Posted on December 1, 2022

Verified Hate: ‘Where Are You From?’ Edition

Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, December 1, 2022

It doesn’t take much to dominate British tabloids.

Ngozi Fulani is the leader of a charity called “Sistah Space.” She dresses like an African and heads an organization that helps “African heritage women and girls.” Her identity, her organization, and her public image are African.

For some reason, she was invited to a reception at Buckingham Palace. Lady Susan Hussey, the 83-year-old godmother of Prince William, made the mistake of talking to her. Miss Fulani wrote:

The claim that she’s a “British national” means nothing. Everything about Miss Fulani is African. It is a reasonable question to ask someone dressed in African garb where she is from. Also, there could never be a charity for indigenous British people only.

This incident cost Lady Susan Hussey her honorary position at the palace, and the British press piled on.

The Palace claims it has “reached out” to Miss Fulani. She denies this. I predict more concessions.

This shows who has privilege in Britain. Inviting this activist to the palace didn’t win the royals any credit with blacks; it just blew up into another phony scandal.

A black race hustler has more power than the godmother of the future king.

Meghan Markle and her lapdog husband Prince Harry also have a new opening to seek attention.

None of this was necessary. Britain imported a race problem. It will be an eternal problem unless non-British people are persuaded to leave or Britain breaks up.

The true scandal is not what someone said to Miss Fulani. It’s not even her presence at Buckingham Palace. It’s her presence in Britain.

The Office of National Statistics recently reported that native Britons are now less than 75 percent of the population of England and Wales. Conservative Sajid Javid, the former Health Secretary, responded by asking, “So what?”

Many of those on Twitter were far more honest about what it means.

There are new words to go along with the demographic transformation. For example, London council now says non-whites are the “global majority,” implying they should run things.

Why was all this necessary?

Oh, ok then.

Here’s a reply.

Twitter is no longer throttling Steve Sailer’s follower count.

Some may be disappointed about the results of the midterm elections. Don’t be. Unless it is totally remade, GOP leadership won’t stand up for whites.

If people say whites are racist, show them this.

I work for American Renaissance. My job is to write about race. I can’t imagine going through life with this kind of racial obsession.

Class is complicated in the West. It’s not only about wealth. Donald Trump is rich, but he’s seen as low class by people who boast nothing but student debt. They can dismiss even Elon Musk if he likes the wrong things.

I suspect some whites deliberately hurt other whites to make themselves feel better. White liberals have a bias against their own race, but they are not “self-hating.” I expect they have a very high opinion of themselves.

We end with some vignettes of life in the modern, post-Western world.