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Nothing astonishes people more than to tell them the truth.

Alain de Benoist sees himself more as on the left than on the right.

Brad Griffin: “The Trump administration dropped us like a hot potato after the election.”

Malfeasance catches up with him.

Report places heavy blame for violence on the police.

It’s official: You can be a leader of the Klan without even being a member.

“Hate” is not allowed.

Racial separation is a “scheme of the devil.”

Many whites hold conventional positions on “racism,” memorials, “white supremacy,” and antifa.

Leaked emails tell the story.

Making Sense of the Alt-Right

College professor does his best to understand the movement.

Reviewed by Thomas Jackson

Native Americans are not entitled to land in North America.

Tucker Carlson’s Last Laugh

Full-throated nationalism is winning out over snarky centrism.


Unsupported assertions accepted as conclusive on campus.

The SPLC guide to eradicate free speech on campus.

But Associated Press still won’t use “alt-right.”

39 percent of Americans agree that “white people are currently under attack in this country.”

They claim they are preventing genocide.

The mainstream can’t get enough of our posters.

MSU was one of many universities that have recently cancelled on him.

Liberals look at the women of the alt-right.

Old stereotypes about “racists” don’t apply.

PBS tries to find out.

A liberal worries about who will be purged after “racists” are.

A mainstream conservative notices the process.

Why Did the Police Stand Down in Charlottesville?

Malice, incompetence, image?


No end in sight to wave of deplatforming.

The mainstream believes President Trump is reading us.

Rebel Media reports.

Quite possibly.

Lauren Southern at her best.

Trump is More in Touch Than You Think, The American Conservative

62 percent of Americans and 44 percent of blacks favor keeping the statues.

Unite the Sane: What Charlottesville Means for White America

Your disavowals won’t save you.


Major companies are tripping over one another to grovel the most.

Richard Spencer will not be returning after all.

The Real Race War, Frontpage Mag

David Horowitz on Charlottesville.

“Racism is evil.”

Do white lives matter, too?

The account doing the doxxing is called, “Yes, You’re Racist.”

“God sent his son – a brown Middle Eastern man . . .”

Unite the Right: Who Got It Right?

Press and politicians are blind to the truth.


James Edwards makes some predictions.

Journalist turns to Jared Taylor for answers.

Suspected attendees’ accounts were permanently deleted.

“Is Death Wish alt-right fan fiction?”

A Weekend to Remember, Audacious Epigone

Audacious Epigone on our conference.

AmRen Diary, The Z Man

A popular blogger reflects on his first AmRen conference.

American Renaissance readers are, “once-fringe radicals in Tennessee.”

Pastor of Renaissance Presbyterian Church: “What’s going on in there is sin.”

Sam Dickson in His Own Words

A veteran activist reflects on a life of devotion to a cause.

Interviewed by Hubert Collins