Civil Rights Commissioner: Young Adults’ Speech Should Be Restricted

Sandy Fitzgerald, Newsmax, August 2, 2014

The brain of a 21-year-old is still developing, so there should be restrictions on what such young minds should hear and say, a Democrat on the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights said at a recent briefing on sexual harassment, a professor and expert who testified at the meeting says.

Eugene Volokh, a professor for the UCLA School of Law, wrote in The Washington Post this week, that comments made by Commissioner Michael Yaki sounded as if he was “coming out in support of speech codes that ban speech and symbolic expression that is perceived as conveying a racist or sexist message.”

Yaki is a former senior adviser to House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and a former member of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors. Volokh said he was passing Yaki’s comments along as he is “a political figure who holds a significant position in the federal civil rights establishment.”

The hearing was held to discuss handling of sexual assault claims and speech codes on campus, said Volokh, but “some of the discussion of the latter going beyond just sex and covering material that’s offensive based on race and other characteristics.”

According to excerpts from the meeting, which Volokh said “matches his recollection of the comments,” Yaki said, while questioning Greg Lukianoff of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, that there are many ways young adults can get out of control with their speech, but there is no prohibition on campuses about their conduct.

“What about a slave auction at a fraternity engagement or a day where another group decides that they’re going to celebrate Latino culture by making everyone dress as janitors and mop floors or a situation involving women, have them as a ritual parade around in skimpy clothing and turn in some show or something?” Yaki asked Lukianoff.


There are “certain factors” in how the younger brain, even in adults 21 and younger, process information, Yaki said, which is “vastly different from the way that we adults do.”

So, since the younger brain works differently and university campuses are relatively small environments, Yaki said, “I think that there are very good and compelling reasons why broader policies and prohibitions on conduct in activities and in some instances speech are acceptable on a college campus level that might not be acceptable say in an adult work environment or in an adult situation.”



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  • dd121

    No guns to save the children. No free speech because the children are too immature to speak. I guess we all need to be saved from ourselves. /sarc

    • TruthBeTold

      No voting.
      No guns.
      No sex education.
      No abortions.
      No watching any opinion or mock opinion shows that would skew their developing brains.
      No history lessons including Civil Rights history (their undeveloped brains might form the wrong opinions).

      These people are totalitarians and they are DANGEROUS.

      • me

        YUP. They need to be put in a dungeon for the rest of their lives, for everyone’s protection.

      • propagandaoftruth

        Oh my. Lawyers beginning to define freedom of speech they dislike as a form of insanity.

        I predicted this. The use of psychiatry by crypto-Marxist messianic democratic totalitarians to oppress in a kind and caring way…

        • Jesse_from_Sweden

          Look up sluggish schizophrenia and political psychiatry for some horrible reading on that subject….

    • Juggernaut3000

      If they’re too immature for “adult speech” then they’re too immature to vote.

      In that case, raise the voting age to 30.

      • rightrightright

        Young men are not deemed too immature to fight and die in foreign wars for the political masters who enjoy the slick verbal skills of snake oil salesmen.

  • Rhialto

    Comrade Yake has a good point, but let’s simplify: An adult is a human 18 or over, therefore freedom of communication would apply only to those whose mental age is 18 or over. For example a 12 year old with a 150 IQ would be a free speecher a 17 year old with a 106 IQ would be a free speecher; a 29 year old with a 90 IQ would not be a free speecher.

    I can think of no rational objections to this simple, but beneficial proposal.

    • D.B. Cooper

      Always know who your enemy is. He got where he is due to white liberalism, and white conservatives too timid to do anything to stop it.

      • Looks like a swarthy Hawaiian Polynesian.

        • me

          He looks like a “Latrino” to me. He’s probably one of those people that aren’t sure what their ‘family tree’ is composed of, because their granny had a loose fanny.

        • Lagerstrom

          Yep. He should have purchased a pith helmet. Then again, he wouldn’t have his cushy job.

        • archer

          Typical, he comes from some third world hell hole where if you open your mouth you get a rifle but in your face and all he can do when he comes here is try to restrict the first amendment rights of our citizens. What a toad.

    • me

      Yeah, sure. Another a-hole that thinks they know what’s ‘best’ for everyone by taking away everyone’s rights and self-determinism. Go give yourself a swirly. You wouldn’t pass your own criteria.

  • TruthBeTold

    Then they shouldn’t be allowed to vote.

  • D.B. Cooper

    I swear, you guys should comment on the original article instead of here today. I mean, my freaking GAWD!!! The number of white boys without a clue over there!!!

    Here’s one such liberal know it all:
    Montaigne Lover
    If you look at my posts on this site, you’ll see that I have DEMOLISHED most of the standard right wing talking points with facts and logic.

    What issues are the most important to you?

    I love discussing the Mainstream media- which is corporate and right-wing. Don’t you agree? Of not, can you provide evidence? I have started three or four debates about the media on this site, and every time I ask a righty for evidence of the supposed “liberal msm,” I tend not to get any response.

    Do you think the media is liberal?
    If so, what is your evidence?

    • D.B. Cooper

      I just threw down the gauntlet! Time to go to work people!

      • Katherine McChesney

        Can’t post comments on the original article. They’ve shut them down.

        • D.B. Cooper

          Hmm, I wonder whhhhhyyyyyyyy…….

          • TruthBeTold

            Did you have to register for this site?

            It seems to be running disqus but it appears you also have to register with the site to comment.

          • D.B. Cooper

            This exact same article appeared elsewhere, but that site only allowed Facebook comments. I used my real identity instead of good ol’ D.B. Cooper.

    • Juggernaut3000

      How do you know this Montaigne is a white boy?

      Lots of anti-white trolls pretend to be white.

  • Don’t anyone suggest that 18-year olds shouldn’t be allowed to vote.

    • Since 18 year-olds are able to get married, serve in the armed forces, purchase tobacco, rifles, shotguns and ammunition, obtain credit cards, apply for home and car loans, and for criminal activity face adult prisons or possibly the death penalty, they should obviously be allowed to vote.

      • That’s the thing. This whole “brain development” thing, while true, doesn’t mean that people younger than the final age of the brain’s hard-wiring (generally 25) don’t understand right from wrong.

        • Yes, at some arbitrary age, people have to be legally considered adults and be trusted with completely adult rights and consequently have completely adult responsibilities expected of them.

          • johningermany

            If they commit a bad enough crime they can be tried as an adult at 13 or 14 and be given life in prison.

      • TruthBeTold

        That’s the point.

        If their brains are still developing, how can we trust anyone under 18 to make rational decisions about anything?

      • John R

        Yes, but I shouldn’t be allowed to say, “You know what? We aren’t responsible for slavery, and blacks are better off here than in any other country in the world. Therefore, I don’t think we owe blacks any special favors or consideration….” STOP!!! I just damaged that poor young mind with my “racist” opinions! He will grow up to be an ultra racist who will drag the first black man he sees to death behind his pickup truck. OMG!

      • Juggernaut3000

        The fact that they can be sent off to die in foreign wars, if there is a draft, when they have NO say in the matter is reason alone to allow 18 years olds to vote.

  • It’ll never hold up in court. At the age of 21, someone is legally completely adult, which means that all of the rights enumerated in the US Bill of Rights absolutely apply to them. This Yaki idiot is basically saying that adults possess their First Amendment rights only if they agree with his own political ideology, and otherwise they do not.

    • RisingReich

      I have always predicted a run on White rights. This is the beginning of said run.
      He’s really saying White people don’t qualify for freedom of speech. He’s attempting to codify what is already essentially already de-facto legislation.

      • He’s not saying that Whites don’t qualify, but instead that we do only to the extent that we agree with him.

        • RisingReich

          So isn’t that kinda the same thing? Feels like it to me.

          • UncleSham

            Yes, if you believe that Whites who don’t care for Whites are no longer White.

        • Lagerstrom

          That’s right. Apologize, grovel, admit that him and his ilk are ‘right’ and you’re wrong. It’s a life sentence.

  • LHathaway

    Children must be protected; unless you are exposing them to anti-white bias ‘awareness’ and ‘education’ training. In which case, no age is too young to start.

    • me

      Oh, it’s started, all right! Why do you think Yaki is crapping bricks and trying to muzzle free speech? The DARK ENLIGHTENMENT is here! The young are waking up to commie btards like this chubby Pol Pot..

  • Evette Coutier

    If they are old enough to die for their country, they are old enough to have a beer and speak their minds.

    • I think the federal government’s having forced states to raise their drinking ages to 21 was legally over-reaching and politically unnecessary.

      • TruthBeTold

        Most of these kinds of laws are over reach and not need.

        But some idiot swallows a fist full of phen fen and dies, so we have to ban phen fen. You know, ‘for the children!’

      • Evette Coutier

        It was pushed through by the insurance industry.

      • IstvanIN

        Blackmailed the states into raising the drinking age.

  • Where do the Left find these idiots at ?

    • me

      He looks like a Red to me. His outside is as attractive as his commie ideology.

      • He looks like someone who eats at McDamage and “super-sizes” every order.

        • Lagerstrom

          He couldn’t walk up a flight of stairs, by the look of him.

          • Taking the stairs would probably do the Yakidiot some good, except that instead of saving his stupid self from heart disease and/or Type-2 diabetes, he’s worried about what other people say.

            Quite the odd set of priorities, isn’t it?

    • Juggernaut3000

      He worked for Pelosi. Enough said.

    • anony

      “They” simply don’t think like we do. Racial differences exist even in thinking processes. Axiomatic.

  • David Ashton

    Gives a new “meaning” to Yaki-ty yak”.

    • me

      “Don’t talk back!” Yaki-ty-yak screams.

  • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

    Yaki is on solid ground as regards the physiological immaturity of college age brains. Quoting a 2003 Washington Post report, “Brain immaturity can be deadly”:

    “A National Institutes of Health study suggests that the region of the brain that inhibits risky behavior is not fully formed until age 25, a finding with implications for a host of policies, including the nation’s driving laws.”

    The problem for the young? Incomplete development of the dorsal-lateral pre-frontal cortex, home to what science calls “executive functions,” one of which is “the weighing of risks and consequences.” An immature dorsal-lateral pre-frontal cortex is why “Teenagers are four times as likely as older drivers to be involved in a crash and three times as likely to die in one.”

    Moreover, the presence of peers greatly magnifies the risks:
    Undeveloped brains are a major reason young people are useful: 1) as cannon fodder in hot wars and 2) as voters in political wars and 3) as captive clientele of the K-16 scam.

    • TruthBeTold

      Then we’re going to need to isolate every child in a cocoon until they reach 21.

    • John R

      And as cannon fodder for radicals like Abbie Hoffman and Jerry Rubin who needed foot soldiers to do the fighting at the riots of the 1960’s. And, btw, if what this guy says is true, then why doesn’t someone ask him, why most people become more conservative as they grow older?

  • Einsatzgrenadier

    In order to have a properly functioning democracy, you need a knowledgeable electorate. Let them say whatever they want. There should be absolutely no restrictions on the flow of information.

    • Augustus3709

      The problem is that ‘information’ flows through the filter of a hostile media. It doesn’t matter what actually happens, it only matters who tells the story.

      Prime example: Trayfraud Martin.

    • The Michael Yakis of the world do not want properly functioning democracies, as there is no place for Speech Commissars in that sort of nation. Therein lays the rub.

    • Sick of it

      As you and I both know, there is no such thing as a properly functioning democracy.

  • Augustus3709

    You can tell the young have no social advocacy, otherwise this would be derided as hateful, outrageous ageism!!

    • TruthBeTold

      You can tell they’re fed the information their handlers want them to be ‘outraged’ about.

  • TruthBeTold

    Maybe we need something like, say, a literacy test for voting; just to make sure anyone under 21 has a fully developed brain.

    • me

      Forget the young adults….we need a literacy test, an IQ test, a morality test, and a sanity test for every politician that runs for office.

  • RisingReich

    Younger people may be realizing the future isn’t for them. They don’t have a future here, only round and browns, islamic hordes, and rioting masses of Ebola blacks do.

    So – the only obvious thing to do is quiet dissent. Next is the internet. Then arms confiscation, then re-education (death) camps.

    • Olorin

      I doubt that the global elite diversitocracy will be nearly as big a threat to our survival as, say, the last Ice Age.

      Let’s not add our voices to the chorus of believing that they are that powerful and inevitable and we are victims. That’s ghetto black race card thinking, not the thinking of an advanced race.

      They can’t even figure out what to do with a bunch of low IQ carbon units bred for no reason other than a guy had a loinal sneeze in the region of a fertile egg. They claim to understand statistics and math where fossil carbon is concerned, but are totally stupid about it where immigration is concerned (the exact opposite, btw, of those they oppose/react to). They are not the enemy; our own polite refusal to point openly at naked emperors is.

  • John R

    So, maybe we shouldn’t teach young people about slavery and White racism, lynching and Jim Crow laws either? I mean, their brains are still developing and they might make the wrong impressions.

    • Augustus3709

      It wouldn’t be so bad if those histories were actually taught correctly.

      Whites didn’t start black slavery. Whites ended it. “Lynching” was usually for sexual or violent crimes against the community, and “Segregation” was legally and morally in line with the Constitution in keeping the nation for the Posterity of the Founders, which was specifically stated in the original text.

      The current narrative of the big bad White Boogeyman who must be punished through robbery and displacement is nothing but parasitic agitation.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    The First Amendment was written to protect American citizens against petty government tyrants like Yaki.

    The Second Amendment was written to protect the First.

    Hey all you college kids with unformed brains: The First Amendment won’t protect you, but Big Brother will. Vote Democrat.

    Wonder if this Yaki character would have told the 60s radicals that THEY had no right of Free Speech.

  • Patriot’s Notebook

    The ‘Civil Rights Commission’ is a REAL threat to the Civil Rights of Patriots and those who believe in the Constitution.

    Unless Patriots are moved to ACTION, the threat will be reality…..

    • RisingReich

      Every single government agency has been flipped on its head. The list of examples is legion.

  • Brian

    21-year-olds are not ‘children’. How many 18-year-olds fought in WW2?

    When this doesn’t magically get rid of the ‘hate speech’, he’ll be trying to claim 25-year-olds are children, and 30-year-olds…

    • me

      Yaki knows that he and his kind are being exposed for the power-grabbing frauds that they are. The “DARK ENLIGHTENMENT” scares them sh*tless!

  • me

    Michael Yaki, working hard to destroy the USA, the Constitution, and the Bill Of Rights. He’s one EVIL, DANGEROUS, and PSYCHOPATHIC s.o.b. Kill it with fire.

  • IstvanIN

    Another reason why we should not be lorded over by foreigners.

  • humura

    If those 21 and younger cannot handle free speech, they they should be denied the vote. Or if Prof. Volokh seeks to restrict their Constitutional rights, perhaps he should be impeached, along with some others in the Obama Administration.

  • MBlanc46

    Today young people, tomorrow everyone. This is the actually existing left’s attitude toward freedom of expression.

  • HE2

    This addle brained overweight ethnic mutt is a mixture of Japanese, Chinese, and Hawaiian from Asian infested San Francisco. Chummy with Pelosi historically.
    Why are browns, blacks, yellows who do not belong in this country elected to make laws for civilized White Westerners? [Rhetorical question.]

    • Looks like I called the Hawaiian part correctly; which neatly explains the “poy boy” body build.

  • Juggernaut3000

    The garbled rhetoric from this psychotic, drug-addled Soviet Commissar says everything about his twisted opinion:

    I mean where do you think you can, that the university can’t deal with ensuring the route it has environment that is not oppressive or hostile because obviously a campus, especially certain types of campuses where there’s a lot of — where — that are geographically compact, that have a lot of working and living situations in a close area to create a campus atmosphere.

    Doesn’t that gravitate toward having greater ability to proscribe certain types of conduct that have the ability to escalate beyond what anyone would consider to be reasonable or acceptable?

    There are very good and compelling reasons why broader policies and prohibitions on conduct in activities and in some instances speech are acceptable on a college campus level that might not be acceptable say in an adult work environment or in an adult situation

    Yaki also claims his repressive views are backed by “science.”

    He needs to be sent to First Amendment training – or, better, go somewhere where his views are respected – like Cuba.

    • “Yaki also claims his repressive views are backed by ‘science’.”

      According to his Wikipedia bio, his Bachelor’s degree was in political “science”. At Berkeley, of course. I would be interested in hearing exactly which articles published in peer-reviewed biology and medical journals have made the recommendation that 21 year-olds be legally treated as children.

  • none of your business

    I’m not surprised. A black woman who was a US civil rights commissioner stated many times that the 14th amendment does not apply to Whites. Well, the federal judiciary seems to hold that view also especially as regards college admission and employment

  • none of your business

    What’s a fraternity engagement?

  • Chris Granzow XI

    Now that some of the younger generation is becoming race realist (however unconscious they are of it) there’s a problem? I’m pretty sure the “racist” free speech he wants to restrict is from people like me and not “youths” who say things like “Fuk dem white crackers.”

  • Haereticus

    Speaking from experience. I was a fairly typical half-baked, ideologically indoctrinated fool in my teens and twenties. I just believed exactly what I was told, dutifully imbibing and parroting the blatant one-sided propaganda, constantly exposed to the relentless and ubiquitous agitprop. Growing up, having to earn a living, support a family. Witnessing at first hand the extremely unpleasant products of ‘diversity’ and ‘enrichment’ and being told that this ‘vibrancy ’was something I was supposed to ‘celebrate’. This resulted in an abrupt and inevitable awakening due to cognitive dissonance. If you are an open-minded, thinking individual, and what you are being told clearly contradicts what you can see, this will result in questions being raised. When the replies to those questions are not answers or explanations but anger and threats; you know you are being lied to and you know your perceptions are indeed accurate.

    I find having to hear immature halfwits spouting their ill-concieved politically correct dogma extremely irksome and offensive. It seems these proposed rules are not intended to save us from that, just to suppress and prevent any student from expressing any original thought that might occur to one of these ‘young adults’.

    I don’t see that allowing brainwashed half-children to vote or even to regurgitate official dogma can achieve anything positive. In an ideal world public political discourse should be limited to adults with IQs over 95 who are identified as empathetic and not psychopathic. However, in the real world such censorship would be completely impractical. We should therefor allow everybody to express any opinion they choose to. The truth would be apparent from the lies. Unfortunately that is exactly what those who now control the mass media and who set the agenda of what is ‘politically correct’ most fear.

    • kjh64

      The older you get, the more life experiences you get that can change your views.

    • Olorin

      Welcome. And never forget that the Pelosis and Yakis of the world are scared merdeless that countless folks like you are waking up and saying enough is enough of Baby Boomer social engineering.

      For a long time they needed only stomp their foot and people (particularly whites) politely lined up and said, “Well, they must be right, let’s give this a try, let’s be fair, let’s not be racists, let’s give everyone a fair shot,” etc.

      There are plenty of younger people trying to extend the Stompocracy…but from what I see, there are plenty more getting enlightened.

      • Haereticus

        Let’s hope so.

  • Mrfinoni

    I agree with him. Free speech would be very very dangerous if young Whites start waking up to the cool-aid they are being fed in higher education. Image real White solidarity. Very very scary thought for the political Marxists and the 1%’s who want a global mulatto multi-racial work force.

  • Dale McNamee

    I wonder how our armed services are able to turn out well trained.mature, and disciplined personnel if the brains of people under 21 aren’t fully developed ? /sarc

  • kjh64

    First of all, while young adult brains on average have not matured to the extent that an older adult’s has, their brains have still matured to the extent that they have an adult brain and are fully capable of adult functions such as freedom of speech, being held responsible for crimes, emotional and physical restraint, living on their own etc. My father, for example, served in the military at aged 18-22 and was overseas and had a war broken out, would have had to fight. He married at 23. Young adults, while not as mature as older adults, ARE adults.

  • kjh64

    Also, older adults may have far less “brain immaturity” because of life experiences. Younger adults often haven’t gone through the school of hard knocks. As you get older, you get more experience. Older people have more to lose as they have more responsibility and have learned through past mistakes and gained knowledge through experience over the years so they are less impulsive and more thoughtful after having been burned numerous times over mistakes and bad decisions.

  • guest

    Sorry to say, it’s already been done.

    In the late 1980s I was offered a job at the research division (midtown Manhattan) of a major network’s acclaimed news division. They wanted me to join the research team on rather well designed quant social science projects like judging what vest color the anchor should wear to lead to the most suggestibility in the audience. I.e., whether a red, green, blue, or what color/type vest would lead the audience to trust him most.

    This mediated audience response engineering has come a long, long way since then. Just ask Mark Zuckerberg.

  • none of your business

    When I rule the world I will do to the US civil rights commission what Henry 8 did to Anne Askew. I can dream can’t I?

  • Francis Miville

    It has been established through the Citizens amendment that economic investment, money is the only speech worthy to be called “free”, as also by the Founding Fathers on a par with the Enlightenment movement philosophers (Voltaire, Diderot, Locke) more generally, who introduced the concept in Western thought and made it certain in all their writings that free speech in its full form was for the moneyed gentry alone, and only for the defence of their economic interests, the other social classes being entitled to it only relatively to their riches and their capacity to act as responsible defenders of them.

    One of the main points of contention of those philosophers was against Catholic Church clerics, whom they resented against for exerting free expression and even moral authority on all kinds of subjects without having the related economic responsibilities going with it, especially as it often happened in Latin America that the catholic intellectuals sided with the workers or even the negroes against the big entrepreneurs.

    Most contemporary defenders of free-speech are leftists and other humanists that want to compensate their personal lack of economic capital with over-use of free speech, that the Founding fathers would have found most preposterous. People incapable of balancing a personal budget without resorting to government money through social programs, or far worse still, public service employment should be outside the purview of the first amendment, the only exception being the military who can be conceived of as people replacing money by their own blood as the personal capital they sacrifice. Some people and practically all Blacks simply don’t possess the very elementary faculties of thrift necessary for managing any budget, and should be considered minors for life, apart from the fact their IQs would make any White person considered as semi-retarded and preferably managed by more comptent administrators.