Does White Identity Mean White Supremacy?

Jared Taylor, American Renaissance, February 25, 2015

A pickup artist gets it wrong.

There is a man named Daryush “Roosh” Valizadeh who is popular in what is called the “manosphere.” He is a male agony aunt who offers the kind of advice that can be packaged in articles with titles like “The Secret to Getting Laid,” “How to Pick Up Girls For Real,” “How to Choose the Best Prospects for Fast Sex,” and “The Secret to Fast Sex.”


Daryush “Roosh” Valizadeh

The “manosphere” prides itself on flinty-eyed realism. Men shouldn’t delude themselves about their own nature. Evolution designed them to want to copulate with every attractive woman they see, and the more they copulate the happier they are. Evolution designed women differently, so they have to be maneuvered into copulation, and Mr. Valizadeh has developed a following by sharing his “secrets for fast sex.”

The trouble with explaining human nature in terms of evolution is that once you see how it explains sex differences, it’s hard not to see how it also explains race differences. And, indeed, compared to mainstream journalism, the “manosphere” is pretty frank about race. For Mr. Valizadeh, however, race can be not only a bothersome distraction from fast sex; taking it seriously could be a sign you are loser or a potential mass murderer.

And so it is that Mr. Valizadeh’s column for today begins with this sentence: “Every few months there is some eruption of race in the manosphere where I’m accused of ‘censoring the truth’ about race differences and how I’ve taken the red pill on everything but race.” In order to prove that he is not one of those weedy blue-pill guys, Mr. Valizadeh admits a lot:

[R]ace differences exist. Varying evolutionary pressures in different environments created the world’s races, leading to genetic differences in personality, physiology, and thinking that can’t be entirely attributed to environmental upbringing. These differences give each race their own profile of strengths and weaknesses that make them compatible and incompatible with certain behaviors and features of society.

So far, excellent. But Mr. Valizadeh then assures us that this is not very important–but does so in a strangely ineffective way: “Unless you’re a policy wonk concerned with immigration, a university official in charge of an affirmative action program, or a politician who creates actual policy, race realism provides a marginal utility in your life.” Affirmative action, immigration, and “actual policy” are important, and you don’t have to be a “policy wonk” to think so. If you have interests that go beyond fast sex, “actual policy” is probably one of them, and if race helps you understand the implications of policy–and it does–it is valuable.

Mr. Valizadeh also notes that people have a powerful desire to form ingroups, and that the most natural grouping is race. “I believe these ingroups have a right to form and further their own interests,” he adds, but then he jumps the tracks: “The only problem with such nationalism is that the end game is subjugation or genocide of races deemed to be inferior. Race realism by white people leads to the idea that whites are the superior race and all other races are inferior (white nationalism).” [emphasis added]

In other words, racial solidarity–forming “ingroups”–and pushing racial interests is fine for everyone but whites. Blacks and Hispanics and Asians can join with their co-racialists to build a United States that suits them, while whites grin as their country and their culture are taken from them. It’s startling to find a man who prides himself on hard-nosed realism peddling this lefty double standard.

And the reason why only whites must not act in the name of race is because they are uniquely susceptible to evil. Get them thinking about the implications of race and they might go berserk. Like the liberals he despises, Mr. Valizadeh thinks Nazi Germany–a single regime that lasted 12 years and was crushed by other racially conscious white regimes–is the eternal symbol for what happens when white people take race seriously.

Does Mr. Valizadeh think we’re the only people who know how to kill? That the Japanese just had a little party for the locals in Nanking in 1937?

The Hutu and the Tutsi managed to kill about a million of each other with machetes. No telling what they could have done if they’d had the Wehrmacht.

White racial identity need not be malign at all. Mr. Valizadeh doesn’t seem to realize that the white people who stopped the slave trade, freed their own slaves, forced Africans to give up slavery, and gave black people basic civil rights all thought that blacks, on average, were less intelligent than whites. That was taken for granted until the 1950s–but it never sent them into genocidal frenzy.

What is more, race realists recognize that North Asians have a higher average IQ than whites and that blacks are better at certain sports. White nationalism is nothing more than an interest in the collective destiny of whites, and the desire for a land in which to pursue it. It neither requires nor implies hostility to others. Mr. Valizadeh should be embarrassed by the caricature of “white supremacy” he is trying to palm off on his readers.

And apparently whites who care about the future of their race are likely to be losers: “I strongly suspect that active participation in white nationalist circles is a cover for feelings of personal inferiority.” If Mr. Valizadeh dipped his toe into such circles and attended an American Renaissance conference he would find the very opposite of what he describes.

A few whites may be attracted to racial activism for the wrong reasons–so what? Does everyone like wine or opera or sex or dark suits for the “right” reasons? The reasons people like something don’t change its intrinsic value.

The “eruptions” Mr. Valizadeh complains about no doubt come from whites who are especially conscious of race. They are the people–committed people–without whom no movement ever makes progress. Some people devote their lives to ensuring that snail darters or spotted owls have a future. A future for one’s people is surely an even more worthy goal.

Ultimately, though, Mr. Valizadeh’s argument is one of irresponsibility. He writes: “So yes, there are race differences that range from trivial to significant, and those differences can affect societies, but besides using my knowledge of race differences to select a race of woman that I’m most compatible with, race should not be used as a pillar, foundation, or main component of your belief system, because it will have little effect in improving your day-to-day individual existence.”

Mr. Valizadeh is conceding that race changes society. It changes neighborhoods, schools, institutions, cultures. It changes the country. As he seems to glimpse–if ever so hazily–it changes everything. But he says race is useful for an individual only to the extent that it helps him rustle up “fast sex.” It shouldn’t be an important component of identity–at least if you are white.

Mr. Valizadeh is reportedly of Persian-Armenian heritage and lives in Europe. It may be hard for him to understand the commitment others have for their communities and for their larger identities. For myself, there is a lot more to my life than my individual existence. I care about the country my children and grandchildren will live in. I care about the biological group that created the culture I love. And there are plenty of people who think exactly as I do. Mr. Valizadeh may not like it, but those “eruptions of race in the manosphere” are only the beginning.

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Jared Taylor

Jared Taylor is the editor of American Renaissance and the author of White Identity: Racial Consciousness in the 21st Century.

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  • And apparently whites who care about the future of their race are likely to be losers: “I strongly suspect that active participation in white nationalist circles is a cover for feelings of personal inferiority.”

    That’s the same kind of complaint that feminists level against the manosphere, that it’s merely the province of loser men who can’t get a woman.

    I think the manosphere has some redeeming qualities, but this is what I fear about it, its propensity to want to go all rainbow and multiracial. I also don’t understand this great desire to include the manosphere as an important component of the DE. Sure, some manosphere concerns are some quality DE side issues, but the manosphere should not be a core focus of the DE.

    • Zimriel

      Too many on the manosphere think they can nibble at just their one half of the red pill, and take an antidote against our half.

    • Tommy Hass

      I don’t think calling them “PUAs” is good.

      I also think Mr. Taylor is somewhat maligning Game. Pickup Artistry is a very valuable skill to learn if not necessarily to employ like he has done.

      Many traditional conservatives eschew Game unfairly. I believe that is both unnecessary and unfair.

      Not every man who learns game is also an introverted anti relationship type of rootless transient like Roosh. It isn’t incompatible with white identity at all.

      • Sick of it

        It is actually incompatible with white identity. White people form families. We have since the beginning until the 1960s.

        • Step one to forming a family is finding a wife. PUAs can help those who don’t know how to do this.

          • Anna Tree

            And it brings to a point I think Mr. Taylor forgot to add in this sentence: “Mr. Valizadeh is conceding that race changes society. It changes neighborhoods, schools, institutions, cultures. It changes the country.” Race changes also your children, depending on the race of your wife.
            I think Mr. Taylor should start to invite famous people to debate. He should forward his article to Mr Valizadeh and ask for a debate. He should do this also with Mr.

          • Anna Tree

            Richard Dawkins or Mr. Wise, Mr. Alan R. Templeton, Mr. Jefferson M. Fish, Dr. Loring Brace, Mark Potok and Heidi Beirich, Dennis Rody, Steven Holmes etc etc asking them to post the invitation in their website.
            I understand they may not accept the invitation but it would put their honesty and opinions under question then… and this could be reported on Mr. Taylor’s wiki page.
            I think it would be important to have a page on Amren with those invitations to debates and the debates hopefully that would happen.

            Also maybe a challenge (although I understand the prize can be symbolic, not everybody has that kind of money.) Something like:

            en wikipedia org/wiki/One_Million_Dollar_Paranormal_Challenge
            faithfreedom org/challenge htm
            en wikipedia org/wiki/Kent_Hovind#.24250.2C000_offer
            motherboard vice com/read/a-thousand-dollar-prize-awaits-whoever-can-speak-without-words
            (I think the Khoi-Khoi/Bushmen speak without words… I should get the prize ha)

          • BlueSonicStreak

            There is actually a debate between Mr. Taylor and Wise available on YouTube.

          • ViktorNN

            It’s a great debate, I recommend it to everyone. Taylor wins. Of course.

          • Reynardine

            Taylor can still win the debate, but lose the war.

            The key with liberals is emotion. Gotta hit ’em hard in the heart.

          • Ashlar

            I enjoyed his interview with that tard on the Young Turks…guy embarrassed himself so badly and threw a hissy fit. Jared was being super polite too and really the kid made himself look bad.

          • Rocco

            But an invitation with Roosh would be silly. I think he used to work in a lab as an entry level researcher, went to University of Maryland as a completely average guy, average student etc. He hates on American women not for some larger societal or game reason, but simply because he looked like the geico caveman and was your typical swarthy semitic looking dude ( going by his old photos) who arw a dime a dozen in Maryland /DC / Northern VA. Go to the trendy Euro trash techno lounges in DC and you spot tons of them. Trust me, there is nothing compelling , original or cool about this dude. He wrote a cpl shitty books like “day bang”…come on.

          • Anna Tree

            Or for sure I would prefer debates with more intelligent and/or white people. But one of my objective is to generate more visits of whites to Amren and so at the beginning, we may need to go and look for them wherever they are.

          • Cid Campeador

            . He sounds to me like a typical Iranian Muslim who has no respect for women. He is a slave to his own Schlong that apparently dictates his daily life.
            He needs to meet up with one of the “Wives with Knives”.

          • Rocco

            Actually I think he is part Turk and part Persian, and I don’t think he or his family were ever Muslim. Could be Jewish or Christian. And I think he was more or less a skinny nerdy, hairy, non typical Persian. As I said somewhere esle , the fact that he got laid at all is his best selling point, seeing as he didnt have the natural looks or charisma, alphaness, or whatever to do much interaction with females when he was young. Having said that, its very clear that most of his talk against modern women, was / is more sour grapes than it was based on his perception of society as a whole.

          • Spikeygrrl

            Ah, but would you RESPECT a woman who’d be fooled by all that PUA crap? Would you really want her to raise your children and positively represent you to your community?

            And if that is what you do want, why aren’t you looking into re-legalized polygamy (which I totally support)?

          • Rocco

            I understand your concern with PUA and for sure there exists an element of creepy , sneaky types of PUA guys. The fact that some of these guys exist in the first place just indicates a larger problem in the dating woeld for young people. I am not a fan of the general idea of “picking up” and the suggested game that goes with it, however some very glaring issues exist and some of these guys give young , frustrated but otherwise healthy and decent guys a different POV on things. Its also worth mentioning that some of these guys write with a sort of overkill approach of coming on too strong rather than maybe suggesting that an already shy and timid man continue on a shy and losing path.

          • Ashlar

            There is no “fooling” of anything, women aren’t that stupid. They know what they are getting into and the truth is that PUAs are more interesting to them than the majority of pushover men that they meet. That’s the real reason for our success, it’s not because of the lines or escalation moves. It’s just that we’re interesting and different.

          • Spikeygrrl

            Would that this were true. If it were, you’d see a LOT fewer beige babies out there.

        • TCA

          Mystery’s book is the most insightful primer on the feminine psyche when it comes to mating that I have ever seen.
          Of course his use of that insight to manipulate women is deplorable, but that fact by itself does not reduce the value of the insight. I wish someone had explained all that stuff to me when I was twelve.
          My failure to understand the basis upon which women select a mate caused at least as much destruction in my personal life as watching television, taking drugs, and listening to rock-n-roll, combined.

          Of course, you were merely referring to the PUA lifestyle, which I agree is totally incompatible with White identity. In fact, I think it’s incompatible with the insights in Mystery’s book.

          • hastings88

            What is Mystery’s book?

      • TruthBeTold

        It’s selfish behavior that produces nothing other than fleeting pleasure (which I don’t discount).

      • H. Leonskoi

        You have some good points. Some of us are no longer as governed by our hormones as we once were, once upon a time, and we are more cognitive of the possible consequences and responsibilities for those who do not like latex very much, if you get my drift.

      • Jeff

        Can someone kindly explain all the acronyms?

        • Anna Tree

          I would guess:
          PUA – pick up artist
          DE – I think it is a computer game.

      • Ashlar

        Well, here is the thing.

        I grew up a white liberal in a Jewish neighborhood, far from diversity, where it’s very easy to be “tolerant and open minded.” I was a loser for most of my young life.

        I took the Red Pill, and suddenly I could go on dates and even have sex with women I liked–for the first time in my life, at 20 years old. The end of misery in the romantic sense, and a sense of control over my destiny.

        Thus, Game was a necessary balm to a particular area of discomfort for me.

        However, once you get good enough at it, you start to notice patterns. And you start to connect the ways in which “how society is” with “the experiences you had,” leading you to realize the true influence of feminism on white males in this country. Essentially, it is a deliberate emotional wound, because feminists have Cluster B personality disorders and it is their nature to abuse others.

        Then, I started to look at the EVEN BIGGER picture, and digested all of the Mens’ Rights literature. I checked out everything, hundreds of times, making sure what I was seeing was right and true. Then, I realized the ways in which feminism had deliberately ruined men for women, and women for men, in an effort to dissolve the nuclear family.

        Remember, feminism is just disguised marxism, propagated by paranoid narcissists.

        Anyway, once I had the complete picture of how unleashed hypergamy has utterly destroyed the modern American dating arena…what choice does that leave a man with?

        You can’t get married, because you know where it can lead at a moment’s notice. You see what happens to your friends, over and over, and connect all the dots there. Rollo Tomassi, one of the best and most prolific Manosphere authors, describes this as “the best it gets”–a rotation of women who you like, maybe even love, and have intimate connections with–none of them a monogamous partner who you expect to be with “for life.”

        This is the result of half a century of marxist nonsense, and refusing to settle into relationships with women who are completely devoid of feminine charm and supportive love is the only reasonable step to take. Such women exist, of course, but subject to the same forces as all other women living in a society which rewards their every hypergamous and opportunistic play, while making families and love seem “boring” or “oppressive.”

        What is a man to do?

        Anyway, once my liberal feminism had been thoroughly gutted by my Manosphere research, I knew that there was one red pill left to tackle…the race pill.

        I avoided it for years, secretly knowing what I would find and not yet having the courage to take that plunge. However, after living right next to largely black area, and seeing fights over things I couldn’t believe, having to call 911 all the time (and they wouldn’t even show up), there was no more denying the truth.

        So I started reading this site, Laurence Auster, and of course my earlier Roissy readings made more sense in the new racial paradigm as well. Now I have the complete picture, or so I believe.

        It is all connected though, and it is not a particularly pleasant picture. The upside is that the journey through one’s own limiting beliefs is the most liberating experience I’ve yet found.

        Lastly, yes, there are MANY Manosphere issues directly tied into white issues. Whites need to form more families and have more children, and feminists have removed all incentive for men to do so and convinced women that it’s slavery. All sides of the cube called Truth need to support each other if we are to pull ourselves out of this mess.

    • Sick of it

      The hookup culture is pathetic. Men’s rights makes a lot more sense than trash like this muslim or whatever.

      • Light from the East

        The funniest thing is that if he is in Iran and does this, he is going to be stoned to death.

        • Cid Campeador

          I disagree. The women whom he seduced would be stoned to death.,

          • Light from the East

            Thank you for let us know a true Muslim would think.


        Do you really think a pick-up artist is concerned about the future of their race or their traditions if they’re manipulating women to get laid? Think about it. These kinds of men are douchebags and not superior white men of character. Just as the women are who use their looks to get what they want.

        • Ashlar

          There is no manipulation. Women know what they are getting into; they aren’t stupid and thousands and thousands of men hit on them during their lives. It’s actually an insult to women to assume that they’re so dumb they would fall for some clever lines. They know the deal.

          Also, most PUAs study sex very seriously in order to become very good at it, so it shouldn’t surprise you that much that women like players.

    • Ryan Clarke

      Nice shell game. WN’s keep changing their name so they can say “that’s not us!”. It’s like a business with a bad rap with the Better Business Bureau constantly running is operation under new company names. WNs have historically done a miserable job of policing their own, allowing extremists to find shelter under their roof and bomb-throw against Jews and other minorities. WN leadership of course does nothing. And so a few bad apples spoil the barrel. Eventually, the character of the movement takes on the form of the angriest and most shrill amongst them because those individuals set themselves apart as the most prideful. Any acknowledgement of the importance of minorities is seen as weak and naive. Without adequate leadership, identity movements will degrade into angry, vindictive, and low brow hostility. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

    • Reynardine

      You hit things on the head so often, I’m going to start calling you “airhammer.”

    • ViktorNN

      Well, let’s be real clear about where Roosh is coming from.

      it’s not in his best interest – or rather, the best interest of his business model – to alienate any men at all from his website. These are his customers.

      From Roosh’s point of view, racial awareness and activism is a distraction from his main goal – making a living off of dudes who aren’t great at getting laid.

      • pcmustgo

        We have no evidence that Roosh is a real alpha or PUA… he is not attractive to me as a woman….

        • jocasseejo

          Looking at his picture, one can understand why he would have to have a “game” in order to attract women…

          • Michael Robert Ryan

            I remember reading about him that he also has some weird sebaceous disorder that makes him stink unless he showers several times a day.

            Personally, I prefer Heartiste, anyway. Heartiste is much more race-realist than this mercenary.

          • jocasseejo

            Ugh…Reminds me of a young Colombian waiter serving our table, he had to excuse himself in the middle of taking our order to wipe his excessive sweat!! Appetizing!! We really did win the DNA lottery~that’s why other races and admixtures hate and denigrate us. Everyone, innately knows, who is at the top of the heap~other races hate us because they aren’t us!!

          • PaleRider1861

            Ding..ding..ding…THREAD WINNER !!!

          • jocasseejo

            Thank you…I’ll be here all week and don’t forget to tip your waitress!!


          I don’t view PUA as saviors to the white race, or in tune to what’s going on. They’re selfish manipulating men (and I’m a man, too) who are interested in short-term pleasures and are the reason why the white birth rate is declining and white we don’t see the healthy white male-white female relationships we used to.

        • Rocco

          His only selling point may actualy be that he managed to get laid at all. He is def not alpha.

      • danstrom

        ViktorNN, that’s a good point. I personally think a “PUA guru” could be red-pilled on race and not alienate anyone, but the “business model” explanation at least holds water. He’s not an inspired leader of his people; he’s just selling something.

      • Reynardine

        Economically, yes that makes sense. Politically, as Carl Schmitt would observer, Roosh is building a allied base by identity – a specifically masculine identity – and he has a set of enemies (feminists and fuddy-duddies) by which he can unite them. It doesn’t serve his interests to divide them very much.

        Furthermore, if Roosh really is the “player” he is, then from his standpoint, it’s irrational to support ethnoconservatism, for it limits the pool of available women with sexual and ethnic boundaries – as soon as fathers become invested in their daughters partners for progeny, cheap available sex is no longer an option. No logical actor moves to reduce the supply for a demand unless met elsewhere.

        • ViktorNN

          You make a great point. It’s not in the interest of commercial manospherists for ethnic/racial groups to re-build the institution of the family as the core of racial identity and organization because it would dry up the supply of damaged, isolated women for them to prey on. The Roosh types profit off the crisis and destruction brought on by the dissolution of the family (as well as a myriad of other ills of modernity). They’re not pioneers or builders of a better way forward. They’re profiteers of destruction.

          Adding to your comment, I also think it’s no surprise that a non-white like Roosh seeks profit in a form of commerce that pro-white dissidents like myself see as morally opposed to our interests. It’s in his pure racial interest (conscious or not) to see Western Civilization decline. It’s a twofer for him – he makes bank off the chaos, while his brown coalition is ascendant.

          What’s sad in all this is how many young white men – many of whom are even racially conscious – buy into this commercial form of manospherism and see themselves as loners, cut off from their racial family, who scoff at the idea of racial solidarity, who see white women and white families as traps to be avoided at all costs, who bash white women and advocate miscegenation, etc. etc.

          White men are debased into something more negroidal than white. There is no racial upside to what Roosh is selling if you’re white. This stuff is toxic to white people.

          • jocasseejo

            Well said!!

    • pcmustgo

      I’ve heard this same thing- “white racists” are always losers… Most white racialists are working class or somehow experienced too much/more diversity than other people… we’re clearly not Low IQ… I think we’re strong and bold enough to speak out for the truth. They think it’s all about asserting supremacy over others- they don’t get what it’s really about- understanding the desire to self-segregate, venting about and spreading the truth about anti-white bullying and violence, etc.

      • TCA

        Same could be said about anti-Semites and the way they are characterized, or caricatured, by the group that controls popular culture.

    • Oil Can Harry

      Roosh has written two books on “Fast Sex” which he’s an expert on because he’s a minute man.

    • BlueSonicStreak

      Aren’t the feminists on to something in the case of the “manosphere,” though? I took a spin through some PUA and “red pill” websites a while back, and could come to no other conclusion than the idea that those men absolutely detest women.

      At any point women detect this, they are certainly going to flee. The only female response to PUAs that I’ve seen is “how to spot a PUA so you can steer clear of those creeps” tips being passed around.

      Those guys are literally such losers that they have women making organized efforts to avoid them. That’s impressive.

      • I think the question of whether the feminists are right or wrong in their criticism of PUAs is not the relevant point here.

        The relevant point I was trying to make was that Roosh is using the same weapon against us that feminists using against Roosh and other PUAs.

      • antiquesunlight

        Yeah, I don’t buy into the “have as much sex as I can” philosophy. I think that’s degenerate and stupid. It’s the glaring flaw in the thinking of many in the “manosphere” (I hate that term). On the other hand, I’m happy about anything that opposes feminism and wants to look unflinchingly at life, and I do think they have some valuable insights into male-female dynamics.

    • TCA


    • Michael Robert Ryan

      “these PUAs are real pieces of work”

      With apologies to Forrest Gump, a piece of work is as a piece of work does. Look around you and see which men it is who are getting laid. Is it the nice guys in the math club of your local college or the scumbags and louts out there in the street with ankle monitors on? If you answered the latter, than you get a cookie!

      • Because women love the bad boys. Death row inmates get lots and lots of love letters. It’s a holdover from our hunter-gatherer days, when a woman wanted a man who was vicious enough to beat back threats from hostile tribes.

    • Spikeygrrl

      The manosphere will be useful IF/WHEN it’s aimed at attracting — by your own genuine virtues — QUALITY women. Women you deem worthy of raising your children whether or not you’re “in the picture.”

      If sex is all you want, use a pro. MUCH less hassle and expense than a dewy-eyed kid with her head full of bodice-ripper romances.

  • Brady

    A couple points on history I have to take issue with you on, Mr. Taylor.

    “Like the liberals he despises, Mr. Valizadeh thinks Nazi Germany–a single regime that lasted 12 years and was crushed by other racially conscious white regimes–is the eternal symbol for what happens when white people take race seriously.”

    While I would agree that the United States and Britain could be called “racially conscious white regimes” during World War II, National Socialist Germany was mainly crushed by the Soviet Union.

    “The Hutu and the Tutsi managed to kill about a million of each other with machetes. No telling what they could have done if they’d had the Wehrmacht.”

    The Wehrmacht had a very honorable record in World War II. It was the SS who commited most of the worst crimes of National Socialism.

    • Johnny

      If the US and the other Western allies had not opened a second front in Europe, and extended the lend lease to the USSR, the Germans would have wiped them out. Possibly Britain might have been next.

      • raymond

        Glad you through this in Johnny – first the Russians weren’t getting enough credit-lately they’ve been getting too much.

      • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

        2nd front, 7b in war materiel to the USSR (the trucks that moved the Soviet troops), shared intelligence, etc

        • H. Leonskoi

          Lend-lease. Also illegal transfers of classified nuclear and other technology according to Major Jordan who saw it first-hand. Not to mention a now proven 5th columnist at Yalta, now declassified information from Soviet Intelligence Intercepts, etc. Startpage: Venona

          • Earl P. Holt III

            Spot-on! (“Lend-Lease” was how Harry Hopkins got the secrets of the Manhattan Project to the Soviet Union…)

      • Randall Ward

        Britian would not have been next. You know little of the real history of WWII. Hitler admired GB and tried hard to make peace with them, but GB would not remain peaceful because if Germany prevailed, GB would not be the world power it was. Funny thing is that by fighting in WWII the British lost their empire and were dead broke after the war. Stalin was the winner in WWII, because the commies in power in DC liked the USSR and thought it was the way of the future.
        The bombing by the British of German cities in WWII was a war crime that will never be admitted by the British.

        • Jeff

          Hardly a “war crime”….whatever the hell that is supposed to mean. The Germans opened the ball on GB first when they targeted London in the Battle of Britain. The notion of war crimes is nothing more than the victor writing history. The notion that war has “laws” is rather absurd.

          • Randall Ward

            Treaties make law. But most laws are unwritten, it is called common law or natural law. Most important there is Gods’ law, from which no one can escape judgement. For hundreds of years wars were fought in Europe and for the most part, the armies fought each other and civilians were not harmed. There were exceptions of course.
            Before London was accidently bombed by the Germans, German cities were bombed by GB. Plus Britian had already landed its army and attacked the German army, before any bombing of London took place. GB initiated the war with Germany.
            No matter what Germany did, it was wrong to fire bomb cities that only held women, children and old men. GB bombed the cities several times in one night, waiting until the civilians ran into the streets from the fires and then bombing them again, then returning with different types of bombs and bombing them again. The result was like an atomic bomb had gone off. Most of this came at the end of the war and did not help the war effort of the allies at all.

          • Jacobite2

            Under Goering, the Luftwaffe was targeting the RAF radar sites, which allowed the RAF to direct their fighters efficiently against German bombers. The Brits were within one day of losing all radar, so they tried a ‘Hail Mary’ by night-bombing Berlin. As they hoped, Hitler went off and ordered the Luftwaffe to forget radar and attack London. Thus was the Battle of Britain won. BTW, the Brit terror-bombing strategy was called “the Lindemann Plan”, Professor Lindemann was a close adviser to Churchill. He stated openly that he wanted to destroy the German people. For example, he directed the RAF to concentrate on lower-class and working-class neighborhoods (he never even considered targeting military targets) because they would kill more people-per-bomb in those neighborhoods, because upper-class homes were built farther apart and housed fewer people. Of course, Prof Lindemann was a ****, if you know what I mean, and I’m sure you do. Even anti-Semites have real enemies.

          • Randall Ward

            GB wanted to make Germany a nation of farmers, no industry allowed, after the war. Not one in one hundred thousand people in this country know the real history of WWII and WWI. Less than that know how illegal the “war trials” were after WWII.

          • Jacobite2

            “The real history of WW II” would be a lot for anyone to know. As far as post-war Germany, what GB wanted didn’t matter — FDR had cut Churchill out early on. The Morgenthau Plan was the notion of an agricultural Germany, and it was the product of Hans Morgenthau and Harry Dexter White (both Jews; White was also a Soviet agent, to the extent that there’s any difference). If you haven’t read “The Morgenthau Plan: Soviet Influence on American Post-War Policy” by John Dietrich, you owe it to yourself to check it out.

          • Canadian Friend

            Don’t get me wrong, I have a lot of respect and even admiration for the German people, I even have some German ancestors thus some German DNA in me ( I am a blue eyed blonde white man ), but painting them as victims in WWII is pushing it a bit.

          • The All Seeing Bry

            GB was funding the Soviets, that’s why Hitler had a problem with them, and the U.S.

        • Maximus

          It was GB who started bombing Germany in the first place. Watch “Judea declares war on Germany” documentary by David Irwin. Germany could have bombed GB more intensively but Hitler would not have any of that. He wanted GB to to stand with their German brothers and sisters against the Russian communists. Hitler got criticized by the pilots of Luftwaffe for the humane bombing. Hitler could have destroyed GB in Dunkerque but spared them because of mercy and hope of understanding from the britts.

          Now the Western world is about to die out because of GBs slaughter and demolishing of Germany.

          Anglo-saxons and Germans are the same people, same blood and genes.

        • Canadian Friend

          The Germans bombed British cities BEFORE anyone bombed German cities!!

          England had every right to retaliate!!

          What the hell is this talk of “war crimes” by the British??

      • MikeofAges

        People in America refuse to believe this, but the Soviet Union would have defeated Germany on its own. About five percent of the Soviet war materiel came from the West. The Soviets appreciated it, true. But they would have won without it. Back in the early 1970s, I talked about this with one of my college history professors, a Russian expert. He just nodded and said, “Yes”.

        Another forgotten idea is the fact that Stalin was great military ally. Everything he said he would do, he did. For one thing, he said the Soviets would enter war against Japan 90 days after the war in Europe ended. The Soviets did, to the day. I think this was a critical factor in Japan’s decision to surrender. With the Soviets in the war, the Japanese faced along the greatest agglomeration of conventional force the world has ever seen, or may ever see. I believe, if Japan had been fighting only the United States, the Japanese would have fought on even in the face of atomic bomb campaign. The Japanese strategy was to continue the war until American public opinion began to turn against the refusal of the American government to negotiate an end to the war in spite of the fact that there no longer was a threat to the American territory and American overseas possession.

        The Japanese, I think, read America well. They saw the situation in Europe and knew also that Stalin was not subject to niceties of public opinion. The surrendered to avoid the division of their country between American and Soviet zones of occupation, and the eventual division into two countries, one pro-Western and one Stalinist. Don’t be born yesterday.

        I would like to know what Soviet historiography had to say about this topic, and what Russian, European, Chinese and Japanese historiography have to say about it today.

        • Mahtoofislooth

          I do not believe the USSR could have handled it all on their own, sorry. We gave them a massive amount of equipment and support through the lend lease program.

          • Cheri Rodriguez

            The Russians had the Germans stopped in The Battle of Moscow before the U.S. even entered the war. Victories at Stalingrad and Kursk sealed Germany’s fate long before the Western Allies were even on the continent.

          • MikeofAges

            Five percent, approximately. Their front line weapons, armor, artillery, and air, overwhelmingly were of their own manufacture. America sent trucks, railroad stock, armored vehicles, food and assorted secondary materiel. The aid was considerable. I did not say it was not important. I only said the Soviets would have won the war on their own. Myself, I am more interested in finding out what views exist among historians in other countries than in carrying interminable arguments. The issue can never be settled, but the Soviet forces eventually held a considerable margin over Germany’s forces. They had more men, more production, endless room to retreat, the Russian winter, and the advantage of defending their own territory.

            This is going off in another direction, but the theory has been kicked around that reason why Germany invaded the Soviet Union is because the Germans had concluded that the Soviets had been preparing for offensive operations against them. In some definite ways, both sides were seriously unprepared for the war for the war they ended up fighting. The Germans invaded the Soviet Union without preparations for dealing with Russian winter. The Soviet, according to sources, had built up their offensive capqabilities, but lacked defensive weaponry. Those who advocate this theory cite these two ideas and come to the conclusion that Germans acted without sufficient preparation in order to prevent a Soviet attack on them. Can’t say I agree, but would our historians tell us if it was true?

        • Japan was finished in 1945. Their navy had been sunk and they had stripped out the best parts of their Manchurian Army. Japan couldn’t even feed itself; food rationing had been imposed before the Pacific War. The Soviet Union entering didn’t change anything.

          Japan committed to war after refusing to sign the 1936 London naval treaty, and by doing this they entered a naval arms race they couldn’t possibly win. After their army took over the government in 1936, they were out of ideas.

          • MikeofAges

            That’s a point of view. But, in the situation which existed in mid-1945, Japan still had the option of attempting to keep the war going in the hopes that American public opinion would turn against the policy of unconditional surrender. I am not sure the control of the Home Front could have been sustained indefinitely absent even as much as a theoretical threat the American homeland. Are you really sure that the fear of Soviet occupation did not move the emperor to make the decision he did?

            Another question is, how would American public opinion have taken a continuing atomic bomb campaign? Again, in the absence of as much as a theoretical threat to the American homeland, many people eventually would have turned against it.

            The policy of unconditional surrender I see this way. After the trauma of the rise of German nationalism and National Socialism, the Allies wanted the war to end in a way which made it impossible for anyone within the defeated powers to come back and claim that it all somehow had not happened. Unconditional surrender did accomplish that goal, largely.

            You do know, there are differences of opinion among historians and students of history?

          • Laura Dilworth

            And they needed oil

        • Laura Dilworth

          No one can win against a soviet winter either

    • Zimriel

      The Wehrmacht were enablers. I’m not cutting them slack for fighting with honour and then saying “not our problem” on behalf of their SS camp-followers. With some very-notable exceptions, like the officers who plotted against Hitler directly.

      • Randall Ward

        All of the German soldiers? Did you know them all?

    • BernieGoetzFan

      The Soviet Union was not racially conscious? I notice the USSR didn’t allow in black immigrants and fielded all-white sports teams for the Olympics.

      • Sick of it

        They spread Communism amongst American blacks to the detriment of white people here.

        • Light from the East

          Under the reign of Putin, even Russia now becomes more conservative than most of Western countries.

          • WR_the_realist

            Indeed. Why does the American establishment hate Putin? Because he doesn’t let homosexuals have gay pride parades and the public schools there don’t teach children about how Sammy has two daddies. And because they don’t let Pussy Riot get away with desecrating the altar in a church. In other words, because Russia is like America was as recently as 1975, and is now more Christian than America is.

            It has nothing to do with his alleged invasion of Ukraine.

      • Brady

        Actually, Communist expatriates from around the world did come to live in the USSR, including some Black Americans. Other than that, I can’t imagine anybody, even Africans, wanting to live in the USSR under Stalin. Brezhnev, maybe, but not Stalin.

        Let’s not forget the USSR’s to undying hostility to the white governments of South Africa and Rhodesia either.

    • dd121

      Hitler failed in consolidating his ideology before he tried to consolidate the world.

      • Randall Ward

        Hitler never wanted to consolidate the world. He had aims, but they never went beyond gaining most of Russia. The hardest thing for an American is to realize that the movies and books produced here in the US are mostly lies. You can learn the true history of WWI and WWII now, as the new crop of history books are closer to the truth.

        • Eagle_Eyed

          You are a f’n idiot.

          • Randall Ward

            Possibly, but I am not a Jew that twists history to suit their world outlook.

    • Viking Funeral

      Ok, not to split hairs or sound like a Nazi, but just one point of clarification please:

      those who manned and administered the concentration camps may have been part of the larger “SS” because as I understand it they still fell under the overall command of Himmler. But these guys should not be confused with the WAFFEN SS.

      The Waffen (weapon) SS was a pan-European organization, famously comprised of men from all European nations, motivated by anti-communism (Nazism was bad, yes, but communism is even worse). Like the Wehrmacht, whose record you fairly praise, the Waffen SS as an organization consisted of COMBAT formations doing the heavy lifting (fighting and dying) on the battlefields. Yes, they were guilty of some war atrocities (Malmedy being the infamous example). But overall they were COMBAT soldiers like the Wehrmacht, bleeding deeply to hold back the inevitable victory of the communist hoards. Their bravery and resolve in the face of an overwhelming enemy is deserving of respect (even if the regime they fought for was evil).

      I highly recommend, “Campaign in Russia: The Waffen SS on the Eastern Front”, by Leon Degrelle.


  • Easyrhino

    Should we really care about the thoughts of some pseudo hipster who writes a column about the easiest path to get laid?

    • WhiteGuyInJapan

      I wouldn’t completely dismiss Roosh and the manosphere. There is a tremendous amount of race realism, HBD and generally good advice for men (on exercise, diet, reading, martial arts, etc.). Many articles cover the low “sexual market value” of black women as well as some decent generalized patterns of the women of various countries.

      I think a lot of these guys fancy themselves as rugged individualists and sometimes go off the deep end with their warrior mysticism rhetoric. Still worth reading.

      • Reynardine

        Alas, though, isn’t most of the material just an arms race between the manosphere and feminists?

        How do arms races usually end?

        • Juggernaut3000

          Hiroshima comes to mind.

        • The country losing an arms race usually starts a pre-emptive war.

      • Juggernaut3000

        I dismiss Roosh. He is anti-White and that is reason enough.

        There is certainly enough great information out there to access without having support a known anti-White.

        If ALL of us Whites boycotted anti-Whites like Roosh, wrote to the editors of webzines or anything else where he’s published and protested, he’d be out of business.

        And yes I have done this.

    • midnightmodernity

      What a worthless dismissal.

    • Jaggers

      My sentiments exactly. But he provided a good foil for Mr. Taylor to expound on his views, and so he served his purpose.

    • TruthBeTold

      He is a self-centered man who lives to get laid.

      He can live the life he does because of the benefits of White cultural and social history.

      He’s selfish and short-sighted.

      He doesn’t care if White culture is dying because he’s going to take all he can before it does.

      But until it does, he’s going to take advantage and abuse the privileges of living in White societies like a parasite feasting on its’ host.

      ‘Eat, drink, and be merry for tomorrow we die’. And if the White man dies off, so what, he got his.

      • Anna Tree

        Non-whites want the golden eggs while killing the hen that lays the golden eggs…

        • LHathaway

          That’s your way of looking at it. I don’t think they see it that way. I’m sure you’ll convince them, though. haha

          • Anna Tree

            Not a way of looking but the art of noticing. Also I am able to precise that most of them kill the hen consciously/on purpose, heck many of those hen are suicidal too.

          • LHathaway

            You’ve convinced them. All good things on this Earth flow from whites. They should each do more to up lift Whites. At the very least thank us, each and every one of us, every chance they can get. If their ancestors were previously slaves, they should immediately re-denture themselves to the nearest fit white persons over 18 years of age. . .(sarcasm spasm over)

      • WR_the_realist

        Actually, that’s exactly how 99% of white politicians think.

      • TheLastAngel

        It doesn’t matter if he is in Europe or not. German women travel alone to Tunisia and Turkey to lay with men there, some even get as far as Tansania. They do that by the thousands.

        White women are indeed completely mental, Roosh is correct about that.

        • TruthBeTold

          One thing feminists downplay is the fact that many women like sex. New feminists like Camille Paglia acknowledge this fact.

          Women in the west who like sex are often seen as ‘slutty’ so feminists hate to see women openly admitting to enjoying sex.

          So now to satisfy their desires and fantasies, western women seek sex vacations looking for and finding all too willing strangers. Non-western men have taken on a mythical sexual aura that white western men are not permitted by feminists to express.

          That western women go on these types of vacations says a lot of things about women and feminism.

          It reminds me of the old saying when confronting an angry women, ‘what she needs is a good ______’.

          Women who take these types of vacations know this to be true. White men in the west could satisfy this need but are no longer permitted to do so because of feminist theory.

          • Jason Lewis

            Most women want a man and a family. Men need to step up and make that happen. They’re not mental. They’re looking for a leader.

    • H. Leonskoi

      Yeah, and why is he in a Western country? I don’t want to genocide him but I don’t like him and his ilk invading Western counties, either. There is a big difference. And between his type and ours, too.

      • Juggernaut3000

        I want to genocide him.

        What do you think he has in mind for the White race if not genocide?

        Why should we Whites play nice with those who wish to end our race?

        They deserve to be destroyed, because this is what they’re in the process of doing to us.

    • Randall Ward

      Read the Christian bible instead, you will be better off.

  • DaveMed

    I’m not certain about the majority of Nazis, but Hitler wasn’t even a White Supremacist. He viewed Slavic Whites as inferior to Germanic/Nordic Whites. Not exactly a unifier of the European peoples.

    • Brady

      This was Spengler’s main criticism of Hitler. Too narrowly German in his outlook, not considering how the events of his time affected Western Civilization as a whole.

      • Augustus3709

        In Hitler’s day White people had undisputed control of the Earth. All major conflicts were White vs White. Even still, he had positive things to say about many countries, including those within the anglosphere and in Asia. He also made peace with “hated” France.

        Nevertheless today is a different world. If Hitler were alive today, he would most likely be pan-White, rather than pan-Germanic.

        • raymond


        • Sick of it

          I would imagine most of those guys would still be focused on Germans and German culture. Which makes perfectly good sense.

      • raymond

        Good point Brady-he wasn’t a good ally. Italian navy plucked many germans from certain death in the Mediterranean sea -the Hitler didn’t share air technology with the Italians and he weakened his future ally during the Ethiopian campaign by arming the Ethiopian fighters with arms and hollow point bullets. He harped on his allies weaknesses but did nothing to play to their strengths.

    • Light from the East

      It is a strange thing that White people killed each other during WWII but now feel guilty toward any other non-white group? What’s the logic? Of course, Germans may feel guilty toward Jews but what about other white countries feel guilty toward other non-white people? Even Germans should feel guilty toward Russians first because they killed more Russians than Jews.

      • UncleSham

        I’m not sure about Europeans, but White Americans who feel guilty toward non-White people are almost always obsessed with the idea of equality. They see that White people and White countries are generally more successful than non-White ones, and they find this to be morally offensive. They tend to lack empathy for their fellow Whites, because they imagine the suffering of non-Whites to be greater. Many of them also believe in some sort of racial karma system, and that Whites as a group need to be oppressed in order to pay for the past sins their ancestors committed against dark-skinned people. The people who believe these things are not usually able to explain how they came to their conclusions, and seem genuinely perplexed that anyone would question the veracity of their beliefs. Its not exactly a logic based belief system, more of a mental illness than anything else.

        • Light from the East

          Equality is a big lie if someone wants to apply it to every part of his/her life. Here is a simple example: A was born without legs and B was born normal. Ask two of them compete in a running contest and those libertards think person A is “oppressed” so give him a wheeled transportation with top speed 60mph. Finally they claimed person A won the “running contest”. They are actually the ones ruining fairness, justice, and rules. Ridiculous, isn’t it? When do all men have equality? Only after death.

        • Orion_Blue

          I think it has a great deal more to do with social status-seeking. Whites who can look down their noses at other whites who may feel displaced by other ethnies are tacitly stating that such competition is beneath them.

          Anti-racism is a form of class snobbery or even – dare I say it – a form of class warfare.

    • Orion_Blue

      It is true that Big Skilty had a hierarchical view of Whites, but this could have been derived from Madison Grant’s topology of Whites as being Nordic, Alpine or Mediterranean. Other than the blond hair and blue eyes that were used to define Nordic, I am not sure what the main differences were.

      These days, I imagine that a more global Pan-White approach would be needed, merely due to the lack of numbers of those who qualify as Nordic. Intriguingly though, even The Big Skilty did not live up to the proposed Nordic ideal (as indeed, neither do most Whites).

    • TheLastAngel

      And conveniently ignoring that at least a third of Germany is partly slavic also. Berlin “Pankow” should have given a clue…

  • connorhus

    The Man-sphere is useful for introducing many White Men to the core beliefs of the Feminist Multi-Culters. They can see how they are being singled out and targeted. After that though many of the Mens Rights talking heads can’t quite make the jump to go any further. I think some are trying to stay PC on other issues so it doesn’t take away from the Gender message.

    I have to give them some credit though. If you defeat Feminism you will defeat the Multi-Cult as it was only introduced to give the Feminist allies against the White Male.

  • Augustus3709

    Unrestrained sexual promiscuity is a historical indicator of a dying civilization. It represents the descent back into animal chaos, away from organization, law, and order.

    Non-Whites who agitate against White consciousness and demonize White people who stand up for themselves are doing so for one basic primal reason: Biological Competition.

    They see Whites as something that can’t be defeated in a fair fight, so in order to win, Whites must be sabotaged and torn down. Whites can never be allowed to fight back, for that would make the plans of the invader more difficult, and so the Whites must be harassed and humiliated until their spirit is broken.

    Then and only then will the usurpers claim victory as they climb atop a pile of White bones.

    • midnightmodernity

      Whites have been defeated plenty of times. Non-whites are not your enemies they are your allies.

      • I’m sure non-whites hope fervently that we will continue to believe such a blatant lie. Too bad for you–the wrath of the awakened Saxon approaches.

        • midnightmodernity

          Ricardo Duchesne agrees that the most accomplished military traditions are non-white. It would be difficult for there to be some white-unification that didn’t exist considering they have been equally each others enemies for a while. There are non-white ethnic groups that have died alongside the ‘Saxons’ for at least 80-90 years. Are white people disloyal to abandon their non-white allies?

          • Our first loyalty is to each other. Put simply, you do not matter. When we realize this as a race, your attempted guilt trips will be met with the scorn they deserve.

    • raymond

      Nothing like stating the obvious…

    • KyraNelson

      If you want to win this you have to get 20 million White people to have 7 children each, and mach schnell.

  • Alex Dihes

    My Talmud
    It is not so bad if a president of democracy is an idiot, it is too bad when he
    abuses this talent.

  • It is my understanding that many if not most of the “manosphere” participants are non-whites looking for some sort of formula or secret to gain sexual access to white women. Men such as these should be considered our mortal enemies as white people.

    Only by building strong, patriarchal families and having lots of white children can we hope to survive as a race. PUA culture appears to be promoting the precise opposite of this strategy. It is true that many white women are awful people, poisoned by feminist lies and multicult, but then so are many white men.

    We need each other. We do not need non-whites–most certainly not non-whites who would encourage our men to treat our women like Third World savages treat theirs. I am only sorry that Jared Taylor took the time to humor this oily, alien cad.

    • midnightmodernity

      Plenty of ethnic groups have died alongside white people and have been allies specifically in European countries; are you to deny their loyalty?

      • They are not my people. I deny their importance to white survival and prosperity. We require neither their permission nor their approval to shape our own destiny as a race.

        • midnightmodernity

          The aristocracy of old europe didn’t believe this. Only trash like yourself.

    • H. Leonskoi

      It was a good reply though.

  • guest

    Amazing stand up (dark) comedy can be done with this topic. In fact, racial realities are
    pushed into the subconscious these days about as much as erotic realities were in Victorian
    times. It would be enticing to have someone expertly utilize hypnosis to gently have a peek at what is truly “going on” inside most American majority members. Don’t count on your nearby university approving a research project of this sort. Maybe Putin will permit someone to try it out on White American tourists visiting Russia?

  • Marilyn Rosen

    Until I read articles on this site and others, I didn’t realize African Americans had lower IQ than whites or that Asians had higher IQ than whites though it all makes sense. IQ was never mentioned openly. At least Puff Po or Yahoo articles never mention it. I read those and laugh now..never take it seriously. Another eye opener for me though. I feel as if I’ve been brainwashed by society.

    • Zimriel

      Mostly you were just browbeaten and bullied. I think you must always have known, deep down; but the regime was always telling you that only Bad People expressed this in public.

      • Marilyn Rosen

        Yep that sounds about right..

    • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

      “IQ was never mentioned openly.”


      “Liberal politics demands that there be no innate differences between groups.” (Jonathan Haidt, Professor of Social Psychology, University of Virginia)

      • Marilyn Rosen

        I guess my question is then why do liberal politics have a say in all this? I grew up in a conservative family so I have conservative views on many issues. Why don’t conservatives fight back on this? I’m genuinely curious.

        • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

          Fear. Many conservatives have families to support. The Left’s control of the major culture-producing institutions in the West — academic, media, religious, political — is total. “Fighting back” is extremely hazardous.

          Nobel Laureate James Watson, the world’s most famous living scientist and co-discoverer of the structure of DNA, made a candid and fact-based remark on what tests show about the cognitive abilities of Africans a few years ago.

          Watson became a non-person overnight, was fired from a lab directorship he had held for 30 years, had to make groveling apology of sorts to a black activist. See:

          Fury at DNA pioneer’s theory: Africans are less intelligent than Westerners
          Celebrated scientist attacked for race comments: “All our social policies are based on the fact that their intelligence is the same as ours – whereas all the testing says not really”
          October 17, 2007

          See also a recent story on Watson struggling to make money:

          James Watson selling Nobel prize ‘because no-one wants to admit I exist’
          World-famous biologist James Watson said he is selling the Nobel Prize medal he won in 1962 for discovering the structure of DNA because he has been ostracised and needs the money
          By Keith Perry
          Nov 2014

          • Marilyn Rosen

            Wow…that makes sense

          • H. Leonskoi

            There’s an article over at vdare in which they use they compared leftist control of the mainstream media to air superiority in war. You need to do extra work and have special strategies and tactics on the ground to deal with it, a sort of guerrilla warfare.

          • LHathaway

            “The Left’s control of the major culture-producing institutions in the West — academic, media, religious, political — is total”.

            The bright side is that if we live long enough, we’ll likely be around long enough to hear the Leftists blame ‘jews’, because they will never blame themselves. They haven’t in 40 years, as even as we have declined by every standard of measure.

        • listenupbub

          Some conservatives are what is called a “classical liberal,” and do not fully believe in racial differences. Some do not believe in science, or believe it when “experts” say that IQ is manipulated by the way you are raised, social environment, etc.

          Some conservatives have strong emotional attachment to “family values,” and want to blame the failings of blacks on the lack of fathers.

          Lastly, there is a serious issue with getting along with other races in your personal and professional life. It is hard to look at other races the same when you are a reactionary. Conservatives hope that all residents in America can join together, like brothers, submitting to the ideals and grandness of “America,” and treat the Constitution as their Holy Book guiding their religious fervor for America.

          • pcmustgo

            yup, perfect description of clueless Conservatives I meet.

          • pcmustgo

            They don’t get, most non-whites don’t respect a book written by Dead White Males.

          • listenupbub

            Yes, it is pathetic that they really think that the “free market” and constitutional government will make everything right. They are in denial just as progressives are.

        • Anna Tree

          Here some more reasons:
          thedarkenlightenment com/2013/12/26/the-destruction-of-the-people/
          Most if not all “conservative” politicians are not really conservative people…

          • Marilyn Rosen

            I wasn’t around AA much as a kid. I went to private school where the only kids there were white. High school was more of a culture shock with the large Arab population. In college I didn’t have many classes with black people. I guess you could say I was sheltered

        • Sick of it

          Neoconservative leaders and money men are 100% on board with the project. They could be called leftists, considering what they push.

    • Nancy

      Download “Negroes in Negroland”…you’ll get a very clear view of Africans and their behavior, as well as some clarity regarding how our forefathers felt about Blacks.

      • See also: Erectus Walks Amongst Us. The author has made it available to read for free online. Google the title.

        • listenupbub

          I’m gonna read that. The name is hilarious.

      • Marilyn Rosen

        Will do! Thanks Nancy!

        • TCA

          Welcome to Amren, gateway to the unvarnished truth.
          Check out Mr. Taylor’s books, and those by C. Putnam, and S. Francis.

          • Marilyn Rosen

            Well thank you 🙂

          • Marilyn Rosen

            Thanks! I will look that up.

    • midnightmodernity

      Amren is playing around with half of Eyesenk’s psychology and he’s been dead for awhile. I.Q. is very important; more important are executive functioning(Barkley) and reflective intelligence(Stanovich). These too are not distributed equally along ethnic lines. They both matter more empirically. EF is easiest to fix.

    • Sick of it

      Average IQ. There are intelligent outliers amongst blacks and whites tend to produce more geniuses than any other group.

    • TCA

      Your brain wasn’t washed, it was soiled, as mine was.
      That feeling corresponds with the fact.
      There is an on-going, conscious effort to poison the minds of White Europeans. Some of the conspritors: Marx, Freud, Boas, Meade, Benedict, Adorno,
      Foxman, Soros, Sunstein, Schumer, Spielberg, Wise, Engleman, et al.

      • Marilyn Rosen

        Ya…I had to go to many trainings when I worked in daycare and head start…I’m sorry but head start was a joke.. They wanted everything to be positive even discipline. That doesn’t work with all kids (especially AA kids!)

      • PaleRider1861

        I simply have to add one name you forgot…Jay Gould, the great farce in anthropology of all time!

    • Juggernaut3000

      Nobel Prize winner James Watson was completely destroyed when he mentioned that blacks are not as smart as Whites.

      He had to sell his nobel prize to raise money after his career was ended by cultural marxists.

      That’s why black/White IQ differences are not mentioned.

      • Marilyn Rosen

        Ya and that’s a darn shame…I had a conversation with my grandma several years ago. (She’s 88 now) and I asked her if she thought the media was in on major cover ups. She told me she didn’t think that was possible with how big the media is. I know she doesn’t know any better

  • badbox27

    He’s afraid of White people. He knows that if Whites all stuck together as a one group, one race, his life of chasing after White women probably wouldn’t exist and that the quality of his life in general would decline simply because we don’t need him. He probably also knows if we were united we could defeat any non-white race that threatened us. It’s in his best interests to keep White people divided.

    • midnightmodernity

      The most successful military traditions are non-white even Ricardo Duchesne agrees. White people have been each others enemy since the start. Plenty of non-white people care about white people a lot. There are several ethnic groups that have fought and died loyally alongside white people for the past 100 years. Where does Old Europe end and New Europe begin?

      • BernieGoetzFan

        What non-white military traditions are these that compare to the U.S. military, Roman Empire, English Empire or numerous other white warriors? How did the Spanish defeat the Aztec Empire with 300-400 men?

        • midnightmodernity

          the Parthians, Avars, Huns, the Mongols, the Ottomans and the Seljuk Turks good enough? Just typed from his book. I’m sure that whites wish they were the greatest military tradition; they wouldn’t have such a hard road ahead! How easy it would be for them in their fantasy land. Jewish people defeated them in record time.

        • Spaniard in LA

          1. Cortez had the support of several tribes who hated the Aztec Empire. 2. He was able to exploit Aztec superstitions. For example, they thought Cortez was a past emperor who had finally arrived to punish the Aztecs for practicing human sacrifice. 3. An African slave had infected the native population with small pox. Plus, Cortez was a risk taker and had the pair.

          • TCA

            Si. Tener Cojones.

          • Michael Robert Ryan

            Not only that, but the Indians were at a huge technological disadvantage, too: their weapons were of wood and stone and thus totally useless against the Spaniards’ steel armor.

  • midnightmodernity

    You neglect to mention the ethno-bigotry that prompted this; a very dishonest sleight of hand on your part. He made these comments specifically in response to bigotry on his forums.

    Why even distort the story?

  • Caucasoid88

    About 10 years ago a lot of e-books started coming out about getting laid with catchy titles only the most gullible idiots would download. David DeAngelo, Tucker Max, etc. Let’s keep it simple for all the AmReners: Dress well, talk to women like people (don’t shake in your boots), be confident with your life. Use that truthiness that led you to race realism to spit charm and wit. But don’t bring up race, ever—it’s “ugly” to many women. (Bring it up on the fifth date.)

    • Cheri Rodriguez

      The fifth date? Screw that. I want to know where she stands on race on the first date. If she’s a race traitor, that saves me from wasting four more dates.

      • Caucasoid88

        I respect that. But if you want to feel the warmth of a female body for a night, you should be smart. And believe me, I find nothing sexier than a woman who is honest about race. That’s girlfriend/marriage material.

        • Cheri Rodriguez

          Selling out for warm bodies at 20 is understandable; but not in your 30s, 40s, etc.–there’s too much at stake. At the later age if you’re still single, either buy a dog or turn up the furnace.

          • Tucker

            Those Mr. Heater ‘buddy’ propane heaters are also very useful to have around the house. Great for unexpected power outages during severe winter storms, such as the one I have heard has hit parts of North Carolina where people have been without electricity for a week or more. Those Mr. Heaters are approved for indoor use and can either use the small, camping stove style LP bottles that you can get at Wallymart or, you can get the option hose that will let you connect them to 20 lb or larger LP tanks.

            Be sure to pick up an affordable LP gas detector device, just to make sure you have a way to detect any leaks.

            BTW: I’m hoping that, due to the electricity being out in N.C., that a lot of White humans of the opposite sex will be cozying up and snuggling with each other and maybe decide to play a little hide and seek with we all know what, and along about September of this year, we’ll be treated to a flood of cute White babies being born!

            Hey guys? Is there anything warmer on this planet?

          • There is precedent.

            In the early 1990s, a really big late winter snowstorm dumped about a foot of snow on Atlanta and also other parts of the southern Appalachians. It was something of a surprise.

            Nine months later? Baby boom in Atlanta.

  • PostBunnie

    I’ve been reading “Manoshpere” blogs fairly regularly for the last 4-5 years now. Chateau Heartiste has been my regular red pill fix. I prefer their style to RoK Actually a link on the main page is how I stumbled across AmRen.

    The main benefit I gained from PUA? Helped me get over a “swear to goodness he follows the 16 commandments to a T” kinda alpha bad boy. Once you can rationalize, it’s much easier to detach.

    But yeah. Roosh is benefitting from racial blindness.

    • NothingMan00

      For me it was the other way around: someone in the comments section here mentioning Chateau Heartiste a few years ago introduced me to that whole world. I’d known about game and PUAs for a while, but didn’t realize there was a whole corner of the Internet devoted to the broader biological / psychological perspectives behind them.

      • PostBunnie

        And I got there from a silly “warning: there are actually guys who think like this” post on tumblr. I think it listed an assortment of the horrifyingly mysoginistic veiws of “future rapists.” CH stood out the most.

        Lol at radical feminism providing the catalyst for me

        • Kenner

          The man who writes CH is absolutely brilliant. ‘Where Pretty Lies Come To Die’.
          Possibly his best insight is ‘women often lie to themselves about what they want’.

          • Kyle Asher

            I agree. He doesn’t hold back opinions involving race either

          • pcmustgo

            It was either him or another PUA who said Black women are the biggest w—-res… He had some really negative experiences dating Black women…

          • Kenner

            I linked to CH from a race-realist site; that’s how I found it. I’m not into the manosphere per se.

  • NothingMan00

    I think Roosh wants to keep up his lifestyle, but also he’d like to keep the forums and comments sections of his site(s) from getting too Stormfront-y, which is understandable. At the same time, this reproach is warranted.

    • B.A_2014

      Roosh is a pretty smart guy and gets on the nerves on SJWs and for that he deserves some credit. He chases after white Slavic women, of course, but considering he hasn’t impregnated any of them, it’s a small price to pay for waking up so many white men to our current predicament.

  • Dave4088

    A quick review of the interracial crime stats should serve “Roosh” a big fat piece of humble pie. This country is awash in black racial identity and supremacy and it’s also awash in black on white violent crime, so he needs to apply his theorem about how racial identity = victimization of the other to blacks and browns. But he’s a coward so that won’t happen.

    • He’s also not white, and directly benefits from white women (and their neutered men) naively believing that there is no substantial difference between the human races. Were white women to start shunning non-white men in favor of their own kind, he’d be out of business.

      It seems clear that he has a vested interest in propping up multicult lies.

  • dave

    Black indenty fine. Asian identy fine. Hispanic identy fine. White identy racist.

  • Cecil Broomsted

    A couple of points here. Note that Mr. Valizadeh is not white. Note also that he comes from a highly collectivist culture. For one who claims himself an expert on human nature, he is lacking in his understanding of the white race.

    The white race is virtually unique among all races, tribes, and tongues on the planet in several ways, but two particularly stand out. One is the level and depth of our altruism. Another, which is key to what we now see going on all around us, is the cultural and societal emphasis we place on the individual rather than the collective group. I suspect that at least part of this may be genetic, nevertheless, it is only commonly found on a large scale among the white race. Japanese, Chinese, and the Middle Eastern or Indian subcontinent from which Mr. Valizadeh hails are highly collectivist and place societal emphasis on the group rather than the individual. When we see the Congressional Black Caucus, La Raza, the National Association of Asian American Professionals, the National Association of Arab Americans, the American Society for Muslim Advancement, the Islamic Society of North America, and so on, we are seeing collectivism in action. What we do not see is any collectivism among whites. We act alone as individuals.

    Our inability or refusal to act as a group collectively as other races do explains why we do not see massive numbers of native French or British people flooding their streets in protest over the Third World colonisation of their homelands as one example. If there was one and only one area where we needed whites to be able to think collectively for our own protection and self interest that would have been in protecting and tightly controlling our borders. By not doing so we have allowed in among us ever increasing numbers of people from collectivist cultures, who, unlike us, unite as one for the interests of the group. They have an advantage over us and they know it. They insist that we accept diversity and multiculturalism because they benefit from it. It is to their advantage to make sure we keep acting as individuals rather than as a group. And so it is that Mr. Valizadeh makes the fantastic claim:

    The only problem with such nationalism is that the end game is subjugation or genocide of races deemed to be inferior.

    I am not aware of any white Nationalist who wants such a thing. Most of us would settle happily for a homeland of our own and to be left alone. Of course, that will only happen when we begin acting collectively rather than as individuals.

    • midnightmodernity

      There are several other ethnic groups that have equal about of prohibition on in-breeding and an individual culture; these same ethnic groups outperform white people in science and wealth formation. I’ll leave it as an exercise to you what ethnic groups these are.

      • Cecil Broomsted

        No, those people are highly collective, in-group/out-group – intensive. What I am not going along with is pushing this into the realm of fantasy and I still maintain that our own leaders of our own race have failed us. We need little help from other races in that regard.

        • Cindy

          I find your observations about whites not acting collectively very interesting. Of course it’s true but I never thought of it in those terms.
          But I don’t know if collectivism is the answer for whites.
          When minorities act collectively they do make achievements, but those achievements seem to be the crumbs of whites.
          One reason you don’ts see whites protesting black on white crime is because we’re too busy taking care of ourselves, our family and homes. This is our greatest strength.

          • Juggernaut3000

            Then what is? If we don’t band together and work as a united force, as is allowed every other race, there will be no White race

            Our homelands are being flooded by 3rd world migrants against our wishes, non-Whites who will compete with us and our children in the future for scarce resources. It will lead to civil war between races.

            If we don’t a stop to the genocide being waged against our people, who will?

            We are too busy taking care of our families – but worse, more specious is the FACT that if we protest against black crime or our own displacement, our reputations and careers are destroyed.

            Ask James Watson if you don’t believe me, or Ernst Zundel who was thrown into prison.

          • Cindy

            “Ask James Watson if you don’t believe me, or Ernst Zundel who was thrown into prison.”
            I do believe you and it scares the hell out of me!
            I fear for our race but I don’t know what the answer is.
            If it were only minorities crying racism, careers would not be destroyed.
            But white Liberals (who live in lily white neighborhoods) have a lot of power and they’re the ones who destroy careers by crying racism.
            When the country is so brown that Elite Liberals can’t segregate themselves, then white pride will be encouraged.

    • listenupbub

      We also have an issue with accepting the liberal ideology. It is too complicated to talk about here, though. As we know, most liberals do not preach what they practice in their personal lives, and do not vote what they practice.

      Liberal morals demand that we give all humans a chance at self-actualizing in our country, which is also to say, getting our wealth and jobs.

      • Juggernaut3000

        It is not too complicated. They seek to genocide the White race by flooding our homelands with non-White immigrants from the 3rd world, making us a minority surrounded by and eventually overlorded by non-Whites.

        What to know what the future looks like for the White race?

        Look at what is happening to the White minority in South Africa who are being systematically slaughtered by blacks while the rest of the world yawns. If it were any other race, it would be called “genocide” and the UN would call for military intervention. But, because it’s Whites, no one cares.

        Hell, if we don’t start caring about our own race, who will?

        No one. Meanwhile, White genocide continues apace.

        • listenupbub

          I agree with your sentiment.

          But liberal ideology really is set in deep. Even conservatives are what is often called “classical liberals.”

          We all think it is wonderful that America is an “immigrant nation,” do we not? And isn’t the Statue of Liberty romantic? What makes America great is that anyone, from anywhere in the world, is welcome to move here and make a “good life” for themselves, am I not right?

          I personally do not agree with the above- it was a test to show how mixed into the fabric of our national consciousness this thing called “liberalism” really is.

          An intellectual argument against immigration can not be made unless we throw out a lot of the “values” that are supposed to be “American”- because these values are liberal.

          And we cannot get far without some kind of intellectual argument. And this is where things get “complicated.” You don’t seem like the kind of person who cares about this stuff, but it is extremely important.

    • Juggernaut3000

      This is why non-Whites Whites do not have the right to define us, especially as the definition they use is cultural marxist dogma: “All races have a right to organize themselves along racial lines to work in their collective interests except for the White race.”

      Also: Africa for Africans, Asia for Asia, Persia for Persians but White homelands for everyone because there is no such thing as the White race.

  • BernieGoetzFan

    Race does indeed mean something to Roosh. Why does he go to South America and Eastern Europe rather than Africa or Asia for a slice of pie?

  • pcmustgo

    I think this guy went as FAR as he could go with race realism… you can’t blame him for not going all the way… he’d lose his career…

  • Also, this skullduggery is inevitable when people organize themselves around their gender and not their race.

  • midnightmodernity

    I doubt taylor could even tell me basic evolutionary trends, such as whether

    A) Size decreases/increases in evolutionary trajectories and what happens if either occurs

    B) The general trend of complexity in evolution as specified in information theoretic evolutionary accounts.

  • Trevor Pilsbury

    He should think again.

  • Josh

    The manosphere wouldn’t exist were it not for racial differences. What happens when you bring in asiasn and indians, who cannot compete with whites on the sexual market for the best women, is sexual frustration among them. Most right-wing ideologies lack diversity, but i would bet that the manosphere bucks that trend.

    • listenupbub

      And blacks, too.

  • ricpic

    Is there anything more important than the pursuit of happiness? The Founders didn’t think so. They thought the pursuit of happiness is paramount because it is a fundamental drive embedded in our human nature. Getting to the point, happiness is impossible to achieve in an environment filled with constant friction. The races, all the races, are discontent in the presence of all the other races. So the thing that man most desires, happiness, cannot be realized in a multi-racial environment. In fact there can be no such thing as a multi-racial environment. There can be a space, an incurably unhappy space, in which different racial populations move past each other, attempting to live as separately from each other as possible, but inevitably failing to live in separate peace, clashing, harboring terrible anger, being unhappy. This is the horror that has been forced upon us by the willfully perverse deniers of human nature.

    • listenupbub

      That is something I think about all the time.

      The word “happiness” is interchangeable with “property” to the founders.

      Essentially, the classical liberal society is about “self-actualizing” oneself, especially in regards to increasing social status. This is a fundamental good- more important than making sure people are actually happy with their societies.

      All liberals, classical and progressive, feel that it is good to help humans self-actualize/raise social status and evil to not help them. They believe it is the grand mission of humanity, and the point of government, to help humans self-actualize. This is why neo-cons fight wars to spread democracy, and why nobody in Washington knows how to argue against open immigration.

      When you have a different idea about human happiness and psychological suffering, you break off from the classical liberalism America was founded on – and you become a true conservative.

    • Anna Tree

      Patriotism, morals, laws, religions, patriarchy etc exist because they are
      by-products of our gregarious instinct and our need of happiness. For an individual to be happy he must be in
      a group that is happy. Therefor one shouldn’t steal or desire his
      neighbor’s wife/husband or kill etc. And also one thoughts and deeds for the group and the other individuals of that group should be reciprocated but that indeed doesn’t happen in a heterogeneous society, and in many non-white societies: for example altruism works only in societies of altruist people. It was all about a few rules to make the village life goes smooth. This
      didn’t have to be enforced, it was common-sense in most white countries before communism, consumerism, multiculturalism etc.

      German center-right political activist Manfred Kleine-Hartlage said much more and better:
      “It is not automatic, and it does not happen by chance, that people indeed manage to live together peacefully and orderly; it is an astonishing wonder that they do. Every culture is a fine network of thousands and thousands of largely unwritten rules, values, shared memories, shared beliefs. Every culture is a unique, specific answer to the question of how people do it, and when I say “unique”, then that means inevitably these answers vary: there are cultures in which the family clan and its unconditional cohesion is the basis of society,
      which protects individuals, and there are on the other hand individualistically-influenced cultures like ours, in which you trust the state and the laws to provide this protection, and which relies on everyone else doing the same. There are cultures in which the ability and willingness to use force has prestige value, and there are cultures like ours in which violence is outlawed. There are cultures in which yielding is considered a sign of weakness, and there are cultures like ours, in which conflicts are regarded as mere differences of opinion, which are at best discharged discursively and at worst in court.

      Yet these other cultures do not necessarily work worse than ours, but just differently. Islam, for example, does what is needed to provide a cultural system: it organizes the society. But it organizes it differently than our Christian or Western system. The problem only begins where one locks together two, three, four or more different and incompatible cultures in the same country, so they are crammed together, but do not belong together.

      In wanting and introducing a multi-ethnic state, society is put in the state of an (at least) latent civil war. In running this, the society falls into a permanent structural crisis that is constantly reinforced with progressive mass immigration, which stirs up conflicts, encourages vigilantism, destroys the social consensus of values, and destroys the conditions of social peace. He who teaches his own children peacefulness does so because of ethical values ultimately rooted in Christianity.
      Then forcing the thus peacefully behaved people to live together with others who come from cultures married to violence—such as that Nigerian—makes them specifically and systematically victimized. This invites an endless liability.
      thedarkenlightenment com/2013/12/26/the-destruction-of-the-people/

  • BlueSonicStreak

    Life goal: someday, become Jared Taylor.

  • Sid Ishus

    “Some people devote their lives to ensuring that snail darters or spotted owls have a future. A future for one’s people is surely an even more worthy goal… For myself, there is a lot more to my life than my individual existence. I care about the country my children and grandchildren will live in. I care about the biological group that created the culture I love.” -Jared Taylor

    Here, Here

  • David Ashton

    Why shouldn’t white people continue to be “supreme” in white countries?
    Why shouldn’t the “white race” have a major influence in the fate of the world as a whole?
    A rational case can be made for both positions, and they do not entail the destruction of non-white people. On the other hand, whites are as entitled as anyone else to prevent their own destruction, especially in their own lands.

  • dd121

    I don’t think whites are uniquely susceptible to “evil”. What whites have is a highly developed ability to create and organize advanced societies because of our highly creative intelligence. Couple that with an ability at science and engineering we have come to dominate the world over the past couple of thousand years. The myth that blacks created the wealth in this country because of slavery is one of the most laughable notions created by liberals in the past hundred years. Blacks are a little people, a child-like people. They obviously can’t even imagine how far beyond them, we are. In Africa they have a “space” program which is more like voodoo, that they believe will take them to the moon. White liberals know this but fear it is a threat to their ideology.

    Yes humans are tribal and we form both real and artificial social groups. An artificial group in the United States is called football; in Europe it’s know as Soccer.

    It Mr Taylor succeeds in enabling us to form the social group of white power we’ll be invincible and the world would be at our feet. That’s what the left really fears.

    • I would like African’ts to go to the moon. All of them.

    • TCA

      We’re not susceptible to evil, we’re susceptible to gas-lighting, i.e., we respect the truth, and assume everyone else does.

  • TomIron361

    Does White Identity Mean White Supremacy
    Of course…

    • dd121

      It’s just a natural consequence.

  • Capn Dad

    Well said Mr.Taylor.

  • B.A_2014

    Roosh has wrote some great critiques of multiculturalism. I’m a regular commenter at Return of Kings and I can tell you that the majority of commenters wouldn’t be out of place at Amren, radix, Takimag or counter currents. The articles in the manosphere are addressing our concerns more and more.

  • LHathaway

    “Mr. Valizadeh doesn’t seem to realize that the white people who stopped the slave trade, freed their own slaves, forced Africans to give up slavery, and gave black people basic civil rights all thought that blacks, on average, were less intelligent than whites”.

    Not all of us drank the cool-aide of genocide, reveling even so in our own stupidity. Indeed, proudly boasting of it. Some of us were actually afraid of Blacks, Hispanics and Asians.

    Perhaps this Roosh has success in Europe (and I have heard of him before), but I suspect these pick-up blogs are selling a kind of fantasy. I suspect, picking up real American girls as a White man, for sex, is more akin to being Bill Murray in the film Ground Hog Day.

    Given a platform to sell this fantasy, to make men feel better, probably, only suggests they are one more player on the field being funded by team diversity.

  • phillyguy

    that’s all we need now is a leftist Arab

    • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

      Most Iranians I know hate white people. Even the secular ones. Yet they do not wnat to go back to their desert kingdom Iran.

  • KyraNelson

    Without quibbling over the Wenrmacht/SS/Soviet details, I thought this was an excellent article. And I want proof that that hairy troll EVER gets laid.

    • Cheri Rodriguez

      Does kidnapping / drugging / beating up 13-year-olds in England count?

    • listenupbub

      If you watch one of his youtube videos, you will see that he can clean up.

      He goes to countries where women treat Americans like kings. It is like how American girls will spread their legs for any old British or Italian guy.

  • Weisheit77

    I just feel uncomfortable giving such a sleaze a place here, especially a column by Mr. Taylor.

  • Weisheit77

    My problem with the word “Supremacy” is that it is relative. It has to be defined. Supreme at what? Clearly whites are not supreme at sprinting but maybe in swimming. I guess you can see what I’m getting at here. When someone says white supremacy they need to codify it or it’s just a pejorative which means KKK member or Nazi.

    For someone who defines success as number of women slept with would almost have to be without much racial sentiment as he himself says it would be an impediment to sex. Understanding race and/or ethnicity is just a means to sex.

    This guy makes me feel dirty.

  • Hammerheart

    In my earlier years, I was an active participant in the manosphere. It really did help explain some things I was struggling to grasp, especially concerning the nature of the contemporary woman – who is damaged beyond repair by Cultural Marxist indocintration. It’s definitely a movement that has some embers of truth to it, but the most obvious observation remains obscured and scorned:

    Africa is Africa because of Africans
    Mexico is Mexico because of Mexicans
    Afghanistan is Afghanistan because of Afghanis


    No amount of mental gymnastics like ‘poverty causes crime’, ‘generational scars of colonial oppression’, ‘cultural differences…’ blah blah blah is going to change that.

    What I was taught in the military is that you don’t rise to the occasion, you just revert back to your lowest level of training. Importing third worlders to the first world isn’t going to empower them. They’re not going to conform and be productive members to a white civilized society, they’re just going to revert back to their cultural proclivities and terraform everything back to the third world.

    Hell, even the Mexicans I served with admit this. They hate the scummy ingrate illegals just as much as I do.

    • LHathaway

      “Importing third worlders to the first world isn’t going to empower them. They’re not going to conform and be productive members to a white civilized society”

      Well, it would be even worse for you if they Did, wouldn’t it? Wait, how about we have them revert to their native cultural proclivities, even encourage them to do so, and then give them all positive action over you . . . Don’t worry. They’re just scum, and incompetent.

  • JP Rushton

    Sex differences are as interesting to me as racial differences.

    Since I’ve spent a fair amount of time in the manosphere, I can break down the main points.

    1. Get fit. Drop fat and lift weights.

    2. Get a good paying job
    3. Have confidence
    4. Be a leader. Women don’t like “betas”. For example, if you are going on a date, don’t ask her where to go.

    Of course there are tons of little things about successfully dating, but those are the main points. Also, there are people who discuss the best success for marriage and children. It’s not all about picking up women for one night stands.

    • Yes, the manopshere has a lot of good points. Jared seems to be throwing the pick-up culture under the bus on this one as a way to disparage Roosh.

      It seems like they both have a set of eyes, each with only one working. Roosh can see the sexual dynamics that Jared cannot while Jared can see racial differences that Roosh doesn’t want to.

      Or maybe those eyes are closed? If they opened both they’d have the depth of vision to see that racial and sexual differences are both critically important for a healthy society. Men must be men, women must be women. Whites must be with whites, blacks with blacks, asians with asians… etc.

  • NoName

    What does ‘bad boy’ even mean? That’s a very generic term.

    • pcmustgo

      A lot of masculinity is ATTITUDE/PERSONALITY… not just a good body. Whites and beta males need to drop the passivity. In some ways, being politically incorrect makes you a “bad boy”… Bad boys are usually drug dealers, models, musicians, etc. Alphas can be clean cut men in suits too, as long as they have that masculine personality, take no ones *_hit, are dominant, etc.

      Many women fall in love with their Bosses too.. at work… there’s a reason for this. Most women want a dominant man in the bedroom. Feminism teaching guys to be “nice guys”/passive losers has been a big fail. But you don’t have to be a wife beater or thug either, just don’t be a passive wus.

      • NoName

        I wouldn’t refer to men with dominant personalities as ‘bad boys’. I thankfully live in a small Southern town so I don’t come across a lot of wimps.

        • pcmustgo

          NYC and the major cities are full of metrosexual liberal white guys… yeah…

      • Jeff

        To be fair, passive traits have been beat into young white males incessantly since birth. It often takes a few years for a young guy to realize that he’s been played by society into accepting a passive personality. Hell, an ambitious young white male had better be damn careful in todays brave new world. One accusation of racism, sexism, or any other ism can have profound consequences on his future.

      • BlueSonicStreak

        So-called “beta” males do not need to do ANY such thing.

        Look the rest of nature – particularly at more social animals. Are all male animals “alphas”? No, absolutely not. More social animals could not survive if this were the case – the alphas would literally do nothing but wildly fight each other.

        Nature has balance. “Alphas” are balanced by “betas” that fill submissive and supporting roles. There is nothing wrong with this. There is nothing wrong with the male animals that fill the latter roles. Perhaps you’d consider them inferior; but they are part of the whole picture.

        “Betas” exist for a reason. You need more dominant people leading and more submissive people following and supporting in every corner of society. And men cannot ALWAYS fill the former role with women filling the latter.

        Has feminism gone too far in attacking many natural expressions of masculinity – yes, I think so. Yes, we are off-kilter, and need to right ourselves.

        But you will not restore balance by viciously attacking the natural betas. That does not produce more alphas. It produces exactly nothing but neurotically damaged men who hate themselves for their inborn personalities, and who are pathologically obsessed with achieving a state that is unnatural to them.

        • Hammerheart

          I think the term ‘beta’ has a lot of negative connotations. Would you consider a solitary Spartan holding his place in the phalanx as a ‘beta’ male? He knows his duty and defers command to the superior officer. What about a junior PFC/Lance Corporal in a USMC rifle squad? He falls under the direct tactical guidance of his team leader, who reports to the squad leader, who is under the direction of the platoon sergeant and platoon commander etc…

          In the manosphere, beta male is essentially a second rate male, but that is not so. A bunch of betas may be directionless without a leader, but a leader without his pack is as equally flaccid and ineffectual. They’re different roles with different responsibilities. You don’t want to be running around with too many chiefs and not enough indians. The manosphere is obsessed with apotheosizing the lone enigmatic bad boy who lives for himself. They do not admit that the team can and will conquer all and is the reason why civilizations exist in the first place.

          Not everyone is meant to be a supreme leader, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t learn valuable leadership skills, just as you should learn how to work in a team.

          • Kenner

            I was surprised ‘Beta’ was the term for wimpy men on the net.

            In a wolf pack, the beta male is essentially second in command and works to maintain cohesiveness in the pack through bonding, play and grooming behavior. I’ve seen documentaries where the beta wolf rises to alfa when the alfa male dies.

          • PostBunnie

            Betas are one step below alpha. One can add lesser and greater qualifiers. Omegas are the true losers. Stereotypical overweight basement dweller playing Leage of Legends non stop for days.
            Betas usually can get girlfriends, at or below their attractiveness. But the chicks can get bored or for whatever reason seem to want more. It’s a mind set. Like my boyfriend is super beta. (Very sweet, always does what I ask, sycophantic almost). Every girlfriend he has ever had has cheated on him (on his dime) or dumped him. Alpha guys do the cheating and dumping XD

          • BlueSonicStreak

            There is nothing that makes me steam like seeing women dog on their “beta” boyfriends behind their backs, along with their failure to understand that the problem lies with them and not their boyfriends.

            If you do not appreciate his qualities that you listed, that’s fine – you are less than compatible, then. But please leave him to a woman who does, and find yourself an “alpha” if you would prefer that.

          • PostBunnie

            Oh no no no. I’m not saying those are bad traits. I was just using a personal anecdote to show that beta doesn’t mean “loser” or anything. Beta (in my opinion) is just a description of personality. From my point of view it is a slightly positive trait.

            It is much harder to elicit marriage from an Alpha. At 24, I’m much happier settling down with a stable patriarch than playing endless games of emotional manipulation. Beta > alpha for my situation.

          • BlueSonicStreak

            Then I apologize for misunderstanding you. Your comments to me sounded similar to comments I’ve seen from women generally giggling at their boyfriend when he is not there to see it. I am just tired of seeing men attacked from every angle; so I withdraw my comment if it does not apply to you.

          • Jeff

            Something that is lost in all this is the fact that a so called beta male is merely biding his time. All males at some point in their lives live in a beta type of state. Many of those identified as beta males eventually reveal themselves to be anything but. At some point in their lives, most women eventually figure out that alpha is synonymous with asshat. All of them get old really fast, in more ways than one.

          • Kenner

            Yes, the term should be ‘omega’, not beta.

          • PostBunnie

            It is. But the consensus seems to be that an actual omega wouldn’t really be picking up women. So most sites (that I’ve seen) tend to use beta as the starting point.

            Think of a handy dandy bell curve. Most men would fall in the greater omega – lesser alpha range. Very few are at either end. The ones who benefit most from the advertised techniques are generally average guys. Many times beta is used with a negative connotation, and that’s unfortunate, but it also carries potential. All in all, a beta has the potential to be successful (however you wanna define it) with the ladies.

        • LHathaway

          I just wanted to tell her to shut !#! !#*! up, !#*! !#*!#.

      • LHathaway

        Thanks. Another woman telling us all how men should act and what we should do and say. How original. *sarcasm*.

        I too have some advice for you. It can’t quite be repeated here on this forum.

    • Hammerheart

      One of the things that soured me on the manosphere is the perception of the archetypical bad boy. I’ve seen the ideal ‘bad boy’ wash out and get dropped out of advanced military courses due to various traits associated with the ‘bad boy’ persona. Sure, they may get a lot of women, but they’re unsuitable when it comes to being a warrior, so I have a hard time respecting that.

      With that, the white male has been greatly neutered by today’s cultural indoctrination. We need to do something about that.

  • Anglo

    If race doesn’t matter, why is he in Europe hitting on White women? Why doesn’t he go somewhere in South America, India, Africa, or Asia?

    • Diversity Fatigue

      The thought of that man-O’-the-desert inseminating a blue-eyed blonde is stomach-turning repulsive. He obviously lacks any natural empathy for women and feels the need for trickery to get his way. Sheikh Valizadeh wouldn’t live long if he tried to put his paws on my daughter.

    • listenupbub

      He admits that he has a preference for thin blondes.

      He doesn’t really believe that race doesn’t matter, he is pretending.

  • dewdly

    “White supremacy” is just a byproduct of anti-nationalist propaganda, that is to say, it is not a legitimate political or ideological position, but a fabrication designed to vilify whites who would fight for blood and soil.

  • Evette Coutier

    Folks, we must face facts about our identity and America. Our America now rests in the grave. What we have is the illegitimate child of Uncle Sam’s one night stand with a crack [email protected] re.

    • Diversity Fatigue

      That was funny. I needed a good laugh, thanks.

      • Evette Coutier


    • meanqueen

      Evette, I’ve always thought you had a way with metaphors.

      • Evette Coutier

        Thank you very much.

  • LeonNJ

    Us Whites can’t even form a stamp collecting club without others thinking it will form into a KKK rally.

    • Cindy

      Earth is a comfortable, luxurious place to live thanks to white men.
      Their intelligence, their innovation and their ability to take risks have benefitted everyone regardless of skin color.
      This is why they can’t have a stamp collecting club.
      People are uneasy about the white man’s innate abilities.

      • They should be. And unfortunately for them, we’re rapidly losing patience with their ingratitude. Biting the hand that keeps you living in First World prosperity is never a good idea.

    • LHathaway

      The irony is they are right. We will all be at the rally in the end.

  • MBlanc46

    I don’t care about supremacy. I care about saving Western civilization.

  • George Costanza

    We just want to be left alone!

  • Christorchaos

    Taylor is an excellent writer.

    • Caucasoid88

      He really is. Fluid, succinct, secure.

  • Nathan Bastunas

    Mr. Taylor said everything about this guy in a way more intelligent way than I could, so I thank him for that. I had a twitter spat with RooshV (Mr. Valizadeh) the other day and yeah, I got pretty nasty with him, so I can’t help but feeling a bit of justice was had on the behalf of white nationalists while reading this article. Thank you, Mr. Taylor. I find it deplorable RooshV basically views our white women as jizz receptacles.

  • “Pickup artist”

    You spelled “male slut” wrong.

    • The Dude

      If he wants to spend his time chasing women then that’s his choice, as long as he doesn’t rape or anything. I’m not going to hit too hard on him because I think many of us had a “womanizing phase” in our lives. I’m sure he’ll grow out of it and find a more constructive way to use his time.

      But the real issue here is how influential is he? Do his views on race really influence a lot of people? Either way, it was a good opportunity for Jared Taylor to set the record straight on the “dangers” of white nationalism.

  • Julius Caesar

    I’m not so familiar with the “Manosphere”. Could anyone recommend some good websites or blogs to visit so I can familiarize myself with everything?

    • Usually Much Calmer

      Rational Male and Chateau Heartiste are best in class.
      The commentariat of each are also quite fine.

    • Michael Robert Ryan

      I don’t know anything about Rational Male (I’ll have to check him out) but I second UMC’s recommendation of Heartiste.

  • IstvanIN

    We should pay no attention to the opinion of non-Whites. Let him go back to Iran.

    • John Smith

      Well, Iran means “land of the Aryans” and the Iranian language, Farsi, is Indo-European, same as English, Latin, or Russian. I’m pretty sure they count as white, even if Arabs and Semitic peoples might not.

      • IstvanIN

        Probably Caucasian but not White.

  • DaveMed

    I’m not too happy about the attitude you mention either. It’s obviously a reaction to the phenomenon of White women tending strongly to the anti-White positions on race and culture, but still…

    Chivalry is a European ideal.

  • Raymond Kidwell

    I know this may be offensive, but I’ll speak frankly. What is startling are the number of losers in white nationalism. Even among wealthier white nationalists or more educated ones, the majority of them seem to have odd behavior (loser attitudes (i.e. why try we’ll just fail), blaming others for their problems, tend to over rate themselves and their ingroup while under rating others etc.). I say this because I have attempted to meet people from WN for a number of years. I never meet anybody completely normal or well adjusted. Some are good people, some are quite intelligent, but there is always something “off” about everybody in the movement, whether it be oddly irrational behavior, closed minded thinking, social awkwardness, blaming others for their problems excessively, having excessive negative expectations in others etc. At the same time most Jewish ethnic groups or Asian ones or even Black ones are composed of people pretty average for their race, or even above average.

    Beyond that White Nationalism invariably expresses itself in websites such as this one or worse, which mainly bash other groups and talk about the inferiority of others. It almost never happens that there is just some kind of normal social group or just some community working together to help each other or preserve culture, mostly it is ineffective and has little to no interest in helping other whites or even socializing in a normal way. It just becomes centered on hate or feelings of unjustified superiority. I don’t see this so much in other groups, except black ones that seem to focus on hate a lot.

    I really think White Nationalism should take models from Jewish groups and just erase the word Jew and replace it with white and move foreward that way, you would have a pretty good model of how to organize to preserve your group and culture. What exists now are people who endlessly want to talk about race, and always do so in a way that is offensive towards others. I think that is what the author was getting at. What use is it to call black people inferior? What relevancy is it, when different individuals in a group will vary anyway and it just makes sense to evaluate people as individuals? It’s just the way white nationalism packages and presents itself.

    • DaveMed

      You make some very good points. The trouble is that, in order to draw Whites into the movement, it is sometimes necessary to point out the hard facts regarding our dispossession and exploitation by others.

      I think it would be great if AmRen were, someday, to have a section dedicated to “lighter” talk. There are other sites with this function, but the one that most easily springs to mind is frequented by many barely-literate people who give the movement a bad name.

      • Raymond Kidwell

        Not talk so much. I have contacted Jewish groups about participation but I guess they are so obsessed with Jewish bloodlines and Zionism that they aren’t open to anyone without their form of racial purity. But the basic projects and organization are nice.

        One group is just for Jewish Young Professionals and the group organizes an event once a month or a couple times a month and even subsidizes the price of tickets. One meeting is in a bowling alley, another at a baseball game etc. This is a way for people with similar ethnicity to connect, possibly date, get to know more about their heritage etc. while just having fun, no pressure. There are local syangogues which are based on ancestry and culture and so forth. There are YMCA type community centers, with day cares in them. There are programs to loan money to Jews who want to start their own business- at zero interest. I don’t see them dedicating all their time to talking about how much they hate goyim, how goyim are inferior, or focusing on politics. Instead its mostly very natural community building, spreading ethnic consciousness, encouraging Jews to marry each other, encouraging Jewish identity etc.

        As well the philosophical basis of Judaism seems logical and empowering to me as opposed to Christianity. I’m not sure why whites can’t take very simple steps like this.

        • The Dude

          Some good suggestions there. But I think that, in addition to the things you mentioned, politics should also remain part of the white or European nationalism movement, because preserving and defending a certain community is intertwined with issues like immigration and demographics, which are decided at the political level.

        • Ella

          I could not imagine an “European (descent) only dating site” advertised like a Mensa match-up group. Half of whites would avoid the nature of an all-white dating organization and would immediately label as “racist.” They would only try to open up opportunities to other people being fair, cool and just.. I used to belong to various ethnic clubs, but they were slowly being permeated by Jewish interests due to economic support? It could be any Fest and yet, the remembrance of Holocaust would be openly mentioned at some fun cultural-events. Germanic people can’t seem to focus on themselves or their own identity and struggles without outside ethnic distractions.

          • Raymond Kidwell

            Forget the rest of whites. I am on dating websites and a lot of white women say they are only interested in whites on their profile. It’s possible to put together a dating site. Just have to learn to have thick skin. In most groups I think it is better to include everyone- such as everyone who supports white civil rights. But with dating or family creation there could be exclusive groups. Even the Jewish groups have really low participation all things considered. But if you have 12 people join this group, 20 join that etc. it all adds up over time. At least there would be something. I search and I can’t find anything other than the German cultural groups or things like that focused on eating brautwurst and singing folk songs. I like the Jewish approach a lot better which emphasizes more real world relationships, business networking, family creation, ethnic advocacy etc.

            The Jewish community centers include everyone as well. They are basically like a YMCA and charge a small price for certain services, but also as the same time serve as a hub for Jewish identity with certain activities and giving Jews a place to work out and do other things together.

          • pcmustgo

            There already is a caucasian dating site online… only like 20 people are on it though

          • Ella

            It was hard to network and date white men in my area being more nonwhite. I also put white only on my dating profile. I agree with you about organizing ethnic clubs and certain benefits for the younger white crowds beyond drinking, lol. Some struggles have to do with 3 re-occurring obstacles: lacking immigration from Europe (stronger home/identity attachments), dispersed areas of white peoples unlike stronger Jewish neighbourhoods, and lastly, ageing whites. I estimated about 38% of European whites are over 50. I did not know that Jewish cmty-centers were this open to non-Jews.

          • Raymond Kidwell

            My problem is the low quality of people. I can go walk around a nice neighborhood or go to a mall and see beautiful women all over the place. On online dating they are all low class, fat, ugly, low I.Q., rude, really bad social behavior and bad attitudes makes it impossible to even get along with these people. Seems like most of them are scraping the bottom of the barrel trash that no normal people want (or who are dysfunctional and can’t be in a normal relationship). Most of them are 5′ 2″ as well shorter than normal. And similar when I meet WN online or even just go around and try to meet people they all seem like “losers” and irrational and incapable of functioning on a very basic level.

            I see plenty of white people around, but they are all of low quality. To be honest I have dealt with pure stupidity and pure loser attitudes for so many years, I would date anything with a fully functioning brain. It is that rare. So my efforts are along the lines of creating an ‘elite’ group that can meet the intelligence and maturity requirements of a healthy 13 year old. I would have to review what kind of attitude you should have, diet and exercise programs, basic manners, give an I.Q. test (108 min.) etc. and try to meet people who are not total losers and can associate with me in a normal way and date someone that is not a complete incompetent moron.

          • BlueSonicStreak

            Okay, enough is enough.

            YOU posting a complaint about the negativity of White Nationalism is the richest thing I have seen today. I agreed with much of your first post; but for everything you post that I agree with, you post something else that makes me feel slimy for agreeing with you.

            Of all the Negative Nellies on this site, YOU are the single worst.

            Why? Because your negativity isn’t about other races, or about the chances the movement has – it’s about us. I have barely ever seen a comment from you that doesn’t turn into an essay complaining about how white people are stupid, ugly, fat losers. (Oh, and now short!) I’m generally not a paranoid nut who believes that sites like this really attract any “plants,” but I’m seriously starting to wonder about you. If I WANTED to create a “character” on a WN website who would plant seeds of doubt and despair while slipping below the radar, I would design him to sound like you.

            What is WRONG with you? You’re one of the biggest weirdos here. In particular, your harping on your inability to find intelligent people sounds autistic, franky. How do you fancy yourself a “normal” white who just cannot meet anyone who isn’t “off”? (And where do you get the ridiculous notion that most nationalists of other races are “normal” or “above average” for their race? I’ve spent HOURS arguing with those people, and most of them are PLENTY “off,” and tons of them are dumb as rocks.)

            If you think whites are so worthless, seriously, LEAVE. Get out of our gene pool. Move to Japan. Go find a vastly superior Jew or Asian, and worm into their family line as fast as possible. Get away from our inferior genetics. Your children will not be fat, stupid and ugly! They’ll still be short, but hey. Three out of four.

            You’re one of the biggest pieces of dead weight on this site. All you do is whine; you just whine differently.

            Same s***, different day.

          • Raymond Kidwell

            I was referring to online dating sites and you have confused this with White Nationalists. In general it is true though most people I talk to online seem a little below average compared to what I meet in person.

            The entire comment section is whining or else stating opinions, so I don’t see how what I write is any different. I don’t see any real projects or solutions mentioned. I did mention a number of them, as I pointed out some of the Jewish projects that seemed effective.

            In regards to being normal, but meeting people who are off- My problem is I’m poor. Most poor people have low I.Q.s, self defeating habits etc. much of which they learn in school or at work. I would be normal if I went to a good college and lived around rich people. I’m just a fish out of water. In a similar way, I’m often around minorities or other people who I don’t have a lot of similarity to, but even the white people I’m around are quite different from myself. I have visited wealthy areas where people look and act like me. I just don’t have the wealth to live there. “normal” is a relative term.

            There are plenty of intelligent, well adjusted white people I suppose but I’m not a millionaire, I don’t attend MIT, I don’t live in Belgium etc. What is true for myself and my own specific personal life is not a universal truth, and I think that point gets confused. However, there are many people like me that experience the exact same things or others who may not know about these experiences so I just share them with others.

            I think the idea that whites are supreme, which seems flaunted a lot on these kinds of websites, is a self defeating meme. If you believe that whites are super human geniuses, then you see no need to improve yourself or the race. You see no need to work hard to compete (after all you are smarter than everyone else anyway). By contrast, it is more productive to have an under dog mindset. See yourself as below others, try to compete with them, constantly improve, constantly criticize yourself and your group, be driven etc.

            I do think there are many better aspects generally about Jewish culture and that whites as a whole would be more successful by adopting those traits. That is one of them. You may have heard on TV or something about the Jewish mother whose son is a Doctor or Lawyer and she’s always telling him he’s not good enough. “Son you’re a Doctor, but you could have become a brain surgeon”. “You got a 98% on the test. It should have been 100%”. This drives people to achieve. By contrast, I can go into the ghetto and see people sit around drinking mad dog 20/20 or smoking joints and talking about how they are smarter than everyone else and no one appreciates their genius (and of course they talk about how they could govern the country better than the president). That is more of what I see at WN and I just try to inject an idea of critique and ambition toward everything.

            Of course where that critique crosses the line of just becoming annoying is a fine line and a nuanced one. I guess also I just need to vent and also hope others say “I feel your pain I go through the same thing”. I’m reducing my commenting on here anyway, as it mainly is just a way to relax and kill time by reading articles. It doesn’t lead to anything productive really, although it’s one of the better websites on the web.

          • It’s impossible to take seriously the complaints of someone who insists that the entire rest of the world he wants to inhabit is “off,” while he himself is perfectly normal.

            I agree fully with BlueSonicStreak. The only “off” one here so far is you.

          • Dylan Lowe

            “Of all the Negative Nellies on this site, YOU are the single worst. […]
            If you think whites are so worthless, seriously, LEAVE. Get out of our
            gene pool. Move to Japan. Go find a vastly superior Jew or Asian, and
            worm into their family line as fast as possible.”

            But who are you to judge another white, and to come with such a patronizing tone?

            What gives you the ‘authority’ and ‘right’ to be patronizing towards another white, unless you have credentials to warrant such behaviour? What is your educational background and occupational status to think you can just talk down to other users on the forum?

            Who are you to judge another person, given your lack of education?

          • BlueSonicStreak

            YOU are a troll. You are here to do nothing but cause trouble. So far, in the stupidest way possible, such as suggesting I need some particular “credentials” to tell someone they’re being obnoxious.

            I don’t answer to you. Piss off.

          • Dylan Lowe

            “Piss off.”


        • Mahtoofislooth

          These would be great, and while I do think whites need to move away from the neo-nazi conspiracy theory nutjobs representing ‘white power’ I don’t see how it would be feasible really. Whites are not allowed to do these kinds of things. Even when organized in such a fashion it is immediately demonized for even daring to be something for white people. White people are allowed to a vry small degree to like their ‘traditional’ European culture, such as Norwegians can wear their bunads and oh it’s so cute and quaint, but a gathering of American whites celebrating their shared race and backgrounds, not their distant ancestry and disconnected long lost traditions, but the American white culture is not allowed in this day and age in such a way. No way. Even the whites who would love it, most would stay away in fear.

      • What would you consider lighter talk?

        • DaveMed

          Music, local cultures, art, threads dedicated to various heritages, etc. We certainly do get into those discussions in these threads (which is why I sometimes spend hours at a time on the site), but it couldn’t hurt if AmRen were to develop an even stronger environment of community.

          Of course, expanding the website would require more money and manpower.

          • It could definitely be an impetus for building something more concrete in the real world. It really doesn’t require a lot of money either. It just takes the right combination of people to initiate a more active and engaging community.

      • meanqueen

        The way I got here is not because I was seeking out some white solidarity. I got here because I was googling information on black-on-white crime. That led me to the usual suspects like Vanguard/Stormfront, where, of course, I didn’t belong and didn’t want to belong. But then I came here, where the articles were factual and many of the commenters seemed intelligent and knowledgeable of history. I agree that it hurts us to get too mired down in negro disgust, and the Jooo conspiracies are the death knell for sure in terms of attracting normal white people. However, pointing out the liberal perpetrated injustices on white people is necessary and it can’t be done without simultaneously pointing out the problems with black society. I don’t see that society is seeking a group to explore white heritage (whatever that is! aren’t Finns really different from French?), but many ARE seeking a place to learn about what can be done to stop black on white crime or the many injustices against white people by the powers that be. I think, for better or worse, that newly-awakened despair is what provides the attraction and the glue, and not some positivity-inducing talk about being generally white. I may prefer white people, I may want white people to be treated fairly and to succeed and to continue on through history, etc, etc, but on a personal level, I’ll have more to talk about with a nice black person from America than with a Latvian farmer who doesn’t speak English. Just being white is not a bond for most white people. White + English speaking gets closer, and + American, + conservative gets closer still.

        • but on a personal level, I’ll have more to talk about with a nice black person from America than with a Latvian farmer who doesn’t speak English. Just being white is not a bond for most white people. White + English speaking gets closer, and + American, + conservative gets closer still.

          That should come with a caveat: You might not always be a conservative or label yourself a conservative — you can wake up and change your views. You can move and no longer be an American. That Latvian farmer can spend a few years learning English and you would be exchanging ideas and pleasantries for years and years afterward. But you will always be White, and that other person will always be black.

          • meanqueen

            Okay, point taken. But I was just trying to explain something that becomes an issue when trying to attract normal white people to embrace white nationalism in America. These are going to be the obstacles because most people are not going to be coming from your perspective.

          • I understand. I just think it needs to be stated that certain gaps can be bridged rather quickly, while other gaps are more or less fixed at a genetic level.

          • Jeff

            I’d say don’t worry so much about convivial white identity movements. They are inevitable. What matters is the circumstances in which they arise. I for one believe we as a society are rapidly approaching the point of critical mass. What concerns me is that such an identity movement will, of necessity, be birthed in blood and fire. And it WILL happen if American society continues along in its current trajectory.

    • IstvanIN

      I agree and well put. I have always felt that it is “negativity” that is holding back WN. Putting out a positive message, which is good PR, would attract more people. Putting others down is not a good way to attract the decent middle class.

      • Ella

        I think the Right will have a very difficult time to shed Nazi stereo-types as the certain group will continue to use media and educational resources to associate the Right with extreme violence and fanaticism. I think it’ll take another 20 years and failing economies to move white people. Whites don’t want a dictator, right or left.

    • Ludwig

      I agree with you Mr. Kidwell that bashing non whites is silly and frivolous. And nothing can be accomplished by doing so. But organizations such as the Anti Defamation League stand front and center when it comes to denying Whites the opportunity to collectively assert their racial solidarity. I agree that the Jewish model is ideal, but the Jewish organizations are the greatest impediment to White racial realism.

    • It’s mainly because pro-white groups are marginalized. Any marginalized group is going to attract more people who are “off” or socially awkward.

      • Raymond Kidwell

        Great point.

    • TruthBeTold

      I say this because I have attempted to meet people from WN for a number
      of years. I never meet anybody completely normal or well adjusted. Some
      are good people, some are quite intelligent, but there is always
      something “off” about everybody in the movement, whether it be oddly
      irrational behavior, closed minded thinking, social awkwardness, blaming
      others for their problems excessively, having excessive negative
      expectations in others etc.

      I wrote something on this point last week.

      Our weakness and our strength is our individualism. While we will fight for what we believe individually many have ironclad litmus tests about how they define a TRUE White Nationalist. Hence all the useless bickering about side issues.

      Maybe Romney wasn’t the perfect candidate but if he won, he would be nominating conservative judges and potential Supreme Court justices. But no, he wasn’t good enough for some people because of ONE issue so they didn’t vote. Now the Democrats have four years to appoint more liberal judges to undermine our Constitution with radial ideas. And THAT’S where the power is. With the judges and the Democrats know it and they vote Democrat no matter if they have an issue with the candidate.

      But we do have a real problem. We can’t model ourselves after the Jews because we’re not allowed to talk about ourselves as a group that has the same rights of self preservation as any other group. As soon as we do, the SPLC, the ADL, and the Department of Justice and thousands of hate-filled individuals are issuing warnings about ‘White Supremacists’.

      And how many times do we see our own leaders cave when someone screams ‘RACIST!’?

      Who are our heroes?

      • Raymond Kidwell

        I understand you’ll get labeled a white supremacist for doing the exact same thing other groups do verbatim but the government isn’t going to lob a missile at your meeting or anything. It’s perfectly possible to do. This is really the most confusing thing abouts whites to me. Apparently they have invented so much and excelled at so much, yet out of millions of whites you don’t see many that will file a lawsuit against anti-white discrimination or create some kind of pro-white advocacy. Then what little exists mostly involves rhetoric- social meetings or online chatting rather than any concrete goals (other than maybe illegal activity back in the early stages of the civil rights movement). With Judaism the approaches are as diverse as there are Jews it seems.

        • TruthBeTold

          I understand you’ll get labeled a white supremacist

          Not only are people labeled White Supremacists but then our leaders all to quickly and predicable cave and grovel.

          We could end this when Whites stop groveling but as I asked, ‘Who are our heroes?’ Few of them stand by what they say. What lesson does this teach their supporters? And caving and groveling only emboldens our enemies.

          Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) stood up to the charge and low and behold he wasn’t driven from office.

          As I say, just stand your ground. Don’t address the issue for a couple days and the issue will simply go away.

          That’s how the left does it, they’re good at it, and they get away with it.

          • Raymond Kidwell

            Most whites lack chutzpah but that doesn’t mean I lack it. I don’t need heros. If I had the cash I would open up one of those programs similar to Jewish programs. I don’t need to await collective action or someone to follow or someone to tell me what to do. I’m just amazed at the weak and subservient nature of most whites. If a Jew is mistreated he raises hell. If a white person is mistreated he cries about “why is life so unfair”. If a Jew is lied to, he figures it out. If a white is lied to he is gullible and believes everything authority tells him. Of course gross generations but seem to hold up in most cases. You would think that among the 150 million or so whites in the U.S. alone there would be a little more effort to just preserve white culture, set up pro-white groups or organizations etc.

            The thing about all this talk saying “they will call us names and try to ruin us” I have always tried to appease the haters, dirt bags, criminals, users, abusers etc. in life. Rather than going away, the more you give them, the more they want. You give them an inch thinking they will leave you alone, and they just come back the next day and want a foot. Give them the foot then they want the whole yard stick. It never ends. So really the only real option you have is to stand up against such people. If anything they bother you less when you stand against them. If you sit in your house doing nothing, afraid to speak, you will get denied jobs, denied opportunities, people spit in your face, belittle you etc. the crime rates will go through the roof, your neighborhood collapse etc. Seldom does giving in ever stop the attacks.

            So if I started some little meeting somewhere with a positive white heritage message, i understand some WNs won’t agree specifically with my ideas and they will complain. The left wing zealots will scream racist and harass. But these same people harass you and scream racist no matter what you do.

          • TruthBeTold

            If a Jew is mistreated he raises hell. If a white person is mistreated he cries about “why is life so unfair”.

            I don’t believe that’s true or the way I see it.

            If a white person is mistreated and dares to speak out, he’s crucified by the left and agencies of the federal government. It’s not that whites are crying ‘life’s unfair’; what’s unfair is the blatant double stands. Minorities are permitted to defend themselves, encouraged to do so, praised for doing so, and supported in their efforts.

            When whites try to do this they’re crushed.

            Google this headline:

            Feds raid Texas Secessionist meeting

            This is how whites are treated. It’s not paranoia. It’s real.

            You make it sound like it’s easy; hold a meeting. Left the left rant and rave. Let the government do their best to stop it. Just ignore them and carry on.

            Whites are held to a different standard as AR repeatedly reports on. Only whites can commit a hate crime by looking at a black man the wrong way. Only a white man can be beaten to death by a black man screaming ‘I hate crackers’ and the police give a news conference saying, ‘this appears to be a random attack. He was just in the wrong place at the wrong time’.

            I’m not saying give up and don’t try but there are powerful forces in place to make sure whites don’t get uppity.

          • Raymond Kidwell

            There is a double standard but it isn’t to the extreme that everyone is out to get you for being pro-white. Take this website for example. There are so many hate filled comments that of course it raises alarms. Yes if you have an ideology of attacking the government or seceding from the federal government, then this will be a concern of federal agents. If anything someone who is pretty moderate and rational about white interests gets a bad name from others who are more extreme.

            I seek out others who are similar to me. The vast majority of people are not similar to me. It’s all relative. I’m sure I appear “off” to plenty of other people. We have differences in intelligence, culture, genetics etc. when those differences become too great, then it leads to some incompatibility.

            I agree with the general ideas that whites should be treated equally, have a right to exist etc. but the best term to use for the majority of people who post online about white nationalism is “extreme”. The idea of persecution is extreme. The idea that their efforts will be crushed by government is extreme. There is a seed of truth to the arguments but it’s not on the level that it’s made out to be on these websites. I guess that is what I would consider “off” about many WN is the extreme to which they take some of these ideas or behaviors.

            It’s like somebody who makes their kid wear a helmet and knee pads at all time and constantly worrying if the kid will fall and freaking out every day about it. While it is normal to worry about a child’s safety, or the general core of that behavior seems rational, it’s just to the extreme it is taken to that seems off.

            Then if you say that you hate people, feel they are inferior, need to be expelled out of the country, that we’re better off without them etc. this scares people. It is understandable why the government would want to keep close tabs on people who spout that ideology. Is law enforcement heavily biased against “white supremacists” and have huge influences from Jew lobbies? Yes. But at the same time this bias isn’t taken to the extreme of oppressing white people or preventing them from organizing or acting in their own interests.

            With most of the ideas contained in WN it seems to be to an extreme. I can see whites organizing their own little groups and raising white families. I don’t see why all non-whites would need to be expelled out of a nation. That too seems extreme. I can see why race is important, but not why it is made out to be the most important thing in the world so that a low I.Q. criminal white person is held in higher esteem that a genius and law abiding black person. I would say a large percentage of whites agree with me and that’s why they don’t join the movement or want to be seen associating with White Nationalism. A large percentage of whites would say race is important, or agree with most of the general ideas here but they wouldn’t take it to the extreme that is common online. And that is what disturbs me a bit as well.

            Also odd is the lack of pragmatic activities. Most ideas seem to be about taking over the government or ruling the world or other big ideas. Yet something as simple as building a small community or setting up a white civil rights fund is considered unrealistic or else just no effort goes into doing those sort of things. There have been some baby steps with PLEs. If someone really dedicates their whole life to this ideology and feels so strongly about it, what would be so hard about saving up over the years and opening a business or finding a way to raise funds for a small project? It all seems a bit odd, almost to the point where I wonder if some online white nationalists aren’t really anti-whites just trying to go online and threaten others and seem as absurd as possible to de-legitimize everything. I’m just going to work on my own little small project which seems totally do’able to me. I don’t believe the government will shut me down. They wouldn’t have the legal authority to do so or any reason to do so I would think.

            But also I would include anybody that wanted to join and work together, regardless of race. I don’t see why non-whites can’t support white civil rights or a continuance of white people. As well my most important criteria is associating with competent people so I’m pretty flexible in regards to racial purity things. In an ideal world things might be different, but high intelligence and competency is so rare that I mainly have just become concerned about having a community that is strong enough to survive. I also would allow members to set up their own distinct ethnic groups if they wanted, such as have their own black group, white group, asian etc. I believe in cooperation whenever possible.

            I also think generally the people who are part of this movement are simple people. They aren’t geniuses and aren’t rich or powerful. They feel pressure from a changing society and worried about their place in it. But instead of presenting themselves this way they must invent some fantasy where they are the most supreme smartest person in the world and better than everybody else and it’s counter productive. You would get more sympathy if you were more humble. Also you’d be able to improve and fix your weaknesses and maybe be able to accomplish something.

          • TruthBeTold

            AR holds yearly meeting although before they found the current venue they were mercifully hounded and forced to scale down. Recently Mr. Taylor wrote about the police raiding his meeting in Europe.

            I know other groups that hold meeting so meetings are possible but when they gain local or national attention they are denounced. The SPLC and the ADL have unprecedented influence in the federal government to maintain enemies lists like Madame Defarge.

            A large percentage of whites would say race is important, or agree with most of the general ideas here but they wouldn’t take it to the extreme that is common online. And that is what disturbs me a bit as well.

            As I said before, every racially conscious white person has their own vision of the perfect white society. And as I said, this individualism (self-determination) is both our strength and our weakness.

            The extreme views I read are generally people who are venting their frustration. Their crude remarks taint the goals of WN. Mr. Taylor has spoken on this. Also, I have no doubt that some people who post extreme comments are provocateurs looking to tarnish the reputation of WN. It’s difficult to sort them out.

            I don’t think I will find not one person on a white nationalist forum who can and will work together on a very simple project.

            You bring up many issues and I can go on multiple tangents.

            Lower IQ whites who are racially conscious are more likely to have unfocused anger and lash out. Higher IQ whites who are racially conscious are likely to weigh the risks of exposing themselves to scrutiny by the SPLC and prosecution by the federal government and determine the risk to benefit ratio is too high. The result, higher IQ whites with leadership abilities aren’t stepping up out of rational fear of persecution.

            As for offering your help to other people you meet on line.

            I don’t know you personally. I have no idea who you are or your true motives. Maybe you’re a man of the highest integrity who sincerely wants to help white nationalists. On the other hand, maybe you’re an agent for the DoJ or the SPLC or the ADL or some radical progressive group that is setting a trap. That may sound like extreme paranoia to you but we have seen it happen and I have had my own experience with such people.

            Where do we go from here? I’m not sure. But Mr. Taylor and AR have set an example for us. For now we can fight with ideas. I’m very weary of what’s coming with the passage of the Net Neutrality Act and I have little doubt that soon we’re going to see the government requiring full identity disclosure on-line.

            The federal government was willing to sacrifice over half a million mostly young men and the destruction of cities to ‘preserve the Union’.

            Do you doubt they wouldn’t try this again?

          • Raymond Kidwell

            Up until recently the ku klux klan burned a cross in the center of the city every year and gave a speech. Yes there was a lawsuit which made it stop which I think is unfair, but I mean this persecution is a bit exaggerated. I have experienced it myself in college when I spoke up against the racism in the school book and told to leave the class. The other school I went to I never spoke up about anything and got denied the ability to finish my classes based mostly on my gender.

            Everything is legal and the only thing I could think of is an undercover agent might join a group to keep tabs on whether any illegal activity is occurring. I really have no interest in any illegal activity unless I could become a drug dealer and make multiple millions of dollars, then maybe it would be worth the possible prison sentence. Other than that don’t need it. I’m also not too worried about what the president does. I need control over my own life first. If I was rich then I would put my money into political endeavors. Since I’m poor, my concern is survival and success. Plus, if I really wanted to get into politics I would probably study the relevant topics in college (such as becoming an economics major if I wanted to make my own decisions about economic policy and so forth). There seems to be a strange obsession with politics and a lack of realism. I don’t know why a little group of people would blame all their problems on the government. The same people that are successful here will typically be successful in China or Italy or Russia. There are also plenty of people living quite well in the United States.

            My main concern is low class, trashy culture. The kind that praises our disabilities rather than our abilities. The kind that teaches people to be a loser and instills learned helplessness. I get tired of unnecessary poverty, ever lowering I.Q.s (dysgenics), unnecessary hate and disrespect towards white people and males, along with associated discrimination towards them. Race is just one aspect of that larger movement, but not really a central obsession I have. I also don’t believe there is a huge conspiracy against whites. It just seems most of them either don’t care or are of low quality. The reason why these movements aren’t successful is generally the people in them don’t have the right attitude, the right training, high enough intelligence, discipline, long term strategy, group cohesiveness etc.

            Most high I.Q. people own businesses or hold advanced degrees. So in many of those cases one can protect one’s self economically from threat of being fired due to private beliefs (creed). And simply believing that white people should have the right to form their own communities or continue on as a people is not illegal. I think most people would be embarrassed to be associated with this. Their friends would be like “those white nationalists are a bunch of racist and backward redneck losers” sort of like the article says. The people probably have non-white friends and co-workers as well and the association may seem embarrassing or may cause friction. This is mostly a PR problem as someone in a Zionist organization will not feel any shame when working around non-Jews.

            If anything the number one goal before doing anything else should be to make money. You should collaborate with other people and figure out how to start businesses, get advanced degrees or otherwise make money. If you have a high I.Q. this stuff is not hard, and this is where I really start to question all these claims of genius that I see in the WN community. Anyway, once you have a huge income stream, be sure to find ways to live well below your means. Live a very humble, modest lifestyle, while having huge income. Take the income and develop strategies. Recruit others. Hire a PR consultant. Create trust funds, political lobbies. Go around soliciting other wealthy people for tax deductible donations. Get some Jews in your group, because they are likely more talented in these areas.

            Develop 10 year, 20 year, 50 year, and 100 year strategies. Create rules such as this “after every meeting we need to have produced a real project to work on and have delegated responsibilities to individual members. Each member must be held accountable for doing their part or removed” move away from talk and more towards action. It’s not hard. It just takes dedication.

            Myself I am looking at gathering a few people together and organize in a similar way but mainly just focus on the well being of the group, forming a better culture, better communities, tribalism etc. for ourselves. It may move at a snail’s pace due to my poverty and inability to put money into it, but it will be satisfying being able to raise a family among a group of winners, or associate with high I.Q. people with a winning attitude. Currently nearly everyone I meet is operating on a very low level which just isn’t me.

    • I say this because I have attempted to meet people from WN for a number of years. I never meet anybody completely normal or well adjusted.

      Where were you looking? I’ve always found that the people who seem a little off balance online tend to be off balance in the real world. I just avoid those people.

      Heidi, put down the McNuggets, wipe off your greasy paws and get ready for a screen shot, you’re gonna love this one: I am the most normal, empathetic, considerate, fun-loving and down-to-earth racist you will ever meet.

      If I rent a couple of large cabins in the Smoky Mountains, are you gonna show up? We’re gonna party, and I can assure you that Negative Nancy will not be attending. Seriously, you gonna show up? Don’t say no.

      • Raymond Kidwell

        I’m not a normal person. I don’t mean it totally as an insult. It’s just not “mainstream”. You don’t have regular joes involved. Yeah you can contact me via facebook. I probably need to know dates well in advanced and take off of work or something. Kentucky is pretty close and easy for me to get to, like Tennessee and stuff is pushing it distance wise.

        I’m down for a party. Are you bringing women? My biggest interest is establishing long term relationships and then cooperating together for economic interests initially, and then later when we have money to burn be able to start up other more philanthropic projects. For now I’m dirt poor.

        I don’t know. It does sound like the plot to a horror movie. The first thing I see when pulling up is a big Israeli flag, a dude grabs me out of my car “you’ve been talking s— about us online for a long time now. We’re gonne teach you a lesson” Then he hands me a defamation lawsuit.

  • listenupbub

    There is one reason Roosh says such things about race: blacks are in his forum and his sites.

    Blacks make up a HUGE percentage of “game experts” on youtube, in the shadow industry, and on his own forum. He has to make them feel good.

    Most of these blacks have dedicated their lives to getting white meat. The whole “manosphere” coincidentally has adopted the black man’s view of women and family: use women for sex, do not get married, blame the woman for all the various problems arising from promiscuity. This is the “red pill” about the “red pill.”

    ***I used to frequent these sites for entertaining nin-PC information about feminism and culture. I still visit and comment sometimes to challenge the commenters.

    • TruthBeTold

      Roosh is basically a parasite. He’s feeding off the freedom and openness of Western culture for his own selfish pleasure. He doesn’t care if White culture dies out because he’s living for today. The future is irrelevant.

      • listenupbub

        You are right, he is absolutely a nihilist. And most of his readers are, too.

        To be honest, I have to think about what it would have been like for him to grow up as a middle easterner in America. He would have felt like there was no place for him, no hope. He would have wanted the pretty white girls so badly, but knew he had no chance.

        No wonder he is a nihilist.

      • bv

        He’s not white to begin with, so why would he care? He just likes white women and they won’t go extinct during his lifetime.

    • pcmustgo

      I don’t know if Blacks are to blame for the Manosphere. I do think they take anti-woman stuff too far. Also, they seem to leave out Love. They never talk about Love. Some people, men and women, genuinally do fall in Love. Even with betas…it’s all about sex and game and getting the best looking person for your buck.

      • listenupbub

        I didn’t claim that blacks are _totally_ to blame, but a case can be made that they are partly to blame.

        The top commenters on Roosh’s forum are, I’d say, 50 percent black.

        It used to be the case that blacks wrote many of the RoK articles, for the longest time. Now nobody knows who writes articles. And if you look on youtube or in the shadow industry of PUA, you will see a LOT of blacks.


        posted a video on Rooshvforum once. It was a black PUA in LA asking a bunch of white and some asian girls to see who has dated or had sex with a black guy, and almost all, or maybe all, of the white girls said yes, but the Asians said no. The dudes in the forum were in AWE of him, talking about how “tight” his “game” was, and how he had a “no-f%#’s given attitude.” I imagine many of the whites who watch that felt insecure in their ability to keep their women, as even they know, “once you go black you can’t go back,” and it is clear that white girls are going black.


        This is just an example of the “race to the bottom” that black people seem to have started in the manosphere.

        The lack of a belief in romance that you have mentioned is actually a
        hallmark black idea, and something very uncommon in whites. I imagine
        this meme got spread by blacks.

        • UncleSham

          Romance and chivalry or whatever seem like incredibly pathetic concepts when White women are having sex with Blacks. Marriage is even more absurd. Treating those women like sex objects is basically the only course of action that makes any sense. Respect is out of the question.

          “The lack of a belief in romance that you have mentioned is actually a
          hallmark black idea, and something very uncommon in whites. I imagine this meme got spread by blacks.”
          All you have to do is listen to the songs that Black men write about women vs the songs that White men write about women to confirm that assertion.

          • listenupbub

            You are kind of right. It does get harder to love a woman who could, at any moment, sneak some BBC in behind my back.

            But I do understand romance, and I still can imagine trying to create a community where people do feel romance, as our ancestors did.

            With the race in jeopardy, it is hard to feel these fine, delicate sentiments. The modern, multicultural reality hardens us all, makes us anxious and miserable.

  • Jacobite2

    There’s a blindingly obvious explanation for the fact that the all-purpose boogie-man in our culture is the Nazi. Although the Communists have killed 10-15 times as many innocent civilians in the last century, and Africa puts on a Holocaust every 5 years or so, it’s the Nazis, Nazis, Nazis. What might explain this unrealistic tic in US pop culture? Well, who runs Hollywood? Who owns all the major news conglomerates (except one)? Obviously, if you happen to be a member of one particular Semitic people originating in the Middle East, the only monster of the 20th Century was Hitler, because he killed your people. As of 1941, your brothers still ran the secret police in the USSR, although the ax was about to fall. So, you rooted for the Red Army and schemed to rope every country possible into the anti-Hitler War. Then, your people either sat out the Cold War, or actively worked for the Soviet Union (using false names such as the New York Times, NBC, and Hollywood). Look at the pathetic efforts by Hollywood to keep making Nazis into film villains, when the youngest drummer-boy would be over 80 years old, because, like your own false-flag identity, just so your fight isn’t with the Nazis, but with Europeans in general.

    • TruthBeTold

      It’s not just Hollywood. A couple years ago I was on the bus and a girl mentioned that they were spending two weeks on the Holocaust at her school. In all of human history that needs to be learned in school, two weeks is devoted just to the Holocaust.

      The game is rigged.

      • Ella

        And, you read 2-3 sentences on Ukrainian Holodomor and 1 mini paragraph about Siberian “work” camps. The rest will include multiple educational media sources on Anne Frank 3x’s plus well over two weeks. It is obvious to say the least.

      • WR_the_realist

        Ask her how much time was devoted to the Holodomor. Or the Armenian genocide.

      • Jacobite2

        IMHO, the most important event in 20th Century America was the date in 1941 when The Most Respected Man in America, Charles Lindberg, was demolished forever because he pointed out that there was no current American interest in entering WW II. He also pointed out that it was in the interest of some 2% of (non-American) US citizens to assist the Soviet Union and oppose the Germans. That was the day the curtain slipped aside and we all saw who was running things in the US. The emphasis on Holocaust Studies is just another way to keep Americans subordinate and guilty. After all, the Holocaust has no real meaning for Americans — we were neither victims nor perpetrators.

        • Mr. Lindbergh was allowed to fly combat missions in the Pacific, as a consultant in the Vought F4U Corsair. He scored several air-to-air kills there, until he was ordered to cut that stuff out.

          • Jacobite2

            Only people who were alive and aware in 1927 would be able to explain the enormity of the achievement in driving Lindberg off the public stage for making strictly truthful statements.

    • listenupbub

      It is also because the Holocaust is the perfect example to prove that white solidarity will *surely* lead to mass murder.

      The Holocaust, if true, would probably have been considered worse than Stalin’s actions because it was intentional and unprovoked, and purely a “hate crime,” even though the body count does not compare.

      I am a Holocaust revisionist, and everyone on Amren should be, too. The evidence against the credibility of the Holocaust narrative is amazing.

      • Jeff

        Holocaust revisionist? I’m not exactly sure what that’s supposed to mean. But if you’re a denier, you’re not going to get very far. My uncle fought in WWII. He told tales of liberation and the sight of hardened combat troops openly weeping at what they found.

        I have never understood attributing almost paranormal abilities of joooos to form vast, worldwide conspiracies extending back in history for 2K years. It’s ridiculous.

        They’ve been a transient people in foreign lands for the last two thousand years. And whenever things went bad in their chosen land, they made for convenient scapegoats. They’re extremely bright people, the brightest of all if we’re to accept IQ tests as legitimate. It stands to reason that they tried to make themselves useful wherever they found themselves in order to stave off the inevitable scapegoating that was sure to eventually follow. Naturally, when they achieved positions of influence, they worked to make their societies more tolerant about those who were “different”.

        Unfortunately for them, they’re now being hung by their own petard. They actually have their own nation back and they’re surrounded on all sides, and in their midst by people who are “different”. Now they are the source of government and power in their own land who must work to secure their own borders and existence. They no longer enjoy their transient status and must work against all they’ve been working for for the last 2 thousand years. Kind of ironic isn’t it?

        • meanqueen

          Agree, Jeff, and you said it well.

          • Guest

            My response was intended for your first comment, not the second one, which I don’t agree with.

          • Jeff

            Eh, Holocaust denial is a vile position, but silencing people is just as pernicious. Let them speak, the evidence attesting to the reality of the event is overwhelming. Why someone would make a fool of themselves by denying it serves only to discredit whatever position they’re trying to promote.

            I very much believe that western government is actively working against the interests of whites, to what end I’m not as certain. I would prefer that Jewish folks be counted among our number. Some posters here would be surprised at how much of the commentary here would not be out of place on many pro Israel blogs. A lot of their issues mirror our own with the same accusations of traitors among their own. For all the joooo conspiracies in Hollywood, government, etc etc, there are more than an equal number of wasp’s within the same organizations.

          • LHathaway

            What, 6 million soldiers died in combat during WW2, 440,000 of them American boys, are you denying that? Sorry, I didn’t read your comment past the first sentence. I usually read them. Sorry.

          • Jeff

            Don’t be sorry. You’re as entitled to your views as anyone else. But any advocacy that seeks to further a specific interest is going to fall on deaf ears if it’s perceived as denying an historical event that is without precedent in human history. But don’t let that bother you, do as you see fit, just don’t be surprised when your position is viewed with contempt.

            I’m of the opinion that there is a concerted attack on whites. It does our argument a disservice when certain elements advocate lunatic positions akin to muslims. No one with two working synapses takes them seriously.

          • LHathaway

            What is my position, I said 6 million soldiers died in combat during WW2, 440,000 of them American? That is all I said, nothing more and nothing less (although to be honest, I have not reread my comment).

            Your reply to that simple fact seems filled by a kind of arrogance. So much so, you don’t even bother to deny this (very relevant) fact. You’re like, someone worse . . . someone even worse than those revisionists and those engaged in denial. It seems to me that You are the one in denial here. As far as the historical record is concerned, by judging your post, you seem to be involved in kind of project-obfuscation, and seem to be just darn insensitive.

            I do see your point though. No event in world history has been quite as horrific as the holocaust that took place in Nazi occupied territory during WW2 (a few other victim groups or historians might argue with that but I think for the most part they’d be wrong). I personally was not denying the holocaust took place. I was merely pointing out that 6 million soldiers died in combat during WW2 (I’m sure there are those who might bother to correct me, correct this number – using data that I will say now, in my opinion, is probably not accurate).

            I wasn’t denying anything. Not at all. I was just saying that millions of soldiers also died during this period, 6 million of them in combat. Nor was I attempting to ‘bait; you, to try and then claim, ‘You’re the one who is insensitive by denying this’. The opportunity just presented itself (thanks?)

            That was all I was saying . . . I believe that is all that I said, although I do agree with you that nothing so evil as the holocaust has taken place on such scale in human history. Well, there are many things in this world that are just not right at all. If you read many of my posts here you may pick up the idea that I advocate for the wrong groups all the time, or at least so the sensitivity police constantly feel. I plan on continue to do so. Someone must be wrong, I guess.

          • Jeff

            I’m no longer sure if we are talking to each other or past each other. I took your apology to mean that you didn’t consider what I wrote worthy of being read. You reiterated the point for effect, or at least that was my interpretation. I believe total casualties from WWII range up to 80 million based on the 1939 census. I could be wrong about that number. The soviets lost something like 9 million. Unca Joe didn’t seem to concerned.

            I always appreciate a contrarian position, or at least one that is thoughtful and not drawn from the tin foil hat crowd on the lunatic fringe. I suppose I can guess as to why the number 6 million was a reoccurring theme. As I’ve stated, I sincerely believe whites are specifically being targeted. The question becomes one of deciphering the motive and intent of the attack. I’m rather put off by the usual accusations of the nefarious joooos being responsible when their numbers are far exceeded by our collective WASP’S in government and media. Marshaling the old ghosts of blood libel accomplishs nothing other than to discredit the voices of the sincere people who see what’s going on all around us.

            As to arrogance, yeah, sometimes the charge fits. It’s not intentional, and usually the cost associated with being direct. Despite the Holocaust’s unique place in history, I believe Stalin far exceeded its scope in terms of human death. Unca Joe was a little slower, had more time, and relied on tried and true methods of murder. So there’s that.

          • LHathaway

            TY. I thought I had taken it Too easy on you in my last post. That you couldn’t bring yourself to admit that 6 million soldiers died in combat during WW2. I’m glad you can and that’s not a problem with you. I’m sure your reputation can withstand it.

            I’m not surprise at all figures like 80 million are discussed. We lost 440,000. We fought in Africa, Italy, France, then Germany, (American forces were around 90% of the troops that liberated Western Europe, a bit over that, I believe). Plus we were the major allied force, Americans provided the vast majority of troops that fought Japan in the other theater. Stalin himself, in a letter/speech to the UN, after the war personally discussed Russia’s disproportionate number of casualties. I believe he listed a number of around 5 million. But Stalin was talking about the total number of killed and captured. Germans captured millions of Russian troops in the first months of their war with Russia alone. Even Stalin himself listed this number (in trying to play up Russia’s sacrifices).

            As far as the obsession with jews on this message board, I don’t really like it either.

            I do believe there is a conspiracy, I believe there is a conspiracy afoot to want people to blame jews. The mainstream seems to want us to blame white men for all evil past and present, a small fringe here seems to want us to place this responsibility with jews. I’m not sure they notice the irony. Personally, I blame blacks. I believe anyone going on about ‘jews’, with a platform, is part of the conspiracy. Why they do it here is either they’ve been duped, or monkey see monkey do, or, again, in some fashion They are part of the conspiracy (for whatever reason).

            I think, in the end, we’re supposed to believe jews are getting ‘revenge’ for the Holocaust. No one thinks that now! or is worried about that now (too much into White supremacy, I suppose). Anyone going on about jews on these pages is likely only trying to discredit us in the here and now. That’s all they succeed in doing. The only other one’s to go on about jews, were . . .

            I have seen it done in the media one time successfully. There was a news program and interview of a White supremacist gang leader in prison. Near the end of the video, he turns his head sadly saying, “They (jews) have a right to be angry about what’s happened to them”. The female reporter didn’t understand what he was saying at all. Very quickly she said, ‘so you believe the holocaust happened’? As she did so the sound turned down and that part of the film ended or was cut. It was very near the end of the documentary.

            I don’t like talking about them, yet here I did. Anyone talking about them, IS part of the conspiracy. As I said, they are either dupes, part of the conspiracy or trying to embarrass us, in my opinion.

            If you ask me, blaming jews is a bad idea all around. White men are too intelligent to be distracted from their real enemy. They’re too smart. It’s their superior genes. Women are could never be impressed by multigenerational efforts a revenge. They’re too sensitive and forthright for that.

        • LHathaway

          “Naturally, when they achieved positions of influence, they worked to make their societies more tolerant about those who were “different”.”

          shut up, nazi.

        • BlueSonicStreak

          Holocaust revisionism runs from simply disputing things like whether or not this or that gas chamber was actually operational, to claiming Hitler was a friendly puppy who never hurt anybody. It covers a wide range, from relatively serious (if often amateur) attempts at historical review of the war to kook denial that the whole thing ever happened.

          The biggest problem with revisionism is how illegal it is in most places. To be honest, I do not understand how it is such a tremendous threat to let people argue their points openly; if revisionism could be easily debunked, then it would actually be better to have open debate (like evolution vs. creationism) to firmly settle the issue. If revisionists are clueless idiots, then open peer review would clearly demonstrate this to people.

          It’s actually the way that people close rank around the Holocaust that makes some people (particularly people prone to being paranoid or contrary) suspicious that there IS something about the Holocaust that needs to be hidden.

          • Jeff

            Honest reply, and well said. I do agree that prohibiting dissent is disturbing and hardly necessary. People who advocate such acts do a disservice to the victims. If anything, dissension serves only to bring the atrocities to the forefront.

        • Walter Lew

          “I have never understood attributing almost paranormal abilities of joooos to form vast, worldwide conspiracies extending back in history for 2K years. It’s ridiculous.”

          There is nothing paranormal about their success.

          Logic tells you that given the out-group’s goals and their attributes, success has a good chance in a host nation of populated by individualist members.

          The hyperbole of “vast, worldwide conspiracies” is a straw man.

          Any highly intelligent out-group that enters into a host nation and wishes to remain genetically whole–not lose their identity through assimilation–must make sure that the host population does not take dead aim at them.

          The best way to cause misdirection is to network for financial success, control the information media (allowing the out-group to portray themselves as victims and portray host in-group opposition as evil bigots), and turn the host nation multiracial battleground

    • An upvote for you, before your comment goes *poof*

      • Jacobite2

        I don’t see the Comment you’re referring to, so I guess it got Deleted. I consider it a blessed day when 1/4 of my Comments survive the cut. Sure makes replying to Replies quick work. Hey, at least amren gives me a chance. I’m permanently banned from several ‘Conservative’ sites. I’ve seen Comments on various sites to the effect that you can always tell who’s really running things by noting who it is who cannot be criticized. Of course, only posters who have Comments Deleted get to see the pattern. And I sure can’t post a Comment letting others know of my experiences.
        TO ALL: in Kevin MacDonald’s “Culture of Critique” there’s a short discussion of “Jewish Organizations and Censorship of the Internet”. In view of today’s news reporting, it couldn’t be more important for everyone to check it out immediately.

  • H. Leonskoi

    This was an excellent commentary, excellent article, excellent riposte, and excellent advocacy for a group that needs its advocates. I would add that most of us, white racial realists and advocates for our people, are much more concerned with having our own space than harming others, especially those who will live and let live. It is the intrusive, aggressive types forcing themselves on us that we find offensive. Those who wish to silence us are also offensive. Many are also angry at those who wish to steal from us.

  • ViktorNN

    I’ve found that manosphere “theorists” have a very selective view of evolutionary psychology that tends to neatly conform to what is essentially “libertarianism as a lifestyle.” These guys tend to be very individualistic, capitalistic, hedonist, libertine, and so on.

    What they miss is the kind of natural human behavior that leads both sexes to have children, live in in family groups, and live family life. These are all expressions of our human nature as very social animals, and people of a certain age who aren’t satisfying these needs tend to be unhappy, unfulfilled people.

    These kinds of social bonds are also the foundations of racial identity as well as the best, most productive basis for collective organizing, and they’re based on impulses that are natural and healthy and good.

    All of this is just ignored or flat out not understood by manospherists. They grok some basic evolutionary psych stuff about differences between men and women – but they miss the much larger picture of human nature that evopsych shows us. The myopic, relentless quest to get laid actually strikes me as very negroid. “Muh D*ck,” as they say.

    • listenupbub

      I have commented below that it absolutely is a black phenomenon. Many of the manosphere participants are black themselves, and many others are hispanic.

    • LHathaway

      “(they) have a very selective view of evolutionary psychology”

      So, they have a selective view of a complete fraud. I would take that over a more complete acceptance of what amounts to a total fraud – the term ‘evolutionary psychology’ didn’t even exist 30 years ago. That’s like saying someone is suspect, because they haven’t come to accept the complete liberal agenda.

      High fantasy literature has more relevance to the human condition than anything evolutionary psychologists come up with. It’s like a religious view of the origins of human behavior (minus the science). Let’s just make it up so it sounds like it fits, and more importantly, so it promotes whatever agenda I’m promoting at this specific moment.

      Everything is a lie, except for ‘evolutionary psychology’ *sarcasm*

      If I used the word ‘evolutionary psychology’ anywhere in my post and did not put the word inside quotations I apologize for my failure to help preserve the sanctity of the written word.

  • Randall Ward

    Good article, well written. Just a suggestion; read the Christian bible in stead of viewing Roosh.

  • bv

    He’s from D.C. but he couldn’t take the leftists. That’s why he lives in a 99.9% white country Ukraine.

  • This is why I love legalized abortion.

  • C. Magnus

    Article on the Manosphere by Greg Johnson, also published recently: http://www[dot]counter-currents[dot]com/2015/02/does-the-manosphere-morally-corrupt-men/

  • If in 10 years someone who looked liked that came for my daughter, his arms and legs would be run through the garbage disposal and then everything else burned in the self-cleaning oven.

    Sorry, boys.

    • Ultimate187

      You race mixed. Maybe he wants to too.

      • I was already 3/16 American Indian – Cherokee and Tuscarora – coming out of the box. Nothing can fix that.

  • danstrom

    Roosh’s self-serving positions are glaringly obvious. Leftists do the same when they allow “nationalism for group-X, but not for whites,” but Leftists are delusional across the board. It’s harder to comprehend Roosh’s position — at least from the perspective of cognitive consistency — because he has some accurate insights of the human condition based in hard-nosed realism, instead of flighty Leftist idealism… But then he stops abruptly when it comes to race.

    So, therefore, his positions need to be reevaluated: he is not a hard-nosed realist; he is more like a sociopath who believes whatever serves him personally, and at the expense of everyone else.

  • LHathaway

    Right, men would be better off staying in their basement, watching TV?

  • PUA = Pick Up Artists
    DE = Dark Enlightenment

    • TCA

      Thanks. I did a yahoo search to no avail.

  • Mark Caldwell

    Excellent article.

    A former mayor of Atlanta, GA when asked about ‘white flight’ responded with disgust and animosity saying:

    “Whites abandoned us, taking their money from the metro with them into Fulton county but we’re going to integrate Atlanta back into the county, they can move to their suburbs but we need the funds for downtown.”

    “No matter where they go, we will follow, no matter where they end up, we will be there.”

    On a different subject but one in a similar vein of liberal/collectivist insanity where statements on self defense and the 2nd amendment have surfaced, many prominent psychologists have begun saying:

    “Self defense is ‘bizarre’ behavior”

    “Self defense with the use of force ‘exhibits a degree of personal autonomy’ that conflicts with the authority of the state”

    Further exemplified by demands from Ferguson protesters that even if Michael Brown was attacking officer Darren Wilson, officer Wilson should have given in and suffered the beating and not have shot Mr. Brown.

    Claiming that to accept a beating from Mr. Brown and not resorting to self defense would have not only been politically correct but would have definitively proven that officer Wilson was not a xenophobe or racist.

    The enablers and traffickers of this modern insanity like Mr. Valizadeh pose a greater threat to our future than Islamic terror or global/financial currency wars.

    • Ask the people who bitch about white flight this question to put them in checkmate:

      “Do you believe in racial equality?”

      Of course they’ll answer Yes. At which time you box them in by reminding them that if racial equality was real, it wouldn’t matter who is or is not coming to or leaving a particular place.

      Just about everybody believes in white supremacy, none more enthusiastically than the blacks who complain about it all day long and see it everywhere.

  • Randall Ward

    Since the German Air Force never developed a long range bomber, like the USAAF did, and had no navy that could attack the USA in any meaningful way, it would have been impossible for Germany to harm the USA. Hitler had no designs on the USA. You overestimate the power of Nazi Germany by a great amount.

    • Cheri Rodriguez

      Look into the Amerika-Bomber project which was initiated in April 1942. The Germans planned to seize The Azores and from there hit U.S. industrial targets with the Heinkel He 277, Junkers Ju 390, Focke-Wulf Ta 400 and Messerschmitt Me 264.

      Main Targets:
      *Allis-Chalmers in La Porte, Indiana
      *Allison Division of G.M. in Indianapolis, Indiana
      *Aluminum Corp. of America in Alcoa, Tennessee; Massena, New York; Badin, North Carolina and Vancouver, British Columbia
      *American Car & Foundry in Berwick, Pennsylvania
      *Bausch & Lomb in Rochester, New York
      *Chrysler Corp. in Detroit, Michigan
      *Colt Manufacturing in Hartford, Connecticut
      *Corning Glass Works in Corning, New York
      *Cryolite Refinery in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Cryolite Mine in Arsuk, Greenland
      *Curtiss Wright Corp. in Beaver, Pennsylvania, Buffalo, New York, and Caldwell, New Jersey
      *Hamilton Standard Corp. in East Hartford, Connecticut and Pawcatuck, Connecticut
      *Pratt & Whitney Aircraft in East Hartford, Connecticut
      *Sperry Gyroscope in Brooklyn, New York

      The operation was cancelled in September 1944.

      • Randall Ward

        Baloney. Germany had no hope of harming the USA, and they knew it.

        • Canadian Friend

          Two things,

          —During WWII German submarines were seen in North American waters, and after Japan signed a pact with Hitler, they had Japanese airplanes and balloons trying to reach the USA by flying over the North Pole…

          —and it is an established historical fact that Roosevelt asked Canada if he could hide some ships in Canada because he feared the Germans would attack the USA eventually

          • Randall Ward

            German subs sunk ships off the coast of Texas, where I am from. Galveston still has concrete gun emplacements from WWII.
            But the Germans had no real power to harm the USA unless they had the atomic bomb and bombers to deliver them.
            Germany had a small chance to defeat the USSR, and they failed to defeat the USSR, which hurt the Western democracies for fifty years.
            At the end of the war, GB finally wised up and began to slack up on Germany in order to slow the USSR. By then the USSR had shown its true intentions to take over all of Europe it could.
            FDR was a socialist that believed the USSR was the way of the future. His offices were full of communists that communicated with the communistis in the USSR. Plus he was a major liar, so nothing he said can be believed.

        • The All Seeing Bry

          Cheri is right, but that obviously wasn’t until after the U.S. declared war on Germany. Of course Germany was planning to attack America, they just got war declared on them! Are Germans supposed to sit around with their high-tech submarines and planes and wait to get attacked by a country that just declared war on them? NO, they wanted to win the war at all costs obviously and that means destroying your enemies.

  • Anna Tree

    Because the writing is on the wall. Escalation of Prejudice:
    1) Disparaging Terms, 2)
    Avoidance, 3)
    Discrimination, 4) Dehumanization, 5) Physical Violence, 6) Genocide, extermination, or ethnic cleansing.
    amren com/news/2015/02/when-whites-get-a-free-pass/#comment-1874037630

    • silviosilver

      Great find. Love it.

    • UncleSham

      Toasters aren’t just racists, they are Guilty White Liberal Racists. They assuage their guilt by turning white bread brown.

  • Ella

    “For Mr. Valizadeh, however, race can be not only a bothersome distraction from fast sex; taking it seriously could be a sign you are loser or a potential mass murderer.” And some males stray like dogs, just like you Mr. Valizadeh. You might re-think your strategies when or if you decide to date-to-marry and eventually mate.

  • Anna Tree

    Exactly, the fact that I like my children more doesn’t mean I hate the other children or want to kill them. Similarly I like my race the most. Evolution 101.

    But it can take some time for a brainwashed victim to get it. If you don’t get the fruit on a first and only date, at least you may have seed the tree for another race realist coming along…

  • juzrazmuz

    The “manosphere” has been one big loser fest for as long as I can remember. Roosh either noticed that the race dialogue was too controversial and wanted to purposefully alienate white nationalists in order to retain his more egalitarian crowd, or he isn’t getting many views and knew that direct race baiting would draw more attention.

    Either way, getting poooozy isn’t really a worthy life goal.

  • Sick of it

    You mean that terrible Swedish Jew?

  • Sick of it

    Probably the same people who are cool with sucking down drugs.

  • Light from the East

    I believe even Whites and Asians have some common interests, White people are the final ones to make their “Renaissance” campaign successful or not since Whites know something Asians don’t know.

    “For myself, there is a lot more to my life than my individual existence. I care about the country my children and grandchildren will live in. I care about the biological group that created the culture I love. And there are plenty of people who think exactly as I do.” Jared Taylor

    The key lies in the young generation White. No matter who you are,

    1) Spread the message of AR, on FB, Twitter, Youtube, your own blog, or ad, etc.

    2) If possible, donate to AR.

    3) Gain some knowledge like politics, history, genetics, psychology, even economy, etc. One day you will surprisingly find you use them to save the society.

    4) Promote the idea of AR in college and help some students founding “Renaissance” club.

    5) This movement is not limited to the USA. Spread the message of AR to Europe, even Russia. Let everybody defend their homeland, culture, and civilization.

    6) If someone has a chance to be in parties or jurisdictional system, use your influence to direct them to the right direction, even it is a little.

    As those old politicians suffered from white guilt after WWII and civil right movement retired, the new stage is ready. And we have to be ready to change the atmosphere, achieving the glory just like Renaissance and Enlightenment Era.

    • Evette Coutier

      I may get show down for this, but it’s really time for Whites to partner with Asians.

      • I did it, but it isn’t for just anyone.

        • Evette Coutier

          I can say with complete candor that Whites and Asians have enough common interests to justify a cooperative relationship. If we are to be objective, it’s in both our interests to partner with each other. Our numbers are too small not too.

          • LHathaway

            That is insane.

          • Evette Coutier

            Why do you say that?

          • LHathaway

            Perhaps I read too much into your statement, deeming it insane, but I believe non-Asian men should stop sleeping with Asian women.

            I’m all for multiculturalism and diversity, up to a point (not as it’s being carried out). And I think that is generally true of me. I guess I’m not immune from wanting to be seen as taking the high road. But some good, wonderful, things can be taken too far. And in fact, need to stop yesterday, not right now.

          • Evette Coutier

            I wasn’t speaking about dating. I was thinking in terms of strategic partnerships between communities.

          • LHathaway

            Well, if we take the richard lynn view of things, the ‘k vs r strategy’, which many ‘racists’ take intellectual justification for their views. . . if we accept this idea as ‘race realists’. . . then surely, all they ways we take a dim view of blacks would be exactly, each and every way, Asians would take a dim view of Whites?

          • Evette Coutier

            I’m sure some Asians do. However, let’s be objective. Most advances in the sciences, technology, arts, and literature have come from white civilization. The greatest economic wealth in the world is still in western white civilization. Asians send their kids to American universities. Asians do recognize the benefits of white society. No one sends their kids to the University of the Congo.

          • LHathaway

            No. In this case, let’s use the Richard Lynn model. Don’t be shy. This is the time and place to do so. If not here, where?

            You’ve laid out your guns. Stick too them.

          • Evette Coutier

            Why am I obligated to stick to his model? I am sticking to my guns. I get to define my own point of view.

          • LHathaway

            There can be a diversity of opinions found on this site. Sorry if I lumped you with a certain type of post. Over the years coming here, it always seems to be the unfriendly types, who hardly sound human, almost as if their whole point is to sound as inhumane as possible, who present Their ideas on White advocacy as the only one’s possible. And indeed will activley pose as some kind of ‘authority’ on these boards sounding as if they are attempting to run anyone else off. Anyone, besides those who don’t even sound human. Perhaps this is no longer so much true on this site.

            I’m going to stick to my opinion, though. Whites and Asians have no reason to be fully integrated, such a pairing certainly can’t be good for Asian males. It’s true, as of now, Whites fawn over and defer to all people of color (especially blacks, who they are also Physically afraid of) so in a sense right now Asians are favored in this nation. That might not always be true. Our obnoxiousness, our loud behavior, our higher crime rates, might give them reasons to dislike us, depending on how closely they truly become integrated with us, I suppose.

            I had an Asian acquaintance – who was a friend or acquaintance of an Asian friend of mine – he went off to college in South Dakota. His friends sent him to study in South Dakota so that he could be completely immersed in American culture and also pick up English quicker. When he came back, he wasn’t even the same guy. He was loud, direct, and almost obnoxious. The change (probably not for the best) was slightly embarrassing.

            It worked, anyway.

          • Evette Coutier

            I’m staying out of the mixed race pairing debate between Asians and Whites. Although I am totally against black/white pairing, I feel we live in a free society, and if loser whites make that choice, then that’s their choice. I see then as part of the percentage of whites who are genetic losers. All races have a percentage of genetic losers. This is the nature of evolution. But that doesn’t mean I’m going to accept them. And this is where I struggle philosophically. I admit that I don’t have a good feel for this. There is genetic reality. There is philosophical principles. And then there is cultural and societal factors. You tell me where the balance points are.

            My point was that we have common interests with east Asians, and we have common foes. I believe these can and should work to our benefit. I don’t think the same can be said for the black, Hispanic, and middle eastern people of the world. I believe our genetic personality make-up is to removed for civil cooperation long term. That has not been my experience with east Asians.

            You speak of American culture ruining the polite nature of Asians. I agree. We have allowed too much of the African culture to influence our society, and too many poor genetic whites are overpopulating America. What do you suggest be done?

          • LHathaway

            Right now, Asians, Hispanics, Arabs and Blacks seem to be teaming up on behalf of ‘social justice’ and against horrible white supremacy and privilege. It’s likely they have been for some time. I’ve argued many times before, this has been the only thing that has civilized them (their belief in their moral superiority to greedy and guilty whites). The suggestion is being raised . . . instead of everyone else vs whites (the paradigm that has been in place since around the end of the second world war), the future line up will be everyone else vs blacks. Everyone else may need to line up in that stance if they want to avoid being overcome. In this case we may have some limited common cause with Asians. Or we may employ similar strategies in our efforts at survival.

            If you’re concerned about the efficacy of the white genetic stock . . . That is being taken care of. It has been for some time. White men who appear ‘weak’ or have the appearance of being weak somehow are not breeding too much. We may be on a course to replace White men entirely. Whites then too. Admittedly the apparent exponential increase in this process may have slowed quite a bit, but I can only guess that this process will continue until Whites are no more. While Whites do remain and such a sexual selection process is underway,, those who remain will likely be bigger and ‘stronger’ – likely not strong enough to be avoid a likely eventual elimination, but stronger and healthier. Whites will likely need to be isolated, make an isreal of their own, or be enclosed within a racial reservation if they want to continue in North America.

            I must say I’m going so say I’m surprised you feel we need to integrate genetically with Asians and not hispanics, Arabs and Blacks. Most other women don’t seem to feel that way! I’m going to agree with the majority. I do favor race mixing. I tend to think positive eugenics is a good idea. I still would prefer whites remain whites, or my ancestors to remain white, or at least whites to still exist (not as things are working themselves out now), but I think we can improve ourselves by breeding with other races. Obviously we can’t withstand unlimited immigration. I think they should be allowed to immigrate to our countries only for the purpose of marriage and no other reason. And if there is a divorce, they need to repatriate. Each country might have it’s own policy. Actually, I suspect our leaders feel we will be able to uphold our own banner up relatively unstained. That, as we move to becoming a truly non-violent society, and not the feminist paradise that we live in now, that women will no longer have great reason to prefer violent men, or have a use for their violence. That is to say, as we become a non-violent society, women may prefer white and asian men. That is likely so far off, though, that it can only be considered science fiction, and it likely will have no relevance to the future of North America at all. While Whites would then be able to survive OK in continental Europe, I do suspect they will need to limit free immigration into their countries.

            For awhile there, I was drawn to the idea of seeing all the races mix until we are all the same race. Perhaps I just naturally think along those lines. It would certainly eliminate racism. It would eliminate a whole host of potential problems. We can certainly increase diversity by race mixing and increasing the number of races. Or diversity could become eliminated, by us all becoming the same race. I don’t think That will happen anytime soon in that the world will more likely cord off by race.

            What do you think? Should I keep more of my ideas to myself?

          • Evette Coutier

            Don’t keep your ideas to yourself. That accomplishes nothing.

            I don’t really know what to think about genetic mixing with Asians. I’m unsure at this point in time. I’m not for it with the other groups. There’s clear evidence it’s a bad idea, but I need more facts concerning Asians.

            Here’s what I see as the Facts. The earths the population is too large. The degenerate populations are over-breeding. Either naturally, or man made, a culling will take place. Historically, brighter folks survive the cullings. Advantage whites and Asians. This is what happened during the black death and the enlightenment. It’s seems apparent that a plague will hit the world that will overwhelm our medical institutions. These outbreaks hit poor areas the hardest. As genetic realists, we are not focused on this as a community. Already we are seeing the precursors of this in flu epidemics and the Ebola scare. Now that antibiotics are losing the battle to resistant strains of bacteria, it is even more critical to live in intelligent communities of affluence. Soft hearted liberals who live among minorities will suffer disproportionately because they have chosen poorly. Actually, I am very positive about the long term viability of whites. But I think it is critical that we remain vigilant in the short run. If minorities control the country and outnumber us, middle class whites will be subject to abuse in the short term. I my case it will not effect me. I’m in a position in life, and of a mindset, that I can relocate elsewhere. My loyalty is to race before country.

          • LHathaway

            “If minorities control the country and outnumber us, middle class whites will be subject to abuse in the short term”.

            What do you think will happen? Why do you think this would be only for a short development?

            I don’t know about middle class Whites but I do know about working class and underclass Whites. If you think working class Whites will begin to suffer in the future, I would really hate to see what that might entail. Because they’ve certainly been abused enough in the last 40 years or so.

            You bring up something to think about. If people refuse to go to work, to avoid catching a plague or deadly illness, society could break down. That’s why you need guns to make them work . . .

            To speaking of White genetics again, I don’t know, but I think we could use major improvements. No matter what one thinks of Whites, and quite often I don’t think too well of them, or us, we could do a lot to improve ourselves.

          • Evette Coutier

            The best way to think about what will happen to whites is to think in probabilities. Even when we are no longer dominant by total percentage, and collectively minorities will out number us, we need to bear in mind that their excessively tribal nature will cause fighting amongst each other. Hispanics have already abandon their black brothers. There will be more whites total than Hispanics for a long time to come. We have to keep in mind that the only people who consistently stand up for other races are white people. The probability is that situation will see a drastic decline once enough middle and lower income whites find themselves out in the cold. They are only altruistic so long as they are at the top, financially well to do, and benefit by being in control of the power structure. In all cultures around the world, diversity and shared power equals division and increased ethnic tension.

            Lower class whites will generally be in a world of hurt. As our society is flooded with low income labor, the average income will drop to third world levels. We could only maintain high average standards of living for lower income folks so long as we were isolationist. Water seeks it’s lowest level. A world economy has a very low level of income. For the rich, all we are is a source of profit. Lower wages equals better profits. You simply cannot trust anyone whose soul motivation is money.

            Something to also consider is sub-societies. The mafia actually started off as citizens in Italy defending themselves against corruption and crime. The Klan also started this way. Again, consider percentages. On average, all societies and civilizations grow more corrupt with age until they become so corrupt they die of their corruption. During those periods, criminal organizations grow. We’ve already seen this in America. More low income whites will be forced into the position of being victims of, members of, or to some degree involved in the criminal world.

            I agree that white genetics has taken a hit. But these thing work themselves out in the long run. Failed genetic strategies die off. They can only exist in modern society because we are affluent enough to be charitable and subsidize them. But when we can no longer afford such charity, they are out of luck. The best thing these people could to is band together and use their collective political power to promote their political and economic interests. But they won’t. They are too busy drinking beer, going to go-go bars, with no realistic plans for their long term survival. I hate to be cold but you have to write them off. Their future is bleak. Even the more ethical genetic losers who will not spend a life in and out of prison are going to have a future of poverty with no prospects for their children. Genetic and evolutionary reality his harsh.

            I think if we consider the odds, a situation like South Africa is unlikely. The Greek situation is more probable. Even the early post Soviet Russia could be in our future. Moreover, the odds are strong that we will face severe racial conflict. The good news for me and you is we don’t live in the left wing liberal fantasyland of multicultural harmony. We will be prepared.

          • LHathaway

            “The probability is that situation will see a drastic decline once enough middle and lower income whites find themselves out in the cold. They are only altruistic so long as they are at the top, financially well to do, and benefit by being in control of the power structure”.

            It’s been cold out here for a long time now. You raise a good point . . .

            I think you misunderstood some of my comments entirely. White genetics are not taking a hit. Only the most fit, successful and able white men are breeding children. This should improve successive generations of White children, at least, in regards to current models of fitness. If this genetic success is already quite apparent, or it it will take thousands and thousand of years to be noticeable, is hard to say. White numbers themselves are beginning to decline and likely will for quite some time. In a way, that’s it’s own bright point, if the doom and gloom you discuss is inevitable.

            What exactly have you done to get prepared? Help me out here on what I could do.

          • Evette Coutier

            It is always possible advances in science and technology will avert the scenario I painted. But that is difficult to predict.

            There are many things you can do the prepare. Obviously, educating yourself is critical. Find a good book on the collapse of the USSR. I read one at the library, and it talked about shortages. Very informative. A little reading can go a long way. Working for the Federal government is a good tactic. State and local government less so. Fed jobs tend to be more insulated. It’s not a guarantee, but it improves your odds. Actually , being an elected politician has real security. They don’t get laid off or take pay cuts. Anything that makes you an insider is a high percentage strategy.

            If being an insider is not in the cards for you, there are other important choices. Don’t live in poor areas, especially in the city. Rural areas are not so bad as they have low population densities, and gardening is allowed on a scale large enough to be effective. Being part of a tight knit community is also important. Going solo is a bad idea. It’s more than just sharing resources, it’s sharing knowledge and skills, and assistance. Plus, having a community helps folks keep morale up during difficult times, and allows you to do things that requires a group to accomplish.

            Be cautious of the prepper mindset. They have many good ideas, but they also say some dumb things. First, the notion of bugging out is bad and should be avoided if possible. The last thing you want to be is out on the road with three days of supplies in an emergency. You can quickly become a refugee. Look at all the people the government put into the sports dome in Katrina. The best strategy is to not live in an area subject to natural disaster or civil disorder. Sorry, but living in a flood zone is asking for problems.

            Another thing people neglect is keeping in good physical condition. You are more resistant to illness, better able to defend yourself, and can manage disaster. It’s as simple as being able to walk a few miles if your car breaks down.

            Those are a few ideas to get you started. Too many folks thing that society will collapse and they will go off into the woods and live off the land. There is no factual or historical evidence to suggest this will happen. Look at historical fact to see what actually happens during hard times.

  • AndrewInterrupted

    It’s my understanding that “Roosh” has Khazarian roots. He is not “white” and shouldn’t be allowed to represent them. Khazars like Persians, Armenians, Chechens, and Ashkenazi Jews do not have the genetic development to qualify as “westerners”.

  • TCA

    I am an Anglo-Saxon racist, anti-Semite, and White supremacist and I will not apologize.
    Common sense, coupled with an unobstructed view of the facts, is sufficient for an explanation.
    And yes, my toaster is racist.

    • PaleRider1861

      Not only is my toaster racist, but so is my refrigerator, my dishwasher, my toothpaste, as well as my tooth(s)…not to mention my underwear, of course.
      It’s said that light is white, as well. Follow me all, to the light.

  • Light from the East

    Compare Hiroshima and Detroit 65 years ago and now. The power of Negro + liberal is just as effective as nuke.

  • Anna Tree

    i think it is a joke, a sarcastic joke. ThePeoplesCube com creates many such images to make people think, tick, wake up…

  • BlueSonicStreak

    The sexual values of the “manosphere” are horrifying, and ape the worst aspects of the gay community as well as the worst of the black.

    That alone should be enough to make any race realist question its value.

  • pcmustgo

    Yeah, met some kind of “white hispanic” recently who pretended to be a white nationalist/race realist, then called me a “powerless loser” essentially (and ugly too, real classy) because I discussed affirmative action concerns about Latinos. Most Latino Conservatives I knew simply did not understand WHITE RACIAL RESENTMENT… they literally don’t *get what we’re angry about. They’re in total denial about Black (and Latino) dysfunction and racial hatred. It reminded me of how I always regret getting “involved” with a non-white and how they never seem to be able to UNDERSTAND us… he seemed to think whites just wanted to “look down” on Hispanics.

    • pcmustgo

      Then again, their white conservative friends never discuss white racial resentment- just wave american flags, talk about the constitution, claim their opposition to immigration has nothing to do with race, etc.

  • Evette Coutier

    Why do so many people put race before reality?

  • JustJeff

    What a douche

  • A Freespeechzone

    Let’s see, in today’s society, blacks enjoy a lifestyle that was created and implemented by the White man—from the modern conveniences like electricity, electronic technology, automobiles, flushing toilets…..they should be grateful.

    Instead, they want to marginalize and destroy us……then what? Back to the 11th Century?

    • IstvanIN

      ….back to BC is more like it.

      • superlloyd

        Back to Africa before the advent of the arab and the white man i.e. stone age primitivism which they still have not shed.

    • LHathaway

      How about to Mars, after having appropriated the ‘white mans’ technology?

  • Maximus

    A real (white) man do not use (white) women for sex and pleasure. He go down on his knees like a medieval knight and ask for her hand. He will with discipline and dignity became a father to her children and live honestly with chivalry. I truly hate all this pick up crap, casual sex thing and gaming. It´s all non-white animal behavior orchestrated by the chosen drama queen people to tear us apart.

    Marriage and family. Fidelity and white conservative way of life. That is all that matters. No matter how much non-whites we be able to deport in the future it wont change that much on a deeper level if white people still lives like non-white animals and industrialized mass humans.

    PS. No offence to the animal kingdom though. I love animals more than most people.

    • Nimadan

      Although there are a lot of exceptions, the average White woman of this day and age does not deserve that kind of deference and cannot be trusted with that degree of social influence. A massive moral reform is needed among BOTH White genders.

  • Randall Ward

    Do your know why your town took so long to rebuild? GB joined a war that it did not have to join and went broke. Next GB turned to communism after the war, and the economy went away. To this day GB has the worst governent in the Western nations. Was Ireland destroyed during the war? No and neither was Switzerland.
    You are right about the lack of destruction in the USA and the lack of experience. The USA also did not have any experience with communism until the start of WWII; people here are ignorant of the dangers of communism.

  • rentslave

    Nature made White Supremacy.

  • Reynardine

    Ding ding ding, we have a winner!

  • Constant Reader

    They grok some basic evolutionary psych stuff about differences between
    men and women – but they miss the much larger picture of human nature. Once you see the larger picture of human nature – where family is at the center of social relations, not the atomized individual, cut off and alone – all of this battle of the sexes stuff
    that manospherists are obsessed with fades into the background, as well
    as the myopic, relentless quest to get laid, which actually strikes me
    as very negroidal.

    Brilliant paragraph!
    I wonder if this “manosphere” is responsible for the intense hostility to women, in particular white women, in all the allegedly pro-white sites I’ve found. Whereas Black Pride celebrates its fine Nubian princesses, so-called White Pride relentlessly disparages and insults white women.
    How do these men expect the white race to continue without white women?
    Shouldn’t they be trying to encourage white women to join their ranks–especially
    strong, capable women who would make good life partners and produce strong, capable children? But, in fact, they seem to resent such women the most, even seem to be
    afraid of them.
    This makes it seem as if the men who patronize these sites are losers, evolutionary rejects if you will, who, when they asked the girl they liked in high school for a date, got the response, “In your dreams.” They grow up resentful and frustrated, and write
    misogynistic drivel that purports to support white ethnicity but actually poisons the one relationship that makes the continued existence of a race possible: that between men and women.

    • Mahtoofislooth

      Yes, thank you, spot on. The complete disrespect and what is more negroidal than what should be white behavior towards their own women. WN sites are incredibly anti-woman, everything is about what a “useless slut” the white western woman is and how every problem with dating, sex, marriage and the entire state of the nation is either because of women or Jews. It’s ridiculous. It’s no wonder WN can’t attract normal people. This is my single biggest issue with some cuts of conservatives, is they constantly complain about how women are flocking left, but then are openly hostile towards them. What do they expect? It doesn’t make me want to have your babies just because we agree on immigration and gun rights. If you can’t respect women and the importance of family, then you might as well be a young black democrat, your values and worth as a man are the same.

  • James Hamilton

    If whites look at the achievements of their race compared to the achievements of all the other races it extremely difficult to come to any conclusion other than that whites are superior. This is why whites, and only whites, must be prevented from analysing the world in terms of race. Blacks and Latinos can be proud of their races all day long, as there is little danger of their coming to the confusion that they are better than anyone else.

    • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

      The achivements of blacks and latinos is in crime and for asians and hindus, their achivements are the same as whites, but they could not have gotten there without white technology.

      • James Hamilton

        East Asians and Hindus are not without significant achievements, but they still lag a long way behind whites. Our nearest rivals are the Jews, but even for their undoubted intelligence and excellence in the field of commerce they can’t touch whites for inventions and discoveries. We are even further aheadif you include things like art, literature, and military victories.

        • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

          You are right about the East Asians and the Hindus also the jews, but in most cases their quality of life is a lot better thanks to whites.

    • superlloyd

      Blacks have nothing to be proud of in any field apart from bakkaball and feetzball. Hence their need to fabricate achievements so manifest in blag history mumf.

  • Juggernaut3000

    “Race realism by white people leads to the idea that whites are the superior race and all other races are inferior (white nationalism).”

    This White-hating, non-White has no right to define the White race.

    This hypocrite tells us he hates us using White technology and a White language and falling all over himself to live in a White-created society.

    He should be kicked out of and banned from all White homelands and sent immediately back to the hell-hole he came from. Let him live in the 3rd world country his own people created, one with raw sewage and dead bodies flowing in the rivers.

    • superlloyd

      And with all those tempting, black clad, islamic females he so resolutely ignores in favour of White women. Hell, he acts like a negro with his fixation on [email protected]£k.

  • Musashi5000

    “Does White Identity Mean White Supremacy?”

    Why not?

  • Amin Farhûdi

    I am ashamed to see someone from my country lives in another country and works against the social well-being of the ethnic people thereof. He has chosen to participate in a cultural warfare against America on the side of racial minorities and immigrants. He will have no place in the future of America.

    I will not tolerate Persian girls have sexual relationship with races like Africans. I don’t know about his view on that. I am sure that the sound mentality in the West, Europe and America et cetera, will not either tolerate miscegenation for their girls. He is subversive not only for America, because that wrong culture is likely to be learnt through the world, and our girls in Iran may also adopt that degeneracy.

  • UncleSham

    Does any race even want to claim Armenians as their own?

  • LHathaway

    hehe, I just look at the photos they put up in their office cubicle. Quite a substantial number of affirmative action females have married their affirmative action co-workers and co-classmates.

  • anonymous_amren

    Personally, because I’m from a leftist background and actually care about the well-being of non-whites, I’m a white supremacist not just a white nationalist. I think the “subjugation … of races deemed to be inferior” is the only way to prevent those races from mass starvation and the kind of suffering I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. Also, non-whites are in a position to cause global problems (eg. global warming, extinction of interesting species, etc.) that affect everyone, if left to their own devices. Even the non-white races that are smarter and better behaved than we are still seem to benefit from white rule or at least white input. I hope we will one day recolonise Africa and teach them how to farm, or at least how to use condoms.

    I know that’s not a popular position around here, but I can’t help it. White people need to play a leading role in global affairs.

    • BlueSonicStreak

      That’s a very interesting perspective, and I personally do see where you’re coming from. I have toyed with a similar thought myself, i.e. IF (for the sake of argument) we are the “superior” race overall, does that leave us with a moral obligation to take care of the others until they are capable of doing such on their own? Certainly some past generations thought of the other races as children respective to us, and thought we had this obligation.

      My issues with that idea: first, while we seem to have an overall well-rounded edge on other peoples, we have hardly been shown to be absolutely superior in all regards. Do we even have the capability to do what you’re suggesting? In many places (like poorer parts of Europe), we are struggling even to care for our own. I don’t want other peoples to suffer; but should everyone else REALLY be our responsibility too?

      Additionally, many other peoples are affronted by the idea that we should care for them. They are not necessarily grateful for our help. Do they not have the right to autonomy? And has our idea of “care” always been good, or have various miscalculations on our part not sometimes made things worse? We would have to take responsibility for our failures as well as our successes. Perhaps it would be better to leave other peoples entirely alone. If THEY determined, on their own, that they would be better off with help from us, it would be up to them to ask us. Otherwise, we are obviously imposing our will on them, which could rightly be called oppressive. You seem to be okay with the idea of oppression in an “ends justify the means” sort of way, but I think there is an argument here that corrupt means corrupt the ends.

      And how much would this cost us in terms of our own development and improvement as a people? It’s sure costing us to keep most non-Asian non-whites afloat in the West right now.

      I understand running interference on behalf of the non-human parts of the planet, but our judgment there also hasn’t always been perfect. Wasn’t the hole in the ozone layer pretty much all on us?

      Essentially, what you’re suggesting is a retread of relatively recent human history, and what was the end result of that? Everyone else hates us.

      I’m less than convinced that Round Two would have a better outcome.

  • EiSkogsNisse

    This is just ethnocentrism in action and it is perfectly understandable for someone like Roosh Valizadeh, a Persian-Armenian who has spent most of his life in European countries, to want to perpetuate this state where Whites do not consider their own interests at all and do not care about race. For if that were to happen Mr. Valizadeh might get a few stern eyes pointed at him as well, being the foreigner that he is, and I bet he wouldn’t like that very much. It might even make it more difficult for him to be a degenerate and exploiting White women for his own gain.

    Now another thing speaking of Roosh Valizadeh and this manosphere is that I believe the manosphere consists mostly of White men. And the manosphere obviously tries to make many of these White men into actual men by teaching them about the real nature of women and how to act like a man. But what these men should start to think about is why they would take advice or even listen to someone like Roosh Valizadeh? He is a Persian-Armenian, that is to say a racial foreigner, who does nothing but brag about his exploits with White women. For a White man to look up to a man like that is nothing short of cuckoldry. Now cuckoldry never looks good on a man yet the following this Roosh man has is mainly composed cuckolds whether the White men are aware of it or not.

    My advice is: Forget about Roosh, he isn’t White and he cannot teach White men how to be White men. That is something that only other White men can do. So watch some old movies, listen to Sean Connery on how to deal with Women, and you’ll have more success in life than if you were to continue to listening to the Persian-Armenian Roosh Valizadeh.

  • Fr. John+

    Andrew Anglin over at Daily Stormer has deconstructed all this. I never enjoyed an analysis of non-White presumption of ‘presumed whiteness’ more in my life.

  • Dylan Lowe

    No, white identity is not coterminous with our definition of white supremacy.

    But let’s just remind ourselves, Hitler would’ve started killing Non-whites — and not just white people — if the Germans had won WWII.

    How can white identity be the same as white supremacy if you’re gay?

    Percentage wise, Hitler probably killed more gays than he killed Jews, Roma, and Ethnic Slavs in German occupied territories in 1933-1944.

    So regardless of white racial identity, how can anyone claim to be superior to Non-whites if they are gay — which are clearly inferior to heterosexuals?

    • Spikeygrrl

      THANK YOU. I believe that we should be as kind toward homosexuals as we are toward schizo

      • Dylan Lowe

        But Down Syndrome and Schizophrenia are not the same. Down Syndrome is a prenatal and neo-natal condition, which is evident at the time of birth. Schizophrenia is a congenital condition which only becomes evident in later life.

        Besides, homosexuals are usually more stigmatized in contemporary western societies than the case of Schizophrenia; although it’s true to say that Hitler wouldn’t have been kind to any such groups which we have mentioned.

        However, it’s also true to say that schizophrenics would stand a far better chance of holding political office than homosexuals, even in the face of public exposure by the media.

        Americans are more likely to vote for a person with paranoid schizophrenia than another person who is openly gay.

  • Orion_Blue

    I have to say that I find PUAs utterly loathsome, disgusting, manipulative sad losers. A singular preoccupation to the exclusion of everything else is intrinsically unhealthy and the level of implied contempt for women this connotes should be beneath us.

    • Spikeygrrl


      • Orion_Blue

        Sorry, PUA is a clumsy abbreviation for Pick Up Artist, whoch basically boils down to ignorant pug.

        • Spikeygrrl


          Please allow me to speak for intelligent women everywhere (if you count ~160 as intelligent): the market for high IQ males is EXCRUCIATING. Then slap on high standards for MORALS and high IQ females might as well be chickens in the rain (who stand outside with their beaks open to the sky until they drown).

          PUA WILL NOT WORK on high IQ women, unless they’ve been beat up — physically OR emotionally — to hide their intelligence as a defect.

          [I’d better stop writing right now, before I write something that might just get me kicked off this board.]

        • Spikeygrrl

          Had a BIG reply for you. It vanished into the ether, g’dammit. But we will surely meet again. 🙂

        • Spikeygrrl

          Actually, SOME of that stuff works.

          Cameo: About half a dozen years after my divorce I fell inadvertently into a discussion board on which I met some really cool women. Again TOTALLY UNPLANNED I fell into “Mars and Venus On A Date,” written by (duh!) the Mars and Venus guy.

          I thought it sounded weird and stupid. And yet…and yet… Nevertheless, half of us signed onto a “joke bet”: Can you use ONLY the methods in this book to attract and retain a quality male? Even when EVERY culture runs against you?

          Ten of our 11 couples were married/remarried within one year. At ten years out, NONE BUT DH and me — out of the remaining ten couples — remained married to the same spouse.

          I have written on this elsewhere. Right now I’m awaiting the arrival of my 2-3x/week ”

  • Rocco

    Read cheteau heartiste. It is less your run of the mill ex jock locker room BS like Roosh, and more about society as a whole as it pertains to the interactions between men and women. He also links to Amren and talks as much about society, politics, race and 3rd wave feminism as he does getting laid. It’s actually a great segway for post University politically brainwashed 20 somethings looking for dating advice to begin reading meaningful information on sexism, racism and what it all means to White America.

    • Spikeygrrl

      “It’s actually a great SEGUE…”

      Segway(tm) is the registered trade name for a two-wheeled, motored, stand-up transportation device.

      • Rocco

        Actually I’m having a harder time typing on this tablet with its suggested words and all, than I am telling the difference between those two words but thanks.

        • Spikeygrrl

          I hope you do the same for me when I need it. 🙂

  • Rocco

    You are partially right. A good woman is definitely worthy of a mans respect and care. The problem is unfortunately women especially in large US cities are less and less worthy of the kind of respect that men like us were taught to blindy give. If you get past the initial inclination to write some of these guys off as simple PUA’s and read more into why race realism is more important than ever to youn single white men in the dating market, you might learn a thing or two yourself…I did.

  • Spikeygrrl

    “Agony aunt” — ROTFL! I haven’t heard that term for “advice columnist” for at least 30 years…and even then it was invoked for quirky nostalgia value.

    But seriously now: If you really want to see where American popular culture is gping, scan the agony aunts. They’re a MUCH more realistic picture of where we are in the nitty-gritty culture wars than the daytime talk shows.

    Anonymity=much more truth.

  • Anna Tree

    I wish you were right… Its website is full of race and gender denialism. He and his followers are after all, mostly liberal atheists. To be intelligent or educated doesn’t mean you can’t be brainwashed (or as someone coined it, brainsoiled.) I believe everyone can be, all depends on one’s experience and environment (well genetics too of course. And then well, the mob didn’t change, it just followed a new god) But I want to hope like you, that if only he could be asked to answer a few pertinent questions, he would take the red pill and eventually acknowledge the truth, if he is brave enough (he might be.) I was and I am much less intelligent, educated and brave…

    But indeed, I can’t believe Prof. Watson for example, didn’t have a few conversation with friends before his words came public. Anyway, I would love to watch a debate between Mr. Taylor and Mr. Dawkins. And other intellectuals.
    I think that like in the story of the Emperor with no clothes, one day, the sooner the better, whites won’t be able to hold their innate race realism anymore.

  • Rocco

    Aka – power..the fact that the guy in the local band, the preacher, community leader usually all have more than their share of female fans is telling. They might not be rich, by some standards but they possess something that attract s people to them. Its not exactly rare that a guy who has made big money has had his choice of female partners throughout much of his life before he made the money. Assertive, powerful men dont usually just wake up on day with this new found power.

  • Craig Crestford

    His only goal is to get laid asap. Saying the white man is bad widens his pool of easy pseudo feminists.

  • FransSusan

    You may be over-thinking this. There’s nothing wrong with believing that whites are superior to other races, because it’s true. There’s nothing wrong with being racist. Actually, everyone is racist. So what. It’s the corrupt, US government that conflates the word with hatred and uses it to malign whites. History proves that white is the superior race. What other race has accomplished as much as whites have, regardless of our warts.

  • Ashlar

    This is a great article. We have to get marxist equalism ideology out of schools, somehow, and replace it with enlightened and educated discussion. It is one of many topics that need serious reformation if we are to create a truly enlightened American society (and world society). I don’t know how to do it though when their camp is so deeply entrenched and any dissenting voice of reason gets fired or fined. Larry Summers is a perfect example.

    If the President of one of the top American Universities can be fired for suggesting that science is actually a thing that exists and explains gender differences, how are we ever supposed to turn it around?

    My honest to G-d hope is that Ted Cruz gets elected, then pulls an Obama and just starts signing executive orders saying “no more feminism, no more equalism, no more sharia zones, no more false history, and total reformation of education and media beginning right now.” I can’t think of any other solutions besides a president just strong-arming this place back into a sense of reason.

  • Ashlar

    Don’t group us all together. I neither loathe nor degrade women; I have made a rational decision based on the truth about the modern dating arena. I don’t think they’re equal to men, and my benevolent sexism is why they love me so much. That said, white women in America have been insufferable. They are so deeply infected with feminism that they have no trace of charm, femininity or “girl game” as they should have and used to have in the 40s and 50s.

    To win this game, white men need to stop being self-loathing jellybacks, and white women need to step it up and realize that they aren’t special snowflakes just for existing and have to actually bring something to the table. And they need to openly turn their backs on feminism, I would never ever date a white feminist woman and neither would any other man with self-respect.

  • zaqan

    A lot of the comments here are so foolish and misguided. Reminds me of the comments section on a similar Counter Currents article. PUA is somewhat stupid and does not build families. For some it is the best that can be done in a system that is rigged against stable marriage. You can whine all day about the need for strong families, and you would be right. However, the system for the past 50 years, like many evil deeds passed in 1965, has made it risky for men to commit. We even see high status men cleaned out for all they are worth in courts. Until that system is changed, marriage will be disincentivized.

    Now, while PUA is somewhat recent and stupid, game is an ancient art. Our grandfathers all used it. The attraction and seduction of women for whatever purpose (children or casual sex) has remained the same for millennia. There was never a time when you could just express your interest in a woman, give her flowers, ask her father, and all was well. There was always an element of demonstrating your superior status to a woman, whether by teasing or play or money or social standing, etc. Only recently did feminism suppress these tactics and make it a lost art. By claiming everything is sexual harassment and assault, men are now scared to have anything to do with women, making it a vicious circle.

    I was always decent at attracting women with my charm, but never realized what I was doing and was always missing the boat. PUA blogs and the like taught me how to attract women and how to finish the job. I have not used any of it to serial bang women, but I have used it to upgrade my social standing and to start the foundation of a relationship and perhaps one day marriage and children. Its important to recognize that the tactics are the same, but the names have changed, or rather they have gotten names, whereas in the past, it was just known how to attract women.

  • Efreet

    I’m a “lefty” who is very proud to be white. Try to wrap your minds around that!