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And he wants a “common Europe” rather than nationalism.

He says it can be funded later.

John Kelly is lining up against Jeff Sessions.

But notes that immigration from Mexico has decreased.

Terror on the Metro

What the St. Petersburg attacks say about us.


Whether murder is “terrorism” depends on race.

Jihad’s Triumph on Westminster Bridge

Why wasn’t this attack prevented?


What Rep. Steve King’s ‘Racist’ Statements Teach

“There’s a class of people for whom no identity is permitted. They’re the people of Europe and the Anglo-sphere.”


Being a white farmer in South Africa is “the most dangerous job in the world.”

He was accompanied by Ivanka, Ben Carson, and Alveda King.

Bill Clinton was the first president to explicitly champion the decline of whites.

Will the Democrats Ever Nominate Another White Candidate for President?

Hillary’s failure may be the end of the line for whites.


Blacks and Hispanics are one third of the Democratic Party, but 3 percent of the senate staff.

“The Democratic Party is now merely an extension of left-wing campus culture.”

“The beatings will continue until intersectional morale improves.”

Says to Hispanics: “You are the future of America.”

How Hillary Courts the Black Vote

Ethnomasochism reaches a new low.


Includes more police, and incentives for businesses to move to black areas.

Then decries those who “want to exploit people’s fears.”

She thinks she can stop police shootings by telling whites, “this is not who we are.”

A sharp look at Donald Trump’s opponent.

Paying the price for foolish policies

More advice: “Lead from behind.”

Is Donald Trump backing down?

He asks them, “What the hell do you have to lose?”

They regularly speak of “white privilege” and “systematic racism.”

“I think the burden is on those of us who are in the majority–Caucasians.”

At press conference for black and Hispanic journalists.

He reminds the National Urban League that he apologized for slavery as Virginia governor.

“In many ways, this election is a referendum on immigration reform.”

Eric Garner’s mother will also speak.

He says because blacks claim they’re being discriminated against, “we have to listen to that.”

“We’ve got to rethink what it means to be American.”

Hispandering gone wrong.

The office would help both legal and illegal immigrants.

The campaign calls them “The Mothers of the Movement.”

Former New York lieutenant governor says Hillary is stirring up blacks.

Many of her former supporters are defecting to Trump.

Do they want to support black institutions or not?

He said white people “don’t know what it’s like to be poor.”

She called it “the” mission.

“We have to have a bigger, better, bolder party–and that means a more diverse party.”

The Spanish version promised amnesty.

Clinton’s phoniness could backfire on her.

Hispanics didn’t take well to Mrs. Clinton’s pandering.

“They are drawing attention to issues that need to be drawn to.”

She was trying to pander to them but they wouldn’t listen.

Black activists want a full presidential debate on Black Lives Matter.

Civil-Rights Republicanism, National Review

National Review thinks Republicans can win black votes by promoting “civil rights.”

LA mayor’s attempt to pander ends in chaos.