Immigration Street: TUC Calls for Channel 4 to Drop Documentary

BBC News, February 21, 2015

The leader of Britain’s trade union movement has called for Channel 4’s Immigration Street documentary to be shelved.

The programme, due to be broadcast on Tuesday, has been criticised by residents of Derby Road in Southampton where it was filmed.

TUC general secretary Frances O’Grady said it would “encourage social division and hostility”.

Channel 4 insisted the street would be “represented fairly and accurately”.

The show was originally intended to be a six-part series but will now broadcast as one hour-long episode after filming was disrupted by protests.

Derby Road residents raised concerns that the show would stigmatise the area. It was produced for Channel 4 by independent outfit Love Productions, which made Benefits Street.

Residents also held a demonstration outside Channel 4’s headquarters in London in January.

Ms O’Grady said Channel 4 should “respect the views of the Southampton community”.

“The show looks set to encourage social division and hostility towards migrants and the black, minority and ethnic community.

“Instead of such irresponsible broadcasting, the media should expose how communities are suffering from the shocking impact of low wages, lousy contracts and cuts to services,” she added.

‘Share their stories’

Producer Kieran Smith previously said the decision to withdraw from the street was taken when “verbal aggression was turning into threats of violence”.

“Many people on Derby Road made the crew feel welcome and wanted to share their stories but there were local groups who, for their own reasons, were determined to halt production.

“It’s a great shame as the footage we have shot shows Derby Road is a place where, on the whole, people of different nationalities, cultures and religions respect and get along with each other. This will be reflected in the film.”

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  • whatodopeople?

    Missing from above is the part about the BBC4 television crew being pelted with eggs during the filming in Southampton. I went back to BBC News online and cannot find any mention of this in any of the linked articles….hmmm.

  • dd121

    In England you’re banned to prison if you say anything in favor of white people.

    • USofAntiWhite

      United Kingdom of Anti White

    • KenelmDigby

      This happens to be true.

  • I have no idea what is actually in the program, but in general terms I think that anybody who thinks that any channel on British television, particularly Channel Four who recently gave us a swipe mockumentary on UKIP, would actually air a program that would stoke up hostility to immigrants would need their heads testing.

    The only programs I have ever seen that may have inflamed people about immigration were probably the “Crime Invasion” series, hosted by Rageh Omar – a Somalian origin broadcaster.

    I suspect that the production team wanted a fly on the wall documentary to show ‘human situations’ and provide ‘understanding’ about all these people and how their society is.

    Of course, they would want to court a bit of controversy too for doing it, but I am sure it would have been extremely careful not to ‘stir’ up any kind of ‘racist’ attitudes.

    Then I suspect a load of lefties and SJWs turned up to hound it all down at the mere mention of “immigration”….fighting their own propaganda in a way.

    • Jeff

      Is there any truth to the notion that you can be incarcerated in England for speaking out about race?

      • People are regularly hauled off for police interviews over comments they have made on Facebook and Twitter. Some of them have been locked up. There have been a few recently, who were ‘abusing’ Jewish minister Luciana Berger.

        It can be a bit of a grey area over just what got them locked up sometimes, but yes, people are being locked up for ‘racist’ commentary and “racist views” – particularly on social media and in cases such as the “Tram Lady” Emma West.

        Others may have involved people who were drunk, getting a bit violent, or indeed suggesting people burn down mosques etc. So whether they were incarcerated for their behaviour or ‘incitement’ rather than their “racism” it can sometimes be hard to tell.

        Amren takes an age to process replies with links, so copy and past the following headlines into google for some examples. They should hopefully come up in the search results;-


        Aberdeen man jailed over mosque comments on Facebook

        BNP member Michael Coleman spared jail term

        Drunk racist who ranted at a Japanese woman on the Underground in video that went viral is jailed

        Leicester man jailed for 16 months over racist rants


        The last one about Leicester is a very good example of how our country and the courts now operate.

        I shall quote the judge who gave a man 16 months in prison for his verbal ‘racial abuse’.

        Sentencing, Judge Hammond said:

        “Leicester is a multi-cultural society and people in Leicester are proud of that and work hard to promote it. There’s no place in British society for people like this defendant, who holds disgraceful, disgusting views and adopts disgraceful conduct.

        “People are entitled to go about their business without having racial insults thrown at them. People who have racist views, and behave in a racist manner and insult people with their racist views, must expect custody.”

        There is “no place” for anybody to oppose what is going on in the only way they know how.

        If they do say something nasty to non-whites or other religious groups, then, according to this judge, they ought to EXPECT prison for it.

        The TRUTH is no defence either.

        For example, a member of a nationalist party once took the police services’ own figures on crime statistics by race and published them on leaflets.

        The figures were true, they had already been published by the police and government themselves. It was fact, it was the truth – plain and simple. Yet because it was a nationalist party and a nationalist individual who had done it, it became a racist “hate crime” and I believe they were punished for it.

        I believe the “Heretical Two” who wrote about all sorts of things, including Jewish related conspiracies, have been imprisoned for what they wrote.

        I seem to remember that they actually both fled to America to claim asylum (for political persecution here in Britain), but ended up being locked up in the States and then returned here to face charges.

        • Jeff

          Holy crap! It must be terrifying to be a citizen of the UK. The States have not reached that level of persecution just yet, but witb steps being taken by the government to seize the Internet, who knows? Are non whites subjected to the same treatment? Though I think I know the answer….

          • KenelmDigby

            Yes. Britain is an Orwellian society.
            I hereby categorically state that the Chinese people have greater freedom of speech and expression than the British have.
            Put that in your pipe and smoke it BB Bloody C.

          • I think the liberals here are operating on a kind of “broken windows” style system.

            For those who don’t know, the broken windows theory was an American theory that if you clamp down hard on the slightest misdemeanour’s and quickly fix up any broken windows on buildings etc, there is much less crime and less hard crime overall because things do not escalate – such as gangs hanging around broken up factories etc..

            This is why I think the recent “racist football supporters” who were on a train in Paris were featured on the news for three to four days! Way “over the top” coverage. It is done to make an example and to make people fear dissenting.

            I think one of them lost their jobs over it – which brings us to the other thing they do over here, destroy livelihoods.

            It is not just race either – I remember a newspaper article where somebody that had condemned gay marriage lost something like 40% of their income.

            I wouldn’t say that we all live in fear of it, but if you work in a “cosmopolitan” area or company, I suppose I would be afraid of what I said.

            Thankfully I work in a factory that is not bothered about “PC” really, although they would abide to the law if complaints were ever made.

            There are no non-whites in my workplace at the moment, so it has never been an issue.

            The fact that there are not any has actually meant that the authorities have been questioning the owner why there is isn’t any!

            I recently had a spat on facebook under my real name. I got a bit carried away with truth and facts. Not nasty, but just not apologetic either.

            I did wonder, a day later, whether I would be getting a knock at the door from the police.

          • KenelmDigby

            The funny thing about that football incidence is that it happened in Paris, France.
            In other words, absolutely no British police force or court had the slightest jurisdiction in any possible prosecution of the football supporters. All they can possibly do is to cooperate with an extradition request.
            So what the Hell was all the fuss about?

          • I read on a nationalist site somewhere that here in England some white guy was chased off a train and beaten black and blue just a day prior or a day after. No three day outrage over that, if it did indeed happen.

          • AndrewInterrupted

            The western European super altruism genes
            do have a downside when exploited by pirates.

        • Speedy Steve

          Q. What do you call a lawyer with an IQ of 50? A. Yer honor.

        • Orion_Blue

          We have come to the stage where people can be locked up for holding views which are anti-establishment, without necessarily expressing them in a hostile or aggressive manner. The hateful attitudes of ethnics or at least their puppet masters are beside the point.

          When we come to the stage at which you can expect a custodial sentence for holding countervailing views, then you know you are living under an ideologically- driven tyranny that must, of necessity use ever-increasing violence and suppression to maintain it’s hold.

          It becomes, both literally and metaphorically, a Race against time; can We be rendered enfeebled and marginalised before enough of us wake up and reverse the tide?

      • KenelmDigby

        Absolutely 100% true.
        Many, many Britons have been incarcerated for this.

      • Orion_Blue

        yes, there is. I am posting this through a public access Wi-Fi hotspot that stipulates agains something called “illegal speech”, whatever that is in our allegedly ‘post-enlightenment’ age. People can be rendered unemployed, destitute and homeless for these thought crimes.

        I used to live in Southampton and I have family who live in Winchester ( which is a nice place, in fact), at least for the moment; 21 miles from Southampton), I was born there and it seems a shame that the metastizing demographic is encroaching so very rapidly.

    • NorthernWind

      I suspect that the real concern isn’t that the documentary will contain an explicitly divisive or provocative message but rather that the Britons will feel uneasy when they see what is happening to their country. The message they are concerned about it the unspoken one. Sometimes doing something can have the opposite effect than that which is intended.

  • TruthBeTold

    We can’t upset people by showing them the truth can we? That might spur them to question current policies and take appropriate action.

  • superlloyd

    Any excuse to hide the truth from the lumpenproletariat by the insulated elites.

    • Speedy Steve

      They’ve been running a soap opera called Coronation Street for 50 and umpteen years now. The Limeys have been so brainwashed by the goggle box that Auntie’s lies have come true. So have ITV’s lies, and we all know who’s behind that money, don’t we?

      • NorthernWind

        My mother still watches Coronation Street. What a dump of a show; interracial relationships, teen pregnancy, criminality, and pointless drama. That’s what I remember of it, I’m sure that it has only worsened in the past decade or so.

        • Speedy Steve

          It used to be produced by Granada, or was it Grenada?

      • Orion_Blue

        Indeed we do; at least I think I Know Who.

  • Dave West

    That’s right! Ignore all the many downfalls of mass third world immigration and go back to your multicultural wet dream! Just ignore the rhetoric, terrorism, crime, and riots and think about all the great ethnic food! Who wants to go grab a Gyro?!

    • Speedy Steve

      Mmmm! Sheep’s’ eyes and camel hump.

  • libertarian1234

    “TUC general secretary Frances O’Grady said it would “encourage social division and hostility”.
    Bringing in the third world hordes has already encouraged social division and hostility far more than a t.v. show would.
    And don’t think censoring negative information about the evils of importing third world hordes is going to stop the multicultural tribal fighting that will inevitably occur.
    Economic experts have just revealed in the last few days that Europe is living on borrowed time.
    Also, one more wrong step and they’re going to have Putin’s rough and tumble legions at their doorsteps which will accelerate their collapse. He won’t be lied about or pushed around like other leaders the Washington liars have bullied.

    • Orion_Blue

      Perversely, this could be a blessing in is guide.

      Paradoxically it seems, the Iron Curtain could have been working as an Iron Firewall against the damaging malware that constitutes the Toxic Orthodoxy.

  • Sparky

    Uh huh. Heaven forbid the invaders are shown as anything other than the most wonderful blessings of diversity.


    • Fletch

      Good Lord, what a horrifying image! Even Ireland?! I’m guessing they will be several shades lighter within twenty years as the miscegenation kicks in.

      • John Smith

        Samantha Mumba for a demonstration of Irish women miscegenating.

    • KevinPhillipsBong

      Paul McCartney thought he was being liberal in the 1970s when he sang “Give Ireland Back to the Irish” but if he tried it now he’d be called a racist.

      • The Dude

        It depends on how it’s intended. “Give Ireland Back to the Irish” would be very much liberal in the sense that it resists the “British imperialists”, kind of like “Palestine to the Palestinians”. However, if it was meant to keep Diversity™ out, then it would turn “fascist” in a split second.

    • badbox27

      This picture is sad and horrifying at the same time. What happened to our race?

      • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

        Going back into the jungle sadly.

    • HE2

      Absolutely heartbreaking photograph. Ireland and its culture are lost if these feral street loaf-about coloreds are allowed to stay.
      Read a report in the Scottish newspaper concerning a backlog of Scot girls and Middle Eastern men who posted bonds, wishing to marry. What a tragedy for Scotland.
      My ancestry is predominately Ulster Irish, Highland Scot from both mom and father, Isle of Man, a bit of Welsh and Saxon from mother, Palatine German from Pirckheimer/Berkheimer paternal grandmother.
      Family on both sides came to the New World in the 1600’s to escape Scottish, Irish, and Reformation oppressive church laws. Once here, they all prospered, many bearing as many as fifteen to sixteen children, my own paternal Berkheimer grandmother being one of 15 herself. No surprise that I am constantly hearing from online contacts who are definitely cousins. Told my children, we are probably related to eighty percent of fellow U.S. Whites. In fact, dismayed to discover that Obama and I shared fifth ggrandmothers through intermarriage between his Dunham and my Berkheimer lineages.

      • Susannah

        Your ancestry and mine are very similar. Most of my ancestors arrived in the 17th & 18th centuries from the same countries and regions. I have been doing much genealogical research since childhood, and I am amazed at how much those of us with similar ancestries are related. We have untold thousands (millions?) of distant cousins just in America alone.

        I am also (unfortunately) related to Obama through two family lines. These particular families were 18th century Virginia tobacco planters. I am also related to Jimmy Carter, Howard Dean, and John Kerry. No evidence of the Clintons, at least none yet. But plenty of politically left-wing destroyers.
        They clearly have no regard for the nation their ancestors helped build.

        • MBlanc46

          I trust that I’ve got too much white trash ancestry to be related to Obama.

          • throttler

            Well, Obama is black trash.

        • Race Heretic

          Third person here who can trace their relation to Obama.

          It upsets me terribly because even though half of his heritage is American founding stock, he despises us, and uses the intelligence our genes give him to work tirelessly aginst us.

        • HE2

          We are probably cousins. VA tobacco plantation family here, as well. Also, some in Kentucky who left for the North during the Civil War. Have a letter written by one self-righteous sounding ancestor lamenting slavery as the reason for the move.
          Though census reports record nameless blacks in some of my family’s households, one assumes, they are slaves, most of them seem to have used unnamed, but White identified “bonded” servants.

      • dd121

        In a few weeks I’m going to order DNA kits for my wife and I. She’s only Swedish and Finnish. I know I have Irish, English German and I think lots of other stuff. I’ll report back if the news is good. haha

        • HE2

          Glad to hear it. Do you have genealogical information about your lineage? Military service, marriages, births, baptisms, census reports, deaths, slaves, indentured help, household inventories, wills, letters, pension applications, etc?
          That can be most helpful, and easily found online.
          I have a dizzying amount of both online research and paperwork.
          Still sifting through the latest histories handed off by my globe trotting genealogy hound mother.
          Across the generations, we appear to be very traditional, law abiding, loyal to family values, church, community, and country.
          My poor ex husb. His lineage is a dead end. We have no idea who his SS lebensborn mother’s father, was, nor his g-grandmother’s father. G-gmother was apparently household help for a wealthy Austrian family, impregnated by an unknown when she was 15.
          Too many “non-paternal” generations, as they are called, and a true bloodline search dead ends.
          Sadly, he is so ashamed of this, he Anglicized his unpronounceable false German name upon naturalization.
          I refused to adopt the Anglicized name, retained my father’s ancient Celtic birth name which ends in ‘well.
          The children prefer the original German name, though it is not their true blood line. We are a mixed up lot, name-wise.

          • dd121

            My daddy went to Ireland in the ’70s to County Kerry but ran into a dead end when he found the Church and records had burned. Your ex had no reason to be ashamed of his parentage. Brilliant guy that he is, it may just be proof that they really were creating a master race. 🙂

          • HE2

            So I tell him, dd. The circumstances of his heritage have nothing to do with anything he did or did not do.
            Just yesterday we spoke of this.
            I reminded him of his accomplishments as opposed to U.S. transgenerational illegitimate children.
            The lebensborn babies were usually fathered by selected “racially pure” mates for 100 percent Aryan girls.
            He looks very Germanic.

          • HE2

            The church burned? I wonder if this happened during what the Irish euphemistically refer to as “the troubles.”

          • dd121

            I think it was just a random fire.

    • MBlanc46

      That’s not the Ireland that I remember from forty years ago. Tragic.

    • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

      YUCK does not look like Ireland, but Africa imported into a first world country. Shame on the Irish government.

    • libertarian1234

      Absolutely ghastly.

    • Speedy Steve

      Ireland needed oil. They bought from Nigeria, and the deal was that Africans had to be imported at the rate of one negro per 1000 barrels.

  • John Smith

    Whenever facts are inconvenient, they must be suppressed, according to leftist dogma.

  • KenelmDigby

    No one really cares about the TUC anymore.
    Maggie Thatcher ‘stitched them up good and proper’, as they say in England.

  • Light from the East

    Search pictures of “Derby Road” and “Southampton”, compare them. The first ones look at least 50-year less developed to the later ones. Channel 4 just presented them as they always are.

  • Speedy Steve

    Blah blah, blah and once again minorities with too much time and dole money on their hands find time to take a 2 hour train trip to Channel 4 HQ and stage a demonstration. Tawnies are good at complaining, tap dancing, and singing Swing Low Sweet Chariot, and then complaining some more.

  • badbox27

    The fact that they don’t want to be shown as they really are speaks volumes about the kind of people they are.

    • Speedy Steve

      I can never figure out why leftards side against their own kind. Knee grows always side with their tribe.

  • Cobbett

    The last time I was in Southampton was at the beginning of 2008 – it looked very English to me then. But then a lot can change in 7 years.

  • MBlanc46

    I’m pretty sure that “social division and hostility” are sorely needed in the UK.

  • KenelmDigby

    Due to the virtual elimination of heavy industry in the UK, manual laborers and skilled workers – the traditional backbone of trade unionism – have more or less disappeared from the TUC.
    Most manual workers in the workforce are not unionised and have never been unionised. The bulk of TUC membership these days is of public sector employees such as school teachers etc.
    There are probably no more than a few hundred underground coal miners left in the UK.