Freedom of Speech: Enjoy It While You Can

Jared Taylor, VDARE, March 16, 2015

The lads from the University of Oklahoma who sung a ditty about keeping ni**ers out of their fraternity are only the latest to discover the harsh limits on free speech, even in what they thought was private. They were bounced from school as soon a covertly taken video hit the Internet. “There is zero tolerance for this kind of threatening racist behavior,” explained university president David Boren (email him) though he has different standards for violence. A black Oklahoma football player who was caught on video last July smashing a white girl so hard he knocked her out and broke four bones in her face was only suspended from the team from a season and continued to attend class.

The year is only a few months old, but the principles of free speech have already taken a beating. In January, a “racist”billboard on Interstate 59 in Alabama lasted about as long as the Oklahoma frat boys. “Diversity means chasing down the last white person” was a little too “free,” as speech goes, and the message disappeared after the local mayor called “racially offense.”

After the January attacks on Charlie Hebdo in Paris, mushy liberals claimed to be champions of free speech, but they weren’t. Je suis Charlie,” insisted Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, but then censored the Charlie Hebdo cartoons on Facebook in Turkey. In fact, Facebook helps a lot of countries, including India, Pakistan, Germany, Russia, and Saudi Arabia censor the Internet.

The New York Times didn’t even pretend it was Charlie; it refused to publish the cartoons. USA Today went further–black columnist DeWayne Wickham [Email him] blasted Charlie Hebdo for pushing free speech “beyond the limits of the endurable.” [Wickham: ‘Charlie Hebdo’ crosses the line, January 20, 2015] CNN viewers saw someone holding a copy of the magazine, but only the masthead was in the frame—not the front-page cartoon.

Still in January, Carol Swain, a black professor at Vanderbilt Law School prompted calls for censorship when she wrote an op-ed piece saying that the Charlie Hebdo attacks proved critics of Islam were right. Farishtay Yamin, head of the school’s Muslim Student Association, led hundreds in a raucous protest. I’m sure she was entirely in earnest when she said that if Prof. Swain continued to speak out on “a campus that is so liberal and diverse and tolerant” she would have to be forcibly muzzled.

Free speech seems to be a white thing. The Pew Research Center found that 70 percent of whites thought it was “okay” to publish the cartoons, while only 37 percent of non-whites thought so.

But whites are usually the ones who are punished. In February, a middle-school teacher in Tifton, Georgia, got a 10-day suspension for saying on Facebook that the Ferguson demonstrators were “sorry [expletive deleted] thugs.” A student government representative at George Mason University was removed from his position for tweeting that he thought illegal immigrants should not get in-state tuition.

Likewise in February, there were reports on the University of Michigan’s “Inclusive Language Campaign” of pressuring students to sign a pledge not to use insulting or intimidating words such as “crazy,” “insane,” “retarded,” “gypped,” “illegal alien,” or “ghetto.” They were also warned against saying “I want to die,” since that insults people who have attempted or have actually committed suicide.

The graduate center of the City University of New York wants to ban the “gendered salutations” Mr. Mrs. Miss and Ms. because they are “labels.” Michael Yaki, a commissioner on the U.S. Civil Rights Commission says college campuses should ban certain kinds of speech because the tender brains of young people are not yet ready to deal with “material that’s offensive based on race.”,

At this rate, pretty soon we’ll be like Britain, where the police investigate about 20 people a day for “offensive comments” on social media, and can lock you up for saying the wrong things.

We’re not there yet, though, and exercising your dwindling freedoms is the best way to preserve them–and one of the best ways to exercise them is to attend an American Renaissanceconference. This year’s conference will be held at the lake-shore inn at beautiful Montgomery State Park in Tennessee, over the weekend of April 17-19.

We are especially pleased to be welcoming’s very own Peter Brimelow to his first AmRen conference. He will not only have a full speaking slot but will be joining stalwart, John Derbyshire, as a team that will debate the question: “Can the political system solve the race problem?”

I won’t tell you whether they are taking the affirmative or the negative–or who is daring to oppose them–but the air is sure to be filled with facts and opinions that will curl the hair of the people who want to control what you speak, hear, and think.

We are thinking of issuing a special conference invitation to Attorney General Eric Holder to come hear the debate, since he says America is a nation of cowards who don’t have “frank conversations” about race. Of course, he and his friends helped whites internalize the police-state mentality that keeps them terrorized, and he didn’t even reply to an invitation to a “frank conversation” I sent him in 2013. Who’s the coward here?

But absent Mr. Holder, our guests will have to settle for frank conversations with experts on such subjects as the collapse of the British National Party, what it means to take The Red Pill, how our country jumped the tracks, racial nationalism in Eastern Europe, and why the Left is so angry at us. We will also have a remembrance of the great Sam Francis, who contributed so many brilliant columns to and elsewhere.

And everyone is looking forward to the after-hours party our French comrades will be hosting at their villa, a few steps from the inn. For truth to tell, people attend AmRen conferences for each other as much as for the speakers. In these evil times, when many of us have to bite our tongues for much of the day, it is bliss to spend a whole weekend with 200 other people, all of whom understand. There is fellowship and camaraderie of a kind hard to imagine for anyone who has never been part of it.

I will never forget one young man, striding into the room for his second or third conference with the words, “It’s great to be back among the living.”

Registration and full details of the program are here. It’s still possible to get in at the early-bird rate and ensure a room at the inn–until March 20.

Come join the living for a delightful weekend.

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  • Samuel_Morton

    Mr. Taylor, you have a unique talent for shining the spotlight on left-wing insanity. I hope attendance at this year’s conference is at an all-time high.

  • Race Heretic

    Invite the outgoing Attorney General. Invite him to speak. I would be very interested in what he has to say to a group of outspoken white “racists”.

    • WR_the_realist

      I dare him to come.

  • TomIron361

    Freedom of Speech: Enjoy It While You Can
    Yes, I shall enjoy it until my dying day. I fought for that right and I will use it when and where I choose.

    • Capn Dad


  • richard garyson

    I would like to email those people, but what would it accomplish? The emails would just get deleted before they were read.

    • John Smith

      You’ll be added to the NSA’s list.

      • baldowl

        Don’t you think we’re all already on such a list anyway? At this point in this country’s history I’d be ashamed to not be on it.

  • Luca

    The Second Amendment protects the First.

    • Robert Smith

      Will those afraid of exercising their first amendment rights also be reluctant when it comes time to us the 2nd?

  • I’ve put a $10,000 cash reward on David Boren for information leading to his felony indictment, arrest, and conviction. You can read how to collect by visiting my website. If you have friends in Okla-homo send them the link. I call it Okla-homo because Boren’s wikipedia entry shows he’s a closeted homosexual with a penchant for hiring young homos, which is cronyism, probably a felony under Okla-homo law. He’s more than likely into underage teen boys.

    Anyone with any ideas on how I can vilify old faggot Boren, please leave a comment here. I really, really want the old scumbag to die in total disgrace. Since the offer of reward didn’t go viral, I may increase it later and keep working on him to bring him down. I did email him with a friendly “F you” as my final words. Not that he reads his emails, but let his homo assistant get the pleasure.

    • AndrewInterrupted

      I think I would have taken a toned down approach. Your investigation proves he’s a General in the LGBT Nation; LGBT Nation being a division in the cultural Marxist regime.

      Generals in the Feminist Nation are also over-reacting in the Education area to persecute symbols of the founding population. Both Nations answer to the axis of evil–the grievance industry–i.e. the cultural Marxists.

      You are a former university professor. You are supposed to be taking this to the next HIGHER level, not LOWER. You are a making it easy for the cultural Marxists. Attack him for grievance industry bias. Attack Boren for being a Marxist, not a faggot.

      Just my opinion.

      • I should have made myself more clear. The motivation for offering the reward is his anti-white racism, as stated in the offer. The best basis for getting him into a prison involves his sexual orientation. These are two different things. He resigned from the US Senate in 93 over a breaking sex scandal that was then quashed. I suspect it involves underage boys or illegally hiring male prostitutes.

        You can’t take a big player in the power structure down because they’re anti white. You can take them down for crimes involving sex.

        See the difference? We must use whatever dirt we have on our enemies to bring them down.

        • AndrewInterrupted

          Cultural Marxism exists for the purpose of anti-White racism. But, I see it more as an attack against the “…founding population and its culture, aka western civilization”.

          Roughly the same page. Members of LGBT Nation and Feminist Nation are Lenin’s ‘useful idiots’ for that cause.

        • Spikeygrrl

          You’re about a decade too late. Homosexuals are no longer despised, they are lionized.

      • Sick of it

        Liars and hypocrites don’t care about being called out for it.

        • AndrewInterrupted

          That is indeed a critical component when sizing up this cultural Marxist enemy. They can’ be embarrassed–they have no capacity for shame. perfect pirates. When using the Sun Tzu approach, that fact is a top three consideration.

          • SoulInvictus

            Doesn’t the saying go something like, They hit you while they cry out in pain…

          • AndrewInterrupted

            That was an old Polish saying, yes.
            I call it: “Attacking from the victim position”.

  • superlloyd

    ‘Free speech seems to be a white thing.’ That’s why it’s being eradicated by the diversicrats in Western governments and the feeble MSM.

  • Capn Dad

    They can only take what you give them.

  • Cannot Tell

    By the end of this year, I will have started a scholarship for high school and college students who make video essays about “anti-racism” in the U.S. I’m hoping that researching the SPLC and other “anti-racist” organizations will show young whites how these people are trying to destroy free speech and flood the country with non-whites. However, I fear that it will be difficult to advertise the scholarship. From what I’ve read, the CofCC has had facebook take down some of their pages in the past.

    • Actually one black who worked with me had an advanced degree in Mech. Engineering & I think he was from Nigeria too. My own private theory is that native American blacks have become lower IQ than other blacks due to US Gov’t forced breeding programs i.e. a side effect of welfare.

  • Truthseeker

    If you have the means to go and are on the fence about it, my advice is to do it. The sense of community and mutual understanding is great.

  • LHathaway

    This is a great essay. I didn’t realize it was Mr. Taylor until I’d finished and looked back up at the top.

    I like the fact that China censors the internet so strictly. “Facebook helps a lot of countries, including India, Pakistan, Germany, Russia, and Saudi Arabia censor the Internet”. I’m glad they do. What is it they censor, though, sex and gore, or those like us? Heck, I’m glad much of Racial Hate is censored, but I do suspect some hatred is censored while at the same time other hate is promoted. Heck, leftist name their censorship efforts ‘free speech’ initiatives. While we still have some free speech, I’m going to use it.

  • JohnEngelman

    Where are the so called “First Amendment Absolutists” on this?

    They favor the right to obscenity, blasphemy, and burning the American flag. Nevertheless, they think whites should be punished for expressing the way many of them feel about blacks.

    • Jason Lewis

      I hope those kids win the lawsuit.

    • LHathaway

      Whites should Especially be punished for claiming they are Victims of racism. They’re used to putting conservatives Whites in place. It’s a daily pleasure for them, or at least one that crops up from time to time. Every TV show they’ve ever watched has primed them on what to do when facing a conservative opinion. When faced with a White who expresses their feelings at being victimized by diversity, you’ve entered an entirely new ‘nazi’ territory, as they consider it. Nevertheless, it can and should be done.

  • Bo_Sears

    This discussion takes us on a trip of the trail we have traversed from pluralism (1913) to multiculturalism (1959) to multiracialism (1986) and on to multinationalism (2010). It is the end of all enlightenment values like free speech, conviction after due process, legislative law (compared to bureaucratic regulations or judicial enactments), and the other verbal and written paraphernalia we thought hedged in civil society in our part of the world.

    Somebody said, “We are all Jews now.” I don’t know about that but we are all tribalists now, and people who are slow to understand will not leave descendants.

    King John (Lackland) and his barons gave us the Magna Carta at the same time that Genghis Khan was besieging Beijing and murdering millions through his entire line to 1707. His great-great-grandson-in-law Tamerlane killed a number of victims in Asia and Europe equal to 1/5 the number of people alive at that time in the world, and he died in the same century as Columbus’ travels across the Atlantic Ocean. It is Genghis Khan’s and Tamerlane’s code that we will live by hereafter. (Tamerlane’s name is still popular, witness it is the name of one of the two Boston Bombers.)

    If white Americans seriously seek to protect the lives, health, and education of their children and grandchildren, the time is long since passed in which we can claim “belief” in free speech, due process, and legally adopted laws. Too bad, it is now going to be all tribal contests for territory, authority, and supremacy, and we need to give up wishful thinking about the past, or the recovery of the past. It is the future that matters more than ever.

  • Deacon Blue

    I soooooo want to go to this in TN!

  • Captain Bryant

    I am sorry I will miss this years conference. Please if you can go meet Mr Taylor and the others do so. I consider meeting him and John Derbyshire one of the best moments of my life.

  • WR_the_realist

    Likewise in February, there were reports on the University of Michigan’s “Inclusive Language Campaign” of pressuring students to sign a pledge not to use insulting or intimidating words such as “crazy,” “insane,” “retarded,” “gypped,”
    “illegal alien,” or “ghetto.” They were also warned against saying “I
    want to die,” since that insults people who have attempted or have
    actually committed suicide.

    Any young man who signs such a pledge might as well be signing a document that says, “Here are my testicles. You can keep them. I won’t be needing these any more.”

  • Jessica Lee

    Can’t wait!

  • bv

    A plague upon Boren’s house.

  • Tim

    All of this monitoring and punishment of our every word brings to mind the Cold War joke…. “A Moscow man is “Promoted” to Siberia with his family to follow, after speaking out against poor production planning. Knowing his every word will be scrutinized by authorities he develops a simple but effective code. He tells his wife, If I write to you in BLUE ink, then everything I say is true and exactly the situation here. But if I write to you in RED ink, then everything I am saying is a lie and you are to believe the exact opposite. Days later the letter arrives in blue ink and the wife lets out a sigh of relief, knowing it is a good sign. He says, I have found a workers paradise here!! The foreman is kind and gentle, our apartment is both spacious and warm and there is everything you could both need and want in the well stocked collective store. In fact, the only thing here that I needed and couldn`t find was a small bottle of red ink…”

  • ElComadreja

    There is no freedom of speech in America. It’s been dead for many decades. Don’t believe me? Try publicly stating your opinion of blacks, homosexuals, mestizos etc. If they differentiate from left wing dogma you’re screwed.

    • Spikeygrrl

      Not if you have nothing they can take away from you (e.g., job, disability check, property, standing in your community). Now, lacking all these things, I can truly speak my mind…and golly it feels GOOD!

  • Hammerheart

    Yep. Let’s insulate young adults from reality and conflicting view points. That’s going to get then equipped to survive on their own. Really.

  • Mark Robert

    First Amendment was placed in the Bill of Rights to protect all the other Amendments.

    Short of that the Second Amendment comes in play.

  • Mark Robert

    Nationalism is Surging and Liberalism is on Its Deathbed:

    A paradigm shift is taking place throughout the West. Nationalism is rapidly rising, while the liberal order that has reigned supreme since the 1960’s is collapsing.

    On the European continent, Nationalism is returning in full-force, reminiscent of the rise of Nationalism in the 1920’s-30’s, as a response to the rise of the Communists who threatened traditional European civilization.

    Moreover, the European diaspora nations of Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and the United States are all shifting to the right. With the exception of the U.S., all of these nations are
    under control of the right-wing. And in the U.S., the right is at its strongest point in over a century on the local and state levels, as well as in Congress.

    Nationalism is rising, but it appears the brainwashed progressives still believe they are in control.

    The television outlets, newspapers, and talking heads still believe we are accepting their mindless, fascist, suicidal code of political correctness.

    Europeans are taking a hard right.

    Europeanism is about race, heritage, and our people.

    Look around; what constitutes a cesspool?

    Is it the Europeans, or something else???

  • Spikeygrrl

    One of these years I’ll have enough cash socked away to attend the Conference…sigh…

  • Cogra Bro

    According to the Am Re post, in Britain, 20 people a day are investigated by the police for making remarks on the Internet.

    And the British pioneered freedom of speech?