Posted on September 2, 2021

Verified Hate: Replacement Denialism

Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, September 2, 2021

We’re past the point at which people can say the Great Replacement isn’t happening. The people applauding it say it is. They brag about it. Replacing whites seems to be a high priority. Increasing wages, protecting the environment, and fighting corporate power seem secondary.

Therefore, it is very hard to take these complaints seriously.

When leftists see people noticing The Great Replacement, they act like they’ve uncovered a dangerous conspiracy that justifies censorship. The same facts that Tucker Carlson talks about can be found in the New York Times or the Washington Post, just with a different spin.

There’s now a British version. Lionel Shirvier recently wrote in The Spectator about demographic change.

Unsurprisingly, then, a third of British school children are already from ethnic minorities; in 20 years, ethnic-minority children will constitute more than half the students in state schools. As of 2018, 90 per cent of immigrants were under 45. That means the ethnic transformation of the UK, whose white population is far older, is destined rapidly to accelerate.

Even delivering those dry statistics feels dangerous. As for their implications, none of you readers is supposed to care. In particular, white Britons who greet those figures with anything short of delight know perfectly well to keep their traps shut. The lineages of white Britons in their homeland commonly known back hundreds of years. Yet for the country’s original inhabitants to confront becoming a minority in the UK (perhaps in the 2060s) with any hint of mournfulness, much less consternation, is now racist and beyond the pale. I submit: that proscription is socially and even biologically unnatural.

It’s tiresome but necessary to point out double standards. Once again, if population change of this kind happened anywhere else, it would be called ethnic cleansing.

Responses on Twitter proved Mr. Shirvier’s point.

What isn’t the “logic of Nazism” these days?

And who are these people? David Lammy is a Labour MP who does not seem to like white people or much of anything about England. He still claims to be as English as John Cleese, and, like many non-whites, wants to live in a historically white country. Bastit Mahmood writes about diversity and Islamophobia. Ash Sarkar’s great-great-aunt was a “terrorist” (her word) against the British Empire, a fact of which she is proud.

They may not like Britain and its natives, but living among their own in their homelands is evidently worse. Maybe they were better off under British rule. Once again, they may need us, but we really, really don’t need them.

Joy Reid is a leftist pundit who has openly bragged about America “inexorably becoming majority brown.” She said “demographics” turned California blue. She’s right.

However, this time she’s appealing to unity.

“We”? Who’s we? The system must police one nation because it commits a lot of crime. What are we “progressing” towards anyway? American schools, cities, and even military power are tottering.

At least Noah Smith openly discusses where he thinks the country is going. He argues we’re experiencing a “Time of Consolidation” during which media power will grind down “rural White Americans” and give them a new identity free of “Confederacy-style white supremacy.” America will “reaffirm our identity as a crusading racially egalitarian nation (even though we will carry out many policies that violate that identity).”

Segregation is back, but it’s woke, so it’s ok.

Feminists don’t get credit either – if they’re white.

That final author was a contributor to The Good Immigrant, a compilation of essays that succeeded in making me think there isn’t a single one.

#AmericanTaliban, as an insult to Christians, was trending on Twitter yesterday. Wajahat Ali was upset because it was unflattering to Islam.

I can’t wait for thousands of Afghans we “rescued” from the Taliban to start calling us racists after a few months.

“American Taliban” was also trending because the Supreme Court did not throw out abortion restrictions in Texas.

“US officials” are apparently worried that “White supremacists” are taking inspiration from the Taliban.

Incredibly, the conclusion is that these white supremacists might attack the Afghans that the federal government is shipping in. This is just a few days after Imran Ali Rasheed killed a Lyft driver and shot at police. Investigators think he may have been inspired by a foreign terrorist organization, and I don’t think it was pro-white.

In closing, here’s an academic who suggests we consider the “castration of whiteness.”