Posted on January 23, 2022

Standing Up for White People Since . . . Before You Were Born?

Chris Roberts, American Renaissance, January 23, 2022

A friend of American Renaissance has digitized half a dozen media appearances and speeches by Jared Taylor going back to 1993. There was a time when Mr. Taylor was invited to talk about race on television, even on mainstream programs such as “Hardball with Chris Matthews.” All eight appearances are available on our Rumble channel and are embedded below. We will eventually upload them all to our other video platforms. And if you like “vintage American Renaissance,” you might be interested in the last of our DVDs of conference speeches, which you can buy through our online store.

Jared Taylor Speaks at Temple University Law School (1993):

Jared Taylor, Expert Witness (1994):

Jared Taylor on “Borderline” (1996):

Jared Taylor on “Next Revolution” (1997):

Jared Taylor Speaks at a Separatist Conference (1997):

Jared Taylor on Puerto Rican Statehood (1998):

Jared Taylor on “Hardball with Chris Matthews” (1999):

Jared Taylor on Reparations for Slavery (2002):