Posted on November 16, 2016

Alt-Right Spokesmen: No Access for Media That Do Not Support Free Speech

American Renaissance, November 16, 2016

We call on journalists to take a stand for free expression in response to yesterday’s outrageous purge of Twitter accounts associated with the Alt-Right. Several of the banned accounts were in no way guilty of trolling or “harassment,” so we can conclude only that the bans were politically motivated.

Earlier this year, we reserved a room for a press conference at the National Press Club. For the first time in the club’s 108-year history, it cancelled a press conference for political reasons. There was no outcry from the media, despite confirmed attendance by several major organizations.

The Alt-Right has risen to national prominence, and the views of its members and representatives are clearly of interest to the public. We therefore call on all media outlets with a national reach to condemn Twitter’s censorship of these accounts. If they fail to do so, we must assume that they support the suppression of certain political views, and we will not grant them interviews or access to our events.

We encourage all others in the Alt-Right to do likewise.


Richard Spencer, National Policy Institute

Jared Taylor, American Renaissance

Journalists/Media who’ve opposed the Alt-Right Twitter bans:

David Frum/The Atlantic

Adam Serwer/The Atlantic

Dave Weigel/Washington Post

Ben Shapiro/Daily Wire

Steve Faktor/Forbes

Jessica Guynn/USA Today

Nick Gillespie/Reason

Cassandra Fairbanks/Subverse

Tim Pool/Fusion

Charles Murray

Rick Moran/PJ Media

D. C. McAllister/PJ Media