CNN Cut Off Controversial Charlie Hebdo Cartoons

Erik Wemple, Washington Post, January 7, 2015

Drawings in the magazine Charlie Hebdo that triggered reprisals and death threats against the publication’s staff have never been more newsworthy than today, when terrorists stormed the publication’s Paris offices in a rampage that claimed the lives of 12 people. Yet CNN and host Wolf Blitzer hid them in a segment this afternoon.

In closing out his eponymous show this afternoon, Blitzer sketched out a brief biography of Charlie Hebdo editor Stephane Charbonnier that focused on his brave defiance of threats from terrorist organizations. Charbonnier was among the 12 people killed today.


Paired with that comment from Blitzer was this image on the CNN screen:


So viewers got to see Charbonnier, but not the image that had “fueled more anger.”


A glance at Google Images shows that shots of Charbonnier posing alongside his anger-arousing covers aren’t hard to find. Why didn’t CNN provide a more complete view? “As this distressing story continues to evolve we are actively discussing the best way of addressing the key issues and images across all of our platforms” said a CNN spokesperson via e-mail. “Those conversations will continue throughout the day and beyond as the story develops.”

Those conversations shouldn’t take so long: Show it all, whatever the consequences.

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  • So what? CNN is only relevant these days when an airliner goes missing.

    • a1781054

      Does anyone even watch the Communist News Network anymore?

  • Luca

    This ‘might’ be a turning point for Liberals. I hear Bill Maher is actually bad mouthing Muslims. Actually, he is just speaking the truth, but that is so rare among the Liberal set.

    • Samuel_Morton

      Mahr has always been fairly critical of Islam, mostly because of his atheist leanings. But he is far more critical of Christianity, as if Christians are running around killing people today. And he’s barely to the right of Tim Wise when it comes to anti-white sentiment.

      • Jaggers

        Actually Mahr does not put forth the Christian/Muslim moral equivalence farce of which liberals are so fond. He’s argued till he’s blue in the face to show that Islam is a uniquely violent religion. Obvious point, but you got to give credit where it’s due.

        • Douglas Quaid

          Right, when libs on his show try to do that equivalence schtick Maher goes to the mat with them over it, pointing out that Christians don’t believe in killing people who leave the faith yet in poll after poll that’s what most so called “moderate” Muslims believe. When he points this out his lib guests start stammering about racism etc. I usually find Maher to be an insufferable blowhard, but for once Maher is right.

          • John Smith

            He put Charlie Rose in his place.

      • Garrett Brown

        This has always been the problem I have had with Maher. He seems much more anti Christian than Atheist.

  • james AZ

    Hey CNN. Welcome to ostrich club……..CNN hide the reality from the world and can’t release REALITY News…….

  • MekongDelta69

    Let’s see:
    1.) It is not ok to ‘offend’ the ‘perpetually oppressed’ mooz-limz.

    2.) It is ok for mooz-limz to run around the world, taking over countries, killing anyone who they don’t like, cutting off heads, blowing up kids, etc., etc., ad infinitum.

    Brain-dead leftists are beyond emasculated. I don’t think there’s a singular English word which describes them.

    There is a singular word in Arabic, which describes them:

    • Oldcorporal

      Rhymes with “dummy.”

  • JohnEngelman

    At least this story appeared on The Washington Post.

  • D.B. Cooper

    I tried to make some comment on the Huffington Post, and it looks like I’ve been banned for life. Oh well. I’m actually happy the Muslims did that in France. I am so looking forward to the next stunt, which should be really soon. It’s the only way white people will wake up.

    • Capn Dad

      “If you prick us do we not bleed? If you tickle us do we not laugh? If you poison us, do we not die? If you wrong us, do we not avenge?” – William Shakespeare. The Merchant of Venice

    • See The Future

      You see what is going on as do many others. Try as you may to educate and inform others……it is largely hopeless.

      Those that see are a very small minority that the establishment could care less about because we have no power to actually do anything substantive.

      As my learned father told me many years ago, there will be nothing to do except to sit back and watch the show and take appropriate actions when the time will come.

      And the time will come, not a question of if, but when. In the meantime prepare.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Not just CNN but NBC and MSNBC news as well.

    The mainstream American news media are the mortal enemy of the White race.

    We need our own media, a media that speaks in the interests of our people, White people, instead of debasing and denigrating us and covering up the vicious crimes of those who relentlessly attack us.

    • Flanders21

      I can think of another symbol they would censor as well but don’t want to push Amren’s sensitivity button…Good job.

    • Ron Cheaters

      One of your more powerful images..
      You’re on the ball

  • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

    Booo, CNN is scared of muslims and the DIE-versity they are trying to promote.

    • See The Future

      political correctness out of control

  • Capn Dad

    Politicians pander to Ovomit and his muzzies or black thugs because all a politician thinks about is getting reelected. Journalists and Hollywood pander because if they don’t they don’t get invited to parties and therefore aren’t cool. Generals and Admirals pander because they just want to get their retirement. Everyone who has the power to do something is interested in something else. They don’t give a s**t about what bothers you.

    • IstvanIN

      They don’t seem to care much about their own children’s and grand-children’s future either.

  • Speedy Steve

    I wonder if Charlie Hebdo has anything planned for Saint Martin Lucifer King Day.

  • Resistanceisfutile

    All the talking heads on TV are decrying the cowardly refusal to show the pictures; and then not showing the pictures. My take is, if I lived near an identifiable Muslim community(like, say in Paris), I would make a couple of thousand copies of the cartoons and drive thru the neighborhood and scatter the pictures all over the streets!

    • Oldcorporal

      Exactly. Fox News has been bemoaning the fact that “they aren’t showing the pictures” periodically, all day. I thought to myself, “You want them shown? SHOW THE DAMN THINGS!”

  • notyranny

    I heard that Russians would kill particularly troublesome Muslims, behead them and send them back to their units sewn inside of a pig. Now THAT is what gets the attention of these maniacs.

    • See The Future

      I would not want to harm a worthy pig to deliver a POS.

  • ThatWhiteGuy

    By not showing the images, liberals not so subtly admit that Muslims cannot handle any kind of jabbing or satire and that they are just too pathetic to function in Western society.

  • TheMule61

    “We won’t show the cartoons out of sensitivity to Muslims; so let’s move on to our half hour special mocking Sarah Palin and her ‘tard son.”

    – LSM scumbags

  • See The Future

    We are fat, lazy and stupid.

  • Douglas Quaid

    For my part I found a number of the cartoons of Mohammad to be just plain vulgar, a bunch of homo-erotic depictions. I have nothing but loathing for Islam but I can also say that magazine looks like nothing but filth. These cartoonists are no heroes in my mind, they are just as much a part of white Christian culture destruction as the Islamic hordes pouring in.

    • See The Future

      Definitely not in the best of taste. But you don’t have to buy the magazine. Not hero’s but did not deserve to be executed by foreigners (French citizens).

    • Garrett Brown

      Mohammed never had any sexual encounters with men, pigs and little girls were more his taste.

  • Johnny Harper

    Cowards in the Feminist Western world doesn’t have the balls to take on the Muslims.

    This is how a Patriarchal society does rather than a Feminist society.

    The West can’t survive its feminist leadership and cultures.

    • See The Future

      We are in big trouble. We are in a fight for our survival.

  • See The Future

    CNN and all the western media refuse to call the gunmen, shooters, etc what they really are.

    The media refuses to call them islamic muslim jihadists.

    Further the media is pushing the “its our fault” line. Where have we gone wrong? What can we do to prevent the youth from doing these things? Never is the blame put where it belongs. Bottom line. We are infidels. Three choices: convert, pay jizyah, or die. The fourth choice of course is destroy them all.

  • david dorian

    Will anyone at CNN ride with Charlie???

    I thought not. That;s so last month…..

  • Fed Up

    But screwed up Muslim fanatics murdering White people is NOT insensitive?

  • Who Me?

    Well the French police and/or military killed them all, plus a few assorted hostages. Did anybody expect any other ending?