GOP Presidential Hopeful Sees Importance of Black Voters

Albert Lin, DiversityInc, August 1, 2014

After Mitt Romney’s dismal showing with Black voters in the last Presidential election, much was made about the Republican Party’s need to reach out to that demographic. {snip}

In the 20 months since that November, however, Republicans seem to have stuck with the status quo–with one exception. Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky, a possible candidate for the Republican nomination in 2016, has increased his efforts to connect with the Black community, making several appearances before Black audiences and taking what could be considered anti-Republican stances on certain issues, such as working with U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder to eliminate mandatory minimum sentences for nonviolent drug offenses.


Paul delivered a speech in April 2013 at Howard University, a Historically Black College. Last December he spoke at the Detroit Economic Club. And last week he addressed the National Urban League’s annual conference, an event highlighted by an appearance from Vice President Joe Biden.

Although he hit a lot of the right notes in his National Urban League speech in Cincinnati–referencing Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X, mentioning his support for restoring voting rights for convicted felons and his Economic Freedom Zones to help impoverished regions–his message did not reach the masses. Only about 60 people were in the audience for his talk (organizers attributed the low turnout to the 8 a.m. start time), and even those who liked what they heard remain skeptical.


Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, the mayor of Baltimore and secretary for the Democratic National Committee, wrote an op-ed piece for the Enquirer the same day titled “Blacks Shouldn’t Be Fooled by Rand Paul.” In it, Rawlings-Blake highlighted two positions that appear to put Paul at odds with the Black community: his criticism of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and his support of voter-ID laws.

Paul “doesn’t understand that African-Americans don’t reject Republicans because they have largely ignored Black communities for decades or because they don’t have enough offices in communities of color.” Rawlings-Blake wrote. “Paul should face the fact that the Republican Party pushes an agenda that slows down–and even flat-out reverses–the progress our community has made.”

As great as the challenge may be, perhaps Paul’s efforts at the very least have helped the RNC turn a corner with 18 months to go before the primary season begins. RNC Chairman Reince Preibus also spoke at the National Urban League conference. And according to the Times, the RNC has opened offices in Charlotte and Detroit to engage Blacks; it has hired 15 people to work on outreach to Black communities; and it has begun to build a file on Black voters who might be persuaded to vote Republican.


{snip} Matt Bai of Yahoo! News believes that Paul is trying to make himself more appealing to fellow Republicans as much as he is courting Black voters.

“He needs to reassure the less ideologically pure in his own party, just as Ronald Reagan masterfully did in 1980, when a lot of conservatives worried that he was too extreme for the rest of the country. . . . It’s not simply or even mostly about redefining [Paul’s] party; it’s about redefining himself within it.”

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  • D.B. Cooper

    Yo, GOP. Forgot about me did you? I’m voting democrat next time, but you can still trick me into voting for you. Blacks will NEVER vote for you!

    • Oil Can Harry

      Rand is in favor of restoring felons’ voting rights?

      That would mean millions of ex-cons voting for the Demon-rats.

      • I am a felon, and I wouldn’t do that.

        • propagandaoftruth

          Yeah, but for every one of you…

          After the Social Wars when I’m the fully realized Late Blooming Antichrist, you won’t care about voting. As one of my prized cronies you’ll be kept quite busy and entertained, my friend.

  • dd121

    Good luck with getting blacks to vote for you Rand.

    • D.B. Cooper

      We need to teach him a lesson that our vote is not automatic.

      • Shrubya’s dad found that out in 1992. After that moronic “assault” weapons import ban by Executive Order, lots of guys either voted for Ross Perot, or just stayed home on election day.

      • dd121

        There has been a drop-off of the repub base voting for the establishment. Unfortunately, people just don’t have an alternative.

        • The question the RINO neocons in the GOP need to ask themselves is “How badly do we want to keep losing elections?”

    • Yep, he’s pissin’ in the wind.

    • NoMosqueHere

      Well, rand has very curly hair.

  • The better analogy for Rand Paul’s behavior is Olivia Cole, “anti-racism” as a front for showing off some brand of fake moral superiority.

    I can’t wait for his race pandering to blow up in his face when he runs for President. I’ll love to hear what kind of excuses he tries to cook up when he doesn’t win as much as one single primary or caucus. He might do as bad as Jack Kemp, to whom his current politics are very similar, when Kemp tried to run for President in 1988, averaged 5% in contests he actually tried to win.

    Meanwhile, here in the real world, while it’s true that the Democrats can for the time being can goose up the turnout of elderly black women with paranoid conspiracy theories about voter disenfranchisement, and the occasional black Presidential candidate, once today’s generation of elderly black women move on to the next world, and there are no black voters left who consciously remember the civil rights movement, I predict that black interest in voting and elections and politics will precipitously decline. Yeah, Democrats will still get almost 100% of the black vote, but it will be a far reduced raw number of black votes.

    • me

      Who will get the Black vote? The anti-immigration candidate. Blacks have been hurt very badly by the mass immigration of Latinos. Both Blacks and Latinos are competing for low-skilled jobs, government handouts, and the position of ‘most oppressed minority’ in our White country. I put my money on whoever starts this ball rolling–the anti-immigration candidate. That is, of course, if this whole thing wasn’t a perfect farce of a dog and pony show.

      • I still think that even in a future with a significantly reduced black turnout, that almost 100% of it will go to the people and party that promise more gibs.

      • UncleSham

        Blacks care about looking cool above all else. You can see this even in life or death situations where they hold the gun sideways. Republicans are not cool.

    • CallahanAuto

      It’s a reasonable opinion that the Democratic Party will splinter like the Republican Party has. Hatred for whites is the glue that keeps them together. How strong is that glue? Pretty strong, but the Democrat freak show coalition has weaknesses that should be exploited. I’d like to think that Rand Paul is at the very least trying to plant the seed that blacks should stay home rather than vote Democrat. Still, Paul would do better to try to get more of the white vote, snagging independents who are sick of the Obama administration. That’s lower-hanging fruit.

    • M&S

      You assume blacks will back off of political success for much the same reason we did, out of boredom with empty victory. That’s mighty white of you.

      Whites are conditioned not to expect handouts or indeed any -real- positive outcome from politics and so treat it as a form of league sport with teams and the rest. Something which is becoming ever less appealing now that declining demographics and bad times mean they really need the help and they aren’t getting any.

      Blacks have been brought along as members of the handout club and as long as there are real ‘rewards’ (think credit spending) for being members, they will continue to show up and gain status points both among political activists who get to learn their habits and amongst each other for ‘representin’.

      It will be a pawtee with prizuhs as an expression of Tammany Hall combined with movin’ and shakin’ gone-to-church affair.

      About the best that whites have ever managed was “Protect our society, just as it is, so that we can move up in it.” and that will only get them condescending grins from those who ask, silenly, “Just what makes you think it was -ever- yours to begin with?”

      Politicians need a gradient of opinions and potential for alteration of the status quo as a wind to tack with or against and whites, as arch conservatives, simply never gave it to them.

      With no one willing, or able, to “Give us our country back!”, the best we can hope for is some fragmentary token element of it. And that will never be enough to give whites the kind of living even our grandparents had. Which will lead to further frustration and fragmentation as no white will want to gang up to force an issue or a pro-white party agenda and each will instead want some fragment of the American dream as they recognize it and so be dispossessed from our ethnic whole.

      Which is why politics as the organization and manipulation of opinions through rational debate and discourse is a dead issue in a nation overrun by the impulsively emotive. We can only withdraw and form our own collectives where the world as we run it is internal to our own culture and we bury our own dealings with each other so deep in cash trades and leveraged contacts that there is no paper trail for a Federal Inquisition to persecute us with.
      Whites want our society to stay the way it is so that we can continue to evolve, internally, within it’s best-expression of our own Genetic Algorithm.
      Blacks and Asians and Hispanics want society to ‘change’ so that it becomes more responsive to their dependent needs and they themselves don’t have to change at all.
      They can’t compete.
      Our politicians, like prostitutes everywhere, only get as much fame, money and satisfaction as performance artists as they are able to convince their client to share their darkest fantasies and form a consensus that can compete with other political perspectives for poularity.
      We have no place in a society run to these standards because we don’t follow the supplicant/provider rules of power interchange. That is why we are being edged out.

    • jayvbellis

      Blacks are now mostly a mob. Mobs need to be incited on specific, unique days. Blacks will turn out for Presidential elections, or some mau making Black ayor, Jessie Jackson Jr for Congressman when he isn’t in jail. Blacks will not take the time to vote in important things like a country aboard, Sherrif races. We need to go local, control County and municipal elections, Run Pro a White, White guys with Hispanic sir names.

      • The primaries in Missouri were yesterday. The black voters in St. Louis County barely showed up, and their black county executive was in a tough re-election race with a white county councilman. Guess how that race turned out.

        When we reach a point in time when there are no blacks of voting age left who consciously remember the civil rights movement, and who cannot consciously discern “before” and “after,” black turnout is going to fall fast, across the board.

  • DaveMed

    I have an idea: a GOP candidate should promise Blacks tens of billions of dollars dedicated to inner-city neighborhoods, on the condition that said candidate would shut down the border and deport the illegals.

    The prize would be well worth the price.

    • You know, I’d be willing to overlook race pandering to blacks if the same person or people that did it wanted real immigration restriction and patriotic immigration reform. It’s just that such is a dilemma we really never have. Certainly Rand Paul isn’t going to present us with that conundrum.

    • Rhialto

      That seems like a good strategy, and, at work, I spoke about massive 3rd world immigration with many Blacks who all opposed it. The problem is that the Billionaire sugar daddies of the Repub party would oppose and use their massive resources to rally the pro-massive immigration elements within the Repub party.

      I hope there are politicals with the guts to try it.

  • TXCriollo

    Diversity inc is a blog anything that luke says is just trash

  • BernieGoetzFan

    “Although he hit a lot of the right notes in his National Urban League speech in Cincinnati–referencing Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X, mentioning his support for restoring voting rights for convicted felons and his Economic Freedom Zones to help impoverished regions”
    With leadership like this, how does the GOP keep losing elections …?

    • me


  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Exit polls conducted for The Associated Press and the networks showed that only about 6 percent of blacks identified themselves as GOP voters in 2004, and 4 percent did so in 2008 and 2012.

    Give it up, Rand Paul. Blacks will never vote GOP and the GOP should stop wasting its time and money. It is this type of pandering to non-Whites that turns off your base of White voters.

    The inhabitants of the Democrat plantation are happy being taken care of by the government and don’t want to give up their welfare-for-life entitlements, Affirmative Action government jobs, EBT cards and obamaphones.

    Any party that panders to non-Whites over Whites and supports anti-White policies and race-based laws like AA and Hate Crime laws that only cover non-Whites can kiss my a**.

    • me

      Great infographics. I say that we create a White army and invade Canada. Then, we secure the Canadian border against the ‘NUEVO’ Americans. John Candy, where are you?

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        The one I really wanted, wouldn’t load. Let me try it here. It’s great.

        Here it is:

  • Peter Connor

    Seriously delusional behavior….with his open borders nonsense, Rand has eliminated himself from the race.

    • me

      Rand Paul is a globalist money whore, working for the globalist agenda. EVIL.

    • Rand will never be able to promise blacks as much “free” stuff as the Democrats do, and by trying to “up his game” in this respect, all he will succeed in doing is annoying conservatives, who won’t vote for him either.

      • Jim Davis

        Exactly! I’m one of those, I was actually interested in Rand, not anymore.

  • Stan D Mute

    Rand Paul is still trying to inoculate himself against the remark he made a couple years back that the government hasn’t the right to dictate whom we must serve in our businesses and the Civil Rights Act applies only to public (ie government) institutions.

    The leftist media is holding that card in their vest pocket in case RepugnantCons happen to nominate Paul and will then try to torpedo his campaign with the usual “He’s a Racist” screeching. So Paul will spend from his foot-in-mouth remark until the election pandering as much as humanly possible to Africans.

    My belief is that he’s no pro-white Patriot, but did allow his reverence for Constitutional principles to override his common sense and will be held to suffer for that until he retires from public life. If the country is foolish enough to elect him, he will be more pro-African than Barakabama in his desperation to avoid being called “rayciss!!!”

  • Shadow

    Rand Paul is so delusional on the race issue,you’d think he was inhaling all that pot his equally deluded apologists are desperately trying to legalize.He obviously doesn’t understand that no matter how many times he fiddles around with the peace pipe,the blacks will never vote for him in any meaningful way.The only thing he’s accomplishing with his pathetic pandering,is his ability to blow a lot of toxic political smoke.

    And his odious rhetoric stinks,just like that wretched skunk smell the dope fiends are so intoxicated with.

  • none of your business

    Howard University???? He’s lucky he wasn’t mugged. It’s not the university people but the surrounding neighborhood that is one of the most crime ridden in the country. Let the GOP alienate Whites and run after blacks until it disappears like the federalists and whigs.

  • none of your business

    ” Economic Freedom Zones to help impoverished regions” That is all those asian indian arab israeli pakistani afghani uzbek, whatever convenience stores in black neighborhoods that have never paid SBA loans, tax exemptions and sell $20.00 12 packs and $2.25 candy bars to blacks as well as masses of lottery tickets. Those stores make a lot of money on lottery tickets dumb blacks buy.
    I think I’ll write myself in for every office.

    • Jim Davis

      Actually most stores make very little on lotto tickets. Likewise, I’m always for people paying no taxes, and I will at least say this for the Arabs – it does anger me that they get special breaks, but at least they work and use those breaks to do something productive, blacks and hispanics just take the money and sit on their butts asking for more.

    • Lottery and gas and cigs and booze are very low margins for the quickie mart owners. The real margins come from the overpriced food and drink.

  • WR_the_realist

    Like any Republican, Rand Paul will do well to get 10% of the black vote. Give it up. There are a few sensible blacks out there, but 90% think the purpose of the federal government is to give them stuff.

  • Jim Davis

    I used to like Rand, but wow. Between the amnesty and all this pandering…. I mean really people, the only thing “minorities” want to hear is more welfare and more special favors, if you’re not promising them that forget about it. Rand has lost my support for sure.

    • jayvbellis

      Agreed. But Rand Paul is prostituting himself to even more anti White groups than the ones you mentioned. He’s also shamelessly pandering to Israeli extremists AND Islamic extremists! That can get you killed as it did to Robert Kennedy.

  • Cid Campeador

    I really think that there WILL be no 2016 election. The crises will continue to occur so that there could be a suspension of the Constitution (they been beating the crap out of it for 50 years) and a suspension of elections.
    Is everyone aware of the underground facilities that have been being constructed and the FEMA camps?

  • Puggg

    Matt Bai of Yahoo! News believes that Paul is trying to make himself more appealing to fellow Republicans as much as he is courting Black voters.

    Could I be so blunt?

    I don’t think Rand Paul is doing what he’s doing because he thinks he’ll get more than a few percent of black votes. I think he knows that instinctively. I think what he’s really up to with all this talk is trying to convince the Jews that he’s no threat to the Jews.

    • jayvbellis

      He’s doing what Jack Kemp and Paul Ryan did.

      Betray our people, pander, but get to be on the anti White TV, get appointed, nominated to high positions like Vice President, where they always lose.

      The Leftist anti White media loves pandering Libertarians like a Rand a Paul, Jack Kemp and Paul Ryan because the pander to BRA – Black ruled America and they lose, always lose.

      The MSM, a BRA loves to see a White men pander, look weak and lose…

      Always lose.

      But, why do some many White racial realists support these pathetic pandering Libertarian losers?

      Why do,they like to….


      Always lose.

  • jayvbellis

    Rand Paul needs to do more to reach out to Blacks. It apparently wasn’t enough to promise Black Civil Rights leaders in Memphis TN that he would allow convicted Black felons to vote without having to show any drivers’ license or state ID, nor was it enough for RP to announce he would set loose all the Blacks now in prison convicted of selling crack cocaine and heroin, no Rand Paul must do more to get the Black vote and show he isn’t racist anymore, unlike his father Rand Paul who published negative comments about the Black rioters in the a Rodney King LA Riots.

    No, Rand Paul needs to do more, much more.

    How about a weekly ceremony where Rand Paul licks the boots of hard core Black gang members who have just stepped in freshly made dog excrement?

    Rand Paul could also volunteer as a homosexual punk for Black convicts unfairly imprisoned for things like the knock out game, drive by shootings that sort of thing.

    Yeah, Rand Paul needs to do so much more and rest assured..

    Rand Paul Amren’s 2013 traitor of the year will do all that and so much more.