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Eric Holder and the NAACP will help design the training program.

“Eric Holder waged an anti-police campaign that he believed in.”

Democrats think illegals should be part of the US census.

Opponents say illegals will be afraid to fill out the Census form.

It’s not about the South, it’s about whites.

Suspected attendees’ accounts were permanently deleted.

Much of Eric Holder’s work will be undone.

Heraclio Osorio-Arellanes is in custody.

Obama Is Out!

What did we get for our eight years?


Puzder changes his tune.

Pat Buchanan for Secretary of State

Most of the top picks are terrible.


He’ll have wide latitude to enforce immigration law.

Australia is a good model.

‘Hamilton’ as the Ultimate Expression of the System

The musical’s fans are all incoherent in different ways.


Murders Shot Up in 2015

Blacks account for most of the rise.


That 2014 number is a 38 percent increase over 2011.

A “conservative” tries to refute Jared Taylor.

Never NeverTrump, National Review

National Review says its favored Republican candidates were “cuckolded.”

Eric Holder’s career in the private sector begins.

Muslim provocateur Anjem Choudary has finally been busted.

‘Hillary’s America’ and ‘Clinton Cash’

Two documentaries try to explain the Clintons.


Sam Francis on the Roots of Liberal Hegemony

His magnum opus finally sees the light.


Surprisingly straight talk from National Review.

How Trump Could Pull It Off

A full-scale analysis of white voters could be a road map for the Trump campaign.

Review by Thomas Jackson

He’ll craft the company a “world-class anti-discrimination policy.”

President Obama yesterday sent an open letter to “the brave members of our Nation’s law enforcement community.” The president wrote: “Every day, you confront danger so it does not find our families. . . . We recognize it, we respect it, we appreciate it, and we depend on you.” The president’s words are welcome. In […]

Why Have We Unlearned What We Knew in 1900?

An eminent historian’s view.


FAIR says he has a mixed record on immigration.

States don’t have to count all the income of illegals when calculating eligibility for handouts.

Paleface decides to let redskins speak for themselves.

New voucher scheme will drive non-whites to the suburbs.

“I want to vote against racism and hate.”

Non-whites suffer from “a long, sad history of death, false imprisonment, physical and verbal abuse.”

They work for something called the “Community Relations Service.”

The Intellectual Rot at the Heart of the Beltway Right

Conservatism, Inc. lashes out at what it refuses to understand.


It’s forcing cities to build homes for blacks in affluent white areas.

Ferguson mayor says the city now needs a “massive recruiting drive” for more black officers.

Groups that make anti-Trump statements are getting federal funding to help naturalize immigrants.

Trump the Redeemer

A Trump administration could be like the end of Reconstruction.


71 percent of incoming freshmen agree that “colleges should prohibit racist/sexist speech on campus.”

A few Republicans are actually beginning to understand Trump.

“The number of [Hispanics] who could vote [is] growing at a faster pace than those who do vote.”

Board says company diversity strategy is already “much broader” than the proposal.

Tells 911 operator: “There’s three black men with guns at our house.”

She denounces the “incredibly disturbing rise of anti-Muslim rhetoric.”

There’s a big push to get green card holders to naturalize.

Race in Brazil, Part I

How Brazil became such a complex racial mixture.


Invincible Ignorance at NBC

African journalists are much more open-minded.


Civil-Rights Republicanism, National Review

National Review thinks Republicans can win black votes by promoting “civil rights.”

If liberals like you, you can still be a “racist.”