Posted on February 3, 2023

AFFH: The Latest Race Swindle

Jared Taylor, American Renaissance, February 3, 2023

Here come the junkies and crack hos.

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Our country has a mysterious ability to make rules about race that clearly say one thing – don’t discriminate – and then use the same rules to justify racial discrimination, even require it.

The famous Civil Rights Act of 1964 says racial discrimination is bad, bad, bad, and you must never do it. Over the years, the Supreme Court weaseled its way around the law, and now it’s OK to discriminate, so long as it’s against white people and sometimes Asians. Fortune wants to know: “Corporate diversity programs: No white men need apply?”

The answer is, “That’s right.”

In 1954, the Supreme Court said school segregation was unconstitutional. You can’t sort students by race.

Next thing you know, the Court changed its mind and said it was constitutional to sort students by race, and bus them across town so blacks could sit next to whites. Whites hated that and cleared out.

In 2007, the Supreme Court changed its mind again, and rediscovered the 1954 idea that it was “unconstitutional for a school district to use race as a factor in assigning students to schools” for racial balancing.

Now, neighborhood schools are like neighborhoods. In 2012, The Atlantic complained that “Schools Are More Segregated Today Than During the Late 1960s.”

I guess that’s why the Biden administration has just announced another legal switcheroo – this time in housing. It has decided that the 1968 Fair Housing Act, which bans racial discrimination, now requires it. Just last month, the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) issued this drab-looking press release.

Marcia Fudge, HUD secretary, says she is taking a “major step towards fulfilling the law’s full promise.”

Her buddy, Demetria McCain, who is in charge of “fair housing,” is excited:

“Today, HUD is taking new, bold action to eliminate the historic patterns of segregation that continue to harm American families.”

It’s all about “fostering inclusive communities.”

The “full promise” of this 1968 law to eliminate segregation, along with the power to root it out, have been slumbering for 55 years, but Marcia and Demetria, just like the prince in Snow White, have awakened them with a kiss. HUD now wants to work race into every aspect of housing so as to promote integration.

It’s all a swindle. There is nothing in the law, which is called the Civil Rights Act of 1968, about ending segregation.

The stuff about housing is in Title VIII, which is the part that’s called the “Fair Housing Act.”

It’s very preachy about “preventing and eliminating” discrimination – by banks, realtors, owners – in renting, sales, building maintenance, foreclosures, evictions, advertising, and on and on.

It’s like the Civil Rights Act of 1964. You are forbidden to consider race in any aspect of real estate. Now, Marcia and Demetria will order you to think about race all the time so as to “overcome patterns of segregation.”

I challenge anyone to find the authority to do that in this law. The words “segregation” or “integration” or any word that begins with “seg” or “integ” never appear in it. It talks about discrimination all the time, and the law goes at it hammer and tongs: Ignore race.

So, what’s the justification for being consumed by race? There’s a hint in the name of the new rule: “Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing,” or AFFH.

This is like “affirmative action,” which is the polite way of saying “racial discrimination against white people.” That phrase goes back to a 1961 executive order from President Kennedy, telling government contractors to “take affirmative action” to make sure there’s no discrimination.

Now, of course, “affirmative action” means make sure there is racial discrimination.

Sure enough, right here in Title VIII, Section 808 (d) is the magic word. The feds will act “affirmatively to further the purposes of this title.”

That’s all Marcia and Demetria think they need to take a law that is supposed to be color-blind and make it color-obsessed.

It’s all explained in this 284-page rule-making proposal, which makes this utterly false claim right in the second sentence: “The Fair Housing Act directs HUD to overcome patterns of segregation and foster inclusive communities.”

Does anyone believe these guys, in 1968, wanted the government to herd black people into white neighborhoods?

For the time being, this will involve only organizations that get HUD grant money. There are about 4,250 of them, including states, cities, counties, and public housing authorities. All of them will have to sweat over a plan to explain how every dollar they spend will now be a race-conscious dollar that fights segregation.

If HUD doesn’t like your integration plan, you have to write a better one, and every year, you have to file a report on how well you are mixing up the races. The goal of those 4,250 plans – not quite stated in these terms – is to bring the people who have wrecked their own neighborhoods into yours so they can wreck it, too.

But how many sketchy blacks in hoodies even want to move in with whitey? Aren’t they all supposed to be terrified that Karen will call the cops who will come shoot them all?

Whatever the case, if at any point, Marcia and Demetria think you haven’t done enough to mix the BIPOCs with the white folks, they will cut off your grant money.

How much do they have?

HUD has an annual budget of about $70 billion, and it has many ways to splash it out: block grants. Homeless Emergency Solutions Grants. Home Investment Partnerships. A Housing Trust Fund. Housing Opportunities for Persons With AIDS, etc. etc.

It looks to me that about $20 billion will be immediately subject to AFFH.

HUD spends another $40 billion on Section 8 housing vouchers every year, and another trick would be to make the payments big enough so the lowlifes who get them can live next door to white people.

HUD has about 10,000 employees. Their average pay goes up every year and is now almost $125,000.

This was HUD’s mix by sex and race in 2020.

As you can see, the place is 40 percent black and 60 percent female. There are more black women there than white men.

Marcia Fudge, the head black woman in charge, used to be in Congress, where she ran the Congressional Black Caucus, so you know she is fair minded.

Demetria McCain went to work for HUD after 15 years with one of those busy-body non-profits called Inclusive Communities Project. It helps people with Section 8 housing and wants you to think the people in this picture are typical voucher-users.

As its latest tax filings report, its sole purpose is to move undesirables into “Lower poverty, non-minority concentrated areas.”

That means sic them on white people. For the housing gurus, integration goes only way. Rub whitey’s nose in it, but if blacks don’t want “gentrification,” “historic neighborhoods” must be preserved.

Demetria’s old employer lives almost exclusively on government money, probably from HUD.

It’s the old, always corrupt, revolving door. That’s all you need to know about Demetria, but I’ll tell you more.

During this interview, she said she is writing a children’s book called Fuzzy-Hair Girls Can.

Of course, the feds shouldn’t be in the housing business at all. Just go to any big city, and see what a great job they do. [6:20 – 6:40] By the way, when did bums move out of cardboard boxes and start living in tents? HUD program maybe? Affirmatively Equipping the Underserved for Inclemency?

The fact is, no one – and I mean no one – wants degenerates living next door. This guy, shown here with his wife, is Stephen Curry, the 5th highest paid athlete in the world.

He lives in Atherton, California, the most expensive zip code in America. He’s begging the mayor not to build low-income housing close to his $30 million pad, shown here.

“Safety and privacy for us and our kids continues to be our top priority,” he says. What an idea.

He and his wife are high-profile Democrats who love to denounce “social injustices” and “racial inequality.”

That must be why they live in a town where blacks make up 0.8 percent of the population.

At Slate, you can read “The Real Story of the Affordable Housing Development That Dave Chappelle Helped Kill.”

All the fancy hypocrites, including Marcia and Demetria, will find ways not to live next door to junkies and crack hos. You are the people who will be stuck with them.

But you have a chance to complain. AFFH is rulemaking, not legislation. It will soon go out for public comment for 60 days.

Learn all about how to make your voice heard at this nifty website. You can even comment in Español.

This is “our democracy” at work. In America, the people rule. Your opinion counts. You believe that, don’t you?