Indefensible UCSD Settlement in “Racism” Investigation

Henry Wolff, American Renaissance, May 29, 2012

University agrees to pay despite fraudulent charges.

Last month, the Departments of Justice and Education ended a two-year-long investigation of alleged racism at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD), in return for a commitment by the university to spend millions of dollars on blacks and Hispanics. This is a shocking outcome. Every one of the allegedly racist incidents that sparked the investigation was either ambiguous, mischaracterized or an outright fraud.

The university and the government agencies involved refuse to discuss the agreement—no doubt because they know it will not withstand scrutiny.

Trouble started in February 2010 when a rumor spread through the UCSD campus that a white fraternity, Pi Kappa Alpha, had hosted a “Compton Cookout” at which guests were urged to dress and act like ghetto blacks. The invitation on Facebook was graphic:

Ghetto chicks have a very limited vocabulary, and attempt to make up for it, by forming new words, such as “constipulated”, or simply cursing persistently, or using other types of vulgarities, and making noises, such as “hmmg!”, or smacking their lips, and making other angry noises, grunts, and faces.

Watermelon would “of course” be served, and the invitation included the following photo:


The UCSD Black Student Union led the campus in protests, and sensational headlines appeared around the country: “White Fraternity Mocks Black History Month with ‘Compton Cookout’” and “Racist Frat Boys Will Be Racist Frat Boys . . . on Facebook.” USCD Chancellor Marye Anne Fox strongly condemned the party and invited students and faculty to a teach-in “to explore how such incidents continue to occur.”

In the midst of the furor, Kris Gregorian, editor of the campus satirical newspaper The Koala, went on UCSD’s Student Run Television and mocked the black protesters, saying they should be thankful for a party thrown in their honor, and calling them “ungrateful niggers.”

The university set up a website describing its efforts to “battle hate,” and the Black Student Union (BSU) announced that the university was in a “state of emergency” and that blacks “do not feel safe on their own campus.” The BSU issued a list of 32 demands, including required courses in ethnic studies and changes in admission policies.

About 200 students, most of them black, insisted on a meeting with administrators, including Chancellor Fox, to present the demands. She accepted some demands on the spot, but students interrupted her repeatedly. One waved his finger at her, saying “All you’re doing is standing there and looking dumb.”

Chancellor Fox

Thousands of students attended the university-sponsored teach-in, but after about an hour, BSU students complained that race problems could not be solved by a two-hour teach-in, and ordered everyone out of the hall. The vast majority left the building for a more radical rally to rail against “institutional racism” at the university.

Later that week, someone found a noose hanging in the campus library. The chairman of the University of California board of regents called it “a despicable expression of racial hatred.” Chancellor Fox denounced what she called “an abhorrent act.” Campus spokesman Rex Graham said the incident was being investigated as a possible hate crime committed “with the intent to terrorize.” Even California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger condemned what was happening at the university as “intolerable acts of racism and incivility.”

Hundreds of students again marched on Chancellor Fox’s office. She promised that hate would not be tolerated and that criminal acts would be punished, but students occupied her office anyway.

A fourth incident was reported on March 1, when someone put a hood on a statue of Theodore Geisel (better known as Dr. Seuss), and placed a rose between his fingers. The hood, which appeared to be made from a pillow case, had a hand-drawn cross inside a circle on it. UCSD called it “KKK-like,” and campus police promised to take fingerprints and do DNA analysis. The U.S. Attorney General and the FBI started investigations.

But what had actually happened on campus? The Compton Cookout, which started the uproar, was not a campus event at all. On February 18, two days after the first media reports, a black comedian named Nipsey Washington, who is not a UCSD student and who goes by the name of “Jigaboo Jones,” posted a video on YouTube explaining that he organized the event to promote a DVD. He said Pi Kappa Alpha had nothing to do with it, adding, “Y’all Fox and ABC and all that, get your facts straight.” Later, he complained that black students were “marching and protesting about a damn lie.” He was the man in the photo in the invitation to the cookout.

There have been hundreds of news stories about the “racist,” white-organized Compton Cookout, but despite Pi Kappa Alpha’s denial and Mr. Washington’s attempt to set the record straight, virtually no one has reported the truth.

The noose incident was not a “despicable act of racial hatred” either. A non-white woman came forward and said she and a friend had found a piece of rope, tied a lasso and then a noose, and then left it on a desk in the library. She went to the police to explain that the noose “was not an act of racism” and that she sympathized with the protestors. The police accepted her explanation but did not reveal her identity. The university suspended her.

As for the hood on the statue, the campus police, the FBI, and the US Attorney all seem to have learned nothing, but will not say so specifically. The campus police will say only that putting a hood on the statue “was not a criminal act,” and that there appeared to be no connection between the hood and the noose. They will make no documents available about their investigation.

But what about The Koala, and Mr. Gregorian’s complaint about “ungrateful niggers”? The Koala is well-known for its irreverent content and for testing the limits of free speech. According to Wikipedia, “Nearly all of The Koala’s writing involves making fun of a race, ethnicity, religion, group, people with disabilities, sex, or sexual orientation, as well as recent national tragedies.” Mr. Gregorian himself noted that The Koala’s “express goal is to offend every group possible,” adding that “there’s no point in having rights if you can’t use them.”

A spokesman for Student Run Television pointed out that Mr. Gregorian’s appearance “was not too different from typical Koala fodder.” Just months earlier, The Koala came under criticism for mocking a student’s death in a pole-vaulting accident. The paper also published An Entertainment Magazine for the Islamic Man that included an illustrated article called “The Jizzlam Guide to Sexual Positions During Prayer.” Before editing The Koala, after the 9/11 attacks, Mr. Gregorian went around with a sign saying “Will work for box cutters.”

Mr. Gregorian was simply exercising his usual bad taste, and was not disciplined by the school. He certainly did not reflect a campus climate of “racial hatred.”

What have been the results two years later? In April, UCSD signed a “Resolution Agreement” with the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Department of Education (DOE), bringing the two-year investigation to an end, and promising measures that will cost California tax payers millions of dollars.

This is just a partial list of what the university had already done in order to end the investigation:

  • Created an Office for the Prevention of Harassment and Discrimination.
  • Provided dedicated space on campus for the Black Student Union and the Hispanic group MEChA.
  • Set aside an additional $330,000 every year to recruit and retain minority students.
  • Provided special dorm space for students interested in “multiculturalism and social justice.”
  • Put up a mural celebrating Mexican heritage and found space for a mural for African-American heritage.
  • Started a search for 12 faculty positions for which the “primary criterion” for hiring was “a demonstrated commitment to promoting diversity.”
  • Set up a taskforce to determine how best to recruit and keep “faculty from underrepresented groups.”
  • Made “a knowledge of diversity, equity, and inclusion” a requirement for all undergraduates.
  • Allocated “permanent funding” for staff positions in ethnic studies minors.
  • Agreed to hire a Director of Development for Diversity Initiatives whose main job is to raise money “to promote diversity-related activities on campus.”

The university promised to keep doing these things, and also to train all freshmen in how to avoid discrimination and harassment. The university also granted DOJ the right to sue if UCSD does not keep its promises.

The agreement was widely described as “voluntary,” but the DOJ agreed to “refrain from initiating litigation regarding . . . alleged incidents of racial discrimination and harassment at UCSD . . . .”

Incidents of racial discrimination? In its press release about the agreement, the DOJ cited the same discredited incidents: “multiple incidents of racial harassment on campus, including public displays of nooses [there was only one noose] and a Ku Klux Klan-style hood, and the hosting of an off-campus party where students were invited to dress as stereotypes of African-Americans.” In its account of the agreement, the Los Angeles Times even invented “incidents of . . . students wearing KKK-style hoods.”

The DOJ’s press release claimed it “received additional complaints of discrimination and harassment” during the investigation, but did not name them and refuses to talk about them.

In fact, UCSD, DOE, and DOJ have built a wall of silence around this absurd agreement. Thomas Perez, Assistant Attorney General for civil rights, boasted about the agreement when it was signed, but refused to speak to this reporter. Russlynn Ali, DOE’s assistant secretary for civil rights, issued a self-congratulatory press release, but would not speak. DOE and DOJ public affairs officers all refused comment.

Jeff Gattas, UCSD public affairs spokesman, failed to respond to repeated telephone and e-mail requests. Outgoing Chancellor Fox also refused comment. We think we know why.

UCSD’s promise to spend what will amount to millions of taxpayer dollars in response to phony “racist” incidents comes at a time of massive budget cuts. Last year, the university announced it would close four campus libraries and liquidate 150,000 books and journals. The medical center library has already been shut down and the Scripps Institution of Oceanography Library was to be shuttered this year. In 2011, UCSD lost three leading cancer researchers to Rice University, which offered them 40-percent pay increases. At the same time, UCSD increased tuition by nearly 18 percent to offset state funding cuts.

Which is more important: the medical center library or dedicated space on campus for the Black Student Union and MEChA? Cancer research or a special Office for the Prevention of Harassment and Discrimination?

UCSD’s capitulation to minority-student bullying and its inability to defend itself against baseless charges of racism is a disgrace. And its so-called settlement agreement with the government is an insult to the taxpayers and students of the state of California.

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Henry Wolff

Henry Wolff is the assistant editor of American Renaissance.

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  • razorrare

    Hey Hey Hoe Hoe,Eric Holder & Tom Perez has got to go.

  • mikejones91

    How is this any different than the movie “White Chicks” or the COUNTLESS black comedians who do “white man” voice impressions? I think I know the difference. 

    • Church_of_Jed

      The reason I appreciate Cornel West is because he speaks in authentic n’gro patios, and not articulate like all the Affirmative Action Diversity Opportunity Hire anchors and new reporters on TV.

      I hate blacks, but mostly hate them when they try to act White.

      • vladdy1

        Hmmm..I’m the other way around. The ones who try to assimilate are okay, but the ones who show their hatred for the (until now) “dominant culture” and won’t have any thing to do with anything unless it’s  “black” annoy the he** out of me. I want to scream, “Speak English! And knock off that fake Southern accent. You’re from Chicago.”  

        • Church_of_Jed

          The ones who try to assimilate are the most likely to be given jobs by Whites that take jobs from other Whites. Blacks are promoted into postions of power, look attractive to White girls, then gain access to the holy of holies, and we get more mongrelization.

          Total segregation is the only answer to racial survival. The savages will either kill or breed us out of existence.

      • Sheila Dinehart

        I don’t hate blacks…CWest has a job to do and he has been great at it…gotta hand it to him…do you think for a second someone of West’s stature would give a white liberal a 2 second head start before he would chase them down to slit their throat?…he and those blacks intellectuals are just wait’n to see which way the wind blows…the day, the world belongs to them…ask his forerunners…they all said so way back before I was born…and my daddy, and my daddy’s daddy too.

        They figured out how to use their enemies before their enemies could use them…I like to look at it as a trick on a trick…(smiling about now).

  • haroldcrews

    How could anyone think that ‘Jigaboo Jones’ is anything other than a black man?  He very obviously isn’t white.  White guilt is a cognitive impairment.

    • Church_of_Jed

      Misuse of White privilege is “internalized oppression” against ones own in group.

  • None of this really surprises me given the atmosphere on University Campuses today (note: I’m currently in the ‘belly of the beast’ myself), however all this does help to solidify my opinion AGAINST any Federal Government bail-out of California and its Orwellian Higher Ed. system.

    We can not afford to support this insanity!

  • Church_of_Jed

    Provided dedicated space on campus for the Black Student Union and the Hispanic group MEChA.
    We approve of this kind of segregation, but unfortunately, it always backfires on us. 
    As America is transformed into a post White privilege third world cesspool, dedicated Diversity spaces will be used as weapons against us.  The Diversity will look around and not see enough Whites there embracing and celebrating Diversity, and the Diversity will mau mau for mo’ dat free stuff, because the failure of White to show up proves that racism and White privilege are still rearing their ugly heads.
    Just like not enough Whites showing up at Treyvon Diversity Son of Obama rallies proves that systemic bias and institutional racism still infect our colleges, requiring more sensitivity training and funding for the MLK Center.

  • Church_of_Jed

    On a campus crime reporting form, I found this definition:

    Hate Crimes: Hate crimes are words or actions that are prejudice in context used to intimidate or subject a person(s) to tyranny,which occurs as the result of the victim being of a particular group.  Groups are affected by bias motivated crimes include ethnic, religion, gender, disability, race and sexual orientation. 

    Based on that, accusing us of having the mythic “White privilege” should be a hate crime.

  • Notice the sign in that protest pic:

    “Future doctors come from Compton.”

    And if you believe that, I recommend you join Stephen Hawking in his African search for a genius.

  • refocus

     Gov. Brown is begging the voters to vote themselves a tax hike to pay for all this madness….

    Don’t they have assets of over $750 billion?

  • Agreed to hire a Director of Development for Diversity Initiatives whose main job is to raise money “to promote diversity-related activities on campus.”

    In other words, they now have a “Director” with the sole mission to find and develop programs in an effort to actively displace Whites; of course in the name of “diversity.” Diversity is nothing more than sanctioned racism against Whites, which leads me to believe Whites will have hell to pay 10 times over for their rendition of the Compton cookout

    • HenryWWolff

      This is on top of UCSD’s already massive “diversity” apparatus. See Heather MacDonald’s report here:

      • William

        This is one reason that US college tuition debts are at crisis point. It is a tragedy for the students in a life of debt. Criminal.

    • Church_of_Jed

      “There is no such thing as unjustified racism, just like there is no such thing as Equality.”
      -Rev. Jed DeValleyism, “All men are created equally free to hate, but some of us superlatives are much better at it that the rest of you slobs,” 2008

  • sbuffalonative

    “Which is more important: the medical center library or dedicated space on campus for the Black Student Union and MEChA? Cancer research or a special Office for the Prevention of Harassment and Discrimination?’

    Why chose when you can have both! Just increase taxes!

  • Cyb

    I think i’m going to be sick. someone has to stop this. 

    • Bob Johnson

      Well, it’s got to be us because nobody else seems to care.

      • alastairabbacle

        This could start from Campus Organization.  I, in the far north, intend to start an Anti-Communist group.  Where are all the real white males of Southern California?

    • alastairabbacle

      Out parents generation is incredibly wimpy, they are hardwired to give into any and all demands of “the minorities”.   

      This is Department of Justice corruption coming straight from Barack Obama, and his appointee Eric Holder.    It is absolutely sick and twisted.

  • jack ryan

    I lived in San Diego not too far from USD during this fake crime hoax.

    A local White populist radio talk show host exposed this incident as just another college hate crime hoax, but somehow the world of Eric “My People” Holder’s (In) Justice Department and corrupt Educrats works in ways that ignore facts.

    I’ve written my rememberance of these events at OD.

  • If white people hated black people as much as some black people say white people hate black people there would be no black people to say it. 

    • blight14

       So you’re saying the future looks bright……..good!

  • When the anti-racist train leaves the station, it doesn’t slow down or stop
    for anyone or anything (including facts or the truth), apparently they’re
    primed and ready to pounce and dying for any opportunity flex their muscles and
    what is there to stop them? When any rational voice in opposition, has to tip
    toe through a minefield of potential hate speech (which brings to mind the
    Koala’s editors quote applicable quote “there’s no point in having rights if
    you can’t use them”).

    at the partial list of what these powerful minority groups have ‘scored’ off this
    University thanks to this fake scandal:
    an Office for the Prevention of Harassment and Discrimination, get a dedicated
    space on campus for the Black Student Union and the Hispanic group MEChA, get an
    additional $330,000 every year to recruit and retain minority students, get a special
    dorm space for students interested in “multiculturalism and social justice.” (Yuck!!),
    murals celebrating Mexican heritage and African-American heritage, 12 faculty
    positions created to “demonstrate a commitment to promoting diversity.”, set up
    a taskforce to determine how best to recruit and keep “faculty from
    underrepresented groups.”, allocated “permanent funding” for
    staff positions in ethnic studies minors, hire a Director of Development for
    Diversity Initiatives “to promote diversity-related activities on campus.” and the
    best one for last made “a knowledge of diversity, equity, and
    inclusion” a requirement for all undergraduates

    This isn’t a moral victory for these minority groups, it’s a multimillion
    dollar payday and a blatant takeover and all this is stems from a comedian
    called Jigaboo Jones promoting a DVD?  

    Two thoughts come to mind with these types of trends.

    These anti racists/pro minority groups ought to be careful, because they’re ‘overcooking’
    their causes and movement, if anti racism is a reactionary movement from
    racism, what do you think will be the reaction from anti-racism when it’s not

    Good people will only allow themselves to be branded evil for so long until
    we rise up and go back to step one. Which I suppose then becomes a self fulfilling
    prophecy for the anti-racists, meaning we’ll never get off this insanity loop
    until something breaks violently.   

    Also I’m curious to what these anti-racists would do with themselves, once their
    goal of us Whites disappearing is achieved, will they start cannibalising each

  • I’m shocked – SHOCKED –
    that a California University
    would toss money at worthless blacks!

    That $16 BILLION state deficit must be cured
    by ObamaStimulus
    just in time for November’s election…


  • refocus

    This is a funny story about stupid people with nothing to do and no where to go.

    Notice the white hands holding the FUTURE DOCTORS … sign.

    • alastairabbacle

      Notice the typical open-mouth, lips pouted face of the protesting Liberal.  They always look this way, it is an illness of the spirit.  

  • Church_of_Jed

    to the jewonamren

    It’s called post White privilege, a national tragedy.

    Turning us into a cesspool of third worldism.   But how will the Jews escape the horror?  Isn’t a post White privilege nation also a post Jew privilege nation, or do ya’ll have  a secret plan? 

    Oh, yeah, I forgot, you have a Jew Homeland you can flee to, but you’ve also got a Diversity problem there that is breeding too fast for your own sustainability…

    • better_times

      Only God has a secret plan. 

    • blight14

       Jed, we’re being baited, be careful…..remember where you are… dissent from the party line is tolerated……just an fyi……

  • refocus

     Pat Buchanan is a shill, an employee.

  • You guys have not heard of affirmative action. Even the Journal of Blacks in Higher Education admitts that without AA there would be no black medical doctors. 
    AA might become so strong that Drs don’t need to be able to spell Doctor.

  • RobertAtwood

     I kept reading that as “Naive Born” White Americans.  🙂  They aren’t born that way, they are brainwashed to be naive.

    See ramzpaul’s video (some NSFW language) :

  • Hirschibold

    Wow they sue whites when they mock blacks, but whites don’t sue blacks when they kill whites. Thank god Rod Serling and George Orwell are gone. If they were alive, their heads would have exploded by now.

  • And that my friends is how the “race hustle” is played to perfection, with the help of the US Government of course. Well done, PC NAZI’s, well done. Personally, I couldn’t care less the more the God forsaken state of California bleeds money, the quicker it’s demise.

  • Athling

    How about just turning the entire university over to the Africans? Then, within a decade the academic standards and prestige of UCSD will be on the vocational/tech school level. Basket weaving and dry wall repair will replace engineering and mathematics.

  • alastairabbacle

    RIght, at least Mexicans are practical.  We could use that part.

  • Church_of_Jed

    Maybe the Jews are so full of hatred for everything that is not Jewish, they destroy that which could protect them, maybe thinking that God will choose them at the last moment for salvation. His agent of salvation in WWII was the all male, segregated, non gay U.S. Army. Jews push the women, blacks, and gays on us. What kind of U.S. military do they think will save them from the Arabs? God has lifted his mantle of protections, so it’s just horror for us all from now on.

  • Ron

     The catastrophe you refer to will be t minus 10 years, when fed gov has enough money for interest on national debt, social security, and medicare only.  Google tom coburn 2022, for that.  Then the whole rotten thing caves in like the soviet system. I actually laugh at the things these idiot marxists do and encourage even more of it.  They are only throwing gasoline on the fire.

  • tickyul

    This country has become a sad, pathetic joke………………higher education…LMFAO.

    I just cannot wait until the crumbling become obvious to all.

  • Diamond_Lil

    My lovely white teen who has a 106% average in biological science and a 95% average in Algebra and is in AP English with another “A” average doesn’t have a chance in this state.

  • …because racism is the worst crime of all possible crimes

  • joewest666

    Finally in time.. the premise that a degree from DeVry or Lincoln Technical Institute holds more value than a liberal arts education has arrived.

  • Cyb

    Can the italian’s on campus find a large “Italian Horn” which says “Wops Must Die” on it and get 100 million for their italian studies department? I mean Italians are only 7% of Americans much less than the 15% of America that are black. 

  • blight14

    ‘Future doctors come from Compton’…….WHAT????? Oh, I guess witch doctors count now…..ok, got it….

  • Sheila Dinehart

    These things are scams designed to have fun at the expense of tricking/hoaxing THE MAN/THE SYSTEM/WHITEY…to get huge apology *settlements* from universities, huge foundations, *the state*, corporations, individuals (if they are worth the  trouble)  to fund even  more flim-flam operations to expand the war on western civilization , the christian and the jew; all it stands for, all traditional evil white conceived institutions the anti-white masochistic  liberal white  (Whom the blacks have always laughed at and held in contempt even as they, the perverted weirdo white liberal blue-eyed devils flay themselves on the alter of self-scrifice since they are actually walking pathogens who would only kill their worthless selves if only they had the guts!…let the blacks of America get a chance and the self-nutered lilly-white man and the freaked-out pathological white woman attention seekers will find out what it is like , literally,to be truly *skinned alive*…it is gonnna be a great day.) guilt concocted restitution programs developed by the so called liberal white skin self-hating oppressor of the ”colored peoples of the earth” on behalf of the old commie using the black race to bring down America…I mean look who actually started the ACLU (consider its first landmark case; the Scopes trial in TN.), the NAACP…white skin liberal blue eyed devils your day will come to and end…

    Stay with me baby…a hard rain’s gonna fall cause you never needed a WEATHERMAN to tell you which way the wind blows…high water rising. (BD)

    ahhhhhh the sweetness of revenge…all a matter of which mirror you look into…eh?

  • Sheila Dinehart

    You know…I am thinking my truth in irony may be missed altogether…a higher IQ does not mean a higher intellectual ability to concieve all concepts…I once witnessed a senior in undergrad who had a 4.0 in physics cry sitting next to me in an Art History final because he could not comprehend the ideals/ideas of artistic expression in a Western Art History course…he was a cute little white thing, poor guy, he failed his exam.  I told him to forget about it…I couldn’t solve for x but I intended to always be able to afford to pay someone who could…

  • Is this the matrix or something? Can our country really be this retarded? Is reality what we think it is? Or are all our lives just a part of some retarded dream?