Eric Holder: Even Worse Than You Thought

Jared Taylor, American Renaissance, January 29, 2015

He is a devious, power-hungry, racial zealot.

John Fund and Hans von Spakovsky, Obama’s Enforcer: Eric Holder’s Justice Department, Broadside Books, 2014, 256 pp., $27.99.

Eric Holder is clearly the most racially committed member of the Obama administration–and probably the most racially committed black ever to hold a cabinet job. He is certainly far more bound up in being black than President Obama. Under Mr. Holder, the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice (DOJ) has become notorious for left-wing lawyers who openly apply the law in a race-conscious way.

This book, Obama’s Enforcer, shows that Mr. Holder is other things as well: unscrupulous about expanding federal power, oblivious of constitutional limits, devoted to politics over due process, and willing to lie to cover his tracks. The authors know what they are talking about. John Fund has written several books about the Justice Department and Hans von Spakovsky worked as counsel to the Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights.


A childhood free of racism

Eric Holder was born in the Bronx in 1951 to an American mother and a father from Barbados. He says that as a child he “never saw the reality of racism or felt the insecurity that comes with it.” He was one of only a handful of blacks who went to New York City’s Stuyvesant High School, which accepts only the top scorers on a competitive exam and does not lower standards for non-whites. In 2014, only seven of the 952 students admitted to Stuyvesant were black.

Mr. Holder reportedly began to think about race only after he read The Autobiography of Malcom X, and when he went to Columbia in 1969 he became a leader of the Student Afro-American Society. He was one of the students who occupied the Columbia ROTC building, but refuses to comment on rumors that the occupiers were armed.

In 1971, while he was still at Columbia, Mr. Holder started carrying a card in his wallet with a black-consciousness message from a Harlem preacher named Samuel Proctor, which includes this sentenced: “No matter how affluent, educated and mobile [a black person] becomes, his race defines him more particularly than anything else.” Mr. Holder reportedly transfers this card to every new wallet.

Eric Holder in the Columbia University yearbook, 1973.

Eric Holder in the Columbia University yearbook, 1973.

Mr. Holder went on to Columbia Law School, and interned with the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund. His first job after graduation was with the DOJ, where a former colleague says he was smart and hard-working, and showed little of his current anti-white animus. Mr. Holder admits that his marriage to Sharon Malone pushed him towards radicalism. She explains it this way: “[H]e experienced a kinder, gentler version of the black experience;” she helped disillusion him.

After this first stint at DOJ, Mr. Holder spent four years as a judge in DC, where he sentenced an average of 30 black men to jail every week. It was during this period that he became convinced that racial preferences are essential for blacks. (In 2012, when he was asked when affirmative action should end, he replied: “The question is not when does it end, but when does it begin . . . . When do people of color truly get the benefits to which they are entitled?”)

Mr. Holder worked as a corporate lawyer for the firm of Covington and Burling for several years before returning to DOJ as deputy attorney general under President Clinton. This is when he began to show how unethical he could be. On January 20, 2001, in the last hours of his presidency, Mr. Clinton pardoned Marc Rich and his business partner Pincus Green. Both were swindlers who had fled the country, but Rich’s ex-wife had contributed more than a million dollars to the Democratic Party and had helped raise millions more. Mr. Clinton knew that his attorney general, Janet Reno, would not rubber stamp an underhanded political pardon, so he went to Mr. Holder. The deputy attorney general wrote a favorable opinion of the pardon without mentioning it to prosecutors, who would have been livid.

Mr. Holder worked behind Janet Reno’s back in exactly the same way to further Mr. Clinton’s similar last-minute pardon of 16 jailed Puerto Rican terrorists. They had killed six people and injured hundreds in more than 130 bombings in New York, Chicago, and other places as part of a campaign for Puerto Rican independence. Their pardons were delayed because some would not agree to renounce violence as part of the deal. Why did Mr. Clinton pardon these criminals? His wife Hillary was in a tough campaign to be senator from New York, and the pardons made her popular with Puerto Rican voters. Later the House voted 311-41, and the Senate 95-2, to condemn the pardons.

Most powerful law enforcement agency in the world

Now Eric Holder is the top man at DOJ, the largest, most powerful law enforcement agency in the world. DOJ includes the FBI, BATF (Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms), and DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration), has 114,000 employees, and a budget of $27 billion. It has gained 9,000 employees during Mr. Holder’s tenure. DOJ ladles out hundreds of millions of dollars in grants to police departments, so it has great power over local law enforcement as well.

The authors of this book report that anyone familiar with the department will tell you that the most crazed part is the Civil Rights Division, which is supposed to enforce federal anti-discrimination laws. The division was established only in 1957 but now has 1,000 employees. In December 2000, after George W. Bush had won the presidential election, the division went on a hiring binge to bring in 90 radical lawyers to help weather the Republican storm. Even the director of human resources at the time said this kind of ideological packing was unprecedented and improper.

Since Mr. Holder has run the department, 56 percent of all the lawyers it has hired have come from just four lefty organizations: the ACLU, National Council of La Raza, NAACP, Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund, and the Lawyer’s Committee for Civil Rights. Many of these lawyers make no secret of their view that anti-discrimination laws do not protect whites.

The division harasses and tries to sideline conservative or Republican lawyers. Robert Popper, who was the deputy head of the division and white, was repeatedly kept out of deliberations because he wanted to enforce the law in a racially neutral way. He resigned in 2013.

Christopher Coates, also white, was an experienced litigator who, in 2006, filed the first DOJ case charging blacks with suppressing the white vote (he got a conviction). He also prosecuted members of the New Black Panther Party who dressed up in uniforms, carried truncheons, and tried to scare whites away from polling stations in Philadelphia in 2008–intimidation that Democratic activist Bartle Bull called the most serious act of voter intimidation he had seen in his career. The case was headed for a near-certain conviction when the incoming Holder team called off the prosecution.

This caused a stink, and Congress asked Mr. Holder to explain the decision. He lied and said career employees rather than political appointees had halted the case. He also downplayed what the panthers had done, saying that comparing it to past voter intimidation in the South was “a great disservice to people who put their lives on the line for my people.” Even a few liberals were uncomfortable with an attorney general for whom “my people” means blacks. As for Mr. Coates, who had brought the suit, Mr. Holder met several times within DOJ to figure out how to get rid of him, and ended up making life so disagreeable for him that he resigned.

The head of the Civil Rights Division under Mr. Obama, Thomas Perez, specialized in “disparate impact” suits. These are based on the theory that a practice that is racially neutral can still be illegal if it tends to disadvantage non-whites, that is to say, has a “disparate impact” on them. Showing disparate impact is much easier than proving deliberate discrimination, and Mr. Perez forced many banks into expensive settlements because they were not willing to fight long court battles–but then insisted that a portion of their fines go to lefty organizations such as ACORN that have tormented banks for years. There is some question about the legality of forcing plaintiffs to give money to organizations that were not even parties to a suit. (Surprisingly, this book does not go into DOJ’s attempts to apply “disparate impact” to school discipline; DOJ issued guidelines on school discipline that essentially demanded punishment by racial quota.)

Mr. Perez, with encouragement from Mr. Holder, went to sordid lengths to keep the “disparate impact” argument on the books. In a 2011 deal with the city of St. Paul, he persuaded the city to withdraw a housing case that could have gone to the Supreme Court and weakened or even overturned the doctrine of disparate impact. In exchange, he offered to withdraw a different DOJ case that was on track to end in a $180 million fine for the city. This case was about a violation of the Federal False Claims Act, and was not even in Mr. Perez’s division. In other words, Mr. Perez put pressure on a different division within DOJ to give up a good chance at a conviction in exchange for St. Paul’s dropping a suit that could have jeopardized Mr. Perez’s favorite way to squeeze money out of whites. This kind of bargaining is so improper that he told his employees to hide all evidence of the deal, and he used his personal e-mail address for all correspondence about it.

In the end, Mr. Perez’s deviousness won only a few years of respite. The Supreme Court has agreed to hear a different case that could scuttle disparate impact, at least as it relates to housing law.

Mr. Perez, who has since left the department, could find discrimination anywhere. He repeatedly told police and fire departments that if women or non-whites can’t meet physical fitness standards, the tests are biased and illegal. In 2013, the Civil Rights Division sent out letters to universities saying that it expected them to punish “any unwelcome conduct of a sexual nature,” which could include asking for a date and being turned down. Polls show that voters of every race like voter ID laws, but the division charges every state that passes one with racial discrimination. Mr. Perez also tried to sue the Mohawk Central School District in upstate New York for preventing boys from wearing girls clothes and makeup, claiming this was sex discrimination. The department also threatened to sue Lesley University in Massachusetts for not having enough gluten free options in its cafeteria, which was alleged to violate the Americans with Disabilities Act–even though courts have found that food allergies are not a disability under this law.

In Kinston, North Carolina, 65 percent of the registered voters are black. In 2009, the city voted overwhelmingly to switch from partisan to non-partisan city elections. The Civil Rights Division brought a suit claiming, in effect, that this discriminated against black voters because without the Democratic label they wouldn’t know how to vote in their own interest. DOJ withdrew the suit when it became clear that Kinston was prepared to fight in court.

Another “civil rights” scandal has been the Pigford raid on treasury. In 1997, a black farmer named Timothy Pigford claimed he did not get a Department of Agriculture loan because he was black. This was doubtful case from the start, but a crazy federal judge turned it into a class-action suit that the Clinton administration cravenly settled. Black claimants could get $50,000 just for filling out a form, saying they had tried to farm and couldn’t make a go of it.

In 2007, after more than $1 billion had been paid out, then-senator Barack Obama sponsored a new bill to extend the filing deadline to 2008, and set aside another $1.25 billion for handouts–but Congress approved only an additional $100 million. Once he was president, Mr. Obama instructed Mr. Holder to settle what became known as Pigford II for $1.25 billion, and managed to persuade Congress to appropriate the money. There have now been more than 100,000 black claimants even though the 1997 census found only 18,500 black farmers in the whole country.

In 2010, Mr. Holder met with Hispanics who felt left out of the bonanza, and agreed to turn over an additional $1 billion to them, to women, and to American Indians under the same fill-in-a-form conditions. In the end, there was $400 million left over that had been earmarked for Indian farmers that nobody claimed. Instead of returning it to the treasury, the Obama administration handed it out to Indian non-profit groups.

Pigford is one of the most shameful capitulations in all of American race relations. Billions have now been splashed out on what amounts to outright fraud. American Renaissance was the first publication to write about Pigford in detail–back in 2001–and even the New York Times eventually described something of the extent of the scandal in 2013. To this day, no one has been punished for pushing so much tax money out the door. Mr. Obama and Mr. Holder clearly consider the money well spent.

Eric Holder’s antics in Ferguson, Missouri, came too late to be included in this book, but just as with George Zimmerman, his department spent thousands of man-hours looking for “racism” before deciding not to accuse Officer Darren Wilson of depriving Michael Brown of his civil rights. DOJ looks the other way when the perps are black. Last August, a group of black men shouted racial slurs and beat a 32-year-old white man into a coma, reportedly in retaliation for the shooting death of Michael Brown. Five months later, DOJ still can’t decide if this was a hate crime.

Obama’s Enforcer does not go into Mr. Holder’s immigration policies in any detail, but like Mr. Obama, he clearly believes that the Executive Branch can choose which laws it wants to enforce. DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) is a policy of not enforcing immigration laws against illegal immigrants who were brought to America as minors. Mr. Obama’s latest executive amnesty similarly suspends law enforcement against illegals who are the parents of US citizens.

Mr. Holder claims this is simply prosecutorial discretion–the recognized right to refrain from prosecution in exceptional cases. As the authors of this book point out, that right applies only to individual cases, not to whole classes of offenders. By amnestying millions of criminals by executive order, Mr. Obama–with Mr. Holder’s active cooperation–is essentially vetoing a law he doesn’t like after it was passed by Congress and signed into law. This is a shameless violation of the separation of powers that would send liberals into a frenzy if Republicans tried it.

Second craziest

DOJ insiders recognize that the second-craziest division is the Environment and Natural Resources Division (ENRD), which acts more or less like an extension of Greenpeace. It seems to believe that the government should be able to take private without compensation if it is for “green” purposes such as hiking trails. ENRD has lost case after case–using the same empty arguments–but often gets its way simply by filing suit and scaring people into settling.

In one notorious case it sued the Gibson guitar company for allegedly illegally importing exotic wood for guitar fretboards. Gibson’s rival, Martin guitars, imported the same wood but ENRD left it alone. Gibson supports Republicans while Martin supports Democrats. Gibson now sells the “Government Series II Les Paul” guitar, which uses wood that was seized in one of the government’s frivolous raids.

The most pernicious thing ENRD does is called “sue and settle.” It gets a lefty environmental organization to bring a suit claiming that an environmental regulation is too lax. The Justice Department then refuses to defend the suit and settles on terms that make the regulations stricter. Between 2009 and 2012 the department did this more than 60 times. Collusive litigation of this kind rewrites environmental regulations without going through the usual of procedure of notifying the public, seeking comments, and working out compromises. These are backroom deals that completely freeze out the public–in particular, the companies being regulated.

Mr. Obama came into office promising unprecedented transparency. What the country got instead was what the veteran New York Times Washington correspondent David Sanger calls “the most closed, control-freak administration I’ve ever covered.” The administration is obsessed with secrecy, and Mr. Obama’s Justice Department has started more investigations of government leaks than every other administration combined.

The best-known case was against Fox News reporter James Rosen. Mr. Rosen persuaded a State Department contractor to give him information that he included in a 2009 article about how US intelligence agencies thought the North Koreans would react to UN condemnation of its nuclear program. Mr. Holder approved covert monitoring of Mr. Rosen as a “criminal co-conspirator,” and then denied he had done so. The contractor went to jail for passing along the information–his prosecution was seen as outrageous overreach by many–but Mr. Rosen was universally seen as merely doing his job as a reporter. Even the very liberal Jill Abramson, who used to run the New York Times, said the administration “has moved beyond protecting government secrets to threatening fundamental freedoms of the press to gather news.”

At the same time, the administration deliberately leaked information it thought would show it in a good light. It slipped secrets to journalists about the Stuxnet virus it sent to Iran to sabotage attempts to enrich uranium, in the hope that this would defuse criticism that Mr. Obama was not standing up to the Iranians. DOJ conveniently looked the other way.

The department threatened to prosecute a former SEAL for his first-hand account of the raid that killed Osama bin Laden, but leaked confidential details about the raid to the people making the movie Zero Dark Thirty. Incorrigibly lefty commentator Maureen Dowd had to conclude that these leaks were to “give a home-stretch boost” to Obama’s tough 2012 reelection campaign.

The Office of Legal Counsel within the Justice Department is supposed to give objective legal advice to the attorney general, but Mr. Holder has turned it into a cheerleader for whatever policies he wants to pursue. For example, he packed it with yes-men who said Congress could legally pass a law to give the District of Columbia a voting representative in Congress.

The standard view has always been that only states can send representative to Congress, and since DC is not a state, this would require a constitutional amendment. Such an amendment was actually passed by Congress in 1977 but was not ratified by enough states. Mr. Holder’s Office of Legal Counsel astonished observers by giving their legal blessing to a proposed law that would have given DC a representative (who would certainly have been a Democrat). The bill passed the Senate in 2009 but died in the House.

The Supreme Court has repeatedly slapped down Mr. Holder’s power grabs. In most administrations, the department wins about 70 percent of the cases before the Supreme Court; Mr. Holder’s department has a losing record and has lost at least nine cases 9-0–even with Obama appointees Elena Kagen and Sonia Sotomayor on the court. In one such case, Mr. Holder wanted the right to accuse churches of religious discrimination if they required that employees–including ministers–be of a particular religion. In another case, he wanted the right to put a GPS tracker on any private car, at any time, for any reason, without a warrant. Another 9-0 loss was an attempt to abolish the statute of limitations for certain crimes. In all these cases, Mr. Holder was seeking illegitimate federal power.

Nothing, however, has gotten Mr. Holder in as much trouble as the absurd blunder known as Fast and Furious. Ever since the Clinton administration, Democrats have been trying to persuade us that most of the guns used in Mexican drug violence are smuggled in from the United States; this would be another argument for gun control. The authors of Obama’s Enforcer say that only 17 percent of illegal guns in Mexico come from the US, with the rest come from Central America and from corrupt Mexican military sources.

Whatever the case, the idea behind Fast and Furious was to “walk guns:” deliberately permit straw purchases by people who would smuggle guns into Mexico. The ATF told several big Arizona retailers that even if they suspected people were gun runners they should sell then guns anyway. The plan was to track the serial numbers and build up gun-crime cases against kingpins. It’s not clear how this could work even in theory, since the ATF did not tell the Mexican authorities about the plan.

Guns started “walking” into Mexico in November 2009, for an eventual total of about 2,000 weapons, including a few .50 caliber sniper rifles. The only reason we know about Fast and Furious is because a whistle blower in the ATF got sick of seeing guns go south. The scandal really blew up in December 2010 when a border patrol officer named Brian Terry was killed with a Fast and Furious weapon.

Congress launched an investigation, but DOJ did everything possible to keep the facts secret. At one point it sent a letter to Congress flatly denying any guns had been “walked,” but had to retract that falsehood. In a hearing before Congress, Mr. Holder lied about when he learned about Fast and Furious, and refused to turn over DOJ documents. Barack Obama stepped in and claimed executive privilege over the documents; this was the only time he ever made such a claim. In the summer of 2012, the House, including 17 Democrats, voted to hold Mr. Holder in contempt of Congress, a first for a sitting cabinet member. Mr. Holder would not budge, and by the end of 2012, 130 Republican congressmen demanded that he resign.

Both Mr. Obama’s claim of executive privilege and the contempt charge against Mr. Holder are the subject of continuing litigation. In November 2014, after Obama’s Enforcer went to press, DOJ dumped 64,000 pages of Fast and Furious documents into Congress’s lap in what–depending on their content–could end the litigation if not the scandal. A first pass through them confirms that one of the aims of the program indeed was to supply a pretext for gun-control legislation by “proving” that American weapons kill Mexicans. “Walked” guns continue to show up at Mexican murder scenes, and they have not helped convict a single kingpin.

Obama’s Enforcer is full of other examples of Mr. Holder’s misbehavior, much of which he has gotten away with, but some of which has been stopped by federal judges. A few have written scathing opinions. One wrote that DOJ’s trumped-up charges against anti-abortion activist Angel Dillard were “fatally flawed” and “speculation piled on top of speculation.” Judge Richard Leon said the department’s behavior in a Foreign Corrupt Practices Act case had been “sharp practices that have no place in a federal courtroom.”

In a civil rights case against police officers who had shot at blacks after Hurricane Katrina, Judge Kurt Engelhardt threw out the convictions, accusing DOJ of “grotesque prosecutorial abuse,” “skullduggery,” and “perfidy.” The judge also said that the department had used “shockingly coercive tactics against defense witnesses.” Eric Holder himself had announced the case with much fanfare but was mum about the final outcome.

These checks on Mr. Holder’s unscrupulousness and duplicity have come from the branch of government that still occasionally shows some respect for the rule of law, but for how much longer? Corrupt judges can find legal justification for virtually anything, and as Mr. Obama loads the bench with non-white toadies, we can expect creative jurisprudence.

Mercifully, Mr. Holder is on his way out. His replacement is likely to be Loretta Lynch, another Ivy-League black lawyer, who has already earned the ire of anyone who cares about the separation of powers by announcing that she thinks Mr. Obama’s executive amnesty is within the law. However, her earlier career as a federal prosecutor does not appear to have been marked by the kind of deceit and corner-cutting so typical of the current attorney general.

Mr. Holder is an example of where–at the margins–Republicans are actually distinguishable from Democrats. This is not to say that Republicans take principled positions against illegal power grabs, subversion of the Constitution, or trampling the law for political gain. When they have power they are about as likely to abuse it as Democrats, but at least they are less likely to subject whites to outright racial plunder.

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Jared Taylor

Jared Taylor is the editor of American Renaissance and the author of White Identity: Racial Consciousness in the 21st Century.

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  • propagandaoftruth

    Holder even worse than I thought? Maybe now that he’s retired he’ll agree to that boxing match I challenged him to about a year ago here.
    Haven’t heard a word from him, so assuming he yellered out.

    • Earl P. Holt III

      He’s a traitor, not a fighter…

  • Mack0

    As I’ve said before Holder’s and Obama’s entire lives are an attempt to overcompensate for their innate sense of not being black enough. Their own life experiences de-legitimize the narrative they are desperate to promote. The expansive divide between reality and the narrative must drive them mad.

    • I agree 100%.. Many of the most militant black activists are merely trying prove their blackness.

    • Ograf

      They are already mad.

      • MrGJG

        Which is why I consider miscegenation a form of child abuse. The offspring doesn’t know where he belongs and never feels totally connected to either side. They don’t all become Derek Jeters.

    • I disagree. They are light skinned blacks, that hate a White society that they know they will never really be part of. By contrast, conservative Supreme Court Justice, Clarence Thomas, lived under Jim Crow and is a dark skinned black. He is conservative because he is more comfortable with his blackness.

    • propagandaoftruth

      Notice how they subvert lawful governance to do everything they can to…

      1. Make government bigger, more intrusive, more ideological, and less accountable.

      2. Employ all parts of the executive branch in the ideologically mandated practice of financially burdening productive, largely White, citizenry and forcing redistribution of wealth not to economic classes but to specific ethnic groups.

      3. Disarm law abiding American citizens.

      In Britain, I could get on the Twitter the day after Nelson Mandela’s death and tweet an insensitive joke. Then, next day the “bobbies” could appear at my door, take me down to the station for 12 to 24 hours of “questioning”, and confiscate my personal property (my “lappy”). This is legal, and happens not so infrequently. This is because the British government, like the rest of the respectable West, does not really fear it’s own people.

      The disarmed native citizenry of Western and Central Europe, live in some form of mousey perpetual fear of and dependence upon their crypto-Marxist “governancy”, which has a monopoly on force and an arrogant attitude toward its weakened Folk to match.

      Two things should be considered here…

      1. Our government still fears us, this fear being the ONLY thing that keeps crypto-Marxist “progressives” from enslaving us utterly.

      2. The crypto-Marxist “governancies” of Western Europe do fear some portion of their populations – the much reviled “far right”. Really what they fear is “national conservatism” for lack of a better term, while they have no qualms with their street level enforcers of the “autonomous left”, who are far less “crypto” and far more “progressive” in their beliefs and practices.

      Communism mass murdered from 5 to 15 times Germany and Japan combined, yet in no European nation is the Communist party treated like those of the “far right”.

    • NoMosqueHere

      Obama is very shrewd to appoint blacks only as AG. It means he’ll never be investigated for any wrongdoing, especially the IRS/Lois Lerner matter which is a Watergate level scandal.

    • archer

      I think you got it wrong, Holder did very well for himself, it appears he studied hard and rose to the top of his profession, his problem is, he is a half breed in a white dominated world and he wishes he was white and is jealous of those that are.

  • phorning

    “It seems to believe that the government should be able to take private without compensation if it is for “green” purposes such as hiking trails.”

    Great piece, but I think the word land is missing after private.

  • Turns out that Loretta Lynch and Eric Holder’s wife belonged to the same sorority.

    • Fighting_Northern_Spirit

      Busta Kappa Whitey (BKYT)?

  • pcmustgo

    “Mr. Holder started carrying a card in his wallet with a black-consciousness message from a Harlem preacher named Samuel Proctor, which includes this sentenced: “No matter how affluent, educated and mobile [a black person] becomes, his race defines him more particularly than anything else.””

    Well, that’s kind of true! And like Jared Taylor has taught us and like my own life has shown me. Race trumps social class, educational level, even national boundaries. White people need to realize this too. Race totally matters and effects us all!

    • Yes, even black radicals like Holder know what we have been trying to tell White liberals over and over. Blacks think BLACK. No matter what. They can never really be our friends or allies. Race is all that is important to them.

  • Bryce Armstrong

    ” Lived a life free of racism”.

    I love how that’s highlighted as if that’s something unusual.

  • Rhialto

    Non-wealthy White men must face the fact that their enemies control America.

    • JohnEngelman

      Their enemies in both parties control America.

  • John_HD

    I wonder if Whites will rediscover any sort of collective spine in my lifetime. We live in Orwellian times, with the substandard lording it over the productive and decent. It’s unbelievable.

    • Germanic Depressive

      Oh we will. The only question is whether it will be too little and too late. I hope not.

      But what will ensure it is things getting worse, so every time you hear about stuff like Holder being outrageous, take heart. It is a necessary condition to whites waking up en mass.

      Even though most of these egregious actions are not known to most people, they still have ripple effects and they don’t go unnoticed. Whites are noticing. More and more all the time.

    • Pelayo

      They will, but it will take a collapse of the system to shake them out of their stupor. When the Soviet government stopped paying its soldiers they turned on their masters. Eventually people figure who breads their butter and make the logical choices.

  • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

    Should never have let his parents come to the US.

  • Luca

    Holder and Obama and many like them are caught up in the mulattoes’ dilemma. So often many of them never know how to fit into society by being objective or in the middle. So they throw all their cards into the black side. They deny and many times hate their White side. They fail to acknowledge that they have Mulatto privilege i.e. lighter skin, more acceptable features, and higher intelligence than their more African counterparts. Many blacks dislike them because of their lighter features and are very critical of them. To appear more genuine they try harder to be more militant, act more black and actually force themselves to talk ebonically.

    I am quite sure this should be clinically defined as a genuine psychological disorder, syndrome or classification.

    Mulattoes in authority abuse that authority to get back at the Whites they dislike so much. In reality, I think they simply hate themselves.

    • Ironically, many of them are raised and embraced by their white family after being abandoned by their black family (fathers).

    • italian guy

      Their identity depends on the society, if it’s a White one like in the case of the U.S.A then they side with blacks because they are basically rejected by the majority, since there is no reason for Whites to not be committed to the one-drop rule, but blacks are the minority and they will accept any mixed race member as one of their own to up their numbers.

      It’s the reverse in black societies, someone like Obama would be called White in places like Congo.

    • So true. They hate the society that they know they will never really be part of. Yes, it should be considered a psychological disorder.

    • LHathaway

      “I am quite sure this should be clinically defined as a genuine psychological disorder, syndrome or classification”

      They have the same condition everyone else has: fear of other blacks.

    • WoodyBBad

      Better to be a big fish in a little pond, I guess.

    • HE2

      Holder and Obama and many like them are caught up in the mulattoes’
      dilemma. So often many of them never know how to fit into society by
      being objective or in the middle.

      Not just mulattos. A cousin mated with a half Japanese, half White young man.
      Their troubled child is being raised on Oahu, and just as Obama, has no idea what or who he is.
      He is now an angry, confused teen.
      Because he is so tanned, most people guess he is mestizo, which insults him no end.
      Race mixing just does not work.

  • badbox27

    Our race is under attack and Obama and Holder are leading the charge. White people are the common enemy of ALL minority groups. Each non-white race that dwells within America is like another front in a racial war they declared on us long ago. The fact that these two racial enemies hold such high offices in a country that our ancestors built is an awful and terrible sign that our race has all but surrendered that war. We are watching the death of our race and country happen right before our very eyes and Obama, Holder, and race traitor liberals celebrate it.

  • Dave West

    Eric Holder…….

    This guy actually makes me long for the day when our attorney general was a short Mexican named Alberto Gonzalez!

  • MekongDelta69

    Great article.

    Now, if you’ve think you’ve had a ‘good’ time under Eric Hold ‘Em Up, just wait until Loretta Lynching takes his place…

    • HE2

      Whew, MD, what a read; I am pitched into a state of sputtering, speechless rage.
      It [cannot call it a woman] is dangerous.
      No White will ever receive proper justice with this flaming racist, envious, angry black nonhuman as head of the [in]justice Dept.
      Furthermore, blacks, whether unruly school child, violent thug “teen,” or older seasoned criminal will be more above the law than now, if possible.
      If O. continues on his present course of appointing candidates as this one, we are lost.
      Banana republic here we come.

    • Wow… my enjoyment and respect of your posts just caused me to check out that discoverthenetworks site for the first time by checking the lynch page you shared. Blows my mind that she was even considered, with the racial animus… no, hatred, she shows for us. Its what i expected was hidden behind her veneer of civility, and now i find out its not hidden, just whitewashed (badum-tishhhhh) like so many others.

    • A Freespeechzone

      Notice that when Senator Jeff Sessions challenges the legality of employers who prefer citizens over illegals, she responds with nonsense–we all know damned well she would love to prosecute anyone who didn’t give illegals preference….

      This woman will be a reincarnation of Holder….only worse.

  • Dave West

    On Loretta Lynch:
    “However, her earlier career as a federal prosecutor does not appear to have been marked by the kind of deceit and corner-cutting so typical of the current attorney general.”

    Dont sugarcoat it! In reality she’s just Holder’s ugly twin sister. Libtards will gush over this beast even more considering she is a black female.

  • Epiminondas

    Well written. This link should be widely distributed.

  • Zimriel

    Stuyvesant? I’ll buy that. I’ve never accused Holder of being stupid.

    He’s the core problem with that century-old “talented-tenth” meme. Complacent whites assume that the talented-tenth will, because they are equal to (or, in Holder’s case, smarter than) most whites; that they will identify with whites.

    • Carney3

      Right. A massive eugenics program, say requiring welfare recipients to have IUDs, would produce dramatic results among blacks, reducing their numbers, but greatly increasing their average IQ. While street crime and catastrophic dysfunction would substantially decline, we would might face a substantially more dangerous situation, with a lot more Holders.

      • Germanic Depressive

        And we’d have even more miscegenation happening because they would become more palatable to more whites.

        I want them as black as can be in appearance and behavior.

        I want this to come to a head, because it’s the only way whites survive. Anything less than all out open conflict on a massive scale is just a slow death of a thousand cuts for us.

        I’d rather we go down racially aware and actively fighting to survive.

        • Good point. At least the ghetto trash talking black is the enemy you know. Even liberals woke up when the “flash mobs” were attacking them in the “knockout game.” People smart like Holder are more dangerous, though.

        • Carney3

          I don’t agree that worse is better. I think worse is just worse. I’ve seen surveys that even today, South African whites still believe in racial egalitarianism.

          • It took me quite a long time to figure that riddle out. I was also trying to figure out why segregationist or apartheid systems inevitably fall apart. Other than the fact that in both Dixie and South Africa, there was external pressure. But even sans external pressure, segregation in Dixie and apartheid in South Africa would have fallen apart on its own and at the hands of white governing authorities and white people therein.

            What’s the answer?

            Democratic republicanism.

            Segregation in Dixie and apartheid in ZA were mated to democratic republican systems. And that created a paradox, a massive moral contradiction, that was inevitably going to result in one eating up, chewing up and spitting out the other. Ethnonationalism and republicanism simply cannot co-exist for any sustained length of time. So it was all a matter of what was more important to the white Dixieron or South African. They answered that question, and answered incorrectly.

          • RedFIag450

            A night-watchmen society would allow for more segregation and would allow for any immigration policy.

      • RedFIag450

        Eugenics can and should be pursued through the criminal Justice system. Imagine all the benefits from sterilizing abusive parents (most of whom are Black) and sterilizing everyone who will agree to be sterilized for a lower prison sentence.

  • White people supporting White people. Black people understand this concept, while many White people still cling to platitudes and mantras that were built around lies and deception.

    The trappings of political posturing around the Right/Left conundrum is something that I just can’t comprehend. I don’t understand how people who claim to have such above-average IQs and common sense don’t understand relativity. Black people like Holder don’t act this way because they’ve been held back or experienced any real “racism” at the hands of evil White people. They act like this because we were too stupid to not embrace true race-ism, and they’ve now been given the power to act on their desires and push their views without fear of retribution and retaliation. Sub-Saharan Africa is really no different than a majority black area anywhere on the planet. Did Holder’s intelligence and education stop him from being vociferously anti-White? Imagine our country only had a 20% White population. Do you really think people like Holder would do anything but get more anti-White and more brazen with their anti-White agendas?

    If you’re White and you are willing to fight for White autonomy, I’m willing to fight for you. Even if you aren’t White but willing to fight for sensible separation and autonomous racial/ethnic enclaves, I’d be willing to stick my neck out for you.

    White people supporting White people. If this was a rallying point, anti-Whites like Holder would be an insignificant part of our daily lives.

  • NoMosqueHere

    Corrupt judges can find legal justification for virtually anything, and as Mr. Obama loads the bench with non-white toadies, we can expect creative jurisprudence.
    The virtually all white and basically conservative state of Iowa voted for Obama twice.

    • Yes, Iowa, the land where it’s easy to be a beacon of racial equality when you don’t have to actually experience the blunt-force diversity you voted for. Precisely why “conservative” as a rallying point is a meaningless proposition to remove the pungent stink of this multiracial society we have been swimming in.

      • John_HD

        “blunt-force diversity”

        A near perfect characterization. Has a nice ring to it. Drop it into a discussion that includes leftists and watch their heads explode.

      • Exactly. That teacher Jane Elliot, who did that “Brown eyes, blue eyes” experiment was from Iowa. Yeah, easy to be liberal when you rarely encounter blacks.

    • jayvbellis

      Iowa and Vermont were, are too White. Without the reality of Black underclass, Illegal alien crime and chaos, Whites will vote liberal or vote Blue color, pro Union, fall for appeals of class envy .

      That is why we must always go populists, nationalist and never ever go economic Conservative, Libertarian nonsense – this simply doesn’t sell to poor and working class Whites.

      Go with George Wallace
      Reagan Democrats
      Pat Buchanan

  • Earl P. Holt III

    We will need to expand the Federal Prison System to accommodate Holder and the many other criminal conspirators from this treasonous “administration”…

  • Rusty Shackelford

    Jeez. It’s too bad Eric Holder wasn’t called the N word a few times while growing up. Maybe he wouldn’t have overcompensated so much for not having the “authentic” black experience.

  • Interesting article. I always suspected that the New Leftists of the late sixties are running things today. Now this article connects the dots.

  • A half black is worse than a full black.

  • ghettovalley

    Obama is the black Adolf Hitler. Holder is the black Joseph Goebbels.

    • jayvbellis

      We have to get away from labeling someone we don’t like as “he’s Hitler”.

      This was done to incite Red State White Americans to get all excited to launch another pointless, expensive counter productive war against secular Iraq under the lie that:


      Lying Canadian tribe Neo Conservative David Frum used this same lying propaganda technique when he wrote the infamous “Axis of a Evil” speech for George W. Bush – putting out the lie that Iraq, Iran and (WT&?) North Korea were part of an Axis of Evil threatening the entire free world.

      Dumb arse Red State White Americans always fall for this, under the (lie) that World War II was the “Good War” between us, the free world (including Stalinist/Beria) Soviet Union and the Axis powers, let by HITLER.

      So, the lying tribe members and other assorted folks like Christian Zionists always want to do another “good war” and demonize the leader of the country, social movement as “He’s HITLER”.

      No buddy, Barack Obama is not HITLER, not a Black HITLER . Saddam Hussein wasn’t HITLER either and what has come after the US invasion, murder of Suddam Hussein has not brought American style freedom and democracy to once stable, secular Iraq. No, now Iraq has anarchy, ISIS, genocide of Christians ,slavery, it’s a place like Zimbabwe or East St. Louis where we simply can’t go.

      Please let’s end this propaganda lying that someone we don’t like is Hitlar. Obama isn’t HITLER , he isn’t Marry Tyler Moore . Barack OBama is Barack Obama, not really that unusual a type for those of us who have lived in Lib Black University communities. If we had our act together, we should have defeated Barack Obama . But we obviously did not have our act together, instead we are obsessed with weird conspiracy theory loon nonsense, obsessed with endless HITLERS.

      • ghettovalley

        Your logic is not lost on me. This statement was more in jest than anything else. But there is some truth to it. Consider the social and political climate of the country today, the shifting racial demographics, and the violent culture of blacks in America. If I said the black Mao or the black Stalin the comparison still holds up. These are simply the most easily recognizable names that came to mind.

        • jayvbellis

          It simply doesn’t work to try to use extreme anti White Leftist terms and slanders to try to turn the tables. It doesn’t work. We get abused with Leftists hissing

          “You’re RACIST”
          “You’re HITLER”

          So some folks on our side try to say, oh yeah..

          “You’re the Racist”
          “You’re the real HITLER”

          Obama isn’t HITLER.

          Under HITLER and NS Germany laws and policies, Barack Obama would never have been conceived. Sexual relations between a White woman like Barack’s mother and a polygamist Black African man like Barack’s knock me up, dine and dash father, it just wouldn’t have been allowed.

          We now simply have to regroup and fight for the legitimate rights of our side. We can not make any headway trying to position ourselves as the real anti racist, political correct, race denying Liberals.

          No chance – doesn’t work.

          • LHathaway

            And your extensive experience trying that has been. . . ?

            You are right, it doesn’t work. But it is something . . . The alternative isn’t working, either.

            Most whites don’t feel they can win within the boundaries of political correctness. This ‘feeling’ just takes them on a course that arguably is not helpful at all. This belief they can never win, playing by the rules, is a weakness in them, I would say. It’s also a blind spot. It turns them away from humanity . . . Look what they have turned us into . . . Then, who am I kidding, the whole thing is designed to turn poor white men into conservatives. It would certainly look that way. . .

      • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

        Youa re right. Obama is not Hitler. Hitler was all about saving Germany and the German race. Obama is all about destroying America and America society. The semites spread the word and it is taught in schools that WW-2 was athe good war against evil, but unfortunatley it was good for the semites and bad for the white race. The semites just used gullible whites to kill their own.

  • Don’t be naïve. Sooner or later, your mulatto, “friend” will show his true colors. Married to a White woman? What does that prove? He likes White, you know what (I won’t use the word here, moderator), so? That doesn’t mean he likes White people. Thousands of black men who rape White women, also “like” them! Don’t be fooled.

  • Jade1

    Your last sentence about the Republicans doing the same thing and getting away with it is WRONG! Republicans would not get away with doing 1/10 of the things Dems do. The leftist press would make sure of that. Anything the Dems do is ignored but every minor or major Thing done by Republicans gets 24/7 coverage.

    • LHathaway

      I agree with you, but this book doesn’t sound that much different than any book written as a hit job on a republican figure. But you are right.

  • rentslave

    Could it be because Obama is an adoptee from Indonesia?

  • jayvbellis

    Holder is a 1/4 White Buppie from Barbados.

    These types tend to go very strong anti White, try to compete with, humiliate White men, have as much sex with White women.

    Classic mixed race, anti White (men) guys like Eric Holder are

    Harry Belefonte
    Brian Gumble

    In contrast, mixed race women tend to be way, way less hostile as they are well aware of the realities of Black, Black,men, Black Africa.

    • LHathaway

      Interesting, someone suggested that mixed race girls are very attractive, or at least society views them that way. But mixed race boys, their very brothers, look unattractive . . . Not sure where I read that. Perhaps here. There may be some truth to their statement. Beauty is in they eye of the beholder. Well . . .

  • rentslave

    We shouldn’t fret about the government confiscating guitars.Our concern should be how to string these traitors up.

    • Usually Much Calmer

      But guitars are the machines that kill fascism.

  • Garrett Brown

    How about you stop gawking over a mulatto and find some real White friends?

    There is no common ancestor between mulattoes and Whites. They’re Negro.

  • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

    See people, do not let your white kids bed down with negros. Obama, Holder and Valerie Jarrett are good examples of how they will turn out. They will hate the white man more than a pure negro. They use their intelligence, which they got from their white side as most pure negroes have the intelligence of a primate, to destroy white man. So please advice your kids to mate within their own race and not to pollute the gene pool. Also, do not follow the Judaized Christian nonsense that all races are the same.

  • Pelayo

    Wow I already loathed the guy with every fiber of my being, more than Obama. But I have learned new information. This guy is one gigantic scumbag of Al Sharpton and Morris Dees proportions.

    I hope, vainly, that the Republicans refuse Loretta Lynch. She’ll just be another Holder in a skirt.

  • TL2014

    It’s funny the length to which these Richard Wright “golden boys” are willing to go to prove their blackness…

    • Lygeia

      Richard Wright went to Ghana in the 1950s, was so appalled by the behavior of black Africans there, that he repudiated his angry books of the 1930s, said he understood why white Southerners tried to control Southern blacks, emigrated to Paris, married a white woman, and encouraged his daughter to pass for white.

  • IstvanIN

    We are heading towards a fate similar to the Afrikaners.

    • cherrie greenbaum123

      I was working a gun show this weekend and judging by the number of people attending, there will be one unholy ruckus if anyone decides to take down YT.

  • well written article.

  • Yes, and this all started with that insane radical idea the most destructive idea in the twentieth century. Communism? No. Nazism? No. Radical Islam? No. Capitalism? The most destructive idea was this: All races are equal. Think about it. People say it all the time, with no proof, but it lies at the heart of all our racial problems. We have been on a never ending search for “equality” that will never happen. Human beings are different, just like animal sub species are different. Just think about that. Thank you for your reply.

    • David Ashton

      The cross-breeds are the problem. We can understand their plight, but in return they should leave us alone.

  • notyranny

    He’s Silas Lynch from “Birth of a Nation” See it on Netflix

  • ricpic

    I can think of no greater proof that we are subjugated by a reign of terror than that the doctrine of disparate outcome as proof of discrimination has not been struck down as unconstitutional in our courts.

  • RedFIag450

    Eric Holder is just simply an apologist for foreign criminals and national genocide. And so are his allies.

  • Funruffian

    Congratulations to the New England Patriots! And congratulations to Tom (Terrific) Brady and cementing his 4th Super bowl victory while setting a new TD record.
    And I declare special gratitude for allowing me the blissful opportunity to spite all those liberals at my work who rooted for the Seahawks.

    • Garrett Brown

      You watch negro ball? Lol

      • Funruffian

        Normally I don’t. But hey, this was the Super Bowl. And there wasn’t anything else to do. Besides, I love rubbing it in the libtards faces.

        • Garrett Brown

          Are you implying the incredibly liberal state Massachusetts and thus city Foxborough, who root for and fund the Patriots aren’t libtards? I’m confused. Are the liberals that own and run the team rubbing it into their liberal friend’s faces?

  • JohnBoye

    Interesting to note that Holder quite obviously has white ancestry – as do many Barbadians. Those of us dismissive of the loony Frankfurt School might link this fact to his extraordinary success in getting admission to Stuyvesant High School. He is no doubt fully conscious of his murky ancestry and has taken full advantage of his higher than average IQ by posing as a ‘black’ man. It seems that even a hint of the ‘African’ is enough to enable self-labelling as ‘black’. I find this ‘racist’ and demeaning.

  • WR_the_realist

    A vote for Obama was a vote for Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch. John Engelman,are you still happy to have voted for Obama in 2012, when the the policies of his Justice Department were already clear for all to see? Jeesh, people are dead because of Fast and Furious.

  • Avi Marranazo

    Madison Grant put it succinctly: nationality is nothing; race is everything. It’s truer now than when he wrote it 100 years ago.

  • Herman

    Holder reminds me of Obama.

    I think they hate whites (especially men) more than they love minorities.

  • voiceofstl

    What do their kids look like? Can they “pass”?

  • Bartek

    Holder was bad, but the heir apparent Loretta Lynch is just as anti-White as he is.
    What will the GOP majority do about this?
    I think it is safe to say the GOP majority will do nothing to protect the rights of the constituency that put them into office.

  • And, as you correctly pointed out, there is no satisfying them. For all we have done to help blacks over the last half century, what have we got in return: Thanks? No. Not even plain law abiding behavior.

  • dd121

    I’m still waiting for 60 Minutes to break the story about Holder.

    • John Smith

      Keep waiting.

  • RedOnTheHead

    George Banks syndrome.

  • Jon

    Is hard to choose which one in Obama’s cabinet is the worse because they are all unethical. With him at the head of the DOJ or dept of unjustice u should call it. Holder is the one flaming these protests across the country to start a race war if he could. If we had a honest and accountable country then we could try these people for treason because so many in power have gotten away with these type of actions. Obama and all those in his office have benefited from the society white people have built then they try and destroy it.