Posted on January 8, 2015

‘I Want to Kill Cops’: Man Who ‘Tried to Run Over’ Officers

Philip Messing et al., New York Post, January 8, 2015

A man yelling “I want to kill cops” tried to run down two Port Authority Police officers with his car near the entrance to the ­Holland Tunnel Wednesday night in the latest attack on officers.

Matthew Christian Cash, who has an extensive criminal record, was barreling down a restricted fire lane near Varick and Watts streets when he barely missed cops patrolling the tunnel and smashed his silver Audi right into their ­police cruiser at about 8 p.m., authorities said.

After crashing into the cruiser, the unhinged man twice screamed “I want to kill cops” and struggled with officers trying to detain him, according to sources.

“He was putting up a fight,” said witness Michael Rosselli.

“They had to get him into the cruiser. He was kicking at the ­window trying to get out. They had medics on standby.”


Cash, 24, was traveling with a female companion who told officers he received a phone call that seemed to upset him just before he flipped out and sped into the cop car.

Officers on the scene said it wasn’t clear if he was aiming for the two cops or a security booth near the tunnel.

Police sources said synthetic marijuana was found in the Audi and the crazed man claimed he was on angel dust.