No, It’s Not Constitutional for the University of Oklahoma to Expel Students for Racist Speech

Eugene Volokh, Washington Post, March 10, 2015

Some University of Oklahoma students in the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity were videorecorded singing (as best I and others can tell),

There will never be a nigger at SAE
There will never be a nigger at SAE
You can hang him from a tree
But he’ll never sign with me
There will never be a nigger at SAE

University of Oklahoma president David Boren said, “If I’m allowed to, these students will face suspension or expulsion.” [UPDATE: The president has indeed expelled two of the students.] But he is not, I think, allowed to do that.

1. First, racist speech is constitutionally protected, just as is expression of other contemptible ideas; and universities may not discipline students based on their speech. That has been the unanimous view of courts that have considered campus speech codes and other campus speech restrictions — see here for some citations. The same, of course, is true for fraternity speech, racist or otherwise; see Iota Xi Chapter of Sigma Chi Fraternity v. George Mason University (4th Cir. 1993). (I set aside the separate question of student speech that is evaluated as part of coursework or class participation, which necessarily must be evaluated based on its content; this speech clearly doesn’t qualify.)

UPDATE: The university president wrote that the students are being expelled for “your leadership role in leading a racist and exclusionary chant which has created a hostile educational environment for others.” But there is no First Amendment exception for racist speech, or exclusionary speech, or–as the cases I mentioned above–for speech by university students that “has created a hostile educational environment for others.”

2. Likewise, speech doesn’t lose its constitutional protection just because it refers to violence–“You can hang him from a tree,” “the capitalists will be the first ones up against the wall when the revolution comes,” “by any means necessary” with pictures of guns, “apostates from Islam should be killed.”


5. Of course, this just applies to the university. It certainly makes sense that the national fraternity may suspend the student chapter, and that other fraternity or sorority organizations refuse to deal with the chapter (or even its students). {snip}


Under the First Amendment, though, the government–including the University of Oklahoma–generally cannot add to this price, whether the offensive speech is racist, religiously bigoted, pro-revolutionary, or expressive of any other viewpoint, however repugnant it might be.

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  • Race Heretic

    Idiot. All he did was succeed in making the perpetrators of the alleged crime into actual victims. This will not help their cause in the long run.

    • Speedy Steve

      Liberals cannot think beyond the moment. Their end game is the tearing down of the nation/empire, but they never see it that way. When they get everything they demand they always find something else to demand and it will be both wrong and destructive.

      • jviscont1

        we have an empire now?

        • bilderbuster

          The start of the American Empire began with The Spanish American War when we took most of the remaining Spanish colonies from Spain.

    • I respectfully disagree. This is one more step that liberals have taken to demoralize the White population. They have made any racial comment/behavior by Whites “Beyond the Pale” and have made blacks feel more and more empowered. Yes, I am afraid, this DOES help their cause.

    • ActaNonVerba

      Not to mention black only frats and colleges. But they’re the victims…..yup always and only victims. So they can do that. HOR$€SH!T!!!!!!!!!

  • A Freespeechzone

    Meanwhile, loudmouthed blacks can publicaly threaten to kill cops, Whites and others without any ramifications.

    I’d be willing to go as far to say that some of these threats originate from college campuses without punishment.

    • EXACTLY. So, a few White kids making a goofy racist chant should be expelled, but, in the meantime, a CONVICTED COP KILLER can give the commencement address at a college while serving a life sentence for the murder. What is this coming to?

      • bilderbuster

        What is this coming to?
        The extinction of the White race or the bloodbath that it will take to prevent it.
        This is but a baby step in The Great Leap Forward.

  • Oh yeah, the two suspended students might get a wee slight little bit justice, in 10-20 years. Rest assured that that justice won’t personally cost David Boren as much as one red cent from his personal hide.

    Meanwhile, the precious Constitution didn’t protect them now.

    We need to find some way to make this personal.

    • propagandaoftruth

      We need to find some way to make this personal.

      Gimme an alibi…

      Ha ha, hee hee. Free speech, you know? Of course as I’ve said, speech is evidence of thoughtcrime.

  • John Smith

    I’m hoping for a test case and to see if the ACLU will try to dodge this because of how much they disagree with the speech in question.

    • Johnny

      Hannity had a black dude on last night, not sure if he was ACLU but he was quite adamant in his assertion that the expulsion was illegal. Hannity, of course, argued otherwise.

      • bilderbuster

        I’m sure Hannity exclaimed how repulsive their behavior was about a thousand times while defending the White students.

      • John Smith

        Hannity is a traitor, IMO. He’s more like a mouthpiece for the GOP party elites than anything like the conservative he claims he is.

  • David Ashton

    Racist rants nevertheless give racist arguments a bad name.

    • 1stworlder

      Now that a Chechen moslem has confessed to killing the guy that mainstream media blamed Putin for will they show his hate rants? I must have missed the main stream coverage of the rants of Mohammad Ali Brown, the black moslem serial killer of gays in 3 states that was caught 2 weeks after the Ferguson liquor store robber was caught.

      • David Ashton

        Putin will be (and is being) blamed anyway.

    • TheMaskedUnit

      Negro behavior gives negros a bad name.
      Mike Brown and Trayvon Martin were judged on the content of their character.

      • David Ashton

        Of course, that is so,

        My point is simply that childish abuse of Negros merely helps our enemies to push for informal or formal legislation to deny “a platform” to our serious arguments which actually occupy the rational and moral high-ground.

        • You make a valid point in theory, and I do understand where you’re coming from. Even still, our enemies will always take what we say – whether they come in the form of humor, polemical argument, reasoned deductions, or historical facts – and twist them for their socio-political ends. Nothing we say, no matter how much it’s seasoned with grace, will persuade them otherwise.

          Thus, I no longer care if whites just get fed up with the entire ‘diversity’ mantra and the on-going negro worship and say what they really think in the most raw form of language. Think about it: We’re getting dispossessed in our own lands, and we’re discussing how we can politely express our viewpoints without being meanies!

          Good grief, gimme a break!

          • Irish

            If we are ever going to fully sway the swayable Whites to the rightness of our cause, it will not be with racial invectives & slurs..

          • I’m not denying the use of other means in our cause, but I’m also not going to nut-up when a group of whites among the privacy of their own group say something unbecoming of our darling negroes.

            There’s a time and place for such niceties, and I’m not suggesting that we become intentionally vulgar around whites that we might sway for our cause. At the same time, we need to keep some perspective and recognize that a growing number of whites are becoming fed up with what the Left and the media are doing to us.

            Lastly, the majority of whites that become race-realists will probably NOT be converted by facts, racial statistics, smiling faces, smooth words, and convincing racial arguments. Rather, it will come when they’ve been denied employment because of Affirmative Action, a brutal ‘diversity’ encounter, when their home values drop because of growing crime caused by blacks, and when they get finally get sick and tired of having to grovel before our wonderful minorities.

          • meanqueen

            Your last paragraph is probably correct (most certainly correct, actually) but we should still behave with dignity.

          • WE SHOULD. We here are mainly adults. These are COLLEGE KIDS for crying out loud! Let them have fun. Come on. Young people act up all the time; even the AMISH recognize that. Lighten up. I will ask young Whites to be more respectful, when black parents ask their chillen to stop flash mobbing and to obey the law. That hasn’t happened.

          • Of course we should, but I’m also not going to nut-up when some white college kids chant something ‘racist’ and which ‘offends’ our beloved negroes. Plus, these kids were not representing us at Amren nor on their way to a race-realist conference. Most of them, I bet, don’t know a darn thing about race-realism.

          • MrGJG

            “I’m not denying the use of other means in our cause, but I’m also not
            going to nut-up when a group of whites among the privacy of their own
            group say something unbecoming of our darling negroes.”

            I doubt anyone here has a problem with racial rants, in fact I employ them regularly when hearing or reading a story about the latest monkeyshines. I just don’t believe it’s the face we should present our cause with. Unlike blacks, white people respond to reason and statistics. I’m seeing more and more young people becoming aware that their so called “white privilege” is a lie.

            As far as these kids go, what they did was pretty stupid but I would be the first to send money for their defense team.

          • “I just don’t believe it’s the face we should present our cause with.”

            I wasn’t aware the bus was actually on its way to the Amren conference? Or that any of them were prominent white activists?

            As I said on the first story, I really don’t understand everyone here and their scolding and reprimands for these kids, talking about how they’ve “set us back”… set us back from what? What progress have we made, exactly? What are the great heights which the race realist movement has attained that these kids knocked us down from?

            We’re already at the back of the line, its not like whites can get MORE demonized and reviled.

          • Thank you. People don’t get it. This was done in private amongst a group of Whites. This is about the Left demanding complete submission from Whites even in private, just so the precious “self-esteem” of the darling negroes is not harmed.

          • Thank you, a few of you do indeed ‘get it.’

          • meanqueen

            I agree. If we want to win people over, we can’t speak and act like Cletus the Klansman. On the other hand, I’m not going to get up in arms about an ugly jingle by white boys when blacks are raping, robbing, and murdering at will with a preference for white victims, or when the entire educational and media system pushes the lie that blacks are innocent victims of white racism and that there is no such thing as black racism, or even black on white crime for that matter. Try to follow Jared Taylor’s example – have impeccable speech and manners while expressing WN beliefs.

          • adplatt126

            It was ugly? Why? I enjoyed it. Nothing wrong with a group of young whites expressing their racial preferences.

          • adplatt126

            It could be. Sometimes harsh, frank, undeniable truth is the most convincing.

        • Awakened Saxon

          If they were just ranting with foul language like Emma West did some years ago, then I would agree with you. But that is not the case here. I don’t think these kids anything that gives racialism a bad name.

          • jviscont1

            racialism has a ‘good’ name?

          • No, you’re right, it doesn’t have a ‘good’ name. All the more reason then to not become overly concerned when some white frat kids say something that offends the darlings of ‘diversity.’

          • Exactly.

        • Abuse of Negroes? OHHH, I am SOOOOO SORRY! Uhh, to me abuse is robbing, raping, and murdering people. Abuse is what these people do to this society with their reckless procreation, and constant violence and threats of same. So a goofy chant by some kids is the same? The hell with that! We should support these kids and stop apologizing.

          • bilderbuster

            Or at least laugh with them.

          • David Ashton

            Keep your knickers on. I never suggested and do not think that a “goofy chant” is “the same” as “robbing, raping, and murdering people”. I just don’t welcome enemy propaganda like “American Renaissance finds lynching doggerel not only acceptable but hilarious”.

          • There is going to be enemy propaganda regardless. The truth is on our side, not theirs. We have got to stop being so ultra concerned at how our enemies portray us, beyond using a polite speaking manner, as Mr. Taylor does. This goes for both race realists like us, and for mainstream conservatives as well. Too long we have allowed the other side to frame the debate and to define us. No, laugh at the chant, if you want. We have nothing to apologize; they do.

          • David Ashton

            JT gets it just right.

    • 1G25

      They were 19-year-old kids, photographed at a private party, for God’s sake.

      And they’re not “racist” arguments.

      It has to with differences in species.

      • David Ashton

        I am not against free speech and do not wish to quibble wearisomely over my use of the word “racist” on this occasion.

      • LHathaway

        I find it hard to believe these kids didn’t do this in the first place in order to ‘highlight racism’ or something. A couple of black girls on campus were seen dating a white guy, perhaps. I have a hard time taking this seriously, as I do anything appearing in the news, or being taught, for that matter.

        • jviscont1

          How big of you who is not offended. Can I call you a cracker or you would not take this seriously.

          • Jim Barlow

            I can’t speak for Hathaway, but I would prefer the term “peckerwood”.

    • Irish

      Yes, particularly that “You can hang him from a tree bit”..Though I have to concede I was heartened to find young, college age Whites in accord on such a un P.C. thing as keeping their fraternity White.

    • We have the same right of freedom of speech as our race enemies do. I am a little tired of this idea that ‘Well, we have to be more polite to them and not hurt their feewings.” To hell with that! We need more racist rants. They talk sh*t on us all the time; we don’t care. So why can’t we do the same?

  • bv

    The dean should be fired, and anyone should say whatever they want.

    • jviscont1

      you were not offended by the ‘hanging from a tree’ verse?

      • KevinPhillipsBong

        Why should offense be a bar to free speech?

      • Holden

        If we spent all our time being offended on behalf of everyone else, we’d do nothing but run around aggrieved all the time. Who wants to live like that?

      • bv

        Unless it involves that dean.

  • 1G25

    President David Boren.

    PC ass-kissing ni66er-lover.

    Shame, University of Oklahoma.

    • Speedy Steve

      I think I hate the sympathetic butt-smoochers more.

  • TheMaskedUnit

    Imagine the bloodshed and carnage by the “victims” should the Bill of Rights be found Constitutional.

    • ElGringo

      Don’t worry, it won’t be. Remember, we are living in the Progressive USSA now.

  • Google “David Boren queer”. The president of OU is a closeted homosexual with a history of sexually harassing young men. He also appoints his young male lovers to high positions in the university. He resigned from the Senate rather than face inquiries about his faggotry. In short, he’s scum.

    I have a request in to WordPress to see if I can offer a $10,000 cash reward for information leading to his felony indictment, arrest, and conviction, without WordPress taking my site down, which they did once before. I hate this anti-white SOB with a burning passion and I would like to put my money where my mouth is. In fact, if I can do so without losing my site, which I’ve put much work into, I intend to offer reward money for other antiwhite public officials.

    • Speedy Steve

      Yup! Outed in 1993. Good work, my friend.

    • Samuel Hathaway

      Given the media and political sympathy for Queerdom these days, these ex or current playthings of the former Democratic Senator should make their vicitimization known, and rake in a financial bonanza at the expense of Mr. Boren.

    • For heaven’s sake, get your own domain and host your blog on a paid server, where no one takes you down.

      • i got wordpress permission to go ahead. I’ve posted the reward on my site and posted a comment here about it. Amren has it in moderation, I guess because of the link.

  • TomIron361

    There is an opportunity here. People like these educrats look dumb when they make moutains out of these mole hills. Which is a good thing for decent people.

  • I tend to think that as our society becomes more politically-correct and anti-white, the more we will see whites resisting the forces against them. They may be small at times (as in this incident), but we can only take so much before we start to fight back.

    Personally, I found their little fraternity chant refreshing. It was good to see well-bred whites expressing some semblance of solidarity and resisting the negro-worship that surrounds them at every point.

  • dd121

    For singing a harmless drinking song these kids have their present and future taken from them. Freedom of speech has been taken from us by people who hate us.

    • Speedy Steve

      Their future was in danger by sticking around in college being brainwashed by lunatic professors. Now they can learn a trade like electricity, open their own business, get married and sire 8 beautiful White children. God bless them both.

      • Samuel Hathaway

        I hope you’re right… maybe they’ll see life as more than partying and whooping it up like typical college kids, see the light and do exactly what you suggest.

    • Samuel Hathaway

      Apply the Thomas Jefferson litmus-test to free speech, just as he did to freedom of religion when he wrote the Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom. In that statute, Jefferson wrote, “It does my neighbor no harm to say there is One God, many gods or no god.” It neither picks his pocket nor breaks his leg.”

      The fraternity brothers are not a threat to anyone because of their chant. Where’s the crime? Where’s the property damage? Who was deprived of life, liberty or the pursuit of happiness as a result of their chant? Okay, besides the fraternity?

      • ElGringo

        How quaint. That will never pass muster here in the Progressive USSA where the supporting Bill of Rights makes one a potential terrorist.

        • adplatt126

          I’m afraid you’re being too light on the criminal, tyrannical American regime.

  • tickyul

    Boo-hoo, some college kids said some off-color things! This NOTHING story is getting so much airtime……… you see why THEY are winning. Control the meme and you win the minds of the easily swayed.

    • kikz2

      i’m really dejected by this today…. you’d think they had hanged Black people by the amount of furor.. and what’s the term the media uses… ‘outrage’…… so many Whites agreeing…..i am appalled at their reaction to this…… if only a crude song, that contained the word, ‘[email protected]@er’ , a term they call each other regularly………were the worst thing that befell any of those students, Black or White during their time at OU or out in the real world…….

      the whole thing is ridiculous and that boy’s life is ruined. it infuriates me that such a huge amount of Black actual physical violence is committed daily against Whites and others.. and its ignored, or justified as somehow White’s fault that Blacks kill Blacks and others w/a greater propensity than any other race in the country..
      i feel like i’m livin’ in the twilight zone.

      • tickyul

        Well, don’t be surprised by the fact that liberals are winning, they are shaping this country in their vision……….and this shaping has been going on for a LONG time. Their opposition, Conservatives, are weak and do not play the game of politics on anywhere near the same level as Liberals. You see the evidence in day-to-day events, such as news. A little racist talk that is harmless means the world to the Lib-media…….slaughter of innocent Whites, well, NO BIGGIE! Basically, the Liberals have won, trendlines overwhelmingly favor them.

  • Ringo Lennon

    Twitter #davidboren. The commenters are praising this guy.

  • NoMosqueHere

    Note to the expelled students: Sue the bastards!

    • Jason Lewis

      I’m sure there’s a “morality” clause in the schools by-laws that would protect the school.

      • NoMosqueHere

        Assuming such a morality clause exists, I would question whether it’s sufficient to deny students or anyone else affiliated with a state university their First Amendment rights. I doubt one can contract away one’s constitutional rights at all; but at minimum one would need specific intent to do so under very limited conditions, such as a non disclosure agreement in an employment severance agreement.

        • Jason Lewis

          It would be interesting to see a lawsuit. Lately the court has been on the correct side.

  • Evette Coutier

    According to survey 93 percent of millennial approve of interracial marriage between blacks and whites. The university thought police are illegally going after anyone who speaks honestly about race. Our kids are being crushed by brainwashed parents, schools, and institutions of higher education. The media and government propaganda are trampling on any rational thought not consistent with this nonsense. It’s critical that we not abandon these kids. There’s to much social and cultural pressure for them to fight alone. If we are fighting for our long-term preservation, this is where most of the fight is at.

    • David Ashton

      This is true. But speaking honestly about race means speaking intelligently about it too.

  • LHathaway

    These students aren’t the only one’s who can sing songs. By all evidence, the University’s theme song may as well be: There will never be a white student union at Oklahoma. Sometimes diversity is too much work.

  • JP Rushton

    I suggest everyone read the original article as it is quite good.

    I doubt these guys are “racists” or even race realists. It’s obvious from the language that the chant is quite old. They probably just did it because they found out that previous groups did it and they thought it was funny or edgy.

    No one on this site would do something like this because we know how stupid it is. That is why liberals eat their own so often, no one else is stupid enough to say anything publicly.

    • Samuel Hathaway

      You know the white mind very well. I have nothing to say to blacks about race, or really, much about anything. Alas, that is the way it must be. They are not worth the time nor the trouble. However, with whites, it’s safe to be flat-out frank with those whom you know would never repeat what you say.

  • John Ambrose

    Whatever happened to saying “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” Proof modern “liberal” tolerance only goes one way. And so much for the 1st amendment.. remember this involved a *public* institution.

  • Jason Lewis

    If they were stars on one of the school’s sports teams they would still be students.

  • Hold the phone.

    I thought we weren’t supposed to suspend students from school, because school to prison pipeline.

  • Bill Moore


    The USA is circling the drain, and the big news of the week is a bunch of kids singing a song on a bus.

    How are our half-dozen wars going? Syria, a couple of African countries, Ukraine, Iraq, and how many others. How many of our young men in uniform were killed or wounded today?

    How many beautiful Caucasian women were raped by Africans today?

    How many groups of Africans beat, robbed, or murdered Caucasians today?

    We’re so screwed,
    Bill Moore

    • bv

      Bill we’re screwed only because we allow it to happen.

      • Guest

        Next time you are accosted by a feral nigra in the parking lot, get to your vechicle and call the cops.

      • Bill Moore

        Hello bv,

        And you have a way to set things straight?

        If so, let me know.

        Bill Moore

        • bv

          Apart from a massive revolution and war, I don’t know.

    • FransSusan

      “The USA is circling the drain” clever metaphor! I think I’ll steal it.

  • Raymond Kidwell

    There was a court ruling that used the word “hostile learning environment” and now it can be used broadly to discipline students who act out in a way that upsets others. You can possibly challenge the behavior in court and demonstrate that it would not interrupt the learning process of a reasonable person (this is another common standard in law how a “reasonable person” would react or perceive something). The main way in which I think this case doesn’t have grounds is that it is based on private behavior that occurred outside of the classroom. Thus I don’t think a reasonable person would be unable to learn in such an environment.

    I had a class where they were teaching that “white people are all evil racists” etc. and I stated that I disagree with this and was asked not to come back to class because I was creating a hostile learning environment.

    • Deacon Blue

      I need to go back to college and enroll in African-American Studies {oxymoron
      as we know} or 20th Century Mestizo Social Theory. Then, I can sit back
      and as soon as a professor screeches how White Men like myself are evil devils and oppressors I can claim its a series of microaggressions and the prof has created a hostile environment and triggered me. Then I go see a lefty shrink who diagnoses me with depression and anxiety, and I sue the college for seven figures. Hey, if the Blacks can get rich with the “N*gger Lotto” then I say its time for Whitey to do the same.

  • Americaandthewestshouldbewhite

    They even tried to make the hosue mom a racist when the video showing her sing to a rap song saying the N-word showed up. The rap song was sung by a horrible ugly looking Trinidadian rapper with gold teeth and I guess he gets a free pass. I also was passing this place where a black guy was singing in public and he was using the N-word and also saying the B**ch word and other bad words. I guess they get a free pass becuase of their skin color. If that is not racist, I do not know what is.

  • jviscont1

    and George, your observations are why the term honkey is still in use. as an average lesbian American, who is not burning a flag. with that off my bosom, I can get back to some gay porn.

    • KevinPhillipsBong

      Still working out those abandonment issues I see.

    • Rah rah rah! Go you! You’re gay and proud! You tell him sister! Dont let the man keep you down! You were born this way! etc. etc. ad nauseam.

      But seriously though, you feeling the need to announce your lesbianism, as if it somehow matters, is why terms like “bulldyke” are still in use (see what I did there?). You engaging in non reproductive sexual relations with another woman in no way makes you a special snowflake.

      • Amen! Thank you for saying that! If there’s one thing gays and lesbians have to announce to everyone every opportunity they get, it’s that they are gay. Like the Jim Carrey skit on the 1990s TV show, ‘In Living Color,’ they feel compelled to let everyone know “I’m Gay!” or lesbian in this case.

  • Ella

    A public university is funded by both State and Federal taxes so they have to uphold the Law of the Land regardless of its comfort level. These bureaucrats cannot feel or look “good” to their Lefty professors and minority students. Whites receive enough berating and mockery by other nonwhite campus groups or graduates who openly applaud our extinction.

    • Deacon Blue


  • I imagine the lawsuits will be flying fast and furious over this one, and I hope David Boren is named individually and separately in the suits, with the happy idea that he will end up losing his home.

    • Deacon Blue

      And I hope the university does not have some clause in his employment contract that indemnifies and holds him harmless for being an asshat like he was in this case either. He should pay for his own attorney and all damages awarded from this if the students litigate and win. You may not like these fraternity boys for
      their little ditty but that does not mean you {and by “you” I mean those ubiquitous
      anti’s ready to draw and quarter the boys} have a right to step on their
      constitutional rights. If its OK for M’dumbe Chamachingo Washington to spout
      anti-White pejoratives at the NAACP rally or Quadratica D’rivitive Jones to
      do the same on TV then a couple of White kids using the N word should be equally

  • LastBastionOfHope

    This kind of thing ends all possible serious conversations about race. This is why people don’t sit down with Jared Taylor and intellectually discuss things. Because they think Jared Taylor is just like this guy in the video (even though he’s obviously not). Maybe this worked in 1910, not today in PC mania. Race realism is about intellectual discussion, science, data, and logic. Not shouting names that make it appear that blacks have a legitimate gripe about racism.

    I find it very interesting that he’s 19. The media will rush to a black teen’s side whenever he commits a crime and say stuff like “Come on he’s just a stupid teen”, “Come on we were all teens once who didn’t do stupid things at that age?”, “Ok fine he robbed a store, but is it the end of the world?”, or “It’s not his fault…he was brought up in a culture that condones violence and crime and he is just a product of his environment”. Yet the same excuses are not extended to whites in reverse. When whites say something “racist”, it’s permanent, it can’t be taken back, they should have always known better, their culture doesn’t matter, apologizing doesn’t matter, nothing matters. You are swiftly fired, expelled, and ridiculed by the media 24/7. Whites are expected to act of a much higher morality than blacks are. Again, the soft bigotry of low liberal expectations.

    Also, there was another video that came out and CNN headlined it like this: “Another Oklahoma video comes out from former frat mother saying n-word”. I clicked on it and watched it. Know what it was? It was a video of an old white lady SINGING ALONG to a rap song that said the n word over and over! And that’s now racist too? Just repeating what they say in a song? You might as well call every non-black teacher racist for reading “To Kill A Mockingbird” with all the n words in it. I wouldn’t be shocked if someone held up a sign with the n word on it, and every time some white person looked at it, they called it “racist”.

    Black victimhood is a brilliant plot by the left to keep the blacks on the liberal plantation and brainwash them. Biggest scam in American history. And it’s working.

    • Deacon Blue

      One of the problems is that the MSM and liberal bloviaters don’t care. They look at people like Jared Taylor and dismiss him anyhow as a “racist candy coating his hate with verbosity and politeness.” For the most part, whether you come out like a bull in a china shop dropping n-bombs or attempt to demonstrate race
      realism and “uncomfortable truths” by citing independent, peer reviewed and
      published research, the MSM/libtards don’t want to hear it. You’re a racist. You may be viewed as a clever or sneaky racist by the MSM/libs but you’re still going to be Hester Prynne’d with a big scarlet “R” across your chest. Most of the country {dare I write, “the world?”} is not ready to have that honest discussion about race we keep hearing from the left that we desperately need to have. Because by honest they {leftie progs types} really mean, they talk, everyone else listens and nods their heads in blind acceptance. Let’s face it, they are not interested in anything that challenges their idealized notion of a post-racial utopia where everyone is absolutely equal 100% of the time no matter what and there are absolutely no differences that matter between racial groups. In fact, they would posit there is no race at all. Just arbitrary racial constructs. Yeah, so I realize making social media videos using the N word is not helping us. But then again, what is helping us and our cause on a tactile level?

      • FransSusan

        We whites must stop reacting to being called racist and admit it. That would eventually de-fang the word until it becomes meaningless.

        • David Ashton

          Making it meaningless is a good strategy. Ditto, “sexist”.

    • KevinPhillipsBong

      Are white high school students allowed to read Huck Finn out-loud in class anymore? I wonder.

      • Johnny

        Are they allowed to read it at all? is it banned from most school libraries?

        • David Ashton

          Like Enid Blyton in Blighty. Someone is rewriting Shakespeare to reverse or remove his “antisemitism”. Bowdlerization, 2015 AD, I mean CE.

      • ABC

        It’s been cleansed.

    • kikz2

      it’s a subsidiary of the holocaust industry, as is illegal immigration.

  • Jeff Traube

    In the Segregation Days, there were no blacks at University of Oklahoma, and hence no need for songs to maintain Segregation of Fraternities. The Negroes have been sold on a culture of ‘entitlement’ by the Radical Egalitarians: You have the right to vote, live in white neighborhoods, join white fraternities, date white people etc. These same liberals and Hebrews overwhelmingly opt to live in lily white suburbs.

    • FransSusan

      Freedom of association doesn’t apply to whites. The fact that the corrupt, US government coddles the dysfunctional black race to the detriment of whites is repulsive, dysgenic, dystopian, and defies logic. The government knows this!

  • Simonitz Levi Rothstein

    Well whats done is done. The foolish frat boys acted like apes and got what they deserved. Next!

    • Earl Turner

      Can we send a bunch of basketball-Americans to school in Israel?

      • Simonitz Levi Rothstein

        We actually do get African American exchange students, many who are excellent basketball players here in Tel Aviv and the international school in Haifa. So far they have never been a problem. In fact, they are quite popular in the nightclubs of Tel Aviv. I hung out with a bunch of Americans the other day and two of them were of ethnic persuasions: one 2nd generation Cuban-American from Miami, FL and another was an African American basketball player. We had a lot of fun that night and they seemed very well behaved and fine. Israeli clubs are well known for inventing Psy-Trance and we play some awesome techno/ elektro-pop music in our discos. You folks should check it out sometimes, you might like it here in Israel. I’m conservative, NOT racist!

    • BenRothstein

      Preach it my brother! These white goyim must be demonized at every opportunity. We must keep working to break them down so that our world order can be implemented with no resistance.

    • FransSusan

      They didn’t deserve any punishment. They have as much right to their prejudices and political INcorrectness as negroes do who are continually whining about hating, killing, beating whites. What those college kids sang is their business. The 1st amendment still exists for anyone but whites.

  • KevinPhillipsBong

    Liberal comments everywhere are echoing the “your hate speech has consequences” meme to justify any consequences heaped upon these students.

    • Robert Smith

      So, can we expel black students caught listening to “hate rap” songs? What about when a liberal or black refers to whites as “rednecks?” This is a one way street as we speak today. What if an employer said he fired a black guy for listening to “hate rap” in his car coming in to work and his customers were offended?

  • Good points. Plus, lets get real: These are college kids, for crying out loud. Who hasn’t said some stupid things as a teenager? Young people were partying together and there were no blacks there anyway; it wasn’t like they were actually attacking verbally any black people. Of course, in the meantime, blacks physically attack Whites all the time and openly advocate this violence. So, how many of them get expelled from college for anti-White racist speech?

    • David Ashton

      This is a wiser defense than just to “endorse” the content.

  • ABC

    Change a couple letters and make this ‘lil diddy the national anthem.

  • redfeathers

    Fox News has been pushing this story for days. Hannity was becoming unhinged because two black guests don’t agree with him that they should be kicked out of school and the other night Megyn Kelly looked like she was about to cry.

    • ElGringo

      Faux News is sooooooo conservative though!

    • FransSusan

      Sean Hannity isn’t very intelligent and is nothing but a warmongering hore. All that ‘great American’ and ‘American patriot’ crapp that he spews like a broken record disgusts me to no end.

  • FozzieT

    It is only the Wrong Kind of racist speech that will get you expelled. Talk all day long about white privilege, the innate racism of eeeeeevvil white people….no problem!

  • ActaNonVerba

    How pathetic people handle- ONE WAY RACISM – yes one way because blacks can yell and scream all about killing whites not to mention cops all they want! But some drunk frat guys using words gets national attention cause its cool to be a liberal today HA.What a joke! Any reason for them to get in the way of people who “work” so they can riot and bitch! The Blo-U president thinks he is barry soetero and is acting like a dictator, only trying to get a raise. NO ONE IS KEEPING YALL HERE IF YOU DONT LIKE THIS COUNTRY BY ALL MEANS GO BACK TO WHERE THE HELL YALL CAME FROM!!!!! ANV-TX

  • Sloppo

    I see. If you use the “right” kind of racist rhetoric, advocating for the complete genocide of the hated white race, you can become a tenured professor like Noel Ignatiev of Harvard University. If you use the “wrong” kind of racist rhetoric, suggesting that it’s okay for a “special” race with elevated victimhood status to be excluded from a private club, you get expelled.

  • HJ11

    It is a thing well said about law: “If you sit on your rights, you lose your rights.”

    In other words, if you are wronged, as these White students have been wronged, you need to sue. The law is there and it can be used by Whites, but too few Whites use it. We seem to want to just be silent. Big mistake.

  • slobotnavich

    As a hard-right conservative I’d have fired any employee who was running around shouting racist or insulting invective. Just being legal doesn’t make inflammatory and insulting speech a non-firing or non-expulsion offense. Perhaps these louts could make a legitimate claim for the refund of their (probably grossly inflated) tuition, but the school had every right to boot them out.

    • Lee_CPA

      I have to disagree with you. Yes, a PRIVATE company, especially in a right to work state, can discharge employees for behaviour, even outside of a company setting, for a multitude of things.
      The difference here is that Oklahoma University is a PUBLIC institution. The university president is an official of a GOVERNMENT funded entity. As such, a PUBLIC official cannot violate the First Amendment right of freedom of speech of the student by punishing him for singing a ditty, no matter how much the official disagrees with it.

      • slobotnavich

        Interesting distinction. But were you in the Marine Corps or the US Army (publicly funded institutions) I doubt that you’d call your DI a c-sucker with impunity. You’d end up in the stockade or the brig, and likely with your facial features significantly re-arranged. Try the same with a big-city street cop and he’d likely do a drum-roll in your skull with his nightstick.

  • 1069rhythm

    This might turn into a good “activism” type issue. University president David Boren has revealed himself to be a whacked-out power freak. Maybe someone could organize a small group to keep the pressure on. One might begin by speaking out at a regents or governors meeting, if that’s possible in Norman.


    Would the burning down of the ACLU headquarters be considered protected speech?

  • There’s nothing defeatist about what I wrote. What’s defeatist is when we allow our enemies to set the rules of the debate.

    Also, the whites who sang the chant on the bus didn’t say THEY wanted to hang anyone. It’s not like they were openly advocating the public hanging of negroes. Maybe it crude, rude and all of that but it was done PRIVATELY among a group of fraternity brothers.

    • David Ashton

      I am glad to withdraw the word “defeatist” as you think that white people will be converted, eventually, when confronted by facts in personal experience. Meanwhile, we carry on making the case with hard argument rather than mere abuse.

  • David Ashton

    It is suggested that we have the same free speech as our opponents, and therefore people on the “white side” so to speak can say whatever they like, funny or foolish. In practice, we do not have equivalent freedom. We – not they – are denied platforms for serious and effective argument. Now if you have one hand tied behind your back, what is the gain from shooting yourself in one foot? Why fuel the enemy stereotype so the net is tightened?

  • MekongDelta69

    And the last time a black ‘student’ was expelled for using racial ‘epithets’ against Whites was???…

  • rebellisMMXII

    Where is the headline “Unarmed white teen expelled for exercising his freedom of speech rights”?

  • David Ashton

    THIS is the sort of reply one likes to see.