Posted on January 4, 2021

This Completely Preventable Double Homicide Was the Fault of San Francisco’s Radical DA

Bronson Stocking, Townhall, January 3, 2021

A criminal released on parole despite multiple recent arrests is now accused of killing two pedestrians with a stolen vehicle in San Francisco on New Year’s Eve. San Francisco’s district attorney, a son of two cop-killing weather underground terrorists, failed to charge the repeat offender for any of the several felonies the parolee allegedly committed over previous months.

Troy Ramon McAlister, 45, was released on parole from a state prison on Apr. 10 last year where the convict had been serving time for robbery. Following his release, the parolee was arrested several times in San Francisco, most recently on Dec. 20. But San Francisco’s new radical district attorney, Chesa Boudin, never filed charges.

According to the district attorney, his office never pursued charges against McAlister because the district attorney’s office came up with the stupid idea of referring each arrest to state parole agents.

“We referred these cases to parole because we believed there was a greater likelihood of him being held accountable and having the kind of intervention that would protect the public and break this cycle of recidivism,” Boudin said.


Boudin ran a campaign built upon decriminalization and cutting down the time criminals like McAlister serve under parole supervision. So voters can’t really be all that surprised by the homicides. Boudin is a liberal who believes in the conspiracy theory known as “systemic racism.” He has vowed to stop prosecuting criminals to reverse the “racism” he sees in the criminal justice system and everywhere else, for that matter.

The district attorney’s crusade to protect criminals is likely fueled by the fact that his parents were murderers themselves. Kathy Boudin and David Gilbert were terrorists in the Weather Underground who murdered two police officers and a security guard during a 1981 robbery of a Brinks armored security car outside New York City. Boudin’s dad is still in prison, where he can’t kill anybody else, but his mother is now free and an assistant professor at Columbia University, naturally.