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Sharpton says it wasn’t a “left-wing hoax” since Trump bought it.

White women “must commit to amplifying their voices.”

And, of course, she wants an official apology.

Score One for the Caravan

Pregnant Honduran hops border fence and scores an anchor baby.


On top of the $244k salary he took from the organization last year.

American Demagogue

Al Sharpton’s rise to power and profit.


Al Sharpton’s half-brother is charged with capital murder.

Fighting “racism” is more important to professional blacks than the welfare of ordinary blacks.

“When you got little white girls in Wales saying ‘I want to be like Meghan,’ there’s a shift worldwide.”

Hate Crime Hoaxes in America, AR Classic Article

What leftists don’t want you to know.

He was the driver in a drive-by shooting.

New Black Panther Party will also participate.

Next up, Jeff Dahmer on the cover of Bon Apetit.

Says it’s an insult to his family.

Can they be a gateway drug to race realism?

Faking History To Make The Black Kids Feel Good (Part II)

If Western Civilization isn’t special, why do blacks claim Africans are secretly behind it?


Helping The Sharpton & Obama Afrocentrism ‘Fade to Black’ (Part I)

How much damage can a Trump presidency undo?


Why Obama Will Win, AR Classic Article

Whites jump at any chance to feel virtuous.

David Frum: An Open-Minded Neoconservative?

Is there even enough common ground for a debate?


Colin Kaepernick: Out-Brothering the Brothers

It’s tough being light-skinned.


Racism is now seen not as a “systemic” issue but a personal affliction.

Does Eric Holder?

Former Nation of Islam member ranted about “crackers” on YouTube.

Time Warner, UPS, Ford . . .

Al Sharpton is excited: “I will be talking it up.”

The Biggest Difference Between Whites and Blacks

Blogger argues that it’s not IQ.


He’s encouraging people to tune out because not enough blacks were nominated.

Jason Riley says Black History Month is too “politically useful” to be retired.

Points out that actors should get awards only if they deserve it.

Colin Flaherty publishes a letter from a correspondent.

Another white police chief is out of a job.

Eric Holder’s Justice Department: A federal judge called its behavior “appalling.”

Is Trump Our Last Chance?

Donald Trump may be the last hope for a president who would be good for white people.


Says it’s “clear as could be” that the justice system favors whites.

Blacks should stop complaining about “racism” and get to work.

Movement is even more bizarre than you think.

The Power of White Racism

It’s like magic!


Al Sharpton: “This is not about people getting money.”

“Disparate Impact”and Housing

What the Supreme Court’s ruling means.


They say he hasn’t been tough enough on the police.

Prospects for Black America

What conservatives think.


Seven officers hurt; one unresponsive.

20-year-old video shows Obama struggling with black identity.

“We don’t want another Ferguson-type of circus here.”

He wants federal accountability for local policing.

Murky Sharpton associate allegedly set fire in the office.

Civil right is “an unfinished project.”

He agrees with Al Sharpton.

He’s upset that feds didn’t prosecute George Zimmerman.

James O’Keefe strikes again.