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The case is being treated with “the highest level of seriousness.”

It’s not “OK to be white” at Eastern Michigan University.

Patreon alternative hits a roadblock.

And so it must be made illegal.

Facebook is reconsidering whether white nationalism and white separatism are different from white supremacy.

Maybe it’s because “white supremacy” was never about supremacy.

Plan would “use civil gang injunctions to limit the association and congregation of these individuals.”

It would have spoiled the “white supremacist” angle.

“[W]hite nationalists’ ideological goals remain a core part of the Trump agenda.”

Distort de Nouza actually gets a few things right.

The Demography of the Alt-Right, Institute for Family Studies

Analysis contradicts several stereotypes.

“One does not simply walk into a venue in New Zealand.”

He wants to rival George Soros’ foundation.

He wants to “stamp out” right-wing “identity politics.”

Are the Kids Really Alt-Right?

Punk band takedown falls flat.


First they came for the “racists” . . .

More than 60 percent of middle- and high-school students use “alt-right” sites for research.

“Tens of thousands” of “relatively well educated” young people have joined the movement.

Facebook’s censorship rules: white supremacy—no; white separatism—okay.

And cracked a political opponent’s head open with a bike lock.

Not a Prophet in His Own Land

An interview with Paul Gottfried.


The decentralized structure of white nationalism makes it hard to silence.

“Why are only patriots expected to play by the rules?”

Lefties gloat at Alt-Right infighting.

Lecture will cover the “precarious structure of white domination.”

How the Left sees the Alt-Right.

What real diversity sounds like.

Interviewing Tommy Robinson and speaking in Hyde Park not permitted for “far-right” figures.

She’s a “threat to the fundamental interests of society.”

“The vast majority of terror suspects are alleged Islamists, but the number of white suspects has rocketed.”

North Carolina professor claims he taught “Spike” a lesson in ethics and antifascism.

Washington Post stereotypes conservatives as haters.

“It’s okay to be white” is an opening to “dangerous messaging.”

There is dissent in the ranks.

Under it, groups like antifa may get labeled “domestic terrorists.”

No backing down—yet.

Kristol says Carlson is “stirring people’s emotions in a very unhealthy way.”

Her goal: “to terrorize and threaten people in their most private spaces.”

MSU will pay for security and legal fees.

Nothing astonishes people more than to tell them the truth.

Alain de Benoist sees himself more as on the left than on the right.

Brad Griffin: “The Trump administration dropped us like a hot potato after the election.”

Malfeasance catches up with him.

Report places heavy blame for violence on the police.

It’s official: You can be a leader of the Klan without even being a member.

“Hate” is not allowed.

Racial separation is a “scheme of the devil.”

Many whites hold conventional positions on “racism,” memorials, “white supremacy,” and antifa.

Leaked emails tell the story.

Making Sense of the Alt-Right

College professor does his best to understand the movement.

Reviewed by Thomas Jackson