Posted on January 25, 2018

Video Shows Young Carjackers Accused of Pointing Gun at Pregnant Victim’s Stomach in SW Houston

NewsFix, January 25, 2018

Houston police released surveillance footage Tuesday of multiple suspects accused of carjacking a pregnant woman outside her home in the Westwood area. The video shows the suspects involved in a car crash a day after the alleged assault.

{snip} Investigators said the family was getting out of the vehicle when a young man walked up to the mother and snatched the keys from her hand. The mother instinctively grabbed the keys from the suspect, at which time another young man appeared and pulled out a handgun. He pointed the gun at her pregnant stomach and demand she give them the keys.


The first suspect was wearing a maroon sweat shirt hoodie with the word, “love” on the front, small white circle on left sleeve, blue jean shorts black in color, and black sandals.

The second suspect was wearing a gray sweat shirt with Michael Jordan image on front, black jeans, black and white tennis shoes.

The third suspect was wearing a black hoodie sweat shirt white image on front, blue jeans and gray shoes. The fourth suspect was wearing a white long sleeve shirt with a collar, black pants, {snip}