Posted on November 27, 2018

White Nationalism Has No Place in a Progressive Society

Aurielle Weiss, Daily Titan, November 25, 2018


“Alt-right” leaders like Richard Spencer have proudly and publicly declared themselves as white nationalists and Jared Taylor labels himself as a white advocate.

These men no longer identify with Nazi, southern, or backwoods type folks that one may expect to see. However, don’t let their bourgeoisie clothes and attitudes fool you, they still associate with white nationalism. They are college educated as Spencer went to the University of Virginia and Taylor went to Yale. They formulate and articulate arguments using science or data.

While their ideals are still old fashioned, their tactics are refined. Taylor does not use the same phrasing as his predecessors once did because of their negative connotation. He uses newer terms such as race realist and white advocate instead of terms like white nationalist.

He claims that diversity isn’t something to be celebrated, especially because white people are losing their majority status because of it. At most of his speaking engagements, he seems to remain calm and speaks softly, a much different ploy than what we’re used to seeing.


People have become fearful about criminalizing this movement because of free speech. I’ve heard many well-educated people, some of whom I love, argue that hate speech is still free speech and said that we shouldn’t eradicate ideals solely because others don’t agree.

But, we already do that. As a country, we’ve established that some ideas are just wrong.

For example, we’ve decided as a country that drugs are wrong; buying drugs, selling drugs or using drugs has a consequence. However, people associated with drugs may enjoy buying, selling or doing them, yet America has had no issue with criminalizing drugs.

People get so caught up in protecting hate speech they fail to see that white nationalism has turned from movement to murder as seen with the recent Pittsburgh synagogue shooting. So why do we have an issue criminalizing this white nationalist movement? Not only is it universally wrong, but people continue to die.

Data from a report by the Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism at California State University, San Bernardino shows that this is the fourth consecutive year hate crimes in America have increased.