Posted on January 25, 2018

Bill Kristol Says Tucker Carlson’s Show Is ‘Ethno-Nationalism of Some Kind’: It’s ‘Close Now to Racism’

Ken Meyer, Mediaite, January 25, 2018

Conservative commentator Bill Kristol gave an interview to CNBC where criticized the editorial direction of his former network Fox News, particularly with regard to primetime host Tucker Carlson.

Speaking with John Harwood, the former Fox contributor said his old network has embraced a “gradual increasing of recklessness” as they try to appeal to pro-Trump audiences. Kristol said Fox saw an opportunity to seize upon opposition to Barack Obama‘s presidency, and he also expanded on what he told Morning Joe about how Fox is leaning towards the hard right and views that used to exist on the political fringe.


“He had always a little touch of Pat Buchananism, I would say, paleo-conservativism. But that’s very different from what he’s become now. I mean, it is close now to racism, white — I mean, I don’t know if it’s racism exactly — but ethno-nationalism of some kind, let’s call it. A combination of dumbing down, as you said earlier, and stirring people’s emotions in a very unhealthy way.”


UPDATE 10:21 a.m. ET — Tucker Carlson is firing back. In a statement provided to Mediaite, the Fox News host responded to Kristol’s scathing comments.

“I’m not even sure what he’s accusing me of,” Carlson said. “He offers no evidence or examples, just slurs, and then suggests that I’m the demagogue. Pretty funny. Kristol’s always welcome on my show to explain himself, though I assume he’s too afraid to come. What a shame. It would be revealing.”