would be a happy society of proud people who looked forward to the future. It would celebrate achievement, not failure. It would seek reasons for admiration, not for compassion. It would realize that in society’s number-one mission of encouraging families, some families deserve more encouragement than others.

Heredity is important, and a healthy nation wants future generations always to be better, not just morally, psychologically, and spiritually, but biologically.

All this could be true of a healthy society of any race, but it’s not possible in a multi-racial society.

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It’s possible only in a society of common purpose. Diversity will always be the enemy of unity and common purpose.

What I am calling for, of course, is a revolution in the way we think about society and our place in it, but it would be a peaceful revolution. It requires only that enough people understand that we are heading for disaster and be willing to do something about it.

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Wouldn’t you rather live in a better country? Don’t you want to leave a better country to your children? It won’t happen unless we build that better country.