White Advocate Has Genes Crunched

John Ingram, American Renaissance, February 27, 2015

Gets (mild) surprise.

If it’s true that “there is not a truth existing which I fear or would wish unknown to the whole world,” then no one should fear knowing his racial ancestry. These days it is easy to find out. You sign up online, they send you a vial to spit in, you cork it along with a preservative, send it back, and wait. I paid $98.

Still, I was slightly anxious when the message arrived from ancestry.com telling me that my DNA analysis was complete and that I could find out my ancestry with a single click. I think it’s natural to worry that there might be something you didn’t suspect. I suppose many people claim not to care, but I wonder if they’re being honest.

Not that the fact of non-white ancestry would have been a great problem, but it would have been a jolt. All my life I’ve understood that I’m white. I look white. I identify as white. Others consider me white. I’ve been discriminated against for being white–yelled at on the subway for being white. My birth certificate says I’m Caucasian.

As a white advocate, I’ve read tons on the topic of race–biology, evolution, anthropology, history, politics. And all the while, I assumed I counted as white. Anti-white discrimination affects me, anti-white crime targets me, anti-white propaganda insults me. I’m worried about the dwindling numbers of whites in the West because I am, myself, white.

So it might be jarring to find out that on the subway I should have yelled back, “Yo! I’m part black! Look, I have the printout!” Not that it would have done any good. And did I waste my weekend listening to Sam Francis, because he wasn’t really talking about me?

OK, I’m being dramatic, because it turns out I’m 100 percent European. Half, though, give or take a few percentage points, is Irish. That surprised me because I was aware of only scant Irish ancestry, and many of the names in my family tree trace back to England. Ancestry.com explains that migration may account for this: Ancestors who were originally Irish but moved to England during the potato famine, for example, stayed a few generations, and became “English.”

The Irish are a Celtic people who originated about 2,500 years ago in Central Europe, and spread outward in many directions, including to the British Isles. Only in places like Wales and Ireland were they able to resist Roman expansion.

My next biggest ethnic category, at 39 percent, was described as “West Europe.” This is basically France and Germany, along with Belgium, the Netherlands, and Switzerland. Mixture is common in this region, because it was less genetically isolated.

The next category, something else I didn’t know about, was Scandinavia at 5 percent. I had one clue about this: There is a history of hemochromatosis in my family, which is a blood affliction sometimes known as “the Viking disease.”

Also at 5 percent was “Finland/Northwest Russia.” Again, I had no idea. I have found no Russian or Finnish names in my family tree, though one ancestor was interested in Russian Orthodoxy. But, like the Vikings, it sounds cool.

The rest of my ancestry was made up of what ancestry.com calls “trace regions,” in amounts of one to two percent: Iberian Peninsula (Spain), Great Britain, Italy, Jewish, Greece.

Ancestry.com has a disclaimer on these, though: “Because both the estimated amount and the range of the estimate are small, it is possible that these regions appear by chance and are not actually part of your genetic ethnicity.” Still, it stokes the imagination. I managed to hit every European genetic category but one: Eastern Europe.

Most people don’t know much about their ancestry, and what some people think they know is wrong. I’d like to know if the three or four pretty obviously white people I know who claim Indian (Native American) ancestry actually have it. Now you can find out for sure if great-grandmother was really was a Navajo princess.

A genealogist of the kind that studies documents once told an acquaintance of mine that whenever he had been asked to look for Indians he couldn’t find any. When he reported the results, his clients were furious: “My family has known this for years!”

But DNA doesn’t lie.

With Ancestry.com, the rest of the planet outside of Europe is divided into Africa (with a dozen or so subsets–they can apparently distinguish between Cameroonian and Nigerian), Native American, Asian (East, Central, South), Pacific Islands, and West Asia (Middle East and Caucasus). All this knocks flat the idea that “race is just a social construct.” Race is real; it’s burned into your DNA.

But suppose I were 10 percent Asian, African, or Middle Eastern. Would my identity change? Would I still be a white advocate? We are constantly told that race is meaningless because “everyone is a mix,” but even people with mixed backgrounds have a dominant identity. Barrack Obama is half-white and half-black. Eric Holder looks to be about the same mix. But they clearly have a dominant identity that is black.

Even if I were a mix it would still be true that race is real, and races are different. Racial differences in intelligence and behavior would remain, as would the inherent instability of multiracial societies.

I wonder how many people really are a “mix,” anyway. It is true that American blacks are, on average, about 20 percent white, but I suspect that most other people show up with ethnic backgrounds like mine that arise from a single region. Interracial marriage is still fairly uncommon.

One benefit of ancestry.com is that after you take its test it introduces you semi-anonymously to people who are likely to be related to you. Ancestry.com compares their genetic profiles to yours and lets you send messages to people who have similar markers. I was presented with a long list of people who are “very likely” to be my fourth or fifth cousins. It’s up to me whether I get in touch, or to reply if they do.

Maybe you are my fifth cousin.

The Competition: 23andMe

The company that ran my test, Ancestry.com, started out as a website that helps you build your family tree. It links to huge genealogical databases, and lets you share your research with others. Genetic testing is a recent sideline.

The biggest company in personal genetic testing is 23andMe, which started in 2007. That year, their test cost $999; now it is $99.

Like Ancestry.com, 23andMe charts ancestry by continent and ethnic group, but concedes that really precise categorizations are speculative. A broadly “conservative” categorization of this typical WASP would probably be pretty accurate:

1.2%: Unassigned

98.8%: European

Of which:

14.0%: British & Irish

63.8%: Broadly Northern European

21.0%: Broadly European

23andMe’s more “speculative” categorization of the same person–and one that might contain errors–is this:

100%: European

Of which:

67.1%: British & Irish

9.0%: French & German

7.0%: Scandinavian

15.5%: Broadly Northern European

0.4%: Broadly Southern European

1.0%: Broadly European


There is no telling how accurate the national components are, but they make for amusing speculation.

It is good that testing of this kind has become so cheap. Most whites will see that their genes come exclusively from Europe–that they are white and nothing else. This can only strengthen the idea that they are a distinct people with a distinct identity.

23andMe results for 148,000 European Americans. Fewer than 5 percent have more than 2 percent African DNA.

23andMe results for 148,000 European Americans. Fewer than 5 percent have more than 2 percent African DNA.

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John Ingram

John Ingram is a lawyer, writer, and white advocate.

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  • GeorgeRA

    This writer is absolutely right. In my case I am almost all western European, English,Irish,Scandinavian etc. As a matter of fact by my DNA, I am only two points below a native Western European with trace amounts of Eastern European and the Iberian Peninsula. I have never doubted my European stock. I know some of my families history dating back to the 1600s. When kids in my family, including my own, are born they all have blond hair, towheads, and that turns brown as we age except the females, they stay blond.

  • antiquesunlight

    I had a trace of North African. Still not completely sure what that means but I’m guessing Berber. The rest was similar to the writer’s. A little under half Irish and the rest Scandinavian, WE, British, and Italian/Greek. I was similarly surprised by the high percentage if Irish.

    • Nancy

      You sound like me. I had the test done because I’m adopted, and I only know my birth mother and, by extension, her side of the family. I haven’t been able to track down my birth father, who left for Vietnam (Air Force) shortly before I was born.

      I did have a good bit of Eastern European, Southern European/Italian, and Irish. I had about 5% North African. My teenagers, who love to roll their eyes at their Race Realist mother, got a HUGE kick out of that.

      • Zimriel

        This means you’re part Sicilian. Although I’ll admit, I’m slightly amused by the thought of you learning Tifinaɣ, packing some guns and fighting ISIS in Libya . . .

        • Nancy

          I know, right? Actually, what’s really funny is that I first located my birth mother at the behest of my old fiance’s mother, who was obsessed with those old “Reunion” shows of the late 1980s/early 90s. She desperately wanted me to find my birth parents before I married her son, because she feared I might have some African in my immediate family! (I’m an olive-skinned Italian-looking woman with straight hair and a skinny nose, so I guess she was just worried about my tan.)

          So the whole “Nancy-is-part-black” thing has become one of those old running jokes.

          • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

            Hope you are not black

          • Nancy

            OMG…NO, I’m not black, silly. My birth mother is white, mostly Irish and Ukrainian. My birth father is also white, but he had that nice southern Mediterranean tan complexion that I and my youngest daughter share. And my birth mom met both of my birth father’s parents: again, both white. She said his father spoke with a thick Italian accent.

            My birth father was in the Air Force, he was kinda short, olive-skinned, rode a Harley, played guitar, and liked to drink and do drugs (this was during the Woodstock era). I got many, many of his genes, apparently.

          • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

            oh good. I am glad that you are white and not tainted with black blood. Now what sort of genes did you inherit from your dad? Hopefully not the drug gene. If you did, then you need to lead a good life and have many more pure white kids and also make sure that your kids do not end up in the arms of the Africans or non whites.

  • I did the Ancestry test. I tried to do 23&me one. But apparently they had some legal problems and are temporarily not allowed to operate in Maryland. I think it is National Geographics that also has one. It focuses on how much if any Neanderthal we have which could be interesting.



      I did the net-geo test and found out I was 2.6% Neanderthal and 2.4% Denisovan. I also learned that my most recent lineage (under 50,000 years) is German and English.

      • antiquesunlight

        I’m going to have to do that. Sounds really cool. If I turn out to be a Neanderthal that might explain some things.

        • LeonNJ

          Need to shave your back?

        • Jason Lewis

          All people not of black African ancestry average between 2% and 4% Neanderthal.

          • So calling someone a Neanderthal is actually a compliment! To look at it another way: Blacks are actually dumber than cave men! (Okay, you knew that was coming, don’t deny it.)

          • Jason Lewis

            There is much speculation with that being a huge factor in the difference between the races. That and evolving in colder climates seem to be major factors.

          • William_JD

            Not true.

            You mean “peoples”, not “people”.

          • Jason Lewis

            Yes, peoples.

      • De Doc

        I clock in at 2.7% Neanderthal. My girlfriend is 3.2%, which is 99th percentile amongst Europeans. Much hilarity ensues…

        • Does she have a hairy chest? (Okay, moderator, it was just a joke! Hey sorry “De Doc”.)

        • William_JD

          Did not know you could test for this so easily. I imagine I’m much higher than either of you.

        • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

          De Doc, so you reproduced without marrying, shame on you!!

          • De Doc

            Was married when sonny boy came along. 🙂

      • Zimriel

        … so UBCENTRALASIAN?

        • IBWHITE

          Nope. I still be White.

      • bilderbuster

        Yup! You be White.

    • puffdaddy

      23%Me had trouble because they told people what diseases they could be prone too, and the government thought that was a no no because they aren’t doctors. So they shut them down for a while. Your tax dollars at work.

      • bilderbuster

        Oh no!
        The government certainly doesn’t want information such as that made available.

        • Who Me?

          Oh, of course not. Intelligent, forward-thinking people (i.o.w. White people) might start eating right, exercising, and teaching their children to do the same. This would result in more of them, more healthy ones who can think clearly and logically, and less exorbitant spending at big pharma. THAT would be a disaster! Why they might even vote in some half-way rational politicians, or–horrors!–run for office themselves and win!

  • De Doc

    I did a number of these tests and showed 98% European origin, most of which (~ 56%) was British Isles. So despite the German last name, my mother’s very Dutch maiden name, and the Y-DNA (male line) characteristic of western Slavic folk, I’m pretty much a Brit. That is no surprise, considering all the generations of intermarriage with the Anglos/Irish/Scots on both sides of the family.

    The other 2% turned out to be West African (~1.7%), Native American (0.1%) and unassigned (0.2%). The West African was a bit of a shock, but seems to hold true, having compared myself to my brothers’ and mother’s own ancestry tests. A paper trail exists too showing both the Native and African lines entering into my mother’s side in the late 1700s. Apparently there was an ‘Indian Princess’ story in my mom’s genealogy, but I think we all know now why they chose to label it as such. Oh well, no Klan meetings for me! j/k

    • Samuel Hathaway

      All that happened so long ago, it doesn’t matter anymore… a lot of the Hemings lineage passed for white in the late 1800s and even today, you couldn’t even tell they had a speck of black in them.

    • 李冠毅

      It’s okay. The fact that you are part African is not your fault; it was decided for you before you were born. If anyone is to be blamed, its your ancestors. I have an idea. If you ever get married, why not get yourself sterilized, and instead inseminate your spouse with sperm cells from people who are of pure European stock? After reading a few cases of women getting raped by foreign expats, I once came up with an idea of opening a business that provides sterilization and sperm and egg cells from people who are of pure Han Chinese stock to mix-raced nationalists. That way, those who are interested in preserving their race can do so even if they have the misfortune of being born with “impure blood”.

      • De Doc

        No thanks. I’ve no plan to sterilize myself and have reproduced already. I am not Black in any sense and nobody would ever know lest I tell them of the genetic history. I’m blond haired, blue eyed, and lighter skinned than most Whites. By my actions I know who I am. Besides only a pussy of a male would degrade himself by doing what you suggest.

        • 李冠毅

          The problem is, once a gene pool is contaminated, it will never be pure again (you can read that up). I understand some males would feel humiliated by this, but to them, I say: “Please think about future generations. We’re not asking you to move mountains here. Your small sacrifice will ensure the well-being of future generations. Please don’t think only for yourself.”

          • De Doc

            So test yourself and tell us that you are ‘pure’. Post your results too. Few gene pools are uncontaminated. How much do you consider contamination? What if you have some Malay in your blood? Or Mongolian?

            I do think of my future and care for them. People with high IQ and ability need to reproduce regardless of race.

          • 李冠毅

            I’m just a school student, so I couldn’t afford a test, and my parent definitely are not going give me money for one.

            Please note, my comment above never said I exempt myself from this belief. If I’m impure, then I would do that, too.

          • dukem1

            Wouldn’t native American be somehow Mongolian?

          • De Doc

            Most genetic testing services often show overlap between these groups, as well as indigenous Siberians. That’s no surprise, since these groups share many common genetic stock. As the databases grow, the ability to distinguish between Native American and their root Asian populations does too.

          • musings2

            “Contamination” or evolution and adaptation? You decide.

          • BlueSonicStreak

            We already did, troll. But thanks for your earlier genetics lesson that virtually no one needed or didn’t already know.

          • DaveMed

            Get a life. The vast majority of WNs and racial realists don’t worship “pure blood.”

            I’m sure that De Doc is sufficiently European.

          • As I said, I am mostly Irish. But with my bushy eyebrows, brown eyes and hair, large nose, I’ll bet “De Doc” actually looks whiter than I do! So much for “purity.”

          • dukem1

            I’ve been called “Black Irish”. whatever that means.

          • refocus

            You probably have some negro in you. That is what it means.

          • Usually Much Calmer

            No, that is not what it means.

          • anony

            Actually no. “Black Irish” simply means that the Irish man or woman has that beautiful black hair and. the characteristic creamy skin and blue eyes. It has nothing to do with “African blood”.

          • In defense of “Doc” I’ll have to chime in here: Not to sound like a liberal, because I sure am not, but if you go back far enough, everybody is going to have some ancestry from everybody else. There are no really “pure” races in the absolute sense, just relatively, that’s all. “Doc” is basically White. He probably can’t even jump! HA HA!

          • Anna Tree

            No need to sterilize any white race realist, (can’t you add an English name so we can name you?). If you really believe what you say, another option, more humane and white, would be for such whites to have only one or two kids while those who are closer to %100 white, can have three and more. In one or two generations, the black genes will be out, not only because of that process but because evolution will also pruned the unnecessary genes as well.
            We need more whites, not less: better the white gene pool to be as “white rich” as possible. We lost and are loosing enough whites to want to reject one because of a few percentage, that may be kept by nature for reasons we can’t comprehend.

            Beside the fact that science nowadays or very soon can prune the non-white DNA.

          • 李冠毅

            You seem to have misunderstood what I said. My proposed plan was something like this: imagine there is a couple, and let’s say the female is not completely European. My idea was to sterilize said impure female, and instead inseminate some egg cells from a pure European woman with the sperm from the impure woman’s husband, and implant the egg cells into the woman, who will then give birth to a pure European child. That way, at least the father will be the child’s biological father, you won’t need to cut down on White birth rates (one person is able to donate sperm/egg cells to several people at once), and the resulting child will be pure European.

          • Anna Tree

            Welcome to Amren, Guanyi! I think I did understand you: I just think there is no need to erase that woman white genes, because of a few percentages, white race realism is not supremacism and purity but to be conscious of your race and what it implies. Amreners have different opinions about percentages of non-white DNA, many could disagree with mine:
            amren com/news/2015/02/britain-authorises-three-parent-babies/#comment-1833700199

            and no need to take away the right of this woman/couple for a biological child: today science can replace some parts of the female DNA. Please read more about this procedure. at present used to fix defective mtDNA, but it seems soon for homosexuals wanting biological kids. So why not to get ancestral genes back? (I repeat a bit at the beginning but then it’s new stuff):
            amren com/news/2014/10/report-from-budapest/#comment-1622831573

            Another option as I wrote in those links, more humane and white, would be for such whites to have only one or two kids while those who are closer to 100% white, would have three and more. In one or two generations, the black genes will be out, not only because of that process but because evolution will also pruned the unnecessary genes as well.

            This because we are a few hundred millions of Whites, hopefully many of those race realists, I don’t understand why you are so drastic about Chinese when you are a billion, and much less victims of liberal leftism and its dogmas like miscegenation and feminism.

          • 李冠毅

            Unfortunately, our numbers are not really 1 billion. “Han” Chinese from south China tend to have significant non-Chinese admixture, and from what I know, tend to perform worse on IQ tests than Han Chinese from north China.

          • Anna Tree

            Yes I know, but there is a difference between 50% Chinese/black and De Doc (the guy who wrote the comment we based our discussion about) 1.7% West African.

            Yes, there is mixing in China with the Southern people and I do hope the Han Chinese know better now. Still your numbers and the problem is much less grave than in our race.
            Still what you want to do seems drastic, although not more drastic that one child per family, so what you want could be accepted by Chinese. I believe that Whites are different and I don’t think such policy like you propose, to sterilize women with a few percentage of non-white DNA, will be adopted.

            I think you will be okay for another reason: the fact that we Whites will revolt soon from the mess our leaders have put us into, will I think help you guys wake up before it starts to be a little bad. Well I wish for both events.

          • Albert

            I’m curious to know if the Mongols measure up to Han standards. They are north-east asian, but can hardly measure to the accomplishments of the Han or even the Manchu.

          • Anna Tree

            I think the Mongols are more mixed than the Han: they attacked many neighboring countries and kidnapped and mixed for example with Arab Levantine etc Muslim women. Consequently they later converted to islam; that triggered even more attacks on other countries and massacres.

          • De Doc

            Studies of ancient DNA have turned up a number of settlements in areas of western China and Mongolia where distinctly Caucasoid populations existed. These studies have even looked at likelihood of hair, eye, & skin color that are eerily common to most Euro folk today. The male and female haplogroups (Y-chromosome and mitochondrial DNA) are also consistent with types one would find in Europe (R1a1a is the most prominent among males).

            In some exceedingly lucky cases they were able to trace generations from these settlements and the populations show increasing admixture with East Asian genes. Mind you that some of these settlements date to the Bronze Age, predating old Genghiz’s spread by a long shot, so the Mongolian admixture was likely far earlier than thought. Who knows? Maybe some spark of that West Eurasian DNA was still in his tribe.

          • Anna Tree

            It just shows that mixing destroy our genes too. There is a point where nothing white of those white ancestors is left.

          • TJ

            Speak for yourself. Why should the families that have diligently preserved their lineage over the centuries be sucked into the mess created by the ignorant, feckless and irresponsible?

          • Anna Tree

            Yes indeed. Although I am talking about whites with 2% non-white: this didn’t happen today but generations ago. I presume the leaders of the whites will have to decide.

            This issue is problematic. I agree and disagree with you at the same time. It’s too hard for me, again our scientists and philosophers will discuss and decide what to do. Maybe there will be castes, maybe a country of those whites etc, maybe genetic cleansing will give a solution etc, I just fear we are not enough to reject a white race realist because he has 2% non-white. And then, what with Slaves or Southern Europeans or Levantines…

          • TJ

            I agree and think as a society which should be promoting our distinctness and breeding out the damage to our identity and genotype/phenotype from miscegenation. It’s reasonable to do this by advocating and incentivising those with no admixture to have more children, and those with admixture to have one or no children (or leave). It should be held as an offense against the public, in the same way that polluting public air and waterways is. We will cease to exist as a unique (and highly creative, productive) sub-species which could one day become a new species altogether.

          • De Doc

            Then test yourself and prove it.

          • TJ

            I will. Stay tuned.

          • De Doc

            23andMe for $99 gets you the best and most comprehensive results, as I’ve found.

            Realize also that I am not the problem in the world of White America. The problem is with many who would claim the same purity as you (e.g. Bill and Hillary Clinton), but happily look to the day when the star of White folks has finally eclipsed in America. Jeb Bush too, certainly untarnished White Euro stock, seems intent to be more Hispanic than the average second generation Hispanic American.

          • Albert

            How will implanting women with pure European eggs help to maintain a pure Han bloodline??

          • 李冠毅

            I was talking about a method I once thought up, that is, sterilize and use sperm/egg cells from a (more) pure source. This method can be used by anyone, really.

          • Alexandra1973

            I’ve heard that after 10 generations it doesn’t matter.

          • musings2

            This is the stupidest remark I have ever read. I came here not to praise whiteness but to bury ridiculous ideas about it. What really happens is that while you yourself might not be 100% pure, your trace ancestry will eventually be swapped out naturally. Doesn’t anyone know the slightest thing about math? Or about how the genes express themselves? They are like marbles. They swap in and out randomly, and chances are, if you keep mating with the same kind of person, the trace elements will disappear. if that is what you want, which why in the heck would you?

            Why anyone would have the temerity to advice someone never to have children, I have no idea. Kind of a little tin power trip.

        • DaveMed

          I doubt (m)any here share the sentiments of the poster to whom you are responding.

        • bilderbuster

          The Waffen SS would accept you as a member by their liberal standards. On the other hand, to be a member of the Jewish preisthood you must be a direct descendant of Aaron or a Cohanim/Cohen.
          So obviously we can see which racial group has strictest standards and how long those bloodline standards have existed in each group.

          • Augustus3709

            A study showed that even the Cohanim, the “purest of the pure” Jews were only 50% pure.

            There are no pure Jews. Every Jew is some mixture of elements of Levantine, Arabic, European, North African, East African, West Asian, and Turkic. Basically almost everything.

      • Rizzo419

        Assume that a person believes in the “one drop rule” based on your own bias and stereotypes, in an attempt to shame them into rejecting bias and stereotypes.

        • 李冠毅

          Wait, what do mean? Please explain clearly.

          • Rizzo419

            Perhaps you were being facetious, but your post indicates a firm conviction that Doc believes in the one-drop rule. What led you to that conclusion?

          • 李冠毅

            Well, White nationalists believe they should preserve the European race…right? So if Doc does not believe in the one-drop rule, then what is the point?

          • De Doc

            So what about a White Norwegian who tests with some level of East Asian due to Sami admixture from the remote past? What do you do to these folks? Self identification of race is a natural tendency by and large. Tiny percentages of admixture are almost always undetectable from a phenotypic view. If I truly identified as African American, I’d be checking all sorts of boxes on the paperwork I see for many benefits. I don’t, because I’m not Black. And even if I did check the boxes, I’d probably be up on fraud charges.

          • 李冠毅

            You guys should welcome said White Norwegian into the movement if they support it, though I imagined they would prefer to have pure European offspring, even if that offspring is not their biological children (I’m surprised that not all White nationalists adhere to the one-drop rule). After all, didn’t AmRen mentioned that genetics can be unpredictable? For instance, when a White woman have a child with a Black man, then you have a cruel situation where a random White person picked up from the street will be genetically closer to the White woman than her half-Black child.

          • De Doc

            Unless your society is tied to incentuous relationships, the ‘One Drop’ rule seems a bit silly. One drop of what? Hungarian? Greek? Near Eastern? Other? If you look at someone and conclude, “There’s a White dude.”, how much more evidence do you need?

            Even so, AmRen features many posters, some from self-identified White males who have the Asian fever fetish. I don’t reject them as fellow Whites.

          • 李冠毅

            Hmm. I guess your guys would prefer one-drop non-European. Also, here a little known fact about inbreeding: it does NOT necessarily produce defective offspring. In fact, provided the its done with the proper controls, inbreeding is actually beneficial for the gene pool in the long run. For instance, a brother and sister marries and reproduces. The first-generation inbreds will most likely be healthy and normal. Repeat this procedure (let the inbreds marry and reproduce with each other), and after a one or two generations, defective offspring will start showing. Now sterilize the defective offspring and repeat the procedure. Bingo, after three or four generations, the gene pool of this family of inbreds will be purged of most defective genes that make inbreeding harmful in the first place. From then on wards, they can inbreed without fear of producing defective offspring (at least no more than the general populace).


            I think this is worth mentioning, because with the increasing rate of intermarriage nowadays, if things get to the point where few purebred partners of your race remains, then (if your family is purebred) you can inbred with your family as a last resort to preserve your race.

          • BlueSonicStreak

            The one-drop rule dates back to a time before we understood genetics. We knew that it was dangerous in particular for whites to mix (our phenotype never breeds through well, and we could see that); but we didn’t know HOW dangerous mixing was to our whiteness, and had to assume (to be on the safe side) that ANY level of contamination was absolute.

            At this point, we are aware that there is a point at which any non-white ancestry becomes mathematically negligible. Why would we go back to the one-drop rule?

            That’s like being able to map weather patterns, and yet going back to performing rain dances.

          • The Dude

            Actually, even the One-Drop laws didn’t literally mean one drop, but rather a minimal admixture for the person to be considered non-white. For example, the “one drop” for Negro was one-eighth in most U.S. states, one-sixteenth in the rest. For Amerindian, it was either one-eighth or one-fourth.

            The 1865 act in Florida that outlawed miscegenation stated that “every person who shall have one-eighth or more of negro blood shall be deemed and held to be a person of color.”



          • Hey, at least they said “person of color.” See, they were politically correct even back then!

          • bilderbuster

            It’s not as if they didn’t have a thousand generations preceding them before coming to that conclusion.

          • BlueSonicStreak

            I’m somewhat puzzled over the history of the “one-drop” rule, then. I’ve also heard that for blacks it was “ANY detectable” black ancestry. So if you could find someone black in your family, no matter how far back, that was it, you were black.

            I’m fuzzy on whether this would have changed over time, been regional, etc.

          • Thank you. The one drop rule was made to keep some light brown ex-slaves from mixing with beautiful fair White women. We didn’t want lots of Brazilian looking people in our midst. So the idea was anyone with any identifiable Negro blood was to be kept with the blacks.

          • meanqueen

            This has been an interesting comment thread. It raises the question – where is the line for White Nationalists? At what point do you not accept someone? Is there a percentage? Genes are funny things – someone can be 1/4 black and look completely white.

          • antiquesunlight

            It’s a hard question. I don’t think you can nail down an exact percentage but my feeling is that around 10 – 15% is the tipping point. If you are 15% non-white and know it, I feel like you will have a hard time not identifying with that 15%. Once we have people in our group who are loyal to other groups, we are in trouble. I think that is really the more important question than whether or not their appearance or character has been affected.

          • bilderbuster

            Picture the child of Barack Obama and Rosie O’Donnell.

          • antiquesunlight

            Thanks for the mental scar there.

          • bilderbuster

            There’s nothing funny about that is there?

          • De Doc

            If you want pure a breed, go to AKC. I obviously don’t obsess on this issue like some.

          • TJ

            I wonder why? LOL

          • Interbreeding is great. I love my Irish and German ancestry.

          • refocus

            Somewhere I read that the Queen of Egypt, Cleopatra, was the product of fourteen generations of brother and sister inbreeding.

          • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

            Shame on the people with Asian fever fetish.

          • refocus

            As I understand… this discussion is about the next generation…

          • TJ

            Amusing. I don’t really see how you can be a White advocate, when you attack them (including pro-White non-Whites) for wanting to breed out your “problem”.

          • De Doc

            You’d have never known (nor I for that matter) had I not done or shared my test results. As I mentioned, I’m rather archetypical of any random American of NW European extraction. I suspect many White Americans have a smattering of African or Native American in them without knowledge of that ancestry, especially those with long established roots in North America.

            If your criteria for being non-White is the ‘One Drop Rule’, then you need to test your DNA to rule out even a single speck of non-Euro blood. For the record I never got to check any boxes or cash-in on this distant ancestry, so it never served me to any significant effect? And, while I hold no particular animosity to non-White groups in the US, I have no attachment to their culture or ways and am in effect self-identified as a White European with the same upbringing as others who identify likewise. In any event I’ve already procreated, so the issue is moot, whether you like it or not.

          • TJ

            Since, you keep advocating this I will have this done. Given that I come from Mormon stock who kept meticulous genealogy records, and held race as an implicit part of their religion, it may disappoint you if you are eagerly awaiting my silence. Anyways I apologize if I offended you and don’t mean any disrespect. And you are probably right that it would be difficult to identify admixture at that level externally. I don’t have any problem with you being here (in the pro-white movement, or white society). Given the current race-denying, race-obfuscating social framework we all live under, it’s amazing that we can have this discussion and it’s almost pointless to argue here. However there is a difference between pure-bred, and mostly-bred that is backed scientifically by the DNA testing and conventional (pre-1960s) wisdom. As a result, I think people are entitled to a non-blurred, non-compromised identity.

          • De Doc

            Well then, should we ever meet at a White Advocacy meeting, feel free to snub me. Oh wait, you wouldn’t be able to tell me apart from any other random White Anglo type at such an event… /sarc/

          • The Dude

            Most white nationalists aren’t that strict and don’t care about “pure-brededness”, myself included. We’re not going to exclude someone because they have 2% black ancestry. If they look white and act white, then they’re white.

          • Exactly. If he looks like a White, acts like a White, thinks like a White, then, as far as I am concerned, he is White!

          • refocus

            If they look white and act white, then they’re white.

            Yes, but, I would not put them into the special repository source of the race sperm and egg bank.

            And if the 1.7% black gene component was known very few women would elect that component over a 100% white.

          • Reynardine

            If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quanks like a duck… it’s a duck.

          • Preserving the European race means we don’t want a bunch of nappy headed coffee colored kids that look like our dear president. That is far different from a White person having some black in them from over two hundred years ago, maybe one percent. Understand?

          • 李冠毅

            Okay, okay. I was just stating my views, I wasn’t planning on ticking anyone off. For those who were offended by my statements, I’m sorry.

          • Okay, no offense. We have various views expressed on this site, that is what makes it fun. The only reason why some of us took issue with what you said was because our enemies are fond of using that argument against us: “No race is really pure.” “There are no pure races.” “We are all mixed.” “White people are not really a race.” And so on. I now see that was not where you were going and hope you stay on this site and give your views. Peace!

          • 李冠毅

            I’ve been a regular reader on this site ever since I stumbled upon it a few months ago. It’s due to my education and upbringing. Since I was a young boy, I’ve been taught by the schools stuff like how evil White people are, and how brave Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela were for putting their lives on the line for their people. Yep, that liberal nonsense has reached as far as Asia. Thanks to this education, I developed a strong hatred of the West and by extension White people, until I came across AmRen one day by chance. After reading some articles, I started to realized I had been tricked to hate Whites, and far from being racial supremacists, many Whites today have been taught to hate themselves and their culture (White guilt). Since then, I have come back regularly to look at the other side of the story, of the many sufferings Whites are going through that my country’s media never seem to report.

          • Kenner

            Excellent, thanks for giving our side a fair hearing.

          • WR_the_realist

            I’m not surprised that Chinese media never report about black on white crime in America when the American media never do either.

          • Great reply. Thanks. Yes, many sufferings that Whites go through that your country’s media never seem to report. That may be true, but what is far more surprising is the many sufferings White people go through that the media in OUR OWN COUNTRIES never seem to report! Anyway, thanks again, and I hope you stay and continue to post on this site. Cheers!

          • Usually Much Calmer

            “Since I was a young boy, I’ve been taught by the schools . . . how brave Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela were for putting their lives on the line for their people. Yep, that liberal nonsense has reached as far as Asia.”

            If that is liberal nonsense, give me some of it. I do not think either man was saintly but the hard slough, the effort, the trial, matter.

            Whites will be saved by a white man or woman willing to do the same. You would have to be a lotus eating utopian to believe otherwise.

          • 李冠毅

            Well, from what I was taught, my impression was that Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela were great figures who fought for equality for all, role models for all of us. Now, after reading all these articles on AmRen about the many scandals surrounding these two people and what they actually fought for, my respect for them has been shattered. Now I know that South Africa is not the utopia I believed it is, and things would probably have been better if the apartheid government never left.

          • TJ

            Hopefully China will not allow the same to happen to the demographics in China and we can have a peaceful, but separate co-existence.

      • Laura Dilworth

        Designer eggs and sperm are on the market

      • antiquesunlight

        That might be the most hilarious post I’ve ever read that wasn’t meant to be funny. Tactless asians make me happy. Hey, you could call your business Cream of Some Young Guy.

        • 李冠毅

          Err…I never planned to put my own sperm onto the shelves. I was thinking about collecting from others.

          • antiquesunlight

            I know, dude. ha haaaa But that would be even funnier. You should do it that way. That would even fit into your inbreeding scheme and everything. It would be perfect.

          • 李冠毅

            Look, I did not say I advocate for everyone to sleep with their siblings. I just said if push comes to shove, inbreeding is available as a last resort.

          • antiquesunlight

            But it would benefit the gene pool!!! Plus, you would be like the Chinese Abraham or something. Pretty cool.

            I think 118 is a bit better than average, isn’t it?

          • 李冠毅

            No thanks. I don’t plan on becoming like the Middle Eastern guy whose life goal was too father 100 children before he dies. It’s been fun chatting with you, but you know why I don’t find incest disgusting? Because we’re all inbred to some extent.

          • meanqueen

            I think you mean Lot . . . that is, if you’re talking about incest. If you’re talking about mass propagation, then it’s Abraham. 🙂

          • Albert

            True. 110-120 is considered to be the bright range. And 118 is still high even by Asian standards.

        • That’s funny. Yes, Asians are so polite, but then when you do understand them they are so tactless. Reminds me of the former Japanese Prime minister who said that students in Japan were smarter than Americans because Japan is a homogenous nation but that In America the black and Hispanic populations pull down the average. Boy, we got on them for that! Then, in the usual Japanese way, they got very apologetic. That’s Asians for you.

          • bilderbuster

            I remember him saying that and appreciated him for being honest and stating the obvious.
            Something one should expect from our leaders but is sadly lacking.

      • refocus

        This is a good idea and it should be made available to all people who have blemishes in their code on a voluntary basis with out cost. I am certain that many women would participate. The Repository for Germinal Choice screened out 90% of the female applicants because there was not enough of the priceless germinal material to go around.

    • That is one thing us “ethnics” like me have over you “Old Stock” Americans. We are more sure of where we have come from. Granted, I never did the test, but I know I am three quarters Irish, from both my father and my mother, and a quarter Swiss German from my mother. My ancestors haven’t been in the country long enough to get racially mixed (Thank God!).

    • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

      Maybe you should do your DNA test again. That African bit must’ve gotten there by mistake. Always ask for a second opinion. Rather have Native American than negro blood.

      • BlueSonicStreak


        • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

          Keep quiet. Who asked you. MYOB

          • BlueSonicStreak

            Who asked you to respond to someone else’s ancestry test results like they’d been dipped in vomit? He’s a pro-white white, and didn’t deserve that. There was NO call.

          • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

            dipped in vomit, well you certainly are the rude crude one. People living in glass houses should not throw stones.

          • BlueSonicStreak

            Crude, sure. But I’m not the one who said, essentially, “Ewww, get the test again! It must be a mistake! N*GGER blood, eck, maybe it’s something other than THAT!”

            They’re genes. Human genes. I’m getting so fatigued by the hatred here. Blacks have many genetic crosses to bear, but they are still human. I think people here forget that.

            Were I Jared Taylor, I would be so disappointed sometimes to look at the comments here and think, “This is what I built, and THIS is who came.”

          • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

            ‘Ewww, get the test again! It must be a mistake! N*GGER blood, eck, maybe it’s something other than THAT!”‘
            Let that be on record that you said it and not me. I just copied and pasted what you said. True they are people, but they are the lowest form. Just look at their countries. I do admit that there are some very nice blacks, but when worst comes to worst, they do not stand with the US or with what is right, but like the Semites only what is good for them and where they can get money. If you do not like what you read, then go troll on some other liberal website. Amren is not for everyone.

          • BlueSonicStreak

            I barely paraphrased you at all. You just refuse to take any accountability for what you said.

            I am not liberal because I think AmRen could be held to a higher standard of behaviour. I am HERE, not at Chimpout.

          • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

            I do not have to take accountability. You think that way and put it on me. Do you have black blood??? I say the truth. Well you can be here, it is a free country, but just keep your liberal crap out of my way.

          • BlueSonicStreak

            Yelling, “liberal!” at anyone criticizing your bad behaviour is the most pathetic defense possible.

          • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

            And you are pathetic because you make a mountain out of a molehill using racist language.

          • BlueSonicStreak

            Who is the liberal? They’re pretty obsessed with “correct” language and all. Especially when they take it out of context.

          • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

            Exactly like you for example.

          • Didn’t Chimpout get taken down a while back?

          • BlueSonicStreak

            If it did, it’s definitely back up. Never personally seen it down; but I only learned of its existence about six months ago, so…

          • Odd… I went and checked right after I asked and the page wouldn’t load for me, although i imagine it could be blocked by my isp since it’s rather extreme.

            I’ve never bothered to post there, but if you’re willing to wade through all the sewage, there is (or was, anyway) a lot of good information on black on white crime there, as well as some other, umm… unspeakable topics *wink wink*. I have a very difficult time judging those who frequent sites like that and some of the other actual “extremist” websites, because as each day ticks by, I more and more firmly believe that if anything will save us as a people, it’s going to be people such as them, with nothing but hate in their hearts, with no reservations about doing anything to save their own kind.

            It’s uncivilized, and not pretty to look at, but again, what hope does sitting here and eloquently discussing the problem ad nauseum have of actually fixing anything, of changing anything? What real, actual progress have we made, as “genteel racists”? I know it’s hard to face, but I think the answer is none at all.

            Anyway, I’m clearly rambling on without any real point in sight, so I’ll cut myself off for now.

    • PaleRider1861

      We won’t kick you out, I promise!

      • TJ

        But we ought to shoot for purity since we can and obviously it matters. There is a difference between a confident, solid identity and a murky one.

  • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

    My 23andme report:

    European – 99.3%

    33.4% – British & Irish
    7.4% – French & German
    3.7% – Scandinavian
    44.0% – Broadly Northern European

    3.1% – Italian
    0.9% – Iberian
    3.4% – Broadly Southern European



    Native American – 0.2%
    Broadly East Asian – 0.1%
    Sub-Saharan African (West Africa) – 0.2%
    North African – 0.1%

    • Oh no! 0.2% west african! Burn the witch!
      (I kid, of course)

      I’m curious if there is some mathematical equation one could use to determine (approximately) how many generations ago a certain percentage came from? It would be very interesting to find out what the story behind the percentages are.

      All these people posting results has got me really itching to get my own test done, thank you for sharing!

      • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

        I think in my case it would depend entirely on how many of my distant cousins were in the 23andme DNA databank. It probably wouldn’t take many to find, for example, when that .2% West African DNA came into the mix. But that’s assuming 23andme has that goal in mind. Just not sure. I’m new to the system and haven’t taken full advantage of its options.

        • Ahhh, good point, you could potentially look for where that .2% suddenly jumped to 5% and trace the path backwards as it got higher, very neat (and simple enough to make me feel dumb for not thinking of it, lol)

      • BlueSonicStreak

        Seems to me the one problem with that would be that a percentage doesn’t necessarily reflect only one source.

        • Yeah, I was thinking the same thing as I typed out the question. I guess the more realistic idea would be, will we someday be able to follow a path of dna back in such detail that we can actually “see” where that .2% came from? I imagine we’ll have been wiped out long before anything like that is a reality, but its something interesting to think about.

  • B.A_2014

    I’m mostly English, Scottish and Irish (I identify as an Ulsterman) but I have
    some Italian in me from my great great grandmother. She was from Naples. I’ve always been a little bit afraid of finding out an Arab or God forbid a Bantu forced himself into my lineage.

    • Samuel Hathaway

      Would love to take this test myself… but a racial classification based on spit for $99? Not sure about that, but I’m naturally a skeptic about things like this, but really would like to believe it’s valid.

      • De Doc

        23andMe is probably the best bang for the buck. It tests over 700,000 SNP sites on the genome, so has lots of data points to crunch for better accuracy.

    • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

      If you read Shakespeare’ s ‘A Winter’s Tale’, in it he talks abut inter racial marriage between whites and Negros in 15 century England. Also I saw a TV show where a man found a chapel that recorded such marriages. So I guess even British people have negro blood. Sad.

    • Brigadon

      You sound west virginian 🙂

  • Eagle_Eyed

    I recommend everyone who so chooses to put his DNA profile up here for fun. Mine, according to ancestry:
    61% Great Britain
    13% Europe West
    10% Ireland
    7% Europe East
    3% Scandinavia
    2% Finland/NW Russia
    1% Iberia
    1% Caucasus
    Rest trace

    I do have to quibble with “DNA doesn’t lie”–it’s true your DNA is the truest sense of ancestry you have, but interpretting and calculating the data isn’t foolproof.

    Genetic profiles and geneological trees work well together. The more you are able to recount family history through written records, the more you should be able to make sense of your DNA results. (The reverse is true as well. The author’s DNA was able to point out that some of his English ancestry was actually Irish ancestry). For me, I can say with great certainty I have ~25% German ancestry as my paternal grandmother’s parents were both children of low-German immigrants (my grandma actually knew some low-German growing up in 1930s Iowa). This makes my Europe West score look low, however some of the German ancestry may show up as Europe East, Scandinavia, or Great Britain–all regions with Germanic admixture through the years. I can also trace large amounts of English, Scottish, and some Welsh ancestry in my tree making my reasonably high Great Britain score seem accurate.

    Either way, I like what was done here. It’s good for us to do more than lament the death of the West here, we should be celebrating our history, culture, heroes, etc. There is no better way to begin doing this than by tracing your forebears through geneology and genetics. It helps to motivate and connect you to the past–both recent and ancient.

  • Samuel Hathaway

    Congratulations, Mr. Ingram on your 100% Caucasian identity, with a dash of pizazz from Spain and Greece.

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    Wow. I had no idea they could tell so much from a drop of spit, right down to the percentage of ancestry from each country or geographic region. Amazing.

    And science marches on…

    • Samuel Hathaway

      Obviously, we can thank the white mind and brains for all this racial identity progress…

      • notyranny

        No way, I understand this process was discovered by Flavor Flav.

    • Realist

      Do you live under a rock???

      • No need to be ignorant. (Unless you happen to be black, then I would accept it as part of your culture.)

        • Realist

          Your reply to me makes no sense.

          • Tim in Indiana was surprised at scientific advances. You said he lived under a rock to be so ignorant. I think there was no reason for you to be so rude just because someone is not up on science that much. I then kidded that if you are black I can understand why you would be so ignorant. There. Understand now? And you are accusing Tim in Indiana of living under a rock? Talk about the pot calling the kettle. You were the one who was ignorant.

          • Realist

            “You said he lived under a rock to be so ignorant.”

            No I didn’t I ask if he lived under a rock. You really are stupid!

            ” I think there was no reason for you to be so rude just because someone is not up on science that much.”

            Are you Timmy’s mom? If not mind your own business..
            You have misused the word ignorant. See my comment about your stupidity above.

          • Do your parents know you are on this site?

      • meanqueen

        Your comment really jumped out at me as such a needless putdown of someone who is on our team, but maybe you meant it as a playful ribbing. If you meant it as an insult, I would just point out that Tim in Indiana probably knows things that you don’t know, since we all have our areas of interest. DNA studies for the purposes of genealogy or heritage identification is relatively new and doesn’t get a lot of press.

        • Realist

          Give it a rest.

  • 3G4Me

    My husband and I both tested with 23& Me a few years ago (and paid $250 then) and then further explored his YDNA with FamilyTreeDNA. No real surprises – neither of us has any African or Asian ancestry (when you get anything less than 1%, it’s probably statistical noise) and we’re each between 2 and 3% Neanderthal.

    While each company is dealing with science, social issues are, unfortunately, present with each. I watched an episode of Ancestry’s tv show online. Their genealogists included a gay guy and a black woman, of course. The people they chose (I thought St. Louis would be less of a freak fest than perhaps New Orleans, but I was wrong) included a gay White woman, a black woman, an Italian woman whose family had a crest claiming royal connections (obviously a fake drawn up by one of those internet/mail based companies that create crests for any and everyone) – and finally a mixed-race couple. The White guy, of course, claimed some mystery/scandal regarding his great-grandfather and had convinced himself said ancestor was part black. Not only was there no paper trail proving this, but his DNA results showed he was 99.9% European, primarily British! His American family went back to the 1760s, and his British ancestors traced back to France and numerous centuries ago. He was in shock; his black wife looked pleased as punch that her mulatto children had such a paternal lineage. What a waste.

    • Sick of it

      I’m sure gay men are just as interested in their ancestry…as they are making babies.

      • BlueSonicStreak

        Why do you think someone would be uninterested in their background just because they can’t naturally have children?

        • John Smith

          Supposedly, homosexual men have female relatives who are more feminine and go on to produce more children on average, so they have lots of nieces and nephews to be concerned over.

      • meanqueen

        They are making babies – plenty of them – using gestational surrogates and egg donors.

    • De Doc

      People get nuts over this stuff. The richest ones are the stories about Blacks who think they are part Squanto. It turns out, most of the time, they have some White admixture.

      • notyranny

        They also try to claim ancestry to that white slave that Jefferson was accused of boinking (sally hemming) It has been proven that he did not as he understood, like the scientist he was, that they were of inferior capacity.

        • MBlanc46

          My understanding of the current state of play of the Jefferson-Hemmings saga is that a male Jefferson fathered some of her children. No more precise conclusion is possible.

          • Laura Dilworth

            It wasn’t tom. Maybe tom’s brother

          • John Smith

            They’ve listed several possibilities. She was supposedly his wife’s cousin, IIRC.

          • Laura Dilworth

            Definitely not tom

          • Who Me?

            Sally Hemmings was Jefferson’s wife’s half-sister, fathered by the wife’s white father (Jefferson’s father-in-law) upon some random slave belonging to their family.

          • John Smith

            Like Jefferson, I don’t believe they can actually tell which male family member consorted with negroes sexually.

          • MBlanc46

            I don’t know that Tom has been excluded by the physical evidence. I believe that there’s also a nephew who’s been suspected.

          • Laura Dilworth

            Highly improbable. Paperwork is buried. Studied it last year. Printed out nature magazine article, etc. Totally out of character for him. His brother fraternized with the slaves. Don’t remember too much about the nephew. I don’t doubt you

        • Laura Dilworth

          Tom was not the father

          • notyranny


          • Laura Dilworth


        • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

          From an extended review in American Renaissance (2010) of William Hyland’s In Defense of Thomas Jefferson: The Sally Hemings Sex Scandal. quoting:

          Who, then, fathered Eston? Like many careful scholars, Mr. Hyland has a prime suspect: the president’s younger brother, Randolph.

          Randolph lived only 20 miles away, was often at Monticello, and was probably there at the right time. There still exists a letter from the president inviting Randolph for a visit that would have taken place exactly nine months before Eston was born. At that time he would have been a 51-year-old widower, a far more likely father than the older and ailing president.

          Years later, a former Jefferson slave, Isaac, wrote an account of life in the slave quarters. Of Randolph, he wrote, “Old Master’s brother, Mass Randall, was a mighty simple man: used to come out among black people, play the fiddle and dance half the night”—circumstances that could easily lead to dalliance. Isaac’s account says nothing about Thomas taking an interest in slave women, and he was never known to spend his leisure time with slaves.

          It is worth noting that at the time of Eston’s conception Randolph had four sons, ages 18 to 26, who would also have carried the Jefferson Y. There is no record of their presence at Monticello at that time, but given the fraternizing habits of their father, it seems unlikely that they always held themselves aloof from slaves either.

          • notyranny

            I had also read that there is/was proof that Jefferson was overseas at the time of conception and that this one fact disproves the allegation. Just the usual communist tactic of destroying historical heroes to be replaced with fabricated communist ones ……such as MLK.

    • Realist

      Yes, the TV ancestry shows promote miscegenation every chance they get.

    • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

      What disgusting TV show and shame on that man for bedding down with a negress and producing mulattooe kids. I bet his white ancestors are rolling in their graves.

  • Chasmania

    I did the DNA test back several months ago. Results were 99% European with less than 1% trace.

    The Euro breakdown was

    63% West Europe

    28% Irish

    8% Trace regions ( France, English, Iberian)

    I know that the family name has old Saxony roots before spreading into German and English culture.

    I am very proud of my bloodlines and of my ancestors, as are many like me, but do you notice that even so we (typically) don’t identify as European-Americans ?

    Why is this ? I’ve never felt the need to offer up my ‘heritage’, as it were, yet you can’t help but find that virtually EVERYONE with African ancestry identifies themselves as an AFRICAN – American. Why are they compelled to wear that particular badge, even those who have only a scant partial “Dark Continent” make up ?

    I am puzzled that people would so clearly wish to identify with a racial makeup that is most famous for being A: Taken as slaves and B: Having a culture – they now despise – fight a terrible war over freeing them. Is that their claim to fame ? Gads who would want such a background…?

  • Itooktheredpill

    I did mine at 23andme about 2 years ago.

    99.9% European
    82.8% Eastern European
    5 % Broadly Northern European
    3.5% Southern European
    2.9% Ashkenazi
    5.8% Broadly European

    Also 3.1% Neanderthal (96th %)

    Whats interesting to me is my whole life people have been coming up to me and said things such as ” Hey are you Polish/Russian/Ukrainian etc? “.

    My whole life I have been able to identify other people with a hefty dose of slavic DNA with an uncanny precision. Sometimes when I spot such a person I will eaves drop on their conversation and 9/10 times they are speaking a slavic language. I guess one will always have a predisposition for recognizing their own.

    I don’t however think it makes sense to separate the various european groups into separate races per say. There is clearly a lot of overlap and the way I look at it is we are one race both genetically, culturally, and historically.

  • Fr. John+

    It was announced a few years back, that ALL of the Whites in the UK are at least 50% Celtic. That is actually what makes people more ‘English’ than any Norman leftovers from 1066. So, it would come as no surprise that the author found corroroborated this fact.

    To the Gael!

    • Brutus

      From the time of the fall of Rome to the Norman conquest, much of England was peopled by Saxons, who are not Celtic — I don’t know to what extent they intermarried with the earlier Celtic inhabitants, but neither Celtic language nor Latin survived the Saxon conquest. Of course in Wales, the highlands and islands, and some other regions, most people would be mostly Celtic.

      • John Smith

        I believe that most of the male ancestor line is Germanic, though more female ancestry comes from Celtic stock.

        • Konstantinos Fasouletos

          The Germanic tribes gave rise to all European nations. Germanic tribes migrated to Spain to become the Visigoths, others to France, etc etc etc. My own people are Dorian and populate several islands in Southern Greece.
          Preserving our Dorian DNA which goes further back than 1000 B.C. is important to us, and no amount of propaganda is going to change that. I just feel sorry for many Americans who have no idea where they came from.

          • Andross

            Just curious. Are you a ‘full’ Dorian? Or is there such a thing in Greece today? Can I assume that a descendent of an ancient Greek would look a bit more light-skinned than your average Greek nowadays?

          • Konstantinos Fasouletos

            As far as I know, the people of Karpathos did not mix with the mainland of Greece nor with Turks. There were many Italians who did stay and married to Karpathian women. The occasional mixing happened in the last 2,000 years, with the majority of them being from Venice. Just like my father, i had White hair until i was 13yrs and then it went to brown. My mother has green eyes and jet black hair and her parents had white hair early on.
            Dont forget that Greece has suffered immeasurable damage from all these incursions and wars, because it was the literall buffer between her and Mother Europe. We have lost so much, at times i cry thinking about the millions who perished just in 1922 at the hands of Turks in Asia Minor.
            Very often i hear the “Greeks dont look White” bullshit line and it infuriates me to no end….To think of all the lost lives, so that the rest of Europe could sleep soundly at night.
            By the way back to your question. As a child i had white hair, “porcelain doll” like red cheeks, hence why kids called me “Red”. lol
            Also, Dorians go back all the way to 2,000 B.C.

          • Andross

            Very, very interesting. Thanks for writing all that. 🙂

          • LexiconD1

            Blue and Green eyes, along with red and blonde hair are pretty common in those of Greek lineage.

            In my family, the joke is you’ll never know what your kids going to look like until they are around 12.

            My mom (who is full blooded Greek) has black hair, dark brown eyes. Which is NOT the norm in my extended family.
            My brother has black hair, hazel eyes.
            Me, I have auburn hair (born blonde), and the darkest brown eyes you’ll ever see.
            My son is blonde (who later went very light brown) with bright blue eyes.

            All of us are the palest people you’ll ever meet. So white we glow in the dark.

            Only fools think Greeks or Italians, don’t look white.

    • 3G4Me

      Actually, I thought I read that the English are genetically almost identical to
      Germans (which makes sense, given the Saxon invasions after the fall of Rome) and that the original Celtic inhabitants, along with the Romano-British, withdrew to Wales. There is considerable difference between the average genome of a White Englishman and an Irishman or Scotsman – that’s where you find the Celtic DNA.

      • Zimriel

        What I’d read was that there was a linguistic and cultural barrier between the English / Danish east of the island, and the Celtic west. There was very little trade across that barrier in the Dark Age.

        Also very few direct Britannic loanwords into English (the word “bucket” is the only one I can think of). Most Celtic words in English, like “cavalier”, “chivalry”, “cerveza” (in our Southwest), have come in there through Vulgar Latin and its offspring: old French, Spanish, etc etc etc.

    • antiquesunlight

      Yeah I’ve read that the Irish and English are genetically more alike than different. If that’s true, it makes their history even sadder.

  • Realist

    I had my DNA ‘tested’ through 23andMe and FTDNA. My ancestors are from Northwestern Europe. Norway, British Isles, France, Germany, Netherlands and Belgium.

  • meanqueen

    I used a different company, and paid $400! I’m 96% British Isles and 2% “Middle Eastern,” with another 2% window that is not identified, but they don’t break out the Irish/Scottish/English percentages and they state that the ME is often confused for Native American. We know without a doubt that we have Native American ancestry (and I’ve got the photos to prove it as well as the name of the NA ancestor). As it was explained to me, the autosomal test looks at the past 6 generations – DNA contribution from one source can “fall off” the radar if it occurred prior to the 6th generation back. So I wouldn’t say “the DNA doesn’t lie,” rather, some people don’t understand how the test works. There are also not enough NA contributors to the DNA bank for the geneticists to compare against. This makes it hard to pin down NA ancestry sometimes. It doesn’t mean it’s not there.

  • notyranny

    Revisionist Census
    In the last census a census worker tried to convince my wife and I that we weren’t really white, she asked several times, to the point of insisting, that we might have a little “other race” in us, we’re both pasty white with blue and green eyes, my wife has blue eyes and auburn hair. My brother did a DNA search like the one mentioned above and found we were 100% White European, point being is that they are trying to distort the actual white percentages to make us think we are overrun and that all is lost. Question Everything

    • John Smith

      Well, if they “gibsmedat” afterward, I’d cop to being a non-white for those purposes. It would be nice to get some of my taxes back for a change.

  • i didn’t have the test but i like watermelon so i am worried?

    • WR_the_realist

      I like watermelon. Sheesh, liking watermelon is not what we criticize blacks for.

      • bilderbuster

        It’s for stealing the watermelons that gave them the bad rap.

      • Luke Samuelson

        I would ask you not to dangle your participles when in public. Thank you.

  • Basically most of us White Americans are just hybrid Whites. We are kind of like super Whites, in my opinion. Look up any White celebrity, particularly recent ones, you will get their ethnicity as something like “English, Irish, Scottish, German, etc.” So what? We are just like SNL says we are in one of their skits: “We’re WHITES!”

    • Konstantinos Fasouletos

      My favorite actor is Fassbender who is German and Irish. He is one of the most handsome and talented male actor.

  • rentslave

    As Richard Pryor once said:”And there was a white guy there.I mean a white guy,not of those Mediterranean types”

  • silviosilver

    But suppose I were 10 percent Asian, African, or Middle Eastern. Would my identity change? Would I still be a white advocate?

    Important questions. It’s refreshing to see them posed out in the open, rather than relegated to comments sections where – as clearly in scene in the comments to this article – all manner of wild theorizing takes place.

    <blockquoteEven if I were a mix it would still be true that race is real, and races are different. Racial differences in intelligence and behavior would remain, as would the inherent instability of multiracial societies.

    Sadly, this is as close as the author got to providing an answer, which is really not an answer at all as to what he would do, whether he would have continued to be a white advocate.

    I can appreciate the desire to avoid this thorny issue. Laying the political groundwork for pro-white activity is considered more important than settling fine-grained questions like this, which only risk division and dissension. That’s the idea.

    But it seems to me that the question is never far from people’s minds and that fact alone may put some people off participating in pro-white politics, because if they’re not sure of their place then it becomes psychologically impossibly difficult to a support a movement which may well have you in its sights.

    Nevertheless, as difficult as providing satisfying answers to these questions is, do

    • BlueSonicStreak

      Given my own family’s interest in our genealogy, I’m fairly certain I’m almost entirely white – more than 99% by my own calculations, although perhaps an actual test could reveal an upset that paper trails would not. I don’t think it likely, but for the sake of argument.

      Supposing I took one of these tests and had a HUGE shock that I was significantly non-white, I think my answer to the above questions would be that I would still consider myself pro-white. (Although I might have to re-frame what I considered my role in advocating for whites to be.)

      That would be my answer because, at this point, I think it is the only RIGHT answer. That being pro-white is the RIGHT thing to do. I think the preservation of whites is good for the planet, as well as being the absolute natural right of whites. I think it goes beyond advocacy for my own sake to the very principles of white nationalism.

      This is actually a pretty easy answer for me to give, because I break with white nationalists on other values (like religion and homosexuality), and I have considered what I would do if that theoretical white ethnostate were created tomorrow and I were barred from it for reasons outside of my race (like not being Christian). And that is my answer – it doesn’t matter. I am for whites regardless.

      I cannot imagine changing my mind about that even if I turned out to be 20% San.

      I think this is only a seriously challenging question if we allow our opponents to frame the debate as being about only our most immediate self-interests (not that those don’t matter as well) and not also a set of principles.

      • Dylan Lowe

        “I think the preservation of whites is good for the planet, as well as being the absolute natural right of whites.”

        Yes, it’s the absolute natural right of whites who have not made the choice to opt out of their own genetic pool. But what about those whites who choose to marry outside their race?

        Then clearly, the individual’s interest, and individual freedom must take precedence over the collective interest of white people as a race. Both legally, and morally you don’t have a ‘right’ to tell individuals who they should or shouldn’t date/marry; but if you think such a union will ultimately contaminate the white genetic pool then I must say tough luck to you.

        So it’s the absolute natural right of individuals which will always take precedence over the collective rights of white people as a race.

        • BlueSonicStreak

          I’d say, “why are you still here,” but you actually left a comment I cannot disagree with. People currently have the legal right to opt out of our gene pool in that sense.

          My comment was rather larger in scope than that, though.

    • bilderbuster

      That’s why there must be standards and standards must be enforced.
      The Nuremberg Race Laws were a well thought out and codified standard, but with the availability of DNA testing perhaps they should be refined.

    • gooberboy9999

      “If the phenotype is white, it’s all right.”

  • Light from the East

    Liberals want to brainwash everybody using studies claiming that every human is “mixed” and pretend every race is the same. However, after closer check, it is a big lie!

    For example, whites in the US are really “mixed”, with genetic components like British, Irish, German, French, etc. Blacks in the US are really “mixed” too, with genetic components like
    Bantu, Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba, etc. But does that mean whites = blacks because they are both “mixed”? Only morons believe that.

  • Earl P. Holt III

    No nigros in the woodpile is always a good thing…

  • Alexandra1973

    My mom’s wanting to do a DNA test, I guess to find out just how much Cherokee. Whatever she has, I just split in half. I know my biological father’s grandparents were from Belarus and Poland, so there’s Eastern European accounting for half there. The rest, NW Europe, I’m pretty sure.

  • listenupbub

    hahaha! That is rich!

  • meanqueen

    I was hoping to find a little Jewish ancestry and was excited at first to see a small percent of “Middle Eastern” heritage. But later it was decided that the way the results were determined in that particular lab was a mistake, and once the lab corrected everyone’s results, I came back 98% British Isles. Bummer!

  • Jim

    The psychology behind these tests is a little disturbing, IMO. It seems to me that a white race realist who takes this kind of test is sort of submitting to the Henry Louis Gates mind set – the, “you think you’re white? Then prove it!” mentality. Or maybe not. Maybe he or she is genuinely interested in his or her background. I admit that there’s obviously something very intriguing about ancestry.

    The reality, however, is that people are defined by their ESSENCE, not their purity. This applies as much to race as it does to every other human characteristic, be it physical or psychological. Even Hitler’s government took into account very minor deviations from purity when assessing racial identity. And (despite what a FEW here might think) Hitler wasn’t a very tolerant guy.

    So who would I, as a race realist, rather align myself with? A Hollywood celebrity like Meryl Streep, who Gates tested as 100% white (and who very much looks the part), but finds the idea of white identity abhorrent? Or a run of the mill Southerner, who might test at 4 or 5% Native American, but has great pride in his or her European roots? The Southerner, of course.

    No, I’m not a Southerner. Nor do I have any valid reason to believe or suspect that I might be something other than European. But, in fact, I MIGHT be something other than European, in some small measure. And it’s inconsequential. As it is with everyone else.

    As I said before, people are defined by their essence, not their purity, and it’s the ESSENCE of whiteness that those on the Left are trying to destroy. One small tool they can use are tests like these that will make race realists second guess their whiteness. Or maybe even make them believe that they aren’t white because they’re 5% Asian or 2% African. That doesn’t make one less “white.”

    Does that mean it’s irrelevant if whites procreate with other races? Of course not. Nor should race realists make no distinction between essentially European people and obviously bi-racial or multi-racial people. It just means that we shouldn’t get hung up on the notion of purity. The significant presence of Mongols, Moors and Sami in Europe – sometimes for many centuries – shows us that racial purity is kind of a fantasy. But racial essence isn’t a fantasy, not at all.

    Remember, America was a whole lot more white before the era of DNA ancestry tests. If I’m walking down the street and come across a person walking the other direction, I can tell at a glance – even from 10 or 15 paces away – what continent most of that person’s ancestors lived on 2000 years ago. That’s a beautiful thing…and the only DNA test that really matters.

    • meanqueen

      Well said. The other thing to remember is that anyone who is not fully white but who marries white and whose descendants marry white will water down that non-white percentage in a few generations until it’s no longer even measurable.

  • Who Me?

    LOL! Mine would be a little more Choctaw and probably a little more moonshiner, too, but basically the same mix! I take it your grandparents were from the south like mine?

  • Luca

    Since my father was adopted I ordered my test from 23andMe. Mostly European (94.1%) of which 71.6% is Italian, is good enough for me. The rest is Middle East, with 2.8% Neanderthal. Some Ashkenazi DNA was a mild surprise, but it is considered European.

    • De Doc

      A lot of folks with Mediterranean Euro blood often get some Ashkenazi admixture. I think that is probably due to Gentile converts from long ago that were common amongst the areas of Greek diaspora settlements from Antiquity.

    • Ella

      I wonder if traces of Ashkenazim DNA can reoccur from 2000 years ago when Romans used Jewish slaves in Southern Europe? I never really found much on genetic DNA depletion over time. Plus, trade routes were more extensive through Central Europe during the Crusades.

  • je suis paganisme

    Hang on a bit.

    Ancestry told me, at the first testing, that I was 21% Eastern European.

    There is NO Eastern Euro in my family.

    About six months later they sent me a revised appraisal. The Eastern European went down to 4%, and Scandinavian (not even mentioned in the first DNA report) was listed at 26%. The rest was British Isles and a portion of Irish.

    That makes sense because I knew that my mother’s side was Norman and my father’s was pure Anglo.

  • Barabbas

    I wonder how wise it is to send your DNA to strangers at a company like this…

    • Until they come up with an at-home DNA test that is reliable, then having to give your DNA to strangers is the price you have to pay to glean a little insight into your history and heritage.

  • David Ashton

    SS Membership a dead cert.

  • Voland

    Elizabeth Warren should try it.

    • drattastic

      She would have a paper trail proving she’s a liar, never happen.

  • Josh

    i would peg my ancestry at 1/2 English and 1/2 ashekanzi.

  • LexiconD1

    There would be no surprise amongst mine either. Since I’m second generation on three sides (Greek, German, Norwegian), and my paternal grandfathers side were Scotch/Irish hill people who did NOT believe in race mixing at all, much less copulation between them…

  • Moe

    There is no such thing as an Irish race, let alone European persay. A person who is part Celtic would be part Phoenician and related to the Greek Hellenes since they are the same people but at different times and parts of the world. The Phoenicians were a mixed Mediterranean blood and they can be white, red and brown who became known as the Celts in Ireland, Hence, if you are a Celt or what you call Irish which is just a nation, then you are not pure white and cannot claim to be.