‘Climate of Hate’ and the NYPD Murders

John Hayward, Breitbart, December 22, 2014

Let’s cut to the chase: we all remember how the entire left and its vast media apparatus rose up as one to blame the Tucson shootings on conservatives in 2011. The process began during breaking-news coverage of Jared Loughner’s rampage, as media airheads began speculating that Sarah Palin’s use of crosshair symbols on an electoral map had somehow inspired the killer.

This was not a one-off comment by some loon on MSNBC. It became a major media narrative–indeed, one of the strongest, most quickly-organized Narrative drives the mainstream media has ever mounted. Every big network and left-wing media outlet published lengthy chin-stroking pieces about Palin’s murder map. A contemporaneous example from CBS News can be read here; another from the Atlantic’s “The Wire” blog is here. Examples are ubiquitous. One need only do a Google search for Sarah Palin’s name in early 2011 to find more.

The driving force of this despicable, slanderous Narrative was a presumed-guilty attitude toward Palin, and through her the rest of the conservative movement, for creating a nebulous “Climate of Hate” that made Loughner trigger-happy. No connection between any individual conservative and Loughner was necessary to sustain this narrative. The idea was that even the mildest criticism of big government and the left’s agenda was part of an ideological continuum that led inexorably to militias and lone-wolf madmen opening fire on politicians and officials.


After weeks of this garbage, we finally learned that Loughner had no connection whatsoever to any branch of the conservative movement, never saw Sarah Palin’s electoral map, and probably never listened to a Limbaugh broadcast. That didn’t really matter to the “Climate of Hate” narrative, which was always about using a very loose system of ideological guilt-by-association to make even the most kind, gentle, salt-of-the-earth conservative feel like an accessory to murder. {snip}

Of course, every last one of these miserable, cowardly hypocrites is currently shaking in their boots, scared to death that people will begin digging up their old “Climate of Hate” rhetoric and plugging their names into the slots formerly reserved for Palin and Limbaugh, linking the left’s irresponsible rhetoric to this weekend’s murders of NYPD officers Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos. Like other angry cowards, they’re pre-emptively lashing out in blogs and social media, thundering “how DARE you!” at anyone who dares to measure them with their old Tucson yardstick. Phalanxes of shrieking liberal ninnies have formed up online to defend politicians like President Barack Obama, Attorney General Eric Holder, and even New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio–who, until those shots rang out on Saturday afternoon, had been styling himself as a leader in the revolution against his own law-enforcement personnel.

I’ll be happy to lay down the same marker I did during the Tucson affair, when answering slander like Paul Krugman’s disgusting “Climate of Hate” post at the New York Times, which would have ended his career at any paper with a shred of editorial integrity. Liberal Americans, as a class, are not responsible for the deadly actions of New York City shooter Ismaaiyl Brinsley. Neither are opinion writers who have advanced stern criticism of the use of force by police. Even when such criticism is misguided, it’s not beyond the bounds of civilized discourse. Misguided critics should be engaged and answered, not told to shut up because they’re encouraging lunatics to take up arms. The left has been working very hard to pull the bounds of civilized discourse in tight around their ideology. I won’t stop calling them out for that game, but I’m not going to play it.

However, there are people who have issued irresponsible statements that fed directly into the rage, paranoia, and rebellious sentiments of the Michael Brown and Eric Garner protest movements. None of the insane guilt-by-association games played by liberals after Tucson are necessary to draw a straight line between those who promote the false “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot!” narrative, make broad accusations of systemic police racism (as Barack Obama has done), or indulged the worst excesses of the demonstrators (as Mayor de Blasio has done) and the rising tide of violence against police. The murders of Officers Liu and Ramos were not the first assaults on police by these mobs–far from it. Watching the people who instantly conjured up a link between Sarah Palin’s map and Jared Loughner’s gun do a little song-and-dance about how the violence of the Brown/Garner protesters is a stunning aberration, which has nothing to do with rhetoric that paints the police as racist thrill-killers, is sickening.


There is a very real Climate of Hate surrounding the Brown and Garner protest movements. The old fires simmering for years are clear to see, as are the fresh gallons of gasoline thrown upon them. That’s not a blanket indictment of everyone who criticized the police, but it’s a fair charge to level against those who spread false narratives in search of political gain, or allow those narratives to grow because they’re afraid to speak up and alienate voters they prefer to take for granted. Be that as it may. liberals may rest assured that nothing they said after Tucson has been forgotten.

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  • MekongDelta69

    You know what? Let the world go to hell for a few days.

    I’m going to enjoy Christmas.

    So, Merry Christmas to each and all AmReners and your families.

    Remember – Family and friends are more important than ‘stuff.’

    • anony

      My sentiments exactly, MD! Merry Christmas to you!

    • DD-762

      You made my day, Groundpounder. I think I will take a sabbatical from these websites and enjoy the season with my family.

      Merry Christmas!

      And Merry Christmas to my fellow Posters out there.

      • MekongDelta69

        Glad to hear Tin Can. Merry Christmas to you and your family…

    • robinbishop34

      Agreed. I’m looking forward to spending time all together as a family both tomorrow and Christmas day. My brother says he is bringing the Dicken’s Cider. Say that slow and articulate each syllable… he’s such a pig, lol 🙂

      • Katherine McChesney

        yes, he is.

    • Who Me?

      Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones, and to everyone here at AmRen (even YOU, mod dear!) Let’s all try and forget the mad, mad world outside, and take comfort and strength from sharing love and joy with those we love.

    • Alexandra1973

      My pastor invited me over for Thursday. I asked his wife what to bring, she said some drinks (root beer). I get a kick out of his family. 🙂

      I’ll be remembering the birth of Christ. 🙂

      • Nancy

        You and me both, Alex. Merry Christmas.

      • Katherine McChesney

        Merry Christmas, Alexandra.

  • This kind of thing started way before January 2011, and did not start with MSNBC.

    The pioneer of this sort of fund raising fear driven agitprop was the Southern Poverty Law Center.

    Sarah Palin was said to have caused the nutbar of Tucson to go off because of the map on her PAC website with 20 targeted Congressional districts, the ones that were targeted had “target” symbols on them, one of those 20 was the one Giffords held. If that was so, why didn’t someone take the inspiration and try to shoot any one of the other 19?

  • Conrad

    I keep thinking of the time the police gave me grief for handing out pro-white literature.

    • Sick of it

      These days quite a few would join in…

      • Robert Smith

        We need to make the most of this moment in time.

    • Bryce Armstrong

      They are no “real life heroes”.

  • Samuel_Morton

    Even intelligent liberals lack the capacity to understand their huge double standard, because they project their own deeply held, pathological feelings onto conservative white males. Similar to Borderline Personality disorder, cultural marxists project their diseased beliefs and deep hate onto the old world order consisting of white males dominating all aspects of science and industry.

    So they can’t even fathom that there is actually a reason, a very good reason, to link the murderous rage of this black vigilante and the deaths of two NYPD officers to the endless rhetoric spoon-fed to the public through every major news media. In contrast, there was no good reason to link Loughner to Palin. But they did it anyway. And they reserve the right to be appalled now that the tables are turned on them.

    Another example: the petition at Brandeis in support of the black student leader who posted hateful comments on Twitter about how she hates this country, incited blacks to burn the country down, and said that the two cops had it coming. White students are appalled, not at the muderous rage of this girl, but of the ‘racist’ remarks from sites like these.

    • eldoradocreekskipper

      Those are not really whites. I would like to see them go to Africa with their clients/pets. It would be good riddance to get rid to the self-righteous narcissistic anti-white racist self-hating wiggers.

      • phillyguy

        They are our biggest enemy.

    • Nancy

      I have often drawn parallel comparisons between the hypocritical blacks and the liberals who support them to Borderline Personality Disorder. I was raised by a BPD maniac, and SO much of what we see with these loons (the “gaslighting”, the obvious projection of their own motives onto us, etc.) is reminiscent of my childhood with a borderline mother.

      Truly, it’s like falling down The Rabbit Hole.

      • Samuel_Morton

        That’s interesting that you made the link too. For me it took living with a BPD wife to discover how similar the condition is to far leftist thinking. The scary thing is how effective the BPD person can be at destroying normal and healthy people. That same thing is happening on a global scale due to cultural marxism’s clean sweep of western philosophy.

        • Nancy

          I completely concur. Many times I’ve shared with others that the most insidious aspect of living with a BPD is that they do their level best to convince you that YOU, in fact, are the crazy one…not them.

      • Earl P. Holt III

        Have you also noticed that the “leadership” of both groups are pathological liars by any clinical definition? (This certainly applies to both Obamas, both Clintons, Pelosi, Reid, that insufferable commie from Massachusetts, in addition to those black race-hustlers …)

        • PvtCharlieSlate

          Umm … which insufferable commie from Massachusetts?

          • Earl P. Holt III

            Elizabeth “Squaw” Warren, but I should have been more specific, especially when there are so many potential candidates…

  • dd121

    This violence is all the spawn of the left. They’ll never take responsibility for it though. They’ll just keep babbling on about how much they hate whites and slavery. I think fewer people are buying it.

    • connorhus

      The Left, Feminist, Multi-Cultist and collaborating actors, writers etc. who constantly preach victimization and racism everywhere. Not only do the deaths of thousands of Whites rest on their heads for ignoring the truth and teaching people to ignore their natural reactions or safety responses but also the deaths of those who were killed in retaliation for these made up crimes of racism.

    • phillyguy

      Well are backs are against a wall, and as history proves when our backs are against a wall we come out on top.

  • LHathaway

    Pat Buchanan said this very same thing, something like, ‘president kennedy was assassinated by a Marxist in dallas but that didn’t prevent the media from proclaiming conservatives had created a climate of fear leading to his death’.

  • eldoradocreekskipper

    Let’s be clear here: The primary group villainized here by the leftists is not conservatives, not cops. The primary target is whites. The left is now trying to quietly seek cover and pretend that the question was police brutality in general. “Conservatives” are obliging them. Buchanan and Breitbart would do well to remember that the media and rioters and other race aggrievement industry scumbags were irate at whites and white cops, not conservatives and policemen. This is just like their sneaky change of terminology from “global warming” to “climate change” when they discovered that we had been in a 15 year cooling period. Their “opponents” gave them a free pass on that one too and also accepted their terminology. If you go into the ring, fight your fight. Do not let the other guy determine how the fight will go.

    • Spikeygrrl

      Ummmm…you do realize that Breitbart is DEAD?

      He is sorely missed. I hope the organization he left behind remains stalwart in carrying his legacy forward.

      • And he was killed because he was about to release negative info about the idiot president.

        • Katherine McChesney

          No proof of that at all.

  • John Smith

    There is NO force more subversive and destructive than the filthy creatures running the anti-white media cabal of news and entertainment.

    Kudos to the Amren’er who recently referred to them as enemy combatants.

  • superlloyd

    Hypocrisy, cognitive dissonance and denial are the hallmarks of the rabid left destroyers.

  • anony

    I want to wish all Amreners a very White Christmas, and may all your Christmases be White.

    • Fed Up

      Thanks but the SPLC would even like to demonize the song “Dreaming of a White Christmas” because to the loony liberals — it suggests hidden racism.

      • anony

        If I knew how to make musical notes, I would have included them in my post above since that song was running through my head when posting. 🙂

        I don’t listen to them, they’re loony.

  • See The Future

    The savage black could not even get the execution right. An Asian and a Hispanic! But the message is clear……….the leftist democrat leadership will turn military and police against themselves……..the criminal actions of the leftist leadership will not go on without reaction.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    “There is a very real Climate of Hate surrounding the Brown and Garner protest movements.”

    Yeah, no kidding. And those who fomented this “Climate of Hate” should be called out and made to answer, starting with the back-peadling DeBlasio whose entire campaign platform last year was anti-police.

    “Over a thousand anti-cop activists tried to shut down Fifth Avenue on Tuesday…’The mayor says stop that, we say f*** that!” yelled activists…’

    Would Giuliani have allowed roads and bridges to be blocked by protesters who believe thugs should be allowed to take cops’ guns without consequences and sell illegal cigarettes.

    Giuliani wouldn’t have allowed roads and bridges to be blocked:


    What you saw in New York City over the last couple of weeks would never, ever have happened while I was mayor of New York City. They would not have been allowed to control the bridge. People don’t get to take a public bridge from the public. I don’t know if New York City officials realize if you close down streets in New York City, you’ll kill people.

    What I blame the mayor for is allowing these protests to get out of control, you’ve got to give people a sense that there’s law, there’s order and that the police are in charge, they’re not in charge. The mayor has switched it.

    Quite frankly, the mayor ran an anti-police campaign last year when he ran for mayor.

    Former New York Police Commissioner Ray Kelly told ABC.

    The protesters got what they wanted: Dead Cops.

    • IstvanIN

      I don’t think Bloomberg or Koch would have allowed it.

  • phillyguy

    the mainstream media are trying to spin the story that the killer was mentally ill, he was not mentally ill, it was all premeditated he planed it out, how the hell can we gain any ground when anything happens they turn it against us.

    • Kenner

      O’Reilly repeated the ‘mentally ill’ line. Disgusting.

      • anony

        For the most part, he’s a shill, but to his credit, he is the only commentator I’ve heard talk at length about the crime rates and how skewed they are.

        • Ringo Lennon

          He’s the only guy saying that cops killing blacks is minuscule. Guiliani is also quite good.

          • anony

            You’re right; I’ve heard him say that as well.

    • anony

      I think one way that has some effect is commenting on articles that appear in “mainstream” publications. For now, that’s about it.

      I want to see someone with $$ start a pirate radio/tv station off shore.

    • PvtCharlieSlate

      Liberalism is a mental disorder.
      Old saying: It takes one to know one.

  • Bryce Armstrong

    It seems that the Conservatives cant let a good tragedy go to waste.

    ‘A’ black man does what ‘The Black Man’ does best, murder.

    Does anybody really think the mainstream media could have prevented this tragedy?

    • Because things are bad, it doesn’t mean that the Left can’t find ways to make them worse.

  • “None of the insane guilt-by-association games played by liberals after Tucson are necessary to draw a straight line between those who promote the false “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot!” narrative, make broad accusations of systemic police racism (as Barack Obama has done), or indulged the worst excesses of the demonstrators (as Mayor de Blasio has done) and the rising tide of violence against police.”


  • Yves Vannes

    Without what has occurred during the past number of months and the escalation in street mob violence, we would have continued on our slow but steady decline into the abyss. For each and every year during the past decade at least, blacks have committed an average of 1,000,000 crimes of property and violence against whites. Whites have committed fewer than 20,000 – and that number has been bloated by `white Hispanics`. This targeting of whites has gone largely unreported. No reporter in good standing wants to rock the PC boat.

    But thanks to the rabble and their sycophants in the media and in elected office, the `Silent Majority` is getting a good look at just how dysfunctional black America remains after 50 years and trillions of dollars in subsidies and handouts. This is a good thing - a very good thing. The first effect of this sudden public revelation is just how disconnected the press is from the truth. Their already low credibility will sink even lower. Any public willingness to extend or even continue Great Society era programs has dried up and will remain so.

    I don’t know what will come next, but the more time this issue stays in the public eye, the more the progressives remain in the spot light and engage in lawlessness – the better it will be in creating a backlash.

    This is not a nation of immigrants. It was settled by Europeans, build by Europeans and will remain a largely European nation with European civil and social institutions. 3rd world mobs and 3rd world cultural demands and impositions need to be cut off at the knees. Anyone who finds this intolerable is free to leave.

    • IstvanIN

      This is not a nation of immigrants. It was settled by Europeans, build
      by Europeans and will remain a largely European nation with European
      civil and social institutions.
      You are correct although I would point out that we are an outgrowth of the British Empire and built our own Anglo-American society based on English common law, the English language, Protestantism, the basic English form of government and a lot of Scottish ingenuity. The Indians were here but really didn’t do much with the place. The Dutch and Swedes and Germans made contributions as did the Welsh. This nation was built from the ground up by people, largely British, who came over on tiny ships with few supplies but a lot of determination. They built this nation out of nothing. Literally nothing. The Mexicans come here for a prefab infrastructure, the kind they can not build at home or maintain here. Yes, we began as a nation of settlers, not immigrants, settlers who actually built the nation that is here today. We didn’t steal the US from the Indians because there was no nation here to steal. British North America was a blank canvas waiting for skilled, determined and brave men and women who wanted to build a new nation.

      • Yves Vannes

        For the record I agree that our settlers and fore bearers were largely Anglo Saxon Protestants (I am neither) and it is upon those institutions that his nation was built and why it has been so successful.

        My ancestors were here at the settling in northern New England, Northern WI, MI, NY, and from one end of Canada to the other. There was a lot of back and forth for my ancestors between Maine and Quebec for 200 years but finally, the first permanent resident south of the border was my great great grandfather in 1851. I`m just thankful that the Quebecois were not set to the Louisiana swamps the way the Arcadians were.

      • vincent danagher

        The United States really took off and reached its potential After the American revolution ,that is after they sent the British packing . the British tried again to take America in the war of 1812 and were routed in the battle of New Orleans so spare us your british bullshit.

        • ncpride

          IstvanIN’s post is absolutely accurate, factual and correct. Europeans should never allow nationality to come before our RACE.

        • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

          Vince, IstvanIN is 100% correct. Even though the Brits were sent packing, everything that was and is, is due to Anglo ingenuity, and of course the other Euro races contributed, but it was the Anglos that started it all. Now the third worlders are coming here and making use of what the Anglos and the other Euro races built.

        • Daniel McGrath

          Tell that to Benjamin Franklin. He quipped “soon there will be more English in America than in England.” The Anglo identity of the US is nothing to joke about or pretend doesn’t exist.

        • IstvanIN

          You are truly clueless.

  • Michigan Patriot

    The correct thought, thank you MekongDelta69. Merry Christmas ! Pax Christi ! Vivat Jesus !

  • Da Troof

    The hypocrisy really is mind blowing.

  • 2War Abn Vet

    Obama, Holder, Sharpton., and the media spent months inciting hatred, condoning
    looting and arson, and celebrating disrespect for law-and-order. Now they’re shocked – shocked I say – that their efforts have resulted in bloodshed.

  • R L Buds

    This is from my MSN newsfeed about an ARMED black teen being killed by a white cop after he pulled his 9mm on the cop who was questioning him about a theft….. “The officer stumbled backward but fired three shots, one of which struck the victim, Belmar said.”

    The VICTIM, WTF is going wrong in our country? Besides the obvious that we all see.

    • Lee_CPA

      Good catch. You are correct. That sentence should end with “…one of which struck the perpetrator.” (“suspect” would work well also)

  • Lee_CPA

    I agree there is a “Climate of Hate” being foisted on white America, I disagree with the author’s timeline.
    In the 50’s, the Brown vs Board decision was the opening salvo on what was then, a 90% white America. Later came school integration, the so-called “civil rights” marches and legislation, and for the past fifty years, nonstop politically correct anti-white propaganda.
    Any successes by whites are quickly discounted to imaginary “white privilege”. Any failures by blacks are quickly excused due to slavery and Jim Crow.
    In the sixty years since Brown vs Board, schools have been unable to close the “Black/White Achievement Gap” and anyone who points out the inherent racial differences in IQ are called “racist”.
    LBJ foisted his ill-advised “Great Society” on America and created the current welfare state, which enabled the lowest ability segment of society to out-breed the producing segment of society. The producers are taxed at ever increasing rates to pay for this folly.
    I strongly believe this current round of black agitation by the media is simply aircover for Obama’s unconstitutional “Executive Order Amnesty”. Tell me, how many times has that been in the news in the past few weeks?

    • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

      Yes and all that anti white hatred was fostered by the tribe whom white saved from being exterminated during WW-2. Some gratitude.

  • Reverend Bacon

    That was an excellent piece. Measured, yet still brutal all at once.

  • Scott Rosen

    Dindu Nuffins is in the news again. This time, Dindu Nuffins pulled a gun on a cop in St Louis and got ventilated, all on video. Dindu Nuffins is an expiring crapper and ballchucker afleet who was turnin his life round n sheet. Dindu’s latest alias is Antonio Martin.