Posted on December 20, 2018

Fox News Op-Ed Cites White Supremacist to Criticize Holder

Ed Brayton, Patheos, December 20, 2018

Fox News published an op-ed piece a few months ago by Jeremy Carl of the Hoover Institution at Stanford complaining about Starbucks’ then-new policy of allowing people to use the bathroom even if not paying customers, in response to the police being called on a black men for doing nothing wrong at all. That op-ed cited white supremacist Jared Taylor to criticize former Attorney General Eric Holder.

Media Matters recently contacted Fox News about it and they suddenly changed the citation, but without noting that the change was made or why, of course.

Carl’s response to all this was quite telling, I think. He said, “One doesn’t need to link to American Renaissance to make that point, and obviously I would not have intentionally done so.” {snip}