Posted on July 16, 2022

It’s Time to Start Showing the Videos of Police Shooting White People

Christopher Tremoglie, Washington Examiner, July 12, 2022

The fatal police shooting of Jayland Walker is the latest black man’s death that the Left hopes to exploit for political gain. Walker’s death has started the typical routine that the country goes through after a black man is killed by police: outrage, condemnation, and accusations of systemic racism.

Despite the shootings that receive widespread media coverage, white people make up the demographic with the highest fatalities from police shootings — nearly twice as many white people are killed by police each year. It’s long past due for videos of fatal police shootings of white people to be shown with the same frequency and vigor as fatal police shootings of black people.

This phenomenon is largely fueled by the media and is problematic. It creates the false perception that it is primarily black men who are shot and killed by the police. {snip}

Consider the facts. Black men comprise 6-7% of the country’s population but account for over 50% of homicides, 29.1% of all rapes, over 50% of all robberies, and 33% of assaults. This leads to disproportionate interactions with police and, subsequently, shootings. It’s not racism causing these shooting discrepancies. It’s the excessive amount of crime committed by black men.


By now, we all know the names of many black people killed by the police. {snip} But if I were to ask you to name just one white person who was fatally shot by police, it is a safe assumption you couldn’t. The stories of Tony TimpaDaniel Shaver, and the many other white people killed by police officers remain largely unknown.