To Understand the Ferguson Riots, Look to Africa

Jared Taylor, American Renaissance, August 20, 2014

Western societies require Westerners.

The con works like this: Blacks claim racism. They scream and demonstrate. Their leaders fly in to pump up the excitement. The lickspittle press clucks about oppression. Lickspittle whites join the demonstrations. Eventually the facts come out, and they are nothing like what was initially claimed–but it makes no difference. Blacks are so drunk on indignation that facts don’t matter, and whites are so drunk on self righteousness they can’t see they were flimflammed.

We’ve seen this over and over: Trayvon Martin, the Duke Rape Hoax, the Jena Six, Tawana Brawley, the “Compton Cookout”/UC San Diego fraud, and America’s never-ending stream of hate-crime hoaxes. Why do we always fall for the same trick? First, we have Africa in our midst. Second, our rulers don’t realize we have Africa in our midst.

UCSD students protest bogus "racism" on campus.

UCSD students protest bogus “racism” on campus.

It may be that the police shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, that touched off a week of black riots was unjustified. But let us recall the very first version of events–the one that sent blacks screaming into the streets.

Brown’s pal, Dorian Johnson, went on the air and claimed that he and Brown were walking in the middle of the street, a white cop told them to get on the sidewalk, and then blazed away at Brown when he refused. He says Brown had his hands in the air and was saying “I don’t have a gun. Don’t shoot,” when the cop poured lead into him from 20 or 30 feet away.

There is probably not a single sworn peace officer anywhere in the United States who would shoot an unarmed man with his hands in the air from 20 feet away. That’s about as likely as an entire white lacrosse team gang-raping a black stripper. But that is what the press reported–along with a vague police account of a struggle for the officer’s gun–and it sent thousands of people into the streets running around with their arms in the air, pretending to be an innocent black men about to be shot.


The essential point is that the public doesn’t yet know what happened–though there is evidence now coming out that looks bad for the six-foot, four-inch, 294-pound “gentle giant,” as his admirers now no longer call him: He was high on marijuana, had just committed a strong-arm robbery, may have fractured the white cop’s eye socket in a struggle, and may have been charging straight for the officer when he was shot.

An even more important point is that a huge number of blacks don’t care what happened. An early Rasmussen poll found that 57 percent of blacks think the officer who did the shooting–Darren Wilson–should be found guilty of murder. The figure for whites was 17 percent. Brown’s mother says Officer Wilson should be arrested, tried, convicted, and given the death penalty. The Black Panthers are leading groups of blacks in a responsive chant: “What’s his name?” “Darren Wilson.” “How do we want him?” “Dead.” The president of the county NAACP chapter issued a press release saying that “yet another teenaged boy has been slaughtered by law enforcement.”

Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackon, and the head of the national NAACP have all jetted in to demand “justice.” Not one of them has pointed out that there are at least three investigations going on–federal, county, and police department–and that there should be no baying for blood until the facts are known.

Al Sharpton stands with Michael Brown's parents.

Al Sharpton stands with Michael Brown’s parents.

Attorney General Eric Holder, who arrived today to join the tub-thumping, has sent no fewer than 40 FBI agents to Ferguson to find out what happened. I can’t believe that 40 FBI agents-worth of anything has ever happened in Ferguson, but it is clear that if we sit tight, we will know more than we do now.

As for Officer Wilson, we have a procedure for deciding, first, whether to indict him and, second, if he is guilty. Prosecutors present the known evidence to a grand jury. If the grand jury finds probable cause, it votes to indict. At trial, witnesses for both sides are examined and cross examined in open court. Only then does a jury determine guilt or innocence.

This is a Western procedure that evolved over many centuries, and is designed to be as fair as possible. It is based on the presumption of innocence, and withholds judgment until all evidence is considered. It derives, in other words, from a deliberative, reasoned approach to the truth that is obviously alien to large numbers of blacks.

The Eumenides is a 2,500-year-old Greek play that explores mediated justice.

The Eumenides is a 2,500-year-old Greek play that explores procedural justice. In this depiction, the Furies howl for Orestes’ blood before Athena intervenes.

The public is often surprised and frustrated by how long it takes for the facts to emerge in cases such as the Trayvon Martin incident or the Jena Six. By the time the press gets anything like the whole picture, blacks have already swallowed a fantastic tale of “racism,” and have been rampaging for weeks.

The truth comes out slowly because the system is designed to prevent leaks and half truths that could give rise to precisely what is happening in Ferguson. Grand jury proceedings, for example, are strictly sealed in order to protect the innocent in case deliberations do not lead to indictment.

In the Michael Brown case, police released the video of the strong-arm robbery far earlier than is usual. Eric holder objected and was furious when local police ignored him. Obviously, the police released the video in the hope of balancing the skewed story that was fueling the riots, but Mr. Holder was punctilious about a procedure that just happened to protect Brown’s reputation.


In Ferguson, African-Americans are acting like Africans rather than Americans. Presumptions of innocence, rules of evidence, and deliberative justice are about as rare on the street as they are south of the Sahara. Africa is notorious for mob justice. Alleged thieves are often beaten to death on the spot. Witch-burning is so common, you can now see it on YouTube. UNICEF reports that more Africans than ever believe in witchcraft.

In Africa, hit-and-run is a safety measure; if you stop to help, the crowd is likely to kill you. That nearly happened right here in America when Steve Utash, who was driving through Detroit, stopped to help a child who had jumped in front of his car, and was very nearly murdered by a black crowd. This was not ruled a hate crime–it’s just what blacks do, apparently.

Is there any doubt what would happen to Officer Darren Wilson if the blacks on the streets of Ferguson got their hands on him? We have riots and blood lust rather than orderly procedure because we have Africa in our midst.

Another reason we have riots is because whites refuse to understand that we have Africa in our midst. The official view is that the Ferguson rioters might as well be white people, except that they’re victims of society. Our rulers tell us that looting and arson are regrettable but understandable expressions of legitimate black rage.

Police Shooting Missouri

In one of the many insights in Michael Levin’s classic, Why Race Matters, he writes that most whites don’t realize what drives so much black anger: hysteria, delusions, envy, and just plain hatred. Whites see furious blacks, and assume they could not possibly be so angry unless they had legitimate grievances. That is why the media lard their coverage of the riots with hand-wringing over bad schools and downtrodden neighborhoods, and 60- and 70-year-old tales of white racism.

The wilder blacks get, the sillier whites get. The attorney general of the state of Missouri, Chris Koster, went to St. Mark Family Church in Ferguson to tell its black congregation that he had come to “pray and grieve” with them. “You have lost a member of your community at the hands of a member of my community,” he said. “Not just the Caucasian community, but the law enforcement community. And that is painful to every good-hearted person in this city.”

Chris Koster

Chris Koster

Mr. Koster is a lawyer who understands the presumption of innocence and the hazards of police work. Surely, he would never have resorted to this sort of mush if there had not been a week of rioting.

Whites will never understand anything until they realize that blacks are different, that they bring their misery upon themselves, and that blaming whites and making excuses only makes blacks angrier and more reckless.

But it is Captain Ronald Johnson of the Missouri State Highway Patrol who takes the prize for idiotic comments. He is the black officer who was rolled out to bring calm when it seemed whites couldn’t do the job. He can’t seem to decide whether he is a policeman or Al Sharpton.

In a church packed with blacks, and in what the New York Times called “the cadences of a preacher,” he said: “My heart goes out to you, and I say that I’m sorry. I wear this uniform, and I should stand up here and say that I’m sorry.” At a service for Michael Brown in a different church, he said we should all be thankful to the young man’s family because Brown’s death will “make it better for our sons so they can be better black men.”

But this admiring account of him mixing with the protesters best captures the insanity:

‘We should be able to walk the streets, we should be able to go to the store without being shot in cold blood,’ shouted the woman, one of hundreds protesting the police slaying of teenager Michael Brown. ‘We don’t feel safe in these streets. Never. Ever. Report that. Tell that. Don’t go around sugar-coating things to the media.’ . . .

‘I couldn’t have said it better,’ the tall, charismatic African-American conceded.

A black woman blurts out the African-style nonsense blacks believe: that Michael Brown was “shot in cold blood.” A black police officer agrees, and a white journalist admires his charisma. Sanity is a distant dream.

Fortunately, after days of mayhem, we are finally getting a few realistic reports on the rioters. The Washington Post notes that some have come from as far away as Chicago, Detroit, and Brooklyn:

DeAndre Smith, fresh from looting the QuikTrip on a recent night, told reporters: ‘I’m proud of us. We deserve this, and this is what’s supposed to happen when there’s injustice in your community.’

“We are jobless men, and this is our job now: getting justice,” says another man. “If that means violence, that’s okay by me. They’ve been doing this to us for years.” A Ferguson policeman who noted all the out-of-towners called it “looting tourism.”

Clearly, Michael Brown has become an excuse, not just to go looting but to chant “Time to kill a cop” at the police, throw bottles of urine at them, set off Molotov cocktails, and maybe even get a few seconds of TV time. “If it wasn’t for the looting,” said one man, “we wouldn’t get the attention.”

Besides the businesses that have been burned down or stripped clean, businesses in the area, including medical practices, have seen hardly any customers for a week. At least one shop, the Yolo! Boutique, has put up a sign “black owned,” in open recognition of who’s doing the looting. Schools that were supposed to open have remained closed.


But let us return to what this means for our institutions. The Ferguson police already broke procedure when it released the robbery video. It was a small point, but it was a sacrifice to Africa in our midst. There will be more. A grand jury is supposed to consider the evidence without regard to politics or public opinion. No matter what case the prosecutor presents–even if it is the weakest the grand jury has ever seen–does anyone in America think the jurors have the courage to refuse to indict? The rabble in Ferguson have already corrupted one hard-won achievement of Western common law.

And when the case goes to trial, what juror will not recall the 50 deaths that followed the acquittal of the police who beat Rodney King? What juror will not recall the insults heaped on the jurors who acquitted George Zimmerman? It will do no good to move the trial to a different jurisdiction. Officer Darren Wilson will not get a fair trial unless it takes place on the moon. This is another sacrifice to Africa.

In the long term, as Africa and other parts of the Third World expand in our midst, it will become harder and harder for any of our basic European institutions to function. We are slipping back towards corruption and the rule of brute power. Africa may always be in our midst, but unless our rulers understand what that means, many Fergusons are in our future.

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Jared Taylor
Jared Taylor is the editor of American Renaissance and the author of White Identity: Racial Consciousness in the 21st Century.
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  • anony

    “In the long term, as Africa and other parts of the Third World expand in our midst, it will become harder and harder for any of our basic European institutions to function.”

    You, Mr. Taylor, are a prophet in your own time.

    • DaveMed

      Watch – tax rates swill be jacked up even higher as non-Whites gain more control over the various branches of government.

      • Whitetrashgang

        It is dry, America is 17 trillion in debt. The average US tax payer owes 150,000 thousand . Time to turn off the lights and move to Canada or Greenland.

        • Chasmania

          As high as the debt is, it could be paid back relatively easy. The problem is all the dead weight, Fed regulations, wars, etc… that keep ballooning it and crushing the economy at the same time.

          We solve the ills, the debt will vanish like spring time snow melting.

          • CarolinaGem

            If you believe that, I have a bridge to sell you.

            It would take roughly 47 years to repay that amount, assuming we repaid at a rate of $1 billion per day with no additional debt accumulating each second. The current amount of the debt already exceeds the total GDP of the US.

          • Chasmania

            You do realize that today the Fed takes in around $250 billion plus a month, while the debt servicing takes around 30-34 billion, so why stick with your paltry billion a day ? Up to 3 billion a day, then factor in reduced interest as you go…. Easily doable if the fed is drastically reduced, etc… as I noted before.

            That’s not even factoring in how the economy would take off like a rocket if there was real – and I mean REAL – cuts to the Fed budget and a huge reduction in it’s overall size. You doom and gloomers really kill me when it comes to the debt. It’s only huge because it’s ALLOWED to stay that way. Paying it off would be a snap, IF reforms are made. THAT’S the real problem.

          • Yes but if Germany was unable to do it in the 20’s with a much more unified, cohesive, and patriotic population where will the US find the political will to do it today?

            Also Brazil was unable to do it in the 80’s: they actually closed the banks and people were only allowed to withdraw a little bit each day. Argentina just defaulted 2 weeks ago (I think?).

            Do you think the Gov’t is worried about protecting your assets??? — or keeping the 38 million blacks in this country well endowed with freebies so they don’t riot.

          • Alucard_the_last

            Most of Germany are humans unlike America that has a large population of sub-humans.

          • Chasmania

            I agree that the Fed is scarcely worried about the average tax payer, and I never disagreed. My point is that IF reforms are made after some major sea change of leadership.

            Germany in the 20s was a total wreck. The country was economically worse off than some 3rd world countries, and the Brazilian economy isn’t anywhere near as deep or resourceful as the US economy is, or can be.

            The economy here is capable of great things, and my point is that IF it’s unbridled it would grow at a rate that would easily chew thru the current debt level with available tax intake.

          • T. Matson

            Easy we SHOW love and I mean a lot of LOVE to the Marxists who control our media and lie about everything—Marxist J*** only understand 1 thing–if we start showing the love and I do mean multiple KIsses all over the country to those wonderful J&&& and of course send Obama and Holder on a ALL expense 1 way trip–then NU** a few or a lot of those wonderful Non-Muslim lead quasi-nations–well guess what they would get the hint–then love some more and problem solved. These sub-humans have inter-bred for 2,000 years plus-they no longer have compassion, caring for their fellow man within them–in fact they are a threat to humanity–Christians must take a stand against EVIL–have faith, fight for your fellow man and all will be as it should.(HInt the J*** go to hell FOREVER!)

          • A Freespeechzone

            Look at Greece, they took up to 10% of all bank deposits from depositors—don’t think for one second that our government would love to get their hands on YOUR 401K, IRA, Savings and Deposits to pay off the drain as result of the Third World invasion..

          • evilsandmich

            There is no evidence that there will be any action on this until it reaches a crisis level and by then it will be a decade or two too late.

          • Chasmania

            I would question that. We’re discussing it and that in and of itself IS evidence of action.

          • Bunky

            You suggest paying back a trillion dollars a year. Approximately.
            The government has never taken in three trillion in taxes.
            (Maybe this year they will.)
            But they spend four trillion each and every year since the black savior.That means they have to cut 50%. That will not happen my friend.
            I think it’s fantasy to think we can pay off the debt.
            The only way out is inflation.
            They will arrange that.

          • Chasmania

            I think everyone who responds to me keeps missing the part where I talk about massive government reform…..I give up.

          • joanofamerica

            gold/mineral standard, for citizens only government outlay and real estate (a naturalaztion police), would fix alot, a few other things but not much, would fix everything, such as a certain amount of money (cash) alloted to every citizen as a draw for education, unemployment, retirement to replace welfare and social security

          • SoulInvictus

            ” REAL – cuts to the Fed budget and a huge reduction in it’s overall size. ”
            There is no push for that, in either party.
            Republicans want to cut social programs, but cut taxes on the rich, and increase all other spending.
            Dems, pretty much the same but even more imported poor and more money spent on both guns and butter.
            Before going on a third party rant, please show me a 3rd party candidate that has gotten a single electoral vote in a national election. Even Ross Perot, despite more success than any other 3rd party candidate, won not a single electoral vote…

            Therefore, unfortunately, not gonna happen.

          • Chasmania

            Agree that it’s likely not going to get better, but one must try. Strive for the best: Prepare for the worse.

          • fgbrunner3

            Let’s eliminate virtually all federal spending, except for national defense. Let’s institute a universal 10% income tax. Let’s repeal all other federal taxes. Let’s eliminate the EPA. Then as the economy zooms into the stratosphere, let’s pay off the national debt.

          • Chasmania

            Add the Dept of Education and virtually every other bloated agency to the kill list and things would really start to brighten up for the future. The US economy is world class as is, and that’s with an 800 lb gorilla on its back trying to strangle it ! Imagine if you made real cuts ?

          • Pat Kittle

            The “environment” is not liberal.

          • Yancy Derringer

            Thank you, Pat. Exactly. EPA stays.

          • The “environment” is how the ultra rich, the powerful and the connected avoid the diversity they want to inflict on the rest of us.

          • Pat Kittle

            Like many here I was once on the left.

            I am very grateful to the “alternate right” for having confirmed my growing suspicions and greatly elaborating on them.

            I’ve been banned from countless leftist websites for such sins as insisting immigration levels have to be ecologically sustainable just like everything else, and frankly discussing race realism.

            I tell “environmental justice activists” they’re giving ecology a bad name, because most of them don’t give a crap about ecology any more than a Wall Street bankster. They’re really just cynically co-opting the traditional conservation movement.

            “Environmental justice” (obviously!) should mean “justice for the environment” — but in practice it’s just another thinly-disguised anti-white “social justice” ploy. (Here in Santa Cruz, CA I’ve got my work cut out for me.)

            Ironically, many conservatives also hold conservation in contempt, which is partly but not entirely explained by the antics of the aforementioned eco-phonies.

            The following fact transcends all human affairs:

            The environment absolutely does not need any human economic system; but no economic system would last a nanosecond without the environment. That’s pretty basic, but few take it seriously if they ever even thought about it.

            Wiping out entire species is obscene.

            I hope this comment will be allowed to stand.

          • anony

            “Wiping out entire species is obscene.”

            Not sure what you mean.

            Nature wipes out entire species on a regular basis. Is Nature obscene?

          • Pat Kittle

            Of course species have always gone extinct, but humans have raised the rate they go extinct to ~1,000 times above the background level. I think that is obscene. Your opinion may vary.

            That is not a carelessly arrived at figure. E.O. Wilson did his homework, and earned the wrath of leftists for efforts:

            “…His ideas that evolution and human sexuality are in part biologically determined and his assertion that human nature owes some of its outcomes to genetics resulted in protests from humanists and feminists. Accused of sexism, racism, and misogyny, Wilson was heckled and scorned, even having a pitcher of water poured over his head at a meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science….”

            (I linked to the above excerpt but the comments was censored. “E.O. Wilson” is listed at the “Encyclopedia of Alabama” website.)

          • Elenor

            Let’s give everyone a unicorn to ride!!
            (We’re more likely to be able to do that!)

          • FransSusan

            I agree, but the corrupt government doesn’t represent the populace and will never do anything but that which enriches the oligarchy.

          • Chasmania

            They have no incentive to, and the current problems make sure that nothing can or will change. It will take a catastrophic event – catastrophic to the current power mongers – to change things, and it will have to happen deep, wide and faster than they can respond.

            Those who are running things behind the scenes will not go quietly, and they are surely not going to let a few silly elections displace what they’ve spent generations putting into place, and any revolution will have them trying to subvert it the second it appears as a threat, so grabbing power will be difficult at best.

          • SoulInvictus

            Can’t be done. The Fed can’t print money to pay the debt without generating more debt.
            It’s a pretty simple con.
            Americans have just been so disengaged from the finance of their own country that we’re ignorant about it.

          • Alucard_the_last

            Kick all welfare bums and whores off of welfare. I think one has to pay into the system, a minimum for 2 years for some welfare. 10 years for full welfare. If they stop breeding like roaches, they MIGHT think about closing their legs. Currently, welfare bums get rewarded by a raise in pay and food stamps for every litter they squeeze out.

          • Voltara

            If only this were true. The reality is the debt and ongoing costs will be carried by the ever-reducing number of white taxpayers. Large corporations are doing everything they can to internationalise their cash-flow and declare profits in low cost jurisdictions. Pressure on government finances will continue to increase as the non productive segments of the population grow rapidly and vote for politicians who promise them handouts. The big picture is very clear. Work hard and save – your are punished. Do nothing and beg – get rewarded. The future is clear until those facts change.

          • Sick of it

            Don’t assume we need to pay back the debt at all.

        • Nancy

          I hear New Zealand is nice.

          • AndrewInterrupted

            They have a significant entrance fee. Better have an extra mil or two kicking around. Freedom from Marxists aint free.

          • Keep Honkin, I’m Reloading

            True… I’ve actually checked into it.

          • SoulInvictus

            And incredibly difficult to immigrate to. Already looked in to it.

          • Nancy

            Actually, we have as well. Because of what my husband and I do for a living, we both qualify for certain fields which are in high demand over there. We sent in the $200 fee to have the NZ Immigration service review our credentials and they let us know that, if we choose to apply, we would be granted entry.

            They charge money because they don’t want to bother evaluating potential expats unless they’re serious about applying.

          • SoulInvictus

            From what I’ve read, I don’t think I’d ever be able to afford NZ. But maybe we’ll get together on the other side of the world since I’ll hopefully be residing in your immediate neighbor to the left.:)

        • Actually it’s almost 18 trillion now.

          Not to worry, your dollars will soon be redeemable for gold. Yes, it’s true. In the speech by Nixon suspending payment in gold for US dollars in 1971, he clearly stated that the measure was just “temporary”.

        • tlk244182

          Northwest American Republic. Ex Gladio, Libertas.

          • Who Me?

            Just read the “White Book”. It’s the ONLY idea I’ve seen so far that makes any sense at all. (Or has even a ghost of a chance of MAYBE working.) Everything else aside, it’s the only part of the present U.S. that has half a chance of successful separation due to geographical location.

        • JohnG911

          Any short term solution to our national debt will destroy the wealth of the middle class and that’s exactly what the left intended. The rich are numerically insignificant but the high number of middle class Americans IS the only political obstacle to the left’s goal of achieving absolute power.

      • Georgia Boy

        Blacks sure do covet those government jobs, and they are not shy about preferentially hiring their own. As I know in my city, it’s half black but the mayor, most of the city council, city manager, police chief and deputy chief, etc all blacks.

        And what will happen to you small government conservatives when this is true in every city? That’s right, blacks will say it’s because you’re racist and just don’t want blacks having good jobs.

      • ViktorNN

        I think you’re right here. We’re facing the classic textbook risk that all democracies face – that a mass of poor (and stupid) voters will simply vote to raise taxes on the rich and then live off the proceeds.

        Of course, the super rich will spend whatever it takes to shift this tax burden onto what’s left of the productive white middle class, and as a minority there won’t be a damn thing we will be able to do about it.

        • SoulInvictus

          That is intentional. A healthy middle class allows social mobility and independence.
          You can’t have a servile peasant class for the elites while a strong middle class exists. So it’s been ravaged by most every Federal policy of the last 60 years.

        • Yancy Derringer

          Won’t be? Did and done.

      • FransSusan

        Yes, the parasites are devouring the host!

    • Publius Pompilius Quietus

      It’s sad that such obvious sentiments are now prophetic.

      • Depue

        “In times of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” Or, in this case, a prophet in his own time. We are surely living in a time of universal deceit.

    • John Smith


      The most important ingredient in any country is…drum roll please…THE GENE POOL. Everything else is secondary.

      Yea, yea I know I sound like Hitler, but the truth is still the TRUTH.

      • anony

        No, you don’t sound like Hitler, you sound like a truth teller!

        • Whitetrashgang

          Same thing!

        • tlk244182

          I learned only recently that Hitler did, in fact, tell the truth at least as often as Churchill, Roosevelt, and Stalin. The notion that he was the personification of absolute evil is a piece of “Marxist” propaganda, enabling “liberals” to equate any criticism of Blacks or other minorities with hideous mass murder. If I criticize Obama, for example, I’m just like the Nazis who “killed six million Jews.” As Whitetrashgang says, and more succinctly, Hitler was a truth teller.

          • anony

            Believe me, I understand.

          • Copenhagen23

            One day the Holocaust™ will get the true revision that it needs. It has become a Hollywood fairy tale with a little bit of accurate history mixed in. The truth cannot be suppressed forever.

      • Franklin_Ryckaert

        If you don’t dare to sound like Hitler, sound like Benjamin Disraeli who said : ” Race is everything.”

      • Gary John 金白龍

        “NAZI’s” build racially united, 1st world, wealthy nations. (pre-WW2

        Liberals (neo-Communists) promote racially divided, crime-ridden, impoverished nations. (USA today)

        • Usually Much Calmer

          That’s simplistic and inaccurate. Bismarck largely built the Germany you refer to, Nazis had nothing to do with it.

          Communists have not yet had a success and it seems inconceivable that they will.

          But true liberalism has been a blessing to the West. It is why you and I are able to write very unpopular things here. And why readers looking for answers can be exposed to these unpopular things.

          • me

            Sure. I believe you, little pink rabbit….

          • kctaz

            But true liberalism has been a blessing to the West.


            You may be right, but true liberalism has vanished and what remains is a curse not a blessing to the West.

          • Augustus3709

            Germans built Germany. But the National Socialists did take off the shackles in the 30s.

          • UncleSham

            “Liberalism” means something different to everyone. It has become corrupted to the point of being a completely useless word. It only serves to create confusion and prevent people from communicating effectively. Unfortunately, this is true for many politically related words. Examples include: racism, fascism, capitalism.

          • SoulInvictus

            “That’s simplistic and inaccurate. Bismarck largely built the Germany you refer to, Nazis had nothing to do with it.”

            Not really true. Germany was prostrate after WWI. Check out the Greatest Story Never Told. Interesting and informative.

          • Usually Much Calmer

            I will, thanks for the tip.

          • SoulInvictus

            It’s a bizarre experience to watch the whole series of videos.
            As a normal American, indoctrinated since toddlerhood with WWII propaganda, it can be a somewhat reality bending process to see unfold.
            Honest to God, there’s a point about half to 3/4 of the way through that you’ll shed a tear for the German soldiers. That’s right, it will make you cry for Nazi’s… something that seems absolutely impossible beforehand.
            Your mind kind of fractures after that point when you realize what was done to the German people and the rest of us after that.

          • Usually Much Calmer

            They are videos? I assumed it was a book.

            I have a surfeit of sympathy, I’m never surprised that I cry.

            I stand by my claim the Bismarck made the Germany we know.

            Nice to chat with you again, SI.

    • LovelyNordicHeidi

      Whatever is non-White is a problem in our midst. It causes ethnic conflict for various reasons, and ethnic conflict destroys our society as we now see. It does not matter whether the non-Whites in question are Hispanic, Asian or Black, they are all contributing to the same thing. Do not even think for a moment that the average non-White is going to give a care about us at all. They are all the same, practically. Some have a higher IQ, and others a lower IQ, but they just do the same thing to us. They are never going to be able to live in harmony with us in the same nation. It is utter madness that we have to repeat such obvious stuff over and over again. Bottom-line: Non-Whites are not our friends and we cannot have them in our nations.

      • scottthestrategerist

        Heidi, perhaps I’ve been fortunate, but I actually name the non-Eskimo elites as Jews and, to Mr. Taylor’s credit, I haven’t had any problems. Of course, this doesn’t mean that every single Jew is bad. I continually cite the greatest Jew of all: Murray Rothbard. But yes, the organised Jewish community is a bad actor on the world stage. No question about it.

        • Franklin_Ryckaert

          If you still want to stay semi-politically correct call them “non-Gentiles”.

      • silviosilver

        Heidi, I don’t know what planet you’re on. If things were as bad as you claim people wouldn’t need you screaming at them to convince them; they’d realize it themselves. It’s because things are not as bad as you claim that a tad more subtlety is required, particularly if you don’t want your message to backfire. In my experience there is no surer way to turn people off than to push them further than they’re comfortable. Even if they’re inclined to agree with you, the minute they sense you going ‘too far’ they recoil and begin reconsider their entire political attitude. I’m sorry if this bad news upsets you.

        • me

          You’d rather have a bunch of naïve people wind up dead than offended by the truth? I see….

        • scottthestrategerist

          Heidi is right. The problem is YOU don’t like it. Granted, we do have to be careful in talking to new people, but what Heidi wrote was spot-on.

      • anony

        There is not one sentence in your post that I disagree with.

      • captainc

        But, so far, only rants and whines are all I see, no one wants to put it to work, like infiltrating the political parties, weed out the infiltrating Chinese, by using their tactics to bring even cheaper products, claiming new fascist religion, like Islam or to infiltrate Islam to use the brown masses to do the job and then dispose them all, etc.

        No one wants to work and struggle in 20 or 50 or even 1000 years time scope. But, the most succesful movements like Marxism (Islam, Christianity), Zionism, Illuminati, Chinese conquests of South East Asia have the patience to work in that timeline.

    • Garrett Brown

      It’s pretty obvious, has been for a few centuries now.

      • anony

        Agree. A prophet speaks/writes the truth while most who “know” the truth do not “speak/write” it. That’s what makes a “prophet”.

    • Alucard_the_last

      It is fashionable to hate whites and white culture even amongst self-loathing whites (liberals). Not me. I study European culture and history. Any more advanced nations, got all of their technology from whites. Whites are the ones keeping the negro from going extinct. The Asians and Latin Americans aren’t keeping them alive.

      • me

        They don’t care. Look at the continent of Africa. Countries like Zimbabwe, South Africa, Uganda…..they all hated the White man but liked the nice things White men built and invented. They chased the Whites out, and are right back to their stone age ‘culture’. Yet, they expect White countries to bail them out of every tribal war, every famine, and every pandemic. NEGRO FATIGUE. I think we’re all getting sick of the Negroes…

      • SoulInvictus

        They should be forced to watch 300 and Lord of the Rings looped until the dormant whiteness awakes in them.
        I find both stir mine nicely in the right ways.

    • proud white

      I was going to say the same thing. That was a brilliant article with an even more brilliant ending!

    • NoMosqueHere

      It all started w/ MLK and the civil rights movement. The southern whites warned us back in the 1950s & 60s, but we ignored them; now we’re paying the price for our perfidy.

    • FransSusan

      The corrupt, US government is encouraging this. Not only do they allow the third world peoples to easily come to our country, but also we taxpayers are forced to support them once they get here. The US even pays for Muslims mosques to be built in the US.

  • Here is one wild card that as far as I know, only I have considered:

    Bob McCulloch will be the one presenting evidence to the GJ. McCulloch’s father was a St. Louis City cop who was murdered in the line of duty by a black. I think it’s entirely possible that McCulloch will deliberately present a weak case against Wilson designed to get the GJ not to return an indictment.

    The other side of that coin will be that the GJs will be worried about their names getting leaked in case they don’t issue an indictment.

    • DaveMed

      Liberals are demanding that McCulloch be removed from the case.

    • Yancy Derringer

      That works both ways, though.

  • AmericanCitizen

    We stand at the precipice, what we knew as Western Civilization is in serious decline. The great values and traditions that built America are now decried as wrong thinking and our educational system is re-writing American History to exclude the greatness of this country as built by whites.

    There is no historical example, no modern parallel, of a society embracing “diversity” to the exclusion of all else that makes sense. The inner city black does not share our western culture, our love of education and arts, the work ethic and the family, and is certainly not a productive normal member of society who’s just down on his luck (to explain the need for EBT, TANF and the like).

    Hopefully these incidents will help to open up the eyes of many fellow whites still residing in their comas, believing that more laws and more money will turn the American black into a productive member of society.

    • DaveMed

      These incidents tend to drive Whites on either side (that is, racial realism vs racial naivete) deeper into their ideological camps.

      But I’m optimistic that this one has pulled more “in the middle” to our side than to theirs.

      • anton drexler

        It’s conformity and cowardice, not stupidity, that makes most Whites “anti-racist.” The egalitarian Left consists of modern day witch-hunters and witch-burners, so only the rarest of birds, like Jared Taylor, have the guts to oppose them openly. Rich liberals like the scumbag reporters on CNN and MSNBC are the greatest White separatists in the world, just observe where they choose to live. That shows that even they, on the most basic level, understand the lowly nature of blacks; they just don’t have the courage to admit it to themselves.

        • DaveMed

          Quite true. But they also hope that when non-Whites are the clear majority, the country won’t turn to pot. That is why I see them as naifs.

          • anony

            I think they are simply playing the same film-flam game the blacks are playing, except, with blacks, we call it mau-mauing.

            They are simply saying the right things to “get ahead”.

            As we all know, though, it’s the short game. In the long run, all Whites lose.

          • Whitetrashgang

            These reporters get paid from 100,000 thousand to 10 million or more to spew this crap.

        • John Smith

          “Rich liberals like the scumbag reporters on CNN and MSNBC are the greatest White separatists in the world, just observe where they choose to live.”

          Bingo !

          When choosing a neighborhood or a school for their precious children, why do so many liberals/leftists behave like klansmen?

    • TruthBeTold

      There is no historical example, no modern parallel, of a society
      embracing “diversity” to the exclusion of all else that makes sense.

      They don’t need historical examples. They have theories. In the mind of the ‘progressive’ leftist, theories trump reality.

      • Chasmania

        Fellow travelers towards the glorious future. Bleh.

        God I hate progressives.

      • Luca

        Beyond theories they have an agenda.

    • The Worlds Scapegoat

      “…our educational system is re-writing American History to exclude the greatness of this country as built by whites.”

      This is why I laugh at all the patriotards who continue to defend this country and government. They don’t realize that in 200 years the brown man will have been the first to have walked on the moon, and the white man will have been a knuckle dragging imbecile. They will be at least right about the knuckle dragging imbecile whites because any white person with even a smidgen of common sense would never have let this happen.


    • kctaz

      Blacks did just fine despite many obstacles before LBJ came up with Welfare. It threw the heretofore brave and noble black man out of the home and family. Don’t ever forget this and it was done with malice for votes. LBJ andLiberals/Democrats/Progressives who have always hated black people and feared them created this. Black people did not.

      Look at our Universities and the brainwashing Liberals who are entrenched there and our Teacher’s Unions in lower education. Look at our Media who propagates this hate and tripe. Sorry, we failed to pay attention and fight these people. We are to blame for this as well.

      Our Founders warned us of all of this well over two hundred years ago. We citizens failed to listen.

      “Nip the shoots of arbitrary power in the bud, is the only maxim which can ever preserve the liberties of any people. When the people give way, their deceivers, betrayers, and destroyers press upon them so fast, that there is no resisting afterwards. The nature of the encroachment upon the American constitution is such, as to grow every day more and more encroaching. Like a cancer, it eats faster and faster every hour. The revenue creates pensioners, and the pensioners urge for more revenue. The people grow less steady, spirited, and virtuous, the seekers more numerous and more corrupt, and every day increases the circles of their dependents and expectants, until virtue, integrity, public spirit, simplicity, and frugality, become the objects of ridicule and scorn, and vanity, luxury, foppery, selfishness, meanness, and downright venality swallow up the whole society. ”

      — John Adams, Novanglus Letters, 1774

      Now more than ever before, the people are responsible for the character of their Congress. If that body be ignorant, reckless and corrupt, it is because the people tolerate ignorance, recklessness and corruption. If it be intelligent, brave and pure, it is because the people demand these high qualities to represent them in the national legislature…. If the next centennial does not find us a great nation … it will be because those who represent the enterprise, the culture, and the morality of the nation do not aid in controlling the political forces.

      James Garfield, the twentieth president of the United States, 1877

      • adplatt126

        Blacks never did fine. Their problems are not caused by Democrat policies. Their problems are caused by them. Sure you could argue that Democrat policies create a culture of dependency and incentivize blacks not to work. But you could also argue that the money poured into black healthcare and wellbeing also profits them in ways they couldn’t provide themselves. Blacks will always lag significantly behind virtually all other groups, by all reasonable metrics, regardless of the political persuasions of those in power.

        • kctaz

          I strongly disagree with you. Look at what money poured into the American Indian did to them. It has been devastating.
          I guess we must just agree to disagree. The Government is a deadly force and can and does ruin whomever it tries to “help”.Always has and always will.

      • Garrett Brown

        There was a noble black man? Where was that at?

        • Robert Haschberg

          I think I saw him on TV, I guess “kctaz” did too.

  • DaveMed

    A magnificent piece, Mr. Taylor.

    Pure, courageous, frightening truth.

  • bubo

    Sanity is a distant dream.

    Pretty much sums up the US and most of the white world at this point. For us it’s blacks and browns, for Europe it’s Muslims and blacks. We pretend it’ll be all right, but I think most of us know it won’t be.

    For example, I turned on the tv to see an attractive white female CNN anchor utterly smitten with a black gansta rapper throwing out all the nonsense that blacks believe. Two segments of “police kill blacks every day because they racist” and not one mention, even in passing, that the cop had sustained a fractured skull during the beating at the hands of the “innocent child.”

  • “Chris Koster”

    Who wants to be our next Governor, and is a big favorite to be the Democrat nominee at least. More uselessness ahead.

    The irony is that his late father (Rich Koster) was pretty right wing, and for a long time the program director at the St. Louis NBC affiliate TV station (the same one that all but showed the undertow how to get to Darren Wilson’s house).. He was the conservative in the local PBS public affairs show (“Donnybrook”), whose long time moderator (Martin Duggan) was once the St. Louis Globe-Democrat editor who gave Pat Buchanan his first journalism job.

    Chris Koster was a Republican state legislator until 2006, when he opportunistically changed parties and then ran for and won Attorney General in 2008 as a Democrat.

    Unfortunately, if nothing drastic happens, the favorite to be the Republican nominee is Lt. Gov. Peter Kindercare, who is, as hard as this to say, an even bigger race panderer than Nixon and Koster.

  • Assuming the facts are as presented so far, there is no case against Officer Darren Wilson. That it’s going to a Grand Jury is already a huge concession to the African street rabble. Kowtowing to rabble never ends well.

    The question uppermost in my mind is why the national media behave as irresponsibly as they do. To me, their propaganda proves that they are complicit in using the Afros to further a larger agenda of concentrating power in a central government that is hostile to Christianity, Euro traditions, and racial awareness in order to push the globalist agenda. Soros and company control the media. It’s not that they’e what we used to call “N-word lovers,” but they can enrich themselves using the Afros as tools to shut us up, to disempower us.

    I really like this essay because it directly and forcefully puts the American Negro into the same class as the African Negro. No difference, after hundreds of years in North America. Excellent job by Mr. Taylor to provide a hook for us to use in talking to people about race.

    • TruthBeTold

      To me, their propaganda proves that they are complicit in using the Afros to further a larger agenda…

      That may be true but I also believe many journalists believe they are doing the work of the angels by exposing racism.

      It also ensure you curry favor with the nomenklatura who have the money and influence.

      As a bonus, you get invited to all the fashionable soirees.

    • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

      The question uppermost in my mind is why the national media behave as irresponsibly as they do.
      A smokescreen perhaps to hide the coming Executive Order amnesty?

      • PB

        “The question uppermost in my mind is why the national media behave as irresponsibly as they do.”

        Following instructions.

      • Spikeygrrl

        …from which Ferguson is the distraction du jour.

        I’ve been posting this on every board I frequent: a few months from now, the only people still talking about Ferguson will be grievance-industry professionals and residents of Ferguson. Meanwhile, “President” Soetoro quietly will have granted amnesty to millions of illegal aliens by Executive Order. Which event do you think will still be shaping America for generations to come?

        “Look! Squirrel!”…and it gets us EVERY TIME.

    • anony

      The Lame-stream media are our single worst enemy only surpassed by those who control them.

  • TruthBeTold

    Black behavior and outcome are universal.

    It doesn’t matter if it’s a nation in Africa or a neighborhood in America, the results are the same.

  • Todd Clemmer

    This article is so on point. Thank you Mr. Taylor.

  • Mary

    It’s inevitable that lawlessness and primitive actions will become more prevalent in our declining nation as third world peoples continue to grow and, ultimately, dominate. Many can see this clearly, but are powerless to stop it. I feel frightened for the future of my children, and saddened and outraged for my ancestors, who fought so hard and endured so much for it to come to this. We were handed an amazing nation on a silver tray, and many chose to dump it into the trash.

  • Oldcorporal

    As usual, Mr. Taylor, you nailed it perfectly. Blacks ARE different from us, in things besides just skin color and hair texture. And it’s this liberal pretense that we are “all the same under the skin,” going back many, many years, that has landed this country in the racial minefield it now occupies. I don’t know just what it will take to wake up the White majority, but I keep hoping that it will happen, before it’s too late.

  • TruthBeTold

    Where Africans are Africa is. (5 words)

    • benvad

      That should be on the exterior walls of the White House. Or the warning sign before entering black areas.

      • Franklin_Ryckaert

        The “White” House is now also a black area.

    • Franklin_Ryckaert

      In Latin : ubi Africani ibi Africa (four words).

  • MekongDelta69

    A great article as always from J.T., but I have one little quibble. (Hey, what’s a comment, without a quibble?!)

    “…our rulers don’t realize we have Africa in our midst.”

    In my opinion, our rulers absolutely realize we have Africa in our midst. They want it that way. (Same with muslims, brown people from anywhere, all 9th world populations, etc. – everybody but White people.)

    The thing that disgusts me the most in every picture just like the above for the last 50 years, is that you ALWAYS see these brain-dead White leftists raising their ‘black power’ fists (or whatever the visual signal is popular in any given decade).

    They are just as much a cancer on society as all the blacks ‘protestors’ in this (and every other) picture ever taken.

    • benvad

      That’s very true but neglected one thing, they do want white people. They want to rule and laud their power over us, to correct and punish us for white sons of the past.

      Most of all they aren’t stupid, they know that whites are the financial security they need through taxation. That’s the whole Wayne County vs Oakland County dilemma, who will pay for Detroit’s corruption, do you catch my drift?

    • ncpride

      Totally agree. I’ve always stated the naïve Whites who buy into the black narrative are our worst enemies, and I blame and despise them the most. Blacks are just being blacks, and could be brought quickly under control with White unity, however, with the country being flooded with ‘minorities’ and our numbers dwindling, the window of opportunity for that is closing quickly.

      • kjh64

        If minorities continue to increase in numbers, they will bring Blacks under control. I can tell you the Mexicans don’t like and won’t tolerate Blacks, no non-Whites will. Non-Whites have no White guilt and couldn’t care less about Blacks and don’t like them.

        • ncpride

          Problem is, those non-Whites don’t like US either. The Mexican narrative is just as bad as the black one….’You gringos stole our land!’ blah, blah, blah. Asians have their hand in the pot now, and have started demanding things as well. We need to take back control of our lands, and despite the slow White awakening, I’m afraid it’s just getting too late for that. I’m not sure what the future holds, and try as I might, I get more pessimistic by the day. After this fiasco in Ferguson, it’s clear to me too many Whites are willing to concede way too much for what will only be a brief pause in the insanity that has become America.

          • kjh64

            Oh, I’m not saying Mexicans are good for America. I’m just saying that they won’t tolerate and coddle Blacks like Whites do, not one bit.

    • phorning

      I have read several articles about city planners putting low income rental property in neighborhoods with mid to upper end homes. These liberals think if the low income residents are exposed to better neighborhoods, they will stop behaving in destructive ways and become productive citizens. It’s insane.

      • Franklin_Ryckaert

        I’m afraid they are not that naive. I’m afraid it is all part of the “war on Whites”, never let them have a place where they can live among their own.

  • benvad

    What gets me is a Rich Benjamin type who wrote a book Whitopia, which analyzes why whites want to segregate themselves.

    We are pin cushion for the Blacks. We are blamed for just about anything then attacked, assaulted & many times murdered. When we live or have to associate with them we have these problems.

    When we flee them, we get blamed for their social problems. It’s a no win situation on any count. I’ve learned the best policy is to shun them and avoid any contact if at all possible.

  • NothingMan00

    The white grovelers seem to think blacks will be impressed with them or, if things get worse, will show them mercy. They may end up learning the truth the hard way: the negroes are always as savage and merciless to grovelers as they are to the indifferent.

    • Franklin_Ryckaert

      They respect a strong arm. That’s the only thing they respect.

  • dd121

    Trying to reason with blacks and liberals about race is an impossible task. It’s best to just dig in wait for them to attack.

    • DaveMed

      Reading comments about this situation from liberal Whites on Facebook is enough to turn me sour for an entire day.

      • dd121

        The whining, self-blame knows no depth.

  • ZB01

    We should be able to walk the streets, we should be able to go to the store without being shot in cold blood…

    Yes, Ma’am. So true. But you know what? A lot of White people feel precisely the same way; and statistically, more often than not, they’re the ones who are the victims of random “shot[s] in cold blood…” I’ll leave it up to you to guess the color of their perpetrators… But I’m guessing you won’t be protesting on their behalf, will you now?

    • If Michael Brown had been killed in a robbery or a drive by shooting at 12:03 pm on Saturday, August 9, 2014, at the hands of another black, on the Canfield Avenue pavement, and that was statistically far more likely to happen than dying at the hands of a white cop (in this matter, the white cop was totally justified), you’d still wouldn’t know where Ferguson, Missouri is.

      • Ghost of Galton

        Exactly. In that case he would have simply been a victim of stochastic blackness–a drop in the ocean of African dysfunction. Blacks shrug their collective shoulders at black-on-black violence because they have nothing to gain in monetary or political terms, no real angle to exploit to the detriment of Whites.

  • Rick O’Shea

    Another great article from Mr. Taylor.

    I’m amazed that any white people still take these routine, always bogus claims of racial injustice seriously. Of course, it is only because whites take them seriously that they keep happening.

  • Vito Powers

    here’s an idea that came to me today when I saw two fat black lesbians at Starbucks making goo-goo eyes at each other.

    Why not promote being a black lesbian as the ultimate in cool chic ala Beyonce? By being lesbians, they won’t be breeding anymore – it may take a few generations to curb the breeding, but other than mandatory sterilization, what else can we do?

    Then with all the black brothers in prison and the black lesbians not interested in conjugal visiting, we could definitely thin the herd out.

    These are just random thoughts – I have a dream!

    • Tarczan

      On a similar note, that is why Obama isn’t all bad. Support abortion and encourage whites to have kids. It might work.

    • IstvanIN

      I know a number of black lesbians at work and they mostly have kids. Blacks don’t follow the white heterosexual majority/homosexual minority dichotomy like we do, they just have sex.

    • This would be a great idea, except in the same way as there are no black males who are “straight” there is no such thing as a lesbian black. They are sexually, as they are in many other aspects, very animalistic and primal. They don’t have sex to reproduce, they have sex to feel good, the dozen children are just a byproduct of putting their collective equipment in the right hole on occassion. Those female blacks you saw likely both had several children, and after rutting against each other disgustingly, would likely be servicing a random black male hours later.

      Edit: just saw IstvanIN addressed this already.

  • Conrad

    As I said before, when a riot starts the first step is to issue a shoot to kill order. this is a requirement to sustain law & order.
    I no longer care if it garners sympathy for their side.
    Enough is enough. No more hand wringing.

  • anony

    Madison, Wisconsin?? You’re in the belly (one of many.) of the beast!

  • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

    Same story in all public libraries. One would think there is nothing of interest there for Africans, but free stuff – A/C, internet access, entertainment media – is mostly what libraries are about these days, not learning or books.

  • ricpic

    I still don’t understand why a third party has not yet formed. Any party that advocated a freeze on immigration, hardening our borders against invasion, no nonsense support for law and order, flatlining government spending, simplifying the tax code and ending progressive taxation, no work no welfare, ending the Fed and a slew of similar proposals, any such party with a charismatic leader would be an instant contender. As I see it there’s no hope of overturning the leadership of the essentially statist Republican Party so the only way to go is forming a truly limited government third party. Such a party wouldn’t have to be overtly pro-white, its policies would strengthen the position of whites relative to blacks and browns. Am I hopelessly naive? Why hasn’t this happened yet, i.e. the formation of a competitive third party that whites in great numbers would flock to?

    • Prospero

      I understand the proposed platform except one item: What exactly is the hostility to the Fed? I’ve heard this hostility before, but it always sounds like a rhetorical noise rather than an actual proposal. The official line about the Fed being a non-partisan way to control interest rates, etc. always seemed reasonable to me.

      As for your question why such a party has not arisen, as in Europe, I think that is function of the bias toward the two-party system in the US electoral rules, the rule of “first past the post.”

      • Whitetrashgang

        The Fed is a private corp run by the tribe,thanks.

      • Robert Haschberg

        You are not hostile to the federal reserve because you do not know how money and banking works.

      • Yancy Derringer

        Problem with the Fed: fractional reserve banking.

    • anony

      Understand that the two-party system is a sham. The two parties are two sides of the same coin. Add to that the fact that the federal government manages these two parties through the FEDERAL Elections Commission, and you have your answer.

      These parties are there to protect the ESTABLISHMENT.

      • Whitetrashgang

        Protect the tribe honey.

  • journey

    “In the long term, as Africa and other parts of the Third World expand in our midst, it will become harder and harder for any of our basic European institutions to function.”

    That has been the agenda for a very long time. And it is coming to fruition as white children are now the minority.

  • Ghost of Galton

    Once again, Mr. Taylor hits a home run. Unfortunately, there is no practical answer to this systemic quandary–blacks have become politically untouchable, even as their abhorrent behavior and “culture” are broadcast in all their raw glory. The traitors in Dictator Central will NEVER broach anything related to HBD and kamikaze their political careers, and thus nothing approaching an actual solution will ever be implemented.

    The dysgenic breeding in our urban areas, coupled with the importation of the dregs of Latin America and Africa via the Refugee Scam, assures the ruination of this country. It is finished. Done. Game Over. The only answer at this point is personal secession and ghosting–look out for yourself and your own, and flip the bird at everyone and everything else, including mainstream society.

    If only Montana, Wyoming, and Vermont didn’t have such horrible weather! Australia’s looking pretty nice, though…

    • LACountyRedneck

      You would prefer diversity to cold winters? I’m moving. During the winter I’ll use my heater, get winter tires, and be safe as will my family. Screw warm weathered diversity.

      • Ghost of Galton

        Of course not. However, that’s why I’m seriously considering moving to Australia–much better weather AND little diversity–the worst in that regard would be the aboriginals, and they make up something like 2% of Oz’s population (and 25% of their prison population! Sound familiar?).

        Of course, Australians seem to be even more racially egalitarian (read: suicidal) than the rest of the Anglosphere, but I might be willing to take that chance.

        • kikz2

          crime is rampant since they gave up their guns, so i’ve heard…

        • LACountyRedneck

          It would be worth the trip to check it out. I recently returned from a week in Wyoming and I’m sold. I believe the way things are going unless we have our own ethno-state future generations will eventually be leaving the country for Europe, Australia, etc.

          I don’t see enforcement of immigration laws until most Whites here are gone so upon moving I’ll be segregating on my own property with my own borders.

          • Europe, Australia? You must not read much international news.

          • LACountyRedneck

            You seem to have no clue how many countries in Europe have lower black percentages than we do. Australia is 92% White, 7% Asian, around 1% Aboriginal.

            Are there any European countries that match our black rate at 12%? Try being black and doing what our negroes are doing here in a Eastern European country. They would make that negro disappear. They don’t take sheeit like we do.

          • All White-majority nations are going down the same road, hence ‘Londonistan.’ I understand Marseilles sometimes has Muslim checkpoints you must drive through. Paris issues regular weekend car fire updates. Guess who is setting them?

            Most of these nations, including Australia and, God knows, Scandinavia, have undergone huge changes in one lifetime, which is a blink of an eye in the history of a civilization. It is urban areas that are most changed–for now.

            You inadvertently concede my point by suddenly limiting your final comment to Eastern Europe, which, yes, so far is at the tail end of the Fall of the West. Give them time.

            It is hard to believe that anyone who follows the news at this website thinks that people can escape from all this in Australia or Western Europe. Eastern Europe you might have a couple more generations. Remember, it is not the average people who believe in the downfall of Whites–it is our elites!

            But there is not much hope for us if we keep running with our tail between our legs.

          • LACountyRedneck

            You seriously think L.A. isn’t a lost cause? I’ve been an activist here for over ten years. You think I should stick it out? And do what? If we don’t create an White ethno-state here in the U.S. we’re done. What multicultural city do you live in where you’re going to sit there and fight with little help? You move to this area and fight the battle. That’s been the problem here. Too many sissies.

          • “I’ve been an activist here for over ten years.”

            My hat is off to you, sincerely.

            “If we don’t create an White ethno-state here in the U.S. we’re done.”

            Well said.

        • DaveMed

          One word, mate: sunscreen.

        • You are very optimistic about the Australian open-borders overlords.

    • kikz2

      gun issues w/australia…. pacific northwest.. will have future issues w/fukishima radiation, no? not to mention that monster f*kin super volcano under yellowstone…

    • IstvanIN

      HM’s Australian government rung the death knell for Australians.

    • anony

      Man up! The “horrible weather” keeps the riffraff out.

  • LACountyRedneck

    More of the same. Same story different day. Not going to change. We need a White ethno-state. Segregation or we will fold as a race, at least here in the U.S. where our percentages are dwindling.

    What is the cure for this disease? We know of the disease. We need more plans. Not the same story repeated daily. Where are the blueprints for the White ethno-state? Can I get a copy?

    • Prospero

      That is an excellent comment there, I agree. I feel that many articles on race from the very mild Patrick Buchanan to the much farther right on the spectrum are designed for people in the “awakening stage.” But I’m far past the wake up stage; I do not want to get any older grumbling and explaining the problem. I want the new ethno-state paradigm; I want movement!

    • Mergatroyd

      Finally a common-sense comment with the best solution.

      Separation is the only solution for us Whites, otherwise we will never been in control of our destiny and non-Whites will lord over us.

      Look to South Africa and what is happening to the Whites there to see our fate when we are a minority in our own countries and at the mercy of hateful non-Whites. Whites are being ordered off the land in Zimbabwe and are being killed wholesale in SA. Recently, murderous blacks are stepping up their efforts to kill off dispossess Whites of their land.

      I refer posters to the following articles:

      “Crimes against humanity: denying access to basic survival resources to a minority”

      “Hatecrime-murders of whites by blacks in SA in 2014 and 2013:”

      “Cruel court order forcibly removes 300 homeless Afrikaners (White) to a rubbish-tip without clean water or schools – in high-crime (black) Muncieville”

      We MUST secure living space and resources for ourselves and our children and guard it with military force, because that is what the government will use against us if we try to break away from their non-White-infested plantation where WE are the slaves.

      I see no other choice.

  • Lygeia

    Did anyone notice the sign that was spray-painted to state the store, Yolo! Boutique, was black-owned was misspelled?

    It was originally spray-painted to read: “Black ownen” and then the “n” was spray-painted over with a “d.”

    It also looks like the word “Black” was originally spelled without the “l” and the “l” was added later after someone realized it was misspelled.

    • Whitetrashgang

      Also note the Mercedes, Blacks on their own cant even strap two logs together.

  • Tarczan

    Chinese, studying for their med exams?

  • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

    Having been in the library business for a decade (now retired) I have plenty of horror stories, but I don’t know what particular interest they’d have; it’s just blacks and browns behaving like blacks and browns in the presence of free stuff. It’s the same sort of behavior you’ll find in public housing projects (where I also grew up), welfare offices, public transit, the post-Katrina Superdome, public parks – the commons pose a moral hazard for everyone, not just blacks and browns, but they dwarf all when it comes to dysfunction and acting out in public.

    • Vito Powers

      excellent point – it’s just the same behavior only at different locations. I think free computer access was the worst thing that happen to my local public library. People literally spend all day on the computers watching videos, playing games, and Facebook stuff. The rest of us have to rely on our own computers and the free wi-fi for doing any research type stuff. If all those desktop computers were removed at my library, the clientele would be predominately white.

      • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

        It’s the juxtaposition – libraries used to be a triumph of Whiteness. Former sanctuaries of quiet, mostly by consensus (though it was occasionally enforced without incident), an area of free inquiry and knowledge, with free loans of material on the honor system. Some claim the queue is the crowning achievement of the English, a testament of their civility, but libraries presuppose a level of civilization way beyond the queue.
        To be honest, Whites have been emulating blacks for decades, and the destruction of books, libraries and the trust they require started long before the open pandering to blacks and browns. Today’s libraries are little more than free video stores, daycare of “latch key” kids (an odd term since most of the parents don’t work, so this is more accurately, “free babysitting” while mom goes out and makes some more babies on our dime), free pornography, and a few clueless White parents who think it’s still 1960 and send their children to sit cheek to jowl with pedophiles and homeless mentally ill. What could possibly go wrong?

      • Nancy

        I used to do private tutoring at people’s homes or the local libraries (if the home was too far away), and saw this kind of thing all the time. In fact, on one occasion a mentally ill person got agitated because we were sitting there working and minding our business, and began hurling obscenities at us. I looked around for a librarian, and they all scurried away! I had to complain to the head librarian later when he came in. It’s outrageous.

        I long ago quit taking my kids to Story Hour when they were little, for fear of what kind of “unsavories” may be hanging around. Plus, the brown and black parents did nothing to control their offspring, who ran around screetching and acting like animals. On the off chance one of them was disciplined, the kid would holler and wail, yet the mother would never think to take the child out as a courtesy.

  • Chasmania

    As I was reading the comments here it struck me that easy answers and solutions are not so readily available.

    One thing is who to trust ? The internet is great for dissemination of information, but allows the enemies just as easy an access TO that information, and the ability to try and track us down as well as infiltrate our ranks. The fear of retribution for ones beliefs is all too real and tangible thing for our professions and livelihoods. You can be literally be risking a career by voicing common sense. People we have known for years and see, face to face, can be trusted, but YOU out there… ?

    Our freedom to associate as we wish is virtually gone. I wish I had some answers.

    • Mergatroyd

      Start by making Tor your friend.

      https //www torproject org/

      I know it isn’t 100% foolproof (I always get a lot of flak when I suggest the Tor to people because yes, it can and has been breached). But it’s far better than leaving your IP exposed through google, yahoo, safari, etc.

  • alex

    On Aug 11 in Utah, black cop shot an killed 20-year-old Dillon Taylor, who was white and unarmed.
    Police Chief Chris Burbank said the video, along with the officer’s identity, will be released at “ the “appropriate” time, adding it could be days, weeks or months.

    I want an immediate arress and justiss.

    • kikz2

      black cop in utah???

    • IstvanIN

      Amazing how we don’t hear about that.

    • AndrewInterrupted

      Was he the one with the ear buds, and didn’t hear the cop’s commands?

  • TL2014

    Hell yeah, I deserve reparations. I deserve reparations from descendants of the idiots that imported this here centuries ago. They made their money with cotton, but he I am unable to walk the streets safely with my children because of what they imported.

    Reparations now!!

  • TL2014

    People, the tide may be turning.

    A writer by the name of Taleeb Starkes, who may as well be a contributor here, was on Adam Carolla last night. Check out his book on Amazon.

  • Paleoconn

    Great essay, but who gives blacks this power? I thought blacks are a totem, a proxy between liberal Whites and patriotic Whites, with no real political clout on their own.

    • LHathaway

      They take it.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    our rulers don’t realize we have Africa in our midst.

    This is the only point with which I quibble: I believe our rulers well know that we have Africa in our midst and are using said Africans and their violent tendencies to utterly destroy White America and White American history, culture and heritage.

    They shoehorn blacks into our White neighborhoods and areas (knowing full well what the results will be), put blacks into White schools with our children (knowing what the results will be) and allow blacks to assault, rob, rape and murder us Whites with near-impunity.

    If we object we are called racist Nazi haters and our jobs and reputations destroyed.

    Blacks are a tool used by “our rulers” to bludgeon, terrorize and White America..

    Of course they know what they’re doing; it’s part of their agenda of genocide against the White race.

    And, it’s working.

    • boot70

      Its a mirror image over here in the land formerly affectionately known as dear old blighty, Lord only knows how our returning troops feel in this day and age when they are sent on wild goose chases to fight islamic extrmists and then return home to find them setting up shop in their home towns.
      The blacks and stanis of all denominations have destroyed huge swathes of the place, the Easr Europeans have destroyed whole farming communities and factory work for locals due to them being happy to be exploited and work for peanuts 24/7.
      London is almost done.

    • JohnEngelman

      Black social pathology causes white blue collar workers to vote against their economic interests by voting Republican. The Republican Party promotes the economic interests of those who own and run the United States.

  • DaveMed

    Clearly, we must riot, loot, and otherwise be general nuisances in order to right this wrong!

  • A. Windaus

    Jared should make a video of this

  • MBlanc46

    “The wilder blacks get, the sillier whites get.”

    This has been a mutually reinforcing pas de deux for sixty years now.

    • Jack Whistler

      Too many whites in this country just aren’t learning the lesson that…
      -Blacks do not want to be our friends.
      -Blacks do not want to peacefully coexist with us.
      -Do not seek equality of any form with us
      -And do not like the prospect of any future that includes us as anything but slaves, or graves.

  • Michigan Patriot

    The savages are now more annoyed because their crazy, racist, violence has closed the city schools and their ” gentle giants ” aren’t getting any more free food for them there but this food is paid for by the hated, bigoted, racist ” Whitey ” but this never dawns on these hateful idiots.

    • jane johnson

      Now some do-gooder in NC is raising money (100k+ at last count) to “feed Ferguson’s kids”, as if the parents aren’t already receiving SNAP benefits, TANF, etc. Of course, judging by the sheer bulk of the protesters, the kids aren’t getting their “fair share” of the goodies. Those programs were shoved down the taxpayers’ throats “for the kids” (most require a “qualifying minor child” for eligibility), but we still must pay for summer lunch programs, before school breakfast programs, etc. Why is that? I’m only half kidding when I say that maybe if we stop feeding these parasites, they’ll start eating their young and save us all a lot of trouble.

  • Jim

    Good article from Jared Taylor.

    – Many blacks are freed from slavery long before the Civil War, are sent back to Africa to create Liberia…where they start a plantation system similar to that in the American South (and African slavery continues until the first part of the 21st century.)

    – Blacks tell us to judge a person by the content of his character, not the color of his skin…then applaud race based affirmative action practices.

    – Blacks scream that a cop murdered a black criminal…then call for the mob to kill the police officer.

    THE MESSAGE FROM BLACKS IS: slavery wasn’t wrong, slavery was just wrong when it happened to THEM (or when they didn’t benefit from it.) Racial discrimination wasn’t wrong, it was just wrong when it happened to THEM. Vigilante justice isn’t wrong, it’s just wrong when it happens to THEM.

    THE FOUNDATION OF THE BLACK ETHIC IS: Whatever is good for blacks is de facto moral and ethical. It need not be subjected to any other scrutiny.

    • LHathaway

      You’ve described the foundation of the American ethic.

      • Jim

        Of today.

      • Mergatroyd

        Not the original foundation, the anti-White Cultural Marxists foundation that has taken hold and now controls all levers of power in the U.S.

        The original founders envisioned a White country for them and “their posterity” -“posterity” did not mean black Africans, backwards Somalis, ebola and HIV-infected immigrants, and 3rd world Mestizo welfare leeches.

        That is why in 1790, the second session of the first Congress approved the new nation’s initial effort to codify the rules under which foreign-born, White-only persons could become U.S. citizens.

        The Naturalization Act of 1790 specified “any alien, being a free white person.

        Nowhere in the Constitution does it say we must become a “melting pot” or “diversity is a strength,” or “we must bring in millions of immigrants and assimilate with them until Whites become a minority.”

        The goal now is the genocide of the White race.

        • Mary

          Absolutely. The ridiculous insistence of modern anti-Whites that, due to Jefferson’s “all men are created equal”, the Founders were actually a bunch of diversity mongers who would heartily approve of the current and future demographic makeup of America. This is absurdity of the highest order. Unquestionably, they would be appalled at the state of our population today.

        • JohnEngelman

          SECTION 1.
          All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the state wherein they reside.


          There is nothing here about “white only.”

    • I am convinced that the only reason black mulatto “intellectuals” ever wanted to dismantle the segregationist system is not because they opposed it in principle, it’s just that they were upset that they didn’t get to be the rulers of blue-gum blacks. Notice that a lot of things that black politicians do when they have authority over black people seem like they’re putting back various line items of the segregationist system.

  • AndrewInterrupted

    Glad to hear our fellow European descendants are waking up in Australia. It is the New Awakening. Let’s not fall back asleep. The Chinese are dogs, dirty dogs.

    • David Ashton

      Turn the map upside down. Fill up Oz before the Javanese or the Japanese get there. Maybe the old postwar dreams of Nevil Shute for a White Anglo Australia leading us into the future may come true in another way.

      • SoulInvictus

        Definitely part of my plan. Oz isn’t perfect, but it’s better enough to lure me away from the US.

    • Chasmania

      I totally agree. I would rather that all white nations shake off their slumber rather than talk about some diaspora of sorts.

      Things seem are dark, indeed, but things of this sort tend to be cyclical. More the question is how we turn out than IF we turn out okay.

      I have always thought, and said, that things will have to get worse before they get better, but when the things do start I’d rather do it on my homeland than as some dispossessed soul seeking refuge.

      I plan on being here when an American fire is rekindled.

  • ftex

    The solution is simple for white cops… Leave policing these “black” communities to the blacks. I understand that the pay may be better due to the nature of dealing with the “community”, but is it really worth your life? Besides, the “community” will hopefully get what it wants… a police force that looks like them. We all know how such a change will end.

    • “The solution is simple for white cops… Leave policing these “black” communities to the blacks.”

      Good idea, but would be as illegal as policing White communities with White cops–if only.

    • jane johnson

      Look at New Orleans.

  • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

    Blacks engage in public masturbation (pornography is not blocked by LAPL), shout obscenities and racial threats, use fecal matter to write graffiti in the restrooms, lure children into the restrooms to molest them, set fires, bathe in restroom sinks, eat and drink; El Sereno branch had guns drawn and shots fired over computer usage; Hyde Park branch was knocked down and rebuilt, during reconstruction there had to be a security guard reassigned there to protect the construction workers from gang members. One black chased a librarian towards the staff room, she managed to get the door closed before he caught her but he kicked in the huge plate glass door and wall. It took a 6’5″ black security guard to restrain him. In 2009 someone apparently committed suicide by jumping off upper level 2 in the downtown LA library and landed on the tile near the escalators on lower level 1. Those just come to mind without thinking hard, that’s probably 5% but I’ve blocked out a lot.

    • anony

      “bathe in restroom sinks, ”

      Bathe? That, at least, is a plus.

      • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

        It’s not much of a plus when they leave lice in the sink and you have to call a hazmat team to come out and clean, which sounds like an exaggeration but it’s not.

  • Peter Connor

    Jared is being far too kind to our rulers, who want to wreck the place in order to get out the low IQ black vote which would ordinarily stay home in a midterm election. Unless the conservatives start taking the offensive, this scam may work.

    • True, but voting against the Multicultural Marxism Party by voting for the Stupid Cowardly Party is not that bright a prospect.

    • JohnEngelman

      The people who own and run the United States benefit from the fact that most white blue collar workers vote against their economic interests by voting Republican.

      • Peter Connor

        Whereas we can vote for the Dems and simply have them legislate whites and the middle class out of existence, as they are doing now by executive order. Try thinking John…..

  • Ringo Lennon

    Black Africans are most backward people on earth. Next are the 7th century radical Muslims.

  • Capt. Bryant

    I would come to Oz if I can bring our second Amendment

    • Luca

      Aussies would do well to remember it was gun-toting, second amendment loving yanks who saved their skins in WW2 by landing on Guadalcanal and New Guinea and sacrificing much.

    • AndrewInterrupted

      Strict gun laws there, eh?

      • Capt. Bryant

        I just don’t understand why Australians are not allowed to protect themselves their families, property and even their own country with privately owned firearms.

    • evilsandmich

      They have a problem with the PC police too from what I recall.

    • SoulInvictus

      Word is their current leadership is warming to that. That was virtually my last reservation about moving there.

  • Ringo Lennon

    Blacks have a chip on their shoulders the size of a small television.

  • Lord Sandwich

    I have become happy to see the wall to wall coverage of Furgeson. Wilson shooting Brown, and the resulting cognitive dissonance on display by blacks, is in every home in America. I hope everyone is taking a real good look. The negro fatigue is growing.

  • Excellent. It would also be helpful to see more articles on what is to be done by non-suicidal Whites, organizationally.

  • thomasdosborneii

    There person is too mentally ill to even get up and go to the restroom in the library?

  • kctaz

    I deplore what is happening in Ferguson and to the Officer and our system of Justice especially the atrocities committed by Holder, Nixon et al but, please recall that it was a mere 40 to 50 years ago that all of this was done by a European system to blacks.

    I do agree that European/American, especially the American culture is far superior to any other in the world, but we all share the same DNA and the same human experience. We are not all that different. What we are seeing today is the same thing we saw 50 plus years ago done to blacks. I fought in the Civil Rights movement to right these wrongs. No one is more upset than I to see not progress, but the same thing happening today just with a different group and race. It is all wrong. It was wrong then and it is wrong now, but there really is not that much difference.
    I guess all I am saying is that without the blessings this Nation and the phenomenal wisdom of our Founders and yes, the benefits of having been founded on the Judeo-Christian philosophy and religion has bestowed upon us, we don’t know that we would be any better than Africa.
    We engaged in slavery, a Civil War to end it, the KKK, eugenics and Jim Crow and abominable racism by Unions and the Democrats. It was not an easy fight to end it. We did it. The truly pathetic and depressing thing about it is that blacks are behaving just as we whites did. Not most of us, but whites of the past.
    It is just so depressing that we humans are so flawed that we cannot, as the Rev, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said, judge by the content of someone’s character, not the color of his skin. Today, we have a mirror image of our past. Why in the heck can’t we progress? Why do we keep repeating the same mistakes? Why have we elected politicians and why do we have a media whose stock in trade is dissension and hate, not facts? I just don’t know that we should be patting ourselves on the back for our superiority. History seems boringly to repeat and repeat with the same disastrous consequence.
    All I am saying is, I think it is inside all of us regardless of color or county of origin. Mankind to me, today, is really a depressing entity, all of us. We are better than most, but we elected Obama. It does not speak well of us as Americans who should know better with all of our blessings and that applies to all races.
    Sorry, I just spent so many years of my life to end all of this, it is just so distressing to see it all back, all the hate, all the stupidity and all the injustice. It makes me glad I am older (66) because this won’t end well;it never does.
    God help our children and grandchildren.

    • Whitetrashgang

      Wow, read a book by a guy called Darwin for starters.

    • Usually Much Calmer

      I appreciate your attitude, kctaz.

      Liberals have made many mistakes, yes. Hopefully, we are able to learn from them and make different mistakes in the future, which we will also learn from. And so we progress.

      One mistake that we continue to make, collectively, is that ‘race is a social construct’.
      Hard science research has always shown otherwise. Social science has only pushed the idea post WWII.

      You don’t need to read Darwin, there is plenty of contemporary stuff on racial differences out there. Enjoy!

    • Tarczan

      Kctaz- the mistake you made was failing to accept the reality that racial differences are real.

      The noble efforts you took part in where based on a lie- that all human beings are interchangeable. They are not, you wasted your time and made things worse.

  • Nevsky

    Sometimes I read Amren on my cell while enjoying a “diversity” ride on a bus

    • Usually Much Calmer

      I read it on my lap top at hipster bars! I used to be nervous about it but no one has ever said anything.

      SWPL have to stare at it while waiting for the bartender to come back with their delicious IPA!

      Freedoms need exercise.

  • TheCogitator

    I’m not a fan of the police, and I believe they are wrong arresting journalists in Ferguson. I’m not happy to see the police look more like soldiers and regard the citizenry as the enemy.

    That said, I believe Officer Darren Wilson did what he had to do. It will be shameful if he is sacrificed to the altar of black appeasement. Even if they slaughtered him in some disgusting African manner, the blacks would still demand more. Trying to satisfy black demands is a fool’s errand.

    This is what we get when the decedents of an advanced civilization are mixed with the decedents of a stone age people, whose lower IQs demonstrate why there is such a difference in the achievement between the two groups. They will never catch up. Actually as we advance our technology more, it is likely they will fall further behind.

    I’m more annoyed at whites who are allowing blacks to behave as they do and who acquiesce to their demands. Blacks being what they are, I don’t expect much from them, but white people should have better sense.

    Blacks are tribal and will always stick up for another black even though it is the black criminal class who make their lives miserable. You would think the decent blacks would hate the n****** more than anyone, but no, they defend them.

  • Ultimate187

    Until Whites take to the streets in massive numbers too, the racial bullying will continue. Such a demonstration, even once, could go a long way to changing things. It just doesn’t happen though.

    • Mergatroyd

      If Whites take to the streets in numbers, that’s when you’ll see a massive show of force from police using their newly-supplied military ordnance. Make no mistake, they will use it against Whites without hesitation. They’re already using targets with photos of Whites on them for target practice. This is to dehumanize the White population get police used to shooting (to kill) Whites, including pregnant women, babies, children and frail elderly without hesitation.

      Do I think they’ll open fire on Whites? Yes. They’re already being trained to do just that.

      That new military weaponry that’s being handed out to local police departments serves one purpose: To keep WHITES in their place, not blacks.

      • Jack Whistler

        Can’t have the tax-cattle revolting.

    • crockadoodle6

      How can whites protest? They are all at work.

  • glennm

    not human

  • Garrett Brown

    Pretty sure Al Sharpton is going to die soon. He looks more and more sickly every time I see him.

    • Jack Whistler

      Heh, I always had him figured for a rotting zombie.

  • Garrett Brown

    You guys would get rekt by China, regardless if your military force was doubled or not.

  • Darb Janowsti

    Great read , most accurate account of whats happening down in Ferguson.

    By the way Browns accomplice has come out and said he lied and is attempting to recant his story.

  • Garrett Brown

    He’s probably downloading porn.

  • Yancy Derringer

    Officials in Ferguson brought the escalation of events upon themselves. The response to the initial cries of “racism” and “police brutality” should be that there is a procedure that must be followed and an explanation of that procedure. After that, enforce the laws, applying as much force as necessary.

    Any complaints about this procedure, tough. That’s the way things must work, by law, and that’s the way they will work

    Handling matters hat-in-hand fashion, like officials did and continue to do in Ferguson, a) is dereliction of duty, and b) will only lead to similar mayhem whenever and wherever blacks or anyone else insist their demands and illegal acts supercede the laws that apply to every single one of us.

    • Jack Whistler

      Anything short of immediate use of overwhelming force is generally perceived by blacks as a sign of weakness, be it from their peers, from various times of authority figures, or by whitey.
      It is folly to expect blacks to abide by the law, a race of people incapable of establishing civilization cannot provide its requisite pillars two of which are law and order.

      • Mergatroyd

        Use of overwhelming force is ALL low IQ blacks understand and respect.

        That is NOT why the cops don’t quell these riots. They are far more afraid of the media and government reaction to them than any reaction from blacks. They have jobs to protect and don’t want to be accused of racism or brutality against blacks.

        Remember this? “Officer Is Suspended After Telling Media in Ferguson: ‘I Will F*cking Kill You'”

        Nevermind, the professional rioters are throwing urine bombs at the cops FROM the media area. That is A-OK according to a government that is telling the cops to stand down and let blacks loot, riot, throw fire bombs and tear their own apart their city. Blacks are not the main problem.

        Cops know the media are watching their every move. It is those who protect blacks and allow them to run “riot” who should be attacked and neutralized. They are far more dangerous to us Whites than blacks, who could be taken care of in five minutes, as they were in the old days, if Whites were allowed to do what is necessary to quell black violence.

    • Mergatroyd

      The local and State response to the initial cries of “racism” and “police brutality” should be that there is procedure that must be followed, beginning with an investigation,

      Unfortunately the media will never report their side.

      They’ll only report the side of the looters and rioters: Brutal, racist cops used excessive force to quell peaceful rioters seeking justice.

      Cops want to protect their jobs as much as we do.

      The only excessive force allowed is against Whites, police forces are being trained to see Whites as targets to be shot and killed. Seen the homeland security targets with photos of women, pregnant women, little children and frail elderly on them, all White?

      They’ve even said the greatest threat America faces is from “domestic terrorists” like tea partiers and returning veterans, White, of course.

  • flitetym

    White people on this site love to preen and chatter about their innate “cognitive superiority”. Well, let’s talk about that, and how your “religion of intellectual superiority” has failed you at this — the moment of your greatest need. If intellect does not facilitate survival, well the, you weren’t so smart after all.

    “Diversity” is a wolfpack that steals-in and quietly surrounds an encampment of settlers at night.

    Yet the ’pack always awakens the prey prior to its kill by howling; because the howl of the ravenous beasts — and screams of those being devoured — excite other wolves to do the same.

    Ahh! Fresh kill and aroused blood is sooo “tasty”.

    White people. You have been surrounded. Those screams you hear are those of your women in the adjoining encampment — sighting their babies being devoured. Ahh yes! The easy-kill and the innocent shall fall first! But you’re next …

    Because you fell asleep at the watch … you allowed the wolfpack — starting with Obama and Holder — to enter in … it is all your fault!

    Now, what was that you were saying about “… superiority”?

    • M.

      Darwin said survival is for the fittest, not the smartest, or the intellectually superior. “Fittest” meaning those who have traits that are most adapted to their environment.

      While white people may be overall superior to blacks in terms of intelligence, creativity, etc, a large part of them did develop some traits that have deleterious and unfit in an environment still full of hostile racial aliens who haven’t developped those traits as much. The most prominent of these harmful traits are pathological altruism and self-righteousness.

      • The collective “traits” (sloth, fear,) that are inherent in too many of the descendant builders of a “democracy” are in abundant evidence now! We softened and morphed into fat-headed consumers, jettisoning our social, cultural, racial responsibilities along the way. John Adams himself, said that democracy is born to commit suicide. Of course, we all, me included, like to point our fingers everywhere but inside of “us”. Intelligence is nothing without commensurate moral character.

        • Mergatroyd

          You are 100% wrong and are only here to divert attention away from White genocide.

          I strongly suspect you know exactly WHO is instigating White Genocide and are here to deflect away from that by blaming Whites themselves.

          Go back to your anti-White cult.

          • Heavens to Snagglepuss, ya got wrong. I was reading Sam Francis when you were probably still dripping Kool-Aid on your T-shirt. Marxism thrives in a void. It has filled the void left by the evaporating white culture that whites were responsible to maintain. We let it evaporate by watching too many cartoons, too many NFL games, drinking too many beers. Listening to too many rock records. The collective easy way out, the collective relaxing of vigilance. Victims of the beguiling, stealthy decades long dismantling of the free state. Of course, the manifestations of Marxism are all around us. A major one is white genocide. Now we all woke up and see the spider clearly. It took an awful lot of useful idiots to create this mess. We’re all good at throwing grenades from behind a keyboard.
            Got it, Snagglepuss?

          • Mergatroyd

            Another ad hominem from a troll.

            For the benefit of the posters here re: White Genocide, not this silly troll: The Culture of Critique

          • Malgus


            a solid moral foundation, any civilization will collapse. For the most
            part, the people of These United States are morally bankrupt.

            relativism spawned the vacuum, and Marxism has stepped in to fill that
            vacuum. Ironically, it was our own affluence which has led to our own
            moral bankruptcy, and frankly I’m surprised we’ve lasted this long. If
            not for the Great Depression, we’d probably be long gone. The Great
            Depression birthed a generation of surprising morality, strength and
            resiliency, which forestalled the march towards full-blown Marxism that
            began way back before Wilson was president…

            This has all be a very long time in the making…

            sure you’re acquainted with the Fabians. They knew if they went before
            Parliament and proposed all the changes they wanted, they would have
            been stood up against the nearest handy brick wall and shot for treason
            (which is, frankly, what they deserved).

            So, they began a multi-generational
            process of incrementalism – wrap easy-to-digest bits of their insane
            policies in words like “common sense” and “reasonable”, and sooner or
            later, you’ll get what you want. Our own homegrown self-hating,
            genocidal white Marxists have been following the same playbook for
            generations – creeping along until one day Whites wake up, look around
            and say “How did we get HERE?!?”…

            You are probably well aware
            of the movers and shakers behind the cultural Marxist’s efforts. Blacks
            themselves aren’t smart or organized enough to pour p*ss out of a boot
            if the instructions were writ on the heel. They’re tools to be used
            against us, nothing more… shock troops…

            They wouldn’t have gotten so far if we hadn’t left the barn door open in the first place…

          • Couldn’t have stated it better. Those critical theorists from Frankfurt School who went on to pollute the academic, media and
            entertainment culture were prepared for a decades-long “march through the institutions”. Fabians with a new mask. Minorities, gays and women are the wedges of cultural transformation. Too many are now convinced that up is down, left is right, right is wrong. All western civilization is by definition oppressive to non whites. All history has to be rewritten. All science to be politicized and used to control, torture make war and maintain right thinking’. All media and entertainment to re-educate and slander whites. The LBJ initiated welfare state has exponentiated the black problem. Without white organization and rule, blacks resort to the worst kind of chaos. This is so blatantly obvious that it takes a gigantic half century-long lie to deny it. Marxists everywhere, the masters of propaganda, are drooling. Their mission is almost complete.

          • anony

            “The price of liberty is eternal vigilance.”

            We took our eye off the “ball” long ago.

          • JohnEngelman

            You advocate liberty while appearing to support the suppression of opinions you disapprove of. The most important liberty to me is intellectual freedom.

          • anony

            Point to anything I have written that appears “to support the suppression of opinions” I disapprove of.

            Individual liberty includes freedom of speech in all its manifestations which includes intellectual freedom.

      • Mergatroyd

        You do realize, do you not, that you are arguing with a brainwashed, anti-White robot who is spewing anti-White lines he was programmed with by his anti-White cult leaders?

        I assure you his programming does not allow him to think rationally making him impervious to facts, logic, data and empirical evidence.

        All he knows to do is what the chip implanted in his head tells him to do: Hate Whites.

    • Thomas Schiff

      Silly and naive. It was a certain ethnic group that allowed in the wolfpack, through their dominance of media, education, and finance. Decades ago there were neighborhood covenants and rules to keep the wolves at bay. But all of this was dismantled. Any peep out of whites and they were sent on the eternal guilt trip. Most whites were painted as racists and white supremacists. Syncophants were rewarded with positions of power and wealth, but that certain ethnic group remained, crafting the narrative through Hollywood, through concentration of media ownership, and all financed by the owners and operators of Wall Street banks.

      • flitetym

        Throughout all of your retort, I ask of you to look in the mirror for the answer to this simple question: “By whom?”

        Who abrogated the throne? Who abandoned post?

        Read … my … piece … again. The presence of truth is painful, but the absence of it is destructive.

        • Mergatroyd

          Another cut and paste anti-White post from yet one more anti-White brainwashed troll posting from his anti-White cult to tell us Whites that we should “heed his wise words” because the “truth is painful.”

          Really, dawg, did you swallow a TV?

          Knock if off with the silly and childish posts, anti-White.

    • Roninf9

      “starting with Obama and Holder”

      The planned destruction of Western Civilization started long before Obama and Holder were even born. Obama was practically bred for the role.

    • Mergatroyd

      Another anti-White cut and paste post by another anti-White troll.


      Really troll, tell your anti-White cult minders to either replace the chip in your head or feed you some new lines, your posts are trite and boring.

      • flitetym

        Oh, really? Is this your best “come-back”?

        Did I hurt your wittle feelings, nimrod?

        Well good. But know that there are far more aware and astute readers of this “White site” who know my comments — while hurtful and offensive — are right on target.

        Truth is at times, a painful disinfectant. And I just heard one patient — you — say “ouch”.

        • Mergatroyd

          Oh look, an ad hominem from an anti-White troll. It’s been several minutes since I’ve read one of those.

          How original.

  • El_Baga_Doucha_Libtard

    I remember a conversation with you in which I said that I have high hopes for Australia and that I think that it’s possible that the capital of Western Civilization moves to Australia (by default). You were very quick to dash my hopes and you said that the Australians are especially PC towards the Chinese.

    What has changed since then? You sound much more optimistic. I’m not complaining — I would love for Australia to be the next big thing.

    The politician that you mentioned is the leader of the new incarnation of the old United Party, right? I was just reading about him a couple of days ago and I liked what he said about the Chinese, but I thought that his party wanted “more humane” treatment of “asylum seekers.” I don’t know exactly what that means, but I don’t like the sound of it, unless he means “humanely sending them back” or “humanely sinking their boats as quickly as possible.”

    Please tell me that you see good things for Oz in the years ahead.

  • Jotun Hunter

    you’d better get used to this – and harden your hearts soon

  • I wish I could upvote this article.

  • David Ashton

    It is language that confuses the issue.

  • David Ashton

    “Non-white” politicians in the west think pigmentally – hence the PC demand in Britain, for example, that BAMEs (i.e. black & ethnic minorities) should be VISIBLY “represented” by %ages in our institutions, especially the entertainment zones like “Parliament” and TV. I can understand that, but why shouldn’t “whites” or pinko-grays think along similar lines, especially with their ancestral heritage reflected in their portraiture and statuary? Of course, “color” is not the only criterion – head shape tells us quite a bit.

    Birds of a feather flock together.

  • Haereticus

    ‘Ferguson’ is an ancient Scots-Irish name of Gaelic or Scandinavian origin. Presumably the name of one of the founders of the town. I wonder what Mr. Ferguson would think if he could see the consequences today of handing the place over to ‘diversity’.

  • Alexandra1973

    In the meantime you have people who say this is evidence of the growing police state.

    You know what…I believe blacks give TPTB the excuse they need to have militarized police and riot gear. Throw in the “we’re all equal” nonsense for good measure. Because if this country was all White like it was meant to be, we wouldn’t have this problem to begin with.

    BTW I finally got Disqus to work for me on this site again. I took Mr. Wolff’s advice and cleared my cache. 🙂

  • JohnEngelman

    Why do so many whites continue to make excuses for blacks?

    The white liberal guilt complex may have made sense during the 1960’s. Racial discrimination was a recent memory. For liberals the main issue was the War in Vietnam. This distracted them from other issues, and led them to look for political allies.

    Two generations since the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 whites have the right to expect better behavior from blacks.

    • Mergatroyd

      You are wrong, just like you are about everything else. Just like every other common socialist and communist.

    • paul marchand

      On the take with the left………..TRAITORS.

    • paul marchand

      As far as “racial discrimination” : with private business, there is no automatic immorality thereof. If a white person, through his/her efforts, wits, investment start a business, it should be ENTIRELY their prerogative whom to serve. Photos of “discrimination” include those of white restaurants with white areas and black areas. This should beg several questions: a) isn’t that the right of the owner? b) did anybody force the blacks going there to go? c) why don’t they go to a black establishment, or a white one that has no separation?

  • There are 3 published solutions to the run-away debt problem.
    1) Pay it back (highly unlikely imo).
    2) Default (also unlikely as we don’t need to)
    3) Inflate (as GM stated, just print more dollars) so the current dollar-denominated debt has 0 value

    This precludes wierd solutions such as a white knight coming and buying all our dollars. This sort-of happened in that China, Japan, & Brazil all basically bought huge amounts of US debt, delaying, but (imo) not forstalling a crash.

  • tlk244182

    I’m curious about who owns those two cars, the Mercedes and the Challenger. Black shopkeepers? Reporters? Sharpton and Jackson? Cops? Looters? Who would park his car in the middle of a riot?

    • ZaphodEpicurus

      I thought the same thing!

    • Jack Burton

      Jackson being booed off stage for asking for donations was too funny.

  • Emblematic


    • Rick O’Shea


    • ShermanTMcCoy

      Thanks for noticing, egalitard.

      • Emblematic

        Hey don’t be like that, we’re all racists here.
        Or, as I like to say: Reality is racist.

  • Usually Much Calmer

    This was an interesting post, thank you.

    I am very lucky in that my city’s library still has a fantastic selection of bound treasures. But our flagship branch is a full of bums who likely cannot even read. And it is bathed in marble. It’s kind of jarring to be in it because of the dissonance.

    Your point that we have effectively threatened western civilization with destruction out of awe and love of it is a charming one. I am optimistic that out respect for its power is not misplaced and we and it shall survive (on a good day, anyway, we all have moments of despair).

    Thanks again.

  • Alucard_the_last

    Isn’t it incredible that none of these negroes have a job to go to? Instead of acting like savages, they should go out and look for work. I guess a giant “Help Wanted” sign will have them running back into their tax-payer subsidized homes.

  • Franklin_Ryckaert

    The FED is a counterfeit scam. Neither the American government nor the American people owes anything to it. What the government should do is abolish the FED, arrest the bankers, cancel all debts and start printing its own money – debt free. It is that simple. Alas the government has been bought by the very same bankers of the FED itself, so only a coup d’etat could accomplish that.

    • Chasmania

      Absolutely agree with you about the Fed being a losing deal. That was a power seized by progressive bankers during the hey day of the progressive movement.

      • M&S

        Much more than that. It is the heart of a movement that goes back to the Illuminati to create a world wide society under capitalist control.

        Germany faced that group, in the 1920s, and only got out from under foreign military occupancy and leveraged resource appropriation by agreeing to become the China slave manufactory of the time. Sending people to work for 50-80 hours a week on a pittance which might or might not buy them food and rent but which made their landlords and bankers, the Jews, very rich off a debtor society ‘paying it’s way out’.

        When you think of German recovery, realize that it was run by a ruthless Jew who sat as supreme dictator over three different, ‘liberal’ parties while those who fulfilled his promises at Locarno lived in conditions akin to the worst sweatshops of today.

        There is only one way out of this mess and that is robotics by which, being paid a pittance doesn’t break the will of people who ALSO earn the pay of unpaid slaves who demand no work conditions, food or fair wages.

        Robotics let’s the worker control the economy through the product of his hands plus the ten others in his employ rather than the capitalists who control the resources and processes which make production possible.

        ONLY when those who do the work can be paid fairly for their own contribution and make their ‘living wage’ off the backs of unpaid workers can we again begin to accumulate the real property as _paid off debt_ and do the one thing which the Jews of the world financial community would have us lose forever: become communally able to cumulatively weather the storms of the ‘business cycle’ which they inflict like plagues of locusts upon us.

        Blacks and their stupidly destructive behaviors and endless entitlement support are simply a part of the latter process by which whites are denied the right to own what make for ourselves.

        Did we do that, for just a couple of generations, we would be able to invest in the kinds of technologies (fusion, genomics, FTL etc.) which would take us forever beyond the reach of the petty, clinging, secondary populations of this world.

    • babylonthegreat

      THANK YOU!!!! Not my kids or grandkids, or myself owe the effing fed a DAMN THING!!!

  • Franklin_Ryckaert

    What happened with Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Party?

    • silviosilver

      Fizzled. Ancient history now.

      • AndrewInterrupted

        Same with Quebec’s secession attempt. Has Jared posted any columns on the Quebec debacle? Why haven’t those Frenchies seceded by now?

  • ZaphodEpicurus

    Good analysis – hits so many nails on the head. Its all so politically incorrect it would make the average American’s head explode, but its the most reasonable summary of the state of affairs you’ll find.

  • ZaphodEpicurus

    Blacks do attack in mobs – and they love to go for the head. When they are attacking and they get someone down they go straight for the head. That’s not racist – that’s years of life experience and eye witness. American blacks are so conflicted – they really don’t know how to fix their problems. Of course as long as they have whitey to externalize responsibility they will never move forward. My personal feeling is that blacks should leave the US. I have concluded that when a large group of people have so many grievances and at such a fundamental level they should relocate. The fact that they don’t leave betrays the truth, that America is awesome and they really like it. My feeling is if someone is that pissed off and doesn’t leave I cant take them seriously. The Mexicans and the central Americans hate their homes so much they walk through the desert to get here – blacks on the other hand stay put. And at the end of the day that’s really all there is to it.

  • ShermanTMcCoy

    Everything Jared wrote was spot on.

    However, I still see no way out of the morass. I left the country and moved my family to Europe, where, although Africans and Muslims of all sorts are inundating Germany, it still is not too bad here, if one stays out of places like Berlin and Frankfurt.

    But I am continually frustrated in my attempts to warn Germans about the dangers of the Negro. They just haven’t met many. Once there are enough here to start really making trouble, it’ll be too late.

    • ZaphodEpicurus

      Yep – Europe is locked in and it’s almost impossible for you all to arm yourselves for protection or to fight back – what will Europe do? I did hear that the Netherlands actually quit their multicultural policy and have tried to turn that mess around. Don’t know how its working but at least apparently the Dutch had the courage to at least start fighting back.

  • DLRisVH

    This once great nation needs more people like Jared Taylor to speak up! Excellent article!

    • We can stop praising Jared Taylor now for the sake of praising him.

      • LHathaway


  • Mergatroyd

    How about that illegal alien that killed two little girls in Oregon and just got her deportation order tossed out.

    Kill two White American children, get to stay in America forever including receiving full benefits paid for by American taxpayers, including the parents of the two dead girls.

    Hey, is this a great country or what?

    PORTLAND — An immigration judge has dropped the deportation case against Cinthya Garcia-Cisneros, the woman who struck and killed two Forest Grove girls playing in piles of leaves.

    http //www kgw com/story/news/local/2014/08/19/cisneros-forest-grove-girls-killed-leaf-pile/14277377/

    And some people here say there isn’t a genocide going on against the White Race.

  • anony

    Yes and I was referring to the lefties, liberalis, and progressives. They are the essential problem. The blacks, we can manage handily.

  • Cid Campeador

    Two couples should be able to go to Mc Donald’s without the two boys being beaten to death!

    • Jack Burton

      Right, it’s the cops that are skulking around at night trying to rob, rape and murder people. Blacks are just innocent consumers going to the store in the middle of the night to buy Skittles with their hoodies on and pants around their knees.

  • Cid Campeador

    Perhaps you should also worry about the Muslim immigrants who are raping your young Australian women.
    Even the above mentioned Chinese are having internal problems with Africans.

  • Roninf9

    1. Diversity
    2. Freedom
    3. Civilization

    You can have 2 of the 3 but never all 3 at the same time. Its always been this way and always will.

    Personally, I would want the freedom and civilization and $hitcan the DIEversity.

  • Usually Much Calmer

    “In one of the many insights in Michael Levin’s classic, Why Race Matters, he writes that most whites don’t realize what drives so much black anger: hysteria, delusions, envy, and just plain hatred. Whites see furious blacks, and assume they could not possibly be so angry unless they had legitimate grievances. That is why the media lard their coverage of the riots with hand-wringing over bad schools and downtrodden neighborhoods, and 60- and 70-year-old tales of white racism.”

    Following the link to Dr. Levin’s book brings me to Amazon, where a paperback costs $91.34 and a hardcover $389.96 (to me, anyway- Amazon is candid about price discriminating).

    The paperback is published by the New Century Foundation but the title does not appear to be available from the AmRen store, where I can only hope it would be available for a more reasonable price.

    Is there any chance this will change?

    Thanks all!

  • paul marchand

    Ferguson-Alinsky-advancing the black agenda…..
    The importance of ferguson, Mizzou: Obama, Holder utilizing ALINSKY to pervert reality in order to advance the black agenda…………despite the thousands upon thousands of black murdering annually in the US, despite the hundreds upon hundreds targeting whites, despite the thousands upon thousands of b > w rape (versus about ZERO w>b) – Obama and Holder are utilizing the ALINSKY METHOD to target, magnify, hype up, AGAINST THE GRAIN OF REALITY. In order to advance, almost surely, affirmative action in police forces (tho not qualified), to shut down profiling (tho black murders, for example, are about 15 times that of whites, per capita), and to advance lawsuits against civilization, with the $$ going to the blacks. COUNT ON IT.

  • me

    Brilliant article, Mr. Taylor. We do, indeed, have Africa in our midst. Too bad it’s also in the White House and the ‘Justice’ Department as well. There hasn’t been such a bunch of Chicago-style, corrupt, racist Black ‘leaders’ in DC since crack head Marion Barry was mayor. The absolute and raging hatred towards Whites, shown by Barry, Eric, and Valerie these past six years, should be enough to remove them from office. If White politicians and authority figures acted towards Blacks the way these three have towards Whites, they would have been dragged out into the street and butchered. If Whites don’t come out of their stupor, this entire country is going to look like Zimbabwe. And, may I add, that the entire ‘mainstream media’ is EVIL. A White police officer, while doing his DUTY and FIGHTING FOR HIS LIFE, was made to look like a ‘thug’; and a Black thug, was made to look like an innocent ‘youth’, was gunned down by a Nazi White racist® while on a wholesome midnight stroll with his buddy.The lies, propaganda, and vilification of Whites by the ‘mainstream media’ is absolutely breathtaking in its’ scope. And we all know who owns the majority of ‘mainstream media’ sources…

  • E. Newton

    Excellent summation of “Africa in our midst” and where it will be taking us. One of the most disturbing dimensions to this phenomena is men like Chris Koster. This despicable pandering has been shown to accomplish nothing positive. Yet they continue, getting more outrageous each time.

  • ravitchn

    My basic insight into blacks, here and elsewhere, is that for some reason they lack a Super Ego, a mechanism which postpones immediate gratification in favor of future benefits. This accounts for early promiscuity, crime, lack of family structure, and many other features of black life which have nothing to do with slavery of Jim Crow. Is it inherited? I do not know. Can it be taught? We have relied on education and religion. Education has clearly failed and religion has been transformed for blacks into agitation not faith.

    • JohnEngelman

      Civilization breeds for civilized behavior the way domestication breeds for tame animals. The criminal justice system of civilized countries removes those with criminal inclinations from the gene pool. Intelligent people are usually more prolific than unintelligent people.

      Nevertheless, the process requires many generations. This is why the civil rights legislation has not had the effects its early advocates confidently predicted.

      • Rick O’Shea

        And many more generations when you’re starting from such an outdated gene pool to begin with.

      • LHathaway

        Oh, the civil rights movement is having it’s intended effect. The genes they are removing from the pool are yours.

        • JohnEngelman

          The intended effect of the civil rights movement was to achieve racial equality by ending racial discrimination, and enabling blacks to behave and perform as well as whites. The civil rights movement achieved the first goal, but not the second.

          • anony

            Your opinion. The civil rights movement was a communist movement from the beginning. Documented. For example, Rosa Parks was a trained communist agent. Do your own homework. It’s all documented.

          • JohnEngelman

            The American Communist Party participated in the Civil Rights movement. CPUSA had every right to do so under the United States Constitution.

            Communist involvement in the civil rights movement would only be a matter of legitimate concern if the American Communist Party used that involvement to pass classified information to the KGB. There is no evidence that it ever did.

          • anony


            The underlying philosophy of communism is anathema to the underlying philosophy of individual liberty upon which our form of government was founded.

          • JohnEngelman

            Individual liberty includes intellectual liberty, which includes the right of the American Communist Party to be politically active, and to spread its ideas.

          • anony


            Nevertheless, those corrosive ideas, embedded in communist philosophy, are a big part of why we, as a (formally White )nation, are where we are today given that blacks have been used to “divide and conquer”.

          • JohnEngelman

            Truth emerges from competition in the free market for facts and opinions. The American Communist Party has as much right under the U.S. Constitution to express its opinions as those who speak at American Renaissance conferences.

            The American Communist Party has never had much influence in American politics. The high point of the American Communist Party was the election of 1932, when the unemployment rate was 23.6 percent. The Communist Party candidate was William Z. Foster. He won 103,307 votes. This was 0.26% of the total vote. Even in 1932 Communist Party membership was much smaller than the vote for William Z. Foster.

            There never was the remotest chance that the United States would “go Communist.” The American Communist Party was never much more than a Marxist discussion group. It was and is harmless, and somewhat silly.

          • anony

            The term communism, and all its variants, have been anathema in America for a long time. That’s why collectivism, one of the variants, is never described as such.

            Nevertheless, the ideas in the philosophy of communism/collectivism have deep roots in America and are manifesting more and more. “Redistribution” has wide support in America today. The ACA is nothing but a communist idea dressed up as “universal health care”.

            I could go on and on.

            The left/liberals never, never, never describe themselves as communists/collectivists, but a rose by any other name….

            If you really believe what you write, you are naive.

          • JohnEngelman

            Your opinions are expressed with such poor articulation that I pay you the compliment of assuming that you could not possibly believe them.

          • anony

            I do believe what I write, and I ignore your “compliment”.

          • JohnEngelman

            In that case I overestimated you.

            I am curious however. Do you believe that the American Communist Party should not be allowed to express its opinions?

          • Guest

            Poor articulation?

          • JohnEngelman

            the action of putting into words an idea or feeling of a specified type.

          • anony

            Refute, if you can, what I wrote. Refrain from insulting my writing.

          • LHathaway

            I appreciate the spirit you bring to your reply, but your statement is written no better than the other guy’s. Moreover, presumably, you made an effort to tidy up your own prose before posting that. The ‘long sentence’ written with no breaks (which you wrote above) can sound impressive. The sentence you wrote above could use a break or two, or to be rewritten. That’s my opinion, anyway, John.

            Only one man’s opinion. . .

          • LHathaway

            According to black feminist Michele Wallace, “the civil rights movement meant a white woman in every bed and a black woman under every heal”. I doubt her opinion of the march toward progress has changed.

    • Tarczan

      I am at the point where I no longer try to figure what causes their actions. I just try to avoid them in whatever I do.

      I know what they bring.

    • Jack Burton

      Blacks have an underdeveloped ego and superego. They lack the ability to perceive reality correctly and also a conscience to guide them.

  • Luca

    We, of European DNA, are being exterminated by Global Liberal-Progressives. They want a world of low-IQ drones who are easy to appease.

  • ravitchn

    I have had problems with blacks since the age of 5! I am convinced that Segregation or Apartheid is the only answer. Blacks and whites are too different, psychologically, morally, religiously, intellectually, in short in every way. I also laugh at television ads which show socializing between happy whites and blacks. This is a rare occurrence. We all want to be with our own.

    • JohnEngelman

      Decent people are not evenly distributed among the races, but they can be found in each of them. The most fascinating friend I ever had in my life was a black college professor who taught at Howard University.

  • Toms18

    This would be the same Australia being flooded with Asians and the same Australia in which attempts to water down anti-freedom of speech ‘hate laws’ were recently done away with because of the fear of being called ‘racist’?

    Australia is just as cultural Marxist PC obsessed as the West is. You will be an Asian country in the not too distant future.

  • [Guest]

    As usual, Mr. Taylor’s comments are spot on. But—also as usual—they don’t matter.

    • JohnEngelman

      For a generation Mr. Taylor has been a voice crying in the wilderness, telling truths people do not want to believe, even though it is obvious to most that what he says is true.

      In their hit piece on Jared Taylor the Southern Poverty Law Center quoted statements by Mr. Taylor without refuting them. In the Star Chamber of Political Correctness truth is no defense. Indeed, it is evidence for the prosecution.

  • JohnEngelman

    They destroy what they cannot build.

    • Jack Burton

      Envy and hatred are part of it, but a lot of it is just irrational behavior, destruction for destruction’s sake. Like a child having a tantrum, it’s an emotional release, it’s fun to them.

  • JohnEngelman

    UCSD students protest bogus “racism” on campus.

    – Jared Taylor, American Renaissance, August 20, 2014

    Racism consists of expecting blacks to behave and perform as well as whites, and to drawing attention to it when they do not.In the West racism is considered to be such a serious offense, that it can be a career destroyer.

  • Dirk Diggler

    I thanked the librarian and other people did also. The chair and table where she was sitting was sprayed with disinfectant. Thanks for the advice.

  • Alexandra1973

    Wow, what I’ve experienced is boring in comparison. I’d go to the public library before I got Internet hookup in my new apartment and there’d be this guy at the computer next to me (white) listening to what sounded like heavy metal in his earphones and every so often just blurting things out. I’ve seen him around town, actually seems pretty harmless, just a bit nutty.

    (I might add that I hate metal as much as I hate rap.)

  • …”A black woman blurts out the African-style nonsense blacks believe: that Michael Brown was “shot in cold blood.” A black police officer agrees, and a white journalist admires his charisma. Sanity is a distant dream”.

    The pithy nature of this quip had made me laugh, even though we all know it is not really a funny situation.

    As for this: “‘We should be able to walk the streets, we should be able to go to the store without being shot in cold blood,’ shouted the woman, one of hundreds protesting the police slaying of teenager Michael Brown. ‘We don’t feel safe in these streets. Never. Ever. Report that. Tell that. Don’t go around sugar-coating things to the media.’ . . .”

    Sanity is more than distant, it is residing in another galaxy.

    Is she really suggesting that Black people are in fear of being shot down on the street “in cold blood” by Whites, particularly White police officers? That it is THEM who are making them feel unsafe on the streets and unable to go to the store?!!

    If so, I think she wants a reality-check and to discover what the actual odds of this are – and who may really be the ones shooting people down on a regular basis!

    She is right, they should be able to feel safe on the streets to go about their business – and that is what the police are trying to enforce by tackling the very things that make this difficult…….unruly Blacks.

    It is all madness on stilts. It really is.

    The coverage I have seen and heard over here in the UK is not much different to what you have over there. They are interviewing Bonnie Greer, all manners of other race-hustlers like her, the reporters are asking blacks there what they feel about things and what the problems are…… as for a counter-view, well, we don’t get one. None at all. It is not even on the table, from what I have seen.

    • ZaphodEpicurus

      Blacks have no fear of walking the streets and they have no fear of the police as well. That is all a myth.

    • ZaphodEpicurus

      I didn’t see until the end of your comment that you are in UK – I was listening to a bit of Home Secretary Theresa May this weekend – looks like you all have a serious Muslim problem festering on the island. Seems someone let the enemy in. As you are probably aware our southern border is being held open by domestic enemies with our country over here – Americans are rousing and more are stirring – there is a division coming here in the US. Demography, socialism, and treason are brewing a storm in the US and there will be trouble. Tell your friends and family that Ferguson is not about exposing racism and police brutality in America but it is about a new awakening among whites that the black problem is not about racism. Ferguson is about white awakening, not “justice” for blacks.

      • The situation over here is pretty complicated, however I am sure there are many parallels to be found in other parts of Europe and America.

        Teresa May and others tend to focus on Islamic extremism. They talk about radicals, they talk about terrorist risks, they talk half heartedly about “tackling” these kinds of people on our shores. The media is the same.

        Personally, at this point in time, I am not all that bothered about terrorists. That may sound ridiculous and shocking to some people here, but I don’t really lay awake at night worrying about terrorists and atrocities. What worries me more is the slow, subtle, expanding, snuffing out of our nation and our people by focussing on these pinpointed affairs rather than the ultimate conclusion of where things are heading.

        It is the cities, the towns, the geographic spread of these people (and others) who are “innocently” just living their lives to their values and faith, expanding their numbers, looking after their own interests, building up their communities, building up their sway and influence in business, law, politics, street thuggery, and all manners of aspects of society……. this is the situation that worries me the most.

        Although it is horrible to contemplate, losing thousands of lives in some kind of Islamic terrorist act in this country is something that can be recovered from in the larger scheme of things. Demographic and societal marginalisation to different peoples and a dominant faith is something we cannot bounce back from.

        I can see how the future is going to roll out, and I have first hand experience of how these people are. My own town has gone from being about 1% Pakistani in 1961 to over 30% today. They are expanding, taking over our now unused (solid stone) buildings. They are establishing schools, mosques, businesses, whilst also domineering ‘ours’. Is it malicious? Is it some secret determined plan? Not really – it is more a runaway train that has been set in motion and the further it gets down the hill, the more it picks up speed all of its own accord.

        Another former liberal mouthpiece, Lord Carey, former Arch Bishop of Canterbury, was in the Daily Mail newspaper the other day bemoaning multiculturalism and talking about the threat of radical Islam. This is after the hypocrite was castigating the BNP as evil and so on, when they warned 15 years ago that this kind of thing would come.

        In his article, he admitted that ‘many ordinary Muslims feel powerless” about the radicalisation going on. Unwittingly, he therefore proves to me that this ‘organic’ nature of growth I describe, is the pool amongst which the radicals can swim. Ie, just like in Iraq, the weak will be dominated by the strong. Our government, twits like Lord Carey, have no idea what’s going on.

        That arrogant fool finished his article suggesting there needs to be more “interfaith dialogue” and that the best way to challenge this radicalisation is to further this dialogue and let ‘liberal democratic values’ win the argument! You really could not make it up – but that is liberalism for you, they are so sure of themselves that they cannot comprehend anybody rejecting it!

        I tried seven times to get a comment on the article in the Daily Mail….and no way would they let any of mine through, as usual, no matter how softly couched.

        Muslims are only one component of our woes though. We have blacks, both west indian and all manners of African, we have Chinese, Filipinos, Pakistanis, Afghanis, Indians, Bangladeshis, “Roma”… fact, any other race and nationality you could find in earth, here now.

        They may be perfectly fine people….many of them are….. but all together, we have already lost three major cities to a white minority status. Many larger towns are heading the same way. There is a whiff of inevitability about it all…..and like in the states, the government are hell bent on flooding the place with even more.

        The difference here is that we do not have a border. We do not have some kind of line we can redraw and retreat back from if we had to do. These people are spread out all over the land in pockets…and generally pushing outwards and merging into one another.

        In the meantime, our own people are festering and deteriorating into trash, hedonistic garbage, unthinking drones of the state. They are often little to hold up as something that ought to be saved! It can get very depressing, to be honest.

        I am quite familiar with the state of affairs on your borders with Mexico. I find it astonishing, probably like you find our government and nation astonishing. It is utter madness, isn’t it?

        The Furguson thing is an interesting phenomena whipped up in the usual way. It is frustrating to see so many whites swallow the B.S like drones, but I hope that many are indeed coming to see the light and seeing the whole sham for what it is. I hope it is an awakening.

        • ZaphodEpicurus

          Astonishing is truly the word. The destruction of the country stands in front of us, and it is such an obvious scheme. The way you describe it you all are done for. Here there still are chances to counter or disrupt the invasion. My belief is it will come around 2025 – perhaps sooner but that would surprise me. The policy of suicide is so clear yet so many people are lulled into a daze and are unable to focus clearly to understand the absolute threat. At this time I can see that the trends will continue but there will eventually be a division- it will be bumpy and tumultuous but hopefully not disastrous. South Africa is suffering in a similar way as well. The Australians called BS and put a stop to their influx. People can still wake up, but I must say I don’t have much hope for Europe – you all have gotten a little to easy to lead. And look what they did to you all.

  • To understand the media, look to Jews.

  • anony

    This video speaks volumes! A look behind the curtain.

  • Magician

    Just curious

    Yes black men murder whites and blacks everyday

    And St Skittles and St 6’4” 290lbs who just robbed a store should not be the only young black men who were shot in public by properly trained police officers and why are they so obsessed about this one?

    “Because he had his hands up” well a recorded narrative by a witness never said he had his hands up but mentions “he was running at the officer” multiple times


    And the one who said he had his hands up started changing the story

    It appears most of the rioters simply want to riot for the sake of rioting, destroying businesses and prove to the world that they are unemployed and how tough they are

  • J. Edwards

    Excellent article. Will share it as many as I can.

  • Marius Quentical

    I have never thought of myself as an isolationist, but as I get older, I am convinced that we need major isolation from the African continent and its natives. I also believe that the sentiments of the 40s and 50s were right….separate but equal wasn’t correct because “equal” just wasn’t so.

    Rather than cut all of the “gibs” to African Americans, I suggest pooling all of the Federal and State “assistance” and offer large payments to African Americans to renounce their US citizenship, support their transport to Africa, and have them promise, in writing, not to return to the USA. Americans of European extraction were not meant to have Africans or African-Americans living amongst us. Let’s watch the expatriated African-Americans bring American values to the African continent and raise that continent’s standard of living…..yeah…right.

    • cherrie greenbaum123

      You’re assuming too many things. One, that their promise means nothing. Two, the money is starting to run out. That well you’re drawing from (YT’s money) is running dry. The negroes are revolting, partly because the welfare state cash is running low. Around my neck of the woods, food pantries are already emptying out this month. People who have been widely encouraged to wait for that EBT card to load up at the beginning of each month for the past 50 years are finally beginning to feel the pinch from not having had to work for over two generations. Not to mention that our Southern border no longer exists. The message is out. Anyone who can physically make it across the border can come and live off of YT’s largesse for the rest of their lives and the lives of their children.

    • LHathaway

      If you don’t believe it yourself, don’t expect them to go.

      We owe it to Africans, tho, and everyone else. This brain drain destroying their home countries shouldn’t be allowed to go on.

    • ZaphodEpicurus

      Definitely the way to go for the future – its a win win win – America wins, Blacks in America win by getting back to their native land, and Africa wins because advanced former American blacks will be the new leaders of the continent to fix it. Although most people will immediately dismiss this option as crazy, it really is the best option. Intermixing blacks and whites does not work – blacks were stolen from Africa and brought here as slaves. Every stage in the history of the US has had this shadow over it. The US should pay the costs to take Africa and provide it to American blacks – they receive land in Africa and x amount of money, and their family has to renounce US citizenship if they take the offer – its a win win win.

    • ZaphodEpicurus

      What many mainstream outlets aren’t picking up on yet about Furgeson is that they think the 2 weeks of rioting has exposed racism in America and it will spark a conversation about healing our differences. what they are totally missing is that the last 2 weeks has had a HUGE effect on white America moving in huge numbers to begin realizing separation is the answer. This shooting did not expose racism and police brutality – it exposed and brought to the national conversation the absurd levels of black dysfunction and has eroded a huge chunk of white patience. That’s the real story here.

  • Payday loan and check cashing joints are doing good business on the FerGaza Strip? Naw, next thing you know, they’ll tell us that it’s full of weave shops and nail salons.

  • Rusty Shackelford

    Looking at the picture of Brown’s father, I think that the way I’ll make my fortune is to open a T shirt screen printing business near the ghetto.

  • IstvanIN

    Because they are the minority. We would be fine with a nation of 200,000,000 whites plus whatever American Indians, Eskimos and Hawaiians are native to this country. Everyone else can go.

  • Marius Quentical

    Because their IQs are 100 or > on average, they get along pretty well, usually obey the laws, are civilized, productive, and industrious. The average African-American’s IQ is 85 and the average native African’s is 69. Koko-the-gorilla’s IQ is between 70 and 95 on the human scale. That pretty much says it all.

  • MartelsGhost

    Nobody wants ice-cream with sh*t sprinkles.

    These africans should have never been brought here. They are right about one thing though, without justice there will be no peace. White people haven’t been allowed to dispense justice in a long time. White people get no justice for the crimes committed against them on a daily basis. Where is the justice for all the White victims of african criminals? If we want peace for our family, our neighborhoods, our cities, our country, our world then we must be ready to dispense and demand justice. We must secure the existence of our people and a future for our Children.

  • Rick O’Shea

    I have no problem at all with East Asians, and I respect their culture. But in order for whites and their culture to survive, we need somewhere like they have. An area which continues to be our “fountainhead” as Asia is theirs. Europe is the obvious place for this, but Europe has decided to stop being that.

    It isn’t fair to us for our lands, institutions, and heritage to be put in service of another people and turned into a secondary breeding ground for people who already have a massive portion of the planet.

  • HFH1

    “sanity a distant dream.” Exactly, and indeed. In a sane America, all whites would join Amren. We’d better figure it out soon. ‘doesn’t look promising, alas.

  • Augustus3709

    I wonder what the races are of the FBI agents that Mr. “I’m black” Mulatto sent. White Watch-dog groups should be monitoring and reporting for possible racial bias against White people.

  • JaneDoe

    Trash ass mayo pale faced melanin deficient freaks. Everything u vomited up out of your delusional revisionist mind is the bullshit inbred Neanderthals tell themselves. Yea there will be more fergusons until we have eradicated the sick disgusting delusions white ppl ahem created out of this country. Take y’all trashy white asses back to Europe then bc Black ppl aint goin nowhere. Shouldn’t y’all be fuckin y’all’s daughters to preserve y’all gene pool? Trash ass mayo. Pale faced freaks.

  • Jack Burton

    Please play the knockout game on those full-retard whites holding their hands up in these protests. Don’t they know that the whole point is that he was shot because he’s black, it doesn’t apply to you, morons.

  • jay11

    Why do you think that white and jewish liberals try so hard to abolish our second amendment rights? It is all we have to protect ourselves from the violence that grows against us every year. We can retreat and cede territory in this slow motion race war of the last century, but soon we will have no place to go and will need to stand our ground.

    • Ella

      With all the land mass in the USA, Whites just keep finding new grounds to build and then, watch their city become ruins within 30 years.

    • ZaphodEpicurus

      There is a division coming n the US – the people will not tolerate the push towards communism forever. The people are slow but there will be a point when a very large chunk of the functioning population (aka Americans) will draw the line and fight. It will happen. This will come when the charade can no longer be maintained and even average people will see the road to dictatorship is real.

      • LHathaway

        By that point, those who would like to apply the brakes will be a minority. We may be a minority already. One thing, white voters still maintain a majority.

        • ZaphodEpicurus

          Yes, that’s why there is a division coming. Demography and time will continue – the times they are a changin’

  • Leon NJ

    Can you imagine what Ferguson will look like if this case doesn’t even make it to trial? When I close my eyes, all I can imagine is the entire town in flames and the honorable Al Sharpton the size of King Kong hanging on a building yelling and waving his arms all around.

    • Jack Burton

      The dishonorable, dishonest, uneducated, irreverend Sharpton is a media creation funded by white libs and communist Jews.

  • adplatt126


    • SoulInvictus

      “The sooner she dissolves, the better for everyone, and most importantly, actual Americans.”
      …sounds an awful lot like the lefty evil-whitey mentality. Fact is, virtually none of the rest of the world has been paying for their own defense. The US is the largest consumer. Also the largest producer of food. Most advances in medical and computer tech. Etc, etc, etc.
      The downfall of the US will be ruinous for most of the developed world.

      • Any way you slice it the downfall of Z.O.G. is a necessary precursor to the continued survival of whites as a race. If that means that the collection of Zionists, conmen, and traitors currently passing as a U.S. government must fall, then so be it.

        • JSS

          ZOGs collapse is going to happen no matter what. The kosher foundations of modern western society are built on lies and sand and are bound to collapse eventually. When they have drained us completely they won’t have another productive race they will be able to guilt trip and fool into supporting them. They always over reach and certainly aren’t as clever as they think they are. None the less if Whites are going to avoid going down with them we need to secure a homeland of our own sooner rather then later.

        • SoulInvictus

          I don’t disagree. Just saying that if there were any way to cast them out without undergoing an apocalyptic bloodbath and worldwide cataclysm, that would be preferable.

          • With respect that’s not really an accurate depiction in relief of what my comment said, however your reply does appear to have gotten my comment deleted. Not that it takes more than a light breeze to get my comments scrubbed in this neck of the woods. It is the feds who are leading the charge to push these anti-white policies. It’s Holder, the fairly white black, who pushes to morph reality into an exploitable crisis, as he did in Florida over Zimmerman and as he now does in Missouri. It’s them who prevent the states from policing their own border and who promulgate policies that command officers to release illegals back into the population. The U.S. government is not really our government, it’s run for a select group of “elites” who run the media too, who push anti-white policies and who are currently doing more harm to our country than could be done by conventional warfare that would result in stability in the end.

            They can’t at once be the source of anti-white policies that harm us and also an institution we seek to preserve. Race > all.

          • SoulInvictus

            Weird. I never do understand the deletion and censorship policy here. Would be really nice if they’d just lay out iron clad rules to abide by so you could know how best to tailor comments.
            I’ve seen overtly violent stuff stay, mild anti-tribe stuff deleted, poetry deleted… all very random. It seems like it just depends who is on web patrol that day.

            Anyway, yeah mainly I was agreeing with you. Just that the previous poster is delusional and other anti-US minded folks, if they don’t think removing the US (for all its warts) from world affairs through catastrophe, wouldn’t be bad for everyone.

            Or like some of the southern nationalists that think the US is the main evil in the world. Yeah, there are anti-white policies, high level manipulation, etc… but it’s relative. Such as by comparison, give the Chinese our military position in the world, then see what real Communism taste like. Not just this toxic cultural Marxism, but the serious gulag roll over you with a tank flavor.

          • The “evil” governments China and even, say, North Korea are not currently importing millions of foreigners in an attempt to breed out their most numerous dominant racial group.

          • SoulInvictus

            They don’t need to. They have already enslaved their people.
            Whites have to be broken or destroyed. We don’t cotton to tyranny, therefore we’re both the light of the world and the biggest threat to elite control of it.
            If we were as subservient, poisoned, and enslaved as Chinese and Koreans, there probably wouldn’t be such a push to dismantle the West. But we’re getting there…

          • JSS

            The U.S. Government as it stands today is the leader in promoting White genocide. It is the enforcement arm of our current overlords who want us neutered and bred out of existence. Whether or not it’s collapse would be bad for the rest of the world is secondary to our survival as a race. The Asians hate each other more then us so conquering Europe or America would be secondary to war with each other in a vaccum of US military muscle.

            Establishing a White homeland need not be a catastrophe for Whites though it would be for the usual suspects. I know he has many detractors but I don’t think covingtons basic model is to far fetched.

          • adplatt126

            The US is more enslaved than either China or Japan at this point.

          • SoulInvictus

            …Really? That’s a bit hyperbolic don’t you think.
            So then we have suicide forced labor factories, thousands of political prisoners, total government control of the internet, etc. No.
            There’s a difference between stupefied and apathetic vs. enslaved.
            I’m not saying we aren’t progressing towards that type of oppression and authoritarian state, but it’s hardly similar at this point.

          • adplatt126

            We don’t have total control of the internet, but we do have total surveillance. We certainly have thousands of political prisoners. I wonder how many tens of thousands of prisoners have been created as well by indirect state-oppressive means, particularly among those groups that really oppose the interests of the oligarchy (employment discrimination, blacklisting etc.). We live under a tyrannical government. Sometimes its criminality is on full display and it’s blatant, at other times it’s subtle and hardly discussed, but the effect is very similar. The American people have almost no say over the trajectory of the nation. You could argue that their apathy contributes to their condition, but the effect again is the same.

          • SoulInvictus

            Yet here we are, saying very politically incorrect things that would be classified as criminal hate speech in many other countries.
            Half of what gets posted here, tame as it is, could land you in prison in Germany or the UK. Or you wouldn’t even see it in China because the site wouldn’t exist.
            No one is stopping Americans from changing things. We just don’t care. So if a slave willingly puts on the chains, it’s their own stupid fault. But it’s not the same as having them forced upon you.
            That is why it’s more insidious to me.

      • adplatt126

        And the North American continent would continue to produce the most food even if the government fell. California would still be one of the primary producers of advanced technology. And so on and so forth. The United States as you know it is an evil criminal empire, with a tyrannical government at the helm. It rules by brute force, and has for a long time. Who knows if the elections are even legitimate. I don’t. Get rid of “America” and replace it with autonomous regions, and the former American people and the rest of the world will be much better off. The American people especially. It seems to me the US government is blatantly legislating social decline across the board. We would be able to protect our borders freely, banks would have more difficulty compromising the political systems of constituent regions and the emerging nation would probably more accurately reflect once again what the founders really had in mind. As for the claim that the rest of the world really benefits from American foreign policy, well I’ll just chalk that up to arrogant delusions, MIC corporate propaganda on the tube, and a queer misplaced trust in government effectiveness and military intervention. Strange the way conservatives believe in force and strength when the government is killing, maiming and imposing itself upon others, isn’t it? Yet somehow it can never do any good domestically! Isn’t that an odd self-contradiction? I can’t think of a solitary war America involved itself in (usually foisted onto the people by the government) that aided the world or itself. 0. Not one, save the American revolution. There are just wars but almost none of them are fought by governments. They’re almost always fought against governments. I don’t come to conclusions based upon who is doing the concluding, but simply upon who is right and who is wrong. If the general opinion of the left happens to be right, so? And if the right is, so? As far as I’m concerned they’re both right on different issues. And sometimes they’re both terribly wrong.

        • SoulInvictus

          “And the North American continent would continue to produce the most food even if the government fell. ”

          How well did Rome continue to produce anything after collapse?
          The land was still there, the minds were still there, yet the dark ages ensued. Sometimes the power and organization are inextricably tied to success.

          “The United States as you know it is an evil criminal empire…”

          Again, it’s relative. People that say these kinds of things seem to have a distorted worldview as though everyone else is pristine and the US 100% evil. Which puts me in the unlikely position of defending her. China is super oppressive evil. Modern China’s founding father being the largest mass murderer in all of history. The Russians are run by a criminal mafia of oligarchs (modern Russia’s founder being the second largest mass murderer in all of history). The EU is evolving into a crony banking cartel/commie hybrid. The Mideast is a barbaric hellscape with feudal overlord families. Central and South America is a chaotic mess. Africa is…well African.
          So in a world of grays, the degree of US evilness is certainly relative. It’s more comparable to the joining of British Empire and the East India Company than say, Commies killing millions in political purges.

          • adplatt126

            China is arguably freer today than America (certainly economically). Russia used to be run by oligarchs. Now those same refugee Marxists run America. I’m not saying America is 100 percent evil. I never made any such argument. I don’t even really subscribe to the concept. True evil is very rare. The vast majority of people believe they’re doing good, but are simply wrong. Evil arguably requires malevolent intent. Americans are no exception and as a nation of utter nitwits, are simply more wrong as a direct corollary. The US is worse when it comes to freedom and human rights than virtually all of those nations you mentioned. In the EU (particularly on the continent) there are still significant privacy protections. Not so in the new USSA. The US government has its finger on the scale of every industry in the country. It distorts every debate and social issue in the nation. It has its tentacles in everything. To compare the United States to the British Empire is absurd. We aren’t nearly as brutal but we’re much worse overall. The effect of American government policy is astoundingly bad globally. The same was not quite true of Great Britain. The British empire did some good in places. What good do we do? Zero.

          • SoulInvictus

            “China is arguably freer today than America (certainly economically).”
            No, it’s not at all.
            “Russia used to be run by oligarchs.”
            And still is. Now they’re just billionaire mafia/business magnates instead of Party leaders. Though many in fact, like Putin, being former Party leaders.
            “Now those same refugee Marxists run America.”
            That is true. If not literally, then in thought and spirit.
            Communism really is the turd of evil that just won’t flush.

          • anony

            Always make a clear distinction between the “government” and the people. My “nation” is my race. The government has nothing to do with my “nation”. The government is an entity unto itself.

        • Yancy Derringer

          Excellent post. Thanks

  • Kenner

    Idi Amin? Samuel Doe? Emperor Bokassa? on and on….

  • Cid Campeador

    They should be over-represented in the Potters Fields.

  • meanqueen

    Excellent. Thank you.

  • meanqueen

    For now . . .

  • Perspephone

    Mr.Taylor, I have long admired you. I have returned to you and this website time and again whenever I feel racially uncomfortable. Your courage is incredulous to me.

  • MatsPT

    Abolish the Federal Reserve. Stop Imigration, and DEPORT foreign criminals. Prosecute anyone (jewish. white, black) who works AGAINST american interests Teach Christianity and Euro-American History in classes. Enforce English as the SOLE language.

    If you preserve the culture, the language and the religion, the USA will survive.

  • SoulInvictus

    “The “lucky country” is facing a substantial reduction in living standards over the next 20 years. It’s already started.”
    Tell me what Western country that can’t be said of though.
    At least the demographics are in their favor.

  • Kelly James


    ✪✪✪ ✪✪✪ ✪✪✪ �✪✪✪ ✪✪✪

    • Garrett Brown

      Heeeeeey, how ya doin?

  • David Ashton

    China is the market for Australian mining developments. What is needed most, as I have said repeatedly, is international unity of white peoples in morally legitimate self-defense of our shared western civilization, plus an increase in our birth-rate vis-a-vis the other races and mastery of the technology as well as content of cyberspace. A focus for unity must be the overthrow of the PC blight of “white liberals”, plus a moratorium on the rootless immigration desired by the money-power on the “right” and the re-emergent communists on the “left”. This requires careful intellectual analysis and exposition – we are quite capable of that, and Jared Taylor sets a good example.

    • anony

      We also need a huge megaphone (media presence ) which requires money. Get the money, design the media outlet, and start making our case.

  • Garrett Brown

    I’m sure the world will be fine without war mongering Murica. Lets hope the collapse is sooner rather than later. I want a white homeland already.

  • Ive know a couple of Africans off the boat, who moved here….The once ive known are nice people. came here to get away from the mess in Africa, went to school and made a good life, the best comment one told me that stuck, My daughters will never be allowd date a back american. I did ask him why while i feel the same way, He said this, and i told him he should be on the news to promot this thought….
    The black american cultur is very corrosive to its self. You have a large group of people who glorifiy rape, slave trade from pimping there girls and women, drugs and dealing drive by’s this is seen as a successfull life to these people. this is not successfull, this is what i wanted to get my famliy away from. He then smiled at me and chuckled. and said (i think the term that is used it an education and a civil life is not just a white thing its the right thing.) After he said that he appologized telling me he didn’t want to offend me… I told him i did not find it offencive, it is a bit sad but very ture.
    I did tell him he should orginize somthing to spread the word, being that the black american cultre dose need help and the government here while better than most, have not figgered out how to say such a thing with out hurting peoples feeling. We have become too sensitive and need to have a real talk to every one about it

    • ZaphodEpicurus

      I recently saw a documentary film call The Lost Boys of Sudan – it followed a group of Sudanese teenagers who had been orphaned in Sudan during their wars and relocated them throughout the US. During some scenes as they are discussing their new experiences they say very similar things about the American blacks they came into contact with. They specifically mentioned their tendency to want to fight and to be aggressive. So its obvious we’re pretty much dealing with a cultural issue – NOT a race issue.

      • Jack Burton

        You’re both fools.

      • LiberalismFailed

        I had a friend whose sister married a black African. He was well mannered, behaved, productive, etc. Then he inexplicably beat the crap out of her because he thought she was flirting with someone. Put her in a hospital. It is as much a “genetics” issue as anything else.

        • ZaphodEpicurus

          Well, maybe I will need to rethink. I am trying to think outside the box a bit. Funny thing is I have so many stories I can tell also from personal experience, friends, and family experiences of violent and aggressive actions from black people. I have a liberal friend here in Chattanooga TN who had two friends of hers beaten to the ground and put in the hospital by a group of blacks – they were walking across the street and they stopped and decided for whatever reason to beat them – typical stuff – once they were down they kicked them in the head etc – very brutal. She still is reluctant to consider that there may be a black problem. I have been able to help her see more clearly so she is coming around but it is interesting to see whites who try so hard to not be “racist” that they deny experiential reality. And speaking of documentary films check out The Boys of Baraka – that’s an eye opener – you will see first hand why inner city black youth is a danger – makes no difference if you say its because of whitey or not doesn’t change the fact that inner city blacks are a very dangerous and volatile group.

  • English Majority

    We Whites are now only 8% of the global population.

    Everything we and our forefathers built, over thousands of years, is now being savagely snatched away by black/Muslim hordes who want us literally dead or physically enslaved.

    They’ve caged us with laws that stop us from being able to fight back, or even to speak freely.

    Actually, I’m not even going to try and express the situation. We all know there are no words available, legally, to accurately describe the filth of it all.

    All I know is that my blood, bone and heart is embued with a permanent rage and hatred. And I want to see our enemies suffer. Badly.

    • Guest

      For the past two months, among my facebook contacts, an Indian guy, a Sri Lankan guy, a South Korean guy, a white guy and a black woman got married.

      And none of them married someone who does not share the same nationality or ethnicity. The Indian guy has a couple of white female friends who worked as models but he ended up choosing a girl of his own race and says she is the most beautiful woman he has ever met in his life.

      The Sri Lankan guy and his bride had an arranged marriage, and she grew up in Sri Lanka and did not know him personally in the past. He told me, when a man and woman have an arranged marriage, he or she has the right to refuse.

      I am a bit surprised that the black girl found a husband (and he was well-built too) because she was rather obese

      • Kenner

        Not obese. ‘Thick’. Nome sane?

        • Jack Burton

          Not the same, thick is usually a healthy form with toned muscles and a normal level of fat. Nothing wrong with that.

          Obesity is obviously an abnormal level of body fat, where one starts to lose the natural silhouette that a healthy man or woman has.

          Maybe that’s all he could get, or at least that will just be his sugar momma, a resource he uses to get food, money, and then has sex with other women.

      • Jack Burton

        Rather odd that you have those contacts to begin with.

        Asian males are socially retarded, they need arranged marriages or they probably couldn’t find a woman on their own. That’s why Japan has such a problem. Many Japanese men prefer their virtual GFs in video games, yes that exists, or their sex doll(s) to the real thing.

    • Gerry Lincoln

      Why do you capitalize “whites” and not “blacks” when you write? It is not necessary to capitalize either word and by doing so, you expose yourself to be a bit of a bumpkin and lose credibility.

      • English Majority

        Its quite intentional.

    • Marius Quentical

      As a notable German leader once said..”Weltmacht oder niedergang!” World power or nothing. If the blacks and Muslims keep copulating like rabbits, we will have nothing. The ratio of new births in France is 8 Muslims to every 1.3 French. France is GONE…it’s a Muslim enclave. Let’s not let America follow in its footsteps.

      • Ringo Lennon

        8 to 1.3? I didn’t know it was that bad. Grades 1 through 8 must be majority Muslim kids.

  • AndrewInterrupted

    Interesting. Because the northern French Canadians cluster among themselves. That doesn’t describe them at all. Except maybe the Dixie Flag wavers you speak of. I wonder if it’s a similar Rural versus Urban situation as is the case with the U.S.? Rural tending to be conservative, Urban-liberal.

    • Francis Miville

      No, French Canadians are no longer clustering among themselves. As I told you, the national identity of Quebec, which had always been more a sect’s like the Mormons than a nation’s under a very reactionary form of catholicism now extinct since Vatican II, was turned over to the religion of Marxism, PC and race-mixing. A leftie elite did mix with the negroes from Haiti and a few other turd world countries, as demanded by the ideology, but the other ones who rather rely upon the American TV channels for their culture simply mixed with other whites, preferably Anglo-Saxons, and the country is now disappearing.

  • anony

    Organize and do something about these “gangs”.

  • David Ashton

    What you say is quite sound and interesting. My point is simply that mother-tongue is cultural/educational, not inborn/genetic (like birdsong); and people of different race can speak more than one language. There are of course limits set by intelligence to personal communication, and vast differences in vocabulary.

    The primary language clusters developed fairly independently from their biological base in brain, tongue, vocal chords etc, and you can hear and see the obvious differences between the Sanid, Caucasid, Mongolid and Australid tongues, though as I say some individuals can cross the barrier and speak quite fluently; I knew a French language assistant who had no problem with strikingly different English accents.

    Different scripts also reflect biocultural characters; e.g. the Chinese and European aesthetics and corresponding brain centers. ACCURATE translation on any SCALE from one language to another, even I-E languages, is often impossible. English has a special advantage in its flexibility and vast array of synonyms.

  • cecil91

    As the saying goes, you can’t fix stupid. In the Ferguson case, neither can you fix just plain born dumb and clueless.

  • IKUredux

    How about this? If Darren Wilson is brought to trial and found guilty, regardless of whether the evidence proves his guilt OR innocence, we burn this mfer DOWN. That’s right fellow Whites, we are losing this war using law and fair play. Screw it! Do we want to win and allow White civilization to flourish? Or, do we want to sit back and live(and die!) by the laws and rules, that incidentally, we developed? The Lord giveth, and the Lord taketh away. Time to taketh away.

    • Andy

      Whites rioting because a guilty man is convicted is not an example of white civilization flourishing.

      I don’t know that I’d rather have a country of whites that acts like a country of blacks than an actual country of blacks. That’s a far less dignified end for Western Culture than its descendents dying a natural death.

      Whites can have civilization because we have spent millennia preventing the uncivilized from breeding. If Wilson *actually* gunned down an innocent man in cold blood, then he needs to be jailed or executed.

      The Lord giveth, and the Lord taketh away. The point there is that the *Lord* has the authority.

      If Wilson is convicted (which will be wrongly, unless there’s some huge evidence that’s been kept secret), white rioting will do no good. No one’s picking up the tab for us or granting us favors for screwing up our country. Perhaps an unjust conviction will get white America’s attention. Perhaps it won’t be too late to save our current political system. If politics fails, we may turn to war, but that will mean destroying our enemies’ outposts, not our own.

      • IKUredux

        Andy, what the hell are you talking about?

        • Andy

          Your assertion that whites should riot if Wilson is found guilty even if the evidence shows he *is* guilty.

  • TotallyPeeved

    I hate N I G G E R S. They are sub human with negative IQ’s and a violent streak they have not evolved enough to control. I hate even more the race traitors that enable these NAPA’s in their destruction of this country. Buy their citizenship ( which is worthless now) for a bottle of booze and a pair of sneakers and send them all back to the dark continent. Let them protest there and learn to live on dirt like the rest of their kind.


      Not cool friend! I don’t mean to be a buzz kill or anything. But I suggest you edit that before some of the people here start to think your an SPLC Provocateur/Troll or something. I’m not attacking you, or your opinion. It’s just a simple heads up, that’s all.

      • JohnEngelman

        Comments like that of TotallyPeeved are bad for the image Jared Taylor wants for his website.

  • fgbrunner3

    Cheer up doom and bloomers. It is going to be cold, very cold, for a very long time. The Third World will be destroyed.

    • JohnEngelman

      CBS NEWS July 17, 2014

      Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton leads the pack of potential 2016 presidential candidates in both favorability and familiarity among Americans, coming out on top in both measurements in a new Gallup poll released Thursday…

      The potential candidate with the next-highest favorability rating is former Gov. Mike Huckabee, R-Ark.

    • nicholasstix

      That’s what you think! I recall people saying the same thing four years ago.

  • Wishsong

    Amren’ers, please take a moment from your busy lives and sign this petition. The female perp from the “Knoxville Horror” is up for parole. Help keep her behind bars and away from good people like yourselves.

    • LHathaway

      Signing a petition concerning a criminal in Knoxville Tennessee borders on being an ‘intellectual’ version of what the rioters are doing with their demands for ‘justice’. I know it goes on with victims groups, feminists, and sometimes at our universities but I’m not certain it isn’t some kind of perversion of justice? Do we do it to feel better or would we genuinely put some kind of ‘pressure’ on her parole board?

      • Wishsong

        I think we do it for both. I feel better about being able to do -something-. Is it a perversion of justice to make ourselves heard by the parole board that we don’t want this animal released back onto the streets? To express concern over our children’s safety? I don’t think so. The only perversion of justice I see is that the murderers and torturers of Chris and Channon aren’t rotting in shallow graves.

        • LHathaway

          You personally know the perp or the victim, or witnessed the crime? Or you have some kind of deeper knowledge of this case, as an educated academic (don’t worry, there will be those types signing a petition anyway (at least feminist and other activist and caring types of they feel the hearing warrants the need).

          • World_War_Me

            I don’t think you like to argue, but it seems like you enjoy getting SOME reaction out of the other commenters.

            Here, you’re obnoxiously and needlessly interrogating Wishsong because she has the GALL to sign a petition on a topic that you ASSUME she’s not personally nor directly involved in.

            As a matter of fact, I didn’t know one needed to be an “educated academic” to sign a petition regarding Vanessa Coleman. Is there a special college department out there I don’t know about called Knoxville Horror Studies where one can major in Vanessa Coleman? Or would you expect Wishsong to write a peer-reviewed, published, academic paper on the case in order for her to have an opinion or sign a petition?

            I have read some of the trial & interrogations transcripts. Would that be good enough by your standards to sign a petition or have an opinion? Have you read them? Obviously you have not or you would not be questioning Wishsong’s qualifications nor doubting her motives.

          • LHathaway

            “Would that be good enough by your standards to sign a petition or have an opinion? Have you read them? Obviously you have not or you would not be questioning Wishsong’s qualifications nor doubting her motives”.
            This makes no sense whatsoever. If reading the transcripts means everything, how would I know the other poster has read them? Would a look in my magical 8 ball crystal viewer have enabled me to know she’s read them?
            WTH is wrong with you? I like to argue. I state in my post, “I like to argue”. You respond to that by saying, “I don’t think you like to argue…”
            Here’s a reaction. FU imbecile .

      • FransSusan

        I signed it for a bit of revenge.

    • Mergatroyd

      Better, go here for Officer Wilson’s fundraiser, this is the new one, the first one was closed:

      http //www gofundme com/OfficerWilsonFundraiser

      Every bit helps, lots of $5 and $10 dollar donations are coming in, two for $500 in the short time I viewed the site. He’s going to need the help he can get, the other side has unlimited government money to hire attorneys, fly in the likes of Baden, full use of media and support from Holder, the DOJ, all media outlets. The officer is going to be railroaded and he’ll never work again as a PO.

  • LHathaway

    It’s a great article, and a relevant point about where our society is headed. It may be the supremely relevant observation of where we are headed. Sanity isn’t just past tense, reason is past tense. Reality is past tense. But in trying to say this is something only dumb Africans (and African followers, or those who are afraid of them) do, one can’t help remember good old Western white justice and lynching.
    There are answers to that of course. Most of those who were lynched were likely guilty. One third of those who were lynched were white. One could even attempt to claim that whites who committed heinous crimes were more likely to by lynched since they committed few of those kinds of crimes. One could attempt to say that. I suppose the most relevant connection to this case would be to point out that this is the return of that kind of mindset. Anyone who reads the online posts of the local paper might notice that.

  • nunyabidnessfoo

    Africans out of US now

  • anony

    When I was in college, Madison was the epicenter of the college radicals/leftists. That’s what I based my comment on. Nothing more was intentioned.

  • gemjunior

    “If that means violence, that’s okay by me. They’ve been doing this to us for years.”

    I guess that means they’ve been victimized by whitey for years? Shot by white cops in cold blood? Or their joblessness has been done to them? It’s always somebody else’s fault with blacks, which is why they will never get anywhere or improve themselves in any way. Ever. The only way is to force them to obey the law by harsher measures because its all that works, or put them on boats to Liberia.

    BTW what a superb article. Sanity is indeed a distant dream Mr. Taylor.

    • withcaution

      You believe they won’t rise and improve themselves. What if they can’t improve themselves? My experience is that people rise to the level of their natural abilities.

      • FransSusan

        As a race, they’ve been given trillions of $$ and 50 years to “improve” themselves. Hasn’t happened even though affirmative action and political correctness rule (and are destroying) the country. This race’s behavior is built into their DNA. Nothing will ever change that; they’ll continue to whine and blame, and liberal whites will continue their delusional mantras about racism, slavery, & white privilege causing negro dysfunction.

        • withcaution

          I agree but I think it should also be mentioned that many blacks will kill whites because of the anger that liberal whites keep infusing into them.

          We see the same thing in the Middle East where kids are taught to hate other factions and justifies torture and murder.

          • FransSusan

            That’s true; they’re dumb and easily brainwashed by the race hustlers and idiot white liberals.

  • Ringo Lennon

    Mike Brown: Strong as an ox and almost as smart.

    • Jack Burton

      Not half as useful.

      • 1G25

        They are both examples of obsolete farm equipment.

  • kjh64

    If these do-gooders succeed in getting a significant African populace in Australia, they’ll create a “Detroit” there.

  • ZaphodEpicurus

    I hear your agitation SueZQ – and don’t forget all of the unrest was because of a shooting of a Black Revolutionary Soldier…that is important to understand. The killing of this soldier agitated all the way up to cause Obama to send his right hand man. But as I’m sure you are aware we could by now have a wall full of names and pictures of others who have been killed since this incident. Ferguson comes down to rioting over the shooting of a BRA soldier who was apparently on somewhat of a mini-crime spree. It has exposed once again the underlying inflammation in America and perhaps Ferguson will give us all the courage to speak openly and honestly about some kind of resolution to this wearisome cycle.

  • captainc

    I think Asians are much more dangerous than Africans, because they can play within the system and outgame you, unlike Blacks and Muslims. To give you examples, check Chinese in South East Asia, they all have become the elites, because they know how to trade and study.

    • Pat Kittle

      So if blacks knew how to study would they be more dangerous?

      • captainc

        Blacks have no patience so they raise alarm, while Chinese is always done their invasion stealthily.

  • captainc

    Thanks to these scum immigrants now you can get suspicious with peaceful Asian immigrants. Asian immigrants are much more dangerous.

  • captainc

    I think someone needs to infiltrate the political parties in order to set the rudder straight, like the Muslims in UK.

  • Jack Burton

    Looks mixed, but let’s run with it anyway.

  • Jack Burton

    Let’s see how much coverage it gets.

    We have plenty of facts already to use. More whites are killed by cops than blacks are, this is fact. What about Ruby Ridge? They killed his innocent wife and son… whites didn’t riot over that.

  • Virtue

    The way you’ve described the legal system isn’t accurate in the slightest. We have an adversarial system where the prosecutors assume guilt and make the best case possible in favor of guilt. It is not Holder’s job to be an impartial arbiter of the facts; that is the judge’s job. Prosecutors have a lot of leeway – too much, by my way of thinking – to “do justice” in whom they chose to prosecute. But they certainly are not obligated to suspend judgement about the guilt of a suspect.

    I do not say this by way of condoning the tragicomical Bonfire of the Vanities that is being enacted in Ferguson. My heart goes out to Darren Wilson, who I believe is almost certainly innocent of any crime.

    • withcaution

      “It is not Holder’s job to be an impartial arbiter of the facts; ”

      Don’t be ridiculous. If that were true prosecutors would end up making a case of every single person that approach them with a grievance. You seem to forget about the presumption of innocence part.

      • IstvanIN

        Prosecutors care not a wit about truth or justice, they move up the ranks on convictions. Why do you think they over charge and then plea-bargain down? They get a conviction, not a just verdict. There have been numerous cases of innocent men spending the bulk, if not all, of there lives in prison for crimes the prosecutor knew they didn’t commit.

  • Thanks to Africa in our midst, whites must learn to riot if they are to retain any rights at all.

    • Mark L

      Whites need to ‘learn’ to riot? Really?

      Did not whites do almost all the rioting before the 1960s? In general those riots were a darned sight more violent than what we have here today. When Jack Johnson beat James Jeffries in 1910, angry white men rioted all over the US, with twenty people killed and hundreds injured.

      Regardless of the rights and wrongs of this particular case, rioting is hardly a genetic or racial thing.

      • SoCal88

        The sort of rioting that took place in Ferguson is unique to blacks all over the world. There is no other race that burns, loots and destroys its own communities. It is genetic, and it is most certainly racial. There will be three possible outcomes in Ferguson: 1) An announcement will be made that no charges will be filed against Officer Wilson. This is the only correct choice, but it will certainly be met with more rioting, possibly on a national scale. 2) Officer Wilson will be charged, tried and acquitted. This is an inexcusable choice with the correct outcome, and the rioting that follows may be even more violent and destructive. 3) Officer Wilson is charged, tried and convicted – an inexcusable choice with an intolerable outcome. It would be based not on justice, but expedience. This event would clearly mark the end of the United States of America that I know and love.

        Remember Ferguson!!!

  • phil Smith

    Cannot agree anymore. Stupid is the new smart and this articulates just why. Oooga-Booga.

    • Kenner

      ‘any more’

  • Mergatroyd

    Get those two dozen others to donate to Officer Wilson’s defense fund. As little as $5 or $10 helps. He’s going to need all the help he can get. I personally donated $50.

    http //www gofundme com/OfficerWilsonFundraiser

  • Rick O’Shea

    Just plucked this from a crazy at Huffington Post in their comment section in a story about Eric Garner (the obese criminal who died while resisting arrest):

    “It is also a good thing to know; with the diminishing White Dominion over the USA . White folk are frightened by this prospect. We must come to realize White is a World View not a race, Caucasian is the race. With the rise of black power, racists had to counter with White Power. And in the future America will be a brown country with a diversity of religions and a language that will unrecognizable by today’s population.. Islam is coming to America whether we like it or not. The New USA will be way different than today. Every fear of the Fright Wing will come to pass. White and Black will be archaic. And I have great hope for this new generation, they have been relieved of the baggage of their ancestors regarding interpersonal relationships with people of color and sexual preference. Hopefully they can irradiate hate.”

    A look at his Facebook reveals him to be as white as anyone could be… ugh. This is what we’re up against. This suicidal madness. This glee taken in our people being erased, losing countries we have created…

    And the thing is, it’s not even as though they can claim “nah, nah I’m not looking forward to whites disappearing – I’m looking forward to ALL races disappearing in one big mix” because that is NOT what is happening. The other races will be very, very intact in the world he describes.

    How twisted to make a people hate themselves, and make people hate everything that is good, intelligent, clean, safe, productive, and best about our species. Envy and guilt were the key.

    • JustSayin

      His is a small but vocal group of mentally disturbed cowards who think they’re being “edgy” with spouting such tripe while assuring in their own minds that they’re protecting themselves from what they deem to be their physical superiors. As the one moron found out when he went to Ferguson to support his bantu pets only to get mugged, they care nothing for what he espouses at the end of the day.

      If times turn to a period of hardship, his kind will fair the worst.

      • SoCal88


        I’m going to zero in on one word in your post: hardship

        This country, this hemisphere, this world, is facing terrible hardship. The upside is that this hardship will bring forth real leaders. I’m not talking about worthless politicians like John McCain. Where are these real leaders??? Hardship brings out the best in good people. Example: the aftermath of the Fukushima earthquake. It also brings out the worst in bad people. Example: Hurricane Katrina. The difference between the good and the bad will become obvious; the greater the hardship, the greater the difference.

        • IstvanIN

          I have argued with Whites who think “we are all a like” and have no problem with mass third-world immigration, including illegal. There is going to have to be a major catastrophy where, as in Katrina, the blacks and browns show their true nature and we have to fight for our very survival. Even then I fear a good 25-30 percent of our people will side against us.

          • World_War_Me

            For those whites who are against us, when the SHTF, remember: No Mercy, No Quarter!

    • ZaphodEpicurus

      The trends for the future of America do not look promising. I don’t care who you are or how many rainbows you believe in importing alien poverty and surrendering rule of law by limited government is guaranteed death. People are fooling themselves if they think they will be able to keep the ball rolling on this country. To enjoy freedom and prosperity means you have to walk the talk when it comes to maintaining good government. All trends in USA are for degenerative socialism, stagnation, and race conflict.

      • withcaution

        I believe in the next two decades will see some serious curtailment’s on free speech in regards to the very things were talking about here.

        • ZaphodEpicurus

          Absolutely – the lids going to blow on this place around the mid 2020s. The repressions will grow, the full effects of the alien invasion will be percolating, FedGov will be increase the transition to dictatorship, national leadership will deteriorate at a faster rate as more incompetent minorities gain influential office – but at the tipping point there will still be millions of armed Americans left who will refuse to go along. Personally I see it as being more of a removal or separation from the sinking ship of FedGov’s authoritarian quagmire. 2025 to 2030 will be raucous times. There will be a tipping point when the functioning sector of the country will basically check out of the US and coalesce around each other to form a new nation.

  • Ringo Lennon

    The leftist eunuchs who run most white counties have to be neutralized or all is lost regarding white people. Don’t worry about neutralizing, they’re trying to neutralize YOU!

  • Ringo Lennon

    You seem to be 100% correct. Who needs an army when you have politicians allowing the enemy to enter the gates.

  • NoMosqueHere

    Mob violence is also quite common in arab countries, often with beheadings.

  • IstvanIN

    Obama and Holder are ok with that.

  • Wishsong

    Did they ever put a memorial at the site? I thought I remember a nearby company bought the lot, demolished the house and was going to build a memorial. I’m about an hour away. I keep meaning to come over and leave some flowers but I just haven’t had that kind of time.

  • Ringo Lennon

    Lot of blacks probably see going to jail as free room and board. Plus you can hang with the homies.

  • Sloppo

    I just watched a video on the “CNN News” propaganda network web site in an article entitled “Michael Brown: ‘One day the world will know my name’. Somewhere around 1:20 the black speaker says about Mike “he was a kind, gentle soul and before he left this earth, the day he was killed, he was out spreading the word of Jesus Christ”. I guess he was a complicated young man who shared his faith between convenience store robberies.

    • Ringo Lennon

      And punching policemen in eye sockets.

  • Logic_Mine


  • FransSusan

    And we should all stop reacting to being called racist. As far as I’m concerned there’s nothing wrong with being racist. It just means that you support your own race over another. So what!

  • FransSusan

    It’s an IQ issue. These worthless-excuses-for-human are just dumb and easily brainwashed by the race hustlers, idiot white liberals, corrupt government, & liberal media. Parents don’t teach them anything, but they continue the white-hatred, blame whitey brainwashing that they were taught.

  • scutum

    Our elites do realize that we have Africa in our midst, they just don’t want to do anything about it because it might be bad for Business. This is also true for illegal immigration and securing our Southern Border. The leaders of both political parties are wholly owned subsidiaries of the big banks and corporations.


    The next time there is a riot American law enforcement should attack that area as in a war. Brutally stop the looting and arrest all who are doing it. Make rioting and looting hurt. Allow peaceful protest but the second a window breaks bring hell on the criminal who did it. That is the only way we will ever get this under control. Make looting and rioting so very painful for the people who do it that none will ever want to do it again…. Then, the looters who survive should be chain ganged back into the area under heavy armed guard and forced to clean their mess back up and and rebuild what they destroyed in order to eat or drink. No work… not food or drink. If people want to act brutally then they must be treated brutally for doing it.

  • patrick

    I taught Statistics and Critical Thinking in a University for several years and the classes were predominantly black. Given any problem to solve, most people will come up with something in the ball park. The Blacks almost always came up with bizarre, irrelevant, and totally unrelated results. I can assure you, their minds do not work right! Intelligence tests have been conducted on the races for the last 200 years and the results are always the same; Orientals first, Blacks last, and everyone else scattered in between.

  • anony

    ” ~1,000 times above the background level. ”

    I am interested to know how this “fact” was discerned.

    Humans are part of nature. We need to prosper. We also need to take care of our planet since it’s the only one we have for now.

    But to deny humans the ability to prosper because we might “hurt ” the environment or destroy the snail darter is ludicrous.

    I have never seen a saber toothed tiger. I don’t feel deprived.

    • Pat Kittle

      Google E.O. Wilson’s work, I can’t replicate it in an online comment.

      You seem to think in economic terms, so think of the Earth as a bank account.

      If we can be content to live off the interest, we’re living sustainably. If we draw down the principle, we aren’t.

      It’s human nature to opt for immediate gratification, so it might be useful to ask ourselves what our future progeny would say if they could weigh in on our behavior.

  • Kalin

    As is typical Jared Taylor, your hyperbole does not fare well when matched with the actual facts. Darren Wilson does not have a fractured eye-socket, the store owner never put in a call for an alleged “strong arm robbery”, in fact, there are reports that Brown paid for whatever your Ilk has accused him of stealing. Moreover, the police captain admitted that whatever was depicted on the video was wholly unrelated to the shooting and that Wilson had no knowledge of the purported “strong arm robbery” when the shooting occored. Most importantly, the shots fired at Michael Brown appear to all have been fired from between 10-20 feet away as witnesses have asserted as there was no gun powder residue found on the skin of Brown. Clearly, “facts” are not your strong suit.
    Neither apparently is the craft of analogy. No, “Africa” is not in our midst, but clearly Europeanism is.As is typical Jared Taylor, your hyperbole does not fare well when matched with the actual facts. Darren Wilson does not have a fractured eye-socket, the store owner never put in a call for an alleged “strong arm robbery”, in fact, there are reports that Brown paid for whatever your Ilk has accused him of stealing. Moreover, the police captain admitted that whatever was depicted on the video was wholly unrelated to the shooting and that Wilson had no knowledge of the purported “strong arm robbery” when the shooting occored. Most importantly, the shots fired at Michael Brown appear to all have been fired from between 10-20 feet away as witnesses have asserted as there was no gun powder residue found on the skin of Brown. Clearly, “facts” are not your strong suit. Neither apparently is the craft of analogy. “Africa” is not on our midst, but Europeanistic savagery may be. Europeans have been responsible for more unlawful deaths, on all inhabited continents, in the last 150 years than any other racial group. Michael Brown’s apparent death by cop is only one more example of this bloodlust.

  • FransSusan

    Laager, in a word, NEVER. This social engineering has been going on for many decades and nothing has changed. The race-whores and idiot liberals are still blaming whites and raaaa-cism!

  • Edgardus de la Vega y Torres

    One can clearly see: our European narrative via ‘the will’ we once had is gradually disappearing. As we continue to fear- our demographic displacement continues. Again; such bears repeating.


    “A black woman blurts out the African-style nonsense blacks believe: that
    Michael Brown was “shot in cold blood.” A black police officer agrees,
    and a white journalist admires his charisma. Sanity is a distant dream.” <- I just love this brief but dead on paragraph. It captures the insanity of what has come to be known as "race relations" in America today.

    • FransSusan

      Yes, indeed: ‘Sanity is a distant dream.’ Political correctness has destroyed the country, and it’s by design. And no doubt there’s a political agenda with this Ebola madness….intentionally bringing it to the US and sending billions of $$ to Liberia. There’s no humanitarian side to the corrupt US government. It’s only for political reasons that the US is involved with this.

  • Syakaa William

    Hatfields VS McCoys, Salem Witch hunts, Lynching
    Mob justice has been part of this countries history long before Africa was
    get your history right sir and the next time you feel like narrowing an entire continent into stereotypes that fit your narrative feel free not to use Africa
    How anyone would call you a prophet is beyond me

    • 1G25

      Hatfield/McCoy feus was limited to a few people in the Tug River Valley, West VA. Salem… that’s a town in Massachusetts.

      Feral unevolved savage negroes… a ubiquitous plague on this country froom sea to shining sea.

      Get your geography, history and anthropology right.