Posted on September 20, 2022

Sharpton Says DeSantis and GOP Are Targeting ‘Successful Blacks,’ ‘Black Mayors’ With Migrant Relocation

Gabriel Hays, Fox News, September 16, 2022

MSNBC contributor Rev. Al Sharpton theorized that Governor Ron DeSantis, R-Fla., is employing a racist strategy with his relocation of illegal immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard.

Appearing on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Sharpton claimed that DeSantis’ move is like how segregationists bussed African Americans away from their towns with the false promise they would be speaking to President John F. Kennedy about their civil rights concerns.


Sharpton then went so far as to suggest that GOP lawmakers are moving illegal immigrants to new cities to specifically harass the Black people living there. “It’s also interesting that they’re going to Martha’s Vineyard, which is known as a resort for successful Blacks,” he claimed, adding, “The most well-known person there now is Barack Obama.”

“And they’ve targeted three cities,” he continued, “Chicago, Washington D.C. and New York [City], all with Black Mayors.”

He concluded his commentary, stating, “So a lot of little racial notation ought to be raised here on what they did that reminds me of the segregationist strategy in the 60s of using busses, and now we’re seeing mayors being overwhelmed by this.”