Posted on September 12, 2019

Message to South Africa: Do Xenophobia Right! Kill Whites and Chinese.

Paul Joseph Watson, Summit News, September 9, 2019

A protester in Paris proposed a novel solution to the horrifying spate of black-on-black violence in South Africa by urging people to kill whites instead.

Over the last couple of weeks, black South Africans have been setting fire to other African migrants and attacking and looting foreign-owned businesses.


Now a black protester in Paris has urged South Africans to target white people instead.

After all the recent xenophobic violence in South Africa (between locals and Nigerians), black people in Paris held a protest & pleaded for the violence to stop

As one of the protest leaders says..

“If you want to do xenophobia right, start to kill white people, start to kill Chinese people, start to kill Asian people,” he said.

“Don’t kill you brother! Don’t kill your brother — we are all black!” he added.