Posted on September 8, 2020

Race: A Very, Very Dismal Reality

Fred Reed, American Renaissance, September 7, 2020

A (very) black man walks up to a white five-year-old and shoots him in the head with no apparent provocation except, maybe, that the child rode his bicycle over the killer’s lawn.

A (very) black man, Emanuel Deshaun Aranda, throws a white child of five from a rooftop café for no reason other, perhaps, that (he said) he couldn’t pick up women. Unusually, the NYT ran a photo. If the races had been reversed, we all know that three weeks of media circus would have followed.

Emanuel Deshaun Aranda

Emanuel Deshaun Aranda

Four black teenagers kill a white girl of seventeen, Veronica Lee Baker, for no plausible reason. If you follow the link, or search of Veronica Lee Baker, you will find the killers called “teenagers,” with no photo.

Veronica Lee Baker

Veronica Lee Baker

Four Black Killers

Veronica Lee Baker’s killers: Devin Cordell Jones, Keyshara Michelle Deans, Tyreek Qumay Rodgers, and Nezyiha Zamir Collins

We say we have a “race problem.” No. We have a black problem. Calling it a “race problem” attributes culpability to the alleged racism of whites. This absolves blacks of responsibility for their behavior. It also allows the media to avert their gaze from the endless horrific crimes by blacks against other races.

The alleged racism of whites does not exist. The country is home to millions of Japanese, Chinese, Koreans, Indians, Lebanese, Jews, Thais, and Vietnamese. Few whites care. Many welcome it. Members of other races rise to high position in America. Nobody cares. The CEO of IBM is Arvind Krishna; of Google, Sundar Pichai; of Microsoft, Satya Nadella; of AMD, Lisa Su; of nVidia, Jenson Huang; the founder of Facebook and cofounder of Google, Jews. Asians dominate the rigorous technical universities, MIT, CalTech, and so on. The Latin American population is problematic because of its size and newness, but there is no Brown Lives Matter, no Latino Knockout Game, few if any racial murders of whites. Latinos assimilate, start businesses, date whites, intermarry, and there is no problem. This is racism?

Note that brutal and unprovoked murders of whites by blacks are not rare. The foregoing accounts are not cherrypicked. There are many, many of them, well-documented, sometimes collected in books, often with video in Kindle editions. The larger public knows little of them because they appear briefly in local publications but are then carefully ignored by the national media. They appear in British papers, the Guardian, the Telegraph, in the New York Post, along with videos of black flash mobs sacking stores, but not on CBS, or in the NYT, or Washington Post. If you doubt the numbers, the books mentioned below are still available at Amazon.

White Girl Bleed a Lot by Colin Flaherty, likewise The Knockout Game a Lie?

The black-on-white killings are clearly racial. The killers often say so during the commission of the murders. (“White girl bleed a lot.”) Why? In part because blacks are at the bottom of society, blame their failures on whites, and want revenge. There are other reasons:

Low intelligence, poor impulse control, defective future orientation, emotionalism, difficulty with abstractions. So say psychologists who study racial differences. The literature is voluminous, though suppressed. (The predictable assertion that these scientists, nearly all white, are racist is belied by their consistent finding that Ashkenazi Jews are at the top in intelligence, followed by East Asians, then whites. Racists do not establish the inferiority of their own race.)

In the murders above, note the apparent stupidity, the failure to foresee consequences, the inability to control impulses. These explain the extraordinary rate of homicide by blacks, both of whites and each other. Murder of course is not alien to any race. Mexican narcotraficantes slaughter each other in numbers. Americans kill millions in in their wars. People kill for insurance, from jealousy, in robberies. But this killing, while deplorable, is neither impulsive nor pointless nor done without thought of the future. By contrast, a black man of twenty-five kills a small child, for no discernible reason, in front of witnesses, thus virtually assuring that he will either get the death penalty or life imprison. This is not normal murder. A black man throws a white child from a balcony in front of witnesses: Stupid, impulsive, without pretext, with nothing to gain, no grasp of consequences, assured of being caught. It is a common pattern. And it is out of control.

These traits, plus poor understanding of the world beyond their visual field, and difficulty with abstract reasoning perfectly explain the senseless murders, the periodic yet unceasing riots and burning of cities, usually of their own neighborhoods and stores. Watts in 1965, much of the country in 1968, LA in 1992, more recently Baltimore, Ferguson, Minneapolis. They explain the young black woman on network television sobbing that she is afraid to leave her house because the police might kill her, the black man roaring that he is tired, tired, tired of the police hunting down blacks to kill them. The absurdity of the first claim, the fact that blacks kill far more of each other than whites do, do not occur to an emotional, poorly informed and innumerate people.

Unhelpfully, the media tell blacks that their problems spring from the malevolence of whites, that they are victims, that blacks bear responsibility for nothing. Since the majority are poorly educated and rather simple-minded, they are readily manipulated. The journalists who do this are not consciously enraging blacks, and are not it the pay of Soros or Putin. They are full of righteous indignation, motivated more by hostility to deplorables than fondness for blacks (with whom they seldom associate).

Many students of black behavior have concluded that it is innate — genetic, as we say. This thought is of course verboten, an ender of careers, so many who know of it remain very quiet, as do the millions who have long suspected it. Liberals also seem to suspect it as otherwise they would say “Let’s study the matter carefully and find out.” Fairly obviously they fear what they might find, so instead they shy away from the questions in something resembling terror. In human affairs, questions avoided are questions likely to have the wrong answers.

Most people have essentially no knowledge either of genetics or mathematics and thus have to reach conclusions on a foundation of emotions, such as kindness. Other people think, “Oh my god, if these traits are innate, what now? There is no solution.” If the differences are real, as they seem to be, denunciation, hand-wringing, denial, censorship, or suppression will change nothing. And genetics advances.

If blacks as a race (there always being degrees and exceptions) cannot fit into a modern society, as seems to be the case, what now? It will be pointed out that blacks are decent people when not enraged or impulsive, that they are emotionally warmer than whites, immensely talented in music and acting, that they are human beings and should not be forced by circumstance to live in grim ghettos, that some are highly intelligent. All true. It can also be pointed out that many of my age grew up listening to the Platters, James Brown, the Supremes, to bebop and doowop and later Coltrane and Davis and so on at endless length, and that is somehow disagreeably ungrateful to think of their race as incompatible with mainline civilization. True…uncomfortably true.

But the killings, the crime, the arson never stop.

Whatever the answer might be, what we are doing now isn’t it. For all our talk and moral posturing, for all our sincere desire to improve things, the terrible academic gap persists, intractable and damning. The mass of blacks live in necrotic urban ghettos, children fatherless, schools chaotic, young men killing each other in frightful numbers: 700 a year in Chicago, 300 a year in Baltimore. Whenever blacks interact with other races — not just whites but Koreans who own stores in the ghetto, Jews who did, Latinos who increasingly appear in black neighborhoods — trouble results.

Things worsen. In today’s disturbances most of the rioters are white, the looters black, but race underlies it all. What the black mob now demands, and is getting, is the dismantling of a civilization it doesn’t like and can’t understand. Note that everything blacks demand involves degradation of some standard. Universities abandon standard English because blacks can’t learn it or are not interested. This means of course that they will “graduate” unable to write a coherent sentence, and thus remain unemployable. Universities must abandon math requirements, meaning that white students won’t know algebra because blacks can’t do it. English literature must go because blacks are not interested. Academic departments must hire black faculty, meaning professors who would never have even been considered were they white. Silicon Valley, very brain intensive, must hire blacks who will be no more than quota plugs and desk ornaments. They do not understand that free stuff has to come from somewhere, that monthly checks require an internationally competitive economy to produce them, that smart phones do not just arrive in boxes but must be invented by very smart people who know lots of mathematics. Saying this is unfair to blacks who hold down jobs and who study, yet the cities burn. It isn’t working.

It can’t go on. People are buying guns, many guns. Separation is the only answer. Blacks and whites have never managed to live together well, don’t, and show no signs that they ever will. Separation seems to be what blacks want. In university after university, they demand, and get, segregated dormitories, dining halls, and rec facilities. They react angrily when whites move into their neighborhoods. They burn their neighborhoods intermittently, but predictably, when a white does something bad to a black. They should have semiautonomous enclaves with their own police if they want police, their own universities in which they could study anything, everything, or nothing as they saw fit. Integration causes all of the problems. Not a good solution, there being no good solution, but maybe the best solution.