Accused Killer Says Livingston Teen’s Murder Was ‘Vengeance’ Against U.S.

Dan Ivers, NJ, August 21, 2014

The man accused of gunning down a Livingston teenager in his car earlier this summer told investigators the murder was an act of retribution for U.S. military action against Muslims in the Middle East.

According to court documents filed Wednesday in Washington state, where he is accused of killing three other men, Ali Muhammad Brown said he considered it his mission to murder 19-year-old Brendan Tevlin as an act of “vengeance” for innocent lives lost in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and Iran.


“All these lives are taken every single day by America, by this government. So a life for a life,” he told detectives, according to the documents.

Brown, 29, also confessed to killing the other men, all of whom, like Tevlin, were shot multiple times in isolated areas late at night. He described the murder as a “just kill”–carried out against an adult male who was not in the company of any women, children or elderly persons, court papers said.

Prosecutors say Brown is a devout Muslim who had become angered by U.S. military intervention in the Islamic world, which he referred to as “evil.” He also referred to drug use as inherently evil.

“During the interview Brown also stated that, as part of his beliefs, if a ‘man sees evil then he must take action against that evil’,” according to court papers.

Essex County authorities have characterized Tevlin’s June 25 murder as a robbery that turned violent when Brown fired 10 shots into the popular college student’s vehicle, which was stopped at a red light at the corner of Walker Road and Northfield Avenue in West Orange.



The brutal slaying was just one act in what authorities have characterized as a spree of violence that began two months earlier and 3,000 miles away.

On April 27, police found the body of 30-year-old Leroy Henderson on a stretch of road called the Skyway outside Seattle, which was later linked to Brown via shell casings that matched those found in his other alleged murders.

Prosecutors in Washington say there was no sign of a struggle prior to the slaying, that the two had any prior relationship or contact, or that the crime was motivated by “robbery, drugs or any other crime.”

Brown is also charged with gunning down two Seattle men, Ahmed Said and Dwone Anderson-Young, on June 1. Authorities say he had met Said through a hook-up app aimed at gay men, and met them at a nightclub before shooting them.

Brown, a registered sex offender and transient who lived in East Orange briefly as a youth, has a lengthy criminal history dating back more than a decade.

In 2004, he was arrested along with 13 other members of an alleged bank fraud ring in Seattle, which federal investigators believed may have been sending money earned through the scheme to terrorist groups.


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  • Luca

    That same primal, zombie-like, soulless stare and reduced cranium, . Good Lord, are we really the same species? I think not.

    • benvad

      These things have to be killed for any transgression. The rest of them sent back to west Africa, humans can not be expected to live with these wild beasts.

    • Kenner

      The photos of white victims and black killers look like the charts of ‘races of mankind’ from the 1800’s.

      • Christy David


        ►►► ►►�► ►►► ►►► ►►►

        • My best friend’s stepmother’s uncle’s dog makes more than that urinating on fire hydrants.

          Ask me how!

          • Puggg

            If she thinks that’s a nice chunk of change, he’d flip her top over police overtime in the St. Louis area. Okay, it’s not that much. But you can best believe Darren Wilson’s legal defense fund is going to be getting some of mine.

          • IBWHITE

            I also sent Officer Wilson some money. Last time I checked he had been donated about $230K. That should be enough to hire a pretty good legal team.

          • Puggg

            I have heard that between the various online collection efforts and other ones that his fund is now over a million.

          • Nancy

            We donated as well. That’s awesome! I hope Officer Wilson feels the support of the (non-liberal) white community.

    • Maximo Partagas


    • Guest

      Should he look more like this?


      The same stare of a hyena.

  • Islam – The perfect religion for low-IQ Africans, thugs and unrepentant murderers! Is it any surprise why so many blacks among America’s prison population have converted to the religion of the pedophile desert prophet?

    • Oil Can Harry

      Blacks + Islam = Violence

      • Rick O’Shea

        Blacks + _______ = Violence

        • Cecil Broomsted

          Blacks = Violence

          • AndrewInterrupted

            Blacks + Purpa drank = violence

          • Stan D Mute

            Africans = Pointless Violence

    • The Verdict of History

      I believe that it was John Engelman who reminded us that “when they go shopping, black Muslims don’t know whether to rob a store or blow it up.”

    • sulbernick

      Correct. Islam, the justification for any and every act of bestiality.

      • QuinnTheEskimo9

        Who cares? As long as they do it in their own countries. If that’s how a billion people choose to live their lives and have done so since the beginning of time, who are we to say it’s right or wrong.

        Just DO NOT bring it into America, England, Australia, Canada, NZ or any other White homelands, where it does not belong under ANY circumstances.

        And, the U.S. and every other foreign country needs to get out of the Middle East and leave those people to their own devices. NOW.

        The entire area is not worth one American life, especially a White life.

  • LACountyRedneck

    Always an excuse. Always.

  • MekongDelta69

    Never-ending stories of [black] Mooz-lim ‘family values’ from “The Religion Of Pieces”.

  • D.B. Cooper

    In the TV show Falling Skies, the aliens didn’t take kindly to us killing members of their species. A “skitter” lined up a group of kids, pointed to them, and executed them by firing squad. He let the main character’s teenage son witness it, and he was allowed to live so he can tell everyone what happened.

    • LHathaway

      You’ve just sent science fiction back 100 years?

    • Triarius

      Not unlike Mongol tactics against whites. Read The Devil’s Horsemen for a good look back at an old race war. You’ll have a whole a new appreciation for Russians.

      • QuinnTheEskimo9

        Better, look to more recent times at what the Bolsheviks did to the White Russians when they took control of the country. Approximately 70 million of them were completely liquidated.

        Same people that control the media top to bottom, Hollywood, top to bottom, academia at the highest levels and the American government top to bottom.

        This is what is in store for us.

    • The Worlds Scapegoat

      Didn’t a country in the middle east just do something similar?

      They must have gotten the idea from the nazis.


      • QuinnTheEskimo9

        They got the idea from the Soviets, not the Nazis.

  • Rick O’Shea

    It is at moments like this we are reminded that for most of the world, “America” still means white people. America is that prosperous place over across the ocean or up north where the white people live, and everything is better than here.

    The people who have been coming to live in America who are non-white had typically never envisioned turning the country into a minority-white place. They didn’t want to come and live among a lot of their own. They were trying to get away from their own, and wanted the sweet deal of being a small minority in a firmly white nation where white standards of conduct, production, street safety, architectural integrity, etc. were all firmly in place.

    It’s like that recent story of Chinese tourists being so disappointed at the reality of Paris. They wanted to go see a beautiful white city full of white people. It’s the same for most people around the world when they think of America. America = white.

    That’s why they behead or shoot a white person as retribution to us. Whites would do well to realize these facts and some of their implications. We’re not just letting ourselves down by letting our countries become majority non-white. We’re letting the world down by doing it, because we cease to be a leader, a pioneer in developing things, etc. They liked us as we were, and we certainly liked it more.

    • AndrewInterrupted

      So true. Old Black Joe down the street would never survive today, being as dumb as a stump as he was. He relied on being 1 of 10; the other 9 to carry him.

    • The Worlds Scapegoat

      “… They didn’t want to come and live among a lot of their own. They
      were trying to get away from their own, and wanted the sweet deal of
      being a small minority in a firmly white nation where white standards of
      conduct, production, street safety, architectural integrity, etc. were
      all firmly in place.”

      Yet at the same time they wanted to be told how special they were and how whites couldn’t survive on this planet without their input.


    • sulbernick

      America means white people. What does US mean?

  • Truthseeker

    The definition of insanity is allowing any practitioner of the Muslim faith to inhabit a Western country.

  • Dave4088

    If Ali Muhamamed Brown had a brain in that black skull then he should have been killing black people since Hussein Obozo has killed thousands of Muslim non-combatants with predator drones and 95% of afro-mericans voted for him. Twice.

    • Germanicus

      Apparently all of the arrows pont in one direction, the calculus produces only one solution, and the presuppositions fed into their logical operations (such as these are) force only one conclusion in the minds of non-Whites: “White bad.” That, shall we say, poorly nuanced–but growing–attitude among our enemies is not…hmmm…productive. (Ooooh, “productive” I like that, it is such a pleasurable exercise speaking in the euphemistic, coded language of the cultural invaders, dupes and genocidal anti-Whites.) The bumper sticker to add to my favorite list: “Anti-White Genocide is Not Productive” [italicize ‘productive’]. Even dummies get the point. It is a statement sarcastically made from the perspective of a victim in order to frustrate the easy retort of the enemy: “White supremacist!” First is enhancing the consciousness of the most alert. Second, while the conscientization process continues to expand in wider circles, is seizing command and control of a wide range of linguistic genres. From multiple directions, crush opponents that want you dead.

  • Garrett Brown

    The religion of peace strikes again.

  • coco bongo

    I believe all of his victims were white.

    • Kenner

      Ahmed Said and Dwone Anderson-Young? Not likely.

      • Michael Whalen

        Dwone? That’s a new one. That’s even better than D’Shawn.

        • Kenner

          I be de one.

      • My thoughts exactly. Ahmed Said is an Arab name, and Dwone can only be another one of those goofy, made-up “African-American” names. Incidentally, it was spelled wrong on his “birf” certificate: it should be N’DeWone.

        • Goddam American

          Ducius is a favorite. I’m also impressed by Nyquil.

  • Robb

    Well, there goes that “robbery that turned violent” excuse right out the window.

  • John R

    I looked at the picture of the victim. A handsome, fresh faced, smiling young man. I had to flip off the picture. I was too sad and outraged. I can’t even imagine the sadness of his parents. If they are reading this, please know that you are in my prayers.

    • Rick O’Shea

      His picture affected me a lot too because he looks VERY similar to old pictures of my father when he was that age.

    • DiversityIsDeath

      Yes that photo saddened me too. Another precious, bright, beautiful, fair haired, blue-eyed White Euro male, rare as sapphires in this ever-darkening population, killed by a cheap, common, two-bit negro perp-parasite unleashed on us by ZOG.

    • Kenner

      It’s more often than not, it seems, that the young whites murdered by blacks are good looking. Their beauty is an affront to their brute ugliness.
      Caucasian beauty is what the hard left would describe as a ‘trigger’.

      • John R

        Now that I have recovered myself, I will reply. Yes, I think you do have a point. I think there is even something about the attraction they feel to us, as I said in another post. Even the males. Attraction and aggression are linked in some people. Boy, you could really start your own psychology department studying this, if the PC people ever allow it.

        • sulbernick

          Psychotic envy.

        • Cid Campeador

          I totally agree. They have to destroy what’s beautiful because they are so ugly of body and soul.
          Bob Grant RIP used to say in reference to the Afros, “When they look in the mirror, they don’t like what they see”.
          They see an attractive building the have deface it. They see a good looking White male, they have to shoot him. They see a lovely White woman, they have to rape and murder her.
          WE need a “strong man” in the WH; one who will deport ALL Muslims and repatriate Afros. It isn’t worth the risk of sorting them.

  • Making up a story about his religion so he can get better treatment in prison, I’ll bet. The prisons have to honor prisoner’s religious beliefs from what I’ve read. A jihadist in a black prison is going to fare nicely. His meals will be certified halal. He’ll have his prayer time, and the other black muzzies will bend over on command, if you get my drift.

    • kikz2

      he lives by an eye for an eye.. he should die by it.

  • JSS

    The ultimate irony is that the middle easterners, Afghans and Pakis he is getting revenge for would want nothing to do with an African.

    • Sangraal

      Also ironic that he cited Iranians as innocent lives to be avenged. Given half the chance, he’d probably execute Iranians himself for being Shia heretics.

      • Xerxes22

        He is probably too stupid to know the differences between the two groups.

    • John R

      Yes, but you are making the mistake of trying to apply logic to these semi-humans. He is just a pathetic, angry, negro P.O.S. and I am just having a tough time with coming up with adjectives to express my contempt for him (maybe I should say “it.”).

  • anony

    The only solution to this savagery is…separation.

  • Ringo Lennon

    Blacks don’t fear whites any more. Not good for country.

    • Maximo Partagas

      Thank you BHO and Eric Holder.

    • John R

      Don’t feed the bears. Why? They don’t become tame. They lose their fear of humans and will demand food they think you are hiding and become violent. Remind you of anything?

  • Caucasoid88

    Yo, muslim peepoles. We beez from Africa ‘n’ we ain’t got nuffins, not even our own writtin language or electrifity. Can we, like, be muslimz ‘n’ sheeit 2 cuz it makes are culture look mo’ deep ‘n’ sofisticated.

  • Anglo

    “Prosecutors say Brown is a devout Muslim…” He’s not a devout any thing, only a devout murderer.

    • Maximo Partagas

      He fits the mold for most blacks as a role model.

  • bubo

    Black Africans were brought under the banner of Islam by the sword. Arabs marched through, took slaves, raped and killed the rest. Any black that willingly converts to Islam is very confused.

    • NoMosqueHere

      Blacks seem to enjoy killing each other, too; just like the muslims.

      • Maximo Partagas

        Let us not fail to mention the affinity for raping and maiming innocents, especially when they’re white.

        • Laika

          Blacks are primed to kill whites from the moment they’re born. By the media, schools, government, etc.

    • Cid Campeador

      That only bears witness to their total stupidity. They embrace the religion and the names of the very people who enslaved them.

  • NoMosqueHere

    Black criminals have an affinity for Islam. They identify with Muhammed, the mass murdering butcher and child rapist.

    • Laika

      They are recruited in the prisons.

      • Cid Campeador

        THey are a perfect fit for Islam; nothing more than a violent gang no different from Mara Salvatrucha 13.

    • Cid Campeador

      All that plus the chance to parade around and play “dress up”.

  • Malgus

    Legend has it that Black Jack Pershing had an antidote for murdering troglodytes like this… soldiers would dip their bullets in pig blood, then execute the murdering thug via firing squad. Afterwards, the deceased would be buried wrapped in pigskin…

    Oddly, trouble with the muzzie troglodytes dropped off markedly once he started doing that…

  • ejXinMI


  • Funruffian

    Just look at my gams. I’m the biggest target when it comes to interracial assault and rape. White men only have to look over their shoulder for violence. I’m a target for that and more.

    • Cid Campeador

      Learn to shoot and join the NRA and participate in their Refuse to be a victim program. More and more women are training in the use of firearms.

  • Screamin_Ruffed_Grouse

    We got rid of public hangings… why, exactly?

    • Xerxes22

      The pickpockets were working the crowds and too many crimes were being committed. Also, many of the hangmen were incompetent. The drop was too short or the weight too light and the inmate didn’t die right away of a broken neck. Instead he slowly strangled to death. It was often a messy death rather than the nice clean one. Sometimes the weight was too heavy and tore off the man’s head, not a pleasant sight.

      • tlk244182

        “…and tore off the man’s head, not a pleasant sight.”
        I can think of more than a few men in Washington and elsewhere whose decapitation by whatever means would not seem unpleasant to me at all.

        • Cid Campeador

          Firing Squads are quick and efficient. One bullet in the head. No ceremony and drama.

        • Who Me?

          Men AND WOMEN in Washington D.C. Yes, WOMEN too…hmm…a few come to mind, like oh say, Nancy Pelosi, and…

    • 1G25

      A softer, kinder, gentler America was protected from learning about the real world by the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

      That just stopped.

  • Paleoconn

    God rest this beautiful kid.

    We need to get out of their shithole countries and put up walls around our country to keep their people from coming here. Invade the world invite the world is a liberal-neocon plot and it’s a disaster for White Americans, I mean Americans.

  • Xerxes22

    They don’t put Blacks in a scene like that because they believe that it might upset Blacks. The same reasoning probably applies to the other groups as well. The film industry has some weird beliefs behind their actions.

    • Triarius

      Agreed. Minorities are never shown in a negative light under any circumstance. I pointed this out to a few friends with Breaking Bad. When Jesse was still using all the tweakers were white kids. The only exception was a Hispanic male who faked being high only to rob (and outsmart) others. One had his “awaking” that day.

      • Xerxes22

        Blacks can’t be criminals in movies and TV, just like they can’t be criminals in real life. However the worst and newest gimmick that Hollywood is doing now is to show Blacks as protectors to young White girls. A lot of films have this obscenity where a Black male becomes the guardian and protector of a young cute White female. It takes a really sick perverted mind to push something like that on our youth. A lot of innocent White girls will have their lives destroyed because they believe this garbage put out by our enemies who run Hollywood.

      • QuinnTheEskimo9

        A look at TV advertising tells you everything you need to know. Blacks portrayed as doctors and scientist, Whites are fools, idiots and clueless retards in need of edification, by blacks, of course who roll their eyes at moron Whites. It’s the prevailing wisdom now and has been for at least a decade or longer.

    • QuinnTheEskimo9

      They put Whites in those scenes because that’s what the msm believes should happen to Whites, they believe our lives are less than worthless – and this will happen to us Whites if we don’t stop this genocidal anti-White agenda that has been launched against us.

      I wonder if parents seeing their children executed wholesale by our overlords will wake a few up. Nah, they’ll say they deserve it for “past bad acts.”


    Knowing that the FBI classifies serial killers as someone who kills 3 or more people with a minimal amount of time in between the killings. From what I’ve been able to find, it appears to me that this scumbag would qualify as a serial killer. Yet for some reason, I just don’t think he’ll receive much attention from the American media as being a serial killer. I don’t know just why, but something is telling me that maybe he just doesn’t have the right complexion. So, you can expect him to instantly disappear from the American media landscape forever, as if he never existed at all.

    In all honesty though, I don’t recall any black serial killers being widely promoted by the media the way they do for White serial killers. Except for Wayne Williams, the sick pig known in the national media as “The Alanta Child Murderer”. Who was responsible for killing 30 something black children in Atlanta back in the late 1970’s early 80’s. However, I think the only reason he became so known was because of the rampant race baiting surrounding the murders. It was a blizzard of race baiting speculation.the entire time the murders were happening. Everyone, including much of the media, were saying it was the KKK killing these black children.

    After creating such massive interest in a case where supposedly evil White racist. Were out hunting down innocent little black children for “no other reason than the color of their skin”. Came the reality that oops, sorry everyone, but it turns out it was a black guy who did. With all that pre-capture publicity, there was no way to just burry the story completely like they always do with black serial killers.

    • Laika

      “I don’t know just why”

      Really? The answer is so simple: because he’s black.

      The media protect black murderers, especially if they’ve killed whites.

      • Cid Campeador

        “Turns out he was right, but even after the killer was captured, he had many supporters who refused to believe that a black man was capable of killing black children.”

        They should take a trip to sub-Saharan Africa and see the number of children that are maimed and murdered.

        • Kenner

          And raped.

          • Cid Campeador

            How could I have left THAT out? It’s what they do best.
            Tanks fer deh tip! (Kindergarten Cop- Gov. Schwarzenegger.)

    • Cid Campeador

      Serial killers, thrill killers, random killers, all the same. KILL THEM FIRST!

  • Laika

    Should be publicly executed, immediaely. The Arab countries get some things right.

  • John R

    So many interesting points to reply to here! Gosh, I can tell this isn’t YouTube! Yes, very good point. As much as I hate the Americans and Britons that go overseas to fight alongside ISIS, I will admit that at least they generally fight people who are fighting back and they do put themselves in jeopardy for their twisted ideology. This scumbag is just a rank coward, walking up to innocent unsuspecting people and shooting them. And I never realized I would see the day when these black dirt bags would make me even say something admiring about TERRORISTS. What’s that tell you?

    • Cid Campeador

      The one who beheaded Mr. Foley was not a Brit but rather one of the millions of people who have invaded Western Europe, Scandinavia and Oceania. The live off the dole, rape and sell the indigenous young girls into White slavery.

  • Dale McNamee

    He should be shot with bullets coated in pig grease…

    Desecrate him as he goes to Allah…

    Also, with these other crimes he’s charged with… Why was he not in ;ail ?

    • Cid Campeador

      HE should be tied over a barrel, smeared with Sow pheromones, rolled into a pen with a sex starved, supremely endowed gay male pig and let him be “Boared to death”.
      What more fitting end?


        “a sex starved flaming gay male pig” – Ha! Though quite rare these days, that one actually managed to drag a laugh out of me.

  • Cid Campeador

    Given the state of affairs here in the FTA, we should do away with a trial in a case like this and simply stand the bastard up against a wall and with a single bullet, end his obscenity of a life.

  • Cid Campeador

    Too many bodies of the innocent. think that the anger building up among the Whites is going to explode into a violent retaliation and it will be great and terrible.

    • 1G25

      Look up Kipling’s “When The Saxon Began To Hate.”

      He knew, way back when.

  • Anglo

    I large proportion of Negroes certainly are mentally ill. When I previously worked in downtown Birmingham, Blacks were always on the streets who were obviously mentally defective. One Black woman in the local government office I had worked in had been diagnosed as “insane” by a psychiatrist, and yet she remained employed and left to herself because management was afraid to fire her or try to deal with her. How do you like that?

  • MBlanc46

    I’m by no means a big fan of Islam, but this guy doesn’t look as if he’s any more of Muslim than I am. I haven’t been able to track down any biographical information on Brown (likely born De’Travius), but I’d bet an evening’s bar bill that he “converted” to Islam (to him hardly any different to the Insane Conservative Vice Lords) in jail. It certainly looks as if he’s more pathologically racist and murderous than Muslim.

    • The article did say that he had a long prior criminal record and was a convicted sex-offender.

    • ZaphodEpicurus

      There is a HUGE racial component in this Muslim war. Take the mugshots of all the 9/11 terrorists, the underwear dude, the English dude in the street who slashed the soldier, John Lee Malvo DC sniper, this guy, hat drunk looking dude whos shoe didn’t explode and all the rest that you can think o f and pin them all up together – youd see a bunch of faces of brown and black foreigners – and a few homegrown alienated hate-America types – oh yeah theres a lot of racial stuff going on – didn’t the Black Revolutionary Army flash some ISIS messages in Ferguson? You all get the picture…

  • I wonder if the irony in the fact that for the last 5.5 years it has been a black US President with a Muslim name: Barak Hussein Obama, which has been ordering the military operations that so distress him, has occurred even once to this raving psychopath.

    Probably not, as a concept like irony is usually lost on low-IQ blacks.

    • tancred guiscard

      He probably doesn’t appreciate the irony that all of his living needs will be provided by the government he so violently rejects. With that role of providing usually a familial duty, he, in an infuriatingly roundabout way, admits said government into his family! Does he see that his victim is far too young to have any real role in the government? No, he sees what he wants to see, and godwiling, a vision of his own capital punishment is in his near future

    • TonyWestfield

      MCS, don’t even waste any brain voltage trying to understand or refute this killer’s professed motives. A couple weeks before he murdered the kid, a garden variety Negro robbed a gas station in the same town (West Orange is mostly an upscale suburb but it’s right up against nasty East Orange, which in turn is next to Newark) and the gas station robber shot the White attendant in the groin–not lethal, but the guy fired a weapon in order to succeed at robbing a small fistful of cash. Depraved. My point is that our subject murderer is a “Muslim” second and an inner-city Negro first. There is no reason to assume that a conversion to Islam caused this Black guy to become a murderer–more likely, he was headed towards becoming a murderer and he stopped off along the way and indulged his already-existing hatred towards America and towards Whites…by converting to Islam. That is to say, his hatred of White America CAUSED his Islam, not the other way around.

      • Kenner

        Exactly, embracing Islam is a way of rejecting the white man and his civilization.

        • But while remaining utterly dependent upon it. This perp was an unemployed drifter once he was out of prison.

  • 1G25

    Bring back public burning at the stake.

    Doing time in air-conditioned comfort doesn’t make any impression on these senselessly cruel sub-animals.

    • Jack Burton

      Bring back the American Colonization Society and Back-to-Africa movement.

  • 1G25

    Throw in an average 85 IQ and obvious evolutionary retardation.

    • Who Me?

      You also forgot accidental incest (from not knowing the ‘baby daddy’) over and over spanning several generations.

  • Stan D Mute

    Calling this guy “Muslim” is smoke and mirrors. He has nothing in common with the Muslims causing us grief over our support of Israel. He’s a garden variety African thug who happened to change his name during his last prison term in order to join an officially sanctioned gang with special government benefits.

    The irony of Africans converting to “Islam” in prison is lost on the African. It falls in line with their Afrocentrism where they pretend that ancient Israelites and Egyptians were all sub-Saharan Africans. They pretend all achievements of the modern world were African and that “Caucasians” or “white devils” stole those innovations and history then enslaved the Africans. This is, by the way, taught as fact in many African run schools (ie in Detroit). Anyway, as this fantasy goes, Mohammed was also sub-Saharan African and the Arabs who today occupy the Middle East are either white interlopers or “black brothers” depending on the African explaining his fantasy.

    It’s not hard to imagine why they’ve created this fantasy world. Their options for a worldview are (A) whitey holds us down, (B) we are really Egyptians, or (C) reality that we are uniquely low IQ and violent race responsible for our own failure. Perhaps one in a thousand has the integrity to choose option C.

    • IstvanIN

      He’s a garden variety African thug who happened to change his name
      during his last prison term in order to join an officially sanctioned
      gang with special government benefits.

      That is what I thought.

  • If you could make that guy’s eyes grey with radiating gold streaks from his irises, he would look just like I was at his age. Same hair as his, but cut shorter and combed away from my eyes. Same nose, same face. For my senior-year high school yearbook photo, the photographer got a better smile out of me by asking me my girlfriend’s name.

    What a complete shame! If I’d had a brother like Mr. Tevelin, you couldn’t tell us apart at that age, except by the eye color and that I was already wearing glasses.


    • ATBOTL

      “If you could make that victim guy’s eyes grey with radiating gold streaks in his irises, he would look just like I was at his age.”

      Everything is about you.

  • He’s a black psychopath
    which makes him 10x crazier than
    any run of the mill psychopath..

  • Kenner

    What an eloquent, heartfelt comment. Thank you for sharing your story.

  • sulbernick

    But he was oppressed, his ancestors were slaves, he suffered injustice, what’s a man gotta do…

  • sulbernick


  • John R

    Interesting story. I am sorry your life was so difficult. Yes, I have had some bad experiences too, but nothing that would compare to yours. I am glad that you meant someone who loves and appreciates you, and that you have survived your ordeals without physical, and only limited, psychological harm. God bless you.

  • When I was in federal prison (I am sorry so much of my discussion of blacks begins that way) blacks used to like block hallways and doorways, and would give me a weird, hate-filled look whenever I went through. I never said “excuse me”. They knew what they were doing. They also thought I was crazy.

    One of my friends had been a motorcycle gang member, and his approach with them was “Get the eff out of my effing way, you effing n-word effs.” That worked amazingly well.

  • Wasn’t the Knoxville Horror a kidnap-gang-rape-torture-murder “gone wrong”?

    It was described by the lamestream media as a “carjacking”.

    • QuinnTheEskimo9

      Who would know? I didn’t read about the Knoxville Horror in any newspaper I (used to) read did you? I never saw one news report about that heinous crime. One of many reasons I no longer watch TV news except to get the weather.

      If it weren’t for the Internet, we still wouldn’t know a thing about it.

      That’s why the American media should be looked on as a mortal enemy of White Americans. They do everything they can to promote and then cover-up violence against Whites.

  • Musashi5000

    That piece of [email protected]@t needs to be kicked into a dog-pig.

  • Musashi5000

    Wake up Whitey and face the truth: We need to decide (all over again, apparently) whose country this is.

    This decision may require blood…..mostly theirs fortunately.

  • NoTea4Me

    …..”The future does not belong to those who slander the Prophet Muhammad”
    from a speech on tolerance by Barack Obama

    He knows, but most Americans don’t, that denying the belief that Mohammad is the last and highest prophet of God is slandering him. So would pointing out that he beheaded 300 prisoners, or was a pedophile. Those things are proudly referred to in the Hadiths, but if you Kaffir refer to them it’s slander.

  • Cid Campeador

    You are from Chester? Nothing more need be said.
    Some years ago a Chester PD officer was patrolling a neighborhood in the City and saw a Black Male on a porch roof attempting to break into the bedroom window on the second floor. The officer made the arrest and it turned out that the suspect was a former mayor of Chester.
    I grew up in North Philadelphia and watched my old predominantly Italo-american neighborhood turn into a veritable Hell Hole during the 60s.

  • QuinnTheEskimo9

    1. Talk to the manager first. If that doesn’t do it.

    …Yelp ’em. And then spread the word.

    Whenever we got out now, especially in strange cities, I go straight to Yelp for the reviews. A business owner told me so many people rely on Yelp now that a few bad reviews and lack of stars can murder a business. I use it all the time, as do most of my friends and colleagues. I’ve found the reviews, in all cases that I’ve used it, were dead on.

    I review businesses all the time, espeically if the service is outstanding. Remember to do that too.

  • He’s not necessarily “down low”. For a religiously-motivated Muslim serial-killer, gays would naturally be an attractive target group. On the other hand, since Brown is a convicted sex-offender, he definitely has “issues”. In fact if as one poster here suggested, Islam is being used only as a smokescreen, then this entire series of attacks may be entirely due to Brown’s sexual dysfunction. Geoffrey Dahmer became a serial killer because he was gay and didn’t like being gay. It seems likely to me that Wayne Williams had the same motivation.

  • Stan D Mute

    Our Africans are not Ethiopians. Same color, very different body type, head shape, and other physical and mental attributes. Our Africans came almost exclusively from West Africa (epicenter of Ebola today). Their captors and sellers (also west Africans) didn’t want to work hard, so they took the lowest hanging fruit and captured neighboring tribes then moved them a short distance to the slave ships’ port for sale and transfer.

    • OS-Q

      Lots of East Africans were sent north through Sudan to Arab lands. The Muslims force marched them through wastelands. Most of them died on the way over to the sea before being dispersed throughout the Ottoman Empire, Persian Gulf, and Indian Ocean.

      Saudi Arabia banned slavery in 1960s.

  • TonyWestfield

    Henry, something is amiss in the Disqus system–just now I got notice that you posted this reply to me (only 19 days ago).

    How the heck did you know that I’m Italian-descent? Did I tell you previously, or did you infer logically because you know my home turf (same as yours, if memory serves) and a lot of us around here are at least part paisano?

    Oh, believe me, I’m aware that Blacks hate gays, but I’m missing your distinction about how Blacks “hate anglos in a way no mediterranean can ever understand.” Is there something historical at the root of my putative lack of understanding? FYI, I’m not really a member of the “meds” but I will disclose that I lack understanding of the direct, physical hatred of our dark neighbors–lucky me–except for my brief adventures (wearing expensive business attire, with my blue eyes and light skin) wading into the daily crowd outside the courtroom in Brooklyn Heights, on my way home, when the Yusef Hawkins trials were in progress. Remember? More than a couple times, a wonderful “demonstrator for justice” walked up to me and threatened to shove something sharp into my belly or fire a trajectory through my skull. Funny, though, as a product of my youthful (i.e., foolish) sense of immortality or perhaps owing to an implicit sense that we outnumber them–and I say “implicit” because I was still a liberal in my twenties, strongly influenced by my comfortable and very Catholic upbringing–there was only a vague sense of danger in that crowd.

    But the cracks were starting to show. The light makes its way in because I got lucky in the gray matter lottery. Thank heaven, I don’t need to experience broken bones or a murdered family member to glean a true understanding of who’s who in my community, my country–any more than I need to jump from a plane without a parachute to understand gravity–the abstraction is sufficient to get me to see, to believe. I take a back seat to nobody when it comes to statistical verities and race, etc., although you may want to work on me a little, Henry, with regard to our lack of alignment about the chosen ones. No, I don’t get it. But I am 100% certain that the four diversity units who were hiding in plain sight at the Short Hills Mall fixed their acid gaze on a “white boy” and his pretty wife when they decided to steal that Range Rover. If the young couple could be qualified further as members of a specific tribe, fine, but this doesn’t alter my arithmetic, which is reinforced by that incident as well as the nice Korean lady and her pre-school daughter in the Cypress Street nannycam atrocity, also the atrocious recent shootings in West Orange, etc…My focus is on the nature of Black attitudes/actions towards those whom they see as their enemy. My youthful sense of immortality is long gone, so now I take these matters as seriously as, well, as seriously as a trajectory through the skull.

  • TonyWestfield

    Henry, since I assume that you have two functioning cajones, I can then assume that you are up to a good ribbing from me. You do realize that you claimed a sort of kinship with “whitey-hating blacks” and suggested that you and they are together in one corner–y’all have “no trouble sensing” a creature who is “part anglo part italian”–while I am in the opposite corner, per your framing of the matter, licking my wounds because I lack that special acumen, shared by you and your sensory brethren, Diversity–acumen necessary to appreciate the difference between my genetic cocktail and a true anglo.

    It doesn’t matter to me if those four diversity units who made the long psychological journey from Newark to Short Hills Mall were there for “purely mercenary” reasons. Their motivation was to go where White money goes, otherwise they could have jacked an expensive vehicle in Montclair or Maplewood or South Orange, where they would blend in more easily. No, Diversity combines its mercenary agenda with its hatred for Whitey, and this puts Henry and Tony (and yes, Dustin Friedland and his green-eyed wife, loading their Range Rover at Short Hills Mall) in equal danger.

    If there is a faction of Blacks who reserve a special meta-hatred for pure Anglo persons, I haven’t heard of it. Certainly, it is hard for me to believe that the mutant who murdered Brendan “because they wanted HIM” posed no danger to me if I had been in the so-called wrong place at the wrong time. Oh, how I wish my family and I were safer by being recognized as not “the same ethnicity as the evil whitey.” What a break that would be. Alas, it isn’t so.