Race-Based Justice in Ferguson Missouri: Will Eric Holder Recuse Himself?

Patrick J. Buchanan, VDARE, August 21, 2014

Among the demands of the “protesters” in Ferguson is that the investigation and prosecution of police officer Darren Wilson be taken away from St. Louis County Prosecutor Robert McCulloch.

McCulloch is biased, it is said. How so? In 1964, his father, a St. Louis police officer, was shot to death by an African-American.

Moreover, McCulloch comes from a family of cops. He wanted to be a police officer himself, but when cancer cost him a leg as a kid, he became a prosecutor.

Yet, in 23 years, McCulloch has convicted many cops of many crimes, and has said that if Gov. Jay Nixon orders him off this case, he will comply. Meanwhile, he is moving ahead with the grand jury.

As for Gov. Nixon, he revealed his closed mind by demanding the “vigorous prosecution” of a cop who has not even been charged and by calling repeatedly for “justice for [Brown’s] family” but not Wilson’s.

What has been going on for two weeks now in Ferguson, with the ceaseless vilification of Darren Wilson and the clamor to arrest him, is anti-American. It is a mob howl for summary judgment, when this case cries out, not for a rush to judgment, but for a long tedious search for the whole truth of what happened that tragic day.


If there is any public official who should recuse himself from any role in this investigation, it is not Robert McCulloch but Eric Holder.

Holder has a lifelong, almost Sharpton-like, obsession with race.

Three weeks in office, he declared America a “nation of cowards” for refusing to discuss race more. Arriving in St. Louis, he declared, “I am the attorney general of the United States. But I am also a black man.”

Query. What is the chief law enforcement officer of the United States, who is heading up the federal investigation of the shooting of a black teenager by a white cop, doing declaring his racial solidarity?

Holder then related several incidents that have stuck in his craw:

I can remember being stopped on the New Jersey turnpike on two occasions and accused of speeding. Pulled over. . . . ‘Let me search your car.’ . . . Go through the truck of my car, look under the seats and all this kind of stuff. I remember how humiliating that was and how angry I was and the impact it had on me.

Holder also spoke of being stopped by a cop in Georgetown when he was running to the movies.

Fine. The Great Man is outraged by such indignities. But the mindset exhibited here raises a grave question as to whether Eric Holder can objectively lead an investigation of a white cop who shot a black teenager. In Eric Holder’s mind, the verdict already seems in.

Any defense attorney would have Eric Holder tossed out of a jury pool, as soon as he started to vent like this.

If Holder has made up his mind about what happened in Ferguson that Saturday, fine. He is entitled to his opinion. But someone who has already decided Officer Wilson’s actions are consistent with a racist police pattern he has observed personally should not be passing judgment on whether Officer Wilson goes on trial for his life.

President Obama says he does not want to put “my thumb on the scales” of justice. He should take Eric Holder’s thumb off.

[Editor’s Note: The Ferguson prosecutor says the grand jury will not reach a decision on whether to charge Office Wilson until October “at the earliest.”]

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  • Alexandra1973

    These bongo-partiers are just a bunch of overgrown spoiled toddlers. Threaten to have a complete meltdown if they don’t get what they want.

    I say, ignore them. Do what is right, and just make sure law-abiding citizens are armed and ready for self-defense. Enough’s enough. We need to stop catering to these savages.

  • Ironically, during the fall of 2008, McCulloch got together with his St. Louis City analogue and the Sheriff of Jefferson County, one county to the south of St. Louis, and formed what was colloquially called a “truth squad,” and insinuated that they would arrest and prosecute people who criticized Barack Obama.

    • Gee, just the kind of people we need to oversee the next public spectacle involving feral gutter rats like Mike Brown and the ‘racist evil po-lice’!

    • bilderbuster

      He was one of those guys huh?
      This should be an example to liberal Whites of what their non White comrades have in store for their useful idiot selves when they’re of no use anymore.
      I take that back.
      He’s very useful for the part of the “Racist White Prosecutor”.
      I’m not familiar with MO politics but there may be more to the picture than meets the eye here.

  • MekongDelta69

    Will Eric Holder Recuse Himself?

    As Ralph Kramden would say, “Har-de-har-HAR-de-har-har“.

    [Yes, I realize Pat was “axing” a rhetorical question.]

    • Eric “My People” Holder, as you’re quite aware, would NEVER recuse himself because this is his very purpose for being appointed attorney general – namely, to payback whites and to fan the flames of racial agitation.

  • Luca

    It never occurs to blacks and mulattoes that they are being stopped for legitimate legal reasons, even when they commit a crime.

    It doesn’t even bother me if TSA consistently takes me aside at the airport and delays me with a detailed search of my carry-on. I know they are doing their job and we will never know how many problems they stopped at the checkpoint just by doing their job.

    Blacks and mulattoes will always use routine police encounters as a weapon, which of course they have been taught to do by their Liberal ring leaders.

    • bilderbuster

      It angers me to no end when worthless TSA power trippers pull me aside and I get groped by multicultural hands!

    • I don’t see the point of you mentioning the TSA in a positive light? Your statement “and we will never know how many problems they stopped at the checkpoint just by doing their job.” Is utter nonsense, they aren’t some top secret intelligence agency, they’re basically a universally hated group of sexual perverts, who have prevented absolutely 0 problems at the checkpoint, which we know, because the SECOND they actually find something of note, or stop a terrorist, they’ll immediately call a press conference to pat themselves on the back and say “see! All those years of groping and staring at scans of your naked bodies were worth it!”

      • FransSusan

        I agree about the TSA. It’s nothing but a useless, make-work program by the US government—-more affirmative action hires!

  • TruthBeTold

    Whatever happened to the third autopsy the Feds were doing?

    Are they conspiring to make the autopsy match the ‘narrative’?

    • JP Rushton

      They will claim he was shot in the back and then dump the body in the ocean as to not excite the black community any further.

    • Tarczan

      It’s not like measuring a piece of lumber for the third time. They just stuff the parts back in the body cavity each time.

  • Cecil Broomsted

    This is what we should have seen in Ferguson …

  • LACountyRedneck

    If I was a cop I’d pull Holder over acting as if I didn’t know who he was.

  • Ringo Lennon

    I believe Holder hates cops. Especially White cops.

    • FransSusan

      I believe Holder is a dumb-as-a-stump, typical, affirmative action hire. The negro mind is not capable of logical thought, reality, & common sense.

  • I had the Border Patrol pull me over and demand to look in the trunk of my car. I guess I look like a coyote to them. Didn’t bother me a bit. They pulled all my stuff out of my car, rummaged through my suitcase, etc.

    Holder is thus condemned by his own words, where he thinks its some horrible thing to have the cops pull you over. He thinks he’s being targeted. That’s the mark of a paranoid, psychologically disturbed individual. Congress should demand he see a headshrinker, one who is qualified to certify him as “Not Dangerous” to society. He’ll never pass the tests.

  • DiversityIsDeath

    Amazing what is happening, and how White America is silently accepting it. We have aggressive, threatening blacks, headed by Sharpton, “black leaders”, and black lawyers for the family, all demanding to pick and choose who will control this case in order to steer it in the direction they want it to go, in order to railroad this white cop. Blacks are demanding that the pristine Ferguson DA McCullough step down because his white cop father was killed by a negro perp 50 years ago. Negroes “feel” McCullough must harbor resentment and bias towards negroes therefore he must be removed from this case, yet negroes like Holder are going around openly recounting personal incidents of supposedly being victimized by white racism, but we are all supposed to believe these blacks harbor no resentment towards whitey or towards cops. And White America is just supposed to just shut up and take it.

    • phillyguy

      everyone ,monday morning, call the offices of your U.S. congressman and senator and demand the removal of Holder from the office of United States Attorney General. if it is not done we will never vote for you again. he better be gone when the government resumes in September. by the remarks he made, he should not hold that position.

    • Orion_Blue

      Blacks are demanding that the pristine Ferguson DA McCullough step down because his white cop father was killed by a negro perp 50 years ago. Negroes “feel” McCullough…

      Of course they are. They think or rather feel, that everyone is motivated by vengeance and malice. At least DA McCullough can claim some familial, blood connection, which is more than can be said for these permanently aggrieved and entitled shiftless, good for nothing footpad swoogies. All they do is latch onto the gibmedat free brickfuss entitlement and rights bandwagon.

  • IKUredux

    We Whites need to start fighting back. If Officer Wilson is found guilty, whether he is or not, let’s rampage. Let’s riot. Let’s act like Blacks. Because, frankly, my fellow Whites, acting White ain’t getting us anywhere. We need to stop being the adults. We need to stop being the responsible citizens. We need to start acting like spoiled, entitled brats. You know, like Negroes. If you prefer, let’s consider ourselves the latest brand of White freedom fighters. If you are offended by this suggestion, I’m sure many colonists were offended by the “immature” act of dumping tea into Boston Harbor. Surely we can come up with something as creative and meaningful? I still say let’s have a country wide strike of OUR WHITE labor. No electricity! No movement of goods and services! No plumbing! No engineering! No computer services! WE ARE DONE WITH THIS WAR ON WHITES!!!!! We are tired of paying this blood money. No White alive today in this country has owned a slave(actually, the only people in this country who have been accused of slavery have been non-whites that we stupidly(CURSE TPTB) allowed into this country. Furthermore, no negro alive today in this country (assuming he was born here) has ever been a slave.Oh come on! This crap is turning into the never ending story! Is this finally the beginning of negro authors writing amazing epic stories of their heroic battles against the evil White race? Oh wait, we Whites will have to pen those as well, since they are too stupid, too lazy, and too unimaginative to create an “epic story that reflects the victorious African diaspora uber alles”. That’s right, we Whites will pen the epic, make sure it comes to pass, and, worst of all, it was our idea to elevate these beasts. S.P.O.O.C. lives. Write it everywhere.

  • kikz2

    Nixon was CYing his political A…..

  • A Freespeechzone

    The fact is that Obama/Holder got humiliated at their attempt to convict George Zimmerman and this has become personal with them to try to convict Officer Wilson; why would this rate 40 FBI agents sniffing around for manufactured facts?

    The reality is that the facts so far tend to support Officer Wilson’s account of the incident and in the end, despite tricks and diversion, neither Obama or Holder will be smart enough to prevail….the physical evidence will debunk all the lies, innuendos and demands from the mobs.

    Hopefully the majority of Americans will see how truly racist and anti-justice this pair, too many negroes and stupid liberal Whites are when it comes to reality based upon facts.

  • Andy

    Eric Holder appears to be half a black man at most. Where’s the solidarity with ol’ Wilson?

    • Jack Burton

      Closer to quadroon, he’s predominantly white. Obama is half black in comparison.

    • SoCal88

      Black-white genetics is strange and not widely understood. The offspring of a black – white union used to be called a mulatto. The union of two mulattos is where things get interesting, as the child can be anything from pure black to pure white with the majority somewhere in between. Historically, many of the whitest of these would try to pass for white, and marry whites. Big problems arrived in the form of children, which could have a lot of black characteristics. This led to accusations and was the origin of the expression “there’s a ******** in the woodpile somewhere.” In South Africa and Rhodesia they are all referred to as “mixed race”. They don’t mix much with pure black Africans.

  • Paleoconn

    Holder also said something once blacks being ‘my people’. What a bunch of hateful, moronic, vindictive crackpots running this country.

  • We can only imagine how annoying it is when you have murdered so many White people that when you try to kill another one and fail, and you are trying to rig the resulting jury trial, that you inconveniently run into prosecutorial members of families that you have previously bumped off a member of.

    Of course, in reality most Whites, even if they were the sole surviving member of an entire family raped and massacred by blacks, if serving on a jury involving other black rapists and murderers, would bend way, way over backwards to show their impartiality. (Bright cheerful smile toward the neck-tattooed defendant swaggering in on his knuckles with pants down around his knees, ‘I must do my duty … I must do my duty …’)

  • “besides who hasn’t been stopped by a cop for some ridiculous reason?”

    To expand on that a little bit, EVERYONE on the N.J. turnpike is speeding, period. And there are plenty of great speed traps all along it. I’m sure holder WAS speeding until he was pulled over and his Blackiopathy kicked in, with cries of “i’s jus sittin heah you rayciss cops! I ain’t even movin, jus sitting on de side of dey roads!”

  • Orion_Blue

    Query. What is the chief law enforcement officer of the United States, who is heading up the federal investigation of the shooting of a black teenager by a white cop, doing declaring his racial solidarity?

    Doing just that: declaring his racial solidarity.

    If the feral creature got gunned down, which it did, then consider it a high-latency, delegated decision that ought to have been made at the maternity ward stage of the proceedings.

  • none of your business

    Holder looks about 1/8 black and 7/8 White, White man black female pairings. This is what 300 years of White men doing black females has produced.

  • none of your business

    Interesting the blacks are not outraged by the fact that the DAs Father was murdered by a black OFE. They are outraged by the fact that the murderers race is mentioned.

    • Jack Burton

      Right, that’s the anti-logical and anti-social mentality of blacks.

      White cop kills black male in self-defense, it’s racism, murder and white America’s fault. Black criminal kills white cop, his surviving son is now guilty of being racially biased against blacks for the rest of his life. You can’t get anymore narcissistic than that, it’s always about them, not anyone else.

  • MoMo

    Do your duty in all things. You can not do more, you should never wish to do less -. General Robert E. Lee

    There is a reason why “Lady Justice” is blindfolded. The Honorable Eric Holder is the chief law enforcement officer in the entire country. If anyone should have a modicum of ethical integrity, one would think that it should at least begin with the Attorney General himself! Presumably if one is blindfolded one can’t determine the race of the person charged going into a trial. In my humble view not one word concerning race should have ever come out of this man’s mouth.

    The whole concept of the presumption of innocence and due process is one of the bed rock principles of American Jurisprudence. It is a concept taught and presumably learned by every incoming first year law student. Apparently it is also a concept as foreign to the Honorable Mr. Holder as would the understanding by African Pygmies of Stephen Hawkins’ astrological physics!

    There will never be consensus concerning the “facts” of this case. The case will be decided on the race issue alone and nothing else. Make absolutely no mistake here! This police officer will be convicted of murder – “justice” either may or may not be done but if it is, it will be done entirely by serendipitous convenience!

    Millions will be spent by the Government on prosecuting this Police Officer. We need to immediately establish a defense fund for his defense.Make no mistake; this police officer is not the only one going to trial here. We are as well!


    • FransSusan

      I agree, MM. I fear that the police officer is going to be yet another sacrifice, as Zimmerman was and other whites before him. It is just obscene that this dumb, third world, un-civilizable “element” in Ferguson is allowed to control everything!

  • Texan1st

    Ever notice that when it comes to blacks, when a black person is accused of committing a crime against a white person, they insist that the jury look like the accused? You know, the whole “judged by your peers” thing. Yet when a white person is accused of committing a crime against a black person, they flip the script and insist that the jury looks like the victim.

    With blacks, you can’t win.

  • Alexandra1973

    In July of 1990 I was living in the Detroit area and we had Australians visiting us. We decided to go across the Detroit River to Windsor, Ontario.

    Back then you just told the guy in the booth where you were born, where you were going, etc., and he waved you on.

    But since we had Aussies with us, their passports had to be checked and my mom’s car was searched. And we’re all White.

    No one kicked up a fuss, we just chilled out while waiting for them to do their search.

  • FransSusan

    Good article, Mr. Buchanan. This protracted Ferguson horror is just another example of how low the US is sinking. When a throng of dumb, third-world-type, uncivilized barbarians is allowed to tell the justice system, its supporters, and enforcers what to do and how to do it, we are deteriorating into third world status. It’s insane that this element is allowed the upper hand in this situation! And imagine the millions this is going to cost taxpayers!

  • MoMo

    Both President Obama and Attorney General Holder are more than bright enough for the positions they hold. Unfortunately, both individually and collectively, they have zero leadership ability and consequently the country continues to suffer.

    We don’t build the pipeline consequently no oil. We lead from behind consequently we have no allies. Absolutely no one believes this President’s word about anything. No one.

    And now, everything is about race. No matter what the European-Americans say or do it is never enough for the African American.

    The difference between the violence in Chicago and the violence in Ferguson is that in
    Chicago it is basically black on black crime where the police are blamed for not doing enough; and in Ferguson, a white on black killing, where the police are blamed for over reacting.

    The simple fact is this. When the African-American are in control they are totally intolerant of European-Americans. Totally.

    It must be very difficult to belong to a race which depends upon it’s very survival for the benevolence of another race.

    There is a simple test that you may want to ask your liberal neighbors. Suppose a multi story half way house is about to be built to treat exclusively African -American drug offenders. I am quite sure that they would all be jumping up and down for it – yeah, yeah, that’s just was we need, etc.

    Then tell them this multi story half way house will be built right next door …… to them!

    Every Caucasian – American has a threshold number of African – Americans they will be around. For conservatives it is about ten per cent, for the most ardent liberal, about thirty percent.

    The difference between the people here and people outside of here is that in here the people are honest!


  • Mrfinoni

    What does the media harp on the fact that he was unarmed. His unarmed self just robbed a convenience store. Many unarmed people have killed other people simply with their fists and feet. A big bully attacking a police officer. What is the cop supposed to do. Let the thug kill him. This is total insanity. If you attack a cop you might get shot. That is why police have the legal right to carry a gun.