Posted on July 27, 2016

The Lawless Anti-White Identity Politics of the Democratic Party Is on Full Display in Philly

Jeremy Carl, National Review, July 27, 2016

If George Wallace had stood in the schoolhouse door and received the rapturous applause of thousands, slobbery encomiums from the mainstream media, and the blessings of one of the two major party nominees for president of the United States, you would have had something approximating what occurred in Philadelphia over the first two days of the Democratic convention.

Because, like Democrat Wallace’s dangerous rhetoric in 1963, the Democratic Party Convention of 2016 has, at times been a celebration of lawlessness and racial mythology that has led to violence–but the 2016 Democrats lack a President Kennedy to come in to restore order and demand the rule of law be followed. Instead, they’ve got Hillary Clinton, who is perfectly willing to take a blowtorch to truth and to lightbrushfires of racial conflict at a tense time if that will help her return to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Witness what we have just seen: One candidate for president has been the first-ever candidate for president endorsed by the union of Border Patrol agents. The other candidate proudly features, on the first night of her convention, illegal aliens up on the main stage, while Democrats nationwide cheer. On the next night, we heard from “Mothers of the Movement” a sort of Black Lives Matter placeholder group that offers a fundamentally false racial narrative, which may do for racial tensions in 2016 what Wallace’s did in 1963.

If you wanted to understand the hold that Donald Trump has on a large swathe of conservatives and even fed-up Democrats and independents, the Democratic convention is pretty much a living explanation.

At this point, we’ve become so accustomed to the Democrats’ immigration lawlessness that too many of us accept it. We think there is simply nothing strange about one of our two political parties happily parading lawbreakers in a forum where they are celebrated for their law-breaking. {snip}

But, of course, the Democrats have an advantage. They know that the media is so in the tank for them that their delusional fantasy narratives on racism and immigration will not be seriously challenged no matter what they do. Hillary Clinton could be escorted onstage by an armed contingent of the Fruit of Islam with a just-released illegal-immigrant murderer leading the way and the media would find a way to show that it means that Trump=Hitler. As the Geico commercial says: It’s what they do.


These blatant racialist plays by the Democrats are put in to ensure that they have massive turnout of bloc-voting African Americans and Hispanics that they will need if they are going to overcome Trump’s populist army. Given the media’s penchant for calling anything the GOP does that might serve the legitimate interests of its white base voters “white nationalist,” one might expect them to call the presence of some of the speakers “black nationalist” or “Hispanic nationalist” dog whistles–but that would assume we had a mainstream media more interested in equal treatment than leftist agitprop.


Michael Brown’s mother was there on stage. Brown was the Ferguson, Mo., man who robbed a store and then assaulted a police officer and attempted to take his weapon before eventually being shot and killed. The imaginary “hands up, don’t shoot” narrative that occurred around this led to some of the most violent protests of the Black Lives Matter movement, including possibly racially-motivated killings of area whites by blacks that received almost no media attention. The officer, Darren Wilson, who did nothing wrong other than “policing while white,” lost his job, now lives in an undisclosed location for his own safety, and is reportedly stocking shelves at Walmart. If the Democrats had any real interest in racial reconciliation, they would have had Darren Wilson speak at their convention.

Lucy McBath, the mother of Jordan Davis, who was murdered by a white man, (who was subsequently convicted and is serving a life term in prison) was one of three Mothers of the Movement chosen to speak. But as Heather Mac Donald has shown, on a per capita basis African Americans are more than 25 times more likely to have committed violence against whites than vice versa. {snip}


If it is fair to look for elements of white-identity politics in the rise of Trump, fairness also demands that the Democrats lawless anti-white identity politics gets similar treatment. It is on full display in Philadelphia this week, for anyone who has eyes to see it.