Posted on March 22, 2021

Gascón Planning to Dissolve or Severely Downsize LA County DA Hardcore Gang Unit

Bill Melugin, Fox 11, March 17, 2021

Major changes could soon be coming to the way Los Angeles prosecutes crimes involving gangs.

The changes have George Gascón critics crying foul and his supporters singing his praises.

Multiple sources within the Los Angeles County DA’s Office tell FOX 11’s Bill Melugin that Gascón is planning to severely downsize or outright dissolve the office’s Hardcore Gang unit, which may happen as early as next month.

It’s one of the oldest units in the office and it’s responsible for prosecuting the most heinous and complex gang-related crimes in the county.


The prosecutors say they feel they’ve already been hamstrung by Gascón’s decision to ban them from using gang and gun enhancements, and they feel that disbanding the unit will be a disaster waiting to happen, given the violent crime surge across Los Angeles.

“We can already hear in jail calls and interviews with officers on the street telling us that the gang members are laughing at them, I mean it’s undermined the credibility of law enforcement in its entirety,” one of the prosecutors told FOX 11.

On the other hand, Akili, a Black Lives Matter activist, says Gascón is listening to his community.